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How to retain extended desktop (Multiple monitors) across start-ups?

Q: How to retain extended desktop (Multiple monitors) across start-ups?

I have a T61 Lenovo laptop with Mobile Internet 965 Express Chipset, Vista SP2. I have a second monitor, Envison, installed which I use to extend my desktop--laptop display on right, Envision monitor on left. Everything works just fine, however, whenever I shut down my system (sleep or hibernate or shut-down) and then power up again, the Envison monitor only displays my wallpaper and I need to re-establish it as my "extended desktop". This configuration worked fine under XP (with all the same hardware), but now it reverts back whenever I shut-down. Can this be fixed? Thanks.

Preferred Solution: How to retain extended desktop (Multiple monitors) across start-ups?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to retain extended desktop (Multiple monitors) across start-ups?

Weird.... Though i've not ran dual monitors on my laptop, just my desktop.

How are you connecting to the ENVISON monitor? vga or hdmi

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I can get all monitors working with eyefinity as a huge extended display but this is annoying for maximizing windows and videos.

Only way I seem to be able to get them all working at all is by setting to duplicate display so the same screen is on all 3. This is done using a DVI cable(with VGA adapter), a HDMI cable, and an active mini displayport to dvi adapter and cable.

When I try to separate them as an extended desktop on the screen resolution panel it actually is combining 2 of the monitors together and I am unable to make changes.

Just want a 3rd display to function like a 2nd does. Help plz!

Win 7 64bit home premium i5 processor AMD HD 6870 1gb

A:Can't Get 3 Monitors working extended desktop.

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Please Help! When I am in extended desktop mode (2 BenQ monitors; 1 x DVI and 1 x HDMI) I will get the BSOD each and every time after approx 15 mins of computer use. Duplicate display is fine as is solo display on each of the monitors.

Graphics Card is HD7850 (Asus) 2GB.

AMD (and Asus) have both recommended uninstall driver utility from website, followed by reinstall of drivers - all been done and no help. Last course of action they have recommended is to send in the card so they can investigate card - all up approx 2-3 week wait time (last resort I want due to tight work schedule).

Card is fine I have tested on another computer. I have also done a complete reinstall of windows 7. Still no help.

Has anyone else had this problem with this graphics card? OR does anyone have any potential solutions? I WAS excited about this new computer until I added my second screen! (which I need for work). Any input would be very much appreciated! Thanks very much.

New computer build Specs as follows:

ASUS Sabretooth X79 Motherboard (2011 chipset)
Intel core i7 3820 CPU
ASUS Radeon HD7850 - 2GB Graphics Card
Kingston memory 4 x 4GB Ram
Intel 180GB SSD plus WD 2TB HDD

Error message (if it helps in any way):

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 3081
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: FFFFFA8011F7A010
BCP2: FFFFF880044D09E0
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 000000000000000D
OS V... Read more

A:BSOD in Extended Desktop mode on 2 Monitors - graphics card maybe?

Post it following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions.

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Hello everyone,

I'm using multiple displays (extended) with a laptop and a monitor.
I use the monitor above the laptop and not alongside it.
this works fine, except everytime I lock my laptop (which I do several times a day) - the screen then defaults back to the right of the laptop monitor.

I've searched the web, but found nothing about it.

thanks and regards,

A:Multiple Displays (Extended desktop)

hmmm this is new to me. have you tried programs such as Realtime Soft UltraMon to combat this issue?

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Greetings everyone!

This is my very first post and I come with a question. I am looking into purchasing a refurb Dell 990 SFF for basic home usage (spreadsheets, word processing, internet...no gaming or graphic/audio intensive use). The onboard graphics and Displayport is an integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000 with a Displayport 1.1a output. I currently have a monitor with Displayport in but no Displayport out so I can daisy-chain. What is the best strategy for connecting second monitor? Is the native DP 1.1a out splittable for extended desktop? Do I need to buy a DP splitter external peripheral? I should note the additional output options include an old VGA out; all USBs are 2.o. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, i have a question about win xp and multiple monitor support...i have gotten two monitors to work pretty well for twice the desktop space, but i was just wondering if there was a way to have different wallpapers on each or to adjust the way the screen saver behaves across the two screens. if anyone knows anything about this subject please tell me what you know...thanks a lot people!

A:multiple monitors different desktop wallpaper?

Hey, i havent found anything yet that says different backgrounds are a possibility, but i have found on solution to be just setting another picture as a desktop item...I still have no idea how to control the screen savers...

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Currently, I run Windows 7 Pro on dual 24" monitors, and life is good.

In Win 8, if I open the desktop tile, I presume that the default action is to open the full-screen desktop app on just 1 of the 2 monitors. I'm guessing that the "Start" screen remains on the 2nd monitor.

Can I have the desktop app open, full screen, across both monitors? Can I have icons for my so-called legacy programs littered across both monitors like I have them on the Win 7 desktop? Just to clarify, I am NOT asking about having the background wallpaper extend across both monitors. I want the actual desktop application to extend across both monitors.

A:Desktop Tile Across Multiple Monitors

Yes, you can have the Desktop on both screens with the Taskbar on both where you can either pin certain things on each monitor or just the the Taskbar for separating windows on each screen. You can also have the Start Screen on one and Desktop on the other.

Taskbar - Hide or Show on Multiple Displays in Windows 8

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M93P SFF 10A90014US desktop PC. Would like to attach three monitors and display three discrete screens. According to the PSREF it is possible to do this with up to five displays. I have not been able to get this to work this way. I have spoken to technical support twice regarding this issue to no resolve. One support rep said I need an adaptor. Why? There are a total of 5 ports available for video, tried anyway, does not work. The other support rep said change a setting in the BIOS, when I tried that the setting does not exist.  Machine has Nvidea GT620 with one display port and one vga port. System board has 2 display ports and 1 vga port. PSREF says the machine can support up to 5 displays if using the installed video card along with the system board Intel video ports. Has anyone been successful with this setup? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks...


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A:Multiple Monitors On M93P SFF Desktop

Can you explain what the problem is, in detail?

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Hi everybody,
        I have a remote connection that I need to configure 2 monitors. Each of them must be showing a different window full time (a monitoring activity).
       In every forum that I visit, I have same answer: in Display tab of Remote Desktop Connection, tick "Use all my monitors for remote session".

       But when I'm connected (remotelly) to my host computer, I try to Maximize and/or increase my remote screen and nothing happens, just 1 remote screen in 1 monitor.
       In the Screen Resolution Configuration, it shows just 1 remote desktop (RDPDD Channel) monitor and I can't make any change about it.
     I also tried to change some Local Group Policies as showed in Tech Community Microsoft Blog "Using Multiple Monitors in Remote Desktop Session", in both sides, host computer
and client computer.

   And nothing happened, it seems that all different settings in Remote Desktop Connection on client computer doesn't take effect.
  Is that something that I'm missing?
PS: Sorry for not posting images and links (I'm not allowed by this platform yet).

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In common with many others I was horrified to find that Windows 7 pro, which advertised support for RDP, did not support multiple monitors. I needed Ultimate for that.

What's the story in Windows 10? Can I use RDP with multiple monitors in Windows 10 pro? And can I connect to a Windows 7 pro laptop using a dual monitor Windows 10 Pro desktop?



A:Remote desktop and multiple monitors in Windows 10

Originally Posted by TTT

In common with many others I was horrified to find that Windows 7 pro, which advertised support for RDP, did not support multiple monitors. I needed Ultimate for that.

What's the story in Windows 10? Can I use RDP with multiple monitors in Windows 10 pro? And can I connect to a Windows 7 pro laptop using a dual monitor Windows 10 Pro desktop?



At present I am running three monitors without a problem. . .having said that there is one fault and that is not being able to use a different picture/wallpaper on each monitor. To get around this problem I use Display Fusion ( I know there are some folks that just can't get over the fact that a third party program is needed to display separate wallpapers on each monitor. As to Remote desktop goes don't use it so I cannot comment on it's us. . .

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On my Win7 Home Desktop, I use two monitors in Extended Mode utilizing a NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT Dual Head video card. My main desktop is on Monitor #1 and I use #2 for E-mail as an example. The problem is when the system is awoken from Sleep Mode, the displays switch Positions. The immediate cure is to go to the “Change the Appearance of your Displays” and click on“Detect”…. The monitors then switch to the correct positions with no further prompting. The monitors show they are in the correct order on the GUI. This only happens after coming out of“Sleep”. I have disabled the ASUS onboard Intel Video card, and done all needed Updates for the system. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers with no success. Inquiries to NVIDIAand Asus blame Microsoft. WEB searches reveal others suffering this same issue,but no successful cures that I can locate. I typically install a fresh copy of Windows at least twice a year, and this is definitely an intermittent issue as I have replaced all the components at least once and sometimes the issue goes away. I am at a loss for a fix on this very annoying problem, and hope a fresh look might reveal a soloution!

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I have a problem with Remote Desktop when using v6.0 to connect to a dual-monitor machine using the "span" option. Some text gets drawn in a rather bizarre fashion - it appears that the letters of the text are drawn in a wider font, but each letter is in the same position it would be with the original font. This results in each letter overlapping the next, making text extremely difficult to read.

I can recreate this in both Microsoft Excel and Artisan Studio. In Excel it is easy to recreate:
From a dual-monitor machine, connect via mstsc (remote desktop) version 6 or higher.
Open Excel
Put some text in a cell
Use the Excel "Camera" tool to take an image of the cell and place it anywhere in the spreadsheet
Voila - the camera version of the text looks messy, while the original looks normal. Connecting to the same session without using the "span" option shows the text correctly both with and without the camera.

I appreciate that not many people will have the necessary hardware to recreate this, but was hoping someone out there might recognise the problem! I suspect that the Excel camera tool uses a different method of rendering the text, and that it is this that is getting confused.

Any help appreciated!


A:Remote Desktop text distortion when using multiple monitors

As it seems nobody has come across this or found a solution, does anyone know how to report such a bug to Microsoft?

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Hello everyone! Not sure if this is the right forum, I had to decide between this and Customisation, but this seemed more applicable.

Anyway, whenever I restart my computer, all my desktop icons move around to really weird locations. I don't have that many icons, but I'm a clean freak, so when they move out of place it sincerely pisses me off

Here are the specs:
Asus G74SX built-in monitor: 1920x1080
External monitor: Acer X203H, 1600x900
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M 3GB VRAM

The icons all stay on my main monitor (the one on my laptop) but they are often jumbled far out of place, such as this example: http://i.imgur.com/Kqtpp.jpg

And here's how they're actually supposed to be oriented: http://i.imgur.com/1TMe7.jpg

As you can see, there's quite a difference XD

Also, if it helps any, the external moderator is connected via VGA and it's positioned to the left of my laptop.


A:[Multiple monitors] Desktop icons move around each restart!

Doing a simple google search, I keep running into your same situation. A laptop with an external monitor being used that has two different native resolutions and this seems to be causing the problem. As for a fix for it...every thing I read so far comes up nill. This is not to say that there's not a fix for it, I haven't ran across it yet.

How lock/pin desktop icons once they are arranged?

Desktop Icons - Lock Position ?

If also found that there are some nifty little third part apps that will do the trick as well. Scroll through this thread and check out the links.


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I'm using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and have GeForce 8800GTS connected to 2x BENQ FP73G monitors. It is possible to extend desktop to second monitor (see attachment) but is it possible to get so that star menu is across both monitors?

A:Multiple monitors with start menu across both screens

Are you talking about the Task Bar at the bottom of your screen?


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With my CRT monitor I had a little clip that was attached to an arm that was glued to the top of my monitor frame. From that I could attach papers that I needed to type.

What can I use for a LCD that is much thinner and won't support the weight of the clip and its papers?

A:How do people who use LCD monitors retain/hold/clip papers they are typing?

I use the easy to remove 2 sided tape Refill Strips to mount my speaker to the back of my LCD monitor .. (using metal brackets)
Can you mount your clip arm this way ?? .. It shouldn't be heavier than my Speaker

I was also thinking that since magnets can be used near the screen of a LCD .. (Not true with CRT)
maybe something metal using magnets to "clip" paper

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I'm in IT security. I have 3 monitors -- it could be 6.

I just want to know if Windows 7 Enterprise has a setting that will allow the docked laptop with 3 monitors to keep the desktop window settings and icons and everything about the layout when in 'multiple monitor mode', and then have a different desktop settings
and layout for the undocked laptop using it's own screen.

Docked with multiple monitors? Detect it and revert to saved layout/settings for this desktop.Undocked with just the simple laptop screen? Detect it and revert to saved layout/settings for this desktop.

Does that make sense?
P.S. Does Windows 10 do this?
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer...

Noel Stanford Oveson
Berlin, Germany

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My mom is trying to extend her monitors and all that comes up is the background, any solution?

A:About extended monitors

Your question is a little inaccurate, but I guess she's trying to extend her Windows desktop over two monitors placed side by side. In that case it's normal that the second monitor only shows the desktop background. Try sliding the mouse of the screen of the main monitor, and it should show up on the second monitor.
If you use windows Vista/7, press Windows-key + P to see several options (only monitor 1-duplicate-extended-only monitor 2). Enter Screen Resolution (right-click on your desktop or enter control panel) to change the resolution and position of your second monitor.

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Would appreciate some help on this one.

Sorry for the long thread but wanted to provide some context.

I would like to have an extended desktop over 3 monitors (different windows on different displays). I've seen it done, I know its possible. But I have tried and failed. Looking for help before I give up.

-Windows 7 Home Ediition 64 bit
-Dell XPS Studio 9100 desktop
-Dell OEM version of AMD HD 5670 ( VGA, DVI and HDMI ports. NO DP port)
-Non gaming application
-3 existing monitors
>>>LEFT: Sony Bravia 32" LCD TV ( HDMI and VGA inputs
>>>MIDDLE: Dell 1901 monitor ( DVI and VGA inputs)
>>>RIGHT: Dell 1907 monitor (DVI and VGA inputs)
•PCI card slot (PCI_1) 26
•PCI Express x1 card slot (PCIE1X3)
•PCI Express x16 card slot (PCIE16_1) (used by video card)
•PCI Express x1 card slot (PCIE1X2)
•PCI Express x1 card slot (PCIE1X1)
•PCI Express x8 card slot (PCIE8_2)
Latest AMD Drivers,Catalyst etc.
Resolution requirement - Modest. At this point would even settle for 1280 x 1024 on all monitors

Intial display configuration
Dell OEM AMD 5670 HDMI port > to > HDMI input on Sony Bravia
Dell OEM AMD 5670 DVI port > to > DVI input on Dell 1901
Dell OEM AMD 5670 VGA port > to > VGA input on Dell 1907

Windows 7 control panel sees, recognizes and identifies all 3 monitors. In fact I thought I was done!. But it only lets me extend any two at a time ; not all three at onc... Read more

A:Extended display over 3 monitors

The more I read , the more I am concluding the most effective way (and maybe the only way) to do this, is Option 3, ie

- buy a new PCI-e x16 graphics card with a DP port ( approx $100-$300)
- buy an ACTIVE dongle ( a I want to run 3 monitors in total) (approx $50)

Eg ref:
HD5450 Triple Monitor Support Problem

Trying to set up 3 monitors with Gigabyte Radeon 6950 card

As to the cheaper Option 2, I dont know if thats even possible in practice for the 3 monitor sceanrio.

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My computer has VGA, DVI and a HDMI port in the back. I currently have two Acer 20" monitors (the main screen and an extension), plunged in with a VGA cable and a DVI cable (the monitors have ports for both). I want to add my HD TV to the mix, either showing a duplicate of my primary screen, or another extension. I would not be using the TV display nearly as often as I am using the second Acer monitor. My TV has a both VGA and HDMI ports, but I already have a HDMI cable strung across the room from my computer to the TV.

Thus far I can make any two of the screens work at one time, but when I plug the third cable in, only a single screen works.

Is there something obvious that I am missing? Do I have to buy some sort of splitter and/or adapter? Is there some sort of (free) software that I can use? I would like a new graphics card, but I cannot justify buying a $100 part when a $5 part will work.

Thank You.

A:Solved: Two extended monitors plus a TV

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My alias says it all!!
I bought a new computer Dell Inspiron 537 with Vista home premium x64, Celeron processor, and Intel G41 Express chipset.
I had a Radeon 9200se graphics card in my old XP OS and ran 3 monitors, from the card (2) and internal devise (1).
Not so with this new Vista OS. I did install my Radeon 9200se and downloaded the drivers. After messing around I realized it wasn't my graphics card that was disabled, but the internal devise.
Since I have both a VGA and DVI plug on the Radeon 9200 I decided to plug in 2 monitors to get them running.
Both monitors are cloning each other and I have tried to find the answers to disable the cloning, to be able to have an extended view.
When I go to the display settings I am showing only one monitor, even though I have 2 plugged into to each of the 2 ports on the Radeon 9200.
My eyes are bugging out, and desperate to find the solution.
I eventually want to have 3 monitors on extended view and up grade to W7, but first things first.


A:Monitors cloning, but want extended view.

techdummy, welcome to the forums.

Assuming it installed correctly and is working you should be able to set it to extended mode in the Catalyst Control Center (right click on the desktop and select it). The settings/options should be under Display Options.

As for running more than 2 monitors on Vista, unless all the video cards are the same (ATI with ATI or Nvidia with Nvidia, and this includes onboard video) on Vista this isn't going to happen as it is not supported under WDDM 1.0,

Multimonitor Support in WDDM

On Windows Vista, older XPDM drivers still work and the multi-monitor behavior with XPDM drivers hasn't changed, because the operating system uses the legacy graphics stack.
However, the Windows Vista Display Driver Model (WDDM) brings fundamental changes to the management of multiple graphics adapters and external displays. This includes a new restriction, because WDDM drivers do not support "heterogeneous multi-adapter" multi-monitor implementations. Specifically:
?All graphics adapters in a system must use the same display driver model. That is, all of them should either be running XPDM or WDDM. The driver models are mutually exclusive, and Windows Vista does not allow the simultaneous loading of both an XPDM driver and a WDDM driver.
If a system has one graphics adapter with a XPDM driver and another with a WDDM driver, then Windows Vista will choose the POST device, which is the one with VGA resources. This is commonly referred ... Read more

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I have a new XPS 8900 and I want to use two Dell U2312HM monitors (DVI connections). My computer has one DP connection and one HDMI connection and the Nvidia GeForce 960 graphics card has only one VGA connection. How to I hookup to have the two monitors for an extended screen?

A:How to I hookup to have the two monitors for an extended screen on XPS 8900?

the U2312HM has both DVI-D and Displayport connectors.
Which exact card do you have?  Depending on which GTX 960 you have it most likely has at least one DVI, one HDMI and one Displayport.
It may have a second or third displayport or maybe a second DVI connector.
You can connect one monitor using DVI-D and one using Displayport. I would make the DVI-D monitor the primary and #1 monitor, and get that working then add the second monitor using Displayport.
You do not want to use VGA, and you do not want to use the integrated graphics connectors on the motherboard. Only use the connectors on the graphics card.

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Want to connect 2nd 23" thinkcenter (exrended view) to my other thinkcentre M53. Where do cables get connected to; HDMI, USB with type a and b ends ?What needs to be done in settings running win pro 7

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Hello: I purchased a ZBook 15 G2 Mobile Workstation in February 2016 and noticed something I didn't expect with this computer.  When I play video on both screens the external screen is playing at 15fps.  I saw this with my older EliteBook but expected that it would be cured since the new one includes a video card.  I assumed that with a video card that both monitors could process video at the given frame rate. How do I make use of the video card or other setting to maximize the video playback quality (and other graphics) on the external monitor? Details: I have a ZBook 15 inch G2 Mobile Workstation with an NVIDIA Quadro K610M Graphics card, am running Windows 7, have 16 GB RAM and a 7200 RPM hard drive.  I am using a VGA (XVGA) output.  I believe there is also a thunderbolt 2 output. I am using a software called TrialDirector that utilizes Windows Media Player.  The video is playing on both screens, but the screens are set in Extended Screen mode.  The software mirrors the video onto both screens. There must be a way to set the onboard screen to run from the onboard graphics and the external to run from the card. Thanks in advance.

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Can I set up deal monitor extended view in my Thinkcentre M73 with the existing video card using a Y splitter in the VGA port.  not looking to open the box and add parts.  What is the simplest way to accomplish this?  thank you

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Hello, I recently purchased a Think Centre m91P seen here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883266694.
I have purchased a display port to VGA adaptor and have two external monitors up and running, that is one hooked to the display port and the other to the VGA input. 
Unfortunatley they are both running duplicate screens and when I go to display settings I don't have the option to ID or detect the 2nd monitor. I also don't have the option to extend the display and when I click on the drop down box for the display it only shows one input. 
Can anyone assist how I can get this up and running so I can function wit two monitors?
Thanks in advance for any help. 
Moderator note: fixed broken link.


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A:Setting up dual monitors for extended display - ne...

That's not really how you run two monitors in "extended desktop" mode.  You are using a setup that is intended to provide identical output onto two monitors out of a single video card port.  This is actually equivalent to running "clone mode" from a video card that contains two ports to feed two monitors individually.
What you really want is simply a multi-port graphics card installed in your M91p, which provides connectivity to two monitors simultaneously from its two ports.  Then you can use the video card's drivers and/or Windows to configure your two connected monitors to run either in (a) clone mode, with identical output to both monitors, or (b) extended desktop mode, which spreads the Windows desktop "double-wide" to use the full horizontal expanse of both monitors so that you can drag windows back and forth across both.
I would suggest a very modesly priced ASUS Silence (fanless) HD6450 card, which includes both full-size and low-profile brackets in the retail box. So you can use it in either a tower or small-form-factor case.  Note that the VGA connector is available on the full-size bracket, so if you use the low-profile bracket in a SFF case you will only have the remaining two DVI and HDMI connectors.  If you have to connect to a monitor that only supports VGA, you'll have to use an adapter.  But if you have the option of a digital connection on both your monitors, then both the low-profile and full-size brackets will al... Read more

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I have HP Pavilion laptop with Windows 10 Home 64bit:   Intel i7-6500U CPU @ 2.5 GHz   Intel HD Graphics 520 Prodoct number is T9Y62AV Can I use HDMI port and an external HDMI splitter to have two extended monitors? If yes, what type of HDMI splitter do you recommend? Thanks in advance. Regards,Charles

A:two extended monitors for HP Pavilion 15 with 'Intel HD Grap...

Hi, Please try one from the following list (few HP products are there):           http://www.displaylink.com/products/universal-docking-stations Regards.

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If I set my desktop wallpaper to a .jpg file then my profile will not retain the wallpaper the next time I log in. However, if I set my wallpaper to something like, FeatherTexture.bmp, or I believed any .bmp files then my profile will retain the wallpaper. So assuming this is true, how do I get my profile or computer to retain .jpg files the next time I log in.?


A:How to retain desktop wallpaper?

What Operating system? Is this a work pc or a home pc?
The easiest way to solve this is just to open MSPAINT (start>run> type in "MSpaint")
Open the jpeg you want from the file menu, (youll have to use the drop down menu, and select jpg in the "files of type box", as paint only shows bmp's by default)
Next, go to file>save as, and save it as a bmp (again, youll have to use the drop down)

If you are using windows 2000, i know it doesnt like non-bmps as a desktop wallpaper.

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I need to run two monitors, in extended mode, with several of my 660S desktops. Do I need another video card, and if so, which one?

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Would like to attached dual monitors to my 5570 and EXTEND.  5570 has one HDMI and one VGA.
Monitors have one VGA and one Display port.

Processor is Intel Core i7-6600U Processor Base, AMD Radeon R7 M360, 2GB Discrete Graphics
As simple as using VGA out to VGA monitor one  and HDMI > Display port converter to monitor two.
Close laptop lid?

Or even better, is there a device I can always keep both externals plugged into then when I arrive only have to plug ONE cable into the laptop?  
Thoughts? Thanks!

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Hi all,
I am having a couple of issues I think related to a rootkit virus that Norton Security Suite found and corrected on my computer a couple of days ago.
One issue is that even though I set all my desktop icons to be "small" via the right-click Viw menu on the desktop every time I reboot thay are set back to the "medium" size when entering Windows 7.

I have tried every thing I can think of including setting them to "large", etc. but they always return as medium upon a reboot.
Any help or suggestions?

A:Windows 7 Desktop won't retain size through reboot

If so, seems the Icon cache is damaged. Please try the following fix. Also, change your theme to dafault.


Juke Chou
TechNet Community Support

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My Dell Optiplex 990 SFF has an Intel 2000 which I'm learning is no good.  I hate that my screened looks super stretched vertically and no matter how much I play with the resolution I can't fix it.  It's hurting my eyes. 
In addition I wanted to set up dual monitors with extended display.  While it's detected, identified, and showing the desktop on both monitors it's in duplicate and I can't get  the extended display to work. 
I'm no good at computers and have spent HOURS trying to understand all of this.  My guess is that I need to upgrade the graphics card?  I feel like I can do this from a youtube video.  I'm just not sure what I need.  I don't think I need anything fancy. Just something basic that will let me do the dual monitors with extended display and address the stretchy screen problem.  Recommendations?  

A:Dell Optiplex 990 SFF Graphics Card & Dual Monitors with Extended Display

Maximum power consumption for SFF is 25 Watts the best card the machine could operate with is:
VisionTek Radeon HD 6350 SFF Low Profile Graphics Card - 1 GB DDR3
From what I understand that card is not very powerful but might be enough to operate multiple monitors in low resolution

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Hi everyone. I'm having a problem in Windows 7 with my dual monitor setup. Being a student, my laptop comes with me during the day to classes, but when I return to my desk, I have a dual monitor setup through a docking station. I haven't had a problem getting the displays to actually output in extended desktop. Instead, I can't keep them set that way. Installing any program, opening the system task monitor, letting the computer idle into sleep, or any process that makes the screen "flash" sets the screens back to clone. It's even more annoying that for some reason, I cannot get the system to recognize the external monitor through the display settings. To get around this, I've set up schemes that I default to through the Intel Graphics card. I know it's a minor irritation, but somehow I managed to bypass that default in Vista Ultimate and can't quite figure out how to do it in 7.

I attempted to fill out my system specs in my profile as best as possible, but please let me know if any information more is needed from me. I apologize if anything is missing, this is my first post. Thanks for your help!

A:Extended Desktop Keeps Reverting Back to Cloned Desktop

have you tried re-installing the graphics drivers?

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My Laptop has been giving me some issue for past 4-5 days. The Start button and my deskstop suddenly started flashing for every 15 secs or so and it does not allow me to start any program from desktop. It is very difficult to even click anything as it keeps on flashing. My Norton never detected anything and so I never knew if it was infected with any virus. Although my firefox would hang a few times and I would have to close it very often for past few weeks. This time it just hung up on me and I tried to close it and then I tried to restart my machine and from then on this issue have creeped up.

One of my friend told me to run the spyware doctor and malware and they both showed that my computer is infected with trojan. The malware removed some of the viruses but still spyware doctor shows some low infections. But my laptop is still not OK as it is still flashing and also closes all the windows that I open with great difficulty including explorer etc.

So with great difficulty I ran the dds and gmer. My laptop was infected sometime in Jan when one of your representative had helped me in cleaning and at that time I had downloaded the dds and gmer and it was already stored in my laptop and I used the command prompt to run and log the findings.

Attached are the arc.txt, attach.txt and dds.

PLease help me. I have lot of photos in my laptop and I don't have any backup of those and so I don't want to reformat it and loose all the precious photos. So please he... Read more

A:Help PLease - Multiple virus/trojan issue-Start and desktop keeps flashing

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I am successfully running 1 external monitor (HDMI), and I am now considering trying to use as a 2d external monitor a Lenovo L192 monitor that is now available to me. Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about doing this? Since the Lenovo's cabling is VGA, I will certainly need an adapter, presumably to USB-C or USB-3.1. But are there any other considerations/limitations that I need to take into account? Thanks for any help that you can give!

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I am successfully running 1 external monitor (HDMI), and I am now considering trying to use as a 2d external monitor a Lenovo L192 monitor that is now available to me. Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about doing this? Since the Lenovo's cabling is VGA, I will certainly need an adapter, presumably to USB-C or USB-3.1. But are there any other considerations/limitations that I need to take into account? Thanks for any help that you can give!
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A:Multiple monitors X-1 Gen 6: How can I run 2 external monitors?

Hi JoeSchmoe! Just to clarify, could you provide to us the model of the computer you are trying to use on the monitors? Using an adapter doesn't guarantee that it will be detected so it will be best to use an adapter from Lenovo like this: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories/acc100239. You can check the user guide from the link provided. 

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Hi, I have a really annoying problem with desktop icons.
I use 2 monitors. 1920x1200 is the main dislay and 1600x1200 is another one for extended desktop. The thing is that I don't need it all the time so I'd like to switch the extended desktop on and off when I need it. Problem is that entering the ex. desktop just somehow changes the grid (it seems that the grid becomes more compressed in vertical direction). That means that it always messes my icons up. I really don't know why do the Windows change the grid when I do not change the reolution or just anything that could possibly affect the main screen. Can I do anything about it?


//Noral desktop grid:

//Extended desktop grid:

A:Desktop icon grid changes when using extended desktop

Welcome to Seven Forums APrince. I suspect the issue is caused by the different resolutions of the 2 screens. Does the primary desktop display revert to normal when the desktop isn't extended? (I am assuming it does). I'd suggest if you want to keep the original layout while in extended mode, that you try the Free Fences, and see if it can maintain the layout while extended. Or try IconRestorer which enables you to save up to two layouts for each resolution.

A Guy

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First off, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for taking your time to look at this and help me out.

On 09/22/10 , our computer around 6PM got a fake antivirus virus that popped up and installed automatically. I went and removed it off my computer. That one was called "Malware Doctor". Later, about 2 hours later, I got another one that popped up on my task bar called "Antivirus 2010". That one didnt install and I removed it. On 09/23/10 i started up our computer, and I got Antivirus 2010 again. I exited out of it, and removed it. Then I could not access the internet via Google Chrome, so i tried AOL. AOL worked, but it was freezing as always. I decided to restart my modem and my computer.

When I turned it on, It would go past the XP screen and continuously reboot. I then hit F8 many times, and got the menu(not sure what its called) and make it so it would not auto-reboot on system failure. I then got this error on a blue screen when i booted and had it set to not auto-reboot:

Stop: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
The Windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status o
f 0xc0000022 (0x00000000, 0x0000000)
The system has been shut down.

I do not have a XP installation disc, but I do have the windows recovery disc. In this thread I got help, and found that 3 files the virus was messing up.

These are the 3 files in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder that were messed up:


I took... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Infected by multiple instances of malware/viruses -No desktop,start menu, or

Sorry for bump, but I have more info and I cannot edit the post.

I keep getting redirected when I am on any site, whether its yahoo, or even tech support forum. It keeps taking me to "google-analytics.com" and then a site that has a fake malware scanner, then it give me a javascript pop-up when i exit saying I am infected.

About every 5 or so pages I go onto it does this. I got a screeshot of it luckily, but not of the malware scanner thing, i closed that as soon as I could (not enought time to take a screenshot, save and take another).

Here is the screenshot.

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I have attached a second monitor to my laptop which runs Windows 7, however, I need to set different resolutions for different monitors, because the display does not fit to fill the screen on both monitors.

It is also noted that the display is replicated, and I would like to have the effect of having different desktops e.g. being able to use different applications such as debugging code on one monitor on an IDE such as Visual Studio, and, viewing the browser on the other monitor.

Currently it does not seem possible since the behavior seems to be that the same resolution is replicated on both monitors.

Are more than two monitors supported?

A:Working with multiple monitors does not allow multiple desktops

Set it to extended mode instead of duplicate, then you can use both independently.

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I completed a new PC build a couple weeks ago. Every time I turn the PC off for a few hours and come back and power it on 1 of 2 things happens.

1. The PC BSOD during the windows load before the log on screen
2. The PC BSOD at the log on or shortly after I log in (within 2 minutes)

The BSOD happens and the PC reboots. At this point everything is fine. PC works flawlessly. Was on for 3 straight days no problems at all playing games, watching movies, etc. As soon as I powered it off for a few hours and came back same behavior. BSOD, reboots then works fine.

Some of the BSOD messages I've gotten are:

I have seen some of these before in other builds and thought there might be RAM problems. Did a 8 hour multiple-passes Memtest run and not a single error.

Windows 10 is updated and all my drivers are up-to-date as far as I can tell.

Any help would be appreciated. All the dumps that have been generated are attached.

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System Manufacturer/Model Number: HP-Pavilion/KT372AA-A2L a6518f
OS: Windows 7 Home Premuim (student upgrade from Vista Home Premuim)
CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5400+, 2800 Mhz
Motherboard: Seriously, I looked for any kind of label and can't find it.
Memory: 3.00 GB Ram
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio
Monitor(s) Displays: Samsung SyncMater 920 Nx
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Hard Drives: Drive C, Local Fixed Disk 263.94 GB free of 455.43 GB total, Samsung

I have been running an extended desktop to my TV with both XP and Vista with little problem. Now that I've upgraded to Windows 7, my graphics CP cannot even detect a TV, even when I do a forced hardware detection. I'm connecting with an s-video cable.

Any suggestions?

A:Extended Desktop

There are a few threads with this issue and the common point appears to S-Video. Have a look through the other threads and try and connect via something other than S-Video.

In my set-up, I use an optical connection for sound to an external amp and DVI-HDMI direct to the TV for video.


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how to solve my little problem.

I am using Windows XP home.

I have 2 monitors, and I am using the second monitor as an extended desktop. I have added a program to my Startup menu so it loads when I boot up. I want to know how I can get this program to open on the extended desktop (2nd monitor) rather than on my actual desktop (1st montior).

Any ideas??

A:Help, extended desktop

Welcome to TSF

Just a guess cause I don't use two monitors, but if you rite click the program entry under start>all programs>startup> then coose properties, it may give you an option to run it on the extended desktop. Please post back with results

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hi all
im ben and i have a problem with creating a extended desktop i have a nvidia 4200ti agp 128nv i have 2 moniters and i would like to creat an extended desktop with the 2 moniters working indipendantly and i have no ides how to do it so plese help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:extended desktop

Welcome to TSG...

Here's a tutorial from Microsoft on adding and using a second monitor, including extending your desktop

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I have a pc connected to a TV Plasma. I have extended configuration.

I would like to know is it possible to force an application to start by default on the extended desktop?

Many thanks and sorry for my english!

A:extended desktop

Please any help?

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In the eternal battle between myself and technology the computer has won another battle.
I wished to avail myself of an extended desktop using 2 monitors. As everything I touch seems to go wrong I thought I would start with an old computer running ME and a Millenium PCI card and see what would happen. This worked perfectly I added the card, installed the drivers plugged in the second monitor did the business with the display options and all was as it should be.
Then I decided to move on to the computer I really wished to use and this is where things started to go wrong.
The computer I wish to use is a socket 775 ECS 945 GCT- M V1 0i 945 GC which has Intel GMA 959 (224mb) graphics (I hope this means something as I have copied it from the computer documentation). I also bought a Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS grapics card (this has the correct fitting, PCI express, for my motherboard.
Following the same procedure as my initial attempt I arrived at the position where the Nvidia card worked perfectly but the original Intel graphics had disappeared, leaving me with a single display monitor.
I removed the Nvidia card and the Intel graphics reappeared.
How do I get to the position in which both sets of graphics are working at the same time thus allowing me to use 2 monitors?

A:Extended desktop

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Hey guys.

Appreciate any help you can give.

I have my laptop hooked to a TV and can-t get the sound to work when the desktop is extended.

When it is duplicated it works perfect the sound comes out of the tv. but when extended it just ceases to work.

I verify that in control panel sounds the TV is selected for playback but still no sound. Any ideas?

thanks in advance

A:Extended Desktop without sound

Are you using a HDMI cable for this?

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Apolgies if this is quite a simple one. I am trying to extend teh desktop t a connected monitor through a ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock. I know the screen is working but when i right click on the desktop i do not get the usualy 'output to' option. I know i can access this via the control panel and display options but i also want to choose the 2nd monitor as the primary display, usually via the 'output to' option there is an option to do this. Any ideas? Thanks

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