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Creating or Working with Animated Gifs

Q: Creating or Working with Animated Gifs

Since I have had many inquiries about how Gif animations are made or modified I thought it would be best to have a collaberation of all members who work with them. Please only post the programs you use or any tips\instructions for Gif animation creation or modification.

After all have posted their suggestions\instructions\programs I will close this thread so it can be used for future reference.

Any questions not related to instructions will be broke off into their own threads so please do not post unnecessay questions in this informal tutorial!

If you post Program names please supply the link to the program so if interested people can look at or download the program.

Last comment if anyone has other suggestions after thread closes please let me know and I will open the thread to have you post.


Preferred Solution: Creating or Working with Animated Gifs

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Creating or Working with Animated Gifs

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When I load a certain files and internet sites that have
what I believe are animated gifs on my Windows XP
computer, I do not view the animated gif. I just get a box
with an "X" or still photo. However, when I view the same sites and
files on other computers there is no problem. Please advise.

The Internet explorer: tools, internet options, advanced tab, check
the box to play animations in web pages is already checked.

I appreciate any help and thank you in advance.

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I've tried everything to fix this, including shutting off all firewall protection. I've looked in FF and can't find anything that would stop them from working, and it's animations all over the web. These are .gif animations, btw, that I'm referring to.

Any ideas? This is driving me nuts, and mostly because a lot of the smileys on forums I belong to are animated, but they're not working anymore.

UPDATE & fix: For anyone who may have this problem and is stumped, here's what I just did to get the animations to work again in both IE and FF:

IE: tools, internet options, advanced---set everything back to default. Having the option to display animations set right didn't work for me, but setting all back to default did.

FF: change the skin! No joke. It was a hunch, but one that paid off. I tried everything humanly possible to get the animations in FF to work, but the ONLY thing that worked was choosing a different skin. Some skin components in FF are often malformed and don't download, and I'm guessing that this may cause some problems.

At any rate, the above worked for me when nothing else did.

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please can someone tell me why my animated gifs work when I look at them in windows explorer, filmstrip mode, however when I put them up on a craigslis t page they refuse to run. other people have them running and mine used to work ok. what's up please.......


A:animated gifs working sporadically....

A copy of this thread is here.

Please read TSG's rules, as we do not allow multiple postings of the same problem.

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please can someone tell me why my animated gifs work when I look at them in windows explorer, filmstrip mode, however when I put them up on a craigslist page they refuse to run. other people have them running and mine used to work ok. what's up please.......


A:animated gifs working sporadically....

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I've had my laptop since the beginning of this summer and everything was fine up until recently when animated .gifs stopped working. They've stopped moving in both my saved files and on websites I've visited. I've updated my Quicktime (I'm not sure if it's relevant or not) and, still, nothing. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to fix this problem?

Please and thank you. =)

A:Animated .gifs not working in both My Pictures/webpages. Help?

aypreel said:


I've had my laptop since the beginning of this summer and everything was fine up until recently when animated .gifs stopped working. They've stopped moving in both my saved files and on websites I've visited. I've updated my Quicktime (I'm not sure if it's relevant or not) and, still, nothing. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to fix this problem?

Please and thank you. =)Click to expand...

Maybe somehow this setting has been changed.

Tools>options>advanced and under Multimedia see if "Play animations in web pages" is checked.

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My first posting to this site. I am a non-techo type with a little knowledge (Very dangerous!)

Techo stuff:
a) Windows XP Pro v 2002 SP 3
b) CPU Intel Pentium 4 3.20GHz
c) RAM 2.00 GB
d) Highspeed broadband
e) Netgear router DG834DG
f) Browser 1 - IE7
g) Browser 2 - Firefox v 3.0.2
h) Browser 3 - Opera v 9.62 build 10437
i) Windows updates all there (As far as I can tell)
j) Java - v6 update 10
k) ShockwaveFlash -
l) Firewall software - eTrust personal firewall from Computer Associates v

OK at the following site http://www.auf.asn.au/airworthiness/index.html the animated gifs at the top of the page ("ALERT" & "New") can be seen but not the non-animated gifs in the lower detailed table. These lower gifs are dispayed as "Ticks" which link back to various technical docs on the web site. I have only just started to have this prob (Say for last two months) but I just cannot recall what I might have done to cause this. And I do believe its my end of the chain that's at fault.

Here's what I have done to try and fix it:

a) Checked all obvious setting in each browser - All appear normal to me and its only this web site that is causing me grief.

b) I have contacted the web master of the site and he cannot help.

c) I have checked from another computer at my sons house and the ticks/links work fine.

d) I have checked using a LAN PC and laptop which use the same router - Same prob as main PC

e)... Read more

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Hi! I wonder if someone could help me out here, I recently installed WinXP Professional (Used to have 98). I did a complete new install with both of my drives being formatted to make sure none of 98 remained.

I've got the latest version of IE6, but for some reason no animated gifs on any website are animated anymore. In Tools> Options> Advanced I have "Play animations in web pages" ticked, so I'm out of ideas on how to fix this... I also tried deleting all my tempory files, which didn't make a difference either :(

Any ideas?

A:Animated Gifs... Aren't animated >.<

maybe this will work...


or if you don't have IE SP1, install it.

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hi all.

I just got a new p.c. here at work. system specs are:
win xp - sp2
3.20 ghz
2.0 gig ram

my old p.c. was similar (only 1 gig ram) however. i had some animated gifs that would work on my old p.c. since i got the new p.c. - they no longer are animated. they are just gif images. i had them saved in e-mail drafts, and on my old p.c. i would just copy them as needed when i wanted to send them to other people.

since the new p.c. - they no longer work properly. is there a setting in outlook or somewhere else, that i need to change?

thanks for any info

A:animated gifs, no longer animated

If you are running Zone Alarm firewall check the 5th post down on this link -


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I wanna import a file into a app like say a avi file and make a gif out of it what would be the app that would be the least hassle to do it with ??????


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Animated Gifs do not work on my computer for some reason. I am using IE 6 and they do not work. Any ideas?

A:Animated Gifs

click tools/internet options... in the window that pops up click the advanced tab, scroll down to the multimedia section and make sure the box next to "play animations in web pages" is checked.
You'll probably have to restart IE or even the pc, don't recall.

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I've only had my computer for a few months and this is my 3rd. The problem is with Internet Explorer. I have IE6. Animated gifs only show the first frame when in the browser window the microsoft site had no info, so I came here. I have the show animations and all the stuff under the media thing in the internet options thingie, It's really annoying, because I want to see ANIMATED gifs, can someone please help??

Thanks Alot,

A:Ie6 Animated Gifs

Lemme guess your running Windows XP.... right?

Uncheck play animations, as well as the rest of the multimedia boxes. Restart the computer. Recheck the stuff you want, and give that a shot, I'm not sure if you need to restart after the rechecking, so if it doesn't work after just rechecking the boxes restart.... I had the same problem.... that's just my fix... I'm sure TheTechIsIn will have a registry hack for you to make it stay.... Good luck and welcome to the TechSupportForums (TSF)

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When I had XP I could save animated pictures in my computer then use them in my emails. Made my emails fun. Now I have Windows 7 (W-7) and find that when I try to save them I only have Bitmap and *all* to save them in. In XP it gave me other choices like .gif and .jpeg. When I try to put them in my emails they are no longer animated. Is there a way to save them in W-7? Do gif and jpeg have to be downloaded into W-7? If I can download these programs, where can I get them? Also, I noticed that some pictures do save to jpeg and gif but I can't figure out how they are doing it.

A:animated gifs

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is there a way to change the background colour of an animated gif---how do you put links on these messages

A:animated gifs

Yes you can change the background color of animated gifs. You will have to get a program that allows you to work with and create animated gifs first. Then just open up the file you want and change the background color for every frame that is in the file.

You want to put links on these boards? You can either use UBB or HTML to do this.

UBB- [.url.]http://www.mysite.com[./url.] or

HTML- <.a href="http://www.www.com">SiteName<./a.>

Please disregard the periods in the examples. I put them there so that the board wouldn't think I was actually making a link.

My New and Improved Page
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Here's my deal. I can't view animated gifs with IE 6 in Win XP. I can see the pic but there is no animation. I have "play animations" checked under tools, internet options, advanced. But it is just a still pic. Funny thing is at work we use NT 4. something and the animated gifs work fine. I have even uninstalled IE and reinstalled to no avail.
Don't know if this matters but if I right click on any animated gif it gives me the option of saving it as a gif or a bitmap. Other times it only allows me save it as a bitmap.
Any help is appreciated


A:Animated Gifs in IE 6

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After doing a fresh install of xp pro, and dropping all of the available updates ( except sp2 ) I am unable to view any animated gif on any web page.. I have reset all of the defaults in ie6 but to no avail!.... any ideas would be greatly appreciated




A:IE6 and animated gifs


These two links may be helpful



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I am trying to save animated gifs to use in MSN Live. When I right Click on the gif and then click on save, I only get a still image. What can I do please. Keep it simple please as I am not computer literate. Thanks

A:Animated \Gifs

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I see animated GIFS of scenes from movies on the net. Can anyone please tell me how to make one, and what programs I would need?

Thanks much.

A:Animated GIFS

Hello Godfather!
You can do an online search for "how to make animated gifs" and you will get several sites.
One that is interesting and well-written is


Another one "How to Make Animated GIFS" is


Other forum members may be able to recommend specific commercial programs to aid in creating the animations.

Best Regards!

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When I load a web site in Firefox or Internet Explorer, the animated .gif files aren't showing animation. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I have tried a couple things, to no avail.
1) Cleared my cookies and deleted all temp files.
2) Reset my web settings in IE.

I'm using Windows XP.

Old .gif files, saved on my computer, are showing animation.

A:Animated .gifs not animated

I figured it out. I've used a program called "Flexbeta Tweaker." Something I did in there caused the animation to stop on webpages for both IE and Firefox. I've yet to figure out which tweak it was, but I did a "roll back" and animation is back to normal.

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I am so noob when it comes to OS systems and scripting and programming. That said...

When I am viewing the forum pages the movable icons and smileys and sig images are still images.
How can I check and enable if anything to get the characters moving.


PS I checked
IE tools,internet options,advanced and play animations is checked.

Any help please

Edit- XP Pro

A:Animated gifs not animated

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until today i had no problems saving animated gifs to my pictures.
now, when i try to save an animated gif my pictures will only allow me to save as a bmp.
perhaps i inadvertantly changed a setting of some type.
can anyone help me out?

A:saving animated gifs

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Anyone know a program that will let me make an animated gof smaller?? because i want to put it as my avator but everytime i make it smaller in paint the picture stop moving and parts of the pic gets cut off
please help

A:(Solved) animated gifs

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Sorry, I just realized I posted my problem in the wrong forum. Thread has been moved to Internet Explorer forum.


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I got kind of messed up with this (what else is new?)

I have PSP 7, which opens most graphics, and Animation Shop 3 (which comes with it) that was openning animated gifs. I don't use this a lot, but mainly to resize something.

Awhile ago, I tried Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Fireworks came with it.

I just noticed that Fireworks had set itself to open anything and a lot of other things (maybe all gifs).

This takes a long time, there's so much that comes up with Fireworks, and I haven't learned it or tried to use it.

I wanted Animation Shop back!

I looked to find Animation Shop in PROGRAMS and it's in the same folder as PSP. That's how it comes I guess. It doesn't seem to have a "path" of it's own.

I went to settings and folders and looked at was was opening what and everything graphic that wasn't PSP was Fireworks.

I found one file setting for Animation Shop (For Animation Shop files) and copied/pasted that path in the others instead of Fireworks.

"c:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\anim.exe" "/dde"

After that, gifs brought up the Animation Shop first page (logo) but not the program and it quickly closed without opening.

I tried making a new file option with gif but it said PSP was already using that (as it would for still gifs, not animated)

I uninstalled and installed PSP and Animation Shop again, thinking it might set itself but it didn't.

I can open Animation Shop and th... Read more

A:openning animated gifs

Howdy starchild

Not sure what all you have going on but...

What OS are you using? I'll go out on a limb and guess 98

After the reinstall can you launch Animation shop from your desktop ?

Have you tried a simple reassociation...open your documents hold the shift key down while you right click select open with then scroll to Animation Shop click on it once to highlite it then put a check next to Always use this program then click OK


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I use alot of clipart, GIFS, etc... and I've downloaded a ton of stuff from the web for a long time with no problem. But now, all of a sudden, when I try to save an animated GIF, my only option is to save it in BMP form, therefore I only get a still picture instead of the animation. I haven't changed any of my settings and I've tried downloading from several different websites, with no luck. If anyone can suggest anything, it would be much appreciated. (I run Windows ME).

A:Downloading animated GIFS

Hi Brenda...

It couldn't possibly be anything contained in this document, could it:MS Support - Q260650

There are about 3 different scenarios given:

1) This issue may occur if your Temporary Internet pages cache is full.

2) This issue can occur if you have "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" selected in Tools, Options, Advanced Tab and are loading the page over a secure connection (https).

3) This issue can occur when you connect to a Web site using an address that contains a user name and/or password.

Workaround solutions are given by clicking the link above.

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Im not sure what I did... but gif files no longer animate. Any help would be great

A:Gifs arent animated!

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I know I can put animated gifs in Powerpoint 2000 but my Uni has Ppt97 which doesn't support them.

Is there any way to convert an animated gif so that it will run in Powerpoint 97 ?

I have Corel Draw 7 and JASC Animation Shop if that helps.

A:Animated Gifs in Powerpoint 97

I've imbedded animated gif files in Powerpoint 97 before. Have you tried to do it? If you have and it didn't work let me know and I'll dig up the presentation I did it on. I did it with some images from one of our vendors and memory tells me they were gif's - but memory has been known to differ from reality.

Finagle's Third Law:
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Schmidt's Observation:
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Kamm's law:
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when i make an animated gif file and set it to my msn display pic, it does not animate. it only stays on the first frame. the same thing occurs if i set one as my user accound pic on xp. does any1 kno how i can make then animate?

note that the gifs do animate if they are opened up by themselves.

A:Solved: Animated Gifs

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I am trying to make a large size (425x597px) animated gif from a high-detail photograph using adobe imageready, but no matter what settings I use, it still comes out as horribly lossy. I just want the 'optimized' result to look as good as the 'original', but for some reason even if the 'optimized' isn't optimal, I have to save it as that.

Does anyone know a program that will allow me to achieve high-quality lossless animated gifs?

=) Thanks.

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I am trying to make a large size (425x597px) animated gif from a high-detail photograph using adobe imageready, but no matter what settings I use, it still comes out as horribly lossy. I just want the 'optimized' result to look as good as the 'original', but for some reason even if the 'optimized' isn't optimal, I have to save it as that.

Does anyone know a program that will allow me to achieve high-quality lossless animated gifs?

=) Thanks.

A:Lossless animated gifs?

Try Easy Gif Animator

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I can look at animated gifs on Web sites, but if I download them, they are no longer animated. Why is this and how can I re-animate them?

A:Solved: Animated gifs

what operating system are you using?

are you saving them as gif?

can you post a link to an example?

does the avatar in this post stay animated if you save it?


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I'm trying 2 create a collage for a desktop background in photoshop cs 8. The thing is that a lot of the pictures i'm trying 2 use are animated gifs. After i combine the pictures and save it as a jpeg, it isn't animated anymore. is there a setting i need to change or is there another program that allows me 2 do this?

A:Animated Gifs in Photoshop

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I seem to have a unique problem with Internet Explorer 6 that I can't seem to explain.

Certain animated GIFs, when viewed, will start normally, but progressively slow down as the animation continues, almost to a crawl. If the animation loops, the GIF starts over at regular speed again, but slows down again just as quickly.

What makes this even more peculair is that the animation will nearly freeze when I move my mouse around in the IE6 window. I've noticed the processing power also shoots up to nearly 100%.

I'm pretty sure this is an IE6 only problem because I've tested the website in question through Firefox and on other computers--and the speed seems to maintain. The animated GIFs in question used to run smoothly on IE6 at one point--until the change.

I guess the biggest change would be the installation of an ATI Radeon 9250. Can't say for sure why a better graphics card would slow down my animated GIFs and animated GIFs only, so it might be a moot point.

For reference, this is the webpage I've been using viewing. It's from a website called ytmnd.com--a collection of silly GIFs or pictures with embedded audio files. Please pardon the silliness. Yes, that is Indiana Jones. Yes, he 'can't stop the rock'.


I've tried multiple solutions for this problem, including unchecking, rebooting and rechecking the Multimedia settings under Internet options. Could it also be a security issue? I'm running Norton Systemworks 2004 with Norton ... Read more

A:Animated GIFs Slow Down in IE6

whats the specs of your system?
video card?

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hey, I have an animated GIF which is 150x107, and I wanna make it 50x50.
When i open it in photoshop and go to window>animation there is no animation, it is just flat

A:Solved: animated GIFS

try using image ready - it comes with Photoshop - photoshop will open just the first frame of the gif

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Hello ,
I created a simple animated gif for the first time in ages using Paint shop pro's animation Shop tried to view the finished product in a common program .
Internet explorer was not available in the right click (on gif file) "open with....." menu.
Then opened internet explorer and clicked file -open (my gif file) but instaed of IE opening it it opened a new window in Microsoft photo editor.
Any Ideas?
Running XP pro and IE version 6.00.2900.2180 if this helps - even normal jpegs arent opened by the same method as above --But photo editor fires up over the internet explorer
Thanks for your time

A:Internet Explorer And Animated Gifs

have you tried copying where the file is located such as ..C:DocumentsandSettings/youruser/Desktop/whatever.gifand then putting it into IE and clicking go?or have you tried going to where ever it is say my documents, desktop etc and then...1. Right click the file2. Select the Option 'Open With'3. Click IE

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I was wondering if anyone has had problems viewing animated .gifs in the Windows XP Picture and Fax Viewer? My fiancee is running XP on her Dell Vostro 1000, and has recently been having this problem.

It seems to be a problem either with Windows in general, or Picture/Fax Viewer specifically. The animations play correctly, the full way through, when viewed in Internet Explorer and Firefox. The saved copy of the file is the same size as the copy that's online, so it's saving the complete file, as far as we can tell. I'm stumped as to what could be going on here, so I'm hoping someone else might have an idea, or a solution.

A:Animated .gifs not playing correctly?

Is the saved file really a gif format ??
Can you attach a problem gif here ?? .... or a link to what you're looking at ??

How's this one look to you ??

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I can't seem to figure out how to set an animated gif as my desktop wallpaper in windows 7 so that it will work properly. Normally it just treats it as a still image, though it used to work on windows XP. Any programs out there that will make it work or any way to change this without the use of programs?

A:How to Set Animated Gifs as Desktop Wallpaper

Apparently it is not possible to apply a .gif image as desktop wallpaper in windows 7 . You can try Download DreamScene Activator , which enables .mpg and .wmv movies as wallpaper.

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I am asking this for a friend who has a compac pressario running win xp.
she recently had to put it inthe shop and before that she could save animated gif images 3withno problem but now even when theGIF is saved it is not animated.
How can she restore the animation in the gif images that she saved?
thanks in advance.

A:trouble saving animated gifs

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Our computer club class members have a number of problems with gifs.
Some lose them when forwarding or replying.

In my Outlook I can't insert animated gifs--they become attachments. Some other email programs do this, too.

Some can't get them to save as animated items, but end up with just pictures.

These animations will open in various programs and we are unsure how to reassociate them so they open in a program so we can edit them, and keep the animation.

Some can save them as htmls--I can't.

What is the mechanism and which program is controlling how they work--the browser, the email program, Windows, a graphic program loaded on the PC? It would be good to know so we can attack the problem.

Thanks for any help you have! We meet again tomorrow night! (This website is great!)


A:animated gifs--can't save as gif, or won't forward, etc.

Let me see if I can properly explain what is going on!

First off let me explain Animated Gif's. As you know they are unique as they contain two or many sets of similiar frames that create a sense of motion when played by a browser or a graphics program. This procedure is very similiar to how a cartoon is constructed. Each of these frames are a gif image themselves and many together are called an animated gif. Unfortunatly there is not a different file extension to differenciate the two. They both assume a .gif extension. The only way to tell if a gif is animated (having multiple frames) is to either open them in an appropriate environment such as Internet explorer, Outlook Express, or a graphics program the supports animated gifs or select the properties of the item and see if it is animated.

Now if an individual opens an animated gif in a graphics program that does not support multiple frames only the first frame will be displayed because the other subsequent frames will not be recognized. This gives the illusion that the item is not an animated gif. If the individual clicks the save button through the graphics program this can destroy the animation properties by only saving the first frame.

If you do not have appropriate Graphics programs that support animated Gifs then use Internet Explorer as the open with support. This will at least display the item properly.

As far as editing Animated Gifs, again you will need a graphics program that supports animate... Read more

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I know how to make animated gifs. I usually use websites like GIFNinja.
But I need help making an animated gif that without lowering the image quality a ton (some is ok), and without making it like 3 seconds! [I'd prefer ~5-7sec]

Examples of what kind of quality I want [I want my end product like 2nd pic]

I tried this tutorial -
But it was confusing and the quality was TERRIBLE

So are there any good tutorials? Any tips??

A:Solved: Making Animated GIFs

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I've tried everything I can find. Nothing helps. Every time I play an animated gif in Chrome, it keeps pausing and sticking. Sometimes for just a half a second, sometimes for one and a half seconds. It's extremely annoying looking. Animated gifs just will not play smoothly. Anyone have any ideas?

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Found a really funny gif I want to use for my avatar, but trolling through the internet and searching on here haven't found any way to resize a gif that is about 1.6MB to fit as my avatar. Any help?


A:How do I resize animated gifs for my avatar

This free tool may help.

AddictiveTips ? Blog ArchiveGIF Resizer &ndash; Resize Animated GIF Image Files

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I recently wiped my HDD and reinstalled Windows. I went onto a website to view something (www.ytmnd.com), and I noticed that I was unable to view the animation in the background. Firefox told me to install the QuickTime plugin, so I did. It still wouldn't work, and it kept telling me I needed to install that plugin. I installed Macromedia Flash and Shockwave player, but they both did not help. I'm running WinXP Home SP2, totally clean drive. I've tried reinstalling then restarting (to make sure all Firefox processes were terminated). I've installed QuickTime many times now, even rolled back to earlier versions. None has seemed to help. I've tried checking all file associasions with it and MIME settings.

A:Animated GIFs and other media does not work

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I have created an intranet site, and figured out how to put animated gifs in a lotus notes intranet page. To do this I put the gifs on the main notes server, in the "notes\data\domino\html\pete" directory. In notes you type out the files name & location and hey presto when you open the page in the browser the gifs work. OK!! The problem is, now our intranet site has animated gifs, everyone wants them on ther department's page. Obviously I dont want to give any users the ability to mess around with server files, so i need to put the gifs in a different location. I did this, I put them in a shared access directory....put in the file location on the page.....went to the browser and nothing. So I was wondering if anyone has come accross this problem b4 or does anyone have any ideas on how to sort this out?

[This message has been edited by Barday (edited 02-08-2001).]

[This message has been edited by Barday (edited 02-08-2001).]

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I would think that editing animated gifs is rather tricky considering that you are dealing with many and in some cases numerous frames.

Are there any programs available, preferrably of the freeware variety that let you edit an animated gif. Maybe enlarge it, alter the color etc... ?

Thank You


A:Enlarging and Editing animated GIFS ???

Check out the Animated images/avatars forum we started.



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I have never had a problem in 98 2000 or XP when it came to opening animated gifs or bmp file extentions. Vista will not open either of them. they
take me to IE. That does me no good for what i need to do. I can't even download them. If anyone has a solution to this problem I would be forever grateful!!! PLEASE I really need some help here. Thank you in advance.

A:opening animated Gifs in Vista

Hi, open control panel (classic view) default programs and under "set associations " change to what you want. Ifran view is very popular and free.

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