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Favorite in Windows Explorer jumps 2 path of folder under drive letter

Q: Favorite in Windows Explorer jumps 2 path of folder under drive letter

When I click on a favorite under 'Favorites' in the folder pane of 'Windows Explorer', it shows the content of that folder in the viewing pane and the favorite is highlighted in the folder pane. This is fine and how it was.

Unfortunately now, when I click on a favorite it still shows the folder in the viewing pane which is still fine BUT in the folder pane it jumps to the actual path of the favorite folder under the drive letter. Therefore, I have to scroll back up to select another Favorite folder. It never use to expand the path under the drive letter.

Does anyone know what has happened? It doesn't do it for the default 'Desktop' favorite but the ones I have put there myself.

It's just very annoying!

Thanks and hope you can help.

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Preferred Solution: Favorite in Windows Explorer jumps 2 path of folder under drive letter

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a few partitions of a single hard disk.... BUT, they always go missing! I can find them and make them appear again! I have to create drive letter paths for them! They will appear but they will be gone, over and over again, after every reboot, restart and shutdown! This has been driving me nuts since forever! This happened for the first time, after a month of purchasing the computer.... The purchase happened a few years ago.... I didn't bring it to the service center, because I thought, it was no big deal.... It is annoying.... What should I do, you guys!?!?

Have a nice day ;-)

A:Drive Letter Path Shenanigans....

Guys, come on.... This is the most annoying problem I have, but not a single reply.... What should I do, guys!?!?
Also, my other computer has the same problem.... BUT, once, I designate drive letter paths, for all the partitions, they will be fine! They will only go missing occasionally!

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Please I need a solution for the history folder path in address bar of windows

here is the screen shot of what i want to be removed:

A:How to remove the history folder path in windows explorer address bar

Ccleaner will clean it up every time you run it. I do not know of a way to completely disable it though.
CCleaner - Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download

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Ok so here's a little backstory before I jump into my problem. I've got 2 harddrives installed; a SSD and a regular HDD. The SSD is labeled C: since it has Windows and other core programs while the HDD is labeled B:. The solid state is almost full while the regular one still has over a terabyte of space left to fill up. Normally, I have no problem installing new programs or games to the HDD till now.When I went to install my new game on B: it kept giving me invalid directory errors. So I went to the game's forums and discovered that the reason that issue was happening was because the game recognized drive letters A and B as floppy drives as opposed to hard drive letters. Further investigation revealed that apparently this little bit of design is hardcoded into the game and there really isn't any work around except changing the drive letter. So I looked up how to do so and made the change.....then the problems started.After changing the drive letter from B: to Z: I kept getting 'path does not exist' error message with features and hardware connected to Windows on C:. For example, my DVD-ROM drive is labeled D: and everytime I tried to install the game after the drive letter change I got 'D:\, path does not exist. make sure the path is correct and try again' error. Another example, when trying to go to Device Manager to start a fix I couldn't because of 'explorer.exe, path does not exist' error. Basically, every step I ... Read more

A:'Path does not exist' error constantly after drive letter change

Can you please post your Disk management screen in a screen shot so we can get a better look at the partitions.

To change drive letters Go to Disk Management

Check the disk you want to and select Change Drive and Letters.

Question do you have any floppy drives in your system?

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Got a strange problem that popped up recently.

When I am in windows explorer and my drive letters are in the right side pane of the window...(IE clicking on My Computer in the left pane shows all drive in the right pane..) Instead of opening up that drive's folders, it pops up the search window.

Before I had just clicked on the drive and it expanded out and you could click on the files on that drive.

Anyone know what might cause this to change or what I can do to change it back?

Not a major issue, but it's puzzling as to how it got that way.

Thanks in advance...

A:Solved: Windows Explorer-Clicking on Drive Letter opens up Search instead of Exploring Drive!

Download and run this fix.

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I have a user when he browses to the share he can drill down to all folders and see all documents but when he tries to save a file he gets a message that
the location does not exist. I changed the drive letter to the unc path in the same browser window and now he can save. It can not be permissions since he can save when he browses to the location. It only seems to be a problem if he browses from the mapped
drive instead of the server name. So far this is what I have tried:

I mapped the share to a different drive letterI turned off offline files and deleted the cacheI have logged the user into a different computerI have cleared his profile and created a new oneI can save files to the other share on the same server no problemThe error returns file location not available not access denied, but I can open a file at the same time I have the error, it only happens when I saveThe share permissions are set to everyone full control the permissions of the folder are set by group I added the user in manually and still can't save.
If anyone has any solutions I would greatly appreciate the help.

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Hi , recently i downloaded a demo version of a game.As soon as i clicked on the setup.exe , no game appeared rather 5 different icons (casino,porn,etc) came up on my desktop. I removed the icons and ran a spyware test (Windows defender) but nothing came up. But after a restart whenver i open any folder , an WARNING YOU HAVE DANGEROUS VIRUS ! DOWNLOAD ANTIVIRUS programme runs, even if i press no , an internet explorer page opens up . I formed a different identity (User Identity) but same thing happens. So I have 2 things to ask;

a) Can this be manually removed?
b)If i have to back up my entire system and clean my hard drive with some softwares available over the net, will the same problem persist after a clean installation?

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So, I've made this mistake lots of times -- heavy-handed cruising down my Favorites list accidentally drags an innocent Favorites folder inside of the folder above or below where the disappeared folder was. I confidently go to "Organize favorites" and pull up the list of favorites. Problem is: I can't just drop & drag a folder that's stuck inside of another folder. It just gets jerked back inside of the wrong folder. The stuck folder is forever stuck as it seems like all I am allowed to move are folders which are lined up neatly against the left margin of the list, not one that is hiding in the wrong place. I'm missing something simple here...

A:Favorite folder stuck inside another favorite folder

Hello nottaclue9,

If you haven't already, you might see if you may be able to move the folder back to how you had it from the folder location below instead. This is where Favorites in Internet Explorer are stored at, and may be easier to work with here.


Hope this helps,

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I'm just curious, because if we can assign a letter for a drive [for example, C:], then, can I assign a letter to a folder? Because when I save/open a file or anything like that, I can just type the letter of the drive if I want to access a drive, so I wish I could assign a letter to a folder.

A:Solved: If I can assign a drive letter, can I assign a folder letter?

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Is there a /switch to get Explorer to open in HD path view instead of User (Documents) folder.. I'm looking for the ability to open an Explorer window in C: similar to using the /e switch that worked in XP.. I've never needed to look in my .doc or user Library, but I constantly look into several folders on my hd's.. Anyone know where there's a list of /switches available for Explorer? The /e does not work..

A:Make Explorer start in HD Folder view(path)?

See this tutorial.

Windows Explorer Taskbar Icon - Change Open To Target[2]=Taskbar Start Menu

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Normal Drive letter vs Mounting a volume as an empty folder


I was wondering what the prime uses for a logical drive (just assigning it as the letter F: for example ) might be vs. Mounting the logical drive as an empty folder that supports drive paths?

And why someone would want to use one option vs. the latter? (common uses).

thanks for any ideas.

(I only have one hard drive, so this would be an extended partition on the same disk)

A:Solved: Logical drive question: Normal Drive letter vs Mounting as a volume as empty folder

Here's a link to explain it: http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Mount_Windows_partitions_(DOS,_FAT,NTFS))

Good luck.

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Possibly after editing, this may be useful as a tutorial -- but note the problem at the end ...
(sorting in Windows File Explorer may not always work correctly).

I tried to include all of the steps. I did not know how to capture a screen shot of the active
window while the Ribbon was present (to set the View to Details) and
while the context menu was visible (when right-clicking on one of the column headers).

In performing a search, I used the Search Box in File Explorer.
I don't let my PC access OneDrive or Google Docs -- generally,
I do only searches just on my PC or just on the Web.

1. Perform a search.

2. Set the View to Details (if it isn't already).

3. (if the Folder path column is not already present...)
Right-Click on any of the column headers.
A context menu appears.
4. Select More in the context menu.

A Choose Details dialog box appears.

(5. You can uncheck the box next to Folders - to get rid of the Folders column).

6. Check the box next to Folder path - to make the Folder path column appear (you'll have to scroll down to find it).
7. Then, click on the Ok box to dismiss the dialog box and save the changes to the Details View.

8. With the Folder path column now present, click on its column header to sort the listing by Folder path.
(The next picture shows the result after clicking on the Folder path column header.)

It is unfortunate that either Microsoft forces the search to be re-done or it was something they missed on their part.
If you want ... Read more

A:Sorting File Explorer Search output by Folder path

Hi, explorer search has a number of quirks, and add to that the search syntax and indexed vs non-indexed search, + Cortana's My Stuff search searching only what's indexed and you have a somewhat chaotic situation.

Personally I use Locate32 (freeware) - indexes very fast initially and thereafter maintained, and ordering by path simply requires clicking the column header. Everything by Void Tools is similar in basic concept but more modern.

Note: to capture a screenshot of context menu/ribbon etc you can simply use the long standing 'Print Screen' feature- a keyboard combo.

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Hi everyone:
Here is my situation: I want to map drive letter to a ftp server folder, but "net use" command seems unable to map a drive letter to ftp folder. Also, I have found some software could do it, like NetDrive and
so on. But Is it possible to map a drive letter to a ftp folder without 3rd software, just use native windows components, command tools or api?

Thanks a lot.

A:Can map a drive letter to a ftp server folder

You can MAP but you will not get a Drive Letter.

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Hello guys,

I need your help again. Being the hurried idiot that I was, I accidentally redirected the My Music folder to the drive letter D. Now I can't restore it to it's default location because the system tries to copy system volume information and other system folders with it.

How do I go about this? I wanna avoid having to reinstall windows because I had only just done so before this happened.

Thank you.

A:Special folder redirected to a drive letter

Hi,MOD EDIT: When suggesting registry edits...the first directive should be instructions on how to back up the registry - Hamluis.Open Regedit, Start > Search > type regedit, click regeditexpand the keys to locate this two:- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folderschange My Music value to c:\Users\<your_user_name>\Music- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folderschange My Music value to %USERPROFILE%\MusicNotes: - replace <your_user_name> with your user name only.- the values above are the default for windows 7

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So not sure what the wife did, all I do know is she removed her folders of My Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos.

I have all the stuff backed up, but here is what I got so far.

I had some issues with restoring the folders, but I followed an instruction here in the tutorials on how to restore by re-installing Windows 7 (I have 64-bit pro). Now only two of the four folders are fixed. My Pictures and My Videos are still acting up.

If I right mouse click on the library and select properties, the only one that shows up is the public folder. If I click restore defaults, nothing. If I add the folder (they are in her profile) then it shows up. I save it and it is there. But it shows up as My Pictures (C. I tried renaming, but you cannot.

So how do I fix this? My Documents and My Music are fine though. It's just My Pictures and My Videos

A:Strange Drive Letter in each folder in Library

Quote: Originally Posted by AirPower4ever

So not sure what the wife did, all I do know is she removed her folders of My Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos.

I have all the stuff backed up, but here is what I got so far.

I had some issues with restoring the folders, but I followed an instruction here in the tutorials on how to restore by re-installing Windows 7 (I have 64-bit pro). Now only two of the four folders are fixed. My Pictures and My Videos are still acting up.

If I right mouse click on the library and select properties, the only one that shows up is the public folder. If I click restore defaults, nothing. If I add the folder (they are in her profile) then it shows up. I save it and it is there. But it shows up as My Pictures (C. I tried renaming, but you cannot.

So how do I fix this? My Documents and My Music are fine though. It's just My Pictures and My Videos

Are you saying it shows up with the open parenthesis and a smiley face?

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A laptop has 5 mapped drives which are only used on the office. Offline files is not an option. When a user on the road clicks on a mapped drive by mistake, the explorer window locks up while it tries to find it.

OK, but what is infuriating is what it does when it can't fid it.
Instead of doing something sensible like taking the explorer window to C: drive or desktop, it goes to the next drive letter. Of course this is also unavailable. So the machine is essentially unusable for about 5 minutes if the user mis-clicks once.

Any way to change this behaviour ?
XP Home and Pro.

A:When mapped drive not found, explorer goes to next drive letter. Delays.

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Hi all,
I don't think this is exactly related to customization, but rather maybe the way Win7 handles file paths.

Anyway, here's my problem: I have an external HD with many folders with custom icons. On my PC the drive letter which is always assigned is G. Now, when I use it on a friend's PC, which assigns drive letter E, all my custom folder icons disappear. Note that all the relevant .ico files are where they're supposed to be (inside the folders whose icons they should customize).

What am I doing wrong? I'm assuming Windows always tries to locate the icons on a G: drive, which only exists on my PC but not on my friend's (where it's E). How can I change that?

Sorry for the fairly stupid question, I'm sure it's very newbie of me, despite having switched to Win in 2004!

Thanks in advance, cheers...

A:Custom folder icons disappear when drive letter changes

This question is probably not relevant to you anymore since it was so long ago, but to anyone that stumbles upon this here is the solution:

The icons are either saved on your internal hard drive or your external depending on where you placed them. It might be best to save them on your hard drive and make them into hidden files by going into the properties of the icons. Windows reads a hidden desktop.ini file inside each folder with a custom icon. Each desktop.ini file has the same drive letter of the computer the custom folder icon was created in. So your best bet would be to assign your hard drive to the same letter in the .ini file. You can do this by going into Control Panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools and below it should say,"Create and format hard disk partitions." Click that and right click on your external drive. Select, "Change drive letters and paths..." and assign the drive letter to the one that matches the desktop.ini files in your custom icon folders and tada, it'll work.

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   I have requirement where i need to open shared file path on button click as file explorer in mvc application.
i am using below code.
IIS version is 8.5 in win 2012 server.Using Windows authentication.
And application pool runs under networkservice
This code works fine in my local but not on server.I am physically able to open folders from server though.It does not log any error but folder explorer does not open from server.
public ActionResult EvidenceFolder(string PageFrom, string Assetid, string id)
            OpenFolder(@"\\backup\MIS\OL Property Services\PS5 Property & Portfolio Management\Compliance\FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT\Evidence Folders\" + Assetid);
            if (PageFrom == "ReviewActions")
                return RedirectToAction(PageFrom, "Landing", new { id = id });
                return RedirectToAction(PageFrom, "Landing", new { ActionID = id });

private void OpenFolder(string folderPath)
      &nb... Read more

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How do I fix this?  I went to Disk Management and Disk 0 Partition 5 does NOT have a drive letter assigned and all options are grayed out.  However, in Windows Explorer I see it listed as Drive E: but you cannot explore the drive (as is expected). 
How do I get rid of this listing in Windows Explorer?

Keith Barrows - http://about.me/keith.barrows

A:Win 10: System drive shows in Explorer with drive letter...

Hi Keith,
Open the command prompt and run diskpart.exe, then
list disk
select Disk 0
list partition
select partition 1 (the one corresponding with the hidden system drive)

This will ONLY remove the drive letter it won't delete anything! Also note that the drive you are reffering to is Disk 0 partition 1 and not partition 5!

If you find that my post has answered your question, please mark it as the answer. If you find my post to be helpful in anyway, please click vote as helpful. Regards Simon Disclaimer: This posting is provided AS IS with no warranties or guarantees, and
confers no rights.

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Hi & thanks for any replies,

I have tried DL'ing the stand alone installer and the Google Pack(no longer). Doesn't matter what I do it installs to Appdata-grrr. I have read all the reasons google installs to this folder; none of which apply to my situation.

Also, I apologize if this topic has been addressed here before. I did multiple searches and found nothing.

At this point, I'm ready to go in and hack it out w/ the proper directions.

Thanks again for any help.

A:Installing Google Chrome to a different path/folder/drive/location

Hi Dirtydeedz,

You may want to check out this discussion:


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Hi All,

Apreciate if someone could help me out on this. I got a problem with my windows explorer. when I click on the add favourite at the drop down 'Favorites' menu nothing happen and all my favorites also gone. This started to occur just last night and was ok before that. I tried to solve the problem my using sytem restore but to no avail.

This also happened to favorites menu in the IE7 but the favorite (bookmarks) is ok in firefox. Is there anybody share the same problem with me and what is the solution.

I'm using Windows XP SP3.

Thanks in advance

A:Can't add favorite in windows explorer

I don't know why your Favorites are missing but you can put your Firefox Bookmarks into IE6 or 7
I have IE6 so that's what I'll explain.
Firefor - Bookmarks - Organize Bookmarks - at the top - Import and Backup - Export - follow through and this
will save a copy in your Documents.

IE6 - File - Import - Next - Import Favorites - Follow through with the directions and it will take you to
your Documents - right click you Bookmarks - Left click Select. Follow directions. You can put them in
Bookmark Toolbar or Link.

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Windows Explorer will not show any (usb-flash/external HD-) drive with the letter H. The drive is recognized by Windows: it does show up in Disk Management.
What I did, months ago, is delete (merge) a hard drive partition - drive letter assignment of this partition was H.
Apparently the H-assignment got lost somehow somewhere.
The practical issue is: whenever I use a usb stick, Windows assigns the first available/free drive letter - which is H. I then have to go to disk management, change H into some other letter, after which the usb stick show up in Win Explorer.
Tried my best to find a solution for this. Wasn't lucky.

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Hi there, I am using a Lenovo Y-50/70 Touch and I recently changed my hardrive from a 1 TB SSHD to a 2 TB SSD. After the migration I faced a strange problem which when I dug deeper I realised that the any drive/partition that I assign the letter D will never show up in This PC as a connected drive to access, although this D drive is visible in Disk Management and appears as a visible drive. However, I can access the drive when I type D: in the address bar of explorer.  I infer, with my extremely basic understanding and knowledge, that my system is for some reason set up to hide drive D, regardless of what it represents, hidden in This PC. I have tried everyting from formatting the D partition, to hiding it and then unhiding. Nothing works. I request the community to please help me solve this problem. CheersAlfi  

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Hi to all! I can't believe I'm starting my third thread about Windows Live Mail within a month, but when you practically live in your mailing system, any kind of illogical behaviour quickly becomes an irrritant. And this forum seems a marvellous place to report these things.

This thread is about another of those instances where Live Mail appears to be designed to work the same way as Outlook Express, but actually has odd quirks that are illogically different. It's is about the view of the folder pane to the left of the application window.

In my system, under "Storage folders" I have created a number of "category" folders, some with several sub-folders in them. The purpose is to be able to archive incoming messages logically, pending use or deletion at some later time. Pretty standard, I would have thought.

To prevent the column of folders from stretching down to infinity, and to keep things looking as tidy as I can make them, I generally keep the sub-folders hidden by clicking the little arrow to the left of the heading folder, which collapses the view of any sub-folders within it. In Outlook Express (and much other software) the equivalent to the arrow was a plus sign for expanding the view and a minus for contracting it. So far so good!

What I am finding extremely annoying is this. Suppose you have a batch of new email messages that you have just downloaded, and their headings are in view in the main list of emails, and you want to drag some ... Read more

A:Windows Live Mail folder pane jumps to top of column

I'm having exactly same problem. Live mail don't listen as usual. If a few of us are saying it on here, thousands of others are having same problem.
Also why do I have to have a username to log on here? I can't remember it when I come in again in a years time

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My internet explorer favorites are stored in c:\users\myuserid\favorites. I have often found that it is easier and more convenient to work with my favorites by using Windows Explorer rather than the Internet Explorer Favorites Explorer bar. I could always
just double-click on a favorite from Windows Explorer to open it in Internet explorer. This has always worked for me until today. Now, if I double click on a favorite, it brings up a blank internet explorer session with no url in the address bar. What has
changed? I can't say for sure when this last worked normally for me, but I'm sure that I have done this successfully in the last few months.

Internet Explorer 11.0.9600 and Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.

Ray Pietrzak

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Hi to everyone who reads this.

In my profile folder C:\Users..., I can add some favorite links in the Links folder, and if everything goes well you should see them everywhere on the left side in Windows Explorer and the dialog windows.

I made 4 screenshots, the first (1) is from my Links folder as it should be.
The second is from a "Save as" dialog window in Paint (2), and on the left side (where the favorite links are), you'll see the 4 links that I personally added. And that is the way I want them to be.
But in that same screenshot you'll see in the address bar that I have navigated to my Links folder (Koppelingen in Dutch), and there are only 2 links shown.

So when I manually put Desktop and Computer to my Links folder, the next time I try to save something in Paint or IE, I'll see that Desktop and Computer are shown twice on the left section (favorite links) of that dialog window, see scrnsht (3).
So I guess that Windows automaticly adds Desktop and Computer to dialog windows, and thats why I see them double in dialog boxes, but not in Explorer.

In that dialog window (Save as) I did a right click on each of the double icons, and choose to remove the Link, but when I did that I still had one Link each over.
So after deleting those two double icons I stil saw the links in the Favorite Links section as I want them to be. I closed the Save as box and navigated to my Links folder of my profile, and in there I only saw 2 links.
Can you still follow...
The ones... Read more

A:Windows Explorer, Favorite Links in Dialog box...

Hello Carlo!

I think I may know of the issue here. Just to confirm for me, before I explain the situation to you, could you please click on the Drop down at the bottom of the Paint Open File Dialogue and select All Files. Can you please tell me if the Desktop and Computer links now show up?



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I'm sure this has come up before but I'm after more detail.
I have a new PC. My 'C' drive is a SSD. A second 2 TB HDD was assigned 'E'.
I will choose, where possible to load apps onto 'E' because of the size restrictions of the SSD.

So far I've been hold back but have installed MS Office 2010 on 'E' and the Canon software for a Pixma multi-function.

I have now installed 3 more, 1 TB HDDs (from older PCs) and one of these is 'D'.

I'd like to change the 2 TB drive to 'D' and change the existing 'D' to 'E'.
Microsoft issue a warning that some windows apps will have problems if a drive letter is changed but don't specify any.

If I do change the letters, will this cause problems with the path to the Office suite?

If problems do arise, does reverting to the original lettering resolve things - or is the registry well and truly screwed by then? Would getting a registry backup done and having it on the desktop be of any use?

A:changing HDD letter and path

Don't change drive letters if some progarm is pointing to it!! Change it back using disk management. Name is D or E... who cares. leave it as it was!

What folders do you want to move from C to D (or E)? Whole "program files"?

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Hi all,

Is there a way to put a link to your desktop in the windows explorer favorites panel. Simple drag and drop doesn't seem to work, at least for me. I want to be able to access my desktop from that panel.


A:Putting desktop in windows explorer favorite window

Hello Sixoclock,

You can open the Favorite Links folder to place a Desktop (C:\Users\(user-name)\Desktops) shortcut in it.

Hope this helps,

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I have a drive that has a lot of information on it that I need. A user left our company and all of his files are on this drive. I was handed it and asked to build a VM with all his information on it. When I plug the drive in it loads the drivers and shows
up just fine in Computer Management (shown below), but not in Computer. So I think, ok, I'll just add a drive letter but that option is greyed out and won't let me. The disk is initialized and appears to be healthy. I have gone to device manager and made sure
there were no problems there as well. It was also an external drive so I removed it and made it an internal drive on my machine but got the same results. It shows up in BIOS but obviously can't boot off of it since it is not an OS drive.
Deleting/formatting the drive is not an option. Is there a way to get this drive accessible without that? Deleting it is the exact opposite of what I want done here. 

A:Change Drive Letter and Paths... greyed out. Can't assign drive letter.

That looks like a mac formatted drive, that's why it wont work on your PC. Try installing Paragon HFS+ for Windows.

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Hi All,

When I view files in Windows Explorer, I have my folder view set to 'List', and that is fine, but my DVD/CD drive always seems to default to 'Details' as opposed to my preferred 'List' setting. Is there any way to fix this so I may have my DVD view in Windows Explorer to 'List'?

Mike T.

A:Windows Explorer DVD drive folder settings issue

Have a look at this article : How to set a folder view in Explorer for all folders - List, Details, Tiles, Small or Large Icons | Winaero

Does this help?

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Hello All.

Windows Explorer>Tools>Map Network Drive...>Folder: field with a drop down box and a "Browse" button to the right of it. It's this drop-down box that my question concerns.

Specifically, I mapped drives previously but want those drives (mapping paths) that appear in this drop-down box to disappear. So, 1)where in the windows registry is the setting to delete these mapping entries so that I can start fresh (with nothing showing in this drop-down box), and 2)do I simply delete these registry entries or must I adjust the text somehow?

Thanks in advance.

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this seems to happen when i have more than one folder open on Drives like for example moving a folder over from one drive to another then Explorer crashes there have been other crashes but not sure on the scenario when it does but here is the latest crash report under event viewer / applications:

Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 6/23/2015 9:36:56 AM
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: Powerstation
Faulting application name: explorer.exe, version: 6.1.7601.17567, time stamp: 0x4d672ee4
Faulting module name: MSVCR90.dll, version: 9.0.30729.6161, time stamp: 0x4dace4e7
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x000000000001e1ac
Faulting process id: 0xafc
Faulting application start time: 0x01d0adc8b56a7ae9
Faulting application path: C:\Windows\explorer.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft.vc90.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.6161_none_08e61857a83bc251\MSV CR90.dll
Report Id: 0f19739e-19c6-11e5-9581-003067c2b754
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
<Provider Name="Application Error" />
<EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>
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A:Windows explorer crash - moving folder from one drive to another

See if this link has any bearing:


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I just started using Vista and am having some difficulty adapting to its Windows Explorer.

Q1. How do I save/bookmark my Favorite folders (includes folders on other machines, eg, \\\folder1\folder2)? In the past, I could just choose Favorites from the main menu and Add to Favorites (just like in Internet Explorer). In Vista is there any such functionality?

Q2. How do I go up one folder level? I see back and forward buttons, but not an "Up" button.

Thanks much for the help.

A:Windows Vista Explorer - saving Favorite folders and navigation

I can help with question 2. Go to the address window and click on the folder you want to go up to. This has been called a "breadcrumb trail".

I'm not sure I understand your first question.


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I recently bought a second internal dvd drive, physically installed it, plugged it into the last remaining SATA port on the mother board.

When I inserted a data dvd, autoplay popped up giving me one option - to open folder to view files with Windows Explorer. When I clicked that option nothing happened.
When I insert a blank dvd, Nero opens its burning app as it is set to and I'm able to burn a dvd on that drive. Nero is also set to verify the compilation which it does with no problem.
When i reinsert the same dvd, the same option pops up with the same result - nothing.
When insert an audio cd, Winamp will play the cd but I'm not able to "open" the cd with Windows Explorer.

By trying all combinations of cables and dvd drives to make sure that both the cables and drives were working properly, I determined that whatever drive was plugged into that last SATA port would not function properly.

The only options in my BIOS that I could find referring to SATA drives was to enable or disable the SATA controller.

I'd really like to have both dvd drives fully functional and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:DVD drive will not open folder to view files with Windows Explorer

First of all explain in detail...

1.DVD Drive is visible in My computer?
If not so remove the dvd drive and reconnect to system.

2.Can you eject automatically the DVD from my computer Through eject option?

3.Can you eject manually??

4.Can you View files and folders in drive?

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Hi folks
Looking for some help - not particularly technical though.
I have an Inspiron 660 which was supplied with Windows 8, but I upgraded to 8.1 and then 10, successfully. A problem (caused by me, not Windows 10) caused me to panic and, rather than use the Windows 10 Restore options, I used the Dell Backup and Recovery options (Free version), which took me back to Windows 8. Yuck.
I am now back with a functioning Windows 10, but I have a 125GB Backup folder with lots of DATA_****.inp files of 0.6GB taking up a big chunk of my C drive.
Can anyone please advise me what to do with it? 
(Needless to say, I have no intention of using the Dell Backup and Recovery option again to go back to Windows 8! I have a Windows 10 System Image Backup, and Recovery Media, so I should be able to at least get to Windows 10 again without that torture).   
Would greatly appreciate help - need the disc space.

A:125GB backup folder in C drive. Can I delete it in Windows Explorer?

Try running a disk cleanup first to see if it removes them. If not, you can remove them.

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I use an external USB 3.0 4TB Touro (HGST disk) as backup. Lately it does not show up in Explorer. It does show up in Device Manager. I use Partition Magic and find that it does not have a drive letter anymore. Then I assign it to the letter it used to have. And it still does not show up in Explorer.

If I look at the disk in Partition Manager I can see all the directories and files but I can't access it with Explorer.

I have uninstalled it from the system and rebooted and plugged it in again. I used drivecleanup. I get the message that the driver was installed correctly and it is ready for use, but it won't show up in Explorer.

I'm running Win7 Home 64bit.

Help! Thank you.

A:Ext USB drive has drive letter but does not appear in Explorer

I use Partition Magic and find that it does not have a drive letter anymore

Do you mean MiniTools Partition Wizard?

If I look at the disk in Partition Manager I can see all the directories and files .....

What Partition Manager is that? Can you please post a full screenshot of what you see?

Also post a screenshot of Windows Disk Management with only your 4TB external drive plugged in.(Please remove all other external drives /Flash drives). In Windows Disk Management screen tool bar on top, click on Show/Hide Console Tree, and Show/Hide Action Pane Icons to hide those so that we get an untruncated picture with all the information visible. If need be, adjust the seperators in the Drive list on top so that we can clearly see Capacity, Free Space and % Free.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

From what you have said the folders and files are still there. So don't panic.

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I need to delete some individual cookies in IE 11 as website does not work with ie 11/cookies installed. Where can I find the folder in which IE 11 stores cookies?

A:What is the path for cookies folder in IE 11 under windows 7 pro?


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In firefox after you add a bookmark, you can specify a keyword to it. say eg: g for google.com, am for amazon.com, b for your bank etc
Similarly is there any way I can assign keywords to navigate to my folders in windows explorer? I routinely go to certain folders l ike my documents, PDF, Music_files etc
i want to open windows exploer or my documents window and type p on address bar which should take me to my PDF folder
please help

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I've got an annoying problem which is similar to [but not sure if its the same as] some other complaints about the navigation pane reported here (like this & this).

It seems to happen only when the navigation pane is open on file commands like "open..." and "save as...".

When the dialog opens and I left click a folder opening arrow on the left hand pane, the folder expands but then after half a second or so it jumps back to whatever folder was previously expanded. Both parts of the tree remain expanded but I have to scroll to get to the one I just expanded, which is very annoying.

Has anyone else come across this (sorry - tried a search but couldn't find it)?

Is there a way to change it?

A:Folder navigation jumps to previously expanded folder


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I'm preparing to move to a new computer running Windows 7 and am evaluating what's on my old computer and needs to be moved. I'll be keeping the old one but downgrading to smaller hard drives that I have laying around, so I want to remove the junk as well as flag what needs to be moved over.

In my WINDOWS: folder, there are nine files that are identified by only a single letter (A, E, F, etc.). They aren't consecutive letters. Each file is roughly 3GB and together they are about a quarter of my total disk usage. Does anyone know what these are?

They are all the same size and were created at the same time, the file type is "system file" I know they aren't page files because that's a single file in the root directory. System restore files seem to be in a hidden directory of their own.

Thanks for whatever assistance you can provide,
Windows XP SP3 32bit

A:What are these single letter files in windows folder?

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When I open Windows Explorer (Windows 8.1) the search box on upper-right corner doesn't work in the Google drive folder. It works on all other folders. That is: when I enter the name of a file inside this folder, the search returns "0 items" (usually, just typing the first characters of a file starts churning out results).
I've tried rebuilding the index and making sure that folder isn't excluded in the indexing, to no avail.

A:Windows explorer Search doesn't work for Google drive folder

I believe that is due to the Google Drive being non-local, ie: not on the PC, but on in the Google cloud.

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When I open Windows Explorer in the Folders View Mode (folders on the left and files on the right), and try to view the contents of my primary master IDE hard drive, there is a 30 second to 3 minute delay before the drive's contents are display. During the delay, the any other process on the computer also comes to a halt until the drive's contents are displayed in Windows explorer.

If I close the left hand side (folders) in Windows Explorer, there is no delay.

My primary master IDE drive is NOT my boot drive. My boot drive is a separate SCSI drive.

Any Suggestions?

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i have windows 7 desktop. there are some partition on it.but there is problem with these partition. All the three partition have the same drive letter.i attach a link showing the picture. all three partitions are dynamic , simple. if i open these drives only the contents of one drive are appeared. another two drive data are not shown in any manner.

i don't want to lose any data from any drive ......
please help me sir...
my windows is installed in c:\ drive which is also dynamic and there are no recent changes.only one change i did which is i shrink dynamic volume 50 GB from 206 GB and again mixed with 206 GB without allocating free space.

and only the c drive is on and d drive is off.but in my other desktop same configuration exist.
please help me...and please don't say change and remove drive letter...........waiting for response

A:changing one drive letter all 3 partitions change to that drive letter

First thing you're going to do is fill in the specs of the desktop whose snips you are showing us.

Then you're going to do the same with the second pc opening a second post with snips. Give it a different title like "Second pc with drive letters the same". Don't forget the snips.

You should not have dynamic disks in either machine. What did you do to accomplish this?

There exists a bevy of spectacular experts on this site that will be happy to help you. But give us ALL the info please.

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Hello forum members,

I have a strange problem with my home-built PC;when I open "msconfig via the run box on H D "E",I try to set safe-mode boot option, but it shows the boot.ini file from my "C" H D !?!

I have been using my "E" H D as my primary(because the "C" drive had been recently infected by trojans/malware,etc. making me have to do a "repair" install of Windows X P!!

I would like to know if anyone on this forum knows how to either use regedit to change H D "E" the file path file of "E" boot.ini file ,or any recommendations other than reinstall Windows XP w/SP 3???

A:How do I get the folder file path sorted out in Windows XP Pro

Please explain how your drives and partitions are set up, where the installations are located, and when they were installed. Just because Windows is on a different drive does not mean that it boots from that drive, or even can boot from that drive.

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Hi Friends,
I am facing one issue facing and need ur help on this.

Many times i have opened many folders in windows 7 and want to save a text file from a editor(say editplus) to a specific folder from the above list.
I do Alt+tab and open that folder session (see the attached file folder_to_save.png)
So here i need to have the path(path_sample.JPG) . I am tired of selecting the path using the mouse.
Can you please suggest a shortcut key using keyboard this? I googled a lot but couldnt find a solution

A:How do i copy folder path in windows 7 using shortcut-key(from KB)

Guys someone could suggest here please ?

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Hello everyone,

I've got Server 2008 (no R2) running as a PDC for my small LAN. The clients are an XP SP2 Pro laptop, a 7 Pro laptop and the server itself. I created a folder redirection policy to keep the roaming profiles V1 and V2 in sync, so e.g. "V2\Start Menu" points to "V1\Start Menu". Additionally, I used this policy to redirect the Desktop and the Documents folder outside of the profile. They point to a share (e.g. "\\Homeserver\ProfilesLive\%username%\Desktop") on the server.

This setup works flawlessly when switching between XP (V1) and the 2008 (V2) client. All profiles folders are synced, changes to Desktop and Documents are updated live on the server share.

When I log into the 7 laptop, however, I see a very strange behaviour. The profile settings (like Start Menu/Taskbar style, Desktop background color etc.) are correct, but folder redirection does not work because the client cannot find the share named "\\Laptop\ProfilesLive\%username%\Desktop". This is quite odd because I never defined the client to be the host of that share. Obviously Windows 7 changes the UNC path it gets from the GPO on its own!

Some additional facts:
- the laptops had been members of a different domain before I added them to the current one
- DNS / NetBios / ping works fine on all machines
- initially, the 7 client loaded the folder redirection policy just fine upon login, Desktop and Documents were there, but the rest... Read more

A:Windows 7 client changes folder redirection UNC path

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but it seems to relate to the same type of problem.
Add UNC path to search index in Windows 7

Download details: Windows Desktop Search: Add-in for Files on Microsoft Networks

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