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shared/network computer

Q: shared/network computer

Recently purchased and installed Windows 8.1(hard drive crashed in December). During install, I was prompted to set up as shared computer or as part of a group. I have only one computer and mostly am the only one using it. How can I get my computer set as single user (not shared/non group). Often I get alerts that I can't do connect a device, or such, because it is not registered as part of my "group", frustrating. I just want to keep it simple. Thanks.

Preferred Solution: shared/network computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: shared/network computer

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In our office, we have multiple computers on one network, however, one needs to be taken off. How do I keep the other computers from seeing these files, and keep them on my computer. I am running XP on the home computer.
We have 4 computers-
The admin,
and 3 others. The admin was set up to save its files on a wireless network, not sure why. However, the files on admin are confidential and are currently available for anyone to see on the otehr computers by going to Network Places: Admin. (it is like a shared folder). I need to get them pass word locked, or taken off completely, while keeping them on the admin computer.

A:How do i take my computer and files off the shared network??

have you turned off sharing on the admin PC ?
what windows version

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We have a network with a server running 2003 and all 63 computers using xp pro.

the 3 office computers need to access a shared folder, containing a frequently used program, on one of these computers. (This folder cannot be stored on the server as the program doesn't work then. It is also easier as only one computer needs the frequent program updates). I have done this by mapping a drive to the folder.

The user of Computer A has left and I changed the username and password on server and computer.

When I tried to connect using Computer B I was prompted for a username and password to access it and everything was fine. But computer C didn't give me this option. I disconnected the drive and tried to remap it.

computer A has the folder, computer B can access the folder and program, computer C can see the computer but not the folder.

All computers were recently upgraded from win 98 with fresh install except Computer C which was just upgraded over the top (Lazy tech guys couldn't be bothered to reformat)

I have called in tech guys but they take 3 days to arrive and usually mess things up

Has anyone any ideas on why this is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Mel

A:Can see computer but not shared folder on network

What are you the System Admin or Network Engineer?

Computer C has to be re-formated with a fresh copy of XP. So that would have to be done if the lazy tech didn't do it right the first time.

Sounds like your remoting into these Computer A, Computer B and Computer C. Can you go out to their location and see what's going on? If you can't get the techs to do since you have to wait 3 days. Computer C needs to be taken care of.

Each PC A, B, C need to be setup in Active Directory so you can administer them correctly.

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Surely SOMEONE out there knows how to fix my dilemma. If I have not provided enough information. Please tell me what you need to know. I really need a solution for this. Stopping the share at the Windows 7 machine disrupts other computers. So, that is not really a solution.
Windows 8.1x64 clean install from dvd. I have a private network configured as a Workgroup consisting of a W2000 photocopy machine,XP desktop, W7 desktop and laptop and now a Windows 8.1 desktop. During the initial installation I have files on the Windows 7 desktop I need so from Windows Explorer I clicked on the Windows 7 computer to gain access to the password shared folders and their files.
I entered the User and Password info and clicked the "stay connnected" as I expected to reboot several times during this computers installation.

Everything worked just great UNTIL I no longer wanted the connection to the Windows 7 computer.
On XP and even Windows 7 it was trivial to Disconnect a computer that I had established a share with.

However, on Windows 8.1 I cannot figure out how to do it. How do I disconnect the share with the Windows 7 computer?

This may seem trivial but I cannot figure it out. Obviously I can disconnect from the W7 computer but that computer is shared with others as well. And then the other computers would have to re-establish their shares. And, that would just be a work around.

Please help me by telling me the right way to do this...

Thanks in advance!

A:Cannot DISCONNECT a shared Computer on Network

I give up. Perhaps someone on another website can help me.

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Hello there.

I currently have a printer connected to a computer in my room (Canon Pixma iP4300 [USB]). I also have a computer in the office which is connected to the network via a wireless extender. I am a little short of space in my room and am looking at which peripherals I can move away without too much hassle - the printer is one such thing which has a relatively large footprint and would ideally be located in the office.

I am fairly confident that with a little research I could set up the printer to be shared from the office PC (Vista Home Premium x32) to other computers on the network, which would be a more suitable location for it.

However, one thing that occurs to me is that it would require the office PC to be on in order for other machines to print. Currently the office PC is set to go to sleep after a period of inactivity [20~30 minutes]. My question is, would it be possible for other computers on the network to wake this machine in order to use the printer connected to it?

I hope this makes sense but if you need me to clarify my explanation just let me know.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

A:Possible to wake a computer on the network to use a shared printer?

I would enable the 'Wake on LAN' feature in the BIOS settings on the computer. So, when it receives network traffic, the BIOS will auto wake the computer up.

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Just hooked a third computer up to my wireless network. It is running xp home. I can access the internet but not the shared files of the other comuters. When I click on my network places, nothing shows up. The other computers are able to access eachothers files with no problems. Can anyone help??

A:one computer on network cant access other computers shared files

Have you tried Right clicking on the file in question or drive (C:\ i'm guessing) select 'Sharing and Security' ,and check the box in the sharing tab that says, 'Share this folder on the network'? Hope that made sense?

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It prompts me for a password to access my c drive on the 98se computer.
I can see the share on my xphome computer. I only have one administrator password on the 98se computer. I remember this happening when I tried to share the c drive on two xphome computers a while back. Any folders that I shared individually I could access ok. but if i shared the entire drive I was promted for a password as well, in which the admin passwords didnt work. Is there somekind of default password? Ive tried no password also....and no luck. thks

A:Solved: shared drive c: on 98se computer I can see it on the network but


I did assign a new password for the c drive when i initially set up file sharing. Windows 98 has an 8 character limitation for its file sharing passwords. When I tried to access the files when xp promted me for a password i used what i thought was a 10 character password (my usual password) when if fact i should have just typed in the first 8 characters of my password instead of the full 10 characters. I recognized this when I only saw xxxxxxxx(eight characters) when I went into properties-sharing (option) on my 98se computer.


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I got a trojan the other day that installed a spyware program called Spy Sheriff. There was much cursing and swearing, but after my trusty version of AntiVir as well as a plethora of spyware programs I managed to clean the system of all viruses and spyware as far as I know.

My troubles didn't end for long. Next I got a (fairly common) problem where it says "services.exe has caused an error. Error code 203. Rebooting your computer in 1 minute" or something along those lines. I googled a bit and found that this is often associated with registry keys not matching your actual network setup. Anyhow, I ran a registry cleaner program and THAT problem seemed to go away.

Now however, my network is all messed up.

My setup is as follows: Two home computers plugged into a router that is hooked up to my DSL modem. One computer is called Office, the other is called Bedroom.

The printer is hooked up to Office, and is shared. Both computers have a few shared folders that the other can access.

After I ran the cleaner, Bedroom is no longer visible on the network. Office can't see it in the workgroup, and I can't access any shared folders. I CAN ping both computers using the IP addresses, but each computer can't ping the other using the computer's name. Each computer can ping itself using both its own IP and name.

Here's an interesting thing I just found too; when I open my computer as it should appear on the network by typing \\Bedroom\ into the ad... Read more

A:After a virus, unable to access a computer's shared folders over the network

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I lost my ability to access my shared folders on my network computer. My setup; my main computer an Acer desktop running Win 7 64 bit. My second a Windows XP computer.

My problem; I can no longer access my shared folders on my XP computer. I had a couple of folders on my XP system set as shared and I had no problems accessing them from my Win 7 system until now. I even had the folders mapped to their own drive letters. And I had no problem sharing my printer over my network.

I've had this setup for about four years now and all of a sudden it just vanished. From my Windows explorer, in Windows 7 I disconnected the mapped drives to see if I could clear it out but nothing. I also noticed I couldn't enable the "Turn on network discovery" in the Advanced Sharing Settings in the Network and Sharing Centre.

I searched online but kept coming up with the same answers. Mainly make sure the following services where enabled:

- TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service
- DNS Client
- Function Discovery Resource Publication
- SSDP Discovery
- UPnP Device Host

The only two that where not enabled where the last to SSDP Discovery and UPnP Device Host, because as long as I can remember the main consensus online was that these two services where BAD.

So I always disable both of these things with every computer I've ever had including this one. All these years and now all of a sudden I can't seem to do without them. No wonder people believe Microsoft is sabo... Read more

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I have three computers all Win 7 Home Premium and sharing (Homegroup). Side not I also had them sharing with out Homegroup and still same issue. Also This occurs regardless if PC3 is connected via wire or wireless. Additional notes AV was also disable to rule out. That is the only thing running on PC3 and nothing is running background wise on PC1 or PC2.

PC1 can easily view contents of Shared PC2 instantly.

PC2 can easily view contents of Shared PC1 instantly.

PC3 can easily view contents of Shared PC1 & PC2 instantly.

PC1 & PC2 can not view contents of Shared PC3 instantly; it takes approximately 35 seconds to view contents of main shared folder and same for each additional sub-folder. Also if copying a file initially it takes awhile before it starts and then stars off slow around 585KB/s copying over from PC1 or PC2 to PC3 before it jumps up to around 10MB/s+. However if I copy the same file from PC3 to PC1 or PC2 no speed issues what so ever. Speeds actually get well up into 70MB/s.

Any thoughts?

A:Clicking on Shared Computer is very slow to view shared contents.

Set all your pc's as in this pdf. File Sharing Settings.pdf

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hi guys,

so I have this weird problem that is driving me nuts since some weeks... here's the thing

at work we have a corporate set up with Win 7 Professional, everything is setup on a "domain".

we all have Dell computers and we can connect either via cable or via wireless, pretty standard these days.

anyway, if I connect via cable and login everything works perfectly, I can see the local network shares and no problems at all.

Problems start to arise on wireless! Here's the crazy scenario:

- if I start PC on cable, with wifi turned off via hardware switch then say I undock the PC for going to a meeting room AND I turn on the wifi, everything works fine, I can see the network drives, all good (it crunches for a few moments when I load explorer the first time and then he "finds" the network drives)

- if I decide to go back to my station, turn off wifi, re-dock the PC, back to cable, everything works fine.


- if say I am on cable, undock the pc, put on the wifi and THEN I restart the PC, when the computer boots win 7 (it takes some time at boot) then I cannot access the network drives anymore! they have the red X and it says "connection cannot be restored" or something like that. internet browsing always works fine. and I DONT do any login on wireless, I think because it's on a "domain" setup.

that is tested 50 times in a row! basically if I don't give him the cable at boot, I cannot see the network drives. and also, ... Read more

A:Cannot access Network Shared Drives over Corporate Network on Wireless

What is the make/model of Wireless Access Point(s)?

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How do I connect to a shared network drive I have setup on my Windows 2012 R2 standard server at home, from my Windows 10 pro laptop is at work?
Do I have to setup a vpn on windows 2012 server and connect to it from my laptop? Someone told me something about doing it that why, but I'm not sure?
Can someone please help me out.

A:How to connect to Shared Network drive when not on the network?

Follow this tutorial and you will have a VPN setup on your server. It worked as advertised when I set my home server up.
Sysads Gazette Setup a Windows Server 2012 VPN - Page 2 of 3 - Sysads Gazette

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i have 2 PC's on a network my pc is host running XP home and client is also running XP home.Host can browse th net but client can browse some net.someone please help me resolve this issue.Client msn wont sign in either but the yahoo and AIM will. when IE is dbl clicked on client pc it says server not found or DNS error Internet Explorer.not real sure if my Metwork setting are correct.so someone may have to walk me back through.

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This is kind of related to the previous question I asked a couple hours ago...

My Norton Anti Virus keeps saying I am connected to a "Shared Network"//

I only have 1 PC in this house... cable hooked up directly into the modem.

Every once in a while my Norton will say I am connected to a "Secured Network"//

Im totally lost.. I am new to Windows 7... but I dont want ANYONE, but me to have access to my PC (as I wouldnt want anyone in the world to just be able to stroll into my house).

What is going on here? Who can access my files? I dont want ANYONE to be able, but me (of course).

A:Shared Network...

If you're connected directly to your modem with no router involved there is no way anyone (other than a hacker, but that's what firewalls and antivirus are for) to access your PC other than via your desk.

Norton is just barking out nonsense, I wouldn't worry about it.


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i've been turning off and on the firewall - no different
the ping is alright

A:I cant see the shared file at network sometimes, how?

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Hello all,

I'm not really sure how to handle separating my office equipment from the rest of the shared office network I am on. I need to network a printer (HP x476dw), SIP phone, and mac together. I will be connecting to a large gigabit network with PoE if that matters and I only have one port to connect to. I want to make sure that my computer is the only one that can access the printer, hopefully without using the printer's clunky firewall since I can't figure it out! Can I use a Netgear GS105 switch or do I need something else? I can also purchase a "Private Subnet/Private VLAN" or a "Private Office Network – Wired" from the site. My networking knowledge is limited so i'm not really sure what will work.

Thanks in advance for your advice!!

A:Shared Office Network

Simple solution would be to use a SOHO router. Just plug the WAN port of the SOHO router to the hand off from the shared office network and plug your devices into the LAN ports. This will firewall off all your devices from the shared network while providing unrestricted local access among your own devices with each other and to the shared office network.

You mentioned a SIP phone. Who is providing the voice gateway? Is this also part of the shared office network?

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Hi, I have 10 PCs on my network, some of them still WIN 7. when changing to win 10, The shared PC with win 10 keps loosing connection. I must open file explorer and press diagnose to get it working. it can drop after a while. This did not happen with win
7. we need continiuos access to this shared PC for our softwares. PCs were reset yesterday and even with brand new PC installed still getting this problem. 

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Hello people, Win7 is running flawlessly except I have this one problem. When I go to install ANY anti-virus software it kills my ability to access the shared files and folders from my Win7 machine. I uninstall the AV and all is back to normal.

Is there something I am missing or doing wrong? Any advice would be 'preicated.


A:Shared Folders Over The Network

Hello LVL50RR9,

Sounds more likely to be a firewall issue rather than an AV issue. are you trying to install an AV suite that contains a firewall?

If so you need to open the required ports on the W7 PC to allow file sharing.

I normally open ports 135 - 138 and 445 for win 7 - how you do this depends on the firewall involved

hope this helps

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I am running two PC's on a network and I'm trying to move files from one PC to another via the hidden share. I've checked to make sure both machines are on the same domain, the hidden share is still there, and they are both running XP Pro. I type in windows explorer \\PCName\c$ and I get the message that I need to check my spelling. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working. Thanks!!!!

A:Trying to use hidden shared on network

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I recently purchased a new Desktop PC while i have a notebook. And since i moved in, i signup for Yahoo DSL come with HomePortal 100W DSL Router modem.
My question is about the networking. I had now set up to let all 5 people in my house to run internet sharing. And since i have 2 computers, i wonder how can i access this 2 computers with administration access. I read the mircrosoft site, and i turned off the simply sharing options. But i still can't figure it out. All i want to do is access the drive that i keep all the files, but not the system drive.
All I want is to let these 2 computers to access each other and have full control, and want to prohibit my friends on network to see my shared folders and access them. I am now in the same workgroup named "Home".

Computers setup:
P4 2.8Mhz ( PC) P4 2.2Mhz (Laptop)
WinXP Pro WinXP Pro
512Mb DDR 256MB

Anything else you need to know, just tell me. I hope to resolve this thing soon. Thanks a lot !

A:About Network Shared Folders

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I have my main pc in one room which I use on the internet with a Buffalo Wireless Modem/Router, connected to the PC using an Ethernet cable. I have an Epson D88 connected to the PC via USB. I also have a laptop which connected via the wireless network I have setup. I now want to be able to print from the laptop to the Epson via the network, when the pc is switched on. I have gone into Printers and accessed the printer and said to let it be shared and called it EPSON. When I go on the laptop I cannot see it. What do I have to do to see printer



A:Shared Printer over Network

The firewall on the laptop may be blocking the communication to the printer. You must enable Printer and File sharing on both computers by running the "network setup wizard"

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Hello, I am based in Canada, and I would like to create a shared folder with my partners who are based in Jordan and the UAE. What would be the easiest way to have this? Info will be confidential to the users of the shared folder.

Thank you,


A:Wireless Shared Network

Microsoft SharePoint or any service that is WebDAV compliant can be used for SSL UNC data Shares. Not so easy but doable.

Otherwise to share a folder could mean a site-to-site VPN connection or a Secure Protocol Tunnel over the internet from site to site. It is doable but again, not so easy.

As for "Wireless" well, that is limited by distance. Continent to continent wireless is very complex, difficult and costly.

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My apartment building offers free wifi to it's tenants. I believe it is a secured network as I'm required to use a password (provided by the Management) to log in. My concern is that there are over 50 users (some live here and some don't) utilizing this free network. Several people in the neighborhood have the password, Since I've been using this free network both my laptop and cell phone do not act as they once did. SHOULD I be using this free network? The free fits my low income. WHAT should I do to protect my laptop and cell phone if i do use this free network? Laptop info. is below.

Thank you
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3892 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD, 1722 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 454 GB (357 GB Free); Q: 9 GB (0 GB Free);
Motherboard: LENOVO, 057826U
Antivirus: Avira Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

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I'm new to my small company (staff of four), and I'm looking for advice on how to install our first shared network. Here is our current network status:

5 operating computers (3 ethernet connected desktops and 2 wireless networked laptops)
No shared drives, printers etc. - company files are all over the place
We have email and web hosting through godaddy.com and our ISP is currently AT&T (BellSouth)
I'm basically looking for advice on 1.) best server value currently available 2.) most cost efficient means to back-up data (mirrored drives, external tape back-up) 3.) optimum methods to establish internet connections and email service and 4.) how do I set up the server to host our company's web site.

I maybe asking very elemental questions, but it's just that I have never done this before and want to make sure I don't screw up!

A:Installation of Shared Network

1) I would guess the server hardware is totally irrelevant for you. Even any old PC will do. As for the OS, you would have to pay money for Windows, but it is probably easier to set up. A free OS would be more reliable and wouldn't cost you anything, but the set up is not as straightforward.

2) That sort of depends on what, how much and how often you want to back up.

3) Explain

4) Since you are asking the question, it is probably better if you let someone else to do the hosting.

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Hi, I just have a simple quick question. I recently set up a network and then shared some folders and files on this network. Where can I find these shared files and folders?

A:Network Shared Files

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Hi guys,

I am new to this. I was wondering how I setup a shared network between a few computers. All of the computers are on the same network. If someone could help me that would be fantastic.


A:Setting up a shared network

This TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial should get you started.

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Hello. I'm running XP Pro on one machine, Windows 2000 on another. I have a blank, formatted HDD that I've got connected to my computer via USB. I want to use it as a network resource. I can set the folder to be shared, and it shows up as such, but when browsing My Network Places, if I click on the drive it asks me for a username and password! If I try to map it as a network drive, it asks me the same thing. The drive is on my computer, I'm logged in, but it still asks me for a username and password. There is no password for that drive. Of course, I can access the drive properly through My Computer, but big deal. I don't have this problem on another XP setup sitting in the garage. I can get get a Lexar Jumpdrive (itty bitty USB removable drive) to do exactly what I want with no asking of a username and password. Am I missing something with the other drive? Thanks.

A:Shared/network drive

Check the permissions in the sharing tab. Make it so all users are able to access it.

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I'm about to set up a wireless home network between 3 computers to share my internet connection. I have a 128/64 connection (yes, it stil exists...)

Due to my slow connection I'd like to know how the computers will share the bandwidth? Will they always diviede it in three (42,66 kbps/computer) or will it depend on how much each computer needs at any given point?


A:How is the bandwidth shared in a network?

the network is uncontrolled, but pragmatically, the ability of the remote server to provide replies
becomes the controlling factor.

each request from your system is sent in a chunk which is consumed and then a follow-up
read for the next chunk until all have arrived. your system does little compared to the remote host

with 128/64 (kb i assume it's dial-up), you best avoid videos and music !

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My question is: Is there a way to send a document or file directly to another computer using the send command. Thanks.

A:shared folder on network

I assume you are using Windows..

Yes, right click on a folder you want to share, go to properties, and then the Sharing tab (I don't know if this is different in 98, 'm using XP and It's been about 2 years since I've touched 98)

If you are using linux, I don't know.. you would have to setup samba to share with a windows system, that I do know..

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Iam, unable to open a shared doc from windows xp when i try i got error message as access denied contact the administrator

A:[SOLVED] shared network

Take Ownership of the folder

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I have no CD rom on the computer I'm trying to install XP on (it's broken) just a floppy disk. It is hooked up to the LAN though, and I have a netboot disk and tftpd32 server set up which allowed me to successfully install the Linux distribution Ubuntu. I realize I'll have to remove the linux partition before installing XP, but how do I install XP over the network?

A:Installing XP via network shared CD

Start here:


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I am looking for a calendar or scheduling program that can be accessed over the network by multiple work stations, or VPN. I don't want to have to go to exchange and spend that kind of money. I know Lotus Notes use to do that, is lotus still used and any good or does anyone have any suggestions.

A:A calendar that can be shared on the network

Have you considered Google calendar? If you don't like it, there are plenty of other free web-hosted calendars out there.

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So basically, I was trying to see if i could makea shared folder/storage drive on my laptop that my buddy whos down the street could access and we can share files like our group projects... how difficult would that be?

A:how could I set a shared network between to homes?

Hi Gunslinger88,

You might honestly be better off just using a free cloud storage service like SkyDrive - Windows Live or Dropbox - Home - Online backup, file sync and sharing made easy. . Let me know what you end up doing though!


Windows Outreach Team

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I need to share a calander for conference room Scheduling in our office We do NOT have Exchange but most of us use MS-OFFICE 2000 How can we share the calander??

A:Shared Calander on Network

Here is a cheap alternative to buying exchange.

You could use the OpenSource version of Zimbra which is free but doesn't offer support. Probably has more features then you need though.

You could even use Google Calendar.

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ok i have a home network set up on 2 pcs with win 7 64bit

i have set up shared drives on both pcs ,, i have set the permisions on the shared drives so that everyone can do whatever they want change files delete files ect

so i expect to be able from one pc to cut files and paste to the other but i cant ,,, i cant even copy from one pc to the other unless i do it from the pc that is going to have the file added

why is this

am i missing something


A:cant cut from shared network drives

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We have a shared network between Windows computers already setup, but some computers are unable to access the shared network. Any help is appreciated.

The network is already set up but one computer is prompting for user name and password but there is none needed for the network. The one computer that can access the network does not need username and password
Maybe permission needs to be set up.

The other computer says "error" because "multiple users can't access. Please sign off other users" but this computer had been able to connect last week.

Three computers. One can access it always. One used to be able to access it (simultaneous with the other one). Third and Fourth can never access it.

Second, and Third are Windows Professional and Fourth is XP.

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I've searched a lot of forums and i can't find a solution to my problem. I have a new pc'41' in my business network which uses Vista. I can ping on a pc which uses Windows 2005 OS'155' . I have set the same workgroup name. I have correct IP addresses and in general i can access the internet and non password protected pcs shared folders in the network just fine. The problem is the password protected pc '155'. I can ping on it. When i try to see the shared folders it asks for user name and password. I do type the correct information but i get a login error saying the information (user-pass) is not correct. Funny thing is that another pc which has the same characteristics as mine can login with success. I declared my '41' on the users of shared folders for '155'. Still nothing. I would appreciate it if someone would give me a hint.
P.S File sharing, Public folder sharing and password protected sharing is on.

I would appreciate if someone could give me a hand here. Thanx!

A:I can ping on network pc but i can't see shared files

What is Windows 2005???

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Trying to get my windows network file sharing up and running again after 6 months not using it, i ran network setup wizard on both machines and now internet sharing is enabled and runs perfectly.
The problem is in network places/view workgroup computers i double click the other computers icon ( to try and get a listing of shared files on that computer) and it comes up with the error:
\\family is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource. contact the administrator of this server(its just a regular workstation) to find out if you have access permissions.

This is really bugging me because there are no passwords on either of the computers and i have run the network setup wizard many times and tried many different options to get file sharing to work.
The most weird thing is i can use the icons for shared network resources in my network places to gain access to the folders that do appear there(about half of the total shared folders)
Windows knowledgebase is useless(surprised i am not) and all the other similar cases seem to be unsolved, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows what the problem could be a result of.
some info:
Both PC's running windows XP SP2
I have tried disabling firewalls on both computers.
Both computers are plugged into a D-link dsl-504 4 port adsl router and can use the internet and shared printer with no troubles.

Any help would be Extremely appreciated.
Cheers, Scott
&nbs... Read more

A:Shared Folders on Windows Network

for clarity, port 139 and 445 are used for print/file sharing.

On the remote computer (ie the one without the folder being accessed),
use the Exploter Tool/Map Network Drive menu

pick a drive letter
click Browse
open the Workgroup and then the computer name you want
you should see a list of Sharible Folders to select from
IF so, continue with the selection

If NOT, then reverify, that all systems have the same Workgroup name
(ie: XP defaults to MSHOME)
Also, set the Guest account password on all systems and THEN disable
Guest Login. This then restricts file sharing to those who know the password
(just in case there's a security breach into one of the systems).

If the computer Names do not show, then check your firewall for ports above,
otherwise seeing the names implies the firewall is set correctly

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The ?Network Service? disappears after being shared with,

I wanted to share the ?Network Service? with a folder to have read and write permissions but it seems that it disappears after being added and given the permission.

What might be the issue here?

Thank you



A:The “Network Service” disappears after being shared with,

You are showing & asking about two different things. The Sharing with people on your network, is for sharing on the computer. If you just choose "Share" vs. Advanced Sharing. You will be able to choose to share with or without password protection. See File Sharing - "Share with" & "Stop Sharing" in Windows 8

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I have a wireless network set up in my house (4 computers). I understand there is no way to print using the wireless network and a shared printer. So, what I do is acutally have 2 networks, one hard wired and my wiresless that I have to interchange whenever I want to print something from one of my laptops in other rooms. So, after searching with no success I ask. Does anyone know any way at all to share a printer over a wireless network? Is it possible or has everything I read showing that it isnt possible stand? Thanks

A:Shared Printer on a Wireless Network?

is the printer wireless.
I have 2 printers Ptr1 connected to PC1 via a usb cable and Ptr2 via a wireless connection.
all my laptops and pc's can print to the wireless printer Ptr2 also the usb printer Ptr1 on PC1 is shared and all the laptops can print wireless to that printer Ptr1. I have Xp and win2k running.

whats the make and model of printer.

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I have two computers that I want to connect: my laptop and my desktop. Both run windows XP. We have DSL and a wireless hub. The desktop connnects directly to the wireless hub with ethernet and the laptop connects through a wireless network connection. How can I set these computers up to share a printer, using the desktop as the print server?

A:Solved: How to set up a network with shared printers?

This TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial should get you started.

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Hi all,

I'm having some very annoying problems with a wireless network and a shared printer, that's the aim. A friend has asked me to install a printer on a wireless network after "someone who said he knew what he was doing" messed it all up.

There are 5 computers running 'Vista Home Premium (32bit I believe)' connected to a wireless router/hub. All I want is the printer connected to one of them, and the other 4 connected / shared to that printer. Will it work, will it hell! The other PC's will just not
"see" or discover the printer on the other pc.

Pritner Sharing is enabled on the host pc, all are on the same WORKGROUP.
The trouble, I think, is that there are not only these pc's on the network (these pc's are the ones I have dealings with, the others are a college's). Could the wireless network be at fault for this?

(All my experience is on XP, im very new to this metal heap called Vista)

The printer is an Epson All-In-One, not sure on the model. It WAS set up using a printer server, but that was an utter pile of uselessness.

The only other way I can think of is to use the existing wireless network, but somehow hardwire the pc's together via ethernet, no idea at the moment though... I have limited access to the pc suite.

ANY help on this would be very appreciated.
Thanks, Rhys

A:Wireless Network - Shared Printer

you have to install the drivers on each computer. and, of course the host computer always has to be on.

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Last week on of the users on our network opened a file called "UPS Delivery Slip" I have removed the virus from the computers but I can't figure out why I can no longer access printers/files or my own computer on the network. I can see all the computers I can access any computer but when I click my computer on the network I get "The service has not started blah blah" I uninstalled the network and the drivers I even changed the computer name and work group still nothing. When going into the network sharing center and I select share files and folders instead of ON/Off it displays the word "Custom" and I can not right click any folder and share the option has completely been removed as well as all my old shared folders. I don't know what else to do any assistance on this would be a big help.

A:Vista Network - Shared Files Gone

Check that all your network services are Started:

COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless configurations only)
WLAN AutoConfig (Vista wireless configurations only)

Note: You can check the services in Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services.

All of these services should be started, and their startup type should be automatic (or perhaps manual).

If a service is not running, open it's properties and check the dependencies. Check each of the dependencies and see which one is preventing the service from running. Checking the event log is also a good idea here, there may be clues to what is failing.

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I have a d-link router and also some shared folders.
A friend of mine wants to use my router from his home for Internet, fine with me, but I don't want him to have access to my shared folders.
How can I do it? (We both using XP)
If he isn't in my workgroup that will do it? He also won't see the shortcuts to my shared folders in his "my documents" folder?


A:Shared folders with wireless network

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After upgrading from XP Pro to W7 64, users can no longer access network folders when working remotely using a VPN. Users were able to access the folders using XP Pro. Users can access other network devices, such as printers, when working remotely. Users are able to access network folders when working locally on the network.

To trouble-shoot, I have ensured the security and share settings are set correctly on the network folders. I have also changed some settings in gpedit/computer configuration/windows settings/security settings/local policies/security options. All had no positive affect. Can still access network shares remotely using XP.

Thanks, Pablo.

A:W7 Cannot Connect to Shared Network Folders

Is your router Windows 7 compatible?

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(1) I can no longer access the shared directories on a PC connected to my local network.
It is running Windows XP Pro, with all of the updates.
This started about a 1-2 weeks ago.

(2) Interestingly, I can connect to the problem PC via the Remote_Desktop_Connection.

(3) When I try to access the problem PC via "My Network Places", the PC name is visible but I get a:
" \\PC is not accessible ... " workgroup error message.

(4) If I select "My Network Places" on the problem PC, its shared directories ARE visible to itself.
File and Print Sharing are not blocked at the problem PC Firewall.

(5) All other computers on the network are running Windows XP Pro, with updates.
Shared directories on other networked computers are visible.

Any ideas ???
Thanks in advance :

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