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Hey there,
I just purchased an LCD TV which is now in the same room as my computer (a relatively new Dell system running Windows XP)...anyways I use my S-Video cable so that I can watch movies from my PC on my LCD TV...I have two questions...
1. When I play widescreen movies from my PC, the letterbox is still present on the LCD (which is 16:9) is there ANY WAY i can have the movies from my PC fill up my entire LCD TV without any letterboxing?
2. When I play movies, the resolution on the TV is excellent...but my desktop seems to be a little hazy, is there any way I can improve this?
Thanks a lot!


I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


You may be able to use a different type of connection to get a better picture.

Can you tell us what type of outputs are on the video card on your PC and also whats inputs the LCD TV will accept.

For example, if the LCD TV has a PC input then you use that for the best picture.



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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how (or if it is possible) to make movies play in complete widescreen in the latest version of RealPlayer (version 11). I am asking this because, in the previous versions of RealPlayer, I was able to make movies (specifically Quicktime movies) play in complete widescreen on my computer (which I desire since I have a widescreen monitor). However, in the latest version of RealPlayer, all videos I play (including the same ones that played in widescreen in the previous RealPlayer versions) are forced to play in their defined aspect ratio(typically fullscreen). Additionally, when I play the videos in Quicktime Player and use the Panoramic viewing option, the videos play perfectly in widescreen. Does anybody know if RealPlayer has a similar Panoramic viewing option (the videos use to play in widescreen automatically) or if it can be forced to ignore aspect ratios and play the video over the entire screen? I would greatly appreciate some help with this issue.

Thanks All,


A:Problems Playing Widescreen Video in RealPlayer

Try using Media Player 11

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Hey there.

I recently bought a second hand computer and have started using my old Goodmans HDTV. Its not a great monitor but its better than my other screens.

My 7600GT doesn't show most widescreen resolutions like 1440x900 and things and when i set it to any other resolution other than 1024x768, its makes it so i have to sort of scroll around my desktop.

Is there any way i can fix this??
Im on Windows XP Pro if this helps.


A:nVidia 7600GT Widescreen Issues

If you go to NVIDIA.Com download the most recent drivers for your 7600GT. That should give you more resolutions.

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Hi Guys!
I was just wondering as i would like to switch back from vista to xp and install the DX10 hack as the improvement in performance would be epic. But, heres the problem, Last time i Used xp with my 8600GT i came to find that the scaling was messed up in widescreen resolusion causing the screen to "scroll" i am here to ask, is this problem sorted? if not does anybody know a way of fixing the problem? as i realy want to play games without vista crushing my CPU and RAM

,Any help would be apreiciated,

Regards Daniel Taylor

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I just installed Windows 7 and installed the latest Nvidia drivers. I can run at standard resolutions but when I try to switch to native wide screen resolutions, my monitor indicates the "input is not supported".

Widescreen resolutions work fine in Safe mode or when the Nvidia drivers are not installed. I have tried using older versions of the drivers but it seems nothing seems to be working.

Is anyone else having this problem?

System specs:
-Windows 7, 32 bit
-nVidia 9600GT (driver version 190.32 WHQL)
-nForce 780i
-Asus AL1916W display

A:Windows 7 Widescreen Nvidia drivers - Problem

Here's a link to the latest driver.


Try that out.

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Hi all,

I have got a nvidia 6800GT and after a re-format whenever i watch any videos using microsoft media player i get a white haze over the video? I know this is a problem to do with the card and i know there is a easy fix ( did it when i first got the card but have forgot how )

Any help welcome!

Thanks all


P.S Great forum

A:Nvidia Video problems

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Try downloading and installing these drivers for your card. They are supposed to fix the overbright video issue.


Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I have an Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 420. it is giving me sever problems when it comes do to running cinematic features in half to the majority of my computer games and i have been unable to figure out how to fix this problem. Can anyone help out here?:angry2:

A:Nvidia Video Card Problems

Try looking here. You can download new drivers from nvidia also.


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so out of nowhere i startup my computer it works fine, i leave and when i comne back there is no video feed. i move the mouse and press keys but the video doesn't come on, i restarted. the monitor turns on during the boot, windows loading screen turns on, but when it's done the video feed is lost, i changed the video port, still nothing. i went into safemode and it works. i open msconfig and disable all boot, didn't work. i uninstalled the nvidia driver and it started up, video is fine. i reinstalled nvidia drivers, and it didn't work on restart. i have a nvidia geforce 8600gt, i have had this problem before but a little different, the maximum resolution was very low. i ended up reinstalling windows. please help, luckily i got a external hard drive so all my media is backed up. thank you very much.


A:No video when vista starts up, Nvidia Problems

can only suggest you reinstall the drivers http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Scan.aspx?lang=en-us from here or reinstall os and get drivers from windows update unfortunately not all nvidea cards are performing as well as they should due some driver issues why is mystery to many myself included but it never hurts to try again

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I am having video problems with my recently installed Jaton 3DForce FX5700L video card, most notably when trying to run EQ2, as well as some other 3D games. While things load & run normally, the video, especially the video of my character appears vividly colored & blurred while some onscreen text is clear & other text is blurred or chopped up, Tweaking the in game resolution settings changes some things to make som or all text legible or makes the character clearer, but never both.
I have repeatedly erased & installed what seem to be the latest drivers for the card, as well as Direct X 9.0, as well as reinstalled the game itself, but the same problem remains. I have contacted Jaton tech. suppt. by phone, only to be told to do what I have already tried (Probably I suspect, by thier Phillipino receptionist posing as a tech suppt. type).
According to my machines Dev. manager, the video card is operating properly & when running DXDIAG, it also indicates the card is working ok (although the text on the spinning block during the 3D test displays is slightly pixellated).
My system is a Compaq 5420US with an AMD Athlon XP1700 1.47 Ghz processor, 768 Mb SDram, 80 Gbyte HD, running Win XP home. The video driver is nv4_disp.dll vers. 6.14.0010, dated 10/29/2004.
Any help w ould be greatly appreciated.

A:Video Problems with EQ2 & Nvidia FX5700LE card

i guess make sure its not overheating?

that would screw up the display...

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I just purchased the Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP 20.1-inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor which runs at a maximum resolution of 1680x1050 Pixels. I was wondering if you guys have a suggestion for which video card I should buy since my original card can't handle it. I don't really do any gaming, I just need something that can support that type of resolution.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Help looking for appropriate video card for widescreen

Why can't your original card support it ? It doesn't have that resolution or it's obsolete hardware wise ?

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I bought a new laptop - ACER 5745G.

After the initial Windows 7 64bit installation my scores were 6.6, 5.9, 5.9, 6.0 and only the Graphics for Areo a 4.9. Since I mostly want to use this laptop for watching HD videos, I figured those are scores aren't low and was satisfied. However, after automatic updates were installed all scores went down at least 1.0 point.

I tried installing a driver from NVIDIA's website, I tried changing performance settings but nothing made it better - instead in the end the graphics for aero score became 3.7.

I used system restore to get the laptop back to the date before some automatic updates were installed but I don't think I can make it stay like this forever.

Is this a bad graphics card? Am I expecting a score that is too high? And most importantly - what settings do I need to have in order to get the best video quality?

Thank you in advance!

A:NVIDIA GeForce 310M - problems with WEI and video quality?

The WEI settings are not accurate to begin with; don't worry about it.

As long as it performs the actual function you want, then it works.


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Right now I have windows 7 RC 64 up and running on my Alienware Aurora M9700 laptop with dual nvidia gforce go 7900 gs 512mb video cards.

Issue 1:
After install no sound. I tried every driver I could find most wouldn't install the ones that would didn't help. Tried old driver with compatability trouble shooting, nothing. Read that updates would fix problem and that they added Soundmax drivers. Updated, went to devcie manager, update drivers on "Multimedia Audio Controller", Cant find anything. Also in device manager there were two more unknow item, they are gone now but I think they were base system or something along those lines. Also when I go to customize taskbar "SMax4.exe" is there and I don't know why. As far as I can tell I uninstalled it.

When I use the drivers that use to work when I was running xp32, it runs install and at the end it says problem starting streamci.dll (three time), restart computer and get "No ADI codec driver is installed". Icon shows up in system tray but says "No SoundMAX audio present you cannot use SoundMax Control Panel" coming from a 32 bit system I didn't expect this one to work anyways. So I uninstall it.

When I try intalling vista 64 driver I get smwdm.sys not found, I found a set of driver with smwdm.sys included, moved to to the right folder and I get "the audio driver files do not support your computer hardware." I also tryed using the smwdm.sys from the o... Read more

A:Windows 7 64-bit nvidia video, keyboard, and sound problems

im not too familiar with windows 7 but...

since windows 7 isnt officially released, the driver support is not so big,

i would suggest you go go back to what ever (os) you had.

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okay so here is the story... *breathes in*

my comp. specs before i had this problem was:
CPU: AMD athlon 2400+
AUDIO: Soundblaster Live!
VIDEO: geforce 5200 ultra (ew)
RAM: 768(irrelevant anyway)

my current specs:

CPU: AMD athlon 2400+
-AUDIO: Onboard sound,. only one speaker works???
VIDEO: Geforce 6600 LE
RAM: 768(irrelevant anyway)
---- My problem is i upgraded to the Geforce 6600 LE, and the next day found out i had a Hercules 3d Prophet 9800 Pro 128mb video card and wanted to upgrade to that...

-i plug it in and load up windows, install the drivers (i think the wrong ones, didnt know it was hercules....does this make a difference?) and restarted.. windows didn't recognise the video card and comes up as <unavailable> under adapter Tab in advanced settings of display panel (in control panel or right click on desktop)

--i uninstalled hte gfx driver and reinstalled, and restarted. but now after the initial windows XP splash screen, nothing happens, it is just black. i can hear the HD still thinking, and i can do a soft shut off so the OS is still responding?? Also, safe mode wouldnt Pass this file (whichever one was last, i didnt write them down in sequence )
now i am back to the geforce 6600 LE and barely surviving, and getting about .014 FPS on this webpage.. i dont have any drivers installed because when i try to install it says :" Nvidia setup could not detect any drivers that ar... Read more

A:Video Card Driver problems. ATI/NVIDIA/HERCULES

Wow you did a lot of changing man. I would go back and put things the way they were. Then one by one install everything back on. Find out which one makes the problem and find a solution to replace it.

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hello this will be my first post here so forgive me if i seem a bit lost as to what you all need to know to help me ..not that i know a whole lot to tell OK this is my problem i got a computer from some one who had gotten it from someone who was moving out of state so i have no manuals to the puter when i first got it i hooked it all up and it worked fine it has a video card that has two monitor things on it and when i first used i only had one monitor hooked up and it was running win 98 and in the ( display properties -settings - it showed two screens ) it said its an NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 video card ok so then i reformatted the computer and put win 2000 on it and went to the nvidia site downloaded the drivers and after a few trys i got two monitors working through the nividia desktop manager but ~! in the -display properties - settings window it only shows one monitor in my device manager it shows the video card is working but it only shows one monitor i have no idea if this is ok since i really do have two monitors working also i ran a program called belarc advisor which also says theres only one monitor also even though both monitors work alot of times they black out for a few seconds when i am changing the settings of the nvidia desktop or even if im just opening the desktop manager thing so if theres any other info thats needed id gladly tell you but you'll just have to tell me how to find out the info

A:dual monitor video card ( nvidia) problems

It's normal to only see one monitor in the device manager. It's also normal for both to black out if you change video settings since you are only running one video card.

I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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I recently got a nVIDIA GeForce FX5500 for my Sony VAIO RS210 and I was looking at some music videos for the first time I got this graphics card and the video was all horrible. The colors were dull and it was grey but you could still see the video, without its quality. Are there any decoders or something? I have ForceWare 77.72, which is the latest driver on teh nVIDIA website.

A:nVIDIA Windows Media Player video problems!

Same Problem

I upgraded my display drivers to 77.72 today and now have the same problem. Reverting back to my last drivers (75.90) fixes the problem.

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I recently brought an nvidia geforce fx5200 video card. The games run fine on it but whenever I try to play a video in windows media player or any other player its colours seem distorted. Here are my system specs:
Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
Intel D815 MB
192 MB Ram

Anybody with any suggestion please?

A:problems playing video on nvidia geforce fx5200

I'm not at all sure, but could this be a decoder error? Or some wierd video setting in the cards preferences?

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I am reactivating an old computer, about a 2001 model. The video adapter (VGA card) is an NVidia Ge Force4 420 Go. In the meantime, the monitor died for this computer, and I replaced it with a Samsung 19" widescreen, mainly because I couldn't get a good deal on any of the few remaining 4:3 screens out there. Native resolution of the new screen is 900 x 1400. As I feared, I do not have this option to set the screen to in my desktop properties settings menu, only 4:3 settings. I suspect that I may just be screwed, but am wondering if anybody has any experience with this issue? I believe this is a 4X VGA card, and haven't had a lot of luck finding any kind of replacement that will do what I need (not surprised). Thought of picking up a cheap plain old PCI video card (not PCI-E, just PCI), but I am having difficulty telling whether these will support my native resolution. Any advice would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Can I get video display to be widescreen?

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I am trying to watch video on my 22" widescreen lcd. For some reason the video won't stretch and cover the entire screen.

The video used to do that; now it won't. I don't know wtf happened.

I'm watching xvids using Ffdshow and wmp11.

Any ideas?

To summarize: I have black bars on the left and right of the video now. I would like it to stretch.


A:WMP11 - Bars on video / widescreen monitor

What is your monitor's preferred screen resolution?
Check your monitor's documentation.

What resolution are you using?
RIGHT click a blank spot on the desktop.
Left click properties.
Go to screen size.

The above are for XP. Which version of Windows are you running? Which flavor or XP or Vista?

Have you tried to run WMP 11 in full screen mode?

Have you checked for the latest drivers for your video card / chip?


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Hi! This is my first post so I apologise for any noobishness.
My friend has a problem with her PC in that it seems to be outputting a 4:3 full screen image which is being stretched to fill the widescreen monitor its plugged into. The desktop is stretched and squashed and videos play stretched as well. There is also considerable screen tearing when watching videos. I've tried changing the display settings to every option available and none of them seem to make any difference. How can I fix this? If I remember correctly it's running Windows 7.

A:PC outputting full screen video to widescreen monitor

This sounds like a resolution issue.  Right click an empty space on the desktop and select Screen Resolution.  Change the Resolution to the recommended resolution and press the OK button.

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Hi everyone.
Yesterday I bought a new monitor (Packard Bell viseo 190W), I've plugged it to my computer, but something is not working: while windows (I've XP pro) is loading the logo appears and everything seems to be ok, but just before the "user-interface" loads, the monitor goes black showing a "NO SIGNAL" message. I tried to uninstall ati-drivers (my graphic card is ati radeon 9250, 256MB ram), it works but obviously is in low mode graphic. If i try to reinstall catalyst + drivers the problem comes back. I tried Omega drivers too, same problem :\

What should I do? Any suggestions?

Thanks for help
@moderator can u change "video board" with "graphic card" in the thread title? thanks

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I would like to state first that I've searched the forum for this question with reasonable effort and I could not find this particular one or an answer to it.

I have a widescreen monitor. There are some old games I like to play which do not have widescreen resolutions, and as a result, the graphics are stretched wide to fit my monitor.

I would like to force my widescreen monitor to display things like a "non-widescreen" (what ever that aspect ratio is officially titled) would, and I would like it to do this by having black letterbox bars on the side(s) of the screen and squishing whatever is being displayed to fit inbetween these bars so that it may be seen un-stretched as though the monitor were not wide-screen at all.

My monitor is made by LG and is a "FLATRON L222WT"

Thank you. I hope someone here can help.

A:How can I change the aspect ratio from widescreen to.. not-widescreen

Im not an expert in this area but with trial and error, you may be able to work it out with DPI and resolution
DPI Display Size Settings - Change
Screen Resolution - Display Settings

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ok so i have this LG L194WT 19" wide screen monitor. I'm usually use it as a desktop extender for my notebook, but when the motherboard hosed a few weeks ago i decided to rebuild a desktop outta some old parts i had laying around. The specs are in posted for the desktop. Anywho i installed ALL the drivers and updated them, esp. the Geforce2 vid card. The system runs Win2k pro and the vid card has either 32mb or 64mb ram for video processing. The thing is the recommended resolution (default) is 1440x900. (yes i read the earlier post on the exact same thing, it came up when i Google searched it and thats how i joined the site). My laptop which runs win xp will show the monitor in the 1440x900 resolution, but the desktop wont. Then i checked the resolution capabilities of the card. it can show 1600x900 and on up to 2048x1536, much larger resolution than that of the monitor. The thing is, even the graphics card utility doesn't show 1440x900, but it does show larger resolutions, plus i know for a fact that this video card is better than the onboard graphics chipset on my crappy gateway notebook (which does output the 1440x900 resolution through the intel utility).

So is this win2k that wont allow the resolution (the OS GUI simply can show up at this rate???),, or is it hardware, or is it just crappy driver design from LG. Ive tried calling LG and they told me they simply dont know what the problem is and that i CANT speak to a manager because apparently the tech i ... Read more

A:Solved: win 2k +widescreen= resolution problems

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I searched and to my surprise couldn't find a thread on my problem. When importing a widescreen .avi file to DVD Maker, no matter that I choose 16:9 as the aspect ratio the end product is always 4:3.

The only work around I've found is to format the avi file to wmv with Windows Live Movie prior to using DVD Maker.

Since this seems to have been a problem for quite some time, surely there must be a fix by now.

A:Windows DVD Maker Widescreen Problems

can i get a software for my laptop so that i can burn CD and DVD?

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Howdy all, I just got a toshiba a100-sk9 and its great the only thing i need help with is that its wide screen so its stretched so when I play games like HL2, oblivion and far cry they all look chubby. I know I can switch this in the Bios but Im wondering if I can change this in nvidia properties or something thanks in advance.

A:Making widescreen laptop not widescreen.

You should always run it in the native mode of the screen and turn OFF expansion. This will mean that any games that use a smaller screen than the widescreen will use the centre section and leave the edges blank, but the aspect ratios will be correct. You would need to run your games in 1024x768 as that screen is 800 pixels high in its native mode.

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I've searched the Net from top to bottom to find some UniVBE drivers that support the nVidia Vanta chipset and I've turned out blank. Does such a thing exist? Like, I can't play Contructor, that's why I'm asking

Someone said that I can find UniVBE drivers for nVidia cards at www.bootdisk.com, but I searched almost every link there and haven't found it.

A:UniVBE for nVidia Vanta (and other nVidia video cards)

advantis I have the same problem. I've looked everywhere but the drivers either have different series numbers (like 1630 or 2311) and I have a (supposedly the last 4 digits are the key).

Just read a long post from 12/01 and that guy didn't have any luck eithr.

They're telling us to live with what we have or ... get a new video card.

gah. But: you mighat want to read this post:
Drivers padutch All Other Software 28 198 12-09-2001 05:29 PM
by padutch

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I just had this card installed, and i am now having problems with video's down loaded from the web. The video picture colors are all off, sound is fine. I Am using Windows XP pro. It/videos work intermitantly?? Mostly dont,,, PC Games and still pics are just GREAT. Any ideas on how to fix. I have fiddled with different things but nothing changes the video color quality.

A:New, Nvidia Geforce FX 5500 256Mb Video Card and have problem with down loaded video

Ah, my friend.it sounds not to be a video card problem, but more of a codec issue. make sure your codecs are up to date and if that doesn't work, post your system specs.

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hi, yes, my motherboard has ATI on board video and it's still on. I have a Nvidia geforce 550 ti video card that i much prefer to run my games.

I'm having a video confusion problem in my games where i can't see some of the video. I was told by the maker of the MOD for the specific game that i need to disable the ATI on board video so there wont be any more conflicts with my Nvidia video card.

How do i disable the on board video on my motherboard. the motherboard is the following:

MSI 790FX-GD70


A:how do i disable the ATI on-board video so my nvidia 550ti video card will run my gam

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Hi all. I've been trying to play a couple old and/ or homebrew games (Snowblind and Cave Story among them). These games don't support widescreen resolution, and the images are stretched out when I play them. Mostly, I can't play in a window, so I was wondering how I could change my settings so it doesn't stretch. I must be missing something obvious, I just can't think what.

My specs:
Dell Inspiron Laptop 1.7 ghz duo
Nvidia 7900 GS video
XP sp2
2 gig ram

I tried messing around in windows video and the Nvidia card settings, but couldn't find anything. Well, 10 out of 10 times, you guys know something I don't

A:Non widescreen res on widescreen stretching

Those games probably just don't support widescreen mode.

I looked online, and there are lists of games that only have fullscreen mode, and while the games you are attempting to play were not on that list, I assume that the same issue still applies.

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I'm having trouble with the VIVO on my video card. (video-in/video-out) The video card is an Albatron FX 5900 TURBO. (256 MB DDR) On the back of the card there are three ports: one VGA, one DVI, and one VIVO. The VIVO port looks similar to an s-video connection, but instead is for a VIVO adapter. (an s-video cable will not fit because there isn't a little hole for the safety pin that's on an s-video cable) The adapter that plugs into the VIVO port has four connections on it: s-video in, s-video out, composite in and composite out.

I've sat down with this one on a few occasions, and I've never been able to get a signal out to my TV. I've tried using both s-video and composite. I'm running version (the latest release -- 10/10/2005) of Albatron's nVidia driver.

I normally use dual displays, (2 CRT flat screens) but you can only have 2 displays in use at one time. When I try to get the TV display working I switch the displays in use to my primary display (CRT monitor) on VGA and secondary display (TV) on VIVO s-video out.

One issue, which I don't think should matter, is that the VIVO adapter I'm using didn't come with this card. I bought this card from a friend and he lost the original adapter, but gave me the VIVO adapter that came with his notebook. The adapter he gave me looks identical to the picture in the manual for this card. Would it make sense that these VIVO adapters are product specific and need the... Read more

A:trouble with nVidia VIVO (video-in/video-out)

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Hi - I have recently acquired a new work computer with 1 widescreen Dell monitor (Dell E228WFPc 1680 x 1050, Monitor A) and my older 4:3 monitor (E178FPc 1024 x 768, Monitor B). The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 620. I cannot get them both working at the same time on an extended display.

One is plugged into (excuse my slightly less-than-technical language here!) the 'main' monitor port and one has a VGA-DVI adapter.

When either monitor A or B is plugged into the main port without the other plugged in, they work fine.

When monitor A, the widescreen, is plugged into the main port and B is plugged in via the adapter, A works perfectly and the PC detects monitor B (if I set it to extend displays, programs open in that screen but I cannot see anything - the screen is completely black).

When B is plugged into the main port and A is on the adapter, B boots up normally until the point where I would usually see my Windows log in, when it goes black and I can only see and move the cursor.

I thought it would be a case of adjusting the screen res down so that they weren't so drastically different - in fact I'm still sure that would help but I can't get the smaller monitor B to let me do so and it doesn't seem to make a difference when widescreen monitor A is plugged into the main port with B in the other?

A:Extended display monitor problems with one widescreen and one 4:3 monitor?

That is usually normal. Try dragging a window over to the other monitor and see if it works.

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Hi, I need to order a pc for video editing, on a limited budget. Is Nvidia FX 380 ok for working with Adobe Premiere CS5?

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I have NVIDIA GE FORCE 200 SERIES,GE FORCE GTX 295. My question is When I open Google Earth All I Get is a Bunch of multi colored Squares. I checked the drivers for my NVIDIA and It shows no driver for my Mother board and has a suggested download. I have had so many bad experiences downloading stuff that I wondered if it is safe and will correct my 3D problem with google Earth.
Thank You

A:Nvidia video graphics

What Operating System are you running?
I will then be able to send you a link to the page that you can get your driver from.

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alotted $500,i am to choose a video card. Now one friend says go ATI another says go Nvidia. I want at least a 256mb but if i get a 256 i want it to be good. I do have SLI on my mobo. I did read that SLI isnt THAT great unless you have super mega cards. DO i go with an SLI feature(2 cards) or stay with oen card?I'd like to have a 512mb but really good but i jsut don't have $800 to spend on a video card. So do i go with one card or two cards. and next to that: do i go with an ATI or a Nvidia?
KEEP IN MIND I'M QUITE A GAMER,have 2 PCIE 16X slots on my mobo(NO AGP), and i shop www.newegg.com for all my pc stuff!

A:ATI vs Nvidia video cards?

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Going into a slightly amd 1800+ system.

Best bang for the buck under $100.

A:Best nvidia agp video card for $100 or less?

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There is a video card from Nvidia that spec'd with 256 MB x16 ram. What does "x16" mean? does the video card have a total of 256MB? Is there a site that would explain this?

A:Nvidia 256 MB x16 video card

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I'm looking at the latest video cards that are out, i.e ATI X1600XT/X1800XT/X1900XT and Nvidia 7600GT/7900GT. I'll have an X2 and a ASUS SLI/Crossfire mobo for upgradability. I'm not a big gamer and want image quality so am leaning towards ATI. I'm into video/photo editing and HTPC/Multimedia, but want the card to last 3 or more years into Vista and what apps in my fields of interest become available for it. I know DX10 is coming and who knows what versions after that in this 3 year time span.

Should I get the cheap X1600XT/7600GT and wait till next year when Vista/DX10 are in service and the video cards are up to date to buy an expensive card if even then? I'm leaning this way but want varied opinion.

Will these cards not be able to take advantage of DX10+ when it comes? Will they run DX10+ at all or do I never apply that update?

My biggest goal is high quality/accurate image. But supporting all the Vista visual goodies and non-game apps to come is important. So which is it ATI or Nvidia? And which card for the winner?

A:Which video card? ATI or Nvidia?

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Hey, about a month or so ago my computer began randomly BSODing and after a lot of research I found WhoCrashed which is telling me that for a long time the crashes were caused by virtuwddm.sys. I uninstalled Virtu but that only solved the problem for a few days as they happen now again...

System Specs:
Windows 7 Home 64-bit Service pack-1
EVGA GTX 560 - 2GB
8GB of G.skills Ripjaw (used to be 8GB Mushkin but I thought RAM could have been problem and those sticks were replaced with the former)

Event Viewer Report Log:
System Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
Date: 6/16/2013 5:38:25 PM
Event ID: 41 Task Category: (63) Level: Critical Keywords: (2) User: SYSTEM
Computer: HAL Description: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
Event Xml: <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event"> <System> <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power" Guid="{331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}" /> <EventID>41</EventID> <Version>2</Version> <Level>1</Level> <Task>63</Task> <Opcode>0</Opcode> <Keywords>0x8000000000000002</Keywords> <TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-06-17T00:38:25.924014800Z" /> <EventRecordID>76685</EventRecordID> <Correlation /> <Execution ProcessID="4&qu... Read more

A:Nvidia Video TDR ERROR

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

Follow steps in the guide by Capt Jack Sparrow - Bug Check 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR Troubleshooting Tips | Captain Debugger

Quote: Originally Posted by TVeblen

What you are experiencing is a TDR event (Timeout Detection & Recovery). There are many causes of these events, mostly hardware related. Please read my checklist below and see if you can diagnose your particular cause.

A couple of things jump out immediately. Your specs say you have 5GB of RAM, an odd number. That suggests that you added some RAM at some point. Mismatched or failing RAM modules can cause TDRs. You might want to test those sticks one at a time in Slot 1 before anything else. RAM problems can explain some of your other issues too.

Looking at some of your other posts I see you are running dual monitors also. This could be exposing a defect in your 9500GT that is triggering the TDRs. You should test with only one monitor attached to see if this is the case.

You are running lots of stuff on that box, so I would be as deliberate as possible in doing the diagnostic work.

"Display driver xxxxx stopped responding and was recovered"

Timeout Detection & Recovery (TDR) = "Display Driver Stopped Responding and was Recovered" is a useful feature that started in Vista and is also in W7 that allows the OS to try and recover from a video timeout so... Read more

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Hi, I have a 7600 GS OC, and i noticed that i have a s-video adaptor that have Component color cable at the end. i know that i can plus those to a TV but, i want to know if i can plug my xbox 360 in this and play on my computer screen. anyone know something about this ? ( i guess that if i can plug it in a tv, it's an output, but maybe it's an input at the same time ? )

A:Nvidia 7600 GS OC : s-video

Most video cards only support Video-out not Video-in. You would have to find out if your video card manufacturer has chosen, likely not, to include Video in.

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Hi guys!
I got a problem with my GPUs on my laptop.
Basically, after closing a game (WoT), but not all times, I get a BSOD which refers to the folder igdkmd64. I tried any solution, but none of them worked.
Any ideas of how can I solve this?
Thanks in advance.

A:Video TDR Failure (NVidia)

Do you have Game Dvr enabled in the Xbox app? That causes TDR errors, disable it if you do

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Apos eu formatar o meu notebook, eu não consigo baixar minha placa de video nvidia, já tentei de todas as formas, e está dando esse erro, o que eu faço, sendo que eu estou baixando o driver certo 

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Ok I am running 2 dual video cards, both by Nvidia, 9600 GT & 9800 GT.

Do I need to use both CD's to re-install the drivers for Win 7 64?

Or are the drivers already updated with Win 7?

Or do I need to go to Nvidias website and get the latest drivers?

A:Do I still need to use my Nvidia video card CD's?

Got to NVidia's site to get latest drivers for Win 7 x64. Run it and let it install. Use the device manager to see what is going on with each individual card after. Use the device manager to install to one or both if the setup.exe doesn't do so.

Good luck.

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I know that GTX 690 is the newest one.. but alot say its not worth it.. it costs alot but isnt really that much better compared to older GTX video cards..

So my question is which GTX currently would be best?

A:Best Nvidia video card so far?

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I have a Nvidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 video card and an AMD 3.0 gig dual core processor and a . I am trying to use Sniper: Ghost Warrior II and it says my video card is not big enough. The card is build in to the mother board and I would like to get a bigger card but I don't know what to get. Don't know if it will even work with this mother board. I need help. I paid for the game, and would like to use it.

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i want to know which video card is better suited: nvidia or ati.
-what are pros and cons of both?
-how does the numbering system of both work?

about the set up:
-dual monitor set up
-i want to play new games but old games (20 years old) as well.
-i do not want to overclock, and just use 1 video card.
-reliability is more important than performance, the video card should be stable and be used for a long time.

A:nvidia or ati video card best suited

if it is a intel chipset m/b then nvidia

amd then ati

the higher the number is the newer version of the card

video cards and psu upgrades go hand in hand

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Hi there guys can someone suggest good video converters that support Nvidia Nvenc?

A:Video convertor that uses Nvidia Nvenc.


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