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Window 10 could not access Other Window 10 shared drives, - Solved

Q: Window 10 could not access Other Window 10 shared drives, - Solved

My Windows 10 Home upgraded from Windows 8.1 could not see other Windows 10 Machines on my home network from Windows Explorer. It could see Windows 7 machines but not Windows 10. I tried various suggestion from this forum and others with no success.

While researching a problem with "Browser" service (running but with error message - Failed to read description ), a solution was to turn on a Windows feature "SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support". After reboot, Suprise!! My computer now sees all other computers on the network, "Browser" service is deleted, and "Computer Browser" service was created.

My surmize is that "SMB" was an option in Windows 8 but not required and not loaded. Therefore when Microsoft upgraded my machine to Windows 10 they did not load "SMB" program.

"SMB" did not exist on Windows 7.

Hope this helps somebody

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Preferred Solution: Window 10 could not access Other Window 10 shared drives, - Solved

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi All,

I am running Windows 8.1 pro. When i try to access a network location on another AD Domain (Non trusted), I get the below error.

Once i add the above path as network drive in My computer it gets mapped and works, Then if i access the path from run it works.
I have tried by FQDN and IP both don't work in Run window.
Can any one assist in finding what is the issue and how do i solve it.


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Hi, I have Windows 8 Home Edition, so no gpsedit.msc for me! Multiple people have access to my PC but I have client files on a hard drive on my computer, and those other user accounts all have access to that hard drive.

How do I set that hard drive to be accessible only by my account? I googled this but the answers always seem to be "use gpedit.msc" and I don't have that option. Thanks.

A:Restricting user access to hard drives in Window 8 HOME edition

I'm guessing lack of feedback means it's not possible to do this -- is there another way to secure the files? I can't move them from the hard drive they are on -- they're too big to fit on the drive associated with "my documents."

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Hi guys I have strange problem when I open a window as a dialog and from this window want to open report as well as dialog but the report opens as a form type and under the first window, which is not good to me I need to see the report dialog window as first. Do you have any idea??
The code I am opening the report window is
DoCmd.OpenReport "SC_Cd", acViewReport, , , , acDialog

Thank you very much

A:VBA Access a report window dont stay as dialog window

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We have a small home network, 4 computers, running XP Professional. We can share all drives across the network but we can not access those ‘shared’ drives. No error message is displayed, rather when you click on a shared drive nothing happens. The computer emits a beep sound – the same sound you get when you make an error.

When we create a PGP file off of a drive which can not be accessed and then open that PGP file and share a directory from the PGP it can be accessed.

Other files or directories on the inaccessible drive can not be accessed. The only point of access is the PGP file once it has been opened and shared.

It makes no difference whether the drive is external or not.

We have admin rights
Simple file sharing is off
We’re running NTFS
CACLS shows that we have full rights of files on the inaccessible drives
Internet works fine
The network functions perfectly except for this problem

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

A:Solved: Can share but can't access shared drives

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I have Windows 7, IE 8, 8gig RAM, 208gig Hard Disk Free Space.
When opening a Website I get the initial window OK. But when I attempt to open a window that has an Icon indicating next window, I try to double click that Icon...nothing happens. I have to Left click my mouse and initiate the command, Open with new Window. I do that and the new window does open the site.
However, I want to just double click the link Icon and have it automatically open the new window.

Is there some setting that I must correct to get the appropriate window to open when I click on the icon for the next window to open?

I certainly can go ahead and left click my mouse as it points to the link I want to open...but it is a little bit of time-wasting.
Any suggestions in how I can properly set the opening of windows with just a mouse click?

A:Trying to access Next Window, I must go to OPEN IN NEW WINDOW

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I would like to be able to open a new browser window in Firefox which would start at the identical location to the one that's open rather than opening at the home page.

In IE, File / New / Window works well for this purpose, and then if you wanted it to start at the Home Page, you could just run Explorer a second time.

It gives the flexibility of going off on other trails with the additional window, but still having the original window open. I'm not crazy about tabs which take up extra space in the browsing window. However, is there even a way to open a new tab at the same location as the current window? Maybe I'm missing the joy of tabs somehow and am stuck in my old way of thinking. Still, I would like to know if what I want is possible.


A:[SOLVED] Open new browse window at same location as current window

Hi I don't think that is an option but I understand what your after and this is the way I do it with keyboard short cuts of

Ctrl + C = copy (While holding down Ctrl tap the C key once)
Ctrl + V = paste
Ctrl + T = new tab
Ctrl + N = New page

OK starting with tabs which I think is the best thing since sliced bread. You have the page open that you want to start with go up to the URL at the top of the page (do it with this page) click only once on the URL this will highlight it or if you like to say select it.

Now to copy the URL Ctrl + C your computer will remember this link until you either copy something else or you shut down the computer.

Now we open a new tab Ctrl + T a new blank tab will open and the URL location is blank but with the cursor already in it so we paste the URL there by Ctrl + V and tap the enter key and you have the duplicate page

Now working with a new page there is just a couple of small differences.

You have the page open that you want to start with go up to the URL at the top of the page (once again do it with this page) click only once on the URL this will highlight it or if you like to say select it.

Now we open a new page with Ctrl + N a new page will open but the difference is it will not be blank it will be your home page so as there is already a URL that we want to get rid of. The simple way is to once again click on it only once to select it then paste the saved URL by Ctrl + V and tap the enter key and ... Read more

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Issue in IE11:

when parent window had a alert triggered, that makes the child window lose focus and go behind


There is a button in parent page (domain A) and on click of the button Popup window (Domain B) will open and child window will communicate back to parent window. when parent window had a alert triggered, that makes the child window lose focus and go behind
only in IE11 browser.

IE edge and other browsers we can see the popup window on top of the parent window. 

is there any fix to retain popup window on top of parent window until user closes the popup(child) window.

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Using MS Office 2002

We have a form that we are trying to clean up as there are too many fields.

There are several "groups" of fields that are rarely used which may include name, Address line 1, Address Line 2, .... , Postcode, Phone etc.

The idea is to just show the Name on the main form with a button that will show the rest of the fields in a popup window.

a/ Is this possible ?
b/ What should I be looking at to acheive this ?


A:Solved: MS Access - Pop Up Window

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We are using a Access 2000 database with Office XP on 3 PCs.

When ever we open the main form it opens in a window. Due to the amount of fields on the form this causes some of the information to not be displayed until the window is maximised.

Once Access has been closed down then re-opened, the form is back in a window. Is there a way to make the form always open maximized.

A:Solved: MS Access: Opening Form Window Maximized

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I've just got new machine which is installed Microsoft Windows Vista. In my department, we have RedHat Linux Advance Server 2.1 as a File Server, Printer Server and much more.

The problem is: When I print a document from this new Vista machine I can just print only once. If I'd like to print another document, I have to re-boot this Vista machine. There are error messages shown as follow:

"\\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permission. The Server service is not started."

How to set the Vista machine to print to the Linux's shared printer without re-booting ?

I'm looking forward to hear from all of you.


ps. for more information about the Linux server I use:
Linux RedHat Advance Server 2.1 (kernal 2.4.9-e.3)
Samba 2.2.1a-a

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Love the forum, been reading as a lurker for a while. I have W7 Desktop at home and two W7 Laptops that I take back and forth between home and work. When I'm hooked up to my home wireless I can access only one of my shared drives from the desktop to the laptop. With the others I get the "You do not have permission to access" error message, even when I copied the same settings from the working share to the others. I'm wondering if there is something simple I am missing that is keeping me from accessing those files from my laptops. I can see them in my network discovery, I just can't access them.

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I have multiple drives on my Vista machine, some are partitions. One drive it will not let me access thru the network, from an XP box, and another Vista box.

All shared settings are the same on all the drives. I cant figure out how to access this 1 important drive from my network!

A:All drives shared, cannot access 1

Did you setup the shared rights for that drive properly? Is it FAT32 or NTFS?

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A XP machine can see shared drives of a W7 machine but cannot open them. The XP machine does not have this problem with any other W7 machine, and the XP machine is accessible from any W7 machine on the network. There is no problem sharing drives among W7 machines including the above.

There must be something wrong with this particular W7 machine but I ran out of things to try.
I have reviewed past threads for the same problems but no solution was found.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.

A:XP cannot access W7's shared drives

Hi churin, read this Windows Secrets News Letter. let me know if it helps.

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XP SP3 is used. The Simple File Sharing is not enable.
Ping from W7 to XP goes through.
The same log-on user name and password are used for XP and W7.
XP machine is visible from W7.
Error message is "Unknown user name or bad password. The same message when attempting to access from another W7.
Initially it was working but after an hour or so, it quits. I rebooted the router, XP machine and W7 machine but the situation remains unchanged. There is no problem networking between the two W7s.
Any suggestion is appreciated.

A:W7 cannot access XP's shared drives

It was working, but now it's not? What has changed on the XP or 7 computer? What security software are you using? What directories are you sharing?

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I have installed window 8 on my desktop. Before July 29, 2016, I have upgraded it to window 10. now I had some issue in my system. I have formatted the system but now I am fail to upgrade again for window 10. May I upgrade it again? If yes, what is the
link and processor to upgrade the same?

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I'm in the early stages of a clean build of Windows 10 x64 on my desktop which has 11 drives that I have shared out however on two of my three laptops I cannot access some of the drives. I've tried numerous suggestions and so far none have resolved the issue. My desktop is known as S4, my troubled laptops are known as Sony and W700, the one one laptop that does not have any issues is known as Lenovo-Z580. All system are running Win10 x64, the laptops are upgrades from Win8.1. The latest possible solution deals with using the CMD "net use" (see How To Disconnect Non-Mapped UNC Path in Windows) and have encountered a lot of confusion. I'm focusing on the Sony and W700 systems since they have the problems.
I opened a CMD prompt (I ran as admin) and ran the "net use" command. In the following image note the section at the top of the CMD window and note that there are no connections.
I then mapped four drives on the S4 system, e.g. the P, Q, R and S
Back in the CMD window again I ran the "net use" command, now note the bottom half of the CMD window in the image. It shows that I have mapped the four drives.
I then rebooted the Sony system, opened CMD window, ran the "net use" command and now the drives are not mapped.
At this point I'm a bit lost and have no idea why the connection is NOT being remembered (I did select the check box to reconnect when I was mapping the drives).I then moved to the W700 system, opened a CMD window and ran the ... Read more

A:Windows 10 shared drives access

HELP!!!! Anybody have suggestions?????

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Hi, here's my problem. We have a network of half a dozen pcs using Win98, WinNT, and Win2000. They can all access shared drives without any problems. We've added another old pre-owned pc to the network, I've put in a new IP address, same sub-gateway mask, etc., logged on to the network using an existing username and password, but it won't connect. Originally it had Win 95 but I've now upgraded it to Win98. However it still has this problem.

When I go to Network Neighbourhood on the additional pc, the names of the others appear there inconsistently. Sometimes it shows none of them, sometimes a few of them, and sometimes all of them. When I click on one that is there to get to it's shared drive, folder or printer, it then says "\\pc 03 is not accessible. The computer or sharename could not be found. Make sure you typed it correctly and try again."

Also the new pc does not appear in network neighbourhood on any of the existing pcs.

However I CAN do ALL of the following:
Ping from the new pc to any of the others and also ping the new pc from the others.
Access the internet on the additional pc through one of the other pcs acting as a proxy server
Receive Vpop3 e-mail from one of the other pcs on the new pc.
Enter the new pcs name using "Find> Computer><new pc's name>" on one of the others, and then access THAT computer's shared drive.

I've run out of ideas, and don't know if it's a soft... Read more

A:Win98 pc can't access shared drives

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I have a weird sort of problem - well I think its weird.

A week ago I had to reinstall Win7 on a second PC (PC2) which now has an SSD. However, the original disk (a 500GB Seagate) has been used to reorganise partitions of which there are now eight. Three of these I can access from PC1 with no problem. However, the last four plus a 1TB drive there is no way I can access them - I can look at them but there's no way I can copy any files or folders to them.

I've checked the drive permissions via the Security tab and set everything I can to Full Control. However, out of the five there is one Name I cannot change and that is CREATOR OWNER which has permissions set to Special and which so far I've found no way of changing. In relation to the Names they are a little different to mine. All five are the same except that PC2 has CREATOR OWNER. I have Authenticated Users that PC2 doesn't have; none of PC2's drives have an Authenticated Users entry. Should it?

To clarify the Names we both have they are listed below:

Administrators (Username/Administrator)
Authenticated Users
Users (Username/Users)

Administrators (Username/Admin)
Users (Username/Administrator)

I've just checked a third PC we have upstairs and that is different again most drives ONLY having Everyone with only one drive having the Names above under PC1 but NOT Everyone. So I suppose that makes me one confused chick. What the hell gives with the Names Groups? Wha... Read more

A:After reinstall cannot access shared drives on PC2

Hi all

Its me again - Thicko! Why? Cos I worked it out all by myself that although I'd set the permissions at the advanced level I hadn't done so at the elementary/basic level. Once I'd done that I could do whatever I wanted with the shared drives. Oh well I suppose we all live and learn AND make mistake en route. Sorry about that.


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I have XP SP3 with Norton 360 and I can access my shared drives.

I am sure their firewall is blocking but I do not understand the terminology. I do not want to unblock something that should be blocked.

Please advise


A:Norton 360 - can access my shared drives

Hi tuli01,

This is Mike from the Norton Authorized Support Team.

If you have a home network and are having problems accessing the shared drives, this is most likely due to a configuration problem on Windows and is not caused by the Norton Firewall. Make sure that the Windows Firewall is disabled though, as you never want to have more than one Firewall on at the same time or you may experience software conflicts. If it is currently enabled, disable it and then try to access the shared drives again.

If the Windows Firewall is already disabled, remove your current shares and then recreate them. You also want to make sure the User accounts are the same on both computers and that they are granted appropriate permissions. Next, temporarily disable the Norton Smart Firewall by right-clicking on the Norton 360 icon in the system Tray and choosing "Disable Smart Firewall." When the dialog appears, choose "Until System Restart." Now test your connectivity again. If you still cannot access your shared volumes then restart your computer, open Norton 360, select the "Settings" link, choose "Firewall" and then select the "Reset" button to reset the Firewall. Close out of the settings screen and then test your connectivity again.

Which version of Norton 360 do you have installed? You can determine this information by selecting "Help & Support" and then choose "About." The current version is version 4... Read more

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Have two Win8 machines and one has a bunch of drives connected to it, that I use informally as a file server.

Generally, what happens is the following:
1) Boot the Win8 "server" machine (Win8 pro, not a Server OS)
2) Boot my Win8 Pro desktop
3) Open file manager app, double-click the icon for the server PC -- and drive icons open

But sometimes, when I do 3), I get an error message saying that the machine name is incorrect (which it is NOT).

When I click Details on this to see what is wrong, it says "no issues" -- but still can't connect.

This is generally resolved by rebooting the "server" box (and trying again), or rebooting the desktop box (and trying again), or going through repeated reboots of each -- until a connection is finally made.

I've checked the sharing permissions on the "server" box and they are set as follows:
1) Each partition -- read by everyone (used by the desktops to download files)
2) Shared folder in each partition -- full control by everyone (used by the desktops to upload files)

And ... password-protected sharing is enabled, such that when a desktop first tries to connect, you must enter valid account info. After that, the info is saved and you don't have to enter it again.

I've gone through removing sharing and reapplying it several times, and there are no changes as a result.

And it's always all-or-nothing, that is, it's never a situation where some of the shares can be seen/used ... Read more

A:Can't access shared drives on Win8 Pro PC -- sometimes

I'm really not sure why you would be seeing this type of error message but have you tried setting up a Homegroup between the Windows 8 machines?

Did you check in the Advanced Sharing settings that the settings for All Networks are enabled for sharing as well as the Private network settings?

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I am still using windows 2003 server as my file server. This is a physical server at location A.
We have another location in a different city, Location B.
Network shared drives are fine when I access it from Location A, but very slow when I access it from client PCs of location B.
What are the things I need to check to solve this slowness issue? 

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I have a Sony Vaio desktop computer and somehow I lost the function when I insert a cd or dvd I no longer get the window that says, "Windows can perform the same action each time you insert a disk or connect a device of this kind. What do you want to do?"
Then you have options such as use realplayer to open, etc.
I now have to go into the drive and open it myself.
Any help would be much apppreciated.

A:Solved: Lost "window can perform the same action" window

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hi ,i'm having windows xp sp2.When i try to open my drives (all of them),the os asks me to specify a program to open the drives.How can i rectify it? Anyone ,help!!

A:can't open my window drives?

hi ,i have windows xp sp2.When i click on the radio button "show my hidden files" and apply it, i still can't view my hidden files.The next time i go to the settings,the option is again fixed at " do not show my hidden files".what options i am having?

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Can see the root tree on each machine but when I attempt to go deeper I get the following.

["c" is available but the user account you're logged on with was denied access.]

Vista Home Premium HP desktop to Vista Ultimate Toshiba Portege.

Thanks, Mike

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Since Win 10 Preview hosed my laptop, I had to reformat the laptop HDD and reinstall Win7 Pro.
I have both computers set the same and have the drives on my desktop shared with full access. I'm using Norton Internet Security and set the Firewall to Full Trust and then to Private but neither would allow access. The error message I get is:

[Window Title]
Network Error

[Main Instruction]
Windows cannot access \\BLACK-BEAUTY\downloads

You do not have permission to access \\BLACK-BEAUTY\downloads. Contact your network administrator to request access.

For more information about permissions, see Windows Help and Support


The trouble shooter say I should kill Norton and use Windows Firewall. And we all know how safe and secure Windows is to begin with.

Any good suggestions?

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all hard drives are not opening - say recylcer.........my operating system is win xp sp3.i have installed bit defender09.i have formated computer but after that it says the same thing after the first reboot.i can't even quick format the drives.but i think i can't do the full format and can't use quick format option.but when i type the address of local drives in adress bar it opens.

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Hello. I've recently been trying to dual boot Vista and Xp on the same machine. I had already installed Vista, but I cant get XP installation to recognize my sata hard drives.

Now I really dont know what Sata is, or any of that technical stuff. I just googled it, and found that I was missing some drivers to recognize my sata drives.

So I download Intel Device Manager (I think thats what it was called) and slipstreamed the drivers onto an installation of XP SP3. It still gives me that error, so now I'm kinda stumped. I tried downloading a cracked version of XP with Sata drivers (Gasp sue me! I already have a legit copy.) It still didnt recognize it.

I used AIDA32 and found out my hard drive is a Nvidia Stripe 596.18G, if that helps. Can anyone help me install XP on my computer? I really want to be able to do that.

Thanks for reading this!

Btw I'm running 32-bit Vista Home Premium right now.

A:Window Can't Find Any Hard Drives

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My computer has suddenly started showing a reduced size of window each time I open a new one. I can click on the ful size tab & of course it reverts to full but how can I set it so that it always opens each new window full size? Its driving me nuts!

2.7GHz,1256MB ram, Win XP,


A:window size drives me nuts!

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Hi there,
We have a network with 1 Windows Server 2012 and 5 workstations setup up with Windows 10 and Windows 7, all pro. There are 3 mapped drives to shared folders, accessed by all workstations. In only one, with Windows 7 pro, after a few days, one of the mapped
drives stoped returning all information. We deleted the mapped drive and remapped again but with no result. However, by accessing the shared folder through IP we were able to see all the information. This only happens in one shared folder in one particular
workstation. The others are ok.

Any ideas?

Best Regards.
Nélio Abreu

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Not sure how this happened but as you can see from the image my data drive is showing twice in my user file folder... Any ideas? I don't think it causes any issues it's just odd.

I think it may have happened when I was trying to make the file system more similar to windows XP. With my (D:) Drive acting as my, my documents folder, with folders inside of that.

A:User window shows 2 local drives?...

Why are you trying to make Win7 look and act more like XP? Aren't you interested in learning how to use the best OS ever and not make it act and look like a 1967 Dodge Dart? Delete whatever folder you dragged in and instead drag the contents of the related User folder into each.

The graphics interface looks even older than XP. Rightclick on an empty area of your Desktop to choose Personalize, then choose an Aero theme. You can set up Background slideshow there, too.

Let us know if you need any more help sorting this out, and Welcome to the Future.

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Scratching my head a on this one - got a 7 machine that can browse & see mapped network drives in computer and through the network. But when software is installed that browse window isn't showing the mapped drives for installation or for a mapped data path. Or, with software installed to the C drive the browse still won't pick up the mapped drives to change the data path (from within the software). UNC paths work fine. What ingredient am I missing?

A:Issue with mapped drives in browse window

what software?

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Hi, please help me with my concern, my windows explorer window show's all the drives from A to Z but all drives same content, and my problem if i insert Flash Drive i cannot identify which one. how can i eliminate those unnecessary drives? thanks in advance.

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I have a problem i can't fix. (excuse my englisch, not first language)

My system crashed and i get the blue dead screen. Now i want to install windows 7 (legal) from usb. When i get to the 'where do you want to install windows?' it gives me the following message: No drives were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation.

I tried to go to my bios and change some things i read from other treads, but it didn't work out for me. I just don't know where in the bios i can change things, maybe my bios is different than others.

This is my laptop: MSI GX700 Intel Core 2 Duo T7500-processor @ 2,2 GHz

This is what my BIOS tells me:

Market name: GX700
Model Name: MS-1719x
Primary IDE Master [hard disk]
Secondary IDE Master [ATAPI CDROM]
System Information

intel(r) speedstep(tm) tech [enabled]
PCI Latency TImer [64]
Legacy USB Suport [enabled]
AHCI Mode [enabled]

boot settins configuration
Quick boot
full screen logo display
bootup num lock
wat for f1 if error
hit del message dispaley

boot device priority
1st boot [CD/DVD:sm-slimtype]

I'm not that good with computers so it would be very helpfull if someone can lead me through this problem.

I also tried to find drivers but i just don't seem to find the wright one.

Many Thanks

A:No Drives were found Window 7 64bit Installation

I also tried it with a bootable windows 7 dvd, same problem.

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hi, i ran in to these strange propblems with windows explorer. i have win2k pro on all my computers on the LAN.

1/ recently when i mapped a network drive, it doesnt show up in window explorer afterwards; i can see it being mapped correctly; plus it's not a connectivity issue b/c another drive on that remote computer is mapped and works fine;plus, i can get to the unseen drive browsing through my network neighborhood fine; this happens with 2 computers that i tried to remap recently;

2/ i had alcohol once before and it crated a virtual drive; yet after i uninstall alcohol, it still there; i m not sure how to get rid of that virtual drive

3/ i just installed a dvdburner on the 2nd ide channel as master, the current cd burner remains on ide2 as slave; well, when i reboot, it doesnt see the new drive in windows explorer, but i can see that drive in MMC's disk management and from nero as well as in the BIOS, so i dont know what's going on there

i dont know if it's harddisk issue , virus, too much heat, etc...; tried adaware, ran antivirus, spybot s&d but still same problem

has anyone seen similar problems?


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Whenever I add an attachment to my emails, and even here on your website when I uploaded the attached pics, the 'Choose to Upload' pop-up window containing (in this case) my pics ALWAYS (but never used to) opens in the Details mode instead of Thumbnails where I can actually view the pics to be attached prior to attaching them.
I would like the default setting for this occurrence to obviously be in the Thumbnails mode.

In a related issue I would also like to be able to load more than one pic at a time when attaching pics to emails, etc...
Is there such a setting?

Thanks for the assistance

A:Default Settings for 'Choose File To Upload' Window, Window displays 'Details' vs 'Th

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Window Media Player is a strangely behaving when I try to play either audio CD or Video DVD.
Some times I could play audio CD and sometimes I can record CD and save it in my personal computer. 
May I doing something wrong?

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I used to be able to hit cntrl-n and open multiple windows, but now, it opens in the same window. I was pretty sure there was an option in internet tools to change this setting, but cannot find it. Can someone please help me?

I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

A:Only able to open one browser window at a time..cntrl-n opens page in same window

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i couldnt think of how to describe it for the title easily and I am about to go home to maybe tomorrow I will work it out.

My Vista box is currently demonstrating curious behaviour. When I open IE7 I select a favorite and it opens a new window with that favorite in it. If I do a search with my default provider in the original window, the search results appear in a new tab in the second window.

The second window does not display this behaviour. It works normally with my standard settings - open favorites in the current tab.

Again, favorites chosen in the first window continue to appear in the second window. Search results too.

Running IE7 in safe mode stops this behaviour but I have not installed any new software and I have removed all my temporary internet files/addon settings etc.

Any ideas would be great. Funny old game eh

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Been messing with this for days. When I open the Control Panel I do not have the option to switch the view on the left side pane. All that is there is the See Also window. I went to view, Toolbar, Customize and added the views icon to the toolbar. As long as I keep the customize toolbar box open and move it up or down I can see it on the toolbar. Once I close the Customize Toolbar window the view icon grays out on the tool bar. My back button is the same way. I checked in another users window and the control panel is fine. I have Windows XP SP3. I am the Admin on the PC. Any help would be great.

A:Category and Classic view window missing on Control Panel window

In the Control Panel window click on the Tools tab > Folder Options, click on the "Show common tasks in folders" button and click OK or Apply. That should restore the Category and Classic View options.

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I don't remember how long ago I submitted this problem, but it does not appear to have been addressed (or if it has I cant find the reply) I still have field within the properties box which do not have corresponding columns within the Explorer window. 
I seems to me to be a real case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing as whoever designed these two items didn't exchange details. This was my original query "
Using Windows 10 / .wma & .wmv "properties" fields / Folder and file display columns. There are two fields in the properties
box "Content provider" and "Group description" which do not have corresponding columns within the folders. As I use both boxes, what do I do>" Nothing has changed!

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Thanks for all the help. I want to make my shorcuts start programs and windows (In WIndows Xp Pro SP3) at a certain position and with a certain size.

For instance I want to open Excell at position 20,30 (x,y) with a window size of 750 x 200, or maybe a internet explorer window at position 129, 357 with a window size of 562 x 397.

I gave the odd numbers in the example so that people responding will understand that I want CUSTOM SIZES. I know how to set the shortcuts to start maximized and minimized and also window tiling. That's not what I'm talking about. Does anyone know of shortcut switch that I can use?

For instance in some games if you want to start the game with cheats enabled, you put "-devmode" after the directory path in the "target" box of the shortcut properties.

Is there any other way?

There is an awesome program called "Montage3"

which I use, but isn't exactly what I'm looking for. Please help out.

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Hi Everyone,

I am not sure which Windows update caused this, but ever since that download, whenever I close a window, the little blue disc keeps turning until the window DOES finally close. (Hope you understand what I'm saying.) This happens after closing EACH window, ALL the time.

Essentially, it takes a few extra secs for the closed window to really close. It's irritating/frustrating because I don't know how to fix it. I've put as much of my comp's info in my profile as I know or could find. Have been working with comps for six or so years. Not a total dummy, help alot of friends , and always reaching to learn more.

Have never seen this problem anywhere or it would be fixed by now, lol Can't STAND the waiting it causes til I can move onto something else.

Any suggestions?? PLEASE???

CompInfo: Vista Ultimate, IE8--See Profile for more.

I thank you for your time.

A:Closing a window causes little blue disc to turn til window finally DOES close

Lets try two steps to see if we can fix the problem
Assuming that you are using IE go to>tools>internet options>advanced>resest and see if that helps.
Second try with clean boot to see if some software is behind the problem
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
If it works follow the instructions to find the precise cause

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well i ordered a studio xps 9000 and i forgot to ask my dell salesperson about how my free mcafee subscription be renewed if i install a window 7 free upgrade from a window vista?well my mcafee free subscription be gone forever or is there a way for me to get it back???

A:mcafee free suabscription be gone forever if install window 7 from window vista?

Me too

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I have official windows ten installed on my system , But the real time protection of window in window defender does not turn on . what can I do ?

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I have a Lenovo N580 laptop. Last week, I had to do a factory reset (with help from Lenovo Tech Support) because of compatibility problems with new software from my employer and windows 8.1 which is actually worse than windows 8. The compatibility problems caused my screen to go black. When booting, the Lenovo logo appeared and I had a cursor, but nothing else accept a black screen. I tried suggestions found here and the Lenovo help forum, but none worked and the factory reset was the last resort. Now I am back to using Windows 8 (this was actually the second factory reset due to other problems caused by win 8.1).

Anyway, everything is working (for now) and I also have Classic Shell installed. HOWEVER, before this second factory reset, when I had multiple windows open, aero peek worked fine. Now, it doesn't. I followed earlier suggestions of right clicking the taskbar, then clicking Properties, but the box for "Use Peek ..." is dimmed (grayed out) so I cannot check it to enable aero peek.

I got used to this feature in Win 7 and was glad to see it in Win 8, but it is the only feature about Win 8 and 8.1 that I like. Thanks for your help.

A:Window doesn't open full screen when hover over IE window

Right click on the Taskbar and select Properties.

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