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speakers randomly wont work sometimes on laptop but external will sometime work

Q: speakers randomly wont work sometimes on laptop but external will sometime work

A few days ago i had to reinstall my sound driver after updating windows and sometimes if i take out my speakers out of the speaker jack my speakers on the laptop wont work sometimes without shutting down my music program or it will be vise versa please help me out

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Preferred Solution: speakers randomly wont work sometimes on laptop but external will sometime work

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I turned off the internal speakers on my Presario c700 laptop and hoping that my external speakers would work. However, they work when it comes to the click sounds of the computer but not music or anything else that is on. Please help.

Farmer Jo

A:External Speakers wont work

This is Farmer Jo again. I figured it out. Thanks to any of you who attempted to help.

Farmer Jo

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Hi all,

I have a Dell XPS M1330 laptop and have recently upgraded to windows 7 professional (32bit) from windows vista. Everything seems to be running smoothly except I can get no sound from the internal laptop speakers. When I plug in external speakers in via the jacks on the front, sound comes through fine, but as soon as I unplug them there is nothing. Headphones also work like this too. Under sounds in device manager, it simply says 'High Definition Audio Device', and I'm not sure if I should be downloading some other drivers?

Any advice is welcome!

A:External Speakers work, Laptop speakers do not

What do you have set as your default sound device? Mine is set to my external speakers.

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When I hook my laptop up to an external monitor and speakers the speakers don't work. I checked the speakers on another laptop and the speakers do work. The laptop speakers only work when not hooked up to monitor with an HDMI cable. I have a Dell laptop that i hooked up with the same monitor, HDMI cable, and speakers and they all work fine. Please help. thanks

A:External speakers don't work with laptop

Hi, How do you connect them now (monitor and laptop) ? Please note: DVI and VGA cables don't carry sound. Regards.

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Alright, I've been trying to find anyone with a similar problem, tried some different things but none worked.
I have a jack on the side of the laptop as usual, where I plug my headphones which do work perfectly. The laptop's internal speakers also work. The problem comes when I try to plug in external speakers. So far I've tried 3 sets, 2 of them with a jack plug and one with a normal USB plug. The issue is with all 3 that only one half works properly, the other is very quiet and distorted. I've also tried streaming sound onto my phone and plugging the speakers into the phone itself, but same deal as before.

Is it a hardware issue? If yes, why do headphones and the internal speakers work?

If anyone has any ideas I'd be thankful.

I'm running windows 10 home 64bit on a Lenovo y500

A:Can't get external speakers to work properly on laptop

It is common to find that different jack plugs have slightly different sizes and tolerances, and some connect better than others, and also that the sockets on laptops are subject to wear, and will lose some connectivity with one or both channels. If you can find an adapter - with a short length of cable for strain relief, and preferably an angled male plug connector - that fits well to both to the laptop and headphones, but also to external speakers, that may be a solution.

Some audio control panels allow for output to other sockets, if the audio chip is capable - for instance not only the headphone jack but also the microphone jack, which may be less worn, and may be a better connection for your speaker jacks - at the loss of an external microphone connection. This may not be an option on some laptops.

Otherwise, the socket on the laptop may need to be replaced or adjusted so that the contacts connect all of your plugs equally well - a delicate job best performed by a qualified repair technician. Laptop motherboards are quite flimsy, and movement of the jack through strain on the headphone cable etc., can cause board cracking and solder joint or copper trace failures.

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Ok i have a dell latitude c400 laptop

When i go to device manager and check sound ,video and game controllers and press the + sign the following things come down


I did the basic things going to audio control and un-mute everything and put it on full and then checked my laptop for volume button there was none except for a keyboard command to adjust volume i set it to high.

There is nothing wrong with the sound card (no yellow exlamation mark)

Speakers worked till 2 weeks ago (System restore is not a option)

Im working on a windows xp pro (No driver Cd and not a funtional CD DRIVE on the laptp anyway)
The speakers seem to work when i enter system restore it makes a loud beep noise so im guessing the speakers are still working?


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I've had an external monitor hooked up to my laptop for ages, showing duplicate screen
--same screen as laptop. Now suddently it went blank, The monitor works fine.

How do I get it to show the laptop screen again. I went to control pannel and display and properties and it seems to be monitor 2. If I click the extend desktop box, I get my screensaver on the external but nothing else-- it doesn't change when my laptop display does.

I could really use the monitor back. Any help would be welcome.

Thanks in advance

A:external monitor wont work with laptop anymore

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Got a second hand 40gb hard drive for my smasung vm7000 as the one its got is tiny. When inserted hard drive into lappy it comes up with disk read error press control alot del. However if put this in external closure works fine. This hd has win xp on it and still has some docs on it which the seller has asked me to copy to cd for him. Do I need to formatt and reload xp on it to work. Please help guys as am trying to give an aging laptop a new lease of life(and yes im upgrading the ram)

A:Solved: hard drive wont work in laptop but will work externelly

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Our windows 10 computer says wi-fi is connected but it won't load websites. Have full bars and works fine on laptop. Internet service provider is Winstream. Possible command prompt fix available?

A:Wifi wont work on desktop x64 hp pc but will work on laptop.

I believe it's a usb router linksys wireless g usb connection.

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I tried the sfc/scannow and a reboot to no avail. My external speakers work in test but not with a youtube etc. video. If i go to control panel>speakers>right click on realtek speakers.select show disabled devices>configure I get the windows cannot find rundll 32.exe\system 32 message...help

A:External speakers won't work

Originally Posted by largal

I tried the sfc/scannow and a reboot to no avail. My external speaker work in test but not with a youtube etc. video. If i go to control panel>speakers>right click on realtek speakers.select show disabled devices>configure I get the windows cannot find rundll 32.exe\system 32 message...help

It's .... rundll32.exe ...... ONE WORD
system32 ........ ONE WORD

Just for the heck of it, would you mind try this ?......
Start > in the search box, type system32 > press Enter key > in the System32 window, top right, in the search box, type rundll32.exe
Does the system find it ?

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I can't figure out what is going on with my new speakers. I JUST got them for my birthday and they work when they want to. The only thing that helps them work is if i restart the computer and they will work for hours, or maybe a few minutes you never know. I'm dying to get this solved because my Husband is deployed to Afghanistan and I try to talk to him on skype so our children can see him, But We can't hear him because of these DAMN speakers. PLEASE help Sn: They are logitech external speakers for a desktop. They are a week old and have been doing this since i took them out of the package. Thanks so much

A:My NEW Speakers wont work!

Welcome to TSG forums.
Please pass my thanks on to your husband for his service to our country,...
If you go into device manager, do they show up there? You might double check to be sure they are plugged into the correct place.....

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i recently had everything on my computer deleted, and now that i have it working again my speakers will not work, i went to the hardware wizard to try and re-install them, but it says that the proper software was not detected, what do i do?

A:My speakers wont work

well, you need to know which type of audio controller is on ur pc.
Unless you've got ur motherboard disk on which the driver could be found
you can try go for driver update while connected to internet or go to your manufacturer site for appropriate download.

To uninstall the current driver run devmgmt.msc
U can also use some softwares like driver magician to find the appropriate one
I hope this helps

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ok so once again im back with problems......its with my old 2003 dell....speakers wont work...all i know is that they were working fine till it told me to do a chkdsk when i tryed to defrag......so i did it.....it didnt take all that long but now my speakers will not play sound....of any kind....not windows media player not vlc not youtube not itunes not quicktime....yes i checked the service is running...and they are turned on.....but im thinking is that once again chkdsk deleted some filed and this time it went for my audio drivers....is there any way to check to see? im really wanting sound back.....

A:speakers wont work

Hi -Do you have the CD for XP -Go Start>Run , type or copy/paste in:sfc /scannowClick OK .Have Windows CD handy . If System File Checker (sfc) will find any errors, it may ask you for the CD.Thank You -

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I recently had to buy a new harddrive for my 1.5 year old laptop so then i had to reinstall windows..... i have installed all the drivers and everything but now my speakers do not work (meaning my internal speakers in the laptop)
My laptop is a HP 530. any help or adivice? Thanx.

A:My speakers wont work?

Have you downloaded the latest drivers from the HP website? If so check in Device Manager and see if they have a "?" at the name.

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My computer had a virus - had to delete everything and start from scratch. Computer works fine but the speakers don't

A:Speakers wont work

You have to install your sound driver. Is it a on board sound? if so you can get the driver from the Mfg. site> can you post your computer specs?

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My speakers fell down and im sure i connected eveything the right way, when i turn them on all i here is a loud buzzing sound and i cant hear any thing else. I really wanna fix the speakers so i can listen to my cds. What should i do??

A:My speakers wont work?

If you get a loud buzzing sound, it possibly means that the jacks aren't fully inserted into the sockets or that they are too close together

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Hi guys,
I have a new Zoostorm pc hooked up to my Philips LCD tv. I've followed the tv instructions to connect the pc and sound, but it's not working. I was told by the Zoostorm support person that they don't test their machines on tv's, so can't advise me. He did say that my graphics card doesn't support sound, so the HDMI cable isn't the problem.
I've been through DOZENS of sites & posts, following all the advice - enabeling the HD sound option, updating drivers, rebooting - I can't even remember most of it, there's been so much I bought a 3.5mm cable but this hasn't worked. I tried the red and white plugs aswell (sorry, can't remember what they're called) but they didn't work either. I even went so far as to buy a seperate sound card, but this is having the same problem - the external speakers work fine, so I know it's not the pc thats the problem, but I can't get sound from the tv.
One post (somewhere) suggested that the BIOS isn't configured correctly. I'm starting to think this is correct, as both onboard and seperate sound won't work. But the external speakers work, so is it the tv? I don't think it is though, because I had the same problem with my kids pc last year (another Zoostorm, different brand LCD).
I'm at my wits end here This pc is meant for watching movies etc. and is kind of useless atm. If I can't get this working, I'll have to replace t... Read more

A:No sound to TV, external speakers work

Sooooo, any ideas? Anyone?
I really need help with this. I've exhausted all my ideas, and I'm not finding any others online that I haven't already tried.

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Hi, I have an HP Pavilion Slimline and everything was fine prior to a move 3 weeks ago. Now I get sound from my headphones but nothing from my speakers, I tried not only the speakers I used before, but a set I had hooked to a TV and nada, Both work well attached to my lap top. I bought a set of wireless speakers from Circuit city and still nothing.

I have run every diagnostic test I can find and everything says my puter is operating at 100%. I uninstalled and reinstalled RealTec and no difference.

Sure hope someone can help, as I think this is a silly reason to have to purchase a new puter, especially since this one is only a little over a year old.

Oh, the only thing different is that I switched from FIOS to Cox cable when I moved.
Thxs for the help ( He says hopefully)


A:headphones work but external speakers don't

Are you testing the headphones in the same output as the speakers? I'd guess not, which would indicate that output is faulty.

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I have a new Acer Laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. My internal speakers work fine. I have 2 different sets of external speakers that work just fine on my other computers running on Windows XP. Both sets of speakers are plug n play so there are no drivers. I've seen postings all over the internet about this problem. Contacted Microsoft Windows about it and they say I must pay them $49 for 30 minutes to work on the problem when in fact they CAUSED the problems with Windows 7. I've had responses from MS techs that assume I don't know what I am doing. They suggest things that do not work and their final suggestion has been "make sure they are plugged in". My gosh, where do these techs come from? I believe the only ones with the real fix is Microsoft but it will take them TIME, and then they'll have to have a Update Fix somewhere down the road.

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I recently upgraded from a Gateway XP machine to a Gateway VISTA x64 machine. I thought that I would be able to just utilize the same external speaks (boston accoustic) on the new machine. After going round and round with Gateway support (deleted Realtek drivers, reinstalling, checking speaker settings, looking to see if volume was on mute, and on and on) I was told that the old speakers were not compatible with 64 bit processing. I was forced to use the wimpy speakers that came with the unit. Can anyone help me figure out how to use the old 2.1 boston accoustic speakers that are better? I'm new to vista also.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:External Speakers do not work with Vista X64

feebo welcome to the forums.

First let me say that the "techs" at Gateway are complete MORONS. They only way they could even be remotely correct is if your speaker set is USB, if they connect to a sound card (onboard in your case or an actual card) then 64 or 32 bit makes zero difference.

Next if you haven't check in the Vista sound settings and make sure that it is set to 5.1 (right click the speaker icon in the systray and select Playback Devices, click on Speakers and make sure it is set as default, then click on Configure and make sure it is set to 5.1). Next check the levels of each speaker (and yes they can change independently of the sound card configuration settings),

Also make sure that you have all the connections (assuming a front rear and center jack from the speakers) plugged in correctly to the sound card, then check the settings in the Realtek controls.

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Since the some updates ago or so my external Bose Companion 2 speakers plugged in in the ear phones output in the Acer Aspire E 15 (Acer E5-573) do not work anymore, no sound, a hum. Eear phones do work. The speakers do as well.

I have deinstalled and reinstalled differet Audio_Realtek drivers,
e.g. from here:

After deinstalling the drivers and restarting the Notebook the hum of the spekers before was gone and there was a new, third item:
After installing one of the above drivers and restarting the Notebook it has disappeared and the hum was sounding again.

What can I do to make the speakres work again?

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I just got a new computer, it s os is windows vista. I cannot get my old speakers to work. They are Altec lansings Avs300. what am i doing wrong

A:Solved: Speakers wont work

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i recently restarted my windows xp and now my speakers dont work. ive got an idea why but i need a real reason why and need to know how to fix it

A:my speakers wont freicken work help me

Welcome to Techspot! Milk it for all it's worth!

Well, hmm, speakers......

I suppose the easiest thing to do is try another pair of speakers, or headphones, to see if the computer still has audio output.
Then you can try your speakers on another working PC to see if they still have output.

Once you find out if it's your speakers, OR computer, we can go from there. And if it's your speakers, and unless you have super-expensive speakers, better just replace them.

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Hey there, after i got a blue screen my speakers and headset stopped working. No sound is produced by them and i have unplugged them and plugged them again. I can't figure out what the problem is Thanks in advance.

A:Speakers and Headset wont work

Quote: Originally Posted by HugMePl0x

Hey there, after i got a blue screen my speakers and headset stopped working. No sound is produced by them and i have unplugged them and plugged them again. I can't figure out what the problem is Thanks in advance.

Hi HugMePl0x,

Please follow the article for posting BSOD information:

BSOD - Posting Instructions

Also, you might need to update the sound drivers for your system. Kindly update your system specs here by following this.

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.

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Mu computer speakers will not work there is no volume icon in my task bar. Also when i go into sounds and audio devices i cant use any of the device volume or speaker setting buttons. Last my computer is telling me all my audio drivers are installed. I also tried reinstalling drivers numerous times. I would greatly appreciate any help.

A:Computer speakers wont work

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There was a powerout for like 1 sec, the power went on again.
My PC reset and the speakers wont play any sound.

I made sure its all plugged in and on, nothing is muted.
Did everything in the windows troubleshoot guide.

Rolled back drivers, reinstalled drivers.
I have no idea what it is.

I was just watching a movie on here before it reset.
Any idea what I do?

The lights are on them, and when i turn them off and then back on you can hear them turn on. Ive rebooted several times, I am lost.

It just started working after I rebooted like 10 times.

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I recently upgraded to windows 8 pro 32 bit.
For a month there were no problems.
But one sunday afternoon i was watching some movie on my laptop and suddenly the speakers stopped working.
I restarted it, but to no avail.
However my headphones still work, and so do external speakers work.

I tried reinstalling audio drivers frm the mfg's website-Didn't help.
I tried System restore to a point where i knew my speakers were working-Didn't help.
I even tried refreshing windows 8-Didn't help.

After almost a week now my speakers still do not work and only my headphones work.
If somebody have any solution to it kindly do help.

I recently updated Nvidia Graphics Drivers in order to play COD BO2
If it has any relevance to my problem.
Thank You all in advance

A:My Headphones will work but speakers wont.

Check the Sound/Playback panel. Your "speakers" should be set as the default playback device.

I have a Z560 but it has Intel, not NVIDIA graphics.

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i just made a custom computer from newegg and for some reason i have been having trouble with my Gigaware 2.1 speakers i have all the drives and updates. but they worked yesterday when i got up this morning and i turned on my computer they stopped working.and i also use windows 7 64-bit. could anyone help me?

A:Gigaware 2.1 speakers wont work.

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I have a dell inspiron 1545 laptop. My warranty just expired and my speakers stopped working. when i diagnose them on my computer it says everything is fine. Ive reinstalled my drivers and there isnt anything wrong in the device manager. if i plug in my headphones i can hear. Please tell me this is something i can fix! thanks so much!

A:Speakers wont work but headphones do

how do the headphones attach - are they USB..??

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Left pc on during the night to finish an update, in the morning it had restarted itself and now the external speakers don't work.
Sound works through headset but not the speakers.

Nothing appears to be muted, i've tried to update drivers for the "audio devices" through control panel but returns
with "drivers appear to be up to date"

Vista Ultimate 64
i7 quad core
6gb ram
ati radeon hd4870
ATI HD audio device
realtek HD audio
-not a laptop-

I've restarted the computer, checked the updates the device drivers both the ATI/realtek ones and they came back saying already up to date.

I usually run the computer with both external speakers and a headset plugged in, when using the headset i simply turn down the speakers. I have unplugged both to see if it would change anything but still the external speakers don't make a sound.

I've noticed that when i click on the volume mixer, there is some sort of odd graphical glitch where the text on screen is random and the slider icons bugged.

Apologizes if this is all a bit vague, but any idea's how to fix this?

A:Vista updated, now my external speakers don't work

First fix the problem by using System restore from the time prior to the update, then post for more help.
We will need to know which updates were uninstalled.

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I just purchased a Logitech Z323 speaker system for my Hp Pavilion 27-a230 all-in-one. I connected it to the headphone/mike jack on the botton but all sound is still coming from the internal speakers. What am I doing wrong?

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I just got my grandmas old computer, and i restored the system because of all the useless junk she had on it. When i did that, i must have uninstalled the audio for the computer. Now my sound wont work. Can someone please help me?? Thanks!

A:JBL platinum series speakers wont work. *HELP!*

You need to install the motherboard and chipset and other drivers but we can't help you fiond them because you have told us nothing about the computer but it is old.

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Hi! I have HP Probook4540s - Intel i5 - 3210M  &  8GB Ram.This issue is with the audio. The speakers don't work until I plugged in the headphones into the jack, and the funny thing is, after plugging in, the headphones don't work only speakers do. This is an old issue. I think its an operating system issue, It would be solved after reinstalling it, but the problem is still there. I tried every possible solution available on the internet. I don't know how I got this issue. When I update my BIOS from Version:F.60 A  to Version:F.61 Rev.A , after that I start getting this issue. I am not sure if it's a BIOS issue.Please help....

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On the new hardware wizard for the speakers it installs but when its done it says it can't start error code 10. The PC I'm putting it on is running sp3.

A:tried to hook up speakers to winxp but it wont work

What driver are you trying to install?

Make and model number of your PC?

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I have had this desktop for years without any issues. I use external speakers connected to the audio jack in the back. Once you plug in external speakers (or headset), the internal speakers get disabled as expected. Last night my PC automatically installed the Windows Anniversary Update (Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607). After this update, now both my internal speakers and external speakers are working at the same time! I cannot seem to disable the internal speakers without also disabling my external speakers. Lowering the volume affects both sets of speakers as well. I tried disabling audio and re-enabling but that didn?t help. How can I get back to my original audio behavior where connecting the external speakers (or headset) to the back 3.5mm jack would automatically disable the internal speakers? Thanks.

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I have an external speaker that, for some unknown reason, I have to plug it into the "headphones" jack in the front of my desktop pc. But when I'm through using it, I unplug it so our puppy won't accidentally ruin it while smashing into it while "playing" with our other dog. I don't know if it makes any difference whether I disable the audio before I unplug it or not. I haven't been (disabling the audio first). But everytime (actually only the second time it's happened) I plug the speaker back in, I don't get any sound, even with turning the audio way up. So, I've had to access the "Sound troubleshooter". Then after awhile it works. It should always work. So this time I disabled the audio, from the system tray icon, and will try plugging the speaker in again and then enabling the audio. We'll see, will let y'all know what the outcome is and if I need any more help.

A:Audio doesn't work when I plug in the external speakers into...

Well, I tried turning it off (the audio), then unplugging the external speaker. Then did more stuff - can't remember what all I did, though . Then, I unplugged it without disabling the audio, and plugging it back it and it works. But if, for some reason, it doesn't work again after awhile I'll try something else and let y'all know (And I'll try to remember what I did. Better yet, I'll try to remember to take screen shots of what I did to make it work ALL the time and EVERY time I plug it back in. Here's hoping!

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Since restoring my laptop to factory settings (to solve another problem) it no longer recognises my external speakers when I plug them in, and I can't get any sound out of them.

I have checked and the speakers work fine with other devices.

A:My Satellite R830 doesn't work with external speakers


Do you get an sound using headphones or internal speakers?
Did you check if ?Mute? is not enabled?

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The Problem:

when I do a sound test, I can hear the audio in the speakers. However when I try to play a midi file, or a DVD, the movie plays, but NO SOUND.

Usually if the sound test works, the audio plays in the speakers. So I am not sure what is happening here.

The History of the issue:

I Upgraded my emachine from Vista to Windows 7. I went to the Emachine website to update the audio drivers. The drivers that Emachine has are outdate.

I went to the Realteck website and downloaded the newest drivers.

I noticed in the device manager that their is a NVIDIA High Definition Audio, and a Realtek High Definition Audio listed.

Ok, so here is the setup.

I have a HDMI Visio TV plugged into the Emachine. Audio workes fine if I disable Realtek High Definition Audio in the device manager.

Here is the big problem: When I plug a simple set of speakers (that work on other computers) into the back of the computer, the audio will not work on the speakers.

If I enable the Realtek audio in device manger, I can get the Realteck audio options screen. Where Realtek sees that I plugged the speakers in the rear of the machine.

when I do a sound test, I can hear the audio in the speakers. However when I try to play a midi file, or a DVD, the movie plays, but NO SOUND.

Usually if the sound test works, the audio plays in the speakers. So I am not sure what is happening here.

Can anyone advise.

A:Sound Test works, but speakers wont work

Ok, I found the problem, and wanted to share. I was using a VGA extension cable to connect the computer to a 55" LCD TV across the room. I noticed during trouble shooting that the left pin, on the second row of the VGA extension cable was pushed back. When I oulled the pin out, and reconnected the VGA cords, the sound worked GREAT. I have no idea what a video cord has to do with audio, but it worked. If anyone knows the teck on this issue, please shoot me the understanding. Thanks for this site!

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Hello all, I have a Dell Dimension E510, with a problem. Two of my five speakers wont work. I have tried disconecting and reconecting but no luck. Here is my system info. Audio Card: SB Audigy 2ZS Audio (CC80) Speaker System: 5.1 (dell) Thank you for any help! Huasopodrido

A:Dell Demision E510, 2 of 5 speakers wont work

Which two speakers aren't working?

I'm assuming the center channel and sub-woofer are working and the two speakers that aren't working are a pair of satellites.

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I got a headphone plug stuck into my jack and i got it out but my internal speakers still will not work. and i dont know what to do

A:toshiba Broken headphone jack speakers wont work

Originally Posted by ThatboiiVic

I got a headphone plug stuck into my jack and i got it out but my internal speakers still will not work. and i dont know what to do

It's quite possible sufficient damage was done, either by the plug getting stuck or the work in removing it, that the contacts inside the jack have been forced into cutting the speakers circuits off as happens when plugging into it. From the number of Notebooks I've had to junk and take apart first I'd say the only real solution is a new motherboard or a new Notebook. If it were a Desktop one can disable the onboard audio system and get an Add-in Sound card. Or maybe try the USB type speakers.

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Hi, I recently purchased an ideapad 320 15IKB 80XL. After setting up as per the recommended instructions by windows and updating windows, the built in speakers wont work. Head phone will work when plugged in to the audio jack. I have tried all the recommended procedures found on Lenovos help page (uninstalled the driver, disabled all enhancements and the realtek speakers as the default device)  , but none of them help.I also ran the hardware dianosis and the following result code was generated W1FDM3UZA-VJC3K6.

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I got a headphone plug stuck into my jack and i got it out but my internal speakers still will not work. and i dont know what to do

A:toshiba Broken headphone jack speakers wont work

Originally Posted by ThatboiiVic

I got a headphone plug stuck into my jack and i got it out but my internal speakers still will not work. and i dont know what to do

It's quite possible sufficient damage was done, either by the plug getting stuck or the work in removing it, that the contacts inside the jack have been forced into cutting the speakers circuits off as happens when plugging into it. From the number of Notebooks I've had to junk and take apart first I'd say the only real solution is a new motherboard or a new Notebook. If it were a Desktop one can disable the onboard audio system and get an Add-in Sound card. Or maybe try the USB type speakers.

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Hello, this is my first post
I was trying to watch a video on youtube one night, and the sound was not loud enough, so I changed my audio device from my pc speakers to my tv, I use for a monitor. Now I cannot enable sound on my pc speakers, in fact they are nowhere to be found in my audio devices....all I can think is, what the....? In my task bar the soundmax icon has a red circle with a slash through it, and says (no soundmax audio device...you cannot use soundmax audio settings). I try to open soundmax, and it will not open. I don't know what to think about this, all I did was change audio devices, which I have done several times with no issue. I know my pc is old, but this is probably gonna be my last straw! I am so sick and tired of all the windows glitches, and errors, I am about to jump into a Mac faster then you can say "windows sucks"
So, can anyone help with this latest of many errors I am experiencing?

A:Enabled sound threw tv, now computer speakers wont work

How did you change audio devices? In most cases when HDMI is used Windows automatically switches the sound to from "Speakers" (PC audio) to HDMI.

Mac's are OK, but I see a lot of posts of problems related to Mac's on recording forums. Also 3 times the price for equivalent hardware (and many times less). I had a PC I built with a Q6600 and an Intel DP35DP motherboard. Can't say I didn't have problems. I now have a system I built with an i7 3770 and an ASRock motherboard, originally on Win 7 and it is now on Win10 and hardware is still 100% compatible.

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I have a new inspiron 7559 (about a month old), windows 10, everything updated, no interfering antivirus, etc.
Since the start, I've been unable to use my external mic. I have a headset with a microphone, on one of those mic+speaker combined 3.5mm plugs. When I plug it in, the sound system detects my headset just fine and routes sound to it.
It kinda bugs me that the system doesn't show the individual devices to windows for finer control, and instead just reports a single audio device, but ok fine, I can understand that from a technical POV.
The real problem though is that no matter what I do, only the built-in microphone is used, never my external one on the 3.5mm plug. It doesn't show up as a device, there's no setting for it in the sound system, and the system doesn't switch to it automatically when it's plugged in. I just cannot get any sound from it (no, it isn't broken).
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

A:Inspiron 7559 refuses to enable external mic (speakers work fine)

Fazirithere's no setting for it in the sound system,
Hello. The setting is "Microphone" in the list of devices in the recording tab of the sound properties. "Microphone" is for either the built-in mic or the external mic when one is plugged in.

Note that it must say "Realtek" under "Microphone". If it just says "High Definition Audio Device" then the Windows native audio driver is installed, and it does not recognize the external mic jack.
If the Realtek driver is installed, you can right click on Microphone and open its properties and fool with them, but if the Realtek driver is not detecting the mic then it is probably a buggy driver. It detects a mic by using impedance sensing, and I don't think they always set the parameters correctly.

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Hi guys
Recently my browser has started redirecting to random sites when in i click on search results. If I go back and click the same link again i go to the correct site. My favorites list is not effected. I have installed spybot and hijackthis but neither work. Spyware doctor says its clean. Miniremoval says I dont have coolwwwsearch.smartkiller virus. I have included a silent runners.vbs log as a starter. hope this helps



"Silent Runners.vbs", revision 59, http://www.silentrunners.org/
Operating System: Windows XP
Output limited to non-default values, except where indicated by "{++}"

Startup items buried in registry:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ {++}
"BitTorrent DNA" = ""C:\Program Files\DNA\btdna.exe"" ["BitTorrent, Inc."]
"ctfmon.exe" = "C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe" [MS]
"H/PC Connection Agent" = ""C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\wcescomm.exe"" [MS]
"swg" = "C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe" ["Google Inc."]
"Build mpeg" = "C:\DOCUME~1\LOCALS~1\APPLIC~1\ANTIPO~1\blehvga.exe" [null data]
"SpybotSD TeaTimer" = "C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\TeaTimer.exe" ["Safer-Networking Ltd."]
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\ {++}
"Recguard&qu... Read more

A:spybot/hjt wont work and ie7 redirects randomly

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hi i bought a new harddrive and external case today from a computer fair

i got a 500 gig 3.5 SATA HDD (HD501LJ) http://www.samsung.com/au/consumer/...ddiskdrive&subtype=35satahdd&model_cd=HD501LJ

and the case
Tsunami s3500
http://www.tsunami.co.th/3.5 HDD ENCLOSUES/USB to e SATA/tsunami --S3500(SATA to eSATA+USB2_0).htm

now ii've put the hard drive in the external case and plugged it to the computer, i hear the doo doo (cus i got vista 32bit) and then nothing happens

the driver disc for the case does not work and also when i double click on safetly remove hardware, i see that the hard drives there cus its under USB massive storage device...

the site for the case provides no help, and i cant find any drivers anywehre else.

A:External Hdd Wont Work

Have you formatted the drive?

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