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Portable Adobe Flash Player for Portable Browsers

Q: Portable Adobe Flash Player for Portable Browsers

If anyone needs flash for portable browsers, go here ---
Portable Adobe Flash Player

Easiest way to use flash for portable browsers. I use on Firefox portable.

The website is of a well known member RejZoR on Wilders & Avast, etc...

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Preferred Solution: Portable Adobe Flash Player for Portable Browsers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


If anyone needs flash for portable browsers, go here ---
Portable Adobe Flash Player

Easiest way to use flash for portable browsers. I use on Firefox portable.

The website is of a well known member RejZoR on Wilders & Avast, etc...

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Portable browsers are supposed to run while they are on a removable storage device. YouTube videos require the browser to have a plugin of Flash Player in the browser. Flash Player is not portable. This means we cannot play YouTube videos with a portable browser on a flash drive because Flash Player is not portable. Is this wrong or correct? If correct, how could we play YouTube videos with a browser on a portable storage device?EDIT: Partial answer to my own question - The portable version of Iron browser apparantly has a Flash Player built-in the package. I unpacked the zipped file of Iron Browser, portable version onto a usb flash drive, visited YouTube, and played a video there with no problem.

A:any portable browser, flash player?

Try here: Portable apps

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Hello,I had one of mine Sharp HDTV and feel great. Just insert memory card or USB flash drive or USB portable hard disk, you can show larger-than life high resolution images, video clips and play MP3 music files on your HDTV.I order mine "HDMI 1080p Media Player" from Amazon and you can search them by ASIN: B0026MJ6VO from Amazon store. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0026MJ6VO

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i am looking for a replacement for my fawtly Seagate 500gb with new 1TB Seagate external HD model I cannot decide of buying portable or non-portable. Do branded portable work as good as non portable? The reason i ask is becasue i have Steam games working from faulty 500gb exteernaall HD,so in upgrading to 1 TB will the fact it is portable/non have noticable effect?

A:portable external HD work as good as non-portable?

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I like to play online games and I've tried experimenting with some different browsers lately as. It appears to me that Flash Player runs slower on Firefox and Opera than it does in IE 7. I didn't think something like this would be a system problem. Does anyone have an explanation for this? The online gaming site where this was very apparent was www.ugoplayer.com/games/. (This website is has only games that use Adobe Flash.) Thanks!

A:Adobe Flash Player Running Slower Non-Microsoft Browsers?

I can't provide an explanation but I can offer a guess!

The flash version for IE is specifically for Active X and it is possible that the site you mention (and/or the games on it) are also set up for compatability with IE, so they may not run as well via a browser that doesn't use Active X.

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I want to log into my bank from any PC via a USB. Have tried various portable browsers but so far none have retained the relevant cookies. Any (polite) suggestions?

A:Cookies and portable browsers.

What is the usb for? You can just log on via pc.

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I have been using and test-using a few portable web browsers, generally the chromium or chrome type.  I have mostly put them on as portable.   They mostly work excellently.  I have avoided installing them.  Is the difference really important?  What are the disadvantages of having a working unpacked browser instead of a working INSTALLED browser?  So far as I find, they work well.  I find no trouble unless I just fail to recognize any disadvantages.  SlimJet and Comodo Dragon have been the ones I have used.  Slimjet as portable, either on the computer or on usb flash drive, seems equivalent to installed Google Chrome.   Downloads, Norton ID Safe & Tool Bar, plugins or extensions, all good or same.

A:Browsers as portable or as installed, comparison

IMHO the only disadvantage is that some browsers (i.e. Firefox) do not have portable version, and I know some people prefer Firefox (I myself prefer Chrome), and there might be something to do with saved data. Otherwise there isn't much disadvantage comparing to installed browsers.

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Has anyone been able to use the Portable version of Photoshop CS4 on Windows 7? It works on XP....

A:Adobe Photoshop CS4 Portable

Yes, mate .I'm using the portable Version on RTM16385 32

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Is a portable browser in any applicable way different than as normally installed? Do they need different treatment or respond differently for their updates, their add-ons or extensions or plugins, or performing file downloads, or printing webpages? The specific products of interest are Comodo Dragon and SWR Iron. Each comes as an installable form and in a portable form.

A:major differences between browsers portable or installed

Comodo Dragon Portable August 10, 2011 - 11:47am Comodo Dragon now has an option to install portably, so all thats needed is a launcher, but i still think this should be looked at if possible...Portable browsers are basically ones that you can have on a USB stick for use on any (read "most") computers -Google - - Comodo Dragon Portable, and SWR Iron and find the exact details -There were a few too many details to list all of them

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Some software publishers or authors offer both portable and installable versions of their products. (Kee Pass is one of them.)

Is it advisable to systematically prefer the portable version, when running it from a fixed drive and not a thumb drive, according to the logic that if it's possible not to write into the registry, it's better not to ?

I often try new software, and I'm concerned about long-term stability. I install and uninstall a lot, using Revo Uninstaller Pro. But I've come accross people advising not to use Revo or other fancy uninstallers, just to stick to the product's own uninstaller or the Windows function.

Also, I have set C-Cleaner to a daily auto-run. In the past, I used its registry cleaner quite regularly. But some people say it's better not to clean the registry at all.

So I figured the more applications could stay away from the registry, the better. Is this a correct assumption ? Are there any drawbacks to portable apps ?

A:Are portable apps preferable, even for non-portable use ?

I have been using a lot of cleaning softwares too . Registry as well as junk cleaners.
Registry cleaner to me is a good thing as it removes the useless leftovers of programs that are left by their regular un-installer or some deleted files.

ANS1 > I recommended to clean registry as it improves performance and reduce junk in resgitry . So if portables apps dnt have or create these junks in registry then ur assumption is right and i m at your side too because " u dont need to re-install every software when u replace OS as it will work as it is if its PORTABLE "

ANS2 > Portable softwares are better then installed ones .

Above are the answer given as a user , i have used many portable softwares never had any issue just benefits

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HP deskjest 100 portable printer will not recognize a new tri color cartridge (98). Just says :  "cartridge not installed" When I put back the old one that is out of ink, it works fine.  I have tried several new ones and all say same message.I have physically looked for any possible mechanical issue but found none.  The printer is about 3 years old but has printed maybe 200 pages.      Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Has anyone made one or what'd be the best way to have an Antimalware scanner on a USB stick? I know there is Malwarebytes Techbench, so has anyone used it and does it use MS-DOS tool or what?


A:Portable scanners & Malwarebytes Portable?

this? Techbench - USB Malware Detection & Removal

seems just a portable version using both a GUI and a Command line interface.

for portable scanners, you have plenty: Emsisoft Emergency Kit, HMP, etc...

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i have firefox portable on my 1gb flash drive and i couldnt watch anyvids like youtube or dailymotion so i downloaded the adobe plugin and it still doesnt work i went to my add ons to see if it was there and it is the second one so i dont know how to fix it can someone help me please???

A:Adobe firefox portable add-on not working

Reinstall once more in <SAFE MODE>

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hi guys.
i have problem with 2 famous programs
1-i have adobe photoshop portable cs5 portable.in my last Os(Win7) when i double click on the .exe file it worked good but when i moved to win8 and double click on that nothing happens?
2-i downloaded the last version of km player ( and istall that but when i want to open any clips or musics it says the eror below:

A:adobe photoshop portable does not open

I don't know about the MK Player issue, but most likely they are using their own video decoding codecs, and it needs to be updated to run under windows 8.

As for the 'portable' version of Adobe, if you'd actually buy it, Photoshop CS5 works just fine under Windows 8 (I run it, and the rest of the CS5 suite on my laptop under 8). The 'portable' versions of Adobe aren't legal, as Adobe has never made a 'portable' version of their software.

Originally Posted by muiacir

hi guys.
i have problem with 2 famous programs
1-i have adobe photoshop portable cs5 portable.in my last Os(Win7) when i double click on the .exe file it worked good but when i moved to win8 and double click on that nothing happens?
2-i downloaded the last version of km player ( and istall that but when i want to open any clips or musics it says the eror below:

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Best I know of for now is Seesmic Desktop. Would love Tweetdeck features in non-adobe air and portable version. Anyone found better alternatives?

A:best twitter client? (non-adobe air,portable preferred)

i just use Yoono sidebar in firefox to manage my social network accounts. it's not great but it keeps track of all of them i use and then some and has built in IM clients.

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I have a question,

My daughter is looking for a format to store and playback all her music, she has a lot of dowmloads and cd's. We borrowed a MP3 player but it did not hold much, she just wants to stuff it full with whole albums.

I have seen that there are a lot of manufacturers that sell cd,cdrw,mp3 players.
Is there a way to just either copy all and burn to dvd or convert to MP3 and burn to dvd and then play through a cd player.

I havent yet seen a player that supports dvd as a format.
The burner will burn +Rand -R etc.



A:Portable cd/dvd player ??

Well I don't think you will be able to get a cd player to play a DVD. And as you stated her best bet is to put the albums on different CD's. I have an mp3 player in my car and I use it quite frequently, I can get about 160 songs on each CD. So if you think about it, that is almost 10 albums. She will just have to have a few different mp3 CD's.

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i know this forum is about computers but i couldnt find a forum the was right, anyway i got a portable dvd player in december and it has worked great until last week when i turn it on and start to use it, it gets extremely hot within the about 30 secs of it being turned on, it never used to get this hot. also i saw a notice in the newspaper from the company that make it saying about that some of the dvd players had a faulty compont in them that cause them to overheat and they said to send it to them, mine wasnt a faulty one because they listed serial numbers that you had to check.

A:portable dvd player

given this information, i'd expect yours to be faulty as well. have you contacted the company?

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I left my portable poloroid DVD player on all night long. Now when I play DVD's all I see is lines in the movie. Should I trash it now?

A:Portable DVD player

Well have you tried actually tried playing more than one movie? If yes and it is still the same, you are probably stuck BUT if it was expensive, then you can often get a screen replacement (take it it's LCD) from the manufaturer or maybe even ebay?! Screens on these little things are usually simple to replace. If you cannot afford it or don't want to bother, there is no point in trashing it. Advertise it on ebay as broken saying it 'may need a screen replacement' however you are unsure.

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I'm looking for a portable media player and I don't know which one to choose. Either the 30 gb ipod video (300 dollars) or the Creative Zen Media Player (330 dollars).

I only know a few things about each one for instance with the ipod you can only use itunes to store the music and can only put Quicktime format movies on the ipod. Also, What music and videos you have on your ipod must also be on itunes for when you plug the ipod to you pc it automatically updates the music on the ipod to match itunes.

Now with the Creative Zen Media Player, its pretty much the opposite of the ipod video. It can store a lot more formats for the video and music, but not quicktime and can use other types of media player on your computer to store the music, but yet again not itunes. It also has an am/fm radio which you can record from directly to the hard drive and a microphone if you feel like going on a monologue. It's also bigger but not much and has a longer battery life for the videos.

Thats pretty much all I have so far. If any of its incorrect can you correct me and most importantly can you help me decide which one to get.

A:Which Is The Better Portable Mp3 Player?

I would go with the Creative because of ease of compatibility. You will have alot more formats supported and just be easier to use but if you have and use iTunes I would go with the iPod.

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Is it possible to attach a portable DVD Player to a pc and use the portable player's screen instead of the computer's monitor? I want to view a tutorial dvd on my portable player and practice the lessons in "real time" on my PC. I have the tutorials on dvd but have been unable to play them on my portable player. They play perfectly on my PC.

I've tried re-burning the tutorials on several differnt dvd formats and brands, and tried a few different disc burning programs, but nothing has worked.

My protable dvd player is a Panasonic LX-9 and my computer is a HP Pavillion a1410n. My portable dvd has a separate dock with audio / video cables so it can be connected to a tv.

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My computer operates Windows XP and I can play music of all files type. I have purchased an IItronics II-22 MP3/WMA Portable Player. I can copy WMA music files to it and they are recognised by the device, but will not play. The instructions do not give any help- and I have been unable to find an answer on the net. What is the problem and please what is the solution?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated..

A:WMA /MP3 Portable Player

How about MP3 files? WMA files can be protected by DRM. If that's the case here then the problem is, more than likely, the method you're using to transfer the files. The 'straight-forward' method (copying them to the device) definitely won't transfer any DRM licenses. Transferring them using WMP should, although I can't say for sure. I have very few songs protected by DRM-if the seller doesn't trust me I see no reason to trust them so I buy elsewhere (usually on CD, from which I rip to MP3).

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Find that this LaCie iamaKey 8GB USB 2.0 Portable Flash Drive is only $25.99, ($3.25/GB). Sounds great.

It looks like a key..
Is this a good Portable Flash Drive?

A:Is this a good Portable Flash Drive?

I've personally never had any experience with them and would rather go with a well known (to me) reliable Patriot Xporter XT Boost 8GB Flash Drive (USB 2.0 Portable) Model PEF8GUSB - Retail. Thats just my opinion.

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I recently tried to install some portable apps (mainly ccleaner and browsers). I realised the loading and running it is quite slow. I wondered if it is due to the use of USB 2.0 flash drive? would 3.0 work faster? I'm using windows 10 Home.

A:Portable Programs on USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Yes USB 3.0 would be a lot faster.

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When I turn it on, the blue screen comes up and says OPEN. I noticed the Dvd isn't moving. Do I need a new battery or is it done?

A:Portable DVD player isn't working


Are you still having this problem? If so, can you tell me the full name of the portable DVD that you're using? Also, which version of Windows are you running?



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Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone out there could maybe answer a question I've got about portable MP3 players.

I currently use a CD player that plays mp3s, which works great, but of course you have to actually burn the CDs, which takes time and if you're in a hurry- you're out of luck.

I was wondering about the players that don't play CDs. The kind that come with 64 mb of memory, 128, etc. Does it take long to transfer MP3's from your computer to one of these devices?

Some have said it's very quick, but then I've also heard it can sometimes take long than it does to burn a CD.

I was wondering if anyone here could shed some light on just how long it takes to fill up one of those MP3 players with data.

The MP3s are all 128kbs, if that matters at all.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance.



A:Portable MP3 Player Question

Here is a link you might want to check out.


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Heyy everyone! Hope we are all well!
Today i got a bit bored *lol* so i tried this out again, i have managed to get it working before but cant remember, the display i want to use is a stripped down Acoustic Solutions DVD-222 *ill post pics*.
What ive tried;
= Phono lead tested out on a Freeview box to make sure it works. it does.
= This nVidia Compupack thingiee, worked before.
= This other Compupack thingiee, kinda worked.
= Svideo to Phono lead, worked ish.

The thing that has confused me is that it worked before, bur not now :/

Daniel =)

EDIT; Hmm, it dont want to let me upload pictures for some reason, ill try tomorrow, sorry guys!!

EDIT2; the pics are on!! Okay, it fourth picture is how i connected it up, it goes; Adaptor > Svideo cable > Svideo to Phono adaptor > jumpers to Phono cable > into stripped down DVD player

A:Using an old portable DVD player as a second screen...

what resolution is needed for that? i expect it would be something like dvd standard which is 1024x576?

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My cousin has a Logik LPD850 and it has a AV In/Out, was just wondering if it was possible to attach a ps2 to it, and what I would need to buy to do so?

A:Attaching a PS2 to a Portable DVD player

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My wife needs an mp3 player so that she can listen to Nursing teachings all day. Each file is about 40 minutes long which is a problem when the mp3 player I bought doesn't remember where it left off.

The player I bought was by Craig from Toys R Us. My advice: don't buy Craig devices! They're junk!

There are three things I absolutely need when buying this mp3 player:
1. Good price.

2. MUST remember where it left off, even when battery removed.
The Craig player didn't even remember where it left off when it was stopped! And if you didn't stop it, just leaving it paused, it killed the battery in 1 day!

3. Good battery life.

The Craig player didn't have any of those things. Please help me buy a good mp3 player.

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Hello all,

I would like to buy the Philips PET1031 portable DVD player (10.2 inch screen) to use in our car. Additionally I would like to have a second screen hooked up to it.

The problem is, I can not find a DVD player or digital picture frame that has an AV IN, S-VIDEO IN, or COMP IN connection to connect it to.

I have seen that Philips do a 7 inch player with 2 screens, but I would really love to get this 10 inch one as it has a SD card reader and it just looks fantastic.

Has anybody got a suggestion as how I would be able to connect a second screen to this player?

Many thanks,


A:Second screen for portable DVD player?


Ok, found various players that have an AV-IN connection so theoretically if I route a cable from the AV OUT from the main player and feed that into the AV-IN port of the second player it should work as a second display, or not?

Anybody got any experience with this?

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It's that time again. I need a new one. I want a good sounding one. Bass, bass, bass! I don't care about battery life, I just want a very clear sounding CD player that has very good bass. I don't need a radio built in, i'd actually prefer not to have one.

A:What's a good portable CD player??

And this relates to Computer Hardware HOW???

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I am looking into buying a portable DVD player, but I need it to be able to play DVD+ and or -R's along with the usual DVD, CD, MP3, SVCD, etc. Does anyone know of anything that will do this? I just picked one up on Black Friday, but am sure it won't play writeables, and don't want to open it to find out and not be able to return it.

A:Portable DVD player with DVD+ & -R capabilities

Hey P ;
I have found that most of the newer Big brand mid priced & +, portables will work with the media you mentioned.They usually display compatible icons on the box .I have a panisonic that I have played DVD+rw in, yet it is labelled for DVD-R.
Go figure!
It has been my experience that you must test the Media brands themselves .
Does that unit you purchased have a web site to confirm it capabilities.

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Hi Everyone.

thanks for you kind attention to my thread.

i am urgently looking for a portbale dvd player or similar device that will allow me to play videos with avi format via a memory stick.

my daughter would like to watch her favourite cartoons that i have downloaded while i am driving my car with her in the back seat.

would like to buy it in the uk if possible.

many thanks.

A:Looking for a portable dvd Player that plays .avi

AVI is a container. It does not define the specific codec or video format. If you find a portable DVD player that has a USB port and plays video files, it will support something like MPEG-2 or MKV files.

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I transfer often important files on my flash drive or my portable HDD and I would like to password protect them due to lost or theft. I search for encryption programs and also Windows 7 bitlocker but all of them need the program to be installed to be able to open it as not any computer has those program and internet connection.

I would like to know if that there is a way that I can password protect my flash drives and that I may use it on any windows operating system and also without the need of having the program on every computer that I use my flash drives on?

Thanks in advance for your help

A:Flash Drive and Portable HDD Pasword Protection

Hey, if you buy a SanDisk Cruzer with u3 software (which i think they all come with) there is an option which allows you to set a password.

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Hi there,

I have today downloaded and installed the Update Windows 10 Home 1903. It went pretty smoothly on the whole, although I had to change some of my settings and other bits and pieces I didn't like about the new set-up.

However, I have found that after the update, my portable USB hard drives and flash drives won't automatically open now. I have to find them in Windows Explorer and click on them myself. They used to open straightaway when I plugged them in. Has anyone any ideas on how to fix this.

Thanks in anticipation.


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The thought that I've lost a a good 75% of my files in my flash drive is a little too much to bear right now, and lest I have a complete nervous breakdown, I think I'm going to say that they're there, but I don't know how to get them.

I was told by an incompetant sack of **** at Best Buy -- when reflecting on the imperative need to buy a new PC in order to transfer my files before a deadline -- that a flash drive will keep my files safe until I'm ready to buy a new PC. "They're not going anywhere, right?" I say. "They're not going to just disappear, are they? They're staying in there." He agreed with me, and assured me that they'd be there for a long time.

Well, I finally bring the two flash drives out this morning after 6 months of looking forward to the time I get to see my files again, and I find that a lot of my files (ALL of my pictures) are now nowwhere to be seen; even though I filled a 16GB (which I precisely paid no small sum of money in order to use every KB of it) to max capacity, and then the rest on another. One of the flash drives appears to have NOTHING on it, and the other that was filled has all my pictures lost.

But, of course, they're not really gone, right? They're still there! From what I've been told, there's nothing that can cause data loss, right? Right?

A:Missing Files on My Portable Flash Drive

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I used to know of a security system for usb flash drives and pretty much any portable storage.

It used auto-run and a batch file to automatically send an email containing the IP address of any computer that it is plugged into(Except computers in witch you say are ok)

This way, if your flash drive is stolen and used on a foreign computer it will send you an email with the IP address of whoever stole it.

You can use their IP address to locate their location and/or report them to the police.

Unfouruanetly I cannot find the files anywhere on the internet.

If you know what im talking about and perhaps have a link to the files, please post it. Thank you.

A:USB Flash Drives and Other Portable Storage Security

Hi and Welcome to TSG,
I've seen such progs for laptops, for instance http://www.absolute.com/solutions-theft-recovery.asp but not flash drives. If you want to secure data on your flash drive (and keep a backup copy elsewhere) you could use the well regarded (free) TrueCrypt in 'traveller mode':

I hope this helps?


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Sorry, I'm not sure if this is the right forum. Anyway, I had to return one of my more expensive xmas gifts as cell phones won't work in my mobile home. I've decided that I would like to get a portable audio player instead. I can go as high as $250, would like 4GB or higher, and I do not want an ipod due to compatibility issues. I did find somewhere on here where someone mentioned to make sure it is "Windows Play for Sure", and I assume that all mp3s I already have will download to one with that feature? I have looked at SanDisk, Toshiba and Archos. Any recommendations/suggestions on which is best? Feel free to name others as well. Thanks so much!! This is my first one, so I'm trying to make an informed decision.

Any suggestions, anyone? Just an FYI, I'm not talking about illegaly downloaded mp3s, I'm referring to my own store-bought CDs that I ripped into my computer in mp3 format. I haven't gotten to downloading (which I will do legally, of course) yet, but probably will start once I have a PAP.

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Can someone pls. tell me kind of audio/video cables I can get that will fit into the dual screen portable dvd player she has in her car so my kid can play his XBOX and where I can get it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Portable Dvd Player Av Cables For Xbox

Uh... Any info on the
dual screen portable dvd player she has in her carClick to expand...

See anyplace to plug something in?
It could just be a simple trip to radio shack but (we'll) need a bit more info about the player.

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I recently purchased the Samsung YH-999 portable media player and for the past two weeks i simply cannot make it be recognized by windows.I followed the instructions as described in the manual for the player install and wmp10. The unit charges and powers on and i can see the various menus as well as see the drive capacity. It doesn't show up in My computer and Media player 10 doesn't see it also. I checked various forums to find a solution and tried the solutions mentionned and still no change. I always have to tell windows what kind of device i'm installing. In Device manager it shows up as MTP device and the properties tab tell me that the device is working properly. I tried the registry fix of the Enum hive and giving permissions to read acces to the Everyone group. I also tried the sc stop and start umwdf in the run window. In the control panel under the portable media tab my compact flash card is seen in there and Media player recognize it .Thinking that something might interfering with the install of the unit i re-formated the windows partition (not quick format) and re-installed windows. At that moment there was nothing else installed and all USB devices were unplugged. I tried then to install it and still no result. I then added SP 1 and tried it and again no success. After that i installed SP 2 and tried again . The result was the same again. I updated the bios and also tried anothe USB cable. I also tried on my laptop to see if it would work but that ... Read more

A:Portable media player not recognized in XP

I finally brought the device to a repair centre in january and got it back this weekend. They changed the USB plug on the unit. They even left on the unit some songs,pictures and the video content on the install CD to show that it's working. I'm trying as best as i can to have it working with my desktop and laptop pc's but i still can't have it recognized by windows. Of course media player 10 doesn't see it .This thing is driving me nuts. I only get the mention that the MTP device is working properly in device manager. When i get to select which driver to install in the add hardware screen i have the choice of the one from the cd which is dated in 2002 and another one dated in 2004. I tried with both and still no results. As mentioned in my original post i have sp2 installed and tried various solutions for it like giving permissions to the everyone group in the registry. I disabled USB power management. If i can't make this thing work i think i'm gonna put it on sale on Ebay and let somebody else have the headache of making this work. The unit is working since they managed to install stuff on it . It seems to me that these kind of units either work with your computer or they don't. From all the posts i've seen on the net about these kinds of players i'm not the only one with this kind of problems. Frankly i will never recommend somebody buying one, they're not worth the hassle. I bought the unit in late october and as of ... Read more

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I have an ISO file that I want to burn to DVD and play it on my Panasonic LX-9 portable DVD player. However, when I put the burnt dvd in my portable player, the screen says "This type of disc cannot be played. Please insert a different disc" and will not play. I have tried several different burning programs (DVD Flick, Nero 8, ImgBurn) and tried using discs made by different manufacturers (HP, Sony) but still get the same result. I have tried using both DVD-R and DVD+R formats. The same dvd plays perfectly on my PC, so I know the file is being transferred and burnt. I do not get any error messages from the burning programs. I have other dvds that I made which play perfectly on the portable player. I am so frustrated because I can't figure out why this particular file burnt to dvd won't work on my portable player! Can anyone help? Extra info: I have a HP a1410n Media Center Edition PC and am running Windows XP. The protable dvd player is a Panasonic LX-9. Bot hare in perfect working condition (except for the picky dvd problem, of course!)

A:Burnt DVD Won't Play on Portable DVD Player

need more info:

what type of movie?
Where did you get it?

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Hey guys, i was a member here a while back but have forgot my user so yeah and have had many email addresses, Wasn't sure on were to post this so move it if in wrong section....

I have a portable dvd player that is well broken, It just doesn't play dvds i think the screen works well but yeah, was wondering if any one here has done or could give me tips on pulling it apart to put in my car and plug it into something like to set it up with a ps2 or like a tv tuner...and maybe another dvd player don't know just want to do something...and i would learn a bit from it....???

I wouldn't no were to start i would take out the screws and just be like ok so whats that wire, and i would prob end up cutting wrong things and yeah...
help would be appreciated thanks...

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Hi, can an Xbox be hooked up to a portable dvd player? I have an Audiovox D1915 and can't figure out how to get it to work with my xbox.


A:portable dvd player and game systym

You don't really need the portable dvd player, xbox comes with the dvd player. Correct me if I'm wrong

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It's Coby brand PMP7040. It's suppose to pop up on your computer like usb storage device but it wont show up. I have windows xp media center edition 2002. I know that I must be lacking a driver of some sort but I can't figure out which one...



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Hi Team Please advise how to disable portable media player in desktop for XP & WIN 7.Thanks in advance

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Can't upload music file eventhough portable device is empty, somehow the transfer is lost and does not respond the player is a "Nike Portable Sport Audio featuring Rio audio" any suggestions, any online tech support I've looked but cannot find anything other than places where the device is sold

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