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Will these be compatible? (noob question)

Q: Will these be compatible? (noob question)

Hi, this may take a while, but i would greatly appreciate your help!!!

here we go...






will these all be compatible, will be using a 9800GTX+, 800w power supply.

Preferred Solution: Will these be compatible? (noob question)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Will these be compatible? (noob question)

What brand and model is the "800W PSU"? If there's nothing wrong with the PSU and it's good quality and really outputs power enough for the system and you have or get a case that has sufficient cooling, you're good to go.

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I am having some trouble making a cd from a dvd. I need to slow the song down for dance practice. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I have tried to use itunes but when I put the dvd in, itunes doesnt recognze it. I did manage to get the dvd onto windows movie maker but I cant seem to get it into any program to slow it down. According to my research, I should be able to do that from windows media player. How do I get it there? I have an app on my iphone to slow down anything on my ipod if i can get it there. any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:noob question

You need to strip the sound out of the DVD for starters.

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How do i find all my specs on my computer so i can fill out the My Specs in the User CP

A:Noob Question need help

Everest should help
Download Everest Home Edition 2.20 - Everest Home Edition - a freeware system information, system diagnostics and benchmarking solution - Softpedia
You could type System Information into the search bar aswell and for graphics you can also press Windows Key +R and type DXDIAG and press enter

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I am in south america and would like to hear advice on setting up a network. I would like to have one server that controls everything and have several monitors (6) connected. Each with keyboard and webcam, and mouse. All of the monitors are using just one program for web chatting so i don't see the need to buy 6 computers when all 6 users are using limited resources. is this even possible? one server with 6 monitors, keyboards, web cams, and mice running 6 of the same program simultaneously?

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Please forgive my complete lack of knowledge concerning the subject I am posting about.
I seem to have a mental block when it comes to networking and firewalls.

My question is... should I be worried about the following connection (see screen shot below)

FYI... I am not connected thru wi-fi...I do not have a router...I connect directly to the modem supplied by my ISP.

A:Noob question

Quote: Originally Posted by SoBored

Please forgive my complete lack of knowledge concerning the subject I am posting about.
I seem to have a mental block when it comes to networking and firewalls.

My question is... should I be worried about the following connection (see screen shot below)

FYI... I am not connected thru wi-fi...I do not have a router...I connect directly to the modem supplied by my ISP.

Nope. First it is UDP, not tcpip. Second the destination IP. Third the amount of date transmitted.

As long as you have a firewall and AV you dont need to be worried about this one.

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I know some but would not call myself much more than a noob. I have a Vostro 400 minitower. This is what my spec sheet said.

IN-LINE MEMORY MODULE..., 1GB, 800, 128X64, 8, 240, 2RX8 ( which I'm not even sure if is right cuz I had 2 gig to start.

It is running at 667 Mhz. According to BIOS

I also have 2 sticks of OCZ platinum PC-6400 that runs 800 Mhz.

I realize it will not run higher if I don't change the stock Ram.

MY question is will my pc run faster with 4 gigs at 667 or 2 gigs at 800 Mhz ??

Second question will there be a noticable difference if I ran 4 gig at 800 Mhz ?? Versus 4 gig at 667

I also wanna know other stuff like overclocking and how to get into the menu to set to EPP . Anyone feel free to help me. I can access BIOS but cannot find anything to change for overclocking or EPP.


A:noob here Ram question

the ram will only run at the max supported by the motherboard, so if 667 is the max, then if you plug the 800 in, the memory will still only run at 667.
you have one of these Systems Your system has 667 where some of the other models are 800, with a maximum 4 gb supported.

Bottom line your system will run much quicker by upgrading your RAM, I really don't advise overclocking your PC...I think that is over rated, and you can damage your system.

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Im not really good with hardware but i was wondering if i buy a computer, can i use my old hard drive on my old computer as the main hard drive?

A:Noob question

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okay so i have a hp a230n desktop and my hard drive just went out so i replaced it with a 320 gb seagate harddrive. Now the computer i guess needs to be rebooted but i do not have a recovery disk and i dont know what to do, any help will be appriciated

A:Noob Question

You need to install an operating system. If you don't have any disks, you are going to have to go out and buy an OS. Unless you are adventurous and feel like trying out Linux, which is free.

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I've just bought a new motherboard, a dvd-rw and a SATA hard drive. Should I install the dvd-rw on the primary ide and the hard drive on the primary SATA connector or something? I'm confused, could someone please clear this up with me? I am a noob. What's all this about master and slave? Does it refer to the hard drive only? I heard something about jumpers as well. What are they?

A:A really noob question.....need help

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Ok when it comes to the deep specs on a video card, i'm a noob. Otherwise i'm an advanced computer user, so i'm asking this out of an abundance of caution. I'm going to upgrade my system from the onboard graphics to a dedicated card...my system is running Vista Ultimate 32bit and here is my question: in the card specs i'm looking at i see this:

Memory Interface64-bit

Here's the noob part: does this have anything whatsoever to do with 32 or 64 bit distinction on OSs? would this be a problem for a 32 bit Ultimate set up? This is the card that has a good deal on Newegg (don't worry, i'm not a serious gamer anymore, maybe a little Command and Conquer, but thats it!)...what do you think?

Brand PNY ModelVCG8400SXPB
Form FactorLow Profile

Interface PCI Express x16

Chipset ManufacturerNVIDIA GPUGeForce 8400GS
Core clock 450MHz

Memory Clock 800MHz
Memory Size 256MB
Memory Interface 64-bit
Memory Type GDDR2 3D

DirectX DirectX 10
OpenGL OpenGL 2.0

TV-OutHDTV / S-Video Out

Max Resolution2048 x 1536
CoolerWith Fan
HDCP ReadyYes

FeaturesNVIDIA unified architecture with GigaThread technology
NVIDIA Quantum Effects physics processing technology
NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology

Package Contents
Driver Disk
User Manual
HDTV Cable
S-Video Cable
DVI to VGA/D-sub Adapter
L-P Bracket

Its only $32 ... Read more

A:Noob question!

The card will work just fine for you. Don't worry about that distinction.

I believe it has to do with how the card's GPU sends information to the graphics memory. It can use 64-bit strings, rather than 32-bit. It ends up being a similar distinction, but there's no issue. Just like a 64-bit processor can run a 32-bit OS, 64-bit stings can handle 32-bit.

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Could someone tell me how i might download software onto a Flash drive please

A:Really noob question

When you insert the Flash drive into a USB port, it will show up as a new drive letter. Just click on the drive and it should open a window. Copy the files that you download to that window/folder.

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hi im planning on upgrading my guest computers ram. currently the specs are:
1.3ghz AMD
128mb pc 133 sdram
250 watt psu
120 gb HD
128MB Nvidia

i was wondering if ddr means double data rate. then does that mean 1 512mb ddr ram. is about the same thing as 2 512mb pc133 sdrams? the most my guest computer can take is 1.5gb of pc133 sdram. im wondering if i need all 1.5gb or if i only need 1gb. i dont want only 512mb in it. my cpu is the most the board can handle. and i was wondering if my 250watt psu should be fine running the newer setup. with either 2 or 3 512mb sdrams.thanks..

A:noob question about ram...

PC133 RAM is not the same as DDR. DDR RAM is double data rate, 184- or 240-pin; PC133 is single data rate, 168-pin. 1GB of PC133 should be enough, and you can't put DDR RAM in your PC133 system. I'd say your power supply should be able to handle it when it's upgraded if it can now, cuz I dont think RAM takes that much power.

EDIT: sorry, I misunderstood your thread. Good luck w/upgrading your RAM.

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I have just moved from XP to Vista, and I cannot for the life of me find the "back up one level" arrow that I am used to using in Windows Explorer under XP. Sorry for such a noob question, but I am having a murderous time just navigating thru my files under Vista.

Thanks in advance!

A:Noob question....sorry

at the top left there are two blue orbs (left of the "address" bar) , one pointing right and the other left , do you not have these?

also if you have a thumb button on your mouse the default setting for this is usually "back"

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hey guys,

Its my my first question so plz be nice

what exactly is meant (Automated Operating system image deployment to desktops)?

or just operating system image

A:Noob Question!

Do I really have to be nice? (just kidding!)

An "image" is commonly said to be an exact copy of a hard drive - both the contents and the location of the contents (so it can be bootable).

Automated Operating system image deployment to desktops - in a business, this automated process is used to transfer the "image" of the operating system and programs to many desktops. This makes things faster for the IT department, and it standardizes what's available to the user when the system first boots up.

An operating system image is simply an image of a disk that contains an operating system.

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I have an assignment to find out the technical details of how the FAT, FAT32, and NTFS are implemented. I have googled it and read an MCSE Guide to microsoft windows xp. Can anyone help with this or guide me to a tutorial or something?

A:Noob Question

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it's a pretty easy question, i suppose it's gonna be an easy answer. i have a matched 512mb x2 set (1 gig) and another 1 stick 1 gig of RAM (2 gig total) and i have another memory slot open. now my question is... do i have to put another 1 gig to match the other 1 gig stick or can i fill that last RAM slot with a 2 gig stick? my point being i'd rather have 4 gig RAM than 3. in summary, do i have to keep the size of RAM matched?

Thanks in advance...

A:RAM noob question

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Hi, I'm wondering what the "Timing" is on memory. For example, what does 2-6-6-4 etc. stand for. I think I asked this once before and someone said it was the latency which has to do with how long the RAM pauses or something like that. I can't remember. Thanks for any help

A:noob question about RAM

here's an article that explains things in pretty relevant terms. The '2' in 2-6-6-4 stands for the CAS latency, a lower cas latency is usually sought after by gamers (such as myself).

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Ok I'm an idiot... I forgot what I have to open to see that CPU usage graph. Do you guys know what I'm talking about? it's like a black background with neon-green gridlines running across it and there's a line that spikes up or stays down depending on how much your CPU is processing.

I can't for the life of me remember where I go to look at that.

Thanks in advance!

A:Very Noob Question -- Sorry :(

Press Crtl,Alt,Delete/Task Manager/Performance.

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what does it mean when the power supply is modular, i think im blanking out...

A:Noob PSU question

That means you can plug or unplug some or all of the power cables from your power supply. This way you only have to use the power cables you need and the rest aren't getting in the way. Often the 24 pin main power connector is permanently connected.

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My mobo has only 1 chassis fan connector. Let's say i want to connect 3 fans to it. How do i go about? I read somewhere that i need a fan cable splitter in order to achieve this. Is it reliable? Any other way to connect them?

My mobo specs : ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Specification P5G41-M LE

A:A noob question

You could always buy some fans that run off the PSU instead of the Mobo? Sometimes the headers on the motherboard don't meet the power requirements of more powerful fans.

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just bought a coolermaster wave master case and i wanted to know if i wanted to add extra case fans where do i put them???are there set spots in the case? i would appreciate any help u guys can offer...thanks in advance

A:Noob fan question

Well, I just looked at a few photos of the case you got, and while it doesn't look like there are any spots made for an extra fan, I bet with a little work, you could add one to the left side-panel(facing the case), in the center or a little towards the back. Thats where I would put one if I wanted to add an extra fan. That or maybe the top, but that might be a little harder with the stealth panel being there...

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Hey guys:

I am wondering where I go look to see what build Windows 7 is up to. Are some versions more stable than others? I am currently running 7231 and it freezes up quite a bit and I would like to do a fresh install. I have heard that 7232 is stable. Is there a more recent version that just as stable?


A:A noob question.

You'll find them in the torrent sites.
I'm running 7260 and it's great
It's the newest and i can PM you a link if you want to try (x86)

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I just need a quick answer before I go home.

For the life of me I can't find the place to change the security key for my network.

I have windows 7 and a linksys router (got someone from Geeksquad to install it, so don't know too much about it). I just wanted to change the security key on my main desktop computer, so all my passwords on my laptop (sign in/connect to internet,etc) are the same.

So how/where do i go to change my security key? I tried looking through the control panel, but no luck. (no patience is more like it )

Thanks for any help

A:Quick noob question

Usually the security key is first setup in the router's control panel. You need to know the IP or default gateway of your router for this, usually in the US it's or typed into the URL of your browser.

It can also be changed or adjusted in Windows 7 by going to the Network and Sharing Center, then look to the collum on the left and choose "Manage Wireless Networks" Once there you can choose a wireless network, click on it then you can use the Security tab and edit the security settings like in the picture below. Hope this helps.

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I have been working on a website, and im wondering how to add a MIDI file to the home page? So it plays automatically when the page opens?

I already have the file I would like to use, and an FTP client to upload it, but as far as coding goes, im a HUGE noob!

Im using N-Vu to build the site, and it has an "insert HTML" button so if someone can point me in the right direction id appreciate it!


A:Solved: Noob Question

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I did a massive scrub on my xps 400 (windows xp) recently. I am looking to maximize my performance on the MMORPG I play until i can upgrade my graphics card. One of the things i came across that concerns me was info on the svchost.exe worm. Svchost.exe takes up huge amounts of space on task manager when i am checking to see what's bogging down my CoH performance (ok-mostly it's the pitiful 256 graphics card doing the bogging...but still) and it is running 6 times (network, local,system, network, local, system). I have been checking online, and the legitimate svchost.exe program should be in \system32 only. So I tried running symantec's removal tool. It gets to msoert2.dll and my computer reboots and i can't finish the scan. (btw, i know this is off-topic, but does anyone know how to get rid of Outlook Express? it's not in add/remove programs...)*smacks self*Back to svchost.exe. When i ran a search, here's what i found:Svchost ? C:\i386 ? 14 KB applicationSvchost ? C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$ - 14 KB applicationSVCHOST.EXE-2D5FBD18.pf ? C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch ? 23 KB PF FileSvchost ? C:\WINDOWS\system32 - 14 KB applicationSvchost ? C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\dd9ab5193501484cf5e6884fa1d22f9e - 14 KB applicationSome thoughts: only the system32 version is legitimate? why then are there 4 other versions? Wondering if a couple of those aren't there from my abortive a... Read more

A:Noob With Svchost.exe Question

Svchost ? C:\i386 ? 14 KB applicationSvchost ? C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$ - 14 KB applicationSVCHOST.EXE-2D5FBD18.pf ? C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch ? 23 KB PF FileSvchost ? C:\WINDOWS\system32 - 14 KB applicationSvchost ? C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\dd9ab5193501484cf5e6884fa1d22f9e - 14 KB applicationCheck quietman7's post here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...;hl=Svchost.exe for more information.

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OK I have HP Pavilion a1700n, I upgraded my video card, running dual hds, getting ready to update power supply, running 4g ram, want to upgrade my processor, current processor is

AMD Athlon? 64 x2 Dual Processor 3800+ 2.00 GHz

what can I upgrade to and what do I need to know to make my choice, this NOOB will apprecaite the help, thanks!

A:Noob with processor question

Okay, assuming your motherboard is socket AM2 and only supports AM2 here are a few options.

5200+ 2.7Ghz 65nm 512kb X 2 L2Cache GOOD

5600+ 2.9Ghz 65nm 512kb X 2 L2Cache BETTER

6000+ 3.0Ghz 90nm 1mb X 2 L2Cache BEST

Now there are more options if your motherboard supports AM2+. Check with CPU-Z

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Hi. I just wanted to know if i ever wanted to wipe out my harddrive will i be able to install windows 7 again?(i have the final retail version). Will i need a new product key? Or will i be able to use the same product key? What other problems will i encounter?

A:Noob question. Re-installing OS?

You have a full release retail version. You should be able to use
it as many times as you want with the same key. Just as long as
you use it for your pc,,you only have a license for single useage. Which
means one pc at a time.

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Here I am, revealing how little I know about Win2K...

On the log in window, I don't get to pick the domain to log into. Even when clicking the OPTIONS button on the login window doesn't bring up the option to choose to log into this machine or log into a domain.

A:Win2K noob question

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Ok if this is a retarded question tell me to go screw off. I have my own website and want to be able to grab stats off of NFL.com on sundays and automatically put them on my site. Is there a way like through javascript or whatever I can grab stats and stuff through them and have them automatically put on my site?


A:Retarded Noob question

You need a serverside language, like PHP, ASP, Perl or ColdFusion.

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I currently have a G wireless adapter card which seems to max out at 20Mbs even though I have 50Mbs broadband, and the router is only 2 meters away from the card.

I have been looking at buying an N wireless card as they say they have a capacity of 300Mbs, but the card I currently have says it has 54Mbs. Now I presume that the reason my current card isn't getting anywhere near the 54Mbs is because of all the other traffic on the 2.4Ghz, but will the N wireless router allow me to use my full 50Mbs broadband wirelesly?

A:NooB wireless question?

Have you tried switching channels? Are you using WPA(2) encryption?

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oK this is my problem. I am going to build a computer and have picked out this motherboard. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131090 , its descent for gaming. If you go to the site, you can see the type of cpu it supports, socket LGA775, and it also says pentium EE, core 2 duo and such. but it does not say if it supports a celeron d!! I want to know if this celeron d will work on this motherboard, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819112206 , thanks for the help guys, if you have any suggestions tell away! and im in a budget gaming system, so thas why im picking a celeron, just to play world of warcraft lol

A:NOOB question about cpu and motherboard HELP!!!!


And there is also a review on the newegg site, from someone that bought the MB, using a celeron, and is very please... its the last review.

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How come alot of motherboards only have one IDE connection now? What if you run 2 hard drives and 2 cd roms?

And what about SATA and RAID?

Once again, sorry for the noob questions.

A:noob question, please be nice...

I haven't come across many motherboards with only ONE IDE socket. But if there are on the modern ones, it's becaus SATA & SATA II are becoming more and more widespread in Optical (DVD, CD) Drives and Hard Disks (especially hard disks).

Not only are SATA cables easier to plug in (no pins to bend, smaller plugs) but they also a lot more compact (improves air circulation inside the case), but offer much higer transfer speeds (read and write) than IDE: 150Mb/s and 300Mb/s (theoreticaly) for SATA I & SATA II respectively compared to around 50Mb/s for IDE.

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independant Disks. Basicaly it's setting up two or more hard disks in certain "Arrays" or configurations to improve speed or secure data.
RAID is broken down into RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10...(there are more). The most common are 0 and 1. I myself use RAID 0. Here's what the two most common arrays do:

RAID 0: set up two identical (same size, speed, preferably brand, access time etc.) drives to forme one large drive of the size of the two put together. Half the data is written on one disk, half on the other. This should cut down writting and reading time by two (it's not actually by that much but still fast!).
Inconvenience: If one disk fails, you have lost everything. If you want to take your hard disk to a friends place and put it in his computer, you can't.

RAID 1: Again, two identical drives. All of the date will be written to both d... Read more

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I'm working from an imaged W7 laptop from work and they have changed some things from default that I like on my own personal system. I'm looking how to reset the left click action to default. Lets say you have 2+ explorer windows open and you left click, it should normally pop up with the Aero preview of whichever windows are open. The way they have it set when you left click it jumps to your last used of those windows. How on earth do I get this back to default?

A:Noob question about W7 superbar

Check the mouse options and change the (I think you mean right click not left click. Unless you are left handed) option for that button back to the default setting.

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just built my first computer.
Soyo px4 dragon ultra mobo
P4 2.4ghz
Radeon 9700
512 mb pc2100
sounblaster audigy gamer
Now the problem is when playing medal of honor it gets extremely choppy, i turn down everything in the game and it doesnt change much. Turned down the effects on the 9700 and still nothing.
Weird thing is when i check the "Easy Info" under requirements it says i pass everything except Cpu speed. It says -1892????
Also under the systems tab in the easy info it says i have 512mb but only 274 free??
Last but certainly not least under the display tab its says that i have 1mb of video memory under display 1. And 128 under display 2???
The only thing that im running thats integrated on the board is the lan card and the usb ports??
please help,

A:noob question about setup

You should also check that you have the current BIOS for your motherboard.

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I just set up a wireless router (d-link wbr-2310) at my house.. my laptop is linked to it just fine..but i cannot get my minolta QMS magicolor 2200 to work with the router. I have the printer pluged into the first port in the router but i cannot get the laptop to see it. I am going nuts here trying to configure the system so i can print from the laptop wireless...but for that matter i cant even get the comp to see the printer when it is hard wired via ethernet cable

p.s. am running on vista

A:Noob question about network

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This specifically relates to tomato which I'm installing on a linksys wrt54gl and a motorola wr850g v3 (I hope it loads). Here's what I want to do and I'm confused by the networking jargon. I want to place a router in a spot that it can catch a good signal from another router that's buried in the basement. Once I have a signal, I wanted to connect that router via a cable to another router that people upstairs could connect to wirelessly. Does this make any sense and what types of connections are these, wireless client bridges, wds, wireless bridges, etc.?

A:Noob question on bridges

Most commonly called "wireless bridge" or "AP client."

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Im a dual core newb, so Pretty simple question, basically what i want to know is: on Dual core processors is the clock speed the TOTAL between both processors, or is the total clock speed split in half between processors.

for example,

if i had a dualcore 2.8ghz CPU

would it be 2.8ghz for each processor

or would each processor be 1.4ghz?

I hope ive put the question forward clearley,

Thanks guys

A:dualcore noob question

first of all, we're talking about dual CORES. The thing you seem to mention is dual processors. (dual core=2 cores on the same processor)But I assume you mean the speed per core. As far as I know, if a dual core processor has 2mb cache, 1mb goes to each core. Also, if a dual core processor has 2,8 Ghz, this 'speed' is shared between the cores. Which basically means it's split.
I have to admit I'm not an expert on dual cores, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Hey i just ordered a new mobo for amds socket 754, It is a biostar. It has 1 PCI-E 16x slot, 2 PCI-E 1x (1.a), and 4 PCI 32bit bus master slots.

My question is, i wasnt gonna order a PCI-E GPU for another few weeks (waitin on a pay check) and just thought, ohm i can use a older geforce FX 5200 PCI card I had around the house. But I started thinking and wasnt sure if i would be able too if the graphical interfaces are for the PCI-E slots only. Is there a way i could use the FX?

Also 1 more noob question im pretty sure i know the anwser too, There isnt a way to run IDE and ATA devices (hard drives) at the same time is there?

Hes a link to the mobo if you need exact specs Biostar Mobo

A:GPU noob compatability question

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a quick stupid question

In Excel how do I get cells to default to certain decimal places e.g. if I enter 1200 it enters 12.00, or 14300 enters 143.00. I should know this but can't do it...it's old age you see.

TIA :blush:


A:noob excel question

thanks for the reply Rick.

But if I enter 1942 i want it to show 19.42 rather than 1942.00? Can I get it to do that?

Thanks again

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I have an issue with IE8 and tabs. In IE 7 when browsing forums I could center click my mouse to open multiple threads in different tabs in forums. In IE8 and windows 7 when I open multiple tabs it doesn't navigate away from the original tab, but I have to double click to get back to be able to do anything on the original tab. It is a major PITA for me and I have searched everywhere and haven't found a resolution.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


A:Noob Here with IE8 Question/Problem

Not sure I completly get what you're saying,

Are you saying you want it to focus on the new tab when you open a new one? You can set this option here for that.

Do you have your mouse set to default double click or single click?

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Hello guys, im new with Vista, and i just want to know where can i change the color of the task or tool bar (the black one in the bottom), cant find it at control panel.


A:Noob question about colours

Your best chance to do that is to change your windows theme. It would probably turn it grey.

Your other option would be to re-skin the interface. Google is your freind. There is also a program called windowblinds which may do what you want. Let us know.

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Question will this work? To start out with, if so what would be a good 1TB Harddrive or SSD to add to it.
AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core 4.0GHz (4.2GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W FD8350FRHKBOX Desktop Processor
GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-Gaming 5 (rev. 1.0) LGA 1150 Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9Q-16GBXL
CORSAIR CX series CX750M 750W ATX12V v2.3 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply New 4th Gen CPU Certified

A:Need Help PC Build. But Noob Question

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Hey all,

I currently run decent Corsair Dominator 1600 Mhz RAM: 8 GB that has XMP profile latency of 8-9-8-24. Runs 1.5V

I was wondering about a minor upgrade to 2400Mhz 16 GB (just because I can ...) BUT I don't understand the latency thing.

If you take a reasonably high end RAM such as CORSAIR Vengeance PRO 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 2400MHz Desktop Gaming Memory , which is in stock with my local supplier, it has a latency of 10-12-12-31. Surely that means it is SLOWER than the 8GB kit? Also, is it less preferable if it runs at 1.65V or is that normal for 2400Mhz Ram like this?

A:Memory question, perhaps a bit noob :-)

Obviously, the more RAM you have is always better; however, the lower the timing the faster it will be. If you intend to purchase that Corsair package for gaming, you most likely will be overclocking it. That's why the timings are higher; cause it doesn't always matter since most people overclock their systems for gaming.

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So I tried going to tumblr.com when I got a message saying "privacy error your connection is not private" like this:
Well when I googled it I got that video
Well one of the top comments said to type "danger" and it would fix it. I figured it's best not to ignore messages like the one I was getting, but thought this is probably just this website messing up and I have no personal information on this account that could get stolen. Well after doing that (typing danger) the website still didn't work but I got a different message(it wasn't anything weird, just a thing with the site logo saying it didn't work). Then I read further in the comments about someone apparently getting a virus. So I x'd out and was gonna scan but then I realized, by pressing "danger" did I disable some security feature? And if so how do I turn it back on? Should I change passwords on that account just because? 
My computer is also being unusually slow right now, though I'm not sure if that's related.

A:Real noob question

Where were you trying to access this site from ?  I have seen messages like this appear when using public wi-fi systems since Chrome and Firefox have got much more security conscious in the last year or two. I help with a group teaching mainly older people how to use their laptops and tablets better and two of our weekly sessions are held in a location using an open wi-fi system which is when I have seen this type of message.
Since I believe in living dangerously I went to the web-site in your image and they use 'HTTPS'. I seem to remember reading recently that Google are trying to get everything on to this standard rather than 'HTTP' but it only takes one link in the chain or one advert on a site using 'HTTP' to bring the security level down from secure to ordinary and I believe Chrome reacts to that. Certainly using up to date Firefox from my own computer at home I got no warnings going to this site.
If you are concerned about any penetration onto your computer I suggest you download Malwarebytes - a free download - from BC, you can get it here :-
Download, install and then run it. The first thing it will do is update the data files then run a 'quick' scan with it, normally a 'quick' scan is all you need. If it reports any problems it cannot deal with itself then raise a topic in the 'Am I infected ?' section of BC.
Chris Cosgrove

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I tried Ubuntu and Kubuntu for a while to see if it was all it's cracked up to be. It certainly was:approve: , but I didn't find the available software useful to me.

I have XP on a 40GB HD, and an 80GB HD partitioned roughly in half and each partition has a Linux installation on it. And none of the OS's can "see" the others (i.e. where they are on the HD's)

I could just format the 80GB, but I'm worried the BIOS will still think Linux is there and screw the whole computer up permanently (plus I don't really know how ).

Any tips?

And just curious:
The two Linux distributions have somehow increased to eight :suspiciou (four of each). Was that supposed to happen?

A:Ubuntu isn't for me; How do I get rid of it? (noob question)

what you are going to want to do is boot into windows, and remove the partition with the windows disk manager. You can get there by right clicking on My Computer, and selecting the Manage button. Go to the Disk Management tool, and remove the partition. You also need to run the fixmbr and fixboot commands to get rid of GRUB, the boot loader for linux. You would need to boot to the Recovery Console to do that (If you have your Windows XP CD, pop it in, make sure you boot to that, and select to go to the Recovery Console).

apologies for bad English, it is not my native language.

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hope you can help me.. everytime i boot my pc, theres this log in and password that i have to to through b4 i can access the desktop.. is there a way to remove it, so that everytime u turn my pc on, it goes directly to desktop?

im using window xp by the way, tnx

A:Hi to everyone, just a noob question i guess

This should help!


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