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"The custom start up image file is not found for this system."

Q: "The custom start up image file is not found for this system."

Hi, I am trying to setup a custom boot image on my 6th Gen. I am update from a bootable USB disk made from the official ISO from Lenovo. Here is the content of the disk: /mnt/SD/:
total 22K
drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 16K Jan 1 1970 .
drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 4.0K Aug 13 14:21 ..
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 512 Jul 3 16:45 EFI
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 512 Nov 8 16:17 FLASH
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 512 Sep 17 10:13 'System Volume Information'

total 17K
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 512 Jul 3 16:45 .
drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 16K Jan 1 1970 ..
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 512 Jul 3 16:45 Boot

total 1.5M
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 512 Jul 3 16:45 .
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 512 Jul 3 16:45 ..
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1.5M May 17 11:30 BootX64.efi

total 1.8M
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 512 Nov 8 16:17 .
drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 16K Jan 1 1970 ..
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 93K Aug 5 2016 406E8.PAT
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 96K May 15 10:51 806E9.PAT
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 96K May 21 19:26 806EA.PAT
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 160 Mar 31 2015 BCP.evs
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2.9K Nov 8 16:16 LOGO.GIF
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 512 Nov 8 16:17 N23ET56W
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1.5M May 17 11:34 NoDCCheck_BootX64.efi
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2.2K Oct 5 2015 README.TXT
-r-xr-xr-x 1 root root 23K Oct 1 2014 SHELLFLASH.EFI

total 9.3M
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 512 Nov 8 16:17 .
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 512 Nov 8 16:17 ..
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 9.0M Sep 17 16:50 '$0AN2300.FL1'
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 257K Sep 12 17:11 '$0AN2300.FL2'
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2.9K Nov 8 16:16 LOGO.GIF

'/mnt/SD/System Volume Information':
total 18K
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 512 Sep 17 10:13 .
drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 16K Jan 1 1970 ..
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 76 Sep 17 10:13 IndexerVolumeGuid
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 12 Sep 17 10:14 WPSettings.dat When booting to the USB disk and running the Firmware update, the custom image is detected, I type "Y" to confirm I want to apply this image but then I get the error message: "The custom start up image file is not found for this system." I have tried with BMP too but I got the same error message. Attached here the GIF I am using. Thanks

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Preferred Solution: "The custom start up image file is not found for this system."

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


A few people have asked similar questions, i have read most of them but I have different circumstanses so please bear with me and if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated..
I backed up the system to my external HDD (F: ), I than went in to the recovery options (Lenova laptop) . I than tried to restore my system to its 'initail state'. About a second or two later it ....there was a flash error. I had no time to see what it was but it basically said it failed to restore the system.
I switched off the laptop, maybe I should of waited but Ive done this before a while back on a different laptop. Half way during the restore process it froze, than there was no progress in restoring the system as it remaided on 50%. So that is why I swichd it off from the power button. Now all I get is this Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.
Windows failed to start.
A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.
To fix the problem: File: \windows\system32\winload.exe status: 0xc000000f.

I tried going in to advancced options but I cant seem to get past the message- I even ran memory diagnostics. Than it just takes me back to the message about buying the CD!!!

I searched these forum threads and googled it for hours, and everyone has similar problems but they go there to here in different ways which is why Im asking now if anyone could please help.
I tried getting the image file on to a cd, but theres so many indi... Read more

A:IMAGE FILE NOT FOUND & 0xc000000f Windows failed to start error, help?

Seriously nobody knows anything here? I get its the same thing being asked but as I said, my situation is different. The laptop is a year or so less old... I received an array on a second or 2 in to restoring back to 'initial state'.
Some1 must know something!

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Ok.. I'm just throwing this out here...it's darn late hihi

I have written a 'program' (script), which will automate a recovery system for windows 7, full with a working bootmanager, (custom) partitioning, ramdisks, custom environment (winre/pe), and backup imaging , all legal and licensed according to microsoft as long as its not distributed (aka single computer [home] end user).

I decided after hourrrrssss and weeeks of reading, researching, testing, failing, testing again, reading again, installing F amounts of programs, running sysprep, MDT2010, WAIK, dism, imagex, winpe, winre, bootsect, bcdedit, you name it, I came to the conclusion.. I gotta write something up for the other poor souls around out there.

I'm not going into more details now, but I was thinking of writing this up in c++ or so and asking for donations, which will entitle support in the odd event it would not* work in your case.

However, to just test it all that it works, I wrote it in scripts (batch and vbs) which I realize now I never shall do again :P (more an OOP man myself)

I write programs normally so dealing with exceptions extensively in batch is just .... well about as time consuming as 20 % of the time I spent on R&D on all this.

Anyway, I am wondering, given I always been used to the share way, if there are people who actually are willing to donate 5 bucks or so, on a script which would take about 2 hours max to execute to set up a total personal home recovery partition system. This me... Read more

A:Easy Custom image + custom recovery OEM like system?

OKi.. update. I see now more how this program will work. shame its all working fine with .hta, .vbs and .bat.
ANyway, a full gui app will be present in windows 7 and lets a person set up all his wishes and desires for how he wishes ot have his recovery partitions system set up, incl. the option of other partitions to include in this.

When everything is done, a mikepe disk is created (a custom recovery disk which inclues a wimpe native application of this program ) which will run the precompiled settings from win 7 and will rebuild the partitions, all ready to go. It will also link this system to one single computer only (due to licensing issues and piracy protection.. I'm guessing the latter is easily hacked lol). Anyway, after that, it's all just some hours of installoing, setting up, and voila off to go.

A base windows 7 installation (no extra programs), will create a recovery partition of ~ 3 GB and will be redeploiyed all set to go with your own old account and password in less than 5 minutes.

If you add all your own programs etc, the rebuild can take up to 1 hour.

Still much faster than installing windows, changing all your settings, creating yoru account, installing all those programs... etc.

Will also I think add several boot options, as to recover damaged boot loaders, including support for adding boot entries and back up of linux, vista, xp any OS partitions. You will also be able to give the boot entries any name u fancy like:

my fancy win7 box
my rusty xp bo... Read more

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Não foi possível iniciar o serviço Duvoshlecition Collector devido ao seguinte erro: 
O sistema não pode encontrar o arquivo especificado.
Could not start the Duvoshlecition Collector service due to the following error:
The system can not find the file specified.
como apaga-lo do evento? eventvwr
how to remove this message in the system?

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I have read about 50 threads in regard to the topic. I'm just looking for clarity here. I have a homebuilt system that got a virus Alureon.gen!k. Before researching it I let windows fix it. Computer won't open any applications now.
Decided to go to my Image to save time (NOT!). The image is on a USB external HDD currently attached directly to the computer. I can't get it to find the bleepin' Image!

The HDD was attached to an NAS over the network where it saved my windows images and backup files from the NAS. The drive's structure looks like this:

E: R6 Backup
Office Server
Office WindowsImageBackup MediaID.bin Data Drive Backup Files

Inside the Office folder are three items: Office, WindowsImageBackup, and a MediaID.bin. The Office folder has file backups. The WindowsImageBackup contains the expected image folders and files.

I understand from the threads that the WindowsImageBackup needs to be in the root of E: so I have done this two ways, neither of whiched worked. First I simply renamed the Root Office folder, and then I undid the rename and moved the WindowsImageBackup out of the Office folder and into the root of E:.

Windows sees the drive. Within the recovery you have the option under advanced to load drivers. I was doing this trying to use eSata to no avail so I switched to USB where you c... Read more

A:System Image Not Found on External USB HDD with Image as Root Folder

I installed Acronis after seeing someone's post about converting the Windows Image file to an Acronis and just booting from that, but it is telling me it won't work and possibly the windows file is corrupted. Has anyone seen this or been able to fix a so called corrupted .img file?

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Hey good lookin'!

What I'm trying to do is set up my girlfriend's new laptop with a custom Super Mario Theme. I've got all new icons, wallpapers, start menu, custom sounds, cursors, etc.

Now in the Personalize menu, under "Window color and appearance," I can change only the color.

Which is rather sub-par. What I'd like to do is...well, let me just show you:

Right now, my taskbar is just a semi-transparent red color. What I'd like is for it to look like this:

And have the start-menu and the icons overlay it.

For the Windows borders, I'd like to do something along the lines of the red with white polka-dots (think "Mario Mushroom,") and for the Start Menu, well...If I can figure out how to actually DO this, I can worry about the aesthetics later.

I'm working with a program right now called "resourcer," by Anolis, which allows me to open the aero.msstyles.mui file, export the .png files for editing, and then import them back into the MUI. Unfortunately, I'm not sure which specific .png files within the MUI I need to work with (there are many). It's also been noted on this and other forums that the specific .png files differ based upon which build of Win 7 is installed (mine, for the record, is version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601.)

Previous to that, I tried a program called Taskbar Color Effects by Lee Whittington, which seems like it would have met my needs, but for the fact that selecting a color or image f... Read more

A:Custom Image for Windows Borders, Taskbar, and Start Menu? 7 Ult. x64

You need to edit the aero.msstyles not the aero.msstyles.mui
1st use a copy of the Aero theme to make a custom theme look at post #38 here Start menu color change ?? it will show how to start a new theme.

The taskbar # are
Bottom #845 #1028
Right #847 #1031
Top #848 #1029
Left #846 #1030
Bottom #841 #1010
Right #843 #1013
Top #844 #1011
Left #842 #1012

Show Desktop Button
Vertical #1108
You will need to do 1 of these 2 ways of Enabling custom themes for it to work.
Enabling Custom Themes - Windows 7
Theme - How to Apply Custom Themes


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While creating custom system image, I accidently registers the custom system image as default image when refreshing Windows 8 instead the OEM one. So, how do I unregister the custom system image and make the OEM system image as the default one? Any ideas how?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:Accidently Registers Custom System Image.

Hello TheChronix,

The tutorial below can help show you how to deregister this (current) custom recovery image so that Windows will use your default OEM one again.

Refresh Windows 8 - Deregister Current Custom Recovery Image

Hope this helps,

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A:How do I create a system image of Windows and custom settings?

Hello Ech0es,

There are two types of backups in Windows.System Image - Whole system, and any selected drives.
Windows Backup - Only selected folders and their contents. You also have the option to do this on an automated schedule with the option of also including a system image.
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

System Image Recovery

Hope this helps,

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I am looking at a system for a friend that has got W7 Home Premium installed. However, he made a system image of his Windows 7 Ultimate system (using Backup and Restore) as he has all his work applications on it (some of the software he uses won't work with W8 or W10.)
I booted the system with a W7 Home Premium DVD with the external drive (with the image on) plugged in. It listed W7 on the drive, but when I clicked on Next, it said This version of the recovery options in not compatible. This also happens if I select to Restore an image from a different drive.
I got hold of an installation DVD with a copy of W7 Ultimate on it, installed it, went to Backup and Restore, but Windows said it could not find any images on any connected drives!
Is there a way to do this?

A:System image problems - image not found

Hello tommy mate probably not a good idea to boot with the external plugged in - something I would be wary of doing. Now as for using the Ultimate image have a read of this and see if it can help you out
System Image - Recover a Broken Windows 7 System Image

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Hello guy
I'm trying to create a custom Image in order to Install Windows 7 Pro fastly. I have Captured the Image but when i Try to Install i receive the Following below and i don't undestand where i made mistake:
..Windows Could not parse or Process unattend answer file for pass (Specialized)......
I have used an answered file to sysprep the system but not to install...
I did the Following Step:
I have Installed Windows i run sysprep in audit mode:

   I Have Personalized Desktop with Desktop Wallpaper and the Wallpaper for the Logon Window    I have added some link on Desktop and Installed some Software  Then i have  Rebooted the system in audit mode again
In Order to copy the Customization to the Default User i have created the Following Unattended File
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<unattend xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:unattend">
<settings pass="specialize">
<component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
<... Read more

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Recently my HD crashed. I had set up windows image utility to make a back up automatically on a 2nd internal HD. However, when I go to restore the image, no images are listed. I can look at the drive using a command prompt and see that there is a file on the drive called "MediaID.bin" and a directory with my computer's name on it. In that directory, there is a directory for every back up this year with .zip files in them. It appears to me that the data is there, but windows recovery doesn't recognize there to be an image to restore from.

You can't navigate to a particular file, you have to let windows search the drive to find it.

Any ideas or did I loose all my data?

A:image recover file not found

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I have an HP Pavilion 2150. Recently, I started getting the error "BOOTMGR is missing" and couldn't start the computer. I ordered the recovery discs from HP (Windows 7), and followed the steps. After finishing the 2nd part (2nd DVD), it gives me the error message: C:\RM\Image\tempbase.wim not found".  At that point recovery halts and the only option is to hit OK.  Nothing further happens after that and I can only do a hard shut off holding the power button.  On the next bootup it brings the recovery page back up and acts as if windows successfully installed and tells me to reboot.  So, I reboot and it says BOOTMGR is missing. What can I do now??

A:c:\rm\image\tempbase.wim not found after using hp system rec...

Try the following process. Download and create the bootable CD as described on the link below. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=pv-80183-1&cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en When you have created this CD, insert it into the system that is unable to boot, restart it and wait until you see a window with a green check mark.  Then remove the CD.  Shutdown the notebook and start it again with no Disc inserted in the CD/DVD Drive.  It's possible your notebook may now boot into Windows, but if it doesn't, insert your first Recovery DVD.  Restart the notebook and go through the process of installing the Operating System again. Regards, DP-K

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Hello all:
I'm running Windows 7 64-bit on a custom PC with Pentium Dual-Core 2.50GHz and 4GB RAM and have been having some "low memory" issues occasionally, seemingly due to Firefox hogging up memory.

So I looked at what my paging file settings were. They're currently set as "system managed": minimum 16MB, recommended 6141MB, and currently allocated 516MB. It says in Windows Help that it automatically sets the initial paging file as minimum four times the RAM plus 300MB, and the maximum as three times the amount of RAM. Obviously it hasn't set these parameters.

My question is: should I change the settings manually to reflect these recommendations?

BTW: I have less than 1GB on the drive, so would Windows change the settings to reflect this, or does it allocate it separately?

A:System Managed vs Custom Page File

Sounds to me like you need to upgrade your hard drive (or at least free up some room on it), and your RAM. However, 4GB should probably be enough for general use, including Firefox web browsing.

What exactly is your computer doing? Are you just getting a pop up warning that Firefox is using a lot of RAM? Is your computer crashing?

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So way back when I installed windows on my SSD I made a system image restore doohickey, using the "Create A System Image" tool, once I had applied all the necessary settings, installed drivers, etc. Now, windows is experiencing problems and I wish to restore to this back up. How on earth do I do this? The images don't have any kind of runnable-files inside to use. And when I use the recovery disk it says it cant find any image. Ive explored windows various restore utilities and the likes, and at no point does it simply say something like "Please select the file location of your restore image". I have the system image doohickey just sitting there...how do I tell windows to just use that backup? It all seems to be trying to do it in some automated fashion..

Any ideas?


A:System restore image not working/cannot be found?

System Image Recovery
Whre do you get stuck?

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Ok, I have read and read and cannot find the answer.

I have a system image that was saved to a maxtor one touch ext HD via USB. This was created using W7 image making system. I am trying to copy the image to my new HDD (internal) 1TB. The problem is when I go to recovery>advanced options>restore from image and reboot, the PC cannot find the image. I can click advanced options and search for a driver and actually see the drive and the image folder/zips but W7 cannot detect it. I have also copied this image to a internall HDD because I thought it may be the USB. I have not changed any BIOS settings as I am using W7 on the 1TB HDD and trying to restore to that from either the Dnetouch or the F:internal HDD. Neither times will it find the image.
1. Do I need to use an alternate program like paragon or clonezilla
2. When the image is saved, it is the name of my pc. Example: Fesktop64-PC. Does it need to be in a folder or the image be a specific name? Ive seen WindowsImageBackup as a possiblity.

What do I need to do? Seems the hangup is that when trying to restore, windows just does not see the image?

I know this has been covered some, but I could not find specific answers

Windows 7 64bit

A:System Image Backup Questions and Cannot be found

If the image was created with Windows 7 imaging then the image must be called WindowsImageBackup and must be a root folder in the backup drive. You need to boot your PC either from a Windows 7 repair disk or the Install disk and select repair my computer. From there you have the option to restore your computer.

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Hello all!

I have been routinely backuping my OS and important files using Windows 7 backup on a NAS. It just so happened that I needed to re-image my OS drive and I got into the Windows 8 recovery boot sequence.

Under the Advanced tools I selected the System Image Recovery and tried to look for the system image on the network path. Although the prompt said it was connecting to the network , the network share was not found. the command prompt couldn't ping google.com and netsh wlan <SSID> command did not work in hopes of connecting to my local wifi.

Is there a way to connect to the wifi network where my NAS is connected to in order to re-image from the system image found on the NAS? Luckily , there was an older image on a separate local HDD that I could re-image from but I would prefer if I could connect to the NAS during the recovery process.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:System Image Recovery from Network Drive - not found

Yes as long as the NAS is on the same router. If you are not able to ping or trace route sites from one computer, something is messed up with the DNS table. As for the Windows System recovery, it has issues if that was what you were using.

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When attempting to install a Fuji Image Memory Card
Reader DPC-R1 I receive a series of errors:
1. Runtime Error File 53 not found
2. Error in Newdev.dll. Missing Entry: ClientSide Install

I have located the file. It is in:
C:\Windows\Driver Cache
C:\windows\LastGood\System32\Dll cache

I followed the installation instructions by installing
the software with the Memory Card not connected to the
USB, restarting the computer, then attaching the memory
card reader to the USB. When I checked the device driver
it indicated no driver was installed but I could not
browse to install the driver. Does anyone have any


A:Fuji Image Memory Card Runtime Error File 53 not found

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On Recovery Partition.
Have had a search and can find nothing concerning the question I have - I'm not even sure if this is the correct forum.
I have a Dell Venue 11 Pro (5130) running Windows 8.1 Pro, what I would like to do, if possible, is to replace the factory restore on the recovery partition with a custom image so that if or when
the factory rest option is selected it uses my custom image and not the default one.
The problem I am having is that the default image is only 6GB in size where as when I create my custom image it is approx 14GB in size.
Is there a way of editing the default image to add in certain settings and software?

A:Replacing Factory Restore Image With Custom Image ...

Modifying the System Recovery partition is not what you want to do.  You will not be able to modify is, and you may find that you need to use this at some time in the future.  I would suggest that you use a program like Macrium Reflect.  You can find a tutorial for it here.

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new here, don't know if this is posted or not but my friend's com have this kind of problem,

when the windows boot in, it will complain the file c:\windows rundl132.exe is not found and also currently what i know cannot run in the com is the system file in the control panel, system restore, remove programs and application and also microsoft word.

i am guessing is just some corruption but it does not seems like it, can any one tell me which spyware is it and how to find the way to delete it?

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I have Windows 8.1windows resource protection found corrupt files but was not able to fix some of them Details are included in the CBS.logwindir\Logs\CBS\CBS.logFor example c:\Windows\[/size]logs\CBS\CBS.log. Note that logging is currently supported offline. I am having trouble restoring a corrupt file. And no that article didnt help.I need to know what to do in simple step by step instrutions.

A:System file checker found a corrupt file

I don't know whether you are still having problems...but you might find help in this thread, which addresses a similar, if not the same, error.
Thanks a Million!

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rundll32 C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\LXCFtime.dll,[email protected]
Warning: This file does not exists.

Hi Guys, Found this file in list of start up files. Had a Trojan the other day when recieving mail . AVG reported healed could this be left over. Please tell me what I should do
Thanks, Larry

A:Found in Start up file

LXCFtime.dll is a module installed with the spooling drivers for Lexmark printers. This is required for your printer to work properly.

Try reinstalling your printer.

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When i start up the computer i get an error message "Error loading C:\windows\system 32\mizenode.dll The specified module could not be found"
What can i do, or how to get rid of it? Running Windows XP with McAfee antivirus

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Windows Cannot Find error every time I start up My Computer. The actual error reads...Windows Cannot find C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Date\GeniusBox\Client.exeI think I am getting this error because I recently tried to uninstall GeniusBox via the ADD/Remove software feature in XP. I tried anyway to uninstall it there as it did show up in the list. Yet windows complained that the software may have already been uninstalled.Yet I still was getting a GeniusBox Icon in my Sytems tray.I ran some virus programs and deleted some stuff and the GeniusBpx Icon in my Sytems tray disappeared but I started getting the "Windows Cannot Find Error" every time I start the machine.I scoured the web fo solutions, that included downloading and running certain other anti malware programs as well as programs that show what your startup is running , I could not find any GeniusBox entries in those. At least there not calling themselves that.I went to regedit and deleted all the occurances of geniusbox that I found there. There were several. Still the "Windows Cannot Find Error" persists....I don't know what else to do I've tried everything I can think of Can somebody please try to help me? Any assitance anyone could offer would be great. This has been driving me crazy!!!

A:File not found error at start up... Please help!!!

My guess is that there are remnants of the program remaining.
Topic moved to Am I Infected forum.

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I just created a system image of my C: drive on an external hard drive.
I now see a folder on the drive: WindowsImageBackup.

The external drive now shows a large increase in used disk space.

However, the WindowsImageBackup folder shows only a 4k size and 4 folders, but no image file of the 37GB it should be.

Can someone please tell me why I can't see this image file and how to find it?


A:Where is my system image file?

Hello Lightchild, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It's there as a VHD file, but the size will not show up in the WindowsImageBackup folder's properties page until you open the folders in it and click on "Continue" to grant yourself access to it first.

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

Hope this helps,

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Hi there,

Since installing my new ASUS 9600GT Silent video card, Reason from Propellerhead will no longer start up. Egverything else works fine. I use XP SP2.

The error message is: "file not found" and "the operation could not be completed because a file could not be found". This message apears after a brief glimps of the logo.

If I start up in safe mode or disable my graphics driver Reason will start (with very low resolution and abominal graphic performance). Not a way to go.

I have seen several posts with this problem, but no solution yet...

Can anyone help (please...).

Thx, John.

A:[SOLVED] Reason will not start - file not found

Does the message say what file cannot be found?

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I'm having this issue where a software I download wont start because the program file cant be found. I went to the location of the file and clicked it but the application still wont start. the attachment is an example with adobe reader.

A:Applications won't start; program file cannot be found

Does it happen with any other program/s? I've seen similar with infected computers where the .exe files wouldn't work.

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Windows starts to a blank screen with a cursor. Ctrl-Alt-Del brings up Task Manager. Everything would run except Explorer.exe. Copy of Explorer will run. After following another suggestion and deleting registry entry HKLM\software\microsoft\windowsnt\currentversion\image file execution options\ explorer.exe will now run from task manager. Microsoft live onecare scan is still running (like a day) so I don't want to reboot until it finishes. Strange - When I run "Copy of explorer.exe" it shows up in the task manager processes list as "Copy of Explorer.exe". Now that I can, when I run explorer.exe it does not. Also if I right click any file name in any browse window, including explorer, it open very slow and generates a lot of disk activity on first try. Second try window pops up immediately.

Lots of very important data on this system so, even though it has started in two broken legs limp mode everythin so far I am worried about re-booting. I can get some camera cards and save the most important data before re-booting if you think this is a good idea.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 6:42:24 PM, on 9/5/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneC... Read more

A:Explorer.exe won't start. Error file not found.

Welcome to TSG

Are you still having problems with the machine?

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Hi all,
Windows 7 Pro 32bit
I have a captured image and I booted into PE on my target system. I used Diskpart:

select drive 1
create partition primary
format quick fs=ntfs label="Win7 32bit"
assign letter="C"

Then I applied the image with imagex:

imagex /apply e:\testimage.wim 1 c:\

The image applied, but now when I try to boot (After removing the PE boot disc), it tries to network boot and gives me the message "Operating System Not Found. I made sure to reset my boot order to HD>removable>CD>Network.
Do I need to manually create a small partition responsible for booting? What steps do I take from here? I was surprised that googling didn't lead me to my specific problem, but mostly problems involving SCCM and large scale deployments.

Thanks in advance,

A:I deployed an image and then tried to boot it, but the system tried to network boot instead and then gave me the message "Operating System Not Found"

In your diskpart,you need to add


To make partition active

After applying image, you need to create BCD environment with:

bcdboot C:\Windows


Drive letter C: is whatever you used in command:

Imagex /apply e:\testimage.wim 1 c:\

If you would use two partition setup as suggested by other posters, then the small 100 MB partition would be C: and the "Windows" partition would be "D:". Hence, you would use

bcdboot D:\Windows

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Hi all,

I'm having an issue with a Windows Embedded Standard 7P (WES7P) image. I'm trying to use imagex to make a WIM file and use that in conjunction with Windows Deployment Sevices (WDS) to allow our thin clients to be imaged via PXE. The thin client
has a 15gb hard drive, 4gb free space, and 100mb system reserved. When I pull the image, it always comes out to just under 19gb (compressed sized is 5.9gb but when expanded it's still 19gb). The obvious problem is that after I've setup the disk partition on
the destination thin client and try to push the image, it says there's not enough room. I've tried numerous ways to get this WIM file to be smaller, but I am quite baffled how I have 4gb free and yet the WIM file is almost 8gb larger than the volume I'm capturing.
Things I've tried: Booting to WinPE via USB and PXE LAN. Using WinPE version for WES7 and Win7. Using /Compress Maximum. Sending capture to USB and Network Share. Ran most recent updates and used disk cleanup. I've also extracted the WIM to see if it would
delete any unnecessary files. Also, by default the pagefile.sys is left out. Any help would be great, thank you. 

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I have copied my system image files to my external HDD and now need to restore. However, Win 7 cannot see these files since I moved them onto my external HDD and then copied them back into the folder: windowsimagebackup.

Note: I had a problem with my data drive where the windows images were stored, which required a disk format... and had to copy the data off(to my external HDD). Then I deleted the drive and formatted it, then copied the data back. This has now caused the problem.

I have looked at the security settings as I realise there may be some difference but I cannot find anything major. If I make a new system image file Win 7 can find this however, the previous one that was moved onto the external HDD and copied back cannot be found by the system.

IT must be possible to copy this file to a back up disk in case of failure/prob

Note I have a number of system image files including the vanilla build of my system, I would like to be able to use this in the case of any problems to be able to restore the system back to day one.

Any help gratefully received.

Many thanks.


A:Cannot find system image file

Welcome to Seven Forums simonwinkler. You are saying you copied the folder to another drive, and have now copied it back with it's original name, to it's original location, and windows cannot locate it? The original backup is a full image, subsequent backups are incrimental. Changed sectors from each incremental are stored in shadow copy storage.

You can enter the Windows Recovery Environment by booting to safe mode and choosing the Repair Your Computer option. If no system image can be found, it will ask you to manually select an image. Then you can browse for files including USB device and DVDROM.

It's possible windows will not recognize the image because it is an image of your previous version of your OS, and that is changed after your reinstall and the Shadow Copy portion is missing. A Guy

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I am backing up to a new seagate 1tb external drive. I mainly want to back up file history, which is turned on, but I think it is also doing a system image back up as a default. Taken about 4 hours and using more space than files and folders etc.

Is this a once only system image back up and future scheduled back ups will only update files and folders etc. If so can the individual folders be retrieved at a later date without doing a system restore.


A:System Image and file history

AFAIK file history doesn't make system images. It takes more space than original files because it saves history as the name implies that means older version of files, deleted files, etc.
For file backup i recommend FreeFileSync it offers scheduling, one side/two side mirror sync, file versioning etc. be careful with installer thought it may offer some unwanted software so don't click next next without reading.
For image backups I recommend Macrium backup free.

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Okay so basically I somehow changed the image for the system folders, Computer, Network, and Recycle Bin. Refer to picture, I just didn't include recycle bin but they are all the same image.
How would I go about changing it back to the default?

A:System File Image Not Right - They Are Just Folders

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Do Option 2 of this tutorial SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker it will not harm any data or programs you have installed it will try to find and repair any corrupt system files that you have. If you have changed any system files they will go back to default. You may need to do this up to 3 times with a reboot after each scan.

You may need to Icon Cache - Rebuild after the scan.


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I am backing up to a new seagate 1tb external drive. I mainly want to back up file history, which is turned on, but I think it is also doing a system image back up as a default. Taken about 4 hours and using more space than files and folders etc.

Is this a once only system image back up and future scheduled back ups will only update files and folders etc. If so can the individual folders be retrieved at a later date without doing a system restore.


A:System Image and file history

AFAIK file history doesn't make system images. It takes more space than original files because it saves history as the name implies that means older version of files, deleted files, etc.
For file backup i recommend FreeFileSync it offers scheduling, one side/two side mirror sync, file versioning etc. be careful with installer thought it may offer some unwanted software so don't click next next without reading.
For image backups I recommend Macrium backup free.

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Ok, this is really gonna sound very very complicated. But I will explain to you one by one.
I have this laptop with Windows 7 as the operating system and with a capacity of 500 GB. My HDD was making loud noises and weird noises so I brought it to the shop and they told me to change the HDD because it might die anytime. So I did a full backup on my external hardisk, meaning that I cloned my laptop.
I changed my 500gb HDD with a 240gb SSD. And when I tried to restore my backup files into the new drive, there's an error:
"no disk that can be used for recovering the system disk can be found".

So I did some research on the internet and found out the reason of the error : it's because the image created was from a bigger drive than the new drive I put into my laptop. Even though my backup files are only about 100gb, I still cant restore it to my 240gb SSD because the image created was from my 500gb HDD.

Now I am trying to fix this, do you think this will work?
I am going to copy my backup files into an external hardisk with a capacity of 200gb and then backup from that drive and then I will restore it into my 240gb SSD. Will the backup file be considered as a backup from the 200gb drive or from the original 500gb HDD?

A:System Image File error

Hello aruwin and welcome to Seven Forums.

This might be one of those times when it's advisable to spend $20 to fix this issue. Paragon has a migration tool that will take your HDD system image and transfer it to a smaller SSD.

Assuming you used the native Windows 7 backup and imaging tool, you could have additional problems trying to copy the image to a smaller HDD. Apparently, Windows 7 doesn't offer the same flexibility as other imaging tools like Acronis, Macrium, etc. It may not be worth the risk to damage or corrupt your only image.

Paragon Migrate OS to SSD - System migration to Solid State Drives (SSD) - Overview

Perhaps some other Forum members know of a completely free utility that would accomplish the same thing as the Paragon migration tool.

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hi guys, i have problem here, need help quick

I just formatted my drive (c:\) due to the attack of virus, now, since i had made a system image on drive d:\, i want to restore all the system files on drive c:\ but when i tried to restore it through windows repair , setup gave a warning that i can't restore the files since the drive ( where the system backup is located) was excluded and it won't do a restoration, what should I do?

Notice that the drive c: and d: are in the same physical drive.

A:restoring from system image file

you should do system images in external media or hard drives to avoid corruption, remember that if the HD goes bad, all goes bad. are you using the "use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer"?

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I have win7 system that has two internal hard drives. One is a 60GB SSD for boot and photoshop and the other is a 1TB HDD for data. The computer is used mainly for digital photography work but I noticed recently there was a discrepancy between the data used on the data drive and the space available. On the 1TB drive, I was using approx 300 GB of space but the system was only showing around 20 GB available. After checking with WinDirStat it confirmed the data at approx 300 GB. After researching, I discovered there was over 500 GB of space taken up by a system image file(see attachment).

My problem is I'm not familiar with this file or the info it may contain. I don't know where it is kept nor if it is updated. If it is updated, at what intervals? A couple months back I realized that a folder containing family pictures was missing from this very computer. Is it possible that the system image may have this folder saved somewhere?

I'd like to gain access to this 500+GB of data to see whats stored there. Is there a way to do this? Also, can I minimize the size of this file? If so, how?

Thanks for any help.

A:Question about system image file

System Image files are created from using Windows Backup and Restore. You can Extract the files that are there by using this method: System Image - Extract Files Using Disk Management - Windows 7 Forums

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After only just having one problem solved on here I have encountered another and I think it is fairly problematic but am far from understanding it - please help!!!

I downloaded the new version of Internet Explorer (version 8) as this was an option when I signed onto the web this afternoon (I previously had IE 7 and am running Windows XP version 2).

But after downloading this I had trouble getting onto the net (though I seemed to be able to initially). So I restarted the PC. But, it did not restart.

Instead I get the following message on a plain black screen when I try to run my computer:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

What is this file? I have an Acer Aspire notebook which came installed with Windows XP Version 2 (I have no CD drive currently).

I have looked on the microsoft website (I am currently on a different PC) but dont understand anything that is posted on their about this problem.

Do I need to re-install a new operating system? Will this mean I will loose all my data that is on my computer? This is very precious to me as I am travelling and I have saved on my computer photos and diary entries - I would be very upset to loose them.

What is my best course of action? Should I take it to a specialist. Again I really hope I can prevent the information that I did have saved on there from being deleted.

Thankyou to anyone who can assist.
&... Read more

A:I cant start my PC - Windows wont start - missing root system 32 file

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I noticed that AVG 8.0 was missing tonight? went to try and install it and it displayed windows\system32\spool\drivers etc etc was missing, done a restore and that did'nt change it. I'm unable to acces microsoft office now and AVG. How can I find this file that I'M missing please? Think AVG been missing a couple weeks possibly and it's been working fine untill i tried to install AVG again?

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Help Please!

I'm really a newbie, but have crashed a few hard drives with this error, and have looked all over this site before to find the problem. Sometimes it loads, now sometimes not

Windows system 32 file not found

Thanks for looking at it

A:system 32 file not found

I'd suggest you start with some hardware diagnostics, since this is a "sometimes" thing. Most common would be a memory error, try one of these tests, let them run for at least an hour.

Microsoft Memory Diagnostic

If the memory tests run error free, next would be a diagnostic scan of the hard disk using the disk manufacturer's diagnostic.

Here are some of the more popular disk maker's diagnostics.

SeaTools for DOS and Windows (diagnostic Seagate and Maxtor drives)

WD Data Lifeguard Disk Diagnostic

Hitachi Drive Fitness Test

Samsung Drive Diagnostic Utility (Hutil)

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Hi. My grand childs laptop has just died for some reason, it's a Samsung NP-R20, he says it refused to start so he brought it to me as I have had to reinstall the OS a couple of times, but I have not come a cross this before.
You turn the laptop on and it takes a while for the Samsung logo to display, then after a long wait it then displays, operating system cannot be found, you cannot get into the Bios menu as it is not shown when the Samsung logo is displayed you get, press f2 for setup, which when you press shows nothing, and f12 for network boot but nothing for getting into bios, also you cannot get into safemode. I tried a Windows XP cd to do a repair install but get the error message, that it has prevented a serious opperation and stoped the XP cd from loading.I took the hard drive out and connected it to my own Pc but it was no reconised in my bios or in my computer. I also took the hard drive and memory out and replaced it but still the same problem. I thought it might be a hard drive problem, but before I buy a new one I would like some advice as could it also be a motherboard problem as it is not showing the bios menu.
Thanks for any help in advance Dave.

A:Laptop will not start operating system not found

I think it's your HDD too, do the lights come on at all when you start the PC?

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When I bought y new HP Pavilion All in One Desktop I created Recovery Disc and System Image file which I stored on an external hard drive. Since that is over a year ago I decided to update it.
Initially I tried to overwrite the original and that failed so I have gone through a pile of checks (Checkdisc etc) then transferred the original file to another hard disc and formatted the original disc before trying to backup again but again it had failed.
I have done the usual searches here and on Google and attempted a few of the suggestions given but all to no avail and have run out of ideas. I attach a screenshot of the failed back-up image.

Since I had no trouble with the original back-up I can't understand why it won't do it this time.

Could you also advise if I should only back up "C" which is the SSD disc or can I also back up "D" which is the Data file where I have more memory and therefore have stored some less used programmes.

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Is it possible to make an Image System Backup and a File History using windows 10 on the same external hard drive?  If so, how should I do it?  Be specific as to steps.

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I have a minimal W8.1 system with three physical hard drives. C: is the boot drive (120GB SSD), D: is my "Data" drive (120GB SSD) and E: is my "Backup" drive (300GB Raptor). I have the system set up to maintain the "File History" on the E: drive. I also have several fail safe Acronis 2014 system backups stored on E:!

However, when I try to do a "System Image Backup" the system will not use E: to store the Image? For some reason W8.1 wants to backup E: as part of the System Image Backup. This is not good... since I have Acronis Backups on that drive making the backup image huge.

What am I doing wrong? I have made System Image Backups on other W8.1 systems and did not have this issue - but - I probably did not have File History turn on and/or I had several 1TB hard drives available on these systems.

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When I try to attach my Windows 10 system image file VHD, it says it is already attached. 

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Hey guys I'm kinda annoyed because in the backup and restore panel it says that my system image is using 110.30 GB in my hard drive. How can I minimize the space it uses? And does it affect the performance of my laptop? Thanks a lot.

A:System Image file is using 100 GB of my hard drive

It's a good practice to back up to an external drive. If you have the system backup on the same drive that gets hit with a virus or has a failure, there's a good chance the restore image will be inaccessible or corrupted.

Hard drive prices are high lately, but until recently storage was a bargain.
Also as a benefit you don't have an image file just sitting there as dead weight.

A way to save when buying more than one external drive is to buy ordinary internal hard drive and get a USB docking station. The drive slides in the slot in the dock.

Just to give you an idea what they look like if you're not familiar with them:


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Hi, I'm trying to update the BIOS to the latest version using the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics but it's giving an error of ?BIOS Image File Specified is not intended for this system?. The 'System Board ID' is 80D1 and current 'BIOS Version' is F.16 (it was F.19 but I've had to restore it and F.16 must have been the original version on the machine). I've downloaded the latest version F.1D and used the .exe to write it to a USB. I'm then selecting the 080D1.bin file in the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics and it's giving me an error of ?BIOS Image File Specified is not intended for this system?. As far as I can see I'm selecting the correct .bin file for the 'System Board ID'. The only .bin file I can get it to not give that error is the 080DX.bin, but that fails with another error and also leaves the BIOS corrupted (hence why it's been restored to version F.16). The reason I'm trying this is because the machine has gone in to an endless cycle of a pale blue error screen that then tries to do an automatic repair that fails, then displays the same pale blue error screen and so on. I can't get in to Windows 10 and the repair USB I'd prepared when I first got the laptop does nothing. I've also downloaded Windows 10 and created a bootable USB to try and repair Windows, but that comes up with the setup screen briefly then is followed by the same pale blue error screen. I've performed the extensive hard drive test and memory test and all OK. I can also still boot to Ku... Read more

A:BIOS Image File Specified is not intended for this system er...

> the machine has gone in to an endless cycle of a pale blue error screen that then tries to do an automatic repair that fails, then displays the same pale blue error screen and so on.  This implies that the hardware is at least mostly-OK, which implies that you have a "software" problem. Personally, I'm not a fan of updating the BIOS as one of the "early" steps in trouble-shooting; I think that usually the problem is "elsewhere" in the hardware.  But, in your case, that's water-under-the-bridge. > I've performed the extensive hard drive test and memory test and all OK. Inexpensive suggestion:  see: www.memtest86.com  for a bootable USB/CD RAM tester, for a "second opinion". Expensive suggestion: replace the hard-drive (maybe with a SSD?) even though it has "passed" previous tests, and try to Install Windows. Is the computer overheating?  (Not likely, since it runs until it "blue-screens", rather than freezing or spontaneously rebooting.) 

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