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Dell XPS15 9560 with Dell TB16 dock. Dell 4K external monitor via miniDP to DP constantly disconnects.

Q: Dell XPS15 9560 with Dell TB16 dock. Dell 4K external monitor via miniDP to DP constantly disconnects.

Hello experts,
I have connected 3 external monitors to my 9560 laptop via TB16 dock. 2 Dell 24" 4K monitors: 1) DP to DP and 2) miniDP to DP & 1 Dell 24" 1920-1080 via VGA-VGA connection. The 4K monitor with miniDP to DP constantly disconnects. What am i doing wrong here?
Thanks in advance,

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Preferred Solution: Dell XPS15 9560 with Dell TB16 dock. Dell 4K external monitor via miniDP to DP constantly disconnects.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I've been trying to connect my monitor as a second screen to mt laptop via a hdmi cable connected from screen to thunderbolt.
As soon as i plug in the HDMI cable to the thunderbolt, the screen on the laptop goes and nothing happens on the Dell U2711.
I've tried playing with F8 and also the Intel Graphics software to no avail.

Any suggestions?

A:XPS15 (9560) + TB16 .... dell u2711 27" monitor

Connect directly from the HDMI out port on the computer to the input on the monitor. Skip the Thunderbolt connection.

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Hi guys,
i have a new Dell Xps 15 9560 and TB16 thunderbolt dock. Everything works great, except.... If TB16 is connected to the laptop, it's impossible to shut down the computer. Instead of powering down, laptop restarts. When TB16 not connected, laptop shuts down perfectly. How to fix this? Thanks in advance!

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Has anyone had experience with this. I just purchased an XPS 15 9560 with a TB16 dock and I'm hoping to use the dock and my old Apple Cinema display, but I can't seem to get the monitor to work in the dock. I purchased an Apple Thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter and the screen works fine when I hook it directly into the laptop, but I get a USB malfunctioned error when I hook it into the dock. Any information or tricks anyone else has found would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

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I have a 2 month old XPS15 purchased form the Dell Outlet Store in the UK. I usually have it permanently plugged in, but recently used it on battery power for the first time. I noticed that the battery wasn't charging, and the indicator light at the front blinks alternately white and orange (one white then one orange)
After a bit of investigation I found the BIOS Battery settings saying that the battery was not a genuine Dell battery and therefore wouldn't charge. I have not changed the battery - the machine is exactly as supplied by Dell.
It now pops up a warning about the battery whenever I power on.
I tried upgrading the BIOS (from 1.1.3) but every time I tried it would fail.
Is it now standard practice for Dell to supply laptops without genuine Dell batteries?

A:Brand new Dell XPS15 9560 not supplied with a genuine Dell Battery

Contact Dell for a warranty replacement of the battery.

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I've bought TB16 and update all drivers (Dell Assist does it) and after lowing network settings to 75% my DELL monitors flickering less but now I have major issue since my Dell Adapter - USB-C to HDMI-VGA-Ethernet-USB stop working completely. When I plug in nothing happens (yes, adapter is working properly and yes cables are correct)
In first few days, randomly, Windows was enable to turn on output to adapter (after hour of plugin, plug out same adapter).
Now, it's completely useless. 
Can anyone help, any suggestion ?

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I just got both 3 weeks ago and the fan on the dock seems to ramp up all of a sudden and the power cable does not ligt up . I have to unplug the dock and remove all the connections and reboot then the fan stops and the power is restored .I only have a keyboard and a usb interface plugged in the dock .
When i shut down at night i keep everything plugged int the dock . In the morning I wake up to a loud fan and the power is no longet going the pc . I have uodated EVERYTHING bios etc .... 
I would like some assistance from Dell please ...  for the price i paid i could have got a MAC ...
Amost there 

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I just  bought dell xps 15 and i feel a strange feeling on the keyboard.
Is it supposed to be like that

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Hi Everyone,
every time I plug in an external monitor to the HDMI port it flickers, but flickers the screen goes black and then displays a screen. There is no pattern to how it flickers, eg, hitting the cable or typing on the keyboard.
This occurs whether using an adapter converting to Video cable or simple a HDMI Cable. I have now used multiple monitors to verify it's not a monitor issue.
Any ideas as to what to do?

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December 3 - 2017
Hi, i just got my new Dell XPS 15 and yesterday i went to use the SD card reader for the first time just to find out that it wasn't reading the card. And when i went to extract it, the card was stuck in the slot, so when i got it out the pin connectors inside the slot where bend. And its not a problem with the SD card i used because i use it all the time with my other PC. 
What can i do? 

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hello all,
i have a problem with my XPS15 since receiving it. All is well, but sometimes the charging status LED is blinking with the following pattern: 
3 orange, 5 white, 3 orange, 3 white
Does anyone knows what it means? I already had a technician who visited and replaced the motherboard and battery, but the problem is still here.
On top of that, my idle temp is not dropping under 45 celsius, and CPU under load goes over 90 celsius. I'm pretty sure that is not normal, and i believe the technician who replaced the motherboard did a poor job repasting the CPU and GPU with thermal compound.
Can you please share what are your temperatures for this model (9560 i7 7700HQ) ?

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Hi guys,
Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere (though I haven't been able to find anything). I'm testing a TB16 dock for use with the Latitude 7480 but cannot get it to work with the monitors. it is supplying power to the laptop, but nothing else plugged into it is recognised. I have updated all the available drivers for the 7480 and the BIOS is updated to 1.2.9.  The BIOS was updated first.
When I attempt to install the  Thunderbolt 3 Firmware update, I get an error that "No Thunderbolt controller update supported for this platform ID=0x7A0".  
I have installed the available thunderbolt drivers listed here in addition to the Thunderbolt Software
I'm running Windows 10 Pro version 1607 Build 14393.953
Short of uninstalling all the drivers and reinstalling in the right order (again), I'm running out of ideas, so any help would be appreciated.

A:Dell 7480 and TB16 dock

I don't know about that particular machine but the TB firmware and controller are installed to the machine before you even plug in the dock.
If the Thunderbolt options in the Bios are greyed out, you do not have a Thunderbolt controller.  I will leave it to you as to whether you have a 2 or 3 lane Thunderbolt system.

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Hi all!Recently we bought a QNAP TS-453BT3.This device functions as a NAS with two Thunderbolt 3 ports,  two computers can access simultaneously at high-speed. As a video production company that's very nice to have!Our two computer setups:DESKTOPAsus X99-A II MOBONvidia GTX1080ThunderboltEX3 (PCI-E card)LG Ultrawide 38" ...
Dell XPS 9650Dell TB16 DOCKLG Ultrawide 34" Curved (connected with Displayport in the TB16 dock, 4K 60HZ)QNAP (Connected by Thunderbolt 3 in the TB16 dock)Keyboard + Mouse (Connected by USB in the TB16 dock)Now the problem,Whenever we need to shutdown Dell XPS 9650 (connected to the TB16) the QNAP also powers down its second Thunderbolt 3 port connected to our desktop.If we remove the TB16 dock and plug the TB3 cable from the QNAP straight into the laptop, and we shut it down, nothing happens. It keeps working perfectly with out desktop.When the TB3 cable is connected in the TB16 dock at boot-up, non of the USB devices are recognized. 
So there is a problem with the TB16 dock in combination with TB3 and it's powersettings.
Currently we are using the XPS 9650 without the TB16 dock.Unfortunately the HMDI out of the XPS can't handle 4K 60hz.As an video-editor 60hz is really necessary.
Does somebody have any idea what the problem might be?Thanks in advance!

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I recently purchased the TB16 dock and I am using it in combination with a XPs13 9350.

I updated all drivers, bios, ...
I also tried the "siwtching off wireless" suggestion already

Problem is, the monitor goes blank several times each day.

Any suggestions ? Any fixes ?

Ingo Hilgefort

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Hi all,
I recently purchased a TB16 thunderbolt dock. Everything seems to work perfectly except for the fact that my XPS isnt actually charging. The battery indicator shows that its charging but the battery continually drains and not indication of charge time shows up leading me to believe that no power is actually going to the laptop.
I have updated all the drivers except for the Thunderbolt 3 Firmware which continually fails to install. It gives me an error message of  "Thunderbolt Firmware installation failed" and I believe the NVM firmware is 8 currently. Im speculating that this is causing the charging issues. Has anyone had a similiar installation problem? Ive tried disabling my antivirus etc but it continues to fail.

Please help!

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 and TB16 dock problem

(EDIT: The information below pertains to the XPS 15, not the XPS 13 like the OP is using. Apologies for the confusion.)The TB16 is sold with two different wattage AC adapters: 180W and 240W.  The XPS 15 requires that the TB16 be powered by the 240W adapter in order to charge the system. Check the wattage on the AC adapter you're using with the TB16.

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My XPS 13 crashes each time I try to connect the dock with Intel Thunderbolt program. I have updated the BIOS, and did all the firmwares and drivers listed in TB16 installation. 
What shall I do?

A:Dell XPS 13 OS crashes when configured to use TB16 Dock in Thunderbolt app

Which version of the XPS 13 do you have?
Did the software and Firmware update install normally without the Dock attached?
Have you tried running the Dock without any outputs connected?
Did you get any popups related to allowing certain connected devices?
Look in the Settings and Details to see what TB controller you are using and if it does not show as Unknown.

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I just bought a Dell TB16 USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 dock for my Dell XPS 9550. I updated the BIOS and drivers for both units using Dell Command Update, but now every time I boot up my computer I get a message stating "your PC may need updates for the Thunderbolt 3 port to function properly. For more information go to thunderbolttechnology.net/updates". That link, in turn, refers me to the Dell page that tells me to do the updates I've already done.
It's annoying to get this message even though everything appears to be up to date. Anyone run into this and have a solution?

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 with TB16 Dock Thunderbolt message

You have done the firmware update which might be required on some systems?

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We have a Dell Precision 5520 that uses a TB16 docking station that all of a sudden is having difficulties connecting to our VPN. It was fine earlier in the day. We tried clearing the DNS cache and tried a winsock reset. THe drivers are up to date and everything. 
Also tried to reboot the computer multiple times.
Even tried a K17A Dock and had the same issue.
We were finally able to get the computer to connect to the vpn once we used a usb net adapter to plug the ethernet cable into.
Tried plugging the usb adapter into the computer directly and into the dock. It worked whether it was directly connected to the computer or the dock.
It only does not work when we connect the ethernet cable to into the lan port on the TB16 and K17A dock. And only for the one computer.

At a loss, any ideas?

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I have a Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16 - 240W docking station for the XPS 15 9560. It comes with a 0.5m USB Type-C Thunderbolt cable. Is there a longer cable, such as a 1m cable available for the TB16?
The TB16 was shipped from Dell with an instruction booklet entitled "Thunderbolt 3 (USB Type-C) Dock Cable Installation Guide." The book has instructions on how to remove the shipped cable and replace it with some cable that is received as a separate shipment. Does anyone know the purpose for those instructions? 
I'd like to suggest that the above questions would be a nice addition to the TB16 FAQ... adding some info on cable length, cable length restrictions, future plans for differing cable lengths, etc., might help users such as myself. I see others out there which have concerns about short cable length so that's why I think the answer to the above would make good TB16 support KB articles or FAQ entries. 
Thank you!

A:Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16 Maximum Cable Length

The included instruction guide is just in case you need to remove the cable for replacement.
My cable is around .4 meters or 16 inches.  I do not know of other length cables are available.

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I've got a WD15 hooked up to my XPS15 laptop and it works fine. Latest drivers and chipset/BIOS installed on both Dock and laptop.
I have a pair of external active studio speakers hooked up to the 3.5 mm Speaker out jack on the back of the dock and it works fine.
However if I use Google Hangouts or Skype for business calls and plug in a headset to the front 3.5 mm Headset Jack of the dock the external speakers starts a high pitch static noise. If I then un-plug and replug the 3.5 mm jack for the speakers the noise is gone. The sound and mic of the headset is working fine from start.
The same thing happens when I unplug the headset from the front of the dock, the external speakers starts to "hum" static noise. Again un-plugging the 3.5 mm jack of the speakers and plugging it in again stops the humming static.
If I instead plug the headset into the Laptop there is no problem and the external speakers remains quite.
Why is it doing this and how can I get rid of this annoying behavior?

A:WD15 dock with DELL XPS15 causes static in speakers after using headset

Hi awasen,Thanks for posting.Here is a Forum post from one of our Dell team members that may be helpful.http://dell.to/2lrqLR2

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System is a Latitude E5570 in E-Port Plus II dock, connected to two Dell U2515H monitors via Display Port.
Primary monitor blanks regularly for 2-3 seconds, but secondary mirror does not.
I have followed all instructions in this knowledgebase article: www.dell.com/.../blanking--flickering-or-blinking-video-issues-on-external-monitor-for-dell-latitude-exx70-exx40--precision-xx10-systems
Unfortunately, no remedy yet.
All graphics drivers are up to date, based on offered driver downloads for my system.
A Latitude E6530 does not show this issue when docked in the same dock with the monitor configuration unchanged. The monitor only blinks when E5570 is in dock. Blinking is irregular, sometimes a few times a minute, sometimes every few minutes, sometimes only each hour.
Changed Display Port cable to primary monitor, did not help.
Monitors are not daisy chained, but connected individually to dock to allow older systems to dock.
Would appreciate any advice.

A:Unresolved 2-3s blinking of external monitor at Dell E-Port Plus II Dock

We had this issue and it was resolved by a firmware update to the MST hub built into the system.  Go to support.dell.com, select your system, select Drivers and Downloads, and search "MST".  Note that sometimes if the OS selected by default there is the one you want, you have to choose some other OS and then switch back for anything to appear.  Anyway, the update you're looking for is Synaptics-VMM3320-MST-HUB-Firmware-Updater_DJG3X_WIN_3.12.1_A03.EXE.  I'd post a link, but most of the time that causes posts to get stuck in moderator queues.  Note that when you run the update, you have to have the system docked with an external display connected and in use, and then restart afterward.

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I have just received the TB16, that I use with my Precision 5510. I have connected my mouse and keyboard with the Logitech Unifying Receiver on a USB port. The connection works, but the mouse freezes about half of the time, and the keyboard misses many of the keys typed. So it is basically not usable. When the receiver is plugged directly into the computer's usb plug, the mouse and keyboard are perfectly smooth.
I have tried to connect the received on a DA200 connected on the Thunderbolt port of the TB16. This also works smoothly. So the problem only comes from the USB ports of the TB16 (both USB 2 and USB 3 ports).

A:Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16 -240W & Logitech Unifying Receiver

Do you have any wired devices you could check.  It wasn't long ago the Logitech wireless devices had problems with Win 10.  
Otherwise, there are threads about the TB16 and Bios updates on other systems concerning USB compatibility.

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Hello everyone
I've problem with my dell E5450

1. When i connected laptop with close cover to the dock station i will get screen on the external monitor.
2. When i connected latptop with open cover i've screen on external monitor and on the laptop.
Problem starts when i connected my laptop with close cover to the dock station then open them. 
I've only screen on the laptop but none on external monitor. I must use  keys combination like "windows + p" and choose  extent screens to display screen on laptop and external monitor but when i disconnected laptop from dock station and connect again that the same problem.
What can i do to solve this problem?
My configuration:
intel core i5-5300U 2.3 Ghz
Intel HD 5500
Windows 7 pro

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Title in the subject line pretty much says it.I've got a Dell Precision 5510 and a TB16 dock.It is currently running Windows 10 1703 but this issue existed under Windows 10 1607 as well.
Sequence of events/how to replicate:

Connect the Precision 5510 to the TB16 dock (presence of any other combination of peripherals seems to be irrelevant)
Boot into Windows 10 and enable BitLocker using TPM and a PIN
Shutdown and power on or /restart, whilst still connected to the TB16, enter your PIN and boot successfully
Shutdown and disconnect from the TB16 dock then try to boot - BitLocker prompts for the great big recovery key (what a pain)
Entering the recovery key and proceeding to boot is fine, as is shutting down and trying to boot again with the TB16 attached but if you're away from the office (and the TB16) and don't have the recovery key, then you're in a bit of a pickle!
If you've...

Booted with the TB16 attached
Shutdown and disconnected from the TB16
Booted to encounter BitLocker recovery (but luckily had the recovery key with you and entered it)
Continued to use the Precision 5510 away from the TB16 and restarted...then you have no need to encounter BitLocker recovery and re-enter the recovery key again

One you go back to connecting to the TB16 though... you guessed it, you need to re-enter the recovery key again.
I see two ways to look at this:

What's going on at a hardware level that is resulting in this behaviour? Is there something at a dock c... Read more

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Bought a X-rite i1 display calibrator to be able to hardware calibrate my Dell u2413 Monitor but there seems to be a communication problem with win 10 even though there is a win 10 driver installed for the monitor. Is there a solution to this for win 10? Otherwise I don't have much us of the x-rite since im not interested in software calibration...
Plz help?

A:Dell u2413 Monitor not recognized by Dell Display Manager or Dell Ultrasharp Calibration Solution

You might get a better response if you re-post this in the Monitors forum.
Be sure to mention the PC model and the video port being used when you post over there.

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To back up Dell-Brian B's threads you can find all the available Dell documents for the Dell Dock and Dell Thunderbolt Dock here. 

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I have a XPS 15 (9560) and using it with a Dell P2715Q 4k monitor running through a d6000 dock.
Monitor is connected to the dock from mDP to DP and the dock via USB-C to the laptop.
The monitors performance didn't seem great and the images weren't very smooth. The issue is more when playing video or running AutoCAD 2018. When checking the video settings through AutoCAD it is always the on board graphics that is being used not the dedicated graphics. Even when I use the nVidia panel to force the program and global settings to the GTX1050 it doesn't seem to want to use it for the external display.
Any help would be greatly appreciated because as far as I was concerned the laptop shouldn't have an issue running the monitor at 4k 60Hz.

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I've just purchased an XPS15 9560 and a TB16 (would have preferred the smaller WD15.. but no official support for the 9560)
I'd like to add a right-angle adapter to the TB cable to get it out of the way, but I wanted to make sure whatever I got would still charge the computer and otherwise fully function as a docking station.
Does dell sell one or can anyone recommend one that has worked for you?

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Dell XPS 15, Nvidia 1050 
Thunderbolt docking station TB16
Two 1920x1080 monitors. One connected to HDMI using HDMI->DVI cable, another is connected to display port using DP->DVI cable.

The problem.
When the laptop wakes up after going to sleep mode, the monitor connected to HDMI starts to go blank ever 3-5 seconds. See video: 
The BIOS and drivers have been updated.
The only solution I found is to reboot.

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Hi, I have an issue with my Dell 9560 monitor, there's seem to be a gap on the right side of the monitor, between the screen and the bezel, is that normal?
I've attached the image as a reference.
Thank you.

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i have some issues with my Dell XPS 13 (9350) and Dell TB16. I connected a 4K Monitor on the MiniDP Port and another 1080P Monitor on the HDMI Connector. I get constant dropout of my 4K Monitor, like every 1-2h min. the screen goes black and after a few moment the video comes back. Updating everything to latest BIOS, TB Firmware, Video Drivers does not working. I tried to disable TB security in BIOS but this doesnt help either.I tested my TB16 with another device, this time it is my company Lenovo P50. Everything works great with this device, no video dropouts, i tested this several ours.
So what is wrong with the Dell XPS13 and Thunderbolt?

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I updated drivers on all devices, including setting the XPS to do nothing when lid is closed. External monitor works fine, until XPS lid is closed, then external screen blanks. However, monitor works fine in airplane mode, which does me no good, as I need an active internet connection for certain software functionality. Also, airplane mode disengages my wireless keyboard and mouse, and I need to turn connection back on and pair devices (wasting more of my time). Is there anyway around this issue, other than returning the TB16 for something that works?

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I have two displays connected to the laptop (one to the native HDMI and one to the docking station). In effect, I am able to drive three displays (Laptop display, native HDMI, and DP from WD15). I wanted to connect one more display to drive four display? 

When I connect the fourth display it's not showing up in the detected displays list. 
How can I do this? Is it possible? 

A:How to drive four displays from DELL Precision 5520 with Dell Dock WD15 and native ports??

It's not going to be possible without some other type of hardware purchase - no.  The internal GPU cannot drive four displays at a time.

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Can anyone help with the issue I'm having of an error message every time I startup my Laptop

- Dell Inspiron I1720
- running windows vista srvice pack 2

The message is "Dell dock language file which is needed for it to run failed to load"

I have trawled through the various help pages both on my laptop and on the Dell help website but to no avail. If anyone can help I must advise you that I am completely computer illiterate so I would appreciate very simple or even childlike explanations. Thank you so much to any one who does resond.


For your benefit:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2390 @ 1.86GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS , 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 139707 MB, Free - 81654 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 5901 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0UK437, , .5GNGT3J.CN486438432044.
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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Hello,My Dell Latitude E5270 shuts down abruptly when resuming after sleep on its DELL E-Port Dock.The Windows Windows 10 login background with time is displayed for 1 second and the pc crashes immediately.Then I have to wait 1 minute to turn it back on.Have you ever encountered this problem? I reset my PC today, installed just like new, updated the bios, ... but this problem has not been solved.Thank you for your help.Yours,

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Putting together my "new" home network. I have 3 laptops (Dell Latitude D820 - Win 7 Pro, Dell Latitude D620 - Win XP Pro and Lenovo T400 - Win XP Pro). I have a Lenovo port replicator/dock and a Dell PR01x port rep/dock. I have just bought a new Rosewill RKV-2U USB KVM. With the 2 XP laptops, all works great. But if I dock my Win7 Dell D820 laptop, the video comes up but the keyboard and mouse do not - using the same port rep/dock that the Dell D620 just came off of. I noted the Rosewill KVM port light flashes while "detecting/enabling" the devices when switching to the other port and then go steady when ready to work. But with the D820/Win7 the port light continues to flash. I checked the Rosewill site and they say it's compatible with up to Vista, but doesn't say yay/nay about 7 - so my guess is it SHOULD since it works with Vista. I can't find any info from Dell about Win7 compatibility with their PR01x port rep/dock.

Dell D820 laptop is running Win7 Pro x86, 3GB RAM, BIOS A10 (latest), all drivers up to date, all software (OS, etc) up to date.

Any thoughts or ideas?

A:Win7/Dell D820 not working on Dell PR01x dock and KVM


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I just received the TB16 dock, using with a Precision 5520 with Ubuntu and an P2415Q external monitor, and am happy with them, except for one regression.
In the past I've adjusted the brightness of the monitor with a command-line program that talks DDC over I2C and it works great changing brightness between morning, afternoon, and night modes.
I purchased the TB16 for the main purpose of providing a single cable connection to everything. But, when I connect the external monitor to the dock the DDC command signals are blocked (or not relayed). In short, I need a second cable to control the monitor.
This defeats the main purpose of the dock, and it is quite expensive for the other features, I certainly could spend less than $300 on a second power supply and usb hub. :-(
The question is then, is anyone aware of this problem, is it possible to be solved, and will it at some point in the future?

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I want to view Netflix "view now" videos online with an external monitor. What's the easiest way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.

A:Adding a 22" Dell External Monitor to 15" Dell M70 Laptop

Get a 22" Dell monitor and connect it to the vga port on your laptop. There is an Fn + (some other key) that will enable the external monitor. You can press the Fn+(some other key) combination so that either the laptop display is used, the external display is used or have it set so both are used for the display. Typically the combination is the Fn key plus one of the F keys at the top of you keyboard.

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I had my setup working perfectly on Arch Linux before updating my bios. The dock could be plugged and unplogged at will without crashing. After updating to the latest bios (To get the Intel ME vulnerability patch) it doesn't work anymore.
Connected on the dock:
One 1080P screen (HDMI)
Another 1080P screen (Display port)
USB mouse and keyboard
Ethernet cable
3.5mm jack to sound system

Setup that worked
Bios: 1.2.18
Kernel: 4.10.6-1-ARCH

Setup that crashes
Bios: 1.2.25
Kernel: 4.10.6-1-ARCH
Kernel: 4.10.13-1-ARCH

Expected behavior
Connecting the dock when the laptop is powered works.
Connecting the dock when the laptop is turned off and booted works

Actual behavior
Connecting the dock when the laptop is powered crashes the system
Connecting the dock when the laptop is truned off works, but mouse and keyboard don't work.

Anyone has pointers on how I could resolve this issue?
Thank you very much.

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I am about to order an XPS 15 9560 and looking at TB16 dock ... in specs it shows XPS 15 as supplied with 130W power adapter but in specs for TB16 the chart shows 240W and says "NOTE: A system requiring more than 180 Watts must have its own power adapter attached"
Does that mean that for the XPS 15 i need to connect the power cord even if I am using the TB16 dock? I thought the TB16 would mean I could just use the single connection.

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I have been experiencing issues with my USB keyboard on my XPS15 9550 w/TB16 Dock when the Logitech G610 USB keyboard is plugged into TB16 USB 2.0 port in the back.
The keyboard will hang, accepting no input. or may hang on a certain letter, thus producing an "aaaaaaaa" across the screen until the keyboard "comes back".
Keyboard seems to work fine while plugged directly into the XPS15 rather than the TB16.
I also have an external USB drive for backups that I use connected to the TB16, although seems to be functioning fine. I have not had a backup fail, so, I assume it is working fine.
I have tried downloading all of the drivers, and re-installing them in the proper order according to the documentation while disconnected from the TB16, and then connecting to the dock.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue?  Is it the dock or the 9550?

A:USB Keyboard Hangs/Quits working on XPS15 9550 and Thunderbolt Dock TB16 . W10Pro x64

If you happen to run Citrix Receiver, make sure you're running at least version 4.9, since earlier versions are known to cause USB issues with the TB16, although that typically presents as the USB ports not working at all.  If not, then there was also an issue with intermittent USB device disconnects that was eventually solved through a combination of drivers and firmware, so when you say you've downloaded all of the drivers, please confirm that includes:
- Thunderbolt firmware
- Thunderbolt software
- ASMedia USB Host Controller driver

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I have Dell Precision 5520 laptop connected to Dell WD15 dock. 
There is a Dell U3011 2560x1600 display connected to MiniDP of the dock. 
The laptop display works in 1920x1080 mode, in order to get DPI similar to the one on U3011 (that's on purpose I'm fine with that). 
Today I tried adding the third display with 1280x1024 resolution connected to VGA of the dock.
It doesn't work. The third display gets detected by the Ubuntu display settings, but it can't be turned on. It works only if I unplug U3011. 
It is also possible to run all 3 displays in mirror mode, but not in extended desktop mode.
Is it a hardware limitation (Intel graphics in Precision, WD15 dock) or just problem with Intel Linux graphic drivers? 
BTW: Nvidia card is turned off.
From  the WD15 and laptop specs it looks like the config I'm trying to do should be supported:
- 1920x1080 builtin laptop screen- 2560x1600 through WD15 and miniDP - 1280x1024 through WD15 and VGA

Any ideas, what I can try?

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I have a new XPS 9560 and a TB16 dock. Up until a recent auto-update, both worked fine.After the update, the ethernet and USB on the TB16 would not be detected. I reinstalled all drivers, but no luck. The new Thunderbolt firmware update listed on the support page also wont install as it says 'needs latest thunderbolt controller' - I have the latest controller.Looking at Dell Command Update, this is what is says for Thunderbolt, the firmware entry doesn't look rightAnd this is what the thunderbolt software says:So ive done a fresh Win10 install, but before i even connect the TB16, Windows starts installing the thunderbolt drivers and constantly says "Base System Device" connected. This even happens if i disable Thunderbolt devices in the BIOS.So it seems to me like the laptop thinks the dock is permanently connected, even when it's not.Anyone have any ideas?

A:XPS 9560 thinks TB16 is always connected, but dock doesnt work

The software you show is newer than mine but I show a controller driver version and you do not.  The attachment was taken when the 9365 was not connected to the dock.

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So in a nutshell, I have already spoken with "Tech Support" in regards to this, and I'm guessing I'm not the first and certainly won't be the last.
The issue being whenever I have my laptop "docked" and have an external monitor connected (no matter if it's DVI, DisplayPort or VGA - I've tried all three) it will NOT display anything on the external monitor until it passes POST, at which point the external monitor only turns-on once at the Windows log-on screen. Funny thing is if I flip-open the lid on the laptop, the internal LCD panel will display all the POST information, until said point where the external monitor connected to the dock will turn-on and the internal LCD panel will power-off.
I have a case number, and was given the option to send-out my laptop to depot (repair) to have the motherboard replaced, but no guarantee that would even resolve the issue.
I have already attempted numerous BIOS updates (all versions available, and finally ended-up leaving it at A08 since none of them were making any difference anyhow) and also went as far as updating to the latest Intel drivers to humor myself (but that would make no difference since these drivers aren't even loaded when going through the POST sequence.)
I was told that this seems to be an on-going issue with most of the Latitude E6x20 series, and that supposedly a (soon-to-be-released) BIOS Update (A09) would address the issue. I chose NOT to send the laptop off to depot ... Read more

A:Latitude E6220 + Dell (PRO2X) Dock = No Video on External Display during POST

Normally I would assume something like this would be the way that Nvidia Optimus is designed.  Optimus needs Windows to run correctly,  Optimus controls the GPUs, no Optimus, no video. The problem here of course is that the E6220 doesn't have a discreet NVIDIA GPU, so it doesn't have Optimus.
At the moment I can't tell you if you should send the system to the depot or the system is working as designed.  I have sent a message to my contacts in engineering for help.  If a BIOS update is on the way to correct something like this hopefully I will get information on that as well.  I will post back here as soon as I have more info.

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I have a new Dell XPS 8900 connected to a Dell U2413 monitor using the HDMI to mini-HDMI cable.  When I switch off the monitor (to save the screen and energy), the PC jumps into an unrecoverable power saving mode, shutting down all open applications in doing so.  The mouse and keyboard lock up.  The only way to restart the PC is to press the power button for several seconds (hard reboot).   This began happening recently.  What can be done to fix?

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After connected my dell XPS 13 with Dell 34" ultra monitor via Kensington SD4000 universal docking station. Have video but no sound coming out from my ultra wide monitor. The only sound that I heard was from the XPS laptop. My Laptop's OS is window 10 and I tried to use Chrome and explorer Edge, none of the search engine is able to solve the problem. Moreover, I checked my all connective cables to/from the docking station and it seems fine to me. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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