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Warcraft 3 hosting BSOD

Q: Warcraft 3 hosting BSOD

For a while on this computer using both Vista and now Windows 7 I get the BSOD when I try to host certain games in WC3. It will sometimes happen immediately and other times it will happen after a few moments, Other times it wont happen at all, but it is still a huge annoyance not knowing when my computer will crash. This problem only happens when I try to host a game. Hopefully someone can tell me what I need to do for someone to help me with this problem.

Preferred Solution: Warcraft 3 hosting BSOD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Warcraft 3 hosting BSOD

Please check, Start > Run (Search) > c:\windows\Minidump folder
for any new Minidumps to attach > to a New reply

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I need help on hosting for warcraft 3

I have a smc router But i can't get port 6119 to open

Any help would be greatly apprecaited!!! Thank You

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I know there are topics about this but in my case, I'm not using a router. I put it as an exception in my firewall and I still can't host. Help?


Edit: Someone at another forum suggested that it might just be my modem that doesn't let any ports go through, period. Is that possible?

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Ok, I used to be able to host games, I opened my ports with my previous router and stuff. Now I have this model Arris WTM652. Everything just changed i cant open my ports...I need help, I tried www.portforwarding.com theres a guide similar to my router, but it just cant be configured, I need to input a private IP adress, I wanted to put the static adress, but tells me I cant input the LAN adress... so yeah a little help here? BTW Im trying to host games on a Macbook.

A:Warcraft III Hosting - Help

I've looked everywhere, I just cant open the friggin port...http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Arris/WTM552/Warcraft_III.htm This is the closest to my router guide, but It wont let me put my static IP on the private ip...anyone know what I should do?

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I have been having major problems trying to host on Warcraft III. I have done all of the following and people are still unable to join a game I host.

My computer connects to a wireless router which connects to my modem which connects to the cable.

My computer's firewall has ports 6112-6119 open.
My computer's IP when seen in CMD is
I have forwarded Ports 6112-6119 on my router.
My router gives the IP of

I am still unable to host a game and I do not understand why.

I have used Port Forwarding.com and they have gotten me this far but I feel I'm so close but there is still an unknown anomaly preventing me from reaching my goal.

Thank you for reading. :]

A:Hosting on Warcraft III

the people connecting to you will also need to portforward as well since the data willl need to go back to them.
Also make sure you don't have any firewalls on your computer blocking you (Norton Internet Security / ZoneAlarm etc)

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I'm trying to host with a D-Link router, I've tried all the videos on youtube but they don't work. I was wondering if anyone have any idea how to fix or make it work.
The D-Link model is a WBR-2310.
If you need any additional information, just post.

A:Warcraft 3 Hosting

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Is there any way for me to host if I can't do port forwarding?

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I've been wondering how to host on Warcraft 3 Battlenet for a while now. I've looked up many things on google. But none have helped or worked. So can anyone help me? Or is it impossible.

A:Warcraft 3 hosting.

Can you join games on Battle.Net? Does it give you an error message if you try to host a game, or does nothing happen?

If you're behind a router, make sure that you have the proper ports forwarded.

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I have the WNR834B router, and I can't host games for Warcraft 3 on this router. My other router (DI-704P) allows me to host though.
DMZ has also been tried, doesnt work(WNR834B). (So im guessing the problem is with the router, not my computer.) I have forwarded the ports and used port checking tools like portforward.com and it says the port is not open. (However when I go on the DI-704P, my hosting works but the port checking tool still says my port is not open. )

(I use Windows XP Pro by the way)

Thanks in advance guys. If you have any questions about things you need to know about my computer/network, ask me.

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I can't host Warcraft III custom games.
My internet is hardline, it runs into one computer and then out into the one I am trying to host off of.
I don't have a router.
I have tried to host a game with all firewalls down.
The port I need to use is 6112.
I have looked everywhere for an answer and I can't find one, please help!

A:Warcraft III hosting

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I had no problem hosting customs on this game with my old isp(dsl sbc) but I switched to road runner or time warner one and the same and now i cant.

I am using a belkin f5d7230-4 router

my internet modem is webstar DPC2100R2

what do I need to do? I opened the ports 6112-6119 on my router previously and no soup.


p.s. I have an xp, vista, and xbox360 connnected to the router.

A:Hosting on warcraft 3 tft

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I have warcraft 3 frozen throne and i used to host games on it with the correct ports open and everything.

I can no longer host and i get an error message suggesting to open port 6112. I have opened port 6112 on my router as well as my windows firewall. still i couldn't host. I then turned off all my software firewalls to check if that was blocking but it still wouldn't work.

I can access my server from inside my home network but other people outside can't get in. Im am therefore assumming it would be my router...

ugh... im really frusterated... any advice?

A:Warcraft 3 HOSTING

Ya, make sure that the router is forwarding it to the correct computer. Some routers, when rebooted, lose the info, and send it to a different ip. Although you say you can access the server from inside the network...do you mean from another computer on the lan? If that's the case, then remove the router from the equation, and see if anyone can connect then. At least that way it will eliminate the router as a problem.


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I know their has been alot of this but i really really need help on hosting WcIII TFT. iv been playing for a few years and i always wanted to make a game of my own then just having too join one every time.

I got a Linksys router , Vista Xp , I tried some guides into hosting but they have all failed soo my friend told me about this site and im trying it out right now.

so is their anyone here in the forums able too help me on this problems with steps and such? or give me screen shots and proof that they hosted . Thank you <3


A:Warcraft 3 TFT : Hosting

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Hey everyone i just recently got a new Dlink DVA-G3810B Router.
Now i have already forwarded my ports so they are open.
And am using a Static ip.
Now for some strange reason i still cant host!!
It worked for a little bit but i accadently set it back to fractory default and cant remember what i did to get it to work.
Any ideas?

Ports already forwarded and Ip is static.

Running for Windows 7 ultimate (X64 bit)
And all my specs are much above the recommended.

Help will be appreciated.

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Just wondering, can you host a warcraft 3 ROC & FT game with your adaptor or do you need a router?

Id appreciate it if you can tell me becuase im really interested to see if i can hosta game with a adaptor

A:Warcraft 3 hosting question

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I just cant figure out the whole windows vista open port issue for warcraft 3. I was wondering if someone could tell me how to open ports.

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Hello i'm new to the forums and I was wondering if you guys can help me with my hosting issue. I have a linksys router WRT54G and have already forwarded the ports 6112-6119 for my computer's ip address. I haven't been able to still host when all firewalls are down....I'm REALLY FRUSTRATED haha I just would like a little bit of help thats all .


A:Warcraft 3 hosting issue

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Before I reformatted my computer everything was fine people were joining left and right but after reformat I've had problems because no one can join my game. I tried the method you guys showed me but some how it doesn't seem to work at all.. hopefully there is a solution to fix this problem

oh and my router is Linksys WRT54GP2 followed every step I can but still won't work.

IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway

I used http://www.whatsmyip.org/ports/
and port 6112-6119 says timeout battle.net
and http://www.grc.com/ says my 6112-6119 port is in Stealth.

DHCP range of the router is to
and using AVG AntiiVirus and Spybot Search & Destroy

thanks for reading hopefully there is a way to fix this problem!

A:Warcraft 3 Hosting problem

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Ok, so I have read all of the other posts, and tried most of their suggestions, and I still cannot get my hosting to work. I have ports 6112-6119 opened on my router, and also I read to try a few other ports, 116 and 118. I opened the ports on my firewall as well, and I don't think that's the problem because I still cannot host with my firewall off. My modem is an Arris TM602G/CT. I think that the problem may be somewhere in there because I am pretty sure my ISP doesn't block the ports since I have friends that host with the same ISP, and they also have similar linksys routers that I set up for them the same way I set up mine. If anybody could show me how to set up my modem, or configure things another way so that it would work, please let me know, because I have been working on this for a while and am stuck.


A:Warcraft 3 Hosting Problems

What is the make and model of your router?
On the status page, take note of the WAN or Internet IP address that is listed in the router. Then go to www.portforward.com and check the external IP address listed there. Are they the same or different?

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Hi i have been hosting warcraft games for about 6 months and then i got a problem. I can still host but now whenever i host a game as soon as it begins random people are disonnected. The only thing i changed was installing AVG antispyware. How do i fix this?
Thankyou in advance for ur time and imput

A:Warcraft 3 hosting issue


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I want to be able to host, but my computer won't let me (i have vista). I have no clue how to make it able to host so please tell me what to do so i can host.

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Hi, my problem here is that I cannot host for Warcraft III: TFT/RoC.

First off, I could not host at all (no router yet). Then I got a Netgear router and I could host afterwards. But later my computer had some problems and it didn't work at all, so I had to reformat. After I reformatted, (still Netgear) I could no longer host. I thought it was my router problem, so I went to buy a new router -- Linksys WRT54GX4 -- but it still did not work.

Any ides ? Thanks in advance.

A:Warcraft III: Hosting Problem

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latley i was hosting a few games on warcraft 3 and people were complaining about lag in everyone, not image lag, but delay and stuff like that. I have a Dlink 704p router and a Motorola surfboard, and i was able to host just fine about a week ago, but now everyone is lagging. Any help would be appreicated

A:Slow hosting on Warcraft 3

bump for help :/

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okay so i have a dell dimension 3000 and speedstrean 5100 modem. along with it i got a new belkin router. i use to host on wc3 using my modem only and so when i got the new router i went to port-forward.com and followed the instructions EXACTLY to no avail. can anyone help?

A:Warcraft III Hosting Problem


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I am haveing alot of trouble Hosting a game on Warcraft 3.
I have read past topic on this within these forums and i still cant seem to get it working.
i have a linksys WRT56G
i have done all the port forwarding and even the static ip thingy.
Still nothing is working for me
I used to be able to Host custom B.net games before
But i reseted my routor to store defualts awhile back and now nothing works
i have internet yes.
but as for the hosting.
It wont happen for some odd reason.=\
If anyone can guild me though on how to do this correctly it would a huge help for me



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Same old problem that many have, though haven't found anyone using the same Router as me.

Router: SpeedTouch 510
Game: Warcraft 3 TFT
Port (that needs to be open): 6112
Anti Virus: Avast (Before Avast, McAfee)
Extra thing: Spybot

I've followed the portforwarding guide from Portforward.com, and that didnt seem to work, Ive also tried to connect to a ethernet cable (isnt that the name?) and I still cant seem to be able to do it.

So if someone got any tips or something that would be useful.

(Sorry to once again bother with PortForwarding)


A:Solved: Warcraft 3 Hosting (again)

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I have been trying to figure this out myself through tutorials and guides on how to host a game on the game Warcraft 3 for the computer, but so far I cannot seem to get anything to work. Here are my computer specs:

Gateway Desktop Computer
Windows XP
108mbps Netgear Router Version WGT624 v4
DSL Modem Actiontec Model# GT701R
Fire Fox & Internet Explorer
Trend Micro Antivirus Plus Antispyware
Spy Sweeper
Only one computer used, other then a PS3 and iPod Touch using the wireless

(If you need any other info just ask.)

Here is how my internet is configured:

Firewall wise, I have gone into my Windows XP Firewall(On) settings and done the following.
Put an exception for Warcraft 3 with the port number 6112 TCP.
In the actual game I have the options of the port set to 6112
On my Netgear Router I have these settings:
Warcraft 3

I do not know what else to do to host! Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


A:Solved: Warcraft 3 Hosting

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I've tried searching the internet for solutions to my warcraft 3 hosting problem, but I still haven't been able to make it work. I've tried everything I could find, things like portforwarding and adding port exceptions and warcraft to my windows firewall + McAfee. I'm using a Netgear WNR2000 router. Could someone help me find what is stopping me from hosting on WC3?

A:Warcraft 3 hosting problems

Hi natont, and welcome to TSG.

If you are connecting to the Internet through some type of residential broadband service, your service provider may not allow residential customers to run any kind of servers and may be blocking incoming connections to typical port numbers used by such servers. If that is the case here, the site rules prohibit assisting with bypassing such restrictions.

You mention you tried port forwarding, but did not give the details. Assuming you are using some kind of modem/router in addition to the Netgear WNR2000 router, the modem/router might also need to have port forwarding added.

Sorry to report that most of the people here are not clairvoyant and have no idea what you may have actually tried when you say, "I've tried everything I could find." It would help us to help you if you give more details (like if you are using a static IP address on your LAN for the server and the specific port numbers being forwarded) on what you have tried.

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Guys, I know you're probably tired of hearing the same old "I CANT HOST HELP ME" yelling and screaming. So I am truely sorry. I had high speed wireless internet installed today. I love it. I load up WC3 and try to host DotA (a custom map) and no one joins. I know this is the sign of not being able to host. I checked my port and it's set to the default 6112. Windows Firewall is set to let WC3:TFT have free roam of the network. Nobody would join even with the Windows Firewall disabled so that can't be the problem. And here's the catcher...I have no router. My wireless is received by, get this, a receiver. Lol. goes through a direct ethernet cable through the ceiling and down to my computer into a 3Com Gigabit LOM. (on-board) If you guys have got any ideas they would be amazing.
Thanks, Tamarzan.

A:Solved: Warcraft 3:TFT hosting

i dont get the "solved: " bit

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Hey. I have been hosting warcraft III for ages and it has always worked fine. I have forwarded all the correct ports needed for the game. But since coming on the computer yesterday, i haven't been able to host at all. No one can see or join the game. All i can think of changing since that time is maybe a windows update or something. Anyone know of anything i could try or how to fix it? All help is extremely appreciated because this is doing by head in!

A:Warcraft III Hosting issues

Have you tried disabling your firewall? Have you tried plugging your computer directly into your modem?

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i made it for you people.. incase there is a noob besides my self who needs it.......good luck!

A:warcraft 3 hosting tutorial


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I feel like ive tried just about everything, so im looking for tech. support.
Im using a Netgear Router version RP614.
I did the steps of -
-Default Gateway (Which I got)
-Put it through the address in Internet Explorer
-Got in the control area
-Added ports, Start: 6112; End: 6119
-Put in my IP address for the Server.
-Then clicked Add

I tried to host after this, but it still wouldnt work.
Any suggestions?


A:Hosting Problems for Warcraft 3

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I am new to the forums so please excuse any mistakes i make.
When i'm playing warcraft 3 online i cannot host a game. No one can access the game that i have created.
I have opened the ports on my firewall (AVG 7.5 internet security) and my router (Linksys WRT54G)

Why isnt it working?

A:Warcraft 3 Hosting Problems

Help anyone?

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im having problems hosting, it won;t allow me to host any games, i have a intellinet router, i've looked at sites about changing the input and out put of the routers but it was for diffrent brands, also on warcraft i've changed the port to 9112 cuase people have told me that might work but it didn't it use to be 6112, could anybody help me out, also i am clueless in how or wut to do when changing the config of the router so it would allow me to host games!
aim: bball0076
help would be apreicated

A:Warcraft 3 hosting problem

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I used to be able to host warcraft iii games a month ago no problem

now i can host them - but some random time within the first 1-10minutes every1 disconnects

>Rogers Cable, Window XP<

i tryed unplugging my cable modem and plugging it back in
and i tryed setting my computer back a month but nothing works

anyone know how i can fix this problem? It'd help alot ^^ Thanks

A:Warcraft 3 Hosting Problems

well, many factors can cause it. NAT for one, firewalls, connection speed, the ISPs themselves.

I would suggest get someone else to host a game and see if you get the same problems. If not then we would know that it's your machine.

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It seems I cant host on WC3...I've tried the port forwarding 6112 on my router and followed all the steps of most youtube videos that explain how to do this and it still doesn't work. I also made exceptions for those ports on my firewall and even turned it off for a brief time to test it, and nothing....please if anyone can help it would be most appreciated!

A:Solved: Warcraft 3 hosting problems

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Erm, as the title says...I've tried everything I've found on Blizzard..

I've switched direct connection to the Cable modem, (so no router firewall) and...still, I can't seem to host games. I've opened up ports 4000, and 6112-6119 both TCP and UDP in the Windows XP firewall. I wasted my time doing that, it doesn't help.

Meh, and also...

Well, before when I was connected to the router (I'm gonna be reconnected to the router again in a few days), I would always lag out of ALL custom games excluding Tides of Blood. Why only Tides of Blood? Well, now I can play...

And, when I was playing Defense of the Ancients, I would always be in the game for *EXACTLY* five minutes, and it would say, that horrid message, "You were disconnected."

I'm annoyed, can anyone help?
P.S. I'd rather be able to host games first, so if you could fix that problem for me, that would be helpful!


A:Solved: Warcraft III RoC/TFT Game Hosting, etc.

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Hey so I used to not be able to host in Warcraft 3 but I followed all the directions on PortForward.com and now I can kinda host but not really lol.

I make a game and no one can join unless my game is minimized. Then when I maximize back into the game they all get kicked and no one can join again untill I minimize.

Anyone have an idea as to whats wrong? Im using Windows Vista also.

A:Weird Warcraft 3 Hosting problem

Download and install the PF port checker to see if the ports are really open.

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Guys, I know you're probably tired of hearing the same old "I CANT HOST HELP ME" yelling and screaming. So I am truely sorry. I had high speed wireless internet installed today. I love it. I load up WC3 and try to host DotA (a custom map) and no one joins. I know this is the sign of not being able to host. I checked my port and it's set to the default 6112. Windows Firewall is set to let WC3:TFT have free roam of the network. Nobody would join even with the Windows Firewall disabled so that can't be the problem. And here's the catcher...I have no router. My wireless is received by, get this, a receiver. Lol. goes through a direct ethernet cable through the ceiling and down to my computer into a 3Com Gigabit LOM. (on-board) If you guys have got any ideas they would be amazing.
Thanks, Tamarzan.

A:Solved: Warcraft 3 TFT hosting problems.

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Hi. I have a strange problem with hosting games of Warcraft 3, the Frozen Throne. I'm running
-Windows XP sp2.
-windows firewall is disabled.
-cable modem
-behind a router (Netgear MR814v2).
-Warcraft 3 is set to use port 6112.
-My router is set to forward traffic on port 6112 to my computer.

Ok so at first everything seems normal. I start wc3, host a game on Bnet, people join, and everybody's happy. Game ends. Heres where things get interesting:

I host another game. Nobody can join. I exit bnet, restart wc3, and host another game. Nobody can join. I alt tab, switch the port forwarding from port 6112 to port 6111 and immediately afterwards people fill up the game. I leave the game, host another, and 50% of the time nobody can join. Alt tab, open router config again, switch BACK port to 6112. 50% of the time people can join. Exit bnet, start bnet, host a game, and people can join again.

I don't understand this at all. Port 6111 is just a random port, I think I could instead switch it from 6112 to 7713 or X random port and it would have the same effect. All of my other programs that need ports forwarded work just fine and I have no software or hardware firewalls.
What I've tried:
-I have tried forwarding ports 6111-6119 or whatever is recommended, that didn't work.
-I have tried turning off forwarding altogether, didn't work.
-I have tried changing the port wc3 uses. didn't work.
-I have tried a different ethernet card. didn't wo... Read more

A:Strange & Unique Warcraft 3 hosting problem.


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So I used to play and host warcraft 3 games with xp couple months ago. One month ago, I installed vista... So again forwarded ports but it seemed like it was more complicated with vista. I dont remember how i finally did to been able to host but.. I was able to host like 3-4 weeks then problem came back (I couldnt host again). I dont know if its cause i downloaded service pack 2... or some other update but.. even with ports forwarded (I use linksys), with firewall disabled... and i tried with dmz enable.. it still doesnt work... I disabled windows defender.... still doesnt work. Then i found something strange in my ipconfig cmd (well i think its anormal)

When i type /ipconfig it do errors like this

I have no anti-virus at all... and Ive been looking on several forums to find someone with same problem but no one could answer

So do you think there is a problem in that cmd config?
Should i try reinstalling wc3? or should i try update to windows 7?


A:The famous warcraft hosting problems with Vista

Running a PC with out an active Anti Virus means you are committing suicide with your PC. It will die. No A/V could be your problem now.


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I apologize for the caps on title, but I wanted to make sure this was seperated from other warcraft 3 posts, and that future searches like mine will turn this up.

The Problem:

I cannot host warcraft 3 maps. The original problem to which im addressing is the issu that I follow steps at portforward.com but the results are different than they have been in the past. Likely because of the different router. My second problem opens when I decide to take the router out of the picture and go with a direct connection from modem to PC. This unfortunately, and to my surprise - doesn't work.

Stumbling onto this site through google, where someone with a linksys router has an issue, I decided to post.

My router: Linksys Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router (please explain dual band vs regular router too if you can.)
Model #: WRT320N

My moden: Provided by CoxCable in northern Florida the Identification is as follows...
Model #TM602G
Company: ARRIS
What I have tried so far:

I made static ip with last digits being only 101-110
Logged into my router and opened ports 6112-6119 for war3
Installed the port checker only to find ports closed. However, ports are reported opened when directly connected to modem. Otherwise they are closed.
In all situations I have had my firewalls both off and on. All exceptions made. Using McAfee for protection
Any quick reply would be appreciated, thanks.

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im using a wireless internet card (2wire USB wireless LAN card) my ip is currently private and im not sure if thats the problem, if it is is there a way to change the settings from this computer and not the computer with the modem plugged into it, because i doubt ill be able to access the computer with the modem because my mom will think im doing something that will mess up the computer or something (even though i have a A+ computer matenence and repair certifiecation) also if theres anything else that could be the problem other then my ip being private let me know thanks.

A:Solved: Need help hosting on warcraft 3 frozen throne

nevermind i found a link on here that fixed the problem i can host now thanks

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I've set up my router to allow players to join the game, download and everything goes fine, but once the game actually starts, all players(Save for myself, of course) are dropped from the game. Makes for bad games, lemme tell ya.

I've looked online for an answer, through forums, used search on this forum, and haven't found anything. Seems my problem is unique, go me. -.-

Any help would be appreciated,


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I did all of this, and fixed my Windows Firewall, can someone step me through what to do, I am still unable to host games!

A:Warcraft 3 Hosting Issue (Firewall, Port)

do you have a firewall aswell as a router ?if so. i think you need to forward that aswell
*edit* oops i never read through properly

erm then i guess i dont no

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as of last week, i have not been able to host, but any time before that, i have...

i have tryed turning off, and disabling my firewall,

reforwarding my ports many times...

and have no idea what to do, please help!

A:Solved: Warcraft III frozen throne hosting problems

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