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Mobile Device Photo Glitching ( Device and server side )

Q: Mobile Device Photo Glitching ( Device and server side )

So here?s a stressful situation.
I?ve been having this issue with both iOS and Android, where sometimes when I upload a photo to an image service or social media (Instagram, Ello, Facebook, etc.) The photo appears to be uploaded completely normally, but after I come back to it, say 10 minutes later, there is a visible distortion or glitching on the picture, as if the data stream was interrupted or intercepted and whoever was doing the interception didn?t properly reconfigure the data upon exit so the picture ended up having a visual artifact or glitch upon it. I?m not sure what this is, or why it?s happening, but it?s even happened on my digital camera sometimes, (after transferring the DCIM files to my pc, and then cellphone of course.) They appear normal on PC, normal on the phone, but when they are uploaded, they are either IMMEDIATELY glitched near the bottom half or top half of the screen, or after a certain amount of time, it just shows up. I would love it if anyone had any experience with this or knew what the issue was, because it isn?t as consistent as a ?connector cable? error or any of that, it?s more random and only happened on a photo or two. I would attach a picture, but upon noticing this happen again I immediately uninstalled and deactivated those accounts for fear someone may have been snooping in or perhaps intercepting my data, ( causing concerns towards banking, emails, etc. )

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Preferred Solution: Mobile Device Photo Glitching ( Device and server side )

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


We are using the Microsoft "Windows Device Portal" REST API to do mobile app side-loading.
Everything in the REST API is working for us except for the "uninstall app" which is a "http rest delete" call.
So, to troubleshoot, I thought I would use Microsoft "Message Analyzer" to see if we could see the http traffic coming to and from the workstation to the mobile device over the USB.
I didn't want to install the Fiddler .net library and it looks like if you are on W10, then you can use the Microsoft-Windows-WinINet-Capture provider.
My steps:
0. Start "Microsoft Message Analyzer" in admin mode
1. click "New Session"
2. click "LiveTrace" button
3. Add providers: 
    a. Microsoft-Windows-WinINet
    b. Microsoft-Windows-WinINet-Capture
4. put *IPAddr == as a filter
5. click Start button
At the top, I get an error icon saying "Modules Loaded  Errors or warnings were found when loading modules."
When I look at the log, these are the errors:
8/29/2017 11:50:03 AM Error MessageAnalyzer\OPNAndConfiguration\OpnForEtw\OpnForEtwProcess\TCPIPComponentExt.opn(175,8-175,22):  undeclared 'LocalAddress'
8/29/2017 11:50:03 AM Error MessageAnalyzer\OPNAndConfiguration\OpnForEtw\OpnForEtwProcess\TCPIPComponentExt.opn(177,28-177,42):  undeclared 'LocalAddress'
8/29/2017 11:50:03 AM Error MessageAnalyzer\OPNAndConfiguration\OpnForEtw\OpnForEt... Read more

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We have some symbol windows mobile-based handheld devices that we use in our business.  We connect these devices to our computers to copy files to.  This all worked fine until recently the devices come up as failed.
It appears in device manager with a yellow exclamation point.
Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged.  (Code 19)
I've tried all the solutions I can find on the web and none of them work.
Uninstall the device in device manager and scan for changes.  It downloads the driver from windows-update and returns to code 19.
Tried hardware troubleshooter which basically seems to automate the process of uninstalling and scanning.
I've tried removing windows media player 12 feature and adding it back.
I've tried deleting USB controllers from Device Manager and rebooting, it re-detects them all and still gets code 19 on the device.
I've tried deleting upper and lower filter values in the registry which I found out later is mainly for CD/DVD devices, that didn't fix anything.
I've tried removing and re-installing Windows Mobile Device Center and driver pack and that did not fix it either.
Additionally Canon Powershot camera gives us similar results.  MTP USB Device failed.  
This is so far happening on 3 of our workstations that we know of.
At first we thought it was due to windows updates but nothing recent has been installed that looks rela... Read more

A:SOLVED:Windows Mobile-based device and Canon Powershot cameras showing code 19 and MTP USB Device failed.



Thanks for posting in Microsoft TechNet forums.


Do you have Kaspersky installed? Kaspersky Filter driver caused that any USB device could not connect.


It is suggested to have a look at the following registry. Make a backup of it and remove the Upperfilters setting:


“Upperfilters” = klfltdrv


If the issue persists, please find a working machine and compare the registry settings.


Best Regards

Magon Liu

TechNet Subscriber Support
in forum. If you have any feedback on our support, please contact
[email protected]

Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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I upgraded to Windows 10 a while back. Every time I open the computer I get a pop-up notification telling me the USB device is unrecognized. I have no USB devices in any of my 3 USB ports.
I sent my computer in twice. No help. They just uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything and told me it should be fixed. It is not. I then went about updating every driver in my Device Manager. I uninstalled the Unknown USB Device and then updated
other drivers. Certain drivers (such as PCI Express Root Port #3 - 9C14) when updating would also reinstall the Unknown USB Device, which I would then uninstall and keep working down the list. At the end of updating EVERYTHING I scanned for hardware changes
and "found" the Unknown USB Device. 
From what I can tell, and I know very little about this stuff, my computer can't name one of my USB ports. Since it can't figure out what it's called it can't download the proper driver for it. Since it can't download the proper driver it can't work properly.
The practical result from this is that one of my three USB ports does nothing when I put in any USB item (connect my android phone, thumb drive, presentation clicker, etc).
I've looked on tons of forums. My current thought is that if I can tell my computer what the deice is or download the right driver and tell my computer to use that driver for this device it should solve my issue. But I don't know how to know what the name
of the USB port should be (I imagine it woul... Read more

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Looking for help on ad-hoc wi-fi network between Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop running Win 7 Ultimate and Nokia N79 running Symbian S60v3

I want to view live tv on my phone. A USB TV tuner card is connected to laptop which is in turn connected to Satellite DTH receiver. I can see TV in my laptop in Win Media Center and dedicated app provided by USB TV card maker.

I know basics - I have to connect phone and laptop via ad hoc wi fi connection. Run VLC player, select source and use rtsp:// protocol with .sdp extension.

I do all this but yet get unable to connect on real player in phone.

Pls share details about configuration settings of ad hoc connection ipv4 settings etc.

What am i missing?

A:Ad Hoc Connection between Lap and Mobile Device

At best I'll be of minimal help here, as there is so much I do not know about the phone and the special apps you are using.

For the ad-hoc wireless I recommend to get it working unsecured before trying to add encryption. You can leave it as a dynamic connection and then each device will be assigned an APIPA (169.254.x.y). This is a pain, however, because it takes a while for the two devices to get talking to each other and you don't immediately know the IP addresses in case you need to do some troubleshooting. So, I recommend assigning static IPs--suggest on one machine and on the other. Mask

When you think that the network should be working open a Command prompt on the laptop and

ping (assuming the phone was assigned that IP)

If you get replies you know you at least have one way communication.

If you have a non-Windows firewall or security suite on the laptop you may have to configure it for the desired access.

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I?m trying to look at Sigma?s site. But I keep getting the mobile site.

Welcome to SigmaPhoto.com's Mobile Website. You have been directed here because we have detected that you are on a mobile device. If you would like to view the full site please visit: www.sigmaphoto.com

When I click on that it stays on the mobile site.

When I remove the ?m.? in the address; it puts it right back and stays on the mobile site.

I can switch users to my wife?s account and see the ?full site? just fine.

How do I tell IE8 in Windows 7 that I am not a mobile device?

A:I am a desktop PC not a mobile device!!

I would clear the temporary files cache as a start.
Also i would try a second browser just to be sure the problem is IE and not something else system related.
Firefox is relatively small and reliable.
Mozilla | Firefox web browser & Thunderbird email client

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I am having the worst time getting my phone to sync with WMDC. It used to work too becfore my computer totally crashed and I had to start from scratch. Now after installing the WMDC and plugging in my phone I get an error in Vista where the host process and driver framework stop and the partnership doesn't get established. PLease help!!

I want to just start fresh, but I don't have a restore point available from before I first put WMDC on the computer.


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Again, I thanks for all of the help with the S-video. Although, ever since then, I am not able to connect to the internet with my mobile internet device/usb port. I am not sure what happened. I just finished troubleshooting with Comcast technical support and we discovered that its not the mobile device. We uninstalled the comcast software and reinstalled it. Also, we went to the device manager and found yellow question marks under USB BUS CONTROLLER, UNKNOWN DEVICE and FINGER PRINT SENSOR. I reinstalled the UNIVERSAL SERIAL(USB) BUS CONTROLLER and that eliminated the yellow question mark. Also, I uninstalled the UNKNOWN DEVICE & FINGER PRINT SENSOR. Would you have any idea how I can get my connection back?

A:Mobile device/usb port

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what is your favorite mobile device ?

A:what is your favorite mobile device ?

having gone through iPhone, several Androids (HTC, Samsung, Sony), BB and Microsoft, have to say the best bang for buck = Microsoft (currently rocking 640 series).

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Please pardon my naivete, but I really have very vague ideas about these sticks in terms of after purchase cost(activation? monthly?) and amount of internet time and usage(how much surfing it allows? can I watch hour/s long videos? Several times a day? Everyday?

T Mobile ZTE MF691 Rocket 3G 4G Webconnect USB Laptop Stick Modem AirCard HSDPA | eBay

Above link is an example(of several)e-bay listings of device.(stick).

NetZero is for a short time offering a year-long cost-free 4GB stick for a cost of the device. That's it.

PS: I am fully aware this topic has nothing to do with W7...but I really do not know where to go for this.

A:Mobile Broadband device

With those Adaptors it all depends on the tarriff/carrier as to what you get.

Normally a top up of say $10 will give you about 1-2gb of usage. Thats not a great deal of data when it comes to streaming videos, but will five you hours and hours of surfing.

I use my phone as a hotspot when im out the house, and id say i watch about 1-2 hours of youtube and netflixs a day, in a month that adds up to about 20-30gb of usage as an idea of heavy video streaming. But luckily for me i get unlimited usage on my phone with a fair usage policy of 1000GB a month.

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I have an old HTC S523 phone running Widows Mobile 6.5. This syncs OK on W7, but throws up an error in Exchange ActiveSync when I try to sync from W8 Pro (RTM). The Mobile Device Center software loaded and ran when I connected the phone, and it allows me to set up the connection, and to browse through the folders etc on the phone.
Anyone know of a workaround?

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OK, i have posted this once, but in a differnt Set of threads (Hardware and Devices), so if figured i would give it a shot here. I have 7 Ulitmant 32 bit N version. I am trying to install the Mobile Device Manager, and when i try to install it, it gives me the error, "Windows is missing componts" I have tryed checking Microsofts website, and to no avail. What componets does the Mobile Device Manager need to install?

Thanks for your feed back.

A:Mobile Device Center

hi vosberg1,it may be you need the windows component updates and data access components i will try to find the link for you, be back shortly

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can i uninstall windows mobile device centre i dont use it and never activated it

A:windows mobile device

Hi Andy, If you aren't planning to use it and have never activated it you certainly can uninstall it without a problem.

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Hey, so I have Windows 10 (no touch screen, desktop computer) and it keeps being detected as a mobile device. This is forcing sites to send me the mobile version of their website. It happens in both Chrome and Firefox. I tried some "useragent" fix for firefox but nothing is abnormal there. How the heck do I fix this and why does it detect me as mobile?
It also says I need to update my flash which i already did. 

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Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter -from windows update Install  failed - Where can I find this so I can retry to re-install - mobile device does not connect  WINDOWS VISTA- verizon treo running windows mobile 6 professional CE OS 5.2.1620 (BUILD 18125.0.4.2) Here is the error message: Microsoft Corporation - Networking - Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter Installation date: ‎10/‎4/‎2009 12:02 PM Installation status: Failed Error details: Code 800F020B Update type: Recommended Microsoft Corporation Networking software update released in May, 2007 More information: http://winqual.microsoft.com/support/?driverid=20060042 Help and Support: http://support.microsoft.com/select/?target=hub I could not find anything to help me with this.. I did download & install the new Windows mobile device center v 6.1.6965  but the device will still not connect.. i'm thinking the failure of the Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter is the problem (i think)  so I want to re-install the update.. but don't know where to get it. Windows update in VISTA does not let you go out and pick an update from a list Any and all help appreciated

A:Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter -from windows update Install failed - Where can I find this so I can retry to re-install - mobile device does not connect

Your best option may be to open device manager (with device connected) and uninstall any related device, making sure the 'Delete driver software for this device' is checked.Once you have done this, unplug your device, uninstall WMDC 6.1 and reboot your machine. Then follow the instruction on my first reply, this should sort it for you.If anyone is helpfull, please click the 'Vote as helpfull' icon.
If anyone has answered, please click 'Suggest as answer' at the bottom of the post involved :)


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I want to buy new mobile and I need your advice
most imprtant for me the speed of the system ,,memory
thing not important for me ( quality of camera,,shape of mobile )

A:Any tips on buying a new mobile device?

By mobile I infer you mean cell phone. At any rate, I would prioritize the features and functions that are (a) import to you and (b) you use regularly. The hype on specs may be create bragging rights, but that's not worth $0.02 to me.

I'm and old T**d and love my 3g flip phone for the ease of use designed by Nokia. The so called smartphones are not on my wishlist. If I want pictures (and I take a ton of them), I'm not using any camera in a phone - - I take my handheld which gives me the PAS feature for low-light photograph required for indoor and museums. USEABILITY is big with me.

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The site I am trying to watch video on is calling my laptop a mobile device in error. What can I do to watch it?

A:video mobile device error

The browser you are using may not have the proper compatibility with the site or the other way around, bottom line it thinks it is being contacted by a mobile browser. If you are using IE, switch to compatibility mode, or try a different browser.

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Hello, I have Win 7 Pro installed and am having problems installing WMDC 6.1.
It appears to go through the installation process but at some stage aborts ie there is no evidence of the installation after the process.
Would the experts amongst you please offer me a solution for this issue.
Thanks in anticipation,
PS I have also tried a WMDC install after clean booting my PC without sucess!

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Is this needed for my iPod Touch to work? It's taking up about 60 MB ... And I hate bundled software too.
Also, can I still update Quick Time and iTunes without Apple Software Update?

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I have an android phone, I have a folder on my PC called music, and a folder on my phone SD called music. What I want to do is make those folders mirror each other. If I make a change on one, I want the other to mirror next time the phone is connected. Is there a way to do this?

A:Mirror folder of a mobile device

I would suggest using the app Dropsync. This app is available on the Google Play Store and allows you to designate folders on your Android device that will sync with Dropbox.


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does anyone know bout if theres a chance that the axess.tel mobile device could work in a mac?
the drivers in the installation cd don't work for it and it doesn't say it's compatible...


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what is your favorite mobile device ?

A:Which is your favorite mobile device brand?

having gone through iPhone, several Androids (HTC, Samsung, Sony), BB and Microsoft, have to say the best bang for buck = Microsoft (currently rocking 640 series).

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The Windows Mobile Device Center does not start after installing the latest updates to Windows 10. My computer was working with a mobile data collector device in May 2017. Since then with numerous updates installed it has stopped working. Can anyone help?

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Hello everyone!!

I m new to this forum and this is my first post. But, I must say that I m using Windows7 without any problem.

2 days ago, I bought a new Windows mobile phone ASUS P527. I want to connect my phone with my PC (Windows 7).
Whats the software to use as I came to know that "Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1" only supports Windows Vista.

Waiting for any help..............????

A:Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1

Hello again............. No replies......??????

Tried to connect my P527 with my PC (Windows 7) yesterday, & to my surprise, it just installed the drivers by itself (11.9 MB) and my phone got connected itself. No need of inserting the CD got with the phone.

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I just upgrade my laptop from the build 7000 x64 to 7057 x64. The upgrade was very slow very but everything is working except the "windows mobile device center". When I launch it, a window appear indicating that WMDC has stopped working and the given details are :

Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: wmdc.exe
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.6965.0
Problem Signature 03: 465efff8
Problem Signature 04: Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DeviceManager
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06: 465efe7a
Problem Signature 07: 487
Problem Signature 08: 43
Problem Signature 09: System.NullReferenceException
OS Version: 6.1.7057.
Locale ID: 2060

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
Does anyone have this problem ? Any idea to solve it ?

many thanks

A:windows mobile device center

DL and install it again?

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The Windows Mobile device Center will not open up. Ive deleted it and re-installed on Vista and still get nothing to open. please help. thank you.

A:Windows mobile device center

Windows Mobile Device Center troubleshooting guidehttp://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-...leshooting.mspx

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First, I rebuilt my computer and apparently it's not there. And I don't remember having to download it before.

Second, when I go to download it, it says "Validation Required".

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 Driver for Windows Vista (64-bit)

Then it says to click "Continue"...

Genuine Windows Validation - Microsoft Download Center

Which brings me to the Home page...

Microsoft Windows

A:How do I get Windows Mobile Device Center?

OK, so interestingly, that Microsoft website didn't work in IE9, but worked in FireFox. LOL!

FF allowed me to DL some program that spat out a "validation code" to enter into the website to download the WMDC file.

Judging by the file name, it turns out that I did download that file years ago, but it doesn't look like I ever downloaded the "validator". Must be something new with Microsoft. I guess it must be quite new...because it doesn't work on their OWN website with their OWN browser! rofl!

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I downloaded and installed WMDC but it won't run. I goggled everything I could find on the subject but nothing worked. I am trying to get the program back so that I can sync my MX3000 remote to my PC. The remote works fine, but if I need to edit anything I will be SOL!. Any help is greatly appreciated.
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 620, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 103016 MB, Free - 40119 MB; E: Total - 103023 MB, Free - 57398 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5N-D
Antivirus: Webroot SecureAnywhere, Updated and Enable

A:Windows Mobile Device Center

You can try the following:
Plug your device into the computer
Press Windows key + R In the open field type: devmgmt.msc
Look under Network adapters for Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter, right click on it and select uninstall.
Next look under Mobile Devices for Microsoft USB Sync, right click and uninstall.
Now unplug your device and plug it back in, and see if WMDC launches.
If some reason device manager is not picking up the device after plugging it back in, just right click on the computer name in device manager and select scan for hardware changes.

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Can we use internet on mobile through bluetooth device.I have DSL internet service and Noika 7610.I want to use internet on my mobile.So if we can then what i have to do i mean which setting i have to use.

A:Mobile Internet through Bluetooth device

I would assume if your nokia phone has a networking profile you should be able to get internet from the PC or if you have a router you could use a bluetooth access point that connects to your wired lan I.E. http://msmobiles.com/catalog/i.php/563.html

of course the bluetooth on your knoe may have different screens but the connection is the same. Setup a LAN profile and then setup the passwords and all then you should have internet passthrough from the PC your connected to.

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I'm working on a web page hosted from my computer. It works fine in most browsers, but in mobile devices the flash banners are not working. I need a free application to convert my swf files to mp4 so I can use them in mobile devices. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:mobile device video suggestions

Personally, I use AVS Video Converter, but it costs money.
I found these 2, and I've never used themt, but they says they support swf.
I'd recommend the first link.. the 2nd link looks kind of weird..

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Windows Mobile Device Center...... useless!

I need anyone who can help, to read this thread here...Unable to connect pda to Vista - Vista Forums


Here is the short version: WMDC does not recognize devices. HOWEVER, the Vista does recognize the USB connecting something, it does "seem" to install drivers but actually says "searching for unknown driver files" yet above that states "your device is ready to use" (now that staement in and of itself does not go together, but none the less I am not alone in seeing it. See other thread for better details)

Heres the question --- does anyone have a work around/alternative program/stand alone drivers that will allow Vista to see/comunicate with PDA's???????

Now for those who are surfing the net, and dont want to create a profile -- just email me directly with an answer: ***************

A:Windows Mobile Device Center

PS... any good information emailed directly to me by non-registered users WILL be posted to this thread so that full integrity and purpose of this forum is not subverted!

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Please can someone help me because I'm useless at this sort of thing sorry if im posting this in the wrong place for a start.....

A while ago I had someone staying with me, he used the PC now and again, After a while of him using it, when turning on my computer I started getting driver could not be installed message, It says its a windows mobile based device that's failing and I can't find out what it is or how i stop it?

When I go into device managed it says windows mobile based device This device cannot start. (Code 10)
something else I managed to get into earlier about it said something along the lines of root/wpd/0000 this device cannot start.

Is there a way of finding out what it is and stopping this install thing all the time? its driving me mad.

A:Windows Mobile Based Device Help!

Use this free program to disable the startup item related to the Windows Mobile Device: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/s.../bb963902.aspx

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I am using Vista home premium and I have 32bit mobile device center installed. My pocket pc is a mio digiwalker which I connect using the USB cable as supplied with the Pocket PC.
The problem is that I cannot get the new software to update on the Pocket PC, therefore I am not able to sync my contacts, calender, and notes.
The device center shows that the OS has recogisned the Pocket PC but when you request a sync it shows 'sync failed'
A soft boot using the wand into the small hole at the side of the pocketpc resets the pocketpc and the device center shows that it has sync'd but yet again the contacts etc have not updated.
I have tried many times with the same result, I have also reinstalled the 6.1 mobile device center software and still I get the same problem.
The Pocket pc still shows that Microsoft pocket pc version 4.20.0 (Build 14053) is still installed.
Any help would be appreciated thanks, I tried the online walk through to set up the mobile device center and this has not cured the problem.

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I am look for help in the matter. I cannot get the device to go to comport 3 its keeps saying error as if its busy. what else can i do.

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How to get rid of Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows-8 ?
when i connect any Device (Windows-CE or Windows-Mobile) this Screen jumps and harassing me

thanks in advance

A:How to get rid of Windows Mobile Device Center ?

Hmm, honestly my first time hearing about this.

When I plug in a device a notification on top right part of screen pops up asking what I want to do with this device. WMDC window never popped up.

I thought this was only if you have a windows phone. It shouldn't open up for any random device, only your phone.

You can set it up to "do nothing" when a device is plugged in,
but this would mean every time you plug in a new device,
in the upper right-hand corner to click the notification and selecing "do nothing"

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I have a Palm 750v conected to my laptop with Vista. It took me hours of struggle to get it syncing to Outlook using Windows Mobile Device Centre. It has worked now perfectly for a few months. Now suddenly whenever I open WMDC it comes up with message "WMDC has stopped working"

I have uninstalled it twice now, deleted all info of device in windows regitry, reinstalled WMDC 6.1 twice, and still get this problem.

Here is the details:
Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: wmdc.exe
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.6965.0
Problem Signature 03: 465eefc9
Problem Signature 04: Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DeviceManager
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06: 465eeea2
Problem Signature 07: 4a8
Problem Signature 08: 47
Problem Signature 09: System.ArgumentException
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 7177

I am desperate. I have searched the web, but get no help. Can someone please advise me or point me in the right direction.
Is there perhaps another program I can purchase to sync my Palm windows device to Outlook?

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I am new to this formum so I hope I am at the right place. I have vista business intalled on a Vaio notebook. I just got a HTC Touch PDA which is running windows Mobile 6.1. I installed the windows mobile device center but that application does not think it is connected to my Touch. However, when I connect the Touch via a USB cable, there is a connecction. I can see that the driver is installed correctly. I also get a message asking me for my credentials on both the Touch and on the Viao. I have talked to Sony which was not helpful (can't talk to Microsoft since I got the software via an OEM). I talked to Sprint which could not help (I got the touch from them). I have spent hours on this. I can connect the Touch to an XP computer using ActiveSync and everything works fine but I really want to use my Vaio since I travel a lot. The touch is also connected to my exchange serve and that part is working fine. I wan to use the Mobile Device Center to sync music and photos etc. Any ideas?

A:Problems connecting to Mobile Device Center

hi, Im having the same problem, if you solved it please tell what did you do

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I have two problems with two separate applications, media player + mobile device centre, which I think have something to do with networking.

When I tried to add media to the mediao library in windows media player, it goes through all of the process, it does not throw up any error messages, but when it has finished nothing has been added. It doesn't matter from what source u add the media, i.e. A network, hard drive on the laptop, or an SDard. Like wise through my windows media player I cannot add any music to my pocket PC.
I am able to add the partnership between my pocket PC and my laptop in windows mobile device centre, again it goes through all the processes without throwing up any error messages, but when it has finished nothing has been synced.

I have tried downloading the software for mobile device centre 6.1, and installing it. When I have installed it in the device centre helped menu/about it says "Version 6.0 (build the 6001: service pack 1)"

Any help would be appreciated.

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In short:
* Bluetooth syncing between PPC mobile phone does not work
* Bluetooth between PPC mobile phone and Dell Laptop pairs
* USB Syncing between mobile phone and Mobile device center works
* Bluetooth syncing between PPC mobile phone prior to system reinstall DID work and worked well.
* Bluetooth mouse was paired first this time and works well.

Problem Details:
I have a windows pocket pc phone that connected to Bluetooth very well with my Dell D830 prior to the crash I had last week. In fact, it worked better with Bluetooth than it did with the USB connection. After receiving a hard drive from Dell with the Vista Dell Basic operating system image on it and set my system up again along with all my programs and downloaded and installed the Mobile Device Center 6.1 from the Microsoft site. I synced pocket PC phone up with usb and had no problems. I set up my bluetooth and it connected with no problems. (I have a Bluetooth mouse that I set up and it works perfectly.) The Mobile Device Center partnership with bluetooth will not work. When I select ActiveSync and select Menu/Sync with Bluetooth, the Mobile center does not recognize the PPC phone. I see no response from the Mobile Device Center at all. I can see that the bluetooth communication is there by going into the Pocket PC phone settings/Bluetooth/select the Dell computer and do a refresh. I can see that it connects to the computer by looking at the phone in the Bluetooth devices in the computer’s control p... Read more

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     i hew set policy that all mobile device must fall into quarantine.  A lot of time ago, i remove device from server and now when i reconnect same device hi bypass quarantine. 
     and then I tested on other devices, the same thing.
     for clarity I tried to remove the mobile phone from the /esp   and  from powershell to..
     how once removed mobile device after some time if reconnecting to the same server can be bypass quarantine and connect direct to the Mail server ? 

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hello all. hoping for some help very quickly on this.

i'm simply trying to send a wedding onvite via an image inan email that has a link to a vimeo video within the image. i can hyperlink this fine and it shows up on desktops fine but on a mobile device (iphone) the email when opened in the iOS mail app either doens't show the image or won't open up safari from the link. can anyone help with this. my skills with html are non existent so if this can be done via outlook or gmail the help would me much appreciated.


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 hew set policy that all mobile device must fall into quarantine.  A lot of time ago, i remove device from server and now when i reconnect same device hi bypass quarantine. 

     and then I tested on other devices, the same thing.

     for clarity I tried to remove the mobile phone from the /esp   and  from powershell to..

     how once removed mobile device after some time if reconnecting to the same server can be bypass quarantine and connect direct to the Mail server ? 

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IT World is buzzing with Device Management & Security associated with it.

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Hi Guys,  I'm trying to install the WMDC on Windows 7 and I'm getting and error about how I don't have at least one component required by it.... Any ideas?

A:Installing Windows Mobile Device Center on Win 7

Hi YukiLTU,
Your problem description is not detailed. At least, you should record the full error message here.
I suggest you download WMDC installation file again from the following link to make sure the installation file is good.
32-bit: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=46f72df1-e46a-4a5f-a791-09f07aaa1914
64-bit: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=4f68eb56-7825-43b2-ac89-2030ed98ed95
In order to make sure the system components are good, you can run System File Checker to scan the system.
Run System File Checker
1. Click “Start” button, “All Programs” and “Accessories”, right click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator”.
2. Type "SFC     /Scannow" (without quotation marks) and press “Enter”.
If some files cannot be fixed, you run the following command to save the detailed log in Drive C.
findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >C:\sfcdetails.txt
Now, I suggest you upload it to SkyDrive and provide us the link for analyzing.
If everything is good, I suggest you try to install WMDC again in Clean Boot. In Clean Boot, other programs will not affect the installation.
If the issue reoccurs, I hope you can capture a screenshot of the error message and upload it to SkyDrive.
How ... Read more

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Good morning!
I feel so stupid for asking this! I am in sync via usb cable with Vista os + Samsung Omnia phone with os 6.1 mobile. I can see the samsung is connected and can be seen in the safely remove hardware, as well as in the device manager.

Why don't i get an icon in (my computer) labeled (windows mobile devices) so i can access the omnia drives to transfer files manually. This phone connects properly with Xp, active sync and outlook enviorment...


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Basically I jailbroke my iphone 4 for the second time after restoring it yesterday, but then something went wrong with it and it stayed on the apple logo for ages so I restored it again today. The restore seemed to go fine and all my stuff went back onto the phone but I want to jailbreak again and my computer isn't recognising my phone!

When I plug my phone into my laptop it charges, and itunes syncs with it but under itunes 7.1.2 in the device summary it says 'please connect this iphone using a USB etc.' so I think it may be syncing over wifi because I have that enabled.

When I go to computer the phone isn't there and so I have reinstalled itunes, restarted the laptop, updated the laptop and checked device manager. The Apple Mobile device USB driver isn't there under Universal Serial Bus Controllers although Apple Mobile Device support is in my installed programs. Also the iphone isn't showing up anywhere, not even as a camera. I tried updating the driver software of USB composite device with the usbaapl file but it said 'installing this driver is not recommended...may not be compatible etc' and then I get Code 10 with the Apple Mobile Device USB driver appearing but with a yellow ! and it doesn't work.

No idea where to go from here please help!!!

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