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Solved: Dual Boot XP/Vista

Q: Solved: Dual Boot XP/Vista

Hello, - I have an ACER 5100 notebook that came w/XP. Some months ago, I burned the XP recovery system on 2ea DVDs. Then recently, I wiped the HDD, and did a clean install of Vista Home Premium using upgrade media by following the step-by-step from this site:


I didn't allow Vista access to the Internet for anything but Microsoft Updates and ACER drivers for Vista. Then I made an Image of Vista using Image for DOS and placed it on an external USB HDD.

Ok, then I wiped the drive again and created a new 20G partition using Bootit NG leaving the rest of the 120G drive unallocated. And then reinstalled XP on that partition using the 2 recovery DVDs.

Now, what I'd like to do is place my pristine fully updated Vista image on another partition <I've already created another NTFS partition with 35G>. I'm reading about MBR etc but have no skills in that area. I found a site that gives a step-by-step on dual booting XP/Vista, but it involves a complete reinstall of Vista and then I'd have to go through getting MS updates and ACER drivers all over again.

Anyone out there done this who might be able to guide me ?


Preferred Solution: Solved: Dual Boot XP/Vista

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Solved: Dual Boot XP/Vista

hi maybe this could be of help have seen it recommende many times havent used myself oops here is the link http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1

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Hello all, new here, my pc config is intel quad 6600, 4gb ram, 2 320gb hd, OS is XP Pro with SP2. Okay I heard people speek highly of Vista and no so highly so I decided to give it a shot and make my own decision.
XP was installed a few weeks ago and is on disk 1 50gig partition, created another 75 for E:Vista Ultimate and have 175 unallocated for now. My other drive is just for games.
At first I used the remaining 250 for Vista the first time. Everything loaded fine was online with Vista was updating drivers and then I rebooted to finish the install for some drivers and the boot options never came up it booted right to XP.
I looked at the partitions and it shows Vista there so I looked in XP boot.ini and it shows:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn
I checked around and people said to add Vista to it so I did and added this:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate" /fastdetect

It gave the options to now choose one but when I choose Vista the screen goes blank
no cursor or anything, display is 1280x960 someone had suggested that already... Read more

A:Solved: Dual boot XP installed then tried Vista but no boot dual boot options

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I recently have installed XP aside Vista.
Currently, the Vista bootloader is "in control".
I want the XP bootloader to be in control, so XP will be the default OS,
so when I start my PC, I won't need to select "XP" anymore, because right now, it's my main OS.

How can I do that?

A:Solved: Dual-boot: Vista and XP

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I have installed vista on this pc on a different h/d from which xp is installed. However this machine always boots into xp by default, I have to press F12 during bios boot up to choose the h/d to boot into. Is there a way to get it to default into booting onto the vista h/d? Have tried doing all that stuff in advanced system menu, but the drop down menu only shows vista under default operating system.
Would like to have a paused simple choice when starting the pc of vista or xp with a default to vista if nothing is selected. Is that poss without reinstalling everything on the same h/d?

A:Solved: dual boot xp & vista on different h/d's

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I initially started with XP and created a separate partition for Vista. After installing Vista on the other partition, Vista sees the (XP) Earlier version of windows. When I choose XP, I get the following error: NTOSKRNL.EXE is missing or corrupt.

If I repair the XP with fixmbr - I end up screwing up Vista. Then when I repair Vista, it end's screwing up XP.

How do I fix this?

A:Solved: Dual Boot: XP to Vista

Certainly don't use fixmbr. Did you try a Startup Repair from Vista's DVD?

These will help with editing Vista's boot store:

VistabootPro or EasyBCD

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I recently partioned my hdd to accomodate windows 7, to test it out to see if it was any good. I`ve decide to get rid of 7 and reclaim the partition space used. Managed to do that okay but when i restart my pc i still get a choice of vista or 7 even though 7 is no longer installed.
How do i get rid of the 7 option at reboot?

A:Solved: Dual boot vista &7

I believe that you go to MSCONFIG, select BOOT and highlight and delete the option to boot into Windows7. I did that some months back and I believe that is correct. You can also change the boot order there.
Perhaps someone can confirm this?

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i have vista on one hd and xp sp2 on the second .
both work on their own fine but no dual boot screen appears , there is the problem.
have installed vista boot pro from within xp but get the error message
vista boot pro has dectected that your bcd registry is missing or corrupt. it is recommended you fix this problem in order to supress this message.

any ideas ?

A:Solved: dual boot xp/vista

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I currently have Vista 32-bit installed.
I would like to install XP 32-bit aside it, so I can play old games, that only work on XP and older operating systems.

How can I do that?

A:Solved: How to dual-boot Vista and XP?

I think this guide will help:

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hi guys,i have a vista premium 64 bit quad core,i want to shrink the hard drive and instal xp on a partition,shrinking and installing xp seems straight forward,but i am confused on how to reboot the both,any detailed help would be very much appreciated,thank you ...

A:Solved: how to dual boot vista & xp ???????

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I have an electronic organizer that will only run up through Windows XP, and that will back up my contacts only up through Outlook 2002. I have been told that I need to dual-boot my Compaq Presario SR5710Y that came with Windows Vista pre-installed. I have already purchased Windows XP in preparation of this, and after successfully doing this, purchase Office XP (version 2002) for the same reason. I would like to find the best, most user friendly way to do this. Help!

A:Solved: Dual boot in Windows Vista

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I have XP Pro installed after Vista Home Premium, and now can only boot Vista, so ready to do that process to create a dual boot using the Vista boot manager. But when I do attempt this procedure; http://forums.techguy.org/windows-vista-7/583697-guide-installing-xp-win2k-after.html , error message is; "not a valid win32 application" and "access denied". I think this is an issue between the 64 bit Vista and 32 bit XP, so can I run those commands from booted into the Vista install DVD, the repair option, and using the command prompt ? Or if I did install either Vista boot Pro or that easy BCD program in XP using the same installer file which I copied from the Vista when it did boot up, to a USB flash drive, is that the cause? So are there 2 versions of easy BCD and Vista boot pro, one for 32 bit XP, and 1 as 64 bit? Here is that other link which uses the Vista boot Pro program tool to create a dual boot setup; http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/wind...on-your-pre-installed-windows-vista-computer/, and the Microsoft KB about this; http://support.microsoft.com/kb/919529

A:Solved: Vista 64 bit with XP 32 bit dual boot issue

You may want to try to boot from Vista DVD and repair the startup problems which will try to make changes in vista boot manager.

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Hi guys I hope you can help.

I have windows Vista installed but I would like XP as a second drive.

I have created a partition and installed XP onto it, now when I boot it just opens XP and I cant find Vista anywhere.

Can anyone shed any light on this? I am a beginner.


A:Solved: Installing a dual boot for Vista and XP

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Hi, I had just installed xp on my vista computer. Apparently I don't know whether it's the fact that vista was OEM or the fact that XP does not recognize vista. I what I did was I made a partition. I had 300gb, and I partitioned 50 gb. So I installed XP by using the boot installation. And now from some reason the BIOS does not detect the partitions, rather the entire hard drive instead. So now I can't boot vista, and I can only boot xp. I had vista originally on this pc. How can I get my bios to detect the partitions on my drive so that I can dual boot xp with vista?

A:Solved: Installing xp dual boot vista :(

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I have 2 hard rives in the same tower. on has xp pro and the other vista biz. they both were running fine until i had issues with my XP so i reinstalled xp but now when i boot i don't have the option to boot to Vista. i can access the vista drive via XP but i cant boot to it anymore.

(Boot.ini i presume)

how can i fix this with out having to reinstall Vista again?


A:Solved: XP And Vista Dual Boot issue

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Some time ago I bought a new laptop with Vista installed. I have a program that is not compatible with Vista so was going to install 2000 from my old retired computer however ran into problems, so delelted the partition I had created and reallocated the space back to drive C however everytime I boot it asks whether I want to run Vista or 2000.

I read another post in the XP section where in msconfig you can check all boot paths (boot.ini tab) however cannot find the same thing in msconfig in Vista so would really like to get rid of the dual boot selection which is not valid anyway.


A:Solved: Eliminating Dual Boot with Vista

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I had XP Pro installed on my C: drive first then installed vista after rebooting the dual boot screen reads
line 1 earlier windows
line 2 vista (vista loads)
line 3 vista (When click on nothing happens)
I have unstalled XP Pro and line 1 is gone. If you have only vista installed on C: drive do you need the dual boot screen and if not how do I get rid of it.
Thanks to any one that can help me.

A:[SOLVED] Can vista Dual Boot be deleted

go into msconfig/boot
highlight the one you do not require and then delete it
make sure that you pick the right one

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I've had XP for a number of years, finally decided to install Vista but wanted to keep XP around until I knew all of my software worked great in Vista. Created a new partition and installed Vista - everything worked great for a month (was able to boot fine into both XP and Vista) until I did something stupid. I went into the disk management tool and saw that my Vista partition was not marked as Active. I thought this was a mistake since I was in Vista so I made it active.

On my next boot up I got the infamous ntldr cannot be found error and started to panic. I used the repair tool on the Vista disk to finally fix the boot problem, however now it didn't give me the option to dual boot. I thought I just needed to add the option to the boot screen so I downloaded easybcd and added XP as a boot option, pointing it to my D drive (which is the partition that XP is on). On my next boot, I thought I had saved my self as sure enough I had the option to boot into either XP or Vista. Choosing Vista worked great, however choosing XP just causes the PC to reboot.

I'm pretty sure my MBR needs to be fixed somehow to show valid operating systems on both partitions. Can anyone help me fix this? I really need to be able to boot into both operating systems. I know I can try to fix the mbr with the XP disk but that is supposed to pretty much kill my Vista install from what I've read

Also, did it make sense that my Vista partition wasn't Active?

Thanks guys

A:Solved: Vista XP Dual Boot Problem

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I had vista and xp in dual boot and decided i was going to delete the vista partition, well apon restarting my comp, i get a real quick Invalid boot something or other, cant read all of it before it disapers, and then nothing, it wont boot into xp.i have done a fixboot and i did a bootcfg/rebuild and still nothing.

A:Solved: Dual boot xp/vista Broke

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Hello, - I've seached but can't find a situation exactly like mine so here goes with another dual boot question:

I have an ACER 5100 that used to have XP Home. I still have the two DVD recovery CDs I made when that OS was installed. A few days ago, I bought Vista Home Premium Upgrade and managed to get a clean install on the ACER. The 120G HDD is partitioned three ways: C: 35G, F: 20G, G: 20G and some 35G on the end unallocated. All NTFS - Vista is on C:. I'm having difficulty with Vista (finding a software firewall that works, and the whole permissions thing with Vista - UAC etc), that I want to go back to XP Home while I work on the Vista issues.

I'd like to place XP Home back on the G: drive and use it as before. Question is can I dual boot this way and will XP Home go back into G: using my recovery DVDs?


A:Solved: Dual Boot Vista/XP Home

I found this tutorial: http://apcmag.com/how_to_dual_boot_...talled_first__the_stepbystep_guide.htm?page=1 and there's also a tutorial at this site to go XP/Vista dual boot.

They suggest this app for shrinking an OS partition: GParted Live CD ISO

I can't tell, though, from the tutorial if the DVD restore CDs can be used to install XP from is why I posted here.


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I have a Compaq 900 megahertz AMD Athlon processor with 768 Ram (Max).A dual boot Vista and XP pro.I installed XP Pro first then Vista.(Same HardDrive).I used a program called easyBCD to start XP Pro first.I would like to uninstall Vista from this machine because it runs s-l-o-w.(not fast enough processor and Ram)How do I go about doing this without messing up XP Pro ?
THANKS........Have a good productive day.......

A:Solved: Uninstall(Dual Boot) Vista

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I have XP on my C drive. I'm going to install Vista on my second drive (D) w/a dual-boot setup. I know Vista will see itself as C drive and XP as D drive and vice-versa w/XP. After I get Vista setup and running nicely (already experimented w/it on a small partition, worked fine) I will want to delete XP completely and just run Vista. Will I have any issues? (Like w/MBR or D drive now being C drive?)

Thanks much,

A:Solved: Installing XP/Vista Dual-boot

You'll have a problem with the MBR on C:. But after formatting the XP drive, switch them and run startup repair from the Vista DVD and you should be all set.

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Hi everyone,
I currently have XP Home running on my PC and I'm looking to get Vista when it comes out with my machine setup in a dual boot. My question is can I just purchase an upgrade copy of Vista and use both or does it require the full version to do it like this?
Obviously I'd like to save the bucks if I can.

Thanks for the help.

A:Solved: Vista Dual Boot Licensing Question

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I have just set up a dual boot with XP Home on my Vista system, but in the device manager under XP i am missing drivers for "SM Bus Controller". My system specifications are as follows:

Product Name
Aspire M5201
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, v.113 / XP Home SP3
ATI RS780+SB700
AMD Phenom(tm) 9550 Quad-Core Processor
System Memory
4096 MB
Hard Drive
WDC WD6400AAKS-22A7B0 ATA Device, 596.17 GB
Generic- Compact Flash USB Device, 0 Bytes
Generic- MS/MS-Pro USB Device, 0 Bytes
Generic- SD/MMC USB Device, 0 Bytes
Generic- SM/xD-Picture USB Device, 0 Bytes
Maxtor 3200 USB Device, 298.09 GB
CD/DVD Drive
NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS
Total Available Graphics Memory
1919 MB
Realtek High Definition Audio
Marvell Yukon 88E8071 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Anyone know how i can sort this out?


A:Solved: Vista / XP Dual Boot - SM Bus Controller XP driver

Try this download, the SM Bus driver should be included but it's a large file (~170MB) so I haven't verified it's there.,M1201,M3200,M3210,M5200,M5201/CHIPSET.zip

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hey guys i have vista home installed ....

i got the bootable usb with linux

but i need to create a partition for it... the problem is the whole drive is 1 partition for vista? i have 55gigs of unused hd space. how can i create a partition in that unused space so i can install linux?

A:Solved: dual boot vista and linux (fedora)

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I have attached the screen shot from Disk Manager which shows how I installed Windows 7 on a machine that origianally ran Vista.

After I used Windows 7 I have not used Vista for over a year so I moved the Windows 7 to the start of the HDD using Partition wizard and some instructions on the web.

I now want to delete all the vista files and stop the dual boot getting the PC to go straight in to Windows 7.

Grateful for any help - searching the web showed dual boot but with 7 as the secondary OS and not the primary.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3327 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 509906 MB, Free - 305018 MB; D: Total - 205479 MB, Free - 183636 MB; E: Total - 715401 MB, Free - 300404 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5Q-PRO
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

Many thanks

A:Solved: Removing Vista From Windows 7 dual boot

Click the Start orb - type run into the search box - type msconfig in the run box - Boot tab - you can set the Windows 7 to be default and delete any other entries.

I don't know where the Vista is, but note that your Master Boot Record is in that partition Windows has labeled "E" in your first screen shot. If you are going to delete or format that partition you should make the Windows 7 partition be the 'System" one and use your installation DVD to repair the MBR.

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I've dual booted my Gateway with XP in addition to the Vista that came with it. Everything is working fine with the exception of my network. Can't connect in XP (Vista is fine - can be seen on network and internet connection is fine). I'm getting messages on the XP side that my network adapter can't be "seen". Any ideas?

A:Solved: dual boot - vista on network but xp not connected

When booted in XP, please do this.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type devmgmt.msc

Please respond to all the following steps.
Under Network adapters, please tell me all the devices listed.
Are there any devices under Network adapters that have a red x displayed?
Also, are there any devices anywhere in the Device Manager display with yellow ? or ! displayed?


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Ok, so I already had XP SP3 installed. I ran the Vista DVD, used the built-in partition utility to create a partition, and installed Vista on the new partition, thus giving me a dual-booted system. Upon boot-up, a black and white screen is displayed where I choose XP or Vista. Well, everything went fine until I tried to install Vista SP1, the installation failed (I was using the downloadable exe because it wasn't appearing in Windows Update). Alot of sources online said that you can't install SP1 until you've installed all other critical updates. So, I ran Windows Update and installed all updates marked "important". I believe there were 43. After Windows Update finished, the computer rebooted and the Vista screen was displayed where it says it's installing the updates, in 3 steps. After step 3 it rebooted one more time. This time, when Vista tried to boot, I got a black screen with an error message:

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.

2. Choose your language settings, and then click "Next."

3. Click "Repair your computer."

If you do not have this disc, contact yoru administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

File: ntoskrnl.exe

Status: 0xc0000098

Info: Windows failed to load because a required file is missing, or corrupt.Click to expand...

Running the Startup Repair utility ... Read more

A:Solved: Dual-booted Vista won't boot after installing updates

I was pretty sure there was no recovery from that mess that was created, so I went ahead and re-installed Vista. This time, I did a couple things differently. I didn't install any drivers (on the first go-through, I installed the chipset and video card drivers). Also, I went ahead and activated Windows this time (first time I didn't). Installing updates was successful this time. I installed a batch of about 41. Then, a couple more popped up, installed those. Finally, 1 more appeared and I installed that. After this, SP1 finally appeared in Windows Update. I tried installing it, and it went through all the motions. Downloaded and "installed" it in windows update, then it rebooted and did all of the configuring and installing with the 3 steps and everything. When it finally rebooted to Windows, a dialog box told me that the installation had failed. So, I downloaded the SP1 executable and tried installing it that way. Again, it went through all of the motions and seemed to be going fine, but it rebooted after Step 2 and upon reboot a black screen was displayed where it got stuck on this entry:

!! 0xc0000034 !! 30583/72488 (\registry\machine\schema\wcm://Microsoft...)Click to expand...

It just sits on this entry for hours before finally just displaying a black screen and I have to reboot. It then tells me Windows failed to start due to a hardware or software change, blah blah blah. I click Start Windows normally and it takes me to the same black screen whe... Read more

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Hi Everybody,

First, I want to apologize for asking the following questions, because I realize their have been many posted questions similar to mine on these forums and elsewhere online. However, I've never done anything like this, and I want to make absolutely sure I know what I'm doing before I attempt it. I thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.

When my Dell pre-installed XP machine died a few months ago (expensive fan failure, so there's no HDD damage as far as I can tell), I purchased a new HP pre-installed Vista machine. Mainly I have quite a few files I'd like to get off the Dell and on to the HP, but ideally I'd like to dual-boot with both operating systems on the HP, keeping both OS on their respective drives.

1. I figure this probably isn't legal, but how much of a problem is that potentially? I have a valid 1-2 CPU license, and XP would only be used on one dual-core if I'm able to dual-boot.

2. My primary goal is to copy my XP files to the Vista HDD, whether I can dual-boot or not. How can I do this without buying extra accessories, and in such a way that I don't risk damage to any of my hardware?

3. Will it be possible to dual-boot, and if so, what order will I need to install the drives, what master/slave settings will I need to set, what BIOS settings will I need to set, and will I need to reinstall/restore either OS or reformat either drive? Also, will this dual-booting work with just OEM/restore discs, and will it work with two dif... Read more

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i'm new to this forum so... Hello everyone!

well i have a very simple problem, i bought an alienware pc about 3 months ago i put in it as much hardware as i could afford, i ended up with an intel 2.66 ghz quad, 2 geforce 8800 gtx, 4 gig of ram, a 500 gig boot mirror raid and a 250 gig storage mirror raid.
Because most of my programs only run on xp i payed a little extra to have it with xp... yes it actually cost more!

and here is where the nature of my problem is... as it happens 32 bit OS's cant allocate more than 3 gigs of ram including video ram... so right now i'm only using 2.5 gigs of ram and 500mb of video ram... which is less than half of what i actually payed for

so naturally i need to install windows vista 64 bit... but i want to dual boot it with xp, i've read loads of tutorials on dual booting xp and vista on partitions and separate drives and it all seems very straight forward, but they never mention tackling dual boot on separate raids.
what sort of problems can i expect with this setup?? will i need to install raid drivers for vista?? will i need to unplug the raid where xp is installed?? will the processor even be able to run at 64 bit??

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My System has an Athlon XP 1.4 GHz Processor, 768 Mb Ram, and 2 IDE harddrives.

I started off with Windows XP Home, which was pre-loaded on the original 40 Gb IDE Hard drive.

Then I installed a second 200 Gb IDE drive, partitioned the drive into 3 partitions, and installed XP PRO into the first one. Dual boot works fine for home and pro operating systems.

Finally I installed Windows Vista Home edition into , which completed with no errors.

Both XP Pro and Home edition operating systems are still working but when windows vista is selected from the multi boot menu the following error messages are displayed and vista will not boot.

File : \windows\system32\winload

Status: 0xC0000001

Info: The Selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

Putting the installation disk (as the instructions say) to do a repair has no effect, and the installation DVD works fine on my other machine.

Could the problem be related to the boot drive (40Gb Drive) being different to to the Vista installation drive (200Gb Drive)?

A:Dual Boot, First XP Home, Then XP Pro, Finally Vista, but no Vista boot.

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I would like to........wait for it..........

'Install XP on a separate disk to preinstalled Vista for dual boot - with no Vista DVD'

There, I think that says it all. I bought the HP Pavillion dv9000 with Vista preinstalled - no installation CD or anything, just a partition for emergency recovery. Now, I do a lot of music technology and there are so many hardware/software issues regarding audio that I would like to have a seperate XP os to boot into for this purpose.

The question is: can this be done without a Vista installation disc? After all, why would I have the disc when it is preinstalled? And no, I dont want to have to download it from a cheap torrent site.

-I have the second HD for XP
-I have my old XP installation disc and registration
-I can disable SATA from the BIOS
-I can get the XP drivers for the laptop (it used to ship with XP, if I am correct)

Please help, I seem to be spending most of my life trying to configure the damn thing than being productive.

A:Install XP on separate disk to preinstalled Vista for dual boot - no vista dvd

My HP Pavilion that came with Vista, didn't do what my XP did nicely, although with much better hardware. I'm an artist/photographer, now, so mostly use Photoshop and Painter,
and preferred XP, which worked nicer with my color management. Here's what I did, and
hope this helps anyone else after all the web searching I did and found this entry. Decided to register to post a reply, thinking better late than never.

With the decline in HDD prices, I got a Western Digital 500GB disk to put XP on to dual boot with the existing 500GB Vista. Don't plan on using the WD data Lifeguard software, but you won't need it. The new drive had only the flat SATA for power connection, but the Hitachi it came with had Molex, also for power. Since the PC had only 1 SATA power plug, daisy chained with 2 other molex, I switched them and have both discs together (or you can buy an adapter). You may also need to supply an SATA cable as mine came with none, but WD can tell you from your order number. Now with 2 disks, I booted Vista and using the Disk Management screen (control panel>administrative tools>compuer management>disk management) you can find your blank disk and format it by right clicking on it. Easy enough.

Now boot the XP install CD. This was easy with my BIOS, ESC, for boot device choice.
But first, to avoid SATA problems using F10 for SETUP, use the advanced tab and change
the SATA property to IDE. LOTS easier than F6 later, and finding the right dr... Read more

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With the help of this forum and the Partition Wizard I have successfully installed Windows 7 64 bit on a separate partition (H) on my hard drive and I now have a dual boot system. The other partition (C:OS) runs Vista 32 bit OS.

The problem I have is that all my programs, files and settings are on the Vista partition. So I would like to remove Vista and merge the two partitions so that Windows 7 has access to my existing data and programs.

I have read a number of threads re merging, etc but I can't find one that specifically refers to my issue.

Thanks for your help.

A:Removing Vista from Dual Boot but retaining progs on Vista partition

Hi Paul, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Your issue is a typical upgrade issue, Internet in general and our forums in particular are full of advice in how to do it. As there's no way you can transfer your installed programs to your new Windows 7 installation, you have exactly two options.

Option 1, finish what you have already started:Copy your personal files from Vista partition to respective folders on Seven partition. You can do it manually or for instance using Windows Easy Transfer. Notice that your installed programs will not work on Seven even if you copy them and their folders to Seven
Delete the Vista partition
Use the free space (old Vista partition) to increase the size of the Seven partition
Re-install all your programs

Option 2, start from beginning:Do an in-place upgrade install, installing Seven on top of your Vista instead of clean install to another partition as you have done now. This option keeps all your installed programs and files exactly where there are now, no need to re-install them


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I have two drives (C and D) with Vista on one and Win 7 on the other (not sure if they're actual drives or partitions of a single drive, how do I tell?). I am dual booting and never use Vista. Starting to need the disk space and want to delete Vista. Is this difficult in this scenario?

A:Remove Vista from Vista / Win7 Dual Boot - Separate Drives

No, shouldn't be difficult.

Post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management so we can see your setup.

Get to disk management by typing those 2 words into the start button search box.

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Managed to install XP Pro OK as per guidelines and it boots OK either to Vista or XP. Sound OK in Vista, however, when in XP I have no sound. I'm at a loss as to what I need to do to get sound going in XP, so if anyone here can help would appreciate it very much.

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If anyone out there can please offer some guidance it would be appreciated & I will take you to dinner if your in the tri-state area!

My Dad passed... When he did he was having problems booting up his computer wich is dual boot (xp/vista32) on one drive ide I believe haven't taken a close look at that drive, plus four other sata drives set in a raid array If I recall this is a raid 10 setup??? Anyway windows downloaded an update for his graphics card. since then the compute goes through the initial boot, identifies all hardwae and then stops at a prompt, it does not go to the windows boot menu nor does any windows flash graphic come up. Instead it hangs at a dead cursor where nothing can be typed in. His graphics card is an asus card with an ati chipset and dual monitors installed. All I want to get at is documents and pictures. To add another twist, the 4 Sata drives are partioned into at minimum 15 virtual drives. He was a Dr. and had things scattered all over for legal, personal, trading, patient, insurance, ect... Hence the number of vitual drives.

The big question is, can I run a vista rescue disk or recovery disc to boot it into windows? Or am I going to lose the XP info or all for that matter?

HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.... I do fairly well with computers and have building/repairing my own since college (1989..am I that old?). My dad was a fanatic with them so he buuilt a new one every year I got out of and when it's too slow I move... Read more

A:Help with XP & Vista 32-bit dual boot: 5 drives, 4 sata raid array 1 boot

PLease somebody must be abele to offer some assistance

I am a believer that somebody has come across this if anyone has guidance please help!

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Hi all,

I have a dual boot vista/kbuntu system. I was using windows and was running low of space on my c drive so I thought to compress it.

Upon completion I re-booted my system to only be made aware og the error message that my Windows Boot Files were compressed and so windows could not be booted.

I have some questions relating to this issue for which any knowledgeable input would be greatly appreciated.

1. Why has Microsoft imposed no safety mechanism or warning upon compressing the c drive if this is the result of the action?

2. Why can compressed boot files be booted? This may be a stupid question but I would like to understand.

3. I have been reading on the web for possible solutions to this problem. The most common seems to be to insert the original OS vista cd, boot from it and click repair. I have my vista system set up perfect in terms of programs and data. Will the repair operation preserve this state?

4.Using the CD method above is there any means to uncompress only the boot files and not the whole of the c drive so I can still achieve my original goal of space savings?

5. My system is dual boot. I can stilll load Kbuntu and access my NTFS c drive on the kbuntu desktop. I can even see the specific windows boot files folder. I am new to linux but tried to adopt a windows seasoned approach of right clicking the boot files folder and going into properties and looking for uncompress option there. Suprise suprise no such option there. But since my system... Read more

A:Uncompressing Windows Boot Files in Vista and Kbuntu Dual Boot

It would be useful to know the exact mechanism you used to enact the compression, the extent of what you compressed, as well as the actual error message you now see when trying to boot into Windows.

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Hey guys, I've been looking through the forum and found some similar posts, but wanted to make sure that I understand everything before actually proceeding. I have a HP HDX 16t which came with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. I used the Windows 7 Upgrade Disk to do a clean install of Win7 on a new partition (I only have one hard drive). I would now like to remove Vista completely. I am attaching a pic of what my Disk Management shows. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Removing Vista from Dual-Boot System Vista + Windows 7

This great new tutorial from Barefootkid will show you with pictures exactly how to accomplish this using the best partitioning tool for Win7: Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

Use Option One in the tutorial and substitute your Vista partition for the 100mb boot partition he refers to there.

Read the Note as once you delete Vista partition then Resize Win7 into its disk space and mark Win7 active, you'll need to run Startup Repair up to 3 separate times with reboots to write the System MBR to Win7 and start it up.

Back up your files and a system image externally as Resizing operations can fail although we have not had one fail in a couple hundred of these operations we have helped with here.

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Just a simple Google gives me hundreds of threads on dual booting Vista and XP, or XP and 98, but I have found none on dual booting Vista and Windows 98SE.

I am currently using a drive with an OS and a Data partition, with Vista as the only OS. I have found that it is a PAIN to run older kid's games in Vista. Many don't work, and many require admin rights to run.

So..I would really like to create a third partition (or use a separate drive) to install Windows 98, and dual boot between Vista and 98. I have the tools to do partitionwork (BootItNG and Partition Magic), but I'd prefer not use these for controlling the dual boot.

Is there a way to install Windows 98 on a third partition or separate drive, next to my existing Vista install, and then use Vista's boot loader to dual boot?

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I have a Dell XPS 730x with 4 internal harddrives (2 are WD Raptor drives). I'm currently running Vista Home Premium x64 that came with the system on 1 Raptor and want to try Vista Ultimate x64 on the other Raptor. My questions are:

1. Can I do this as long as I can select which drive to boot from without problems with the MBR?

2. If it's not as simple as selecting the boot drive, what software do you recommend to edit the BCD? I know of 2, Easybcd and VistaBootPro.

Thanks in advance for any input,

A:Dual Boot Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate?

this does work to dual boot vista, just install ultimate on a second hard drive to be safe

The installation options

You can approach the dual-boot installation operation in one of two ways -- by cold booting from the Windows Vista DVD or by inserting the Windows Vista DVD while Windows XP is running. As you can imagine, you'll encounter slightly different introductory screens depending on which approach you use, but once you get stared the operation is essentially the same.
While both methods will produce the same result, I prefer the cold booting from the DVD method. The main reason is that you don't have to worry about any interference from antivirus/antispyware/firewall software on your existing Windows XP installation.
Performing the installation

Once you have your second partition or second hard disk operational, just insert your Windows Vista DVD, restart the system, and boot from the DVD. Once the system boots from the DVD, Windows Vista?s Setup will begin loading and will display the screen shown in Figure A.
Figure A:
Windows Vista?s Setup will take a few moments to load files before the installation actually commences. In a few moments, you?ll see the screen that prompts you to choose the regional and language options, as shown in Figure B. As you can see, the default settings are for U.S. and English and if that?s you, you can just click Next to move on.
Figure B:
The default settings on the regional and language screen are for the U.S. a... Read more

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Can you shed any light or help me please?
I had Windows XP on my machine with two hard drives working fine,
Samsung SP1614C
Samsung HD 401LJ.
I have an Asus P4800D-X Motherboard running an Intel P4 3.2GHZ processor and 2MB pc3200 DDR RAM.
I installed Windows Vista on the HD401LJ, everything is fine and at first I could boot to XP on the other drive without any problems.
However, later on when I tried to boot to XP drive I got the blue screen of death or the computer would just keep restarting every time I chose the XP option. Clearing the CMOS does not help and neither does taking every component out of the PC except the Graphics card, Nvidia Geforce 7800 GT. Even if I disconnect the Vista HD the other HD with XP just keeps re-starting.
I copied all the data from the XP drive that I needed and tried to format and re-partition but the computer just hung or gave me the blue screen of death after it asked me to press enter to install XP, press R for recovery or F3 to exit.
I took the drive out of that machine and used another machine that formatted, partitioned and installed XP without any hitches. I then put the drive back in to my computer and the same story.
The drive is showing in the BIOS. It is there in my computer when I boot to vista and I can access the information on it, XP, but it will not boot to XP just keeps re-starting. I don? think its Vista as I have taken that drive out and I have cleared the CMOS, What is giving me so much grief?

A:dual HD Dual Boot Vista and XP

Have you tried removing your memory sticks one at a time ? First thing I would do is test you ram.

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I installed Windows 7 on a partitioned harddrive with vista on the other half.

After the installation i have my boot menu with:
Windows 7
Windows Vista

Windows vista still works but when i try and load windows 7 i get a boot error message:

FILE \windows\system32\winload.exe

Status: 0xc0000428

info: windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling a number of times, trying the 32 and 64 bit version, and setting the partition to active... with zero results. Ive been googling my problem for days and haven't found a single thing that has been useful. Please help me out if you have heard of this problem happening or have any idea why it is happening.
Please get back to me.

the funk

A:dual boot windows 7 and vista boot error winload.exe

try to check the Windows 7 partition for bad sectors (using checkdisk).

if that doesn't help, maybe you will need to rebuild the BCD. Use the bootrec command.

How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows Vista/7

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Okay so I didn't screw up everything, but I can't get my boot menu situation straight. I have a dual boot of windows xp pro and windows vista business. I used EasyBCD to edit my boot menu, this way my boot menu listed Windows XP and Windows Vista and it would default to Windows XP. The problem now is that I can access F8 options on windows vista, but not on windows xp. I messed around with my boot.ini for xp, but can't get it to do what i want it to do.

This was my boot.ini setup after using EasyBCD -

;Warning: Boot.ini is used on Windows XP and earlier operating systems.
;Warning: Use BCDEDIT.exe to modify Windows Vista boot options.
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Professional" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT

When the boot.ini is listed as above, it will automatically just go to Windows XP. I want to have my F8 options back in case I need to get into safe mode. I modified the boot.ini to do this -

;Warning: Boot.ini is used on Windows XP and earlier operating systems.
;Warning: Use BCDEDIT.exe to modify Windows Vista boot options.
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Professional" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Safe Mode" /safeboot:minimal /sos ... Read more

A:Dual Boot Windows Xp + Vista Boot Menu issues

This is all you should need to start XP. I suggest lowering the "timeout" to 3 or less. To access your F8 options you should do so immediately after starting the XP-os. (right after this "boot loader" processes.)

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Professional" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT

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Yeah I went and did something stupid. -.- I had a dual boot of Vista/Ubuntu and I deleted the Ubuntu partition in vista and rebooted the comp before correcting the Boot menu. So now when I re-start I get this:

Loading GRUB stage 1.5

Error 22

I have run just about every test I know of. I'm running a Vista home on a Dell XPS 410.
I've already ran chkdsk, all of Dell's utilities, Windows Vista Startup Repair, etc.
Can someone help please?

EDIT: Would fdisk /mbr correct my problem?

Okay now I understand what the problem is. The GRUB is looking for a partition that is not there, and the binary isn't matching up. I'm at work right now so I have no way to test to fix it. I just want to make sure I know how before I head home.

fdisk /mbr

I think bootrec.exe /fixmbr and /fixboot will correct my issue. I would like to run it by you guys first.

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Hi there,

I am currently using Windows Vista Ultimate (32bit) and would like to play World of Warcraft however my Intel 82865g chipset doesn't have recent drivers available and it is currently incompatible with windows Vista.

So, I want to create a partition with XP installed so that the drivers will work and I can play WoW.

However, despite being able to create a partition, I cannot find a way of installing Win XP. I have tried booting from an XP CD but my PC seems to give up and move onto booting from the hard-disk instead and starts up Vista. Why can't I boot from the CD?

Does anyone know how I can successfully install XP on a separate partition with Vista already installed or am I going to have to format and do it the long way, starting with XP and partitioning Vista?


A:Vista/XP Dual Boot Partition (vista pre-installed)

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Hi people,

I have just taken delivery of a brand new fully loaded beast running Vista Home Premium 64bit. All is wonderful...except I have one critical piece of application software that wont run on a 64bit OS.

Fortunately I have Vista Ultimate SP1 32bit that was installed on my recently deceased laptop (originally the laptop came with XP). So in theory I have everything I need to set up a dual booting PC but I am unclear as how to do this.

Is there an idiots guide anywhere around for Vista 64 and Vista 32 dual boots? Seen plenty of XP and Vista suggestions but will the same process work?

Or are there better solutions to my problem?


A:Dual Boot - Vista 64bit and Vista 32bit - How?

yes it is the same process, but in your case since it is already installed on both you will need a boot manager.

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Hi everyone! I have heard that there are many driver problems in Windows Vista. A friend of mine has a laptop with Vista Home Premium and it can not read CDs and DVDs! The laptop is bought last week! I have Windows XP SP2 and I am thinking about getting it transformed into ..."Vista", but I fear possible CPU problems. It is not a good idea, is it? But there is another choice: dual-boot XP and Vista. So, I made this poll for you to help me, if you want. Which choice is better? Thanks!

A:Windows Vista, Vista Emulator Or Dual Boot?

That would depend entirely on your system...For example how much RAM do you have installed? What type of processor do you have? How new is your system (older systems don't handle Vista well)? Whether you are able to get compatible drivers for all of your printers and other goodies that will work for both Vista and XP (if going to try Dual-Boot). There are a lot of things to consider.

Myself, I'll just stay with XP...I kinda' like it....

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