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Needed Intel(R) 6 Series C200 Family USB ADVANCED CONTROLLER-1C26, latest needed, any suggestions?

Q: Needed Intel(R) 6 Series C200 Family USB ADVANCED CONTROLLER-1C26, latest needed, any suggestions?

CAN't find DRIVER that is acceptable(all fail).Needed URGENTLY Windows 7 64 bit Operating System.

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Preferred Solution: Needed Intel(R) 6 Series C200 Family USB ADVANCED CONTROLLER-1C26, latest needed, any suggestions?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have a set of HP Z210 Workstations with E3-1245-V2 Xeon Cpu's, SSD boot drives and varying sizes of memory from 8-16GB 1600Mghz DDR3 ECC. We use Windows 8 Enterprise for these machines, with Hyper-V enabled.
We get regular driver failures from the 2 sets of USB controllers on the machines (Mainly and issue for the KB & Mouse) that can only be resolved with a full power down (not restart) and a power up. This happens at least once every 1-3 days per machine.
I had gone through the HP support, but they have advised this isn't an issue on their side, and I had agreed all along. I was just hoping to get some traction by notifying them. Anyway, after a lengthy trouble shooting session, we found that once Hyper-V
was enabled, the fault arose.
As it was an Intel chip, they I asked them. They advised that on Windows 8, the drivers are supplied via windows update and that it was not their issue.
So, how can I get this resolved? Not through HP or Intel, surely through MS? Maybe not. Disabling Hyper-V is not desired as I the teams with these PC's are developers and require local visualization. Also, we have templates ready for Hyper-V, I don't really
want to remove Hyper-V and use Virtual box or VMWare workstation. but I am at wits end with the fault and lack of help from the vendors.
Please help.

A:Hyper-V causes Intel(R) Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller driver to fail

I have found a work around for this fault with the USB failure - ENSURE YOU POWER  THE MACHINE OFF - DO NOT RESTART.
Its almost like the restart doesn't initialise the device correct, thus causing a failure. 

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I recently upgraded my HP p6608f desktop to Windows 10.  I am having some issue that have pointed to the Ethernet adapter.  In Device Manager it is identified as Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller.  I would like to download the latest driver for it.  HP does not support my computer for Windows 10 therefore I would go to Realtek for the driver.  http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=13&PFid=5&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTy...On the Realtek site they list identifiers for the controller such as RTLxxxxx.  How do I know which controller mine is so I can get the correct driver?  I will mention that on another computer I also have a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller and it has driver v. 10.1.505.2015 which seems different than what is shown on the Realtek site.

View Solution.

A:Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller driver needed

Hi: You would use the W10 auto installation driver from this set of ethernet controllers, as the motherboard specs for your PC indicate is comes with the Realtek RTL8111DL 10/100/1000 Mbps ethernet adapter. You can see that adapter listed at the top of the webpage...RTL8111C/RTL8111CP/RTL8111D(L) http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=13&PFid=5&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false

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I'm wondering if anybody has this driver.

After a format yesterday, my audio doesn't seem to be working. It also states that no audio device has been detected. I ran PC Wizard 2010 [multimedia] to check what I need.

Device Type: BIOS / Motherboard
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard (HP)
Model: Intel 82801FB (ICH6) High definition audio controller


A:Intel 82801FB ICH6 Audio Controller Driver needed

What is the EXACT model of your HP product?

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Hello friends,

I'm having problems trying to install Windows 7, hopefully you guys can help.

I own an HP Stream 13 like this one here: Amazon.com: HP Stream 13.3-Inch Laptop (Intel Celeron, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD, Cobalt Blue) with Office 365 Personal for One Year: Computers & Accessories

It came with Windows 10 pre-installed. I get free access to Windows products via dreamspark through my school. I decided I wanted to download Windows 7. I got through the setup and ended up at the partition part where it says:
"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Windows needs the driver for device [Intel SD Host Controller]. Click 'Load Driver' and load the required device driver."
I have tried downloading Intel's automatic driver detection utility thing, but that did not work.

I have also tried Shift+F10, diskpart, list disk, sel disk 0, clean. But it came with an error in the command prompt that says:
"Virtual Disk Service error:
Clean is not allowed on the disk containing the current boot,
system, pagefile, crashdump or hibernation volume."

I'm at a stump. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Unable to install Windows 7 [Intel SD Host Controller] driver needed?

Hi Uni,
W7 likes to be installed as No1, even on a virtual Drive.
Your best bet is to install 7 and make 10 the virtual,
if you only have 2gb Ram, then you'll have to use 32bit versions, or buy more Ram

The drivers should available via the HP website for that model


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I'm looking for driver for Intel SD Host Controller device, a part of Dell Inspiron 14 3452, for Windows 7 x64
Device ID: ACPI\VEN_8086&DEV_0F14 or ACPI\80860F14 as it appears in Windows 10 installed there now.
Hardware identifier apps detect that that's part of Braswell chipset.
Please help with finding the driver.
What I checked:
1. Intel and Dell driver download resources, including www.dell.com/.../advanced drivers for chipset, including extraction of drivers from all relevant driver packages.
2. Intel's and Dell's Update apps to find drivers.
3. Whatever Windows 7 installation app gets from the internet when pointed to go online at the start of Windows 7 installation, as there is an option to get drivers from internet at the beginning if Widows 7 installation is running from under Windows 10.
4. Alternative websites and forums for drivers.
5. Driver packages from other vendors for their laptops using likely the same hardware.
6. Drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 8.
7. Dell's support including phone based ones.
8. Intel community.
9. BIOS update - done, didn't help.
Nothing helped.
I can't get drivers for Windows 7 using Windows Update as now I have Windows 10 installed on that laptop. I can't use any kind of driver downloader app as now I have Windows 10 on a laptop I need drivers for, and that downloaders can get drivers only for OS version they are installed on. I need that driver to install Wi... Read more

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I'm having quite a problem on updating my Video driver on this laptop. It's a 2009 Acer 4736z Laptop, running on Windows 8 Pro WMC x86.

I can't seem to find the right update for my current driver, and uh, it's my everyday laptop, so all the stuff I do, is done here, including gaming.


[OffTopic] I played Minecraft before on Windows 7 without any problems, now on Windows 8, it tells me that I have bad video drivers.

A:[Help]Mobile Intel (R) 4 Series Chipset Family

Try the drivers from Acer Support:Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook / Aspire / Aspire 4736Z
If they don't work, google for Intel Driver with WDDM 1.0), download it and install, it may say it's for GM965 chipset but it was installed by Microsoft updates in my laptop which has GM945 family chipset.

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Hello guys, first time poster here

So i'm using a Gateway nv78, its a pretty cheap computer. It uses the above mentioned 4 series chipset integrated video card. Now the problem im having comes to the drivers and how it effects my game playing performance. i recently wiped my hard drive because i was planning on selling the pc, however i dont plan to sell it anymore. Now, my previous display driver had allowed me to turn my graphics settings down really low, thus allowing me to play (starcraft 2) at a playable FPS. now with my computer being essentially reformatted and using the drivers suggested by gateway, i can't adjust these settings to a low enough point to allow me to play these games. I've tried installing what i remember to be the driver i had before, but it is now telling me that said driver is not compatable with my machine, and that i should use the manufacturer's drivers.

now if anyone understood all of that, and can perhaps tell me how to get better drivers, or bypass the error of not letting me download these alternative drivers.

I'm clearly a tech noob, so any information you guys can shed would be MUCH appreciated

thanks alot

A:Intel 4 Series Express Chipset family driver help.

Hi! ericw616, welcome to 7F

Do you still have the 7 OS on the system? we'd need to know the model, Starter, basic, Home Home Premium, pro, ultimate?

How serviceable is the notebook? Does it run pretty well?

Did you save back-ups?

If you haven't done too much with it you might be able to recover some files by using a file recovery app like PhotoRec - CGSecurity To get some information back. I wouldn't use those files, but it might give you enough info to jog your memory to where you could remember the right driver, and then you could go back and re-download it to re-install.

The driver page for your NV78:
Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook / NV Series / NV78

Intel's site, but there again you would need to know the make of OS to match up the proper drivers:

You could use this to identify your chipset :
Intel Chipset Identification Utility - 3.05 Download - EXTREME Overclocking

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I have HP Compaq Presario CQ61 with Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family graphics and here is information:

Display Memory: 1295 MB
Dedicated Memory: 64 MB
Shared Memory: 1231 MB

It is something to do to change dedicated memory, because i cant play GTA San Andreas on 800x600 and lowest settings its still lagging?

Other info is: 4GB RAM, Dual Core CPU 2.10Ghz @ 2.1Ghz

A:Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

It's something to do with the graphics engine...It's just too weak....and no it can't be upgraded

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Hi, I hope someone can help me.
I was using the Paint app on my vista when it started to become very slow and unresponsive.I was still able to use it but it was very very slow...then it started to totally freeze up my computer to where I couldn't even get task manager to come up
so I could end the program.. it got progressively worse and now I can't use the paint app at all.

I checked the laptop with a diagnostic tool that I found and it said there is a problem with the
Intel Graphics Driver Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset family
This was not really an error message that popped up, it just was a "statement" that said it
was not working properly and gave me suggestions on what to do such as checking for driver
updates, cleaning registry.
I checked and there are no updates for this driver, it is up to date. I scanned the registry and swept it and I'm still having the problem.
Still can't use the paint app at all.
Can I fix this driver? Should I do a restore to an earlier date? This only started happening a day or so ago.

Also when I checked the status in device manager it says that the device is working properly!
That really confused me..because one part of the computer says there's a problem and the other
says it's working fine. I am praying that you're not going to tell me to uninstall and re-
install the driver ...I'm afraid that may be too advanced for me.
(I am only assuming that the paint app ... Read more

A:Intel 4 Series Express Chipset family not working

I would suggest that you try restoring to an earlier point, before you damaged your registry by "cleaning" it, and before the problem with your machine was serious.

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Hey all,

I've got a Lenovo Thinkpad R500 running Windows 8 Pro and at the moment its ]only running on the generic graphic display. It has a Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family graphics card and i can't seem to find a compatible driver so i can enable it.

If anyone can find something to help me get it up and running again will be great.

A:Mobile Intel 4 series express chipset family

I have Toshiba Satellite L300 with Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family graphics card. I download older drivers from intel site. Unpack it using Total Commander, right click on setup.exe, properties, compatibility tab and check "Run this program in compatibility with" and choose Windows 7. Also at the end of the same tab, under Privilege level check "Run this program as an administrator". Click OK and run setup. If you have problem I will upload my drivers (for Windows 8 Pro x64) but I need a few hours becouse of little upload speed.
PS. Sorry for my bad english

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i have a Satellite A505-S6960 laptop(toshiba) and my intel graphics media accelerator driver for mobile is telling me my graphics card is can use at least 128mb out of the 1759mb possible. yet it is using only 21mb, how is this possible and is there a way to increase the minimum? if you did not notice the video card it is MOBILE INTEL 4 series express chipset family. plz help

A:MOBILE INTEL 4 series express chipset family help

Quote: Originally Posted by veze

i have a Satellite A505-S6960 laptop(toshiba) and my intel graphics media accelerator driver for mobile is telling me my graphics card is can use at least 128mb out of the 1759mb possible. yet it is using only 21mb, how is this possible and is there a way to increase the minimum? if you did not notice the video card it is MOBILE INTEL 4 series express chipset family. plz help

Hi veze, Welcome to the forums, have a look at this thread Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset It contains the answer you require

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For some reason I have a Code 12 (This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. ) And I looked it up and it states there might be conflicting devices.

Here what it says under conflicts/sharing
I/O Port 0x00000000-0x0000001F Direct memory access controller
I/O Port 0x00000000-0x0000001F AMD PCI Express (3GIO) Filter Driver

I/O Port 0x00000070-0x00000070 Motherboard resources
I/O Port 0x00000070-0x00000070 System CMOS/real time clock

IRQ 11 Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
IRQ 11 Intel(R) ICH9 Family SMBus Controller - 2930
IRQ 11 Intel(R) ICH9 Family Thermal Subsystem - 2932

Memory Address 0x52600000-0x536FFFFF Intel(R) ICH9 Family PCI Express Root Port 2 - 2942
Memory Address 0x52600000-0x536FFFFF Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter

Memory Address 0x50400000-0x5040FFFF Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
Memory Address 0x50400000-0x5040FFFF Intel(R) ICH9 Family PCI Express Root Port 1 - 2940

I/O Port 0x00003000-0x000030FF Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
I/O Port 0x00003000-0x000030FF Intel(R) ICH9 Family PCI Express Root Port 1 - 2940

Memory Address 0xFF800000-0xFF800FFF Motherboard resources
Memory Address 0xFF800000-0xFF800FFF Intel(R) 82802 Firmware Hub Device

IRQ 17 Intel(R) ICH9 Family USB Universal Host Controller - 2936
IRQ 17 Intel(R) ICH9 Family USB Universal Host Controller - 2939
IRQ 17 Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter

Memory Address 0x40000000-0x4FFFFFFF Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset ... Read more

A:Code 12 : Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

Try downloading and installing the chipset driver from here.

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Running Windows 8 on a Dell laptop, I've attached a log file with all my computer's info.

The issue I'm having is that my Integrated Graphics won't update even though I'm using a signed driver from intel (This)
As you can see this driver is v9.3.0.1026 from 11/06/2012 while if you check my log file you'll see that I'm still on v8.15.10.2702 from March 2012.

I tried following what was suggested over here, but that driver is older than the one I'm currently using. I think I'm doing something wrong because in the post he says the version number is, which is way past what intel is claiming is the version number for my IGC. And when I looked through my log I didn't see anything with a version number near that...

Anyway help would be very much appreciated!
Happy New Year!

A:Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family Driver

It was recently updated. Ill update my post.
And the Version number is the last number, which is 2555. I change the numbers so it matches windows 8 numbers.

EDIT: Sorry it's taking so long to update the driver, I'm having trouble with signing it.

EDIT 2: Whoop dee doo.. Turns out I don't have the original certificate and keys I used to create all my previous drivers with. I'll update the Custom Certificate Installer again.

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Hi, I came here because there were no information about solving a problem with this Chipset (Mobile Intel? 4 Series Express Chipset Family), but I find a video that explains that we have to get an older version for this chipset, not the one that has the WDDM 1.1.

So, the first you have to do is download this. It's a Graphic Accelerator from Intel, so don't worry about third party programs. Then you just have to install it and restart your computer and you will have this if you have this options available then everything it's okay, because this means that you have the proper version of the driver. I know it's a little bit complicated to explain, but this is the best solution I have found. The last version won't let you play games like counter-strike nor run applications such as emulators for android. With this, you can play Counter-Strike, Minecraft and enjoy other features that you can't with the latest version.

I hope this can help someone in someway, because it was a little hard to find this solution.


I forgot to mention that you have to disable Microsoft Update, because this feature will update your graphic card to the latest version (the one that has the WDDM 1.1 thing).

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Prior to getting this screen on start up, the computer has been experiencing random shut downs.
I recieve a screen that displays the message:
Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 083)Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel CorporationThis Product is covered by one or more of the following patents:US5, 307, 459, US5, 434, 872, US5, 732, 094, US6, 570, 884, US6, 115, 776 and US6, 327, 625Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Series v1.19 (08/10/09)
and it will not boot pass that.
I check the boot settings and yes my HDD is first to boot. 

A:Dell Inspiron N5010- Stuck at Realtek PCIe Family Controller Series v1.19(08/10/09)

Welcome to the Community. Will it allow you to press F2 key at the Dell Logo to boot into the Bios to check if the hard drive is getting detected? 
If it allows you, press the F12 key at the Dell Logo, select Diagnostics and run an extended diagnostics on your computer. Post back with any error codes.
Thank you.

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I have an HP Pavilion dv6 laptop (Intel Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz with Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family Video Adapter) and have recently upgraded it from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Thus far, all applications seem to run quite well on Windows 10 with a couple of exceptions (i.e., Chief Architect's Home Designer Pro 2016 and onOne's Perfect Photo Suite) - both of which are fairly graphics intensive and indicate that an upgraded video adapter driver is needed to function properly.

Is there a Windows 10 video driver available for my laptop configuration? If so, I can't seem to find one - from Intel, HP or Microsoft. I'm sure that someone on this forum knows for sure!

Thanks in advance for your response.

A:Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family - Windows 10 Driver?

Do you have a more precise name of that laptop? When I search the HP website for drivers,
Product search results
it gives me more than 300 different products with these search terms. There should still be four signs behind the dv6, like dv6-2200 or dv6-6c00.

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I have a dell Inspiron 1545 running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1, 64 bit. The hard drive went out so I replaced it with one out of an old Acer Aspire running the same Windows 7 version. It accepted my Windows Activation as genuine, however, my system information shows that is is still an Acer Aspire and my Mobile Intel 4 Series Family Chipset won't recognize the driver. The Properties of the chipset shows this message "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)
If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system."
Please help!

A:Mobile Intel Chipset4 Series Family won't work on Dell Inspiron 1545

This is appearing as a Acer because it contains the OEM Windows 7 installation with all of the Acer bloatware.
You made a mistake which probably will necessitate a fresh installation of Windows.  The motherboard has identifiers that Windows recognizes the first time it is started for the first time in the computer.  When you move a hdd to another computer with a different motherboard it will see a different set of identifiers which can cause the hdd to either not boot the operating system or create problems like you are experiencing.
In the future, when you go to move a drive with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10 you need to generalize the operating system.  This will remove all of the current identifiers.
 If you run sysprep on the HHD/SSD with Windows 7 or 8.1 before using it with another motherboard you should be be able to boot from it without any complications. You want to remove all hardware identifiers from the HDD/SSD, this generalizes the drive.
Click on the Start orb, then type cmd in the Search box.
cmd will appear under Programs above the search box, right click on it and choose Run as administrator.
This will open the Elevated Command Prompt.
In the Elevated Command Prompt type in CD C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep, then 
use the command: sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown.
Don't power the drive back on until it's in the other computer.
Note: You'll want to install the new... Read more

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Intel(R) ICH7 Family LPC Interface Controller - 27B8
My friend's PC has a driver problem.

Intel Pentium 4 550, 3466 MHz
Abit AL8(-V)
Intel Lakeport i945P
RADEON X850 Series (256 MB)
Realtek ALC880(D) @ Intel 82801GB ICH7 - High Definition Audio Controller
Intel(R) ICH7 Family Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 27DF
Intel(R) ICH7R/DH SATA RAID Controller
Silicon Image SiI 3132 SoftRaid 5 Controller

For "Intel(R) ICH7 Family LPC Interface Controller - 27B8", I could not find driver for windows 7 x86.

Please let me know where I can download this driver.

A:Intel(R) ICH7 Family LPC Interface Controller - 27B8

If you have a Intel chipset try the updater.
Intel? Driver Update Utility

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I just bought a new Dell Inspiron 660-4858. Service tag-number JPYXD5J. It originally came with W7, but I installed Vista Ultimate x64 on it. Now there are several drivers not working (when looking in device manager). I managed to solve most of them but there are still two I can not solve:

1. Network Controller. On Dell's website there are only drivers for W7 when looking up this device. According to the UKD ("UnknownDevices") software, the details for this device are:
Atheros Communications Inc
Dell Computer Corp
However, on Dell's website it appears to call the WLAN adapter (which I assume this 'network controller' is?) Dell DW1506 WLAN 802.11 b/g/n . Version of that driver is, A01, but it's only for Windows 7.
Any suggestions how I should find the latest driver for this device, for Vista??

2. Intel(R) HD Graphics Family (Dell's driver site calls it "Intel Graphics Controller" and "Intel UMA driver"). I actually did download drivers for this, supposedly for Vista. However, not thru Dell's site (they only have the driver for W7 and W8). But still there is an exclamation mark next to it in device manager, and every time I turn the computer on, this message is displayed on the icon tray:
Incompatible display adapter has been disabled.
At least one display adapter on the system has been disabled because its driver is not compatible with the driver for the VGA adapter.
What exactly does this mean? Does it mean the actual mo... Read more

A:Network Controller and Intel HD Graphics Family not working


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I have a problem with this unknown device.
But I see it my system device manager.

Help me Find this driver

Hope I can you can help me to fix it


A:intel ich7 family lpc interface controller 27b8

That must be a fairly old motherboard. The ICH7 chipset is pretty old. This "hardware" is the I/O Control Hub and the LPC portion handles legacy devices such as floppies. The drivers for the chipset would have been provided by the motherboard manufacturer on a floppy or disc. You might try the SFC Scannow command to make sure the driver isn't corrupt. Or you can try and let Windows find a driver by clicking on "Update Driver" but I doubt one will be found.

SFC Scannow Command: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

I forgot to mention that Intel might have universal drivers for the chipset but these often don't implement special features of the motherboard. The best source for chipset drivers are from the motherboard manufacturer.

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Hi, could you help me find  drivers for SL510 "Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family"? Windows 7 .   I dont see them on this website and i cant find them on intel webside too ...

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I know it's been posted a s#!+load of times, but I figured I'd go ahead and get something straightforward- all the other posts have been in jungle English, and haven't included the proviso I'm looking for.

Anyways, my situation is that I bought my X1900GT from Newegg around Christmastime, as a present to my ainsel (ownself, for those not familiar). I've been getting kind of disappointed in it recently: It underperforms and often crashes on STALKER:Shadow of Chernobyl and some more modern games akin to it. It also runs hot as Hades.

I'm in the market for a new card. I'd like to go DX10, but the late-production DX9's (7900 series) seem to outperform a lot of the more affordable DX10 offerings (8600 series), especially at higher resolutions, due to the 128-to-256 bit difference. I could splurge and go for an 8800, I suppose, but it would be a hit to the wallet and I'd have to postpone :cough: "Aruban Getaway 2008".

So: I don't want to pass up on the new line of DX10-only Games for Windows (Age of Conan, Crysis, etc.) that have been hyped to all hell just because I stuck with price and performance instead of currency and novelty. I need some help deciding. Then again, I could always wait until DX10 becomes the vogue and buy a cheaper, but better card then.

A:Price v. Performance in 7-Series + 8-Series: Advice Needed

Keep what you got and see what's comming next. I have a 8600GT as a stopgap until something better comes out. There has been talk of a Nvidia 256bit card to fill the gap between the 8600's and 8800's. I can't fit a 8800 in my case, if I could I would just get the 8800GTS 320mb now. If I were you, wait for the game to upgrade instead of upgrading and waiting for the game. Your X1900GT is no slouch either.

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A:need intel ich8 family usb universal host controller drivers!

They're included in Windows...

You need to have Service Pack 1, preferably SP2, to get USB 2.0 support in Windows XP.

You may need to update the Intel Chipset drivers though: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Det...&OSFullName=Windows* XP Home Edition&lang=eng

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Device Manager General tab reports that no drivers are installed for this device. Device Manager Driver tab reports Intel Driver 2/20/2008 ver. signed driver is on system. Driver Details reports that no driver files are required or have been loaded for this device. Does this device need a driver? What is the meaning of the Device Manager information?

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I was using Driver Detective to update my device drivers and after installing a new driver the device displayed with a yellow exclaimation mark in Device Manager so I removed it and rebooted. I was led to believe that it would reinstall. This device is no longer listed in Device Manager. What effect will this have on my system? Also, could this be a problem with the system board? I recently installed a replacement system board before this event took place.

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I performed a driver scan using "Driver Agent" & "DriverEasy"

Its telling me that Intel(R)ICH9M/M-E Family 4 Port SATA ACHI Controller-2929" has an available update but wont let me get the driver unless I pay

1.) what is this driver?
2.) is it worth updating?
3.) any idea how I can fine and install it?

Play - ShowMeWhatsWrong.com

video link to illustrate my issue:

thank you

A:Intel(R)ICH9M/M-E Family 4 Port SATA ACHI Controller-2929?

Here is the download page for your driver... be sure to install it in Vista compatibility mode ..

Compatibility Mode

Intel(R) ICH9M/M-E Family 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller - 2929

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After clean installing Windows 10 version 1607 build 14393  I got the following in the updates history :
Intel - Other hardware - Intel(R) 8 Series SMBus Controller - 9C22
Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
both failed to install nevertheless other updates and cumulative software were installed successfully .
In the Device Manager I find those drivers installed in their places but for the first there is no way I can know whether I have the latest version or not.
Plus there are some more pci bridges which when they get updated from the Device Manager they change name and move upwards .
How do I handle this? Shall I force update all those drivers in the System Devices category or just leave everything as it is now in the screenshot?
All the above in a dell inspiron 15 3542 2104 running windows 10 64-bit.

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i have been having problems out of my computer and i have been poking around so i went into my computer propertys and tere was a yellow triangle box with (!) that in the center with intel(R)ich9 family usb universal host controller 2934 2935 2936 2937 2938 2939 and usb root hub there is two of them and i cant remove them atlest if there is a way i dont know how. plus i put in my flash drive to try and lisen to some music but it wouldnt even pick it up on the computer and my dell dock wont even come on there is alot of things that wont work on my labtop

A:infected intel(R)Ich9 family usb universal host controller/usb root hub

Hello joseph92,

Right click on the affected device and select properties.

What is listed in the "Device Status" box?

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I'm not allowed to play M rated games. It's the worst thing in the world. I'm 16, my brothers 18, but my mom says no M games in our house. She's fine with me playing Gears of war, oblivion (a game I want SO MUCH for my new computer....its so fun....) at friends houses. Any tips? We watch R rated movies all the time...and its 10 times worse than M games (not gears of war...but still) where 'real people' get slaughtered. How can I convince her!? Any tips?

And I don't see any resolution to this, besides me going to college. =(. Its agony to only play oblivion once every 2 weeks at my friends house.
Are there any Teen games that are just as good as oblivion? Neverwinter nights 2? Or is that not active (turn based), because I like being able to attack and block ect in oblivion, unlike dungeon seige where you just click and your guy does the work.

I've played guildwars, but go bored after I found myself just farming for no reason.

A:Family Issues: Gamers insight needed!

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Ok time to write a book. First off my computer started acting funny. Nothing to far out of the ordinary for spyware/adware so i scanned and removed several objects, nothing ot major. But here in the past month my box has been acting real bad. Here in the past couple weeks has been the worst. It started with me not being able to run some programs here and there (they would crash before fully loading). Now its pretty much everything. If install something and run it it works fine. For instance. I can download and install Toribash, a small game, but the next time i run it it crashes. All of my games do the same thing. I can reinstall them and they work but if i try and play them after exiting they crash. And some of my system cleaning programs do the same. I have run hijack this and theres nothing out of the ordinary in there. Infact theres a lot less then normal (dot dot dot). I have run Malwarebyte's AntiMalware and it list off at least 4 files that it says are infected with "Backdoor.ProRat". It will not remove them without a restart. Thats fine and dandy but when i restart explorer.exe has a problem and wont load the desktop. I can fix that by killing explorer.exe in the taskmanager but malwarebyte's wont restart to clean the infection which its suposed to do before windows fully initializes. I went as far as downloading the trojan program itself and messing around with it (without clicking the server of course, im not dumb =p) and found that it has infectio... Read more

A:Advanced Help Needed.

Hello.Backdoors are nasty and saying that it affects explorer.exe is another sign that it's a very nasty infection to deal with or have on your machine.Backdoor ThreatIMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunatly One or more of the identified infections is a backdoor trojan.This allows hackers to remotely control your computer, steal critical system information and download and execute files.I would counsel you to disconnect this PC from the Internet immediately. If you do any banking or other financial transactions on the PC or if it should contain any other sensitive information, please get to a known clean computer and change all passwords where applicable, and it would be wise to contact those same financial institutions to apprise them of your situation.Though the trojan has been identified and can be killed, because of it's backdoor functionality, your PC is very likely compromised and there is no way to be sure your computer can ever again be trusted. Many experts in the security community believe that once infected with this type of trojan, the best course of action would be a reformat and reinstall of the OS. Please read these for more information:How Do I Handle Possible Identify Theft, Internet Fraud and CC Fraud?When Should I Format, How Should I ReinstallWe can still clean this machine but I can't guarantee that it will be 100% secure afterwards. Let me know what you decide to do.With Regards,Extremeboy

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Hi, bit of a long shot, not sure if anyone will be able to help me.

I remember a good few years back i would always use the latest SATA or matrix / RST drivers and would always update them regularly, I?m pretty sure i have had newer drivers on my laptop in the past than what i have now, i cannot find any though, every time i try to install any of the above they always say not supported on my laptop, the drivers that are currently installed are:

Driver Version:

Date: 29.11.2011

They are very old and would like to be able to use any newer ones that would benefit me, the rest of my laptop is up to date, just not that.

Even when i run Intel software update utility it finds nothing new for it.

My laptop is Lenovo Edge E530.

I am running windows 10 64 Bit Pro

If anyone can help at all that would be great.



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Hi , I have a Toshiba satellite A 8 and I'm trying to run a programme that requires Intel HAXM install but I cannot install this. I need to run a virtual part of my program. I have tried to research this the best I can find is that I can turn vertualizeation on in bioes but I don't have that option. Please help .

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Do you think that Microsoft should develop a program similar to Apple's Boot Camp but it works for PCs?

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I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out what exactly is going on with my computer. A virus seems the likely source, but I am not entirely sure.
When opening certain programs I receive the MS message:

"Windows can not access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."Click to expand...

I am not trying to open more than one application or shortcut at once and I am the administrator on this PC.

The last application this happened with was iTunes. The program has been installed on my PC for almost a year and I've always updated it - Though not frequently. I went ahead and updated it this last time when prompted and installed with no problem. When I tried to open it I received the message listed above.
This also happened with Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer when I downloaded and tried to install that. Most applications work fine, there's just a few of them. It seems only the ones I have downloaded or updated recently - As not all of the programs / files I have downloaded have become infected.

The strangest thing, to me, is when I am viewing my programs in Windows Explorer the 'Program Files' folder's text is green. Then, opening that folder all of the infected programs also have green text for the foldername/filename as well. That means they're encrypted?

I've run about every legitimate (that I know of) spyware program I could find and they're all comin... Read more

A:Help and suggestions needed

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It is time to renew Norton. I am running 2005 and the cost to renew is $50
Upgrade to 2008 is $40.....I rounded up a few cents on both.
What I am thinking of is doing neither since the price keeps increasing and the upgrade is cheaper but I don't want to upgrade.

I am thinking Avast or AVG free anti-virus products and just simply do away with (uninstall) the Norton product line.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice...

A:AV suggestions needed

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I would like to know some of the anti viruses which are currently available. My lap top is affected with some viruses. Need to eradicate it. Your valid suggestions are required.
Thanks in advance

A:Suggestions needed

Hi PaulFalcon,
Note at the top of this forum page:
Everyone MUST read this BEFORE posting for help in this forum
Please follow the instructions there : http://forums.techguy.org/virus-other-malware-removal/943214-everyone-must-read-before-posting.html
Post the required log from TSG SysInfo, and it will enable someone to help. Providing help may not be feasible otherwise.

The first thing you need to kow is:

That does not include one time scanners, like this very good one.
ESET Online Scanner
NOTE: ESET Online Scanner can be run from Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

First please disable any antivirus you have active, as shown in this topic.
Close all open programs and windows.
Open your browser.
Go to the ESET Online Scanner site.
Click on the green Run Scanner button.
If using Firefox or Chrome, you will need to download a small utility.
Double-click esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe to run it.

Check the box to agree to the terms of use and click Start.
If using Internet Explorer, click Install when prompted to install the add-on.

Check Enable detection of of potentially unwanted applications.
Click Advanced settings.
UNCHECK Remove found threats.
Ensure the following are checked:
Scan archives
Scan for potentially unsafe applications
Enable Anti-Stealth technology

Click Start.
ESET Online Scanner will download its virus signature database, then automatica... Read more

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I have client who wants to remotely access and ACT database. Her network is connected via DSL (static IP), Cayman 3320H router/modem. I suggested Remote Desktop, but she travels with the computer that lives on her desk and there is not another to remotely control.

I think she needs a VPN router between the entire network and the DSL modem. Does that sound right?

Any suggestions for inexpensive ones, other than the Linksys?

A:VPN Suggestions Needed

What operating system do you have on the computer that has the Act database? You might not need to purchase anything at all.

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I have a Pentium III 533 20gb, 256mb. I am looking to buy either a cdrw burner or a dvd burner. I do a lot of selection music burning and I also would like to have a means of backing up my data in a more compact way than a floppy. Does anyone have any recommendation for me. Which way you would go. Also I am looking to upgrade my harddrive to a larger one.

I appreciate any help.


A:Suggestions needed

I would go DVD - in UK they are £50-£60 for a good writer - then you have the choice as to what to use - regards supporting specifications of your PC - I'm not sure on the CPU speed - Memory fine - whats the windows version you have.
I used to use a CDwriter on a 233 machine and whenever i wanted to write i would make sure nothing else is running and leave it (as in walk-away) for 20mins to do the write - it worked fine for months

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Hi, I'm planning to buy a laptop mainly for creating PP Presentations, Reading PDF and other basic tasks.
Is Pentium Quad Core sufficient or should I go for Core i3?

A:Suggestions needed!

The CPU choice should be made in consideration of what you need it for and also how long you expect it to last. A beefier CPU would last you a few more years. That's because every year they make speedier CPU's and software writers write software to make maximum use of the CPU. That's why machines feel slower later in life because you upgrade software to the latest version.

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Hey All,

I had Avast at 1 time and ran that with Adware and SpyHunter. I have windstream as my IP and they were offereing McAfee Security Center program so I thought it would be great bundled up and not as much hassle( YEAH RIGHT! LOL). I havent been all that happy with McAfee due it blocking emails that are legit, and when it does I have no way of letting them through at that point. I've messed several business and personal emails due to this.

But if I was to delete it and go ala carte, what would be the best thing one's to get for maximum protection? I still run Adware, but here lately I havent been able to get it to update. It says it cant connect so im 74 days out of date as of this writing. When suggesting security programs Im also interested in some kind if site protection for my kids eyes. This 1 in McAfee does it sometimes and sometimes not. And then it blanks out some pics that I know are fine.

So if you were me, what would you install and use?

A:Suggestions Needed

Hi SONICMAN2, to Bleeping ComputerI'm also interested in some kind if site protection for my kids eyes.I would recommend K9 Web Protection from BlueCoat (FREE)So if you were me, what would you install and use?If you are looking for free protection:AntiVirus:AntiVir PersonalEdition ClassicFirewall:COMODO Firewall ProAntiSpyware:Keep Ad-Aware Spybot - Search & DestroySpywareBlasterSpywareGuardAlso, if you need help with Ad-Aware, you can visit the Lavasoft Support Forum, or ask me; I am a Moderator for Lavaosft. (*NOTE: I am not a mod for Bleeping Computer, just a HJT Trainee).

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Ok here's the challenge: I am a cellular dealer and I'm trying to create a spreadsheet that will produce the lowest monthly total bill for the customer by suggesting a rate plan combination. There are only 3 rate plans that need to be considered.
Heres the scenario: A customer, lets say 'Acme Trucking', will provide me with their current bill. They have 22 phones active on their account. I would like to input, the total number of phones, the peak minutes needed, and the DC Minutes needed. Once the data is imputed I would like to see the most economical way to set up the account. These rate plans pool peak minutes together and these plans pool DC minutes so the total accumulated minutes need to cover the imputed amount.

RATE PLAN 1: $49.99 - 500 Peak Minutes - 250 DC Minutes
RATE PLAN 2: $39.99 - 300 Peak Minutes - 250 DC Minutes
RATE PLAN 3: $20.00 - 0 Peak Minutes - 100 DC Minutes

I hope this is clear enough, I hope this makes sense?

Anyone who can accomplish this please reply or message me with questions.

A:Challenge: Advanced Excel Help Needed - Can this be done?


When you get the info from the prospective client, will you already have total peak and DC? Or will you be needing a location in the workbook to sum the minutes?

Is it okay for the workbook to contain a couple macros? Don't worry, on your side, they'll just be buttons to push.

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Client machine

Compaq Presario C551NR laptop
Vista Home Basic SP2
1 GB RAM: 512 DDR2 "533 SO DIMM" + 512 DDR2 "PC5300" (533 is the factory stick, 5300 is upgrade)
all other hardware is original factory build
Issue (total Owner error, btw)

Factory BIOS
BSOD with 0x8e when attempting Normal Boot and Last Known Good
Safe, Safe/Cmd, Safe/network all run properly

Have updated all drivers (including network, processor, video, audio, CD, HD, and modem)
uninstalled and reinstalled fresh copies of Java, Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime, Adobe Reader
uninstalled Yahoo Msgr, Zoosk Msgr, Yahoo toolbar, Quizulous toolbar, corrupted MagicJack
installed Firefox 5 (I know: just got the flag for 6, but it can wait)
Ran RAM and Processor diagnostic in Safe and both checked out fine
Ran HD diagnostic from BIOS and it checked out fine
Spent the weekend manually cleaning the following infections:

Hotbar adware
clickpotato adware
Winlock trojan
VISTA Antispyware 2012
fake Windows Defender (pretty sure this was the vector of entry)
using the following programs (and some old fashioned 'elbow grease'):

AVG 2011 (command line in Safe)
ESET online
rkill (run in safe and safe/network)

I have a few other tools downloaded, but they will not run in safe. All of the above are currently scanning clean - not a guarantee of a clean system, I am well aware, but I'm limited now until I can get it into normal boot.
I've actually see... Read more

A:Advanced Help Needed with BIOS Update

I'm a software geek so I'm a bit out of depth with advanced hardware Dx, but a HW buddy of mine suggesting pulling the HD to verify the board....before doing so I swapped the RAM sticks (moved the original from bottom slot to top and new from top to bottom) and compressed air'd the entire section.

removed HD, blew out bay, and powered on. Displayed Compaq splash, auto refreshed to display splash again, auto refresh to solid black with rapid cursor at top left corner. Can hear and feel the fans spinning, but otherwise nothing. Does this confirm BIOS problem (as I suspected) or is it something else? (would call the buddy, but he's at the movies with his cell off :X)
edit: mep O_O f10 much? In BIOS with HD physically removed....factory is v F.14a, upgrade is v F.24a, right now it's showing v F.15 - now I really am lost.

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Hello there....I'm having an issue with a remote site connecting to the local network.
Here is what I have....
1 Active Directory Server (Locally Located)
1 SQL Server (Locally Located)
1 Terminal Server (Locally Located)
1 Cache Controller (Remotely Located)
1 FTP Server (Locally Located)

All running Server 2003.
All workstations are running XP Pro SP3.

We have an office here locally and another in New Jersey.
We are connected to each other by a VPN Tunnel.
The PC in that office had a significant HD failure requireing a replacement. But I was unable to recover any settings or data from the old disk.
The PC has been shipped back and setup on the network. The computer connects to the network and can access all network resources. So the tunnel is working fine.
Here is where my problem lies. The manufacturing software we currently run, connects from the SQL server. All the executables are located on that server and the ini files are linked to the SQL database here locally. So when you try and connect to the manufacturing program, it takes several minutes to load the program...Which it hadn't done in the past.
So I made a copy of the executables to the local PC, the program starts up quickly, but takes a significant amount of time to connect to the database. Now this hadn't been an issue in the past, and I'm trying to think how it might have been configured before the failure.

Sorry this is so long...hopefully it's pleny of info...if not...just a... Read more

A:Solved: Advanced Networking Help Needed

I don't claim any real knowledge about this, but I would start by veriying that the packet protocol on both sides matches. To me, it sounds like they don't match and it takes a long time to negotiate packet size, etc before they even begin.

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Hey guys need some help please!

Ive just put a copy of Vista Home prem on my houses communal Laptop and so have 7 User accounts on it!!! Because of this I need to be able to access some kind of Advanced User accounts control for some more control as the standard control panel is not enough

I've tried the 'control userpasswords2' thing but nothing came up, tried that several times. Also I cant seem to find a link in admin tools

Thanks guys

P.s Anyone know of any third Party software that would give me some more control?


A:Help needed - Advanced User Controls

Typing control userpasswords2 into Vista's search function on the start menu works for me, but I'm on Ultimate. What kind of limitations are you looking for?

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Hi There 
I am hoping that someone can help. For the past 12 months I have been faced with a bit of onslaught of issues with all of my computer devices. The issues that I have been facing are:
1. Slow laptops. Fan going ballistic. svchost.exe, crss.exe, dwm.exe using 100% CPU
2. Inability to boot computer from CD (HP Recovery Disks are useless)
3. AV software appears to become false (faux) with the installed programme being sent to a newly established partition and the useless fake left on the active partition to do scans which take a day to finish and never finding anything all the while causing constant pop ups every five minutes. 
4. MalwareBytes has discovered the following items TrojanFakeMS, TrojanFakeScan, Win32Nemim
5. IE stuck on MSN homepage. Difficult to download alternative web browsers. I use an HP printer CD to get a version of Chrome which quickly becomes useless when a it autonomously gets a bunch of weird extensions. 
6. After a recovery there are only two partitions. After running Windows updates the are usually five. 
7. Trusted Installer makes it difficult to delete files. 
8. All programme icons get an Administrator shield after being run once. 
9. Downloaded file Certificates always contain errors particulary in Key Constriant. 
10. Downloading the same file at times gives differing file sizes. 
11. Any advanced data recovery or partition software is difficult to run with activation codes not working.... Read more

A:Advanced Threats. Expert Needed!!

Hi There
I am hoping that someone can help. For the past 12 months I have been faced with a bit of onslaught of issues with all of my computer devices. The issues that I have been facing are:
1. Slow laptops. Fan going ballistic. svchost.exe, crss.exe, dwm.exe using 100% CPU
2. Inability to boot computer from CD (HP Recovery Disks are useless)
3. AV software appears to become false (faux) with the installed programme being sent to a newly established partition and the useless fake left on the active partition to do scans which take a day to finish and never finding anything all the while causing constant pop ups every five minutes.
4. MalwareBytes has discovered the following items TrojanFakeMS, TrojanFakeScan, Win32Nemim
5. IE stuck on MSN homepage. Difficult to download alternative web browsers. I use an HP printer CD to get a version of Chrome which quickly becomes useless when a it autonomously gets a bunch of weird extensions.
6. After a recovery there are only two partitions. After running Windows updates the are usually five.
7. Trusted Installer makes it difficult to delete files.
8. All programme icons get an Administrator shield after being run once.
9. Downloaded file Certificates always contain errors particulary in Key Constriant.
10. Downloading the same file at times gives differing file sizes.
11. Any advanced data recovery or partition software is difficult to run with activation codes not working. EASEUS download comes with an odd txt file which contains the... Read more

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