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move email to new computer

Q: move email to new computer

How can I move my stored emails from the old to the new puter?
I have OE6 in both and running win ME in the old and XP in the new.
Thanks in advance for any help offered

Preferred Solution: move email to new computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: move email to new computer

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I am replacing my mobo, os (win7 pro 64bit), adding ram and a ssd. I want to put all of the programs on the ssd with the os.
How do I move all of Outlook with emails and the folders to the new ssd? I am hoping that all of the emails and folders and contacts will remain intact.
I should clarify that I will still be using the old HD for storage on the same computer.

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My dinosaur win98 hard drive acts like it's about to bite the dust. I have a laptop with winxp and would like to slide my long-time email address from the pc to the laptop. Is this something I can do or does the ISP have to make the change?

A:Solved: How to move email to another computer

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I have a new ASUS notebook and it uses Windows 8. On my home pc I have Windows Vista and was able to set up multiply email accounts in Window Live Mail. (my charter, my hubby charter, 2 school google accounts and yahoo)
I was able to read mail coming thru our main email acct (my charter), if an email came thru that needed to go to my hubbys account or another account I was able to drop and drag it to the other account listed on the screen.

I have most of my emails set up on my new ASUS notebook. Is there any way to drop and drag emails from one account to another? I can drag the email and hover over the new email account, but it does not drag it.

Thanks for any help. I am new to the notebook thing and windows 8.

Debby Durden

A:Move email from one email accout to another email account

If you are using Live Mail on both Windows 7 and Windows 8, use the instructions in this video - Windows 8 Tips: Moving Live Mail From Windows 7 - YouTube

This technique works WAY better than exporting and reimporting them.

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When I try and open my email it say "There was an error opening this message" and when I try and move the email I get "error 0x00000000" I have a 64 bit OS and I did a memory check which said my memory is OK.

A:Can't open or move email

Quote: Originally Posted by golden039

When I try and open my email it say "There was an error opening this message" and when I try and move the email I get "error 0x00000000" I have a 64 bit OS and I did a memory check which said my memory is OK.

What are you using to read and move your email?


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Hi folks,  I'm hoping someone can give me a really~Easy, Peezy, simple step process, ..Yep, one of them slow wits
   to enable me to move my folders from my present email provider service   Inbox.com , to any other free email service provider (  the easiest one to move my folders to, the better !  ) as Inbox.com is closing down their free subscription in September
Many thanx, in anticipation  

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My old PC is running Outlook Express under XP. My new PC is running Windows Live Mail under Windows 7. I want to move my OE email messages/folders to my new PC.

I used Windows Easy Transfer to move most of my data over (documents, pictures, favorites, etc.), but I never saw the option for moving email messages.

So now I'm wondering if I can simply import the messages. WLM has an Import Messages function, where you have three choices for the format you want to import from - OE, WLM or WM. If I want to import in the OE format but yet my OE email messages reside on another PC, how do I direct WLM where to find these messages? Can I move the messages to a flash drive and direct WLM to look there? Or is there a better way? Thanks in advance.

A:How Do I Move Email Messages from Old PC (OE) to New PC (WLM)

Open OE and then in Tools, Options, on the Maintenance tab, there's a button labeled Store Folder. Click that and it will tell you the folder containing your email folder. Copy and pasting the path into run will open the store folder.

Copy your dbx store folder onto a flash drive and then use the import function in WLM they then will appear in your storage folders in WLM.

This works for me with no problem apart from a little bit of sorting things the way I like them.

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Friends I've used Outlook Express for a very long time, populating it typically with three email accounts, one identity, and a hundred folders/subfolders. I sorta like the newest release of the Windows Live client email except it is fatally flawed [how does Microsoft compete???] in that it does not import items from OE successfully, omitting exactly my most important folders. Then to make it "ice", it offers no import tool to give one a fighting chance to overcome the bug. So its dead-on-arrival.

I'm trying to use Thunderbird and seem to be the only one willing to say how ugly it is. I find the setup options inexcusably baffling... the language they use to describe feature/setup items is that of programmers. I've yet to figure it out. But even after a lot of cosmetizing I find it just distressingly UGLY to look at... it reminds me of formatting rules for College theme papers or something.... ick. just not pleasant at all.

What should I try that I have not tried that first and foremost SUCCESSFULLY imports folders and Address/Contacts from OE????

I would continue to use OE but it has developed a bug that I cannot overcome - its dead product anyway so I'm just using the opp to move on to brighter packages if there is one.

A:Email - gotta move from OE.... hate the others

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Hi all,

First post.

A friend of mine has a 2000 pro box with IE and OE 6 - all software and service packs are up to date. No spyware as reported by Spy Sweeper 4.5 and Spybot. NAV reports defintions up to date and virus free as 01/11/06. Virus scan running tonight, I will see results tomorrow. Though the NAV log did indicated a w32/netsky worm (I think that was the infection, can recheck in tomorrow am if important) infection in December but it was, according to NAV, successfully dealt with.

Here is the problem: After an email is successfully sent sent OE doesn't move the message to the sent folder it remains in the outbox so it will be resent when a second email is sent. Then first and second email remain in the outbox and will resent when a third email is sent. The 1st, in this case, sent 3 times while the 2nd is sent twice and the third just once. When I tried to manually move the email into the sent, I get a vague "an error has occured" message with nothing specific or descriptive. I have tried to remove and reinstall OE both thru the add remove programs applet and manually following the article found here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/263837/en-us . Two "successful" manual reinstalls OE didn't resolve anomalous behavior. The problem started on 01/13/06, no new programs of any type have been recently installed. There were no error mesages, no virus/spyware warnings of any kind. The first warning my friend had was emails from her frien... Read more

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Using MS Outlook on Win XP sys. I suddenly found I could not delete an email. I found I can open and print but cannot delete, move or Send/Rec.
Error mess: "The messaging interface has returned an unknown message ....restart Outlook."
Rebooting does not help.
Thanks for any ideas.

A:Cannot Send, Rec, Delete or move email

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Hi ,

I am using outlook 2013. I want to copy mails from particular person to excel sheet automatically when it comes to inbox. I am using Excel 2013.

Can you help me to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


A:Move Outlook email to Excel

Use a macro to copy data in Outlook email to Excel workbook

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I need to move my Outlook 2003 email on a XP machine to Windows Mail on a new Vista machine.

I exported the archive.pst and backup.pst files from Outlook on the old pc to a flash disk but I can't seem to import them into Windows Mail on the new pc.

Any suggestions on how to solve this is appreciated.

A:How to move old pc Outlook email to new pc Windows Mail ?


These links may help

Outlook to Windows Mail

Personally I would what Hal Hostetler suggests :

Transfer your email and addresses from Outlook to Outlook Express on the OLD
computer. Copy the .DBX and .WAB files created by the transfer to the new
Vista machine and import them into Windows Mail. This page should help:


MS Outlook How-to Articles

Hope they do


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I have been using Outlook for my Roadrunner email account for quite some time. Recently I purchased a newer version of Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student edition, which does not have Outlook included. If I install the newer version of Microsoft Office, will it remove my Outlook program? If so, I need to know how to export all of my contacts and email folders from Outlook to a web based service like Time Warner Cable (Roadrunner). I skimmed over their website but could not find a way to do this. If I can't do that, are there any other applications similar to Outlook that will handle my contacts, calendar and email? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:need to move Outlook email to web based service

Hi there .... Which version of Outlook are you using ? I Have enclosed a Link below . Which should be of some help

How do I import email addresses into the Road Runner Web Mail address book?

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Trying to move Thunderbird email from an XP SP3 machine to a Windows 7x64 Ultimate machine. I have followed the migration suggestions posted here:


without success. Thunderbird starts, knows the name of my email account, but can't find any email, even though I copied my email folder to the identical location on the new machine. Also, Thunderbird is unable to even let me access some of the Tools > Account settings dialogs.

Is there some additional secret sauce I'm missing?

A:Solved: Cannot move Thunderbird email from XP to Windows 7

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I have a personal folder with alot of subfolders in it, when I try to move email from one folder to another it does nothing. The hour glass looks like it is moving but in task manager it is not responding. I can move email from my Inbox fine, but when I try from the personal folders nothing happens. I am running an old gateway 4200 P III 650 with 128 mb of ram and using office 2002 on it as well.

A:Unable to move email form personal folders

I have had a similar problem when trying to move too many at once - are you able to move one, several or none at all?

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I know this is probably a completely newbie question,I have read the tutorial but can not seem to make it work.I am working on a Windows XP Profesional 2002.I usually send messages directly from my mail server which is mail.com but I have a client that says he does not use Doral any more and that if I can put it into word and than email it he will be able to read my text.I sent photos which he was able to open but could not recieve the text of my email.I hope I have been as clear as possible.
Thanks to anyone who can help,

A:How do I move an email message to Word and then send it out to another person

Copy and Paste the text into Word. Save the word document. Add the word document to your e mail as an attachment.

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I have a small internal hard drive (4 gb) on my laptop with 160mb of RAM. I want to move thousands of email messages (in Netscape 7.1 on my C drive) to a larger external hard drive (E:\) attached through by BUS port. I also want to be able to run on E drive and recover my messages exactly as I have sent or received them. I can't find anything about exporting email from one hard drive to another and keeping them intact with no gibberish such as code included.

Thanks for your help.undefined

A:How to move Netscape 7.1 email to an external hard drive

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I have about 100 email contacts on my laptop using windows mail. The OS is vista. Each contact is a separate file so that I have 100 contact files. My other PC uses win7 & Thunderbird. I copied the contacts into my win7 PC & have been trying to import them into TB without success. Windows mail use a different system than have I seen in the past where all the names & email addresses are in 1 file such as *.wab or some such extension. When I try "tools-import" in TB the choices are "address books, mail, settings or filter. Contacts are not listed. I tried converting them to a csv file & importing them as an address book & it seemed to be working, ie csv was a choice under the import & a csv file was created but the data displayed in TB mail was useless. The names appeared but the email fields were blank. But, when I clicked on "properties" for each entery, the email address appeared twice under the field names "nickname" & "display" What am I doing wrong. HELP!


A:Solved: How do I move email contacts from win mail to thunderbird?

There is a discussion of that process here:


Note especially the 2nd post.

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I'm a still-learning, self-taught, fairly new, computer student. I have a problem with an email that I received in my inbox on my hotmail account from a ?friend? recently. The subject line reads...Fwd: Fwd: Angels....size 617K. When I clicked the open box, I got a firewall alert (Norton) that instance of confidential info "block bank account" had occurred. I then tried to delete the email and got the same alert and then again when I tried to move to another folder within hotmail. After reading the email listed above it in the inbox and deleting that one...this email opened...had an attachment titled "application thingsar.pps". I did not open the attachment but tried to delete on the page and once again got the same firewall confidential info alert. I just can't seem to make it go away!!! I thought about disabling my firewall until I delete it...but if it's blocking access to my personal conf. info....seemed like a bad idea.

I also had another strange incident involving the sender of this particular email and my hotmail inbox a short while back. I received an email in my inbox addressed to him...??????????? Always wondered how that happened!! Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This is an awesome site and forum!!!! Thanks!!!!!

A:cannot delete, open, or move email in hotmail account

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I hope so Will hate to have to type in all of that info. Can anybody help ?

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I have an email sitting in my Hotmail Junk Mail folder which is causing concern. Because of my email security settings, that is the Folder that this message has been rightfully delivered to....

The sender's name, email address and subject line are authentic, however when looking at the Junk Mail Properties, I note that the email is merely a means for delivering a rather large [8717KB] PDF - there is no message shown in the body of the email to indicate what the PDF contains.

What I would like to do is move or copy the unopened email and attachmentto a Flashdrive, and then delete it from the Hotmail Junk Mail folder of my email account, thus isolating it completely.

Is there any way in which I can do this without opening the email or it's attachment?

A:Suspected malicious email - Can I move to a Flashdrive Folder Unopened


I'm not sure whether the attachment can be moved without opening the message, but perhaps you might consider installing a trial (non activated version) of Windows 7 inside a virtual machine, and then accessing your Hotmail account from within the VM? If the attachment goes nuclear on you, chances are that only the VM is compromised, which is easily taken care of by simply deleting it.


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I want to move the past email from Winmail to Outlook 2003? I used export and inport , but it seems not work. What wrong with it?

A:How to move email from Winmail to Outlook 2003 in Vista Bussiness

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Hi, I have a user who has been using Mozilla mail. I am putting him on a new laptop and need to move his emails from Mozilla on the old laptop to Outlook 2003 (not express) on the new laptop. Can someone help?

A:Need to move email from Mozilla mail to Outlook 2003 in a corporate environment

Hi foleyfan,

Please see the article at http://www.broobles.com/imapsize/th2outlook.php which deals with this issue. The only difference in your situation is the need to copy the emails from the old laptop to the new one before importing into Outlook.

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We used to be on Exchange 5.5 and running mostly Outlook 2000 clients. Many of our users had a rule that would move emails from Internal staff (people in the Global Address List) to a special folder. In this way they could focus on them first.

We recently upgraded to Exchange 2003 and are now running mostly Outlook 2003. Oddly enough the rule no longer has any effect. Currently the rule looks for people in a specific address book (GAL) and moves them to a specified folder as they arrive. Only...it doesn't work.

No errors, it just does nothing.

I have been searching around for sometime but have not really found anything that seems to help.

Any suggestions?

Neeva Candida

A:How can I create an OL2003 Rule that will move all Internal email to a special folder

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Windows 10 running Outlook 2016. When I did a fresh install I set up 3 email address and added my .csv files of contacts and calendar form prior install. I did not pay attention and Outlook 2016 assigned them to an email address I now wish to get rid of.

Did a web search and didn't come up with a good reliable way to transfer the folder to another email address PST file. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm still using my Windows XP Pro computer but it doesn't have a lot of space left on the hard drive. When I bought this computer it only had 6GB of space. I only have 1GB of space left on the hard drive. My old computer has 18GB left on the hard drive. I edit videos a lot and I also want to play some PC games. Could I just take out the old hard drive and hook it up in my Windows XP computer? Do you think that I should just buy an external hard drive?

A:Can I move my old computer's hard drive to my new computer?

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I just bought a new Compaq computer because my old one finally died (power supply). New PC works like a charm. So, I had 2 HDDs in my old PC, one with OS, one with music, pics, movies, etc. I wanted to put the second HDD into my new PC. I did so, set it as slave and rebooted. It showed in BIOS, shows up in disk management without drive letter, but won't show up in My Computer. Also, it wont let me change or add drive letter in disk management. I just want to get my stuff off this old drive. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Move HDD from old computer to new, doesnt show up in My Computer

In disk management, do you get any options to activate the disk?

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Hey all! I need alittle help. I am trying to move all of my emaill addresses and saved emails from Outlook Express on one computer. To Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 on a second computer. I've never had to do this before, but I have to now. Because it's not for me. If you guys and girls can help me out with this it would be awesome. I need to get this don tomorrow. Thank you in advance.


A:Move email addresses from Outlook Express to Outlook 2007

I have Window live mail, but all these MS products work about the same.
Under file go to import export from there it should be self explanatory.
Let me know if you cant find it, Ill help.

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Hey, sorry if thisisthe wrong forum, I dunno where to post it. I have to get my computer from Ann Arbor, MI to Mclean, VA by plane, but my bro is just sayiing take itwith him, he is drivingthere. Thething is,I need to still assemble it, and I just needa computer to work on (I am using my dads laptop, who is driving to VA alongwith my bro) so I am asking you guys today, if I take my computer by plane, should I pack itin as a carry on, or would you guys think booking it would be safe? THis is a self built computer fyi, not a dell or anything...should it be ok? whatdo you suggest?

A:I have to move a computer...

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Is using an external hard drive the easiest way to move programs and files from one computer to another? Can I move Microsoft Office that way too, as the newer computer doesn't have it loaded? Both computers have xp.

A:Move to another computer

You can't move most programs like that because they need data entered in the registry which happens during installation. Files will be fine though.

Some versions of Office are allowed to be installed on up to 3 machines, so you may be able to just install it on the newer computer. Otherwise, to be legal you'd have to remove Office from the 1st.

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I am moving cross-country in a few months.

What is the best to transport a computer with its hard drive intact?

I have lots of precious stuff on my PC and I don't want anything damaged in the process of moving.

Should I remove the hard drives?

How transportable is the tower unit?


A:best way to move a computer

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My (no hate) Vista computer does not respond to keyboard or mouse. As in, the number lock light on the keyboard does not illuminate when I start the computer. I am using that keyboard now, (no hate) on my XP computer .
As a side problem, my MSI brand GT 710 graphics card might have failed.I was using the Vista computers on board chipset video to run the monitor,with no problems.
The short version is, can I remove the HD from the Vista unit, and put it in the XP computer?I only want to transfer the special files / programs I have on it,though most are already on the XPP computer as a backup.
Later I will see if the Vista computer is salvageable.
I do NOT like W10.
Both of these desktops do what I need.

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I have 2 computers, and want to upgrade one of them, but i have devised a plan and i want to know if it would work. 1 computer is XP professional 32 bit and the other is Vista Premuim 64 bit.
XP specs: Intel Pentium 4 3.5 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GD Hard Drive, ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 128MB Graphics card.
VISTA SPECS: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.33 GHZ processor, 3 GB RAM, 450 GB HDD, ATI Radeon 512 MB graphics card.

I would like to know if I could buy a 4+ GB RAM card for my Vista computer, and move the Vista's original 3 GB RAM card to my XP replacing the XP's original 1 GB RAM card. I know that my Vista computer can take over 4 GB RAM as it's 64 bit, but i want to speed up my xp computer and thought that using my vista's 3 GB RAM card would be a good way to do it.

Any information is much appreciated.

A:Can I move RAM from one computer to another?

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I need to transfer my torrents from a Windows XP computer to a Windows 8 computer. On the first computer the folder containing the Bit Torrent application data is located at C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data. Where on the Windows 8 computer do I put this folder? I think I'm supposed to put it in the same place but I can not find the right path. I installed Bit Torrent on the Windows 8 computer and it puts data in C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent. Should I place the contents of the first BitTorrent folder in this place?

Thanks for your help.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16322 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 240, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1890464 MB, Free - 1686526 MB; D: Total - 15746 MB, Free - 1956 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 2AF7
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

A:How do I move torrents from one computer to another?

Read the site rules.

P2P and File Sharing - We do not support P2P file sharing applications or web sites where the aim or much of the content is illegally shared copyrighted music, videos, or other files. This includes torrents, Kazaa, LimeWire, RapidShare, Pirate Bay, and the like. Any threads requesting help for such will be closed. Obviously, this does not include legitimate sites like YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc, that have a strong content policing policy. If you're interested in the topic of P2P, you are free to discuss it on our site, but information on how to use these services will not be provided.


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I've been told a few different ways of doing this (using Norton's Ghost, using CDs to transfer/backup all info, removing my hard drive and installing it as a second hard drive in the new computer, using a memory stick to transfer info, hooking up both computers to my cable modem router and transferring info that way...), and I'd like to know which is the most time efficient, thorough, least chance of screwing something up, etc. I think either way, i'd like to backup my information somehow, just in case. Also, I was thinking of doing it the hard drive route..moving it to the new computer as a second drive, but was told I'd have to reinstall every program I have. Will I have to do that any way I go? I'd written down the specs of the new computer, but misplaced them, but I know it's a P4. If the info is needed, I can hook it up to find out again. Thank you in advance for your help!

A:I'd like to move all my info on this computer to another...

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Documents to Go ver 8 with Windows 2000 -- I have Docs to Go configured to synchronize a few hundred files. Let's say I wanted to move Docs to Go to another computer, also running Win2000; but, I don't want to have to re-enter all the synchronized files.

Where is the record of the synchronized files kept? What part of Documents to Go do I need to transfer from the old system to the new system so that I don't have to re-enter all this information?

Additional information: All the documents on the old system are stored on drive D but are scattered throughout about sixty or more folders. The same folder structure will also be used on the new system and it will also be on drive D. To be clear, Drive D on the new system will be a clone of drive D on the old system.

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Hi, Ive tried out FF portable on a USB flash drive, and now would like to move it from my USB flash drive to my
computers HDD , is there an easy and simple way to do this , that would cause no moving problems..?

Many Thanks Mypenry

A:Move Firefox From Usb To Computer

IMO, Firefox Portable is strictly a portable application.If you want to use the Local version of Firefox, you will have to download a copy onto your HD.Try your question in the Firefox Portable Forum.

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How do I move my favorites from my old Dell laptop running Windows 98 2nd edition to my "new" Toshiba which is running Windows 2000 Professional edition? My daughter gave me her old Toshiba so I can run my internet sevice with cable instead of dialup and what a difference. But I have way too many favorites to load by hand. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bill

A:How Do I Move Favorites from Old to New Computer?

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I'm probably posting in the wrong place but.....
My old Win 7 64 bit MSI Notebook died after 10 years. The processor overheated and quit because I didn't keep the cooloing ducts clean. Anyway the moderators can move this to where ever they think it should be,
I have the hard drive from the old Win 7 machine in an enclosure and I can acess it with the new Win 8.1 MSI notebook (hate it). I want to transfer my files and folders from the old hard drive to the new PC. I ran MS Office 2003 Student and Teacher in the old machine and have MS Office 2013 installed in the new machine. I would like to recover my folders and email files from the MS Outlook 2003 on the old hard drive and move them to my new MS Outlook 2013 Program. I also would like to recover my Google Earth placemarks, my desktop if possible in fact I would like to just clone the old machine and make this all seemless. I don't understand the "one Drive" cloud concept but I did (accidently) upload the old hard drive to the "cloud".
Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
both machines are 64 bit

A:Move data to Win 8 computer

I'm probably posting in the wrong place but.....
My old Win 7 64 bit MSI Notebook died after 10 years. The processor overheated and quit because I didn't keep the cooloing ducts clean. Anyway the moderators can move this to where ever they think it should be,
I have the hard drive from the old Win 7 machine in an enclosure and I can acess it with the new Win 8.1 MSI notebook (hate it). I want to transfer my files and folders from the old hard drive to the new PC. I ran MS Office 2003 Student and Teacher in the old machine and have MS Office 2013 installed in the new machine. I would like to recover my folders and email files from the MS Outlook 2003 on the old hard drive and move them to my new MS Outlook 2013 Program. I also would like to recover my Google Earth placemarks, my desktop if possible in fact I would like to just clone the old machine and make this all seemless. I don't understand the "one Drive" cloud concept but I did (accidently) upload the old hard drive to the "cloud".
Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
both machines are 64 bit
Thanks Chris for changing the title. Although I haven't had a single suggestion of how to get my personal data from the old hard drive to the new PC.

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Hi - If I remember correctly, Windows 10 Product Key (or license) is based on a hardware ID of some sort. If I have a working Windows 10 on a HDD (or SSD), and I'm ready to junk that computer and want to move that "licensed" version of Windows 10 and the HDD to a new machine, how does Microsoft deal with the hardware ID since the ID is based on the old hardware and not the new?


A:Move Windows 10 HD to a new computer

It depends on how you got to Windows 10. If original licence was retail, or you have a retail 10 key, you can reinstall 10 on new pc and reactivate using 7/8 or 10 key as appropriate. If original licence was oem, or you have a 10 oem licence, you are not permitted to transfer licence to new mobo/pc. This is nothing new.

It is unclear if you can transfer an upgraded licence (even if original was retail) after initial free year, free of charge, even if originaloy upgraded in the free period. MS have yet to clarify this although EULA indicates it is allowed (Section 4b if interested).

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I run a older Pentium with xp pro on it. I was given a Pentium three with no hard drive in it at all. But it does have a dvd drive and some other goodies. This second machine is double the clock speed of the one I am using. (Both have 128 megs of ram.)

Is it possible to move the hard drive to the faster pc complete with the operating system and all my files?. The rub is I don't have the org. cds for the xp install.



A:Move Hardrive to different computer?

No, the operating system won't work in the new PC. You would have to do either a repair install (which isn't guaranteed to work anyway) or a full reinstall to use the old Hard Drive in the new PC. Unfortunately both options require the XP CD.


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On my other computer it is currently running Vista and is very unstable.

This is partly because it only has 1GB of ram and I cannot afford to upgrade it at the moment and I was wondering whether anyone could tell me if they think that Windows 7 would run better on this amount of RAM as I seem to remember a few years ago that Vista is Very RAM/Resource hungry and I am sure that Win7 is a lot better when it comes to these things.

Maybe even putting XP on would be an option as it is too unstable to use to any extent and also locks up every other time i use it and also takes way too long to do anything.

Any ideas/information regarding this will be great.

The system is an eMachines E4252 if you need to look at the specs as I am not 100% sure what it has inside.

A:Should I move to win 7 with my older computer

Windows 7 will definitely run faster and more stable than Windows Vista. 1 gig ram is enough for it to run smoothly but you might want to disable some of the visual effects. Windows XP will run even faster than Win 7.

I hated Vista when I had it on my old PC that had only 1gig of ram.

Here are the requirements for Windows 7.

-1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

-1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

-16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)

-DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

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I have a new computer with Windows 7. I want to move my files from the old computer, witch has Windows Vista, to my new one that has Windows 7.
What would be the best software to do this?
I have heard about the software Soft Rescue Is this any good? I am open to any ideas.
I am a self taught computer illiterate, if that gives you a hint.

A:Move files from old to new computer




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I have Windows 7 Home Premium. The retail version. I've heard I can move it to a different computer. Thats what I want to do. The computer I want to switch it to is faster. So how do I move it to a different computer?

A:How to move Windows 7 to a different computer?

Read the answers in the forum link:http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums...9f-143f7b6ba65b

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I've been using both computers, one in the dining room downstairs, the other, newer computer, upstairs in my "hobby" room. Their names are, coincidently, Upstairs and Downstairs. Both have been used over time, Downstairs much more than Upstairs. Both are on a lan. I want to retire Downstairs and move Upstairs downstairs, if you all follow!

I have an external 500GB drive I use to backup Downstairs, using Acronis TrueImage Home v.11 with differential backups. I'd like to combine files from the older with the newer computer, but without destruction of the two sets of files, initially, as I know Acronis can do, but the the confusion begins to reign in my mind. There will be some duplication of files, which I suppose/hope I can edit into one final file, including both inboxes, etc. I assume I'd not want to "mess around" with the newer computer's registry, but is there any reason to save the older registry until a final combination is sucessfully achieved? I'd keep all of the programs on the newer computer rather than the same, older versions on the older model.

I do have and have perused Acronis' manual which I printed out, but questions still remain. Any possible problems/glitches I might encounter? Any suggestions, or reference's I can consult before I begin the task, given my life expectancy is whatever that of a 75 year old is at this time?

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My Dell Inspiron N5110 has a tendency to shut down completely and instantly when I move it. There seems to be no problem with my laptop apart from this. My laptop will shut down when I move it regardless if its using the battery or even when it is plugged in to charge.The battery seems to be working fine, it can run on the battery for over 4 hours no problem and I do not have any problems charging it. My computer isnt even a year old and I take very good care of it, so what could this problem be ? :s
Thank you,

A:computer shuts down when I move it!

Have you talked to Dell about this since it is still under warranty?

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