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HP Pavilion won't boot up (+heatsink?)

Q: HP Pavilion won't boot up (+heatsink?)

Hello! So, when I boot up my computer, it won't display anything. Instead, it makes a whirring fan sound that gradually gets more intense (though, strangely enough, when not hooked up to the monitor the whirring stays at a consistent volume). I removed the cover and turned it on and both fans (the one over the heat sink and the one that blows out the back) are both spinning. I recently had someone clean the dust out of it and he removed the fan from the heatsink, but when he was putting it back on the screws on all four corners wouldn't fit in at the same time, so only two are screwed in. Could that be something...? And the light for the power button doesn't light up either...Any help is appreciated!

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Preferred Solution: HP Pavilion won't boot up (+heatsink?)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I need replace a cooling fan & heatsink of hp pavilion p7-1207cI call hp and send me to ebay and no one work .

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I need replace a cooling fan & heatsink of hp pavilion p7-1207cI called to hp and but they send me to ebay and no one work .

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I want to upgrade the cpu that came with my HP Pavilion p6 2330 to an AMD Athlon X4 760k, but I read on Amazon that the fan/heatsink that comes with it isn't compatible with my computer. Can someone please recommend me a cheap-ish fan/heatsink that's compatible with my computer? Does it have anything to do with the stock fan/heatsink currently in my computer being 95w and the fan/heatsink in the AMD 760k I'm planning to get being 100w? Please help me understand. I'm a little lost here...

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I have tried a standard 1366 heatsink on T410. The screw distance does not fit. Can anyone tell me the dimension of the two and also the distance between the screws?

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There is a small aluminum heatsink that buts right against the bottom side of the CPU heatsink that is missing in my machine and others I have seen pictures of.This is taken from one of the tech manuals, I hope the link works because I can't figure out how to upload a pic.
I wish to know what this cools and why they are never reincluded when you purchase one refurbished. The chips that are cooled by it right next to the CPU. I have heat issues and this has been bothering me because I can't find one to replace it. Or not a Dell brand anyway. Can someone enlighten me as to what this is , why it's hard to find, what are those chips, and how do I keep them cool?

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Anyone know of a heatsink that is similar in dimensions to the stock AMD heatpipe heatsink, but performs better and has a larger fan?


A:Need high performance heatsink similar to stock AMD heatpipe heatsink

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So my PC is getting up there in age (circa 2000), and I wanted to upgrade some things, make a file server out of the old PC, and buy a new PC. As part of this process, I also wanted to reduce my PC noise, as it is quite loud. Started with a new Antec quiet case. Assembled everything and had things working fine. Still running W98SE for now and I had the following system

System Info:

AMD Athlon 900MHz socket A processor
1 256MB RAM in DIMM0
1 512MB RAM in DIMM1
IDE0 ? 80GB Seagate Master (W98SE bootable partition), 120GB IBM deskstar Slave
IDE1 ? Plextor 10/12/32 CDRW Master, Pacific Digital (BenQ) Dual layer 16X DVD writer Slave
RAID array ? 120GB Seagate, 120GB western digital; in mirror
Dlink Ethernet Card
Soundblaster PCI128
Creative video card (can?t remember the model)

I think that about covers it.

So the PC was running well after HOURS of driver and firmware upgrades, however with the new quieter case, I could hear the Northbridge and CPU cooler fans. So I decided to spring the $40 to buy a quiet Zalman socket A cooler and a passive Northbridge heatsink. Everything looked nice and went together fairly easily.

I did have a little bit of a problem installing the CPU cooler as I (in retrospect, foolishly) left the Mobo in the case while changing these parts. With the PSU it was tight getting the clips on and off. A few times my screwdriver slipped off of the clip. I didn?t think much of it at ... Read more

A:PC Won't boot after CPU and NB heatsink upgrade

It sounds like the other thread I replied earlier.

It could be a common problem: shorting the mobo with metal stand-off's or a lost screw, etc.

I had the same problem with 2 different boards and CPUs. As soon as I moved them out of the case, everything booted normal. One of the tower would short the mobo. It has a screw-through HSF. The back of the mobo is a little curved. Some pins might be touching the back plate. So I cut the anti-static bag to fit the mobo and put it between the mobo and mounting plate. Problem solved. Try it out of the case with cpu, ram, video and psu. No keyb & mouse. Put it on the anti-static bag.

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Real simple here - Plz post links to the Best AMD 3200 heatsink, fan, & chip heatsink for an MSI KT6v with Via kt600 Chipset
oh yes i scrappd the FIC peice of junk MB and use the above for now -

ty & GB,


ty & GB,


A:Plz post links to the Best AMD 3200 heatsink, fan, & chip heatsink

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I have a custom built PC with an AMD 8350 eight core processor and a Radeon HD7870 GPU.
Recently when playing games it decided it would crash about 2-3mins into the game (tried 3 games). It would go to a coulured screen with vertical lines.
I therefore re-did the heatsink on the hraphics card. This did not help, computer loaded and worked fine but same issue with games.
I therefore decided to redo the heatsink on the processor. Now the PC wont boot. It beeps once and goes to the AMD screen but with all these jaggedy colourful pixels everywhere. It kind of goes to the windows loading screen but with the pixels everywhere and then it goes to the black screen.

I presume I have messed up somehow when fiddling about with the processor.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have taken a photo which I will try and attach, using my phone to type this.


A:Unable to Boot PC after replacing heatsink on CPU

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For my troubles I own a dell inspiron 5160 with a 3.2Ghz P4 Processor. From the day I've got it I havent been happy with its speed from what should have been a beast of a machine.

Anyway, it came with the standard overheating flaw that all 5160's come with and required to be cracked open to have the dust cleaned from the fan & heat sink. When I removed the heatsink fan and processor I noticed one of the processor pins was bent flat. I decided to straighten it using a blade and managed to do it without breaking the pin and it now fits into the socket as it should but now my laptop no longer boots.

When I power on the laptop the processor fan comes on and the dvd drive gets spun but after about 15 seconds the power remains on but the laptop doesnt go anywhere. The screen remains dead the entire time and there are no beeps whatsoever. I have tried removing all components and re-seating them but still the same result.

Anyone have any ideas?


A:Laptop wont boot after cleaning heatsink and fan

You cleaned the old paste off of the cpu and heatsink and re-applied NEW paste and securely fastened the heatsink?

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Today I bought a new heatsink and fan for my CPU in hopes of overclocking it. However, when I went to turn it on, Nothing came on the screen, my motherboard beeps one long beep repeatedly. Can anyone help me? :dead:

A:Installed CPU heatsink & Fan, now computer wont boot!!!!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Different Bios`s generate different beep codes take a look HERE at my beep code list.

The list is by no means exhaustive and covers only the most common bios`s

You can find out what bios you running either in your mobo manual or from your mobo manufacturers website.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hi guys, first time posting. As the title says, I took the heatsink out to clean it and it turns out the CPU was stick to it and it came out as well. I took many other components out as well including the CPU fan, the frame fan and the video card (also took out the fan of the video card to clean it). In short, I cleaned my computer thoroughly.

Now my PC doesn't boot. It has two problems. First one: when I connect the power, it turns on immidiatly (without me pressing the power button) and it stays on but I get no image on the monitor (all the fans tunr on tought, and i can hear the hard drive moving). The second problem is that sometimes it doesn't fully turn on, but turns on for half a sec and then shuts down. This can happen 2 to 3 times before it stays on. I just reset the Bios or CMOS I have no clue wish one it was, thing is I took out the tiny battery in the MOBO for 15 minutes but it didn't fix it. Is worth mentioning that my PC is about 5 years old.

That said, something I notice that when it does turn on with all the fans and lights, is not actually booting. Because after a few minutes of it being on, I press the power button to shut it down and it doesn't work. So I dont think is a display issue, nor a video card issue.

Littlehelp would be greatly appreciated. ^^

(Btw, Sorry for my bad English)

A:Took the CPU out to clean the heatsink, and now the computer doesnt boot.

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Hey everyone so here's the deal.

Built my computer and it ran fine for about three months. Then it would start crashing in the middle of games a lot. (Fallout 3 and DA:O) For the first few days it either rebooted itself or I would do it manually. Then it would boot up and get to the windows bar in dos and then freeze. Then it would power on but the screen stayed blank. I tried replacing the RAM and the power supply but that didn't work. Finally replacing the processor did the trick. Out of curiosity I took the old processor, cleaned off the heatsink and replaced it with fresh thermal compound and voi'la! It worked. My computer ran fine this way for about another month and then one day it wouldn't boot up anymore. I went straight to the processor, cleaned and replaced it and it worked just fine. Anyone have any idea what is going on here? At first I figured the processor must be overheating, but I've been running a monitor and it hasn't risen above 40C so I don't think that's the problem. I'm not sure if it's the processor, the heatsink (I've looked at it and the fan spins) or the thermal compound. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

AMD Phenom II X4 (this is the original processor that has failed twice, but works when I put new compound on it)
4GB G.Skill DDR3 1333
ASUS M4A78T-E mobo
Gigabyte 1GB Radeon 4670
Windows Vista Home Premium

A:Computer shuts down and won't boot unless I clean heatsink

Get a new heatsink.

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Dealing with an slim Dell Dimension 5150c..

Beside main heatsink there another smaller heatsink...which is extremely hot to the
touch...what is this?

A:Small Heatsink beside main Processor heatsink??

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i noticed yesterday that the fan & heatsink on my athlon xp (2100+) processor is pretty full of dust. can anyone please tell me how to go about
detatching that clip that holds them to the mobo socket so i can clean them out? i built the pc, but have kinda forgotten exactly how the clip latches down & i don't want to exert too much force on anything in that area.
is it correct that i'll also need to regrease the bottom of the sink with thermal grease? is this grease available at places like best buy or circ. city?

thank you!

A:How to remove athlon xp heatsink/fan for heatsink cleaning

Forgive me, but I find it hard to believe that if you put that machine together once, you forgot how to take it apart now.
It is human nature to never forget something that you did on your own.
That hold's true for computers also.
Maybe it will suffice if you just unscrew the fan from the heatsink and clean the fan and heatsink fins with a 1/4 - 1/2 inch paintbrush.

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HP Pavilion 6355 has the following issues:

1) Computer will not shut down by holding in power button. It must be "unplugged from outlet."

2) When power cord plugged in the light sequence on the tower reads, from left to right, yellow, green.

3) A Thumping sound comes from speakers, not the typical Bios Beeps.

4) Monitor is blank, yellow light indicator on.

5) Cannot open CD Drive, even manually.

This computer belongs to a friend of mine whose daughter uses it for High School work. She was working on it one day, received an error message, no, no, writing it down would be to easy , so she shut down using start-shutdown, and left for school. When she came back and resumed her work she was met with the above scenario.

Any ideas as to the most expeditious way to get to root of issue.

A:HP Pavilion will not boot up, no access to CD Drive, Using diskette failed to boot.

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I have pavilion 15 ab522tx notebook and installed with windows 10 on it. I want to boot linux from USB boot disk but i couldn't enable the USB boot option in BIOS. please guide me.

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I have the following problem with my HP Pavilion m7570n. When I turn the system on if gives the following message: File is missing or corrupt
\windows\system32\config\system. Is there any way to fix this problem without using the HP restore from the partition? If I do have to do the restore from the partition, will I lose the photographs and emails on the computer? Thanks for any assistance?

A:HP Pavilion won't boot

Try this first -


If that does not work then do a repair XP install (not the HP restore)

I am pretty sure the HP restore partition will wipe everything out and put it back to factory fresh.

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Power up computer, won't advance to the windows screen.I've taken out the battery.I've attempted system restore to previous dateThat failed.Please help.

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Hi I have a HP Pavilion laptop with AMD processor and Windows Vista. I want to reinstall Windows Vista but I can not get it to boot from CD. I went to the BIOS and changed the order so that the CD-ROM drive boots first, but it still didnt work. I upgraded the BIOS but it still didnt work. Any ideas? I want to format the hard disk and reinstall a clean Windows Vista copy. My laptop does not have a floppy.
The CD ROM does work!

A:HP Pavilion does not boot from CD

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Please How do I locate Graphics Configuration in my system BIOS Setup

A:Pavilion g7 Won't Boot from DVD/CD

The question is a little different than the title. What are you trying to configure in the graphics? 

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Hi, my PC HP Pavilion Slimline S3620la does not boot from usb. I can not choose the USB option in the setup (does not appear). The USB device does not appears in the boot option post bios (pressing ESC) too. I need boot from USB. Please Help me Thanks 

A:hp pavilion boot usb

1. Check if the USB device is really bootable, you can do that by checking the files on the root location or by trying to boot another computer using it.2. Start the computer and press 'esc' key to get into bios, then choose Boot Options or Boot Menu, then choose the USB device (Few BIOS have an option to enable/disable Legacy boot options, hence you have to enable it before you could change the boot sequence.Please note that the USB device needs to be on top of boot device list.

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My computer will not boot. The power supply light in the back turns on.  Fans turn on.  CD-ROM functions.  No USB power and no LED light on the front.  It does not come on at all when the computer turns on.  When I turn on the power, I hear nothing but the fans, the screen is blank and keyboard and mouse have no lights.  I have tested the monitor, keyboard and mouse and they are functioning.  I think it could be the BIOS or either a motherboard problem.  I need some help to narrow down the problem. 

A:HP Pavilion will not boot

mssmooth173 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your desktop PC no longer starting and wanted to help. While this probably covers stuff you've already tried, there may be some additional troubleshooting steps you can try:  HP Desktop PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10,8) | HP® Customer SupportGood LuckI am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.========================================================================If you feel my suggestions helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks!If they helped resolve your issue, please click "Accept As Solution" to help others find similar information.

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hi all can anyone help i need to put back my windows 8 but wont see my usb cd , i have been into bios and disabled secure boot but i dont have Legacy Support in there , can anyone help thanks

A:how to get a hp pavilion x2 to boot from a cd

Which specific model do you have?Was your x2 delivered with a usb DVD drive? Have you tried power on-->tap esc key-->in startup menu choose and press F9 key--> select usb CD\DVD drive?

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I can't boot from usb in my hp pavilion g6 . I disabled the secure boot and tried with the legacy mode . I tried to change the boot order but It just boot windows 8 . Please help me. I want to install ubuntu in dualboot with windows 8. Thanks 

A:Can't boot from usb hp pavilion g6

Please-if you haven't done so make your Recovery Media before attempting this. Creating Recovery Media>> Windows 8 With Secure Boot disabled/Legacy enabled you still have to change boot selection at power on. Immediately after powering on the laptop- tap Esc key. From the menu tap F9 Boot options to select the usb.

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Hello, I have 2 notebooks. HP Pavilion DV6-3060EZ which i used and old HP Compaq nx5000. Both have same problem. They won't boot up, but I will talk just about DV6. My battery died and I can't start notebook just with ac adapter. So yesterday I bought new battery. And there is same problem.  When I press power button (with only battery plugged in, only ac-adapter, or both), led diods starts blinking, fan starts cooling and within 1 second it will shut down. I've read some articles on forum, i tried almost everything. I tried to disconnect ac adapter, battery, than 30 seconds hold power button and connect it back but it didn't work too.  But, three-times happens, that when I tried to turn it on, it worked well, I was at Windows on my desktop. But after 5 minutes it shuts down. Thanks for any advice,czDAWID 

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I need to reinstall Windows XP on my laptop. I have an external DVD and the recovery Disk. I already changed the boot order to boot from CD. But I am still unable to boot from CD. The external is working fine and the CD is O.K

A:HP Pavilion does not boot from CD

Hi Ossita
If the boot order is set to optical drive first, the laptop looks at its internal optical drive. Since it seems like the internal optical drive is not usable(?) then you need to set the boot order to USB or external device ahead of the hard drive.

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I have a HP Pavilion G6 model 1b78nr.  I just replaced the CMOS battery but now the machine won't boot.  When the power button is pushed, it's LED flashes white and the LED on the F2 key flashes amber until the battery is removed.  The power button has no effect and there is no display.   Is there a fix for this?  Appreciate any assistance.  Thanks.

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My HP won't boot properly. I have checked the harddisk and done a new windows installation on the HDD. So the HDD and windows are ok.

When I try to boot the PC it dies and starts over again. I can choose safe mode etc and go into the recovery console but still no success.

What can be the problem? Motherboard? RAM memories??

Is there a way to check for errors on the motherboard or RAM from the recovery console?


A:HP pavilion with XP won't boot

Welcome to TSF....

How to perform a Repair Installation of Windows? XP.

Two things are needed here, just a bit of old technology, an ink pen and a piece of paper to write down any special settings that might have to be changed back after the repair-installation is completed.

Please Note: Performing a "Repair Installation" in this manner should not delete any Personal Files, it should 'repair' the core of the installation but to be safe with your data you should follow the next two paragraphs.

You might have to remove the hard drive from this computer and install it in another computer as a slave drive and after it is able to be accessed by Windows on that computer you will have to manually backup all of your important data that you have to another media like CD-R's, DVD or external hard drive. Then when this is done return it to the original computer as a master drive on the primary IDE cable. and do the following:


The details that follow require an above-average understanding of the technical topics involved. If you do not understand the Registry material presented here, either find a technically knowledgeable friend or do not attempt to repair your system Registry yourself. Improper changes in the System Registry can render all data on your hard disk inaccessible. :

Here is a link to a registry backup program that is absolutely fantastic it is called ERUNT and you would use this to backup the registry after running the r... Read more

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Laptop won't boot. Turns on to a blank screen and I get a blink code of 2 blinks on the caps lock. I have tried everything on the support site and it won't let me email supoort about it which is what the site says to do about this problem. i can't access the bios menu or anything.

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Just looking to possibly buy a HP Pavilion 17-ab200na. It comes with an M.2 SSD but doesn't give any technical details about it on the web advert. Does the M.2 connect via SATA, USB or PCIe? Does it support NVMe and most importantly is it set up as the boot drive? Thanks


View Solution.

A:Can new Pavilion boot from the M.2 SSD

Hi, From the following link    http://www8.hp.com/ie/en/products/laptops/product-detail.html?oid=13810159#!tab=models It has dual storage already: (a) 128GB SSD for Windows, system and application programes ant Windows will boot from there(b) 1TB HDD for normal/user storage such as videos, musics, documents .. Regards.

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Hard drive short DST check failed.Failure ID 60FWS1-00089F-9XJ2XF-60W303Product ID H6U04AA#ABAHard Drive 1

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Hi Folks,
I'm not super techy, but I have read a ton of webpages on how to (possibly) fix my desktop computer.

It no longers boots up, no beeps, no blinking LEDs, no sign of life!

Here's the details,
HP Pavilion p6218f from 2009 ( win 7 )
prod #: AU993AA-ABL

Recently, the computer was having trouble after using sleep mode. It would sleep, then turn off completely, but the power switch would not turn the computer on, I would have to unplug, re-plug to start it up again.

Three days ago, the above happened, but unplug-replug would not help. Now the computer will not turn on. No beeps, no fans, no lights.

When plugged in, there is a green light on the power supply ( kind of flickers when first plugged in ) and there is a green led lit up on the motherboard.
All peripherals are disconnected, including mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Here is what I have tried:
1. Replaced CMOS battery.
2. Looked into CMOS reset - unplugged, removed cmos battery, held down power button for 15 seconds.
3. Exchanged power cord for another one.
4. Shorted green wire and black wire on 24 pin connector, plugged in - power supply fan runs,
5. Checked 24 pin connector ( with green and black shorted ), got 3.3, 5, and 12 volts.
6. Checked yellow wire, and red wire on a 4 pin connector. got 12v and 5 v

Does all this seem like the like power supply is okay?? Should I look up which pins should have which voltages?

7. Pushed down on all connectors, ram and cards inside the com... Read more

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Hello guys, My mom has PC notebook HP Pavilion dm1-4302ep which was running Windows 8 (64-bit), she gave it little use, actually it has been a few months since it was turned on. But since my computer is having his last breath, i decided to start using my mom's computer, and bring up to date installing Windows 10 Home. I went to Microsoft web page, did the download, choosed to erase everything, and left it running during the night. When i woke up the computer was stuck in the first page, with de HP blue logo in the back and won't move. I tried the safe mode, I tried to upgrade the bios (but i can't create the drive on the USB key), i tried to run the system's recovery, i tried to go back in the updates, back everything ends up in that black screen with the HP logo in the back. Can anyone help me please?

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My laptop will not boot.  Screen stays blank.  All lights are on. Num lock and CAP-lock blink twice.  I have removed the battery, memory, HD and all accessorys.  same error.

A:HP Pavilion dv7-3067nr will not boot

    Hi! If the caps lock is blinking twice it mean the bios is corrupted You can try to rollback the bios, press and hold the windows key then press hold tas well the letter B, while holding those keys power up the pc If nothing happens, try to power on again but immidiately tap ESC repeatedly , startup menu will appear on the screen. If you dont have the start up menu, try to power on again then immidiately tap F2 or F10 In F2 there's an option BIOS management,  choose the option ROLLBACK IN F10,  set the bios into defaults by pressing f9 , then f10 again to save the changes and reboot the system.   Thanks! Otilol

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Hi all,I am receiving code 0x000021a when I try to boot after updatting windows 8/8.1 (not sure if 8 or 8.1 as this is a friend's computer). Will you please advise on best steps to take? A bit of a noob and cannot provide more specs of the PC since cannot boot.

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I've got an older HP Pavilion 501n that I need to install XP Pro onto... It's currently running XP home, but I need to set it up onto a domain.

The machine won't boot to the CD... I've tried both XP and Debian install CD's, but neither work (so it's not the media).

If I let the machine boot to XP Home then try to run the XP Pro setup, it tells me it cannot continue becuase the existing version of Windows (XP Home) is newer than the one I'm trying to install.

My preference is to format the drive and start from scratch, but I can't do this if I can't boot to the CD.

Please advise,


A:HP Pavilion 501n cannot boot to CD

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I have a bootable USB stick that I want to use to install Linux. The does not appear to be an option to boot from USB in BIOS. My unit has BIOS 5.43. Is therer a way to get the unit to boot from a USB stick?

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I have recently tried to start up my Pavilion g6, only to find that it won't turn on. I haven't touched it in years, so I'm not sure if something may have happened to it. My sister tried to turn it on first, only to be met with a message stating something along the lines of "software error" and it no longer functions. I've tried to hard reset it multiple times, with no results. When I plug the charger in, the LED by it turns white, then I press the power button and that LED turns on, but the one by the charger turns orange, and the screen never turns on. I would really appreciate any help, as I would like to resolve this problem by myself and save some money by not having to bring it anywhere. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hi All:
Mr Bruce 1959 has suggested I re-post my problem here so here goes:
    A few weeks ago I started to download DVDShrink from what looked like a perfectly legitimate company site. After I clicked to download the program it began instead to install itself. At the same time all kinds of alarms went off - Comodo, Malwarebytes, etc. - and I quickly shut down.
    After booting up I ran a quick Mbam scan and it found 32 infected files which I deleted. I then ran a full Mbam scan and it found a bunch more. Later I also ran full Mbam and Avast scans but this time around neither came up with anything.
    For a few days everything ran OK but then Firefox began to freeze up whenever I brought up a web page with a Youtube video on it. Then other things started to freeze - Task Manager, etc. - and now it's reached the stage that the computer won't boot. The computer won't even start in Safe Mode. At best it just brings up my mouse pointer (which works) and the Windows Welcome screen but nothing more.
    Different Windows messages have appeared at times one of which said something to the effect that Windows was stopping to prevent further damage. There is a separate RECOVERY partition on the D drive for restoring the computer to factory settings but I can't access it.
Pressing the F keys on startup bring up the following screens while pressing the ESC key on startup brings up a menu listing all five of thes... Read more

A:Win 7 HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook won't boot

I'll report this topic to appropriate helpers.
1. Please let us know what Windows version you have and if it's 32- or 64-bit.
2. Is the computer bootable in any mode?
Hold on there....

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I'm trying to get to the welcome screen to enter my password to actually use my computer.However it's stuck on the loading screen. I've tried everything online, hard reset, restore, and diagnostic testing. I cannot restore because my computer isn't connected to the Internet to create a restore point.The diagnostics say everything passed. Everything. I ran testsome on the Hard Drive for 3 days straight. So if the diagnostics can't find anything I don't know why it won't load.Btw this happened out of the blue while watching Netflix on my laptop while HDMI connected to a TV.I know about the system resetc but I'm trying to think of a way to still backup my files before deleting themy. Any advice on how to save my pc?

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Hey I'm Trying to figure out if there's a fix for A HP Pavilion Dv4, not booting up at all.. I fear the motherboard is gone, for the only response I get is when I press the power button and hold it in, you see the chagre "Lightning bolt" flash, BUT as soon as I let go of the power button, the light goes out.. Thats the only sign of life, But again I have to hold in the power button to even get that.. Any Suggestions? THX!!

A:Solved: Hp pavilion dv4 no boot, at all..

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I'm trying to boot my computer from a DVD, but I can't get to the boot menu or anything. The computer displays the HP logo and a message on the bottom saying to press ESC for startup menu. I try that, and nothing works. When the computer turns on, it has Windows 10 trying to recover itself, but this just leads to a blank screen. I also tried to press F10, but that didn't work either. What can I do to boot to the CD/DVD drive instead?

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I need instructions about how to get the computer to boot from a CD/DVD, so I can test a Backup Recover DVD that I just created. I use Esc and the function-key to reach the Startup Boot Menu, but which option will allow boot from DVD?Error messages, if any: NONEAny changes made to your system before the issue occurred: NONE

A:HP Pavilion 510-a010 How do I boot from a DVD?(I want to ...

Hi: Please read this general guide for how to boot from a DVD on all desktop PC's that come with Windows 8 or newer... http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03659945/

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Hi,I have ongoing issues with my HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-P287SA, Windows 10.  Yesterday it would not boot, instead it flashed the caps-lock LED at me once which I beleive is a CPU issue. I did a hard reset on it (took the battery out ect.) and it booted and worked normally all day. This moring it again won't boot again but this time it beeps twice, waits a few seconds and then beeps twice again, five tinmes in total, and then it flashes the caps-lock LED twice, waits, and then twice again. It won't boot at all, even after a hard reset.  What does the beeping mean, what is the problem here?   

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