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X230 Wifi cutting out

Q: X230 Wifi cutting out

Hi, I have an X230 running windows 10 64 bit. I have a problem where the wifi stops working randomly and the only solution seems to be restarting the computer. I have seen many similar forum posts regarding various lenovo models and I have tried the suggested solutions including updating the driver and turning off the power managment's ability to shut off the wifi module. None of them have seemed to work. It appears that there are newer drivers available but windows insists that it has the newest and best driver and even if I uninstall and delete the older drivers, windows defaults back to them.I switched out the wifi module with a newer, supposedly oem module which is on the lenovo whitelist for this model (intel ultimate-n 6300agn) and I have the same behaviour. Thanks

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Preferred Solution: X230 Wifi cutting out

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Description of problem: at some point when playing audio, sound will cut out. The levels will still be moving on the mixer, but no sound will come through the speakers or sound jack. It seems that soon after I've closed all sound-producing applications, sound returns. I am 50-75% sure that this is strictly a sound jack issue, as I don't remember being able to reproduce the issue without the sound jack being active when the audio drops out. Frequently, bumping my headphones' cord seems to cause the problem, but other times, the problem seems to happen on a click, a loud sound, or seemingly nothing at all.

I am unsure of how to reliably reproduce the problem, so it is difficult to diagnose whether or not the problem can be reproduced when the sound jack is not active. This isn't common use for me...

Origin: Appeared mid-October, around the same time I had upgraded to the newest drivers (where the old ones were from earlier than May 2013). All were downloaded through the Lenovo website and/or Lenovo's System Update utility, with the exception of the Intel graphics drivers, which were downloaded through the Intel website. At this point, I was running Windows 8, not Windows 8.1. I installed Windows 8.1 recently, and the problem remains.

What I've tried: disabling drivers, reinstalling drivers, disabling sound effects, disabling audio application overrides...

What I haven't tried: rolling back drivers (being honest, I have a bit of trouble believing that this is strictly ... Read more

A:Lenovo x230, Windows 8 and 8.1: Sound Cutting Out

Update: The problem has been reproduced without the headphone jack being active.

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Hi there, I've just purchased a X230 from a friend. I had not noticed the moment I took it, but the wifi LED is not working on my laptop.The wifi is working well but not the led. My X230 is working under Debian/GNU Linux, but it does not work with Windows too. I have tried to install a WWAN module from a X220 and got the Unauthorized network card error. Maybe something went wrong at that moment I don't know. I have just updated the BIOS to the 2.62 version but no change. Any idea ?

A:[X230] Wifi led is not working

Please notice that x230's wireless network status LED indicator is combined to one which is different from older ThinkPads. There's only one indicator looks like a WIFI icon for all wireless communications - WLAN/WWAN/Bluetooth/WiMAX, which means any one of them is on, the indicator is on, and all of them are shutdown, the indicator becomes off. So, if you are familiar with older ThinkPads, you may be confused.  

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This has only happened recently
My Internet shows 2 bars before it cuts out then goes off
Sometimes i can connect back to it but mostly i have to reset my router. I tried it out on other devices such as my PS3 where i download an update, it will still cut out at random times. I've never had this problem before maybe it could be something i downloaded??

I have a Belkin Wireless G router

I also tried updating the firmware but that didn't do anything

Help please!

A:WiFi keeps cutting out!

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Last night my wifi on my laptop started cutting out. I'll be watching a video, browsing social media, writing, playing a game, or anything on my laptop and all of a sudden I'll be disconnected from my wifi. I can easily reconnect but then I'll disconnect again after anywhere between what seems to be 10-30 minutes. My drivers are all up to date. I've never had this problem before. Does anyone have any idea as to what might be going on?

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I had problems with the old wifi card on my x230 so I decided to change it. The new model is a Intel Centrino N 6205, white-listed in the BIOS and compatible with the system. I did follow all the steps as described in the hardware maintenance manual, reassembled the whole thing and when I tried to start it again, nothing happened. The power light briefly flashes but that's it. I tried reinstalling the old card (no effect), pressing the power button for 30 seconds and unplugging the CMOS battery (no effect). What is wrong here?

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After recent Windows updates for 8.1 64 Bit version, Wifi is always moving 'Limited' mode or sometimes it does not detect any accesspoints at all(though same wifi acesspoints exists). I have tried the following so far 1. Reinstall Drivers from lenovo support site - No sucess.2. winsock reset - No sucess.3. Installed all available Windows patches This issue is very much limiting my ability to use the Laptop,have to use Ethernet cable.Anyone suggest any solution for this problem? 

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Hi guys - newbie here. I upgraded to Windows 10 recently, and I'm having a problem with my wifi.

The signal isn't very strong in my room, and since upgrading, my laptop connects to the wifi for maybe a maximum of ten seconds before cutting out and searching for the network again. This process repeats and repeats, making it near impossible to do anything with the internet.

Now, when I go to the living room (this is where the router is, and where I am right now), the wifi stays connected just fine. I've read somewhere that Windows 10 has a higher 'threshold' for wifi connections (i.e. if the signal is weak, it will automatically disconnect). This didn't happen when I was using Windows 8 (even if the connection was often slow, it didn't disconnect).

So what can I do to continue using the wifi from my room? Is there any way to lower or remove this 'threshold' so Windows 10 doesn't keep automatically disconnecting from the wifi? (I've already tried the 'allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' trick, which didn't work.)

This is a frustrating problem, I don't want to have to downgrade to Windows 8 again. Thank you so much in advance!

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Hello everyone,

I am using a Fujitsu lifebook LH531 on Windows 7. I used to live in a boarding school so now I am at home for the holidays and I found out that my wifi connection at home is cutting out abnormally, however, my phone (an LG Optimus Black) can perfectly maintain a connection with the router. This happens in my room mostly, and is rather irritating so I would appreciate any help! Thank you!

The laptop comes with an Atheros AR5B195 adapter, and the router in question is a TP-link TL-WR1043ND (version 1.9).

It might also help if I mention that my laptop crashed before and I got a technician to reinstall windows. He also selected some drivers and reinstalled them. This might be the cause of the disconnecting behaviour but I failed to find any new drivers or firmware for my devices.

Again, I'd really appreciate any and all help! I'm quite bothered by the fact that my computer can't receive a stable signal while my phone can and hopefully I can fix that (preferably without spending money as this is a fairly new router that my family bought) with your help!

I'd be happy to provide any extra information or specs, but I don't know where to start because this is a fairly new side of windows to me. Sorry!

Thank you in advance,

A:Wifi disconnecting and cutting out

Hi Kyrios, Please check if the router firmware is up to date. Please update the same. Try to connect your laptop directly with the router and check if the connection is intermittent. Mobiles and routers mostly use the same frequencies. So, the connection between them can be flawless.

Many wireless items have a pre-established default channel of six. If you notice a lot of interference with your Wi-Fi connection, changing the channel away from six may solve the problem. However, make sure that all of the wireless devices that are on that same network are also using the same channel. Another thing to keep in mind is that some Wi-Fi channels can overlap with one another. If you keep your channels as far apart as possible, there will be much less of a chance of overlap and interference.

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Hi all I have Hp Pavilion 15 PC Notebook Laptop windows 10 Operating system 64 bit and 4 gigs of memory.

I am on my uncles network and last week he was having problems with his router but we got it fixed. His computer seems to be working great! My wifi keeps cutting in and out constantly. In the past hp had major problems with wifi cards went through three of their laptops until the fourth one came along and it has been working great until now.

I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling the card adapter. I tried updating drivers. I also went into the CMD and typing netsh ip resetting ect. So far noting has worked.

Is there a way to find out of it is the wifi card or not? I could use some help on this.

Thanks so much.

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I've been having some problems recently with my HP Stream 11 (11-d007na). About 30 minutes after first turning on the machine, the wifi and bluetooth cut out, requiring a restart. Even worse, some of the time when the wifi cuts out, the system (Windows 10, upgraded from the original Windows 8.1) completely locks up - including the mouse pointer - requiring a hard power down. I'm assuming I have a problem with the wifi/bluetooth hardware module. I bought the laptop from PC World on the 31st of January 2015, so I'm out of warranty with PC World, and it appears HP only give a standard 1 year warranty? Is it easy to access the wifi module? Would it be worth me opening up the laptop to take out and re-seat the module? I'll try disabling the built-in wifi and using a USB dongle to see if it corrects the issue. If it needs replacing, is the module a standard module, or specific to this laptop? Any advice appreciated.

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I been having wifi problems since i bought this laptop and that's a month ago. What happens is when i connect to my wifi it keeps dropping out if i change possition. Or sometimes works perfectly for few seconds and second time i go the the same spot it works pretty bad...
When i used it at my gf house wifi was stable but idk why... i have the same amout of bars (wifi signal) as at home .

What happens is i have like 3 bars then it will pop to 5 bars and wifi will stop working..

When i ping my rounter i see request time out after 4-5 the wifi just drops out and i need to click reconnect...
It's annoying becouse of skype calls drops when you have those timeouts more then 2 or 3.

Help me you guys are last hope... tryed 5 forums 0 replays

if oyu need any info just ask i will provide


Are you sure you are connecting to her wifi access point, and not someone else's that is open? You can look at signal quality, by opening a Command window and type in the following command: netsh wlan show all

Look for the SSID you are connecting to. If the -db is higher than 65, it is a poor signal. Also what channel her Access Point is on, matters. If it is on a congested channel, that can also cause problems. If channels 1 & 5 are less congested, set her Wifi access point to either of those channels.

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Am running a Dell 6000 laptop running Win XP, wifi connection cuts out 20 times a day. Can only regain connection by disconnecting and re-signing into network using password. Network has WPA2 security, using a new Thomson 585v8 router.
The router is not the problem as my Android phone wifi always continues to work while the computer connection has cut out.
Have already tried re-starting computer and using the Go-back Win XP feature.

Seems to be a computer related problem -- Any ideas on how to diagnose this?

A:Solved: wifi cutting out problem

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6402P CPU @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8112 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, -1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 111 GB (5 GB Free); I: 931 GB (887 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., H170-PRO
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

So starting about yesterday Ive been unable to play overwatch and league of legends. Also my internet has been cutting in and out with unreliable download speeds. I have run virus scans and malware scans and also tried a vpn but all were unsuccessful. The other computers in the household do not have this problem so I know it is something with my computer. I don't know what other information to provide but if specified I will do so.

I also have a wifi usb thing (sorry don't know the name) that controls my wifi access point, but this has never been a problem in the past.

Any help is appreciated.


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So recently my computer has been having some issues with the wifi. Every 1 hour or so, the wifi stops working until I disconnect my connection with my router, and then reconnect it.
I have little ideas as to what is causing it. I recently added some VPN's and deleted them from my computer, but currently use one sometimes. I feel like they might have messed something up with my wifi.
It is NOT my router because I can surf on the web with my phone and tablet during this stuff goes on.
I am trying to think of it might be either my wifi adapter, or some program on my windows 7 computer that is causing this? Any steps I can take to figure this out?
Thanks for reading!

A:Win7 Wifi cutting off in intervals? Whats going on?

Is this wifi adapter a dongle type?
What is the make and model?
I know your router is working with other devices, but there could be a problem with interface between the router and the adapter.
Can you try the adapter in another computer?

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I hope this is the right area for this issue, since Googling around for this seemed to yield very little relevant information.

So my dad has a desktop that he's built himself with various parts that he bought himself, and it's currently wired to the modem (I think it's one of those router/modem hybrids, not too sure) via ethernet cable for... well, best results and consistency. He never bothered to mess with the settings, so it automatically enters sleep and then hibernation, which is probably normal for newer computers/laptops to do if you haven't touched the settings, right?

Getting onto the actual issue here, the computer itself will periodically exit out of hibernation automatically (which I assume is normal? If not, please let me know), and that's where the issue is--every time that it does so, my brother's and mom's laptops will suddenly lose connection to the wifi that we have set up (indicated with that yellow triangle above the wifi icon on the taskbar) and will stay that way for several minutes, or until the computer has fully booted out of hibernation.

I've been observing this for about one to two months now, with it always consistently happening each time that the computer would exit hibernation. I've checked with my mom and brother to see that it isn't some kind of virus or malware, to which they denied (think super-paranoid type that avoids anything even remotely suspicious), so I can only look at the computer being the culprit.

I can't provide information... Read more

A:Desktop computer cutting off wifi when exiting hibernation

Some devices have a bad issue with waking up after the OS comes back up. The Hibernation issue dates back to Windows XP SP3 when it actually started.

Unless the device manufacturer has an updated driver that fixes the issue of the device not going back online when coming out of Hibernate. The only solution is to place the computer into Sleep mode or just power down.

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 hi,i just wanna know if i can to install normal ssd drive and msata card drive in my x230 laptop Many Thanks 

A:x220 and x230 , can i install normal ssd drive and msata card drive in my x230


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I'm looking at purchasing a used X230 laptop from someone and trying to confirm the LCD panel it has.  The description is listed at 2325-DN3 and I can't find any info on that model in any of the reference books.  The Lenovo website shows it with IPS but indicates it's a generic listing. The buyer is a large website so sort of difficult to have them send me the serial #. Any ideas how I can confirm before making the purchase? Thanks!

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My thinkpad x230 was working on battery yesterday and it turned off. Now, there is no sign of funcionality. No light is on. I plugged, unplogged nothing happens. Power button does not do any thing. I searched online and I found that I can do the trick to remove statick charges by 10 times pushing power bottom and one more for 30 seconnds, but it did not work. Unfortunately it is not under waranty. I appreciate your help. 

A:x230 dead

Hi Mim1234,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
I am sorry to hear that you are facing the issue with no power on your ThinkPad X230.

Remove the AC adapter, system battery and CMOS (coin) battery (under the palm rest) for about 30 seconds.
Reattach the CMOS battery, palm rest, AC adapter and system battery.
Power your ThinkPad system ON.
If it powers on successfully, then update the BIOS and Embedded Controller code.
If it did not power on successfully, then have the ThinkPad system board (planar) replaced.

Please let us know the findings after performing the above troubleshooting steps.
Hope to hear back soon!
Best regards
Hemanth Kumar.B

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Hi, I had a broken LCD problem (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/x230-LCD-with-vertical-black-lines-fixed-by-t...).So I ordered a new screen but the connector is different: the new screen has a 30 pin connector while the old cable (n. 04W1679 from https://support.lenovo.com/it/en/partslookup) is bigger, now I don't know how to find a proper cable.The screen model is M125NWN1 R0.Which cable should I buy? I don't understand how to choose the right one.

A:X230 new LCD cable

Unfortunately, not a cable or connector are the key problem. Your new LCD has another signaling interface eDP, while x230 supports older one LVDS. They aren't compatible even if you'll find the cable with 30 pins connector. There is a way to use eDP LCD if you'll add additional, 3rd party, interface coverter kit, but it's a complicated enough action, needs skills.So, replace new LCD to LGD LP125WH2-SLB3, x230 compatible IPS panel.

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Hello, hopefully someone can help with this, since the issue persists. I am using the USB 3.0 Ultradock, but the 3.0 docks on the x230 are not working properly. Do I need to delete the generic USB 2.0 hubs?  As a sysadmin, I know better, but I am so incredibly angry that Lenovo can't address such a simple issue that I'm willing to try anything at this point.  Next step, of course, is to find a bloatware-free laptop that doesn't require 3 different update wizards (Windows, Lenovo, OEM) to operate, but since it's 2017 that may well be impossible so I'd better solve this problem (again) while I'm searching. My x230 is using the default Windows drivers (dated 2006) and the generic USB 2.1 hub.

A:x230 not using USB 3.0 with DisplayLink

Hello and welcome,
It may help others to help you if you provide some detail as to what you mean by "not working properly".

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Would adding an SSD to my 4 year old X230 improve performance, or is the BIOS/Motherboard not new enough to make it worth while?

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Hi All,  With reference to https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X230-Laptop-4G-LTE-in-the-UK/m-p/2258754#M681... - trying to find a Lenovo FRU 04W3821 is like trying to find Rocking Horse doodah.... What other options are there for UK based WWAN cards ? i.e. the next best thing ? I'd love to have my x230 be 4G capable, however, I'd settle for a decent, and working 3G.I've got the cables internally - just not the card. I've found one that is being advertised as ... "60Y3255 60Y3279 04W3767" Another as "60Y3297"Another as "04W3786, 60Y3297" - stated as same model.And finally - a " 04W3767" I am not 100% sure about GPS or not - I use Linux, not Windows, so don't know if that would work, I guess, if there is a GPS that works (especially under Linux) then that would be a bonus, not a necessity. TIA K__R  

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I am trying to do a clean install on my good, old Thinkpad X230 which came with 64-bit Windows 7 Professional. For some reason, I was not able to create a bootable media from the recovery partition. In any case, I wanted to avoid the recovery partition as I want a basic, non-bloated, and minimal install. Hence, I downloaded a copy of 64-bit Windows 7 Professional from Microsoft/ digital river website. After performing the checksum, I used Microsoft's USB DVD Download Tool to make a bootable USB on Kingston Flash Voyager (USB 2.0; 8 GB; FAT32). BTW, just for the heck of it, I verified  that it boots on my spare (and even older) Thinkpad X60 -- though it doesn't proceed when it sees that the X60 has a 32-bit microprocessor. The relevant BIOS values and settings are as follows: UEFI BIOS Version G2ET95WW (2.55)
UEFI BIOS Date 2013-July-09
UEFI Secure Boot Off

USB UEFI BIOS Support Enabled

SATA Controller Mode Option AHCI

Security-->Secure Boot
Secure Boot Disabled

Boot Priority
4 ATA HDD0 Hitachi...

Excluded from Boot Priority Order

UEFI/Legacy Boot Both
- UEFI/Legacy Priority Legacy First
- CSM Support Yes I am posting this query after trying a number of suggestions (and solutions) given he... Read more

A:X230 -- Can't boot from USB

Hello and welcome,
Since you used the MS tool, I'll assume you want to boot the flash drive and install in legacy mode.  Try turning off UEFI boot in BIOS if you haven't already.  Probably should set BIOS to defaults first.
If you actually want to to a EUFI install you'll need to prepare the flash drive differently.

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Hi,I have a strange problem on my Thinkpad X230 (win7 64 bit, realtek drivers).After installing all drivers from Lenovo support page, everything was working well, then suddenly the sound was gone. No system sounds, no music, no video, nothing. What I tried:- reinstalling the drivers - Realtek High Definition Audio Driver  v., released 2013. 11. 11- uninstalling dolby- uninstall the Lenovo recommended drivers and installing generic ones from Realtek site (version, released 2015.06.18)Every time the same happens: restart system, I have system sounds then after a few minutes the sound is gone.I mean I understand if I have no sound from start, it must be a hw problem or something, but how can something work for a while and be gone after? many thanks.

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Just got two new X230 laptops. Will this model take an mSATA SSD? Is the mSATA slot 6 Gbs or 3Gbs? Any recommendations are appreciated.


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yes it takes the mSATA in the WWAN mPCIe slot under the palmrest. mSATA speed is 3Gbs.

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My 230X ran Win 10 successfully from Jan 2016 until October 2016 (Build 10586.633).  Since last fall, Windows Update wastes about 1/2 hr every time the unit is booted to try to update to 1511. At this end of this process, the progress screen goes directly from 99% done (downloading, configuring, installing) to "can't finish ... now undoing the changes."  Sometimes an second reboot is needed to log on; sometimes not.  Same thing happens regardless of whether external monitor and/or mouse and/or keyboard are used and regardless of whether the unit is in its docking station.  Same thing happens whether or not I've deleted files in the "software download" folder or run clean-up utilities.  Using the PC is also interrupted by reminders that there are updates to install. Sometimes Windows Update will wait for the restart time I've selected; sometimes not.  Unit has 4 GB RAM, Norton 360 and a GoFlex back up drive. This model is NOT on the list tested for Win 10 1511 or Win 10 1607.  I don't know why, and a TA call to Lenovo gave no help.  I declined the offer of a paid TA session to solve this by reinstalling Win 8. Has any one had this problem? Is there a kill-switch for the automatic Win 10 updates? Other suggestions?  Tx!

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 Hi everyone, I have a question about the RAM in the x230. I bought the base 4gb of RAM with the intention of upgrading it myself later. The stock RAM inside is a Samsung model with this serial: m471b5273dh0-cko However, I cannot find this model RAM to put in another identical stick into the open slot. The closest model available is: http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/memory-storage/MV-3T4G3/US Do you think these two sticks would be compatible? Did anyone else try a different type/model/amount of RAM? My gut feeling is that 8Gb of RAM would be great, and that 16Gb would be overkill. The other option is just to shell out a few more bucks and buy two pieces of matching RAM. I am considering Cruicals and Cosair Vengence RAM. Let me know what you guys think, Thanks, Jah

A:x230 RAM upgrade

hi. if you were to order from Lenovo: http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/web/LenovoPortal/en_US/catalog.workflow:item.detail?...you'd probably get Samsung, Hynix or Nanya, from my experience. most recently, i got Hynix. price may be higher than other places, though. from what i've read, Crucial is good quality, but Corsair may be hit or miss. cheers.

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Hello,I recently by a Lenovo X230 from local dealer , but unfortunately with comutrace activated. I have concern that this canbe hacked and used for cyber atack or to obtain my personal data. I would like to disable this option , without need to install any custom BIOS. This is a  potential hacker targets because this computrace mechanism was already demonstrated to be vulnerable to attack. Thanks in advance

A:X230 Computrace

I am assuming the laptop is not flagged as stolen.  You can contact Absolute Software by email and ask that you want the machine "flagged for delete in their database" and the Computrace agent removed.  They will require some sort of receipt from when you bought it from the previous owner.  They also want the model and serial from the sticker on the back, plus, most important, the system board serial which you can get from the BIOS screen.  The systemboard serial is the key into their database.  They will then contact their registered owner and ask him if he or she will release the machine.  They will not remove the agent unless their registered owner agrees, even if the registered owner no longer is paying the license fee.

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Hey,lately I noticed that I don't have red light on my x230(inside the thinkpad logo). How is that possible?Regards


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A:Red light on x230

ThinkPad X220/t and X230/t doesn't have LED indicators light on the ThinkPad logo.

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Hi all.I have read around a bit and don't personally see any reason neither of these should work, but I've read some reports of people having issues with the Corsair not working and having to return it and the second pair not working. Then the HyperX for some reason mentions all the chips sets around the QM77 which is used in the X230 but not the QM77 itself, which again puts doubt in my mind. Can you confirm if either or both of these RAM kits (2x8GB) would be suitable?http://www.ebuyer.com/370065-corsair-16gb-ddr3-1600mhz-vengeance-laptop-memory-cmsx16gx3m2a1600c10http://www.ebuyer.com/646128-16gb-1600mhz-ddr3l-cl9-sodimm-kit-of-2-1-35v-hyperx-impact-black-hx316l...In case links get blocked because I'm a new user they were:Corsair 16GB DDR3 1600MHz Vengeance Laptop Memory{Kingston} 16GB 1600MHz DDR3L CL9 SODIMM (Kit of 2) 1.35V HyperX Impact Black

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A:X230 RAM compatibility

Is the X230 actually using the QM77 or the HM77 chipset? Today I have seen websites claiming both. HM77 is listed as good for teh HyperX RAM whereas for some reason the QM77 isn't...

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 This test is done from userbenchmark.com. Other benchmark programs give similar results. I am also not happy with the way the drive performs. I have no idea why it performs so badly. Anyone got any idea?

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I have been using my X230 for last two years without any problems and it still works fine except for one thing: very recently I have experienced a sudden power off a couple of times. I don't remember whether it was plugged but my battery is perfect for sure. While operating normally, the power suddenly went off. So I had to reboot it. This happened around 5 times last couple of weeks.  I realized that I have never done a system update since I purchased this so I tried to do that but it doesn't work. (See my another post below for this issue.) Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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A:X230 suddenly powers off

I am experiencing a similar problem with my 2 year old ThinkPad x230 laptop. In my situation, the computer goes completely dead instantly on a random basis.  It is like the power supply just disappeared.  No attempt at a normal shutdown process.  Just instantly dead with black screen and no indicator lights.. In my situation the problem happens regardless of whether the computer is operating on battery only, battery + A/C supply or just A/C supply.  (Just in case I recently ordered a new OEM 44+ battery which has not arrived.) I have completely updated WIN 7 64 bit Pro, all drivers, and Lenovo Solution Center software. I scanned for viruses and malware using Norton, Norton Power Eraser and Malwarebytes:  all is shown as OK. I replaced the 180GB SSD drive with a new Samsung Model 850 SSD 500GB.  Same problem. Ran every hardware diagnostic tool I could find on system checking SSD, memory and all other hardware.  All reports as fine.  CPU temperature is 45-52 degrees C max.  SSD temperature is about 34 degrees C.  No noticeable hot spots on case. Updated BIOS.  Same problem. Disabled hibernation.  Same problem. (Perhaps related is a message from Lenovo Solution Center that a hidden (non-lettered) partition on the SSD is 95% full.  I assume this partition, which is labelled "Data" like the D:/ partition, is some sort of system related log or backup sep... Read more

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I bought mSATA SSD to speed up my x230, I planned to install OS and most used programs on SSD and keep HDD as data storage, but I have problems with OS installation (Win10) to SSD and booting ntb from this SSD. Is there some problem (i read somewhere that this mSATA is not bootable what sounds pretty stupid to me)? Is somewhere step-by-step instruction how to install windows on mSATA? Thanks...

A:x230 mSATA - bootable?

It is bootable.  You need to make sure the bootloader is also on it.  First, back up any needed user data.  The easiest way is wipe the mSATA drive or remove all partitions.  Clear the 2.5" drive and  remove it from the machine, and then do an install with the mSATA as the only drive in the machine.  Install the 2.5"drive and it will be a data drive.

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I am thinking of buying X230 Type 2325-3Z5 but I can't find any spec for it.This sheet does not have this type: http://www.lenovo.com/psref/pdf/withdraw/ThinkPad_X230_WE.pdfI am wondering if it has IPS screen labeled as Premium in speec sheet. Does anyone know the answer?

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I use on the 
Thinkpad USB 3.0 Dock
Model No DU9019D1
ASM   0A34193
FRU   03X6059
a Laptop X230
Machine Type: 2325
Model Number: 77G
Product Number: 232577
Serial Number: ********
and donŽt get a connection on the displays. IŽam to stupid to understand the compatibilty excel. Could you tell me someone which know it if this X230 can work on the 3.0 USD Dockingstation ? 
thanks a lot
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I have recently update my Thinkpad x230 to windows 10, the problem is that the two usb 3 ports are not working. When i am plugging a flash drive i can see the led turning on but nothing else happens. The flash drive works vell in usb 2 port. Is it a drivers problem?

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I recently purchased an X230 thinkpad.I am having some issues, specifically;a. the screen is a yellowy colour - this seems to only be at night, not during the day!b. the right click on the bottom of the touchpad does not work conistently - sometimes it acts like a left click instead of a right click - this is incovenient as i do a lot of editing work in WordI ran a Linux check and these issues did not occur - so I think it may be software related - I am using Windows 10 Pro.Does any one have suggestions?thanks

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For a few months my x230 with Windows 10 occasionally hangs when I put it to sleep. The screen turns black, but the fan keeps spinning, mute button is lit (if it was active) and the wifi light sometimes stays on (although not always). The only way to start the computer again is by pressing the power button for a few seconds to kill it and then start it again.  I have installed a msata SSD about two years ago and 4gb stick of ram about half a year ago.  I have tried:- installing Remix OS to see if the issue 8s within windows. Nope, hangs as well in a different system. - using only one stick of ram. I have tried all combinations, still hangs. - removing the original HDD from the bay. Nope, still hangs. - removing all USB peripherals. Nope, still hangs.  Next I might try downgrading the bios.  Could anybody suggest something else? 

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My x230 has developed problems sleeping and resuming from sleep. These problems are new and remain after a clean install, so I think it may be a hardware issue. Symptoms: 1) Laptop doesn't sleep properly. I notice this because of the battery drain, even though the "sleep" led is on 2) Laptop doesn't wake. The power led blinks, but pressing it has no effect.  I have to press and hold the power button to force a hard off, then press it again to turn on. Like I said I've never had these problems in the many years I've had this laptop, so I assume some hardware part has failed. The question is which?

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Hi.Last night, my laptop was going normally,well not really. and then i want to open the bios, i press f1 repeatedly but it didn't open. black screen, about a minutes, it suddenly turn off. and i turn on the laptop, black screen, and show "Error sending end of post message to ME"  and suddenly turn off. what happened? after 3 times turning on, still same. now i can't use the laptop can anyone help me?there's alot of problem before this happened :1. laptop is always turning off after normal thinkpad boot ( Thinkpad ( to interrupt normal startup, press enter ) but not showing starting windows, it just suddenly turn off, and then i turn on. it goes normally. but makes issue like this :- Wifi Can't turn on even if i press fn+f5
2. Battery is always 0% ( available, plugged in charging ( not charging )
3. When i turn off ( shut down ) the laptop, the screen is off, but the fan is still on, so i have to pick the battery to turn it off.
4. Actually a month ago i reinstall the window because HDD issue. 
My laptop is Lenovo Thinkpad x230 Windows 7 i bought about 3 years ago. also my bios is not updated. maybe i should update it, but i can't turn on the laptop now because the problem. 
Any help Is Appreciated.Thank You
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I am looking for a speaker system under $50, and was looking at two different sets. The logitech X230 and X240. I noticed that the X230 has a more powerful subwoofer and satellite rating. The X240 is more expensive, but IS that because of better sound or just the ipod dock? I have an ipod so that would be helpful, but I definately don't want to sacrifice any sound quality.

A:Solved: X230 vs. X240

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I have an older ThinkPad x230 with a factory-installed Sierra Wireless MC7700-Gobi 4000 for AT&T LTE & HPSA+ adapter and SIM Card for AT&T LTE. I now have a new ThinkPad x260 with a factory-installed Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A (Sierra Wireless EM7455). There was no option to specify a SIM card like last time. Can I just remove the SIM card from the older x230 and put it in the newer x260? Or will I need a different SIM card?

A:Can I use SIM card from x230 with x260?

Hellox260 supports micro SIM card while x230 supports standard sized SIM card. Of course, you know these cards' sizes are incompatible.

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Hello, Got my new X230 a few days ago.  Great little machine, but one thing that is driving me crazy is the touchpad.  Often times it gets stuck so that touching with one finger anywhere on the touchpad only causes the screen to scroll up/down (like when browsing for example).  While it's doing this, I am unable to click on anything else on the desktop or on a page.  It's as if the left mouse button was stuck.  And worse yet, I don't know how to get out of it.  Sometimes it'll be stuck like this for 30 seconds.  I keep pressing random keys until it eventually becomes unstuck.  But a few mintues later it becomes stuck again. I can't even figure out which one of my actions causes it to become stuck. I have tried disabling one-finger and two-finger scrolling, application gestures, palm check, edge tap filtering, scrolling region filtering, gesture filtering, but none of it solves my problem. Any ideas? FYI, my ThinkPad UltraNav driver version is  Is this the latest? Thanks!   

____________________________X230, W7 64-bit

A:[X230] Sticky Touchpad

I'm having the exact same issue. It's driving me so crazy that I registered on this forum just to complain about it. You can recreate the issue by pressing both lower corners of the touchpad at the same time while the mouse is over a scroll bar. To get out of it, make sure the mouse is again over the scroll bar then click the left had side of the touchpad. I too have everything disabled in the touchpad settings, and I have no idea how to resolve this. Very irritating. BTW - is the latest, but the problem still exists in that version.

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I just received my X230 in the mail and while overall its a fantastic machine, light, capable, wonderful keyboard, sturdy, the trackpad is absolutely atrocious and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be (since many reviewers have been singing its praises). When UltraNav or generic Synaptic drivers are installed, the accuracy/resolution of the trackpad is absolutely dismal. If I slowly drag my finger across it, the cursor moves in 5-7 px "blocks," resulting in horrificully low resolution, chunky movement. It makes clicking on ANYTHING accurately nigh impossible. If I uninstall all Synaptic drivers (including UltraNav), the resolution is better (moves more in 1-2 px blocks) however the trackpad is exceedingly sensitive and touching it causes erratic movement (although you can see that it is more finite than before). What exactly is wrong here? It worked just awful out o fthe box. Am I going crazy or is this the way the X230 actually is and Lenovo messed this thing up? For reference, I've used Apple laptops for the past 5 years and am very used to having a large, smooth, accurate and fast glass trackpad. This is world's apart. The TrackPoint is accurate but its movement is too slow and laborous for me to enjoy. Please advise...

A:There has got to be something wrong with my X230 touchpad

I have the same problem! It jumps all over and makes me miss my t61. I have been changing every setting I can find without success.

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