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T540p Display working but no backlight (black scre...

Q: T540p Display working but no backlight (black scre...

Hi guys! I'm really having a bad time, my laptop is currently unusable since the backlight is not working on either the TN panel or IPS panel that I have for it. when I first got the laptop it worked fine, allthough it ran a bit hot 65c idle. So I decided to change the thermal paste for with some Arctic Silver MX-4 and the idle temps dropped to 43c idle, a very nice improvement if you ask me. Then I decided to change the awful TN panel that it came with since I've done that a thousand times before with other laptops, so I went ahead and ordered one from eBay (it came from UK) since I did not want to risk some china panel potentially breaking my precious new laptop. when I got the new panel, I turned off the laptop then removed the battery and pressed the power button for 30 seconds, then porceeded to take the bezel off and remove the "old" working display and install the new display. No problem.... or so i thought... There was only a black screen when i booted it back up!turns out that the backlight was not working (I was shining with a flashlight and getting a picture on the monitor itself)I then did the same procedure and replaced the "new" monitor(IPS) with the "old"(TN) still no backlight... I really needed it for my school, so I went to a local PC-repair shop that could fix things such as laptop. thay said that there was 3 possibilities:broken monitorbroken motherboard (GPU is soldered on motherboard)borken cable from motherboard to the monitor they could NOT fix my laptop sadly and I decided to try myself and finally got a new cable from eBay which sadly did not help, here I'm just sitting with a laptop that has 2 monitors a TN and an IPS panel no backlight in either of them. Does anyone have a solution? (I've tried installing, fingerprint driver, displaydriver (lenovo,Intel & Nvidia) and replacing the cable from the motherboard to monitor) PS I spoke to a guy from lenovo support who said that the onsite guaranty is gone due to me changing the thermal paste. I can upload pictures if it helps! windows works fine

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Preferred Solution: T540p Display working but no backlight (black scre...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


My thinkpad T540p Display backlight is not working, when i connect to External display am getting output. any way to fix the isssue ? the laptop is under warranty. 

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My internal display just stopped working for no reason with Windows 10. The external monitor still works fine though.I checked the Device manager, the internal display had disappeared from the Monitors section, only my external monitor was listed there.It had happened twice. I brought the display back the 1st time after I uninstall the monitor driver and re-installed the latest driver from Lenovo website, but this time it's already with the latest driver and the same trick did not work.Luckily I still have a clone image of the system with Windows 8.1. Once I switched back to Windows 8.1 the internal display worked fine so I think it has to be a driver issue.The display adpater is Intel HD 4600. The internal monitor is the original HD display that came with the laptop. Please help. 

A:T540p Internal Display stopped working

Hi Paulgti,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
Consider updating the Intel HD Graphics from the Intel Website. Also, check if display fine when you connect with external monitor.
Please update the following
Let us know how you get on.
Tap that Kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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Hello everyone,

My laptop display is always black, but I can see the backlight is on.

My laptop is connected to an external monitor and when I click on Screen Resolution, I see that my monitor's name and my laptop monitor's name, but it's name is now different.

My laptop Display was always called "Vaio". It had max resolution of 1600 x 900.

Now, my Display is called "Digital Flat Panel (1024x768 60hz)" that is totally different than my display...any help?

A:Laptop Display black, but I see backlight

Update the Display adapter driver in Device Manager.

First run all Important and Optional Updates to completion to see if its offered, or another performance update is needed.

Rightclick on the monitor display to see how it is configured, try another. What happens when you choose only the laptop display, or unplug the monitor?

If these fail can you System Restore to before the problem began?

If not then we?ll try to think of other solutions before looking at the screen wiring harness connection.

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I have a T540p and Im wondering if it possible to upgrade the keyboard to a backlit keyboard ?The model # is 20BFS2JD00.

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my Lenovo g500 does not show anything at all when I power it on. The backlight is on but the screen is just a black colored screen with not even the boot logo. I can hear the fan spin the moment the power comes on and when I put a disc in, it spins. When I try to connect it to an external display, nothing shows up. I once opened the inside and disconnected the display cord with the motherboard and monitor and reconnected it but it still didn't work. When I charge, the charging indicator lights up. I even uplugged the battery and held down the power button for 30 second while the ac was pulled out and on(tried both). My monitor kinda shows some distorted white blurry ghost looking color when I tilt it back and forth. It's been happening even before the laptop had the black display issue. When this first occurred, I remember seeing the desktop a bit right after the pitch black screen with some warning or error prompt then the screen went black again(with backlight) I heard it might have something to do with lvds cable whatever those are. Not sure how to buy or replace them. I know it's not an inverter or display hardware problem. All I know is that I can't even get to bios or see the logo. It may or may not be running without displaying. Not sure if it's a gpu error or is something inside damaged?

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Good evening, I've got a brand new T540p since 2 days. First, I installed Windows 8.1 from the Recovery Media and after the Windows and Lenovo Updates I installed all the Software I need.Yesterday I noticed, that I have to push Alt+Fn+F4 to close a Window. Or I have to push Fn+F3 for a Searchwindow.Can anyone tell me, if it's possible, to change the Function of the F-Buttons?And is it possible, to turn on the Keyboard Backlight all the time and not for a few Minutes while I'm typing? Kind RegardsManuel


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A:T540p Keyboard Backlight and fn-Buttons

You can change the FN-key functions by pressing FN + Esc (activates FNLock).

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Hey everyone,  I have a little problem with my notebook. I have just make a service ticket for my notebook because the display stopped to work. When the IT-service changed the display to a new one, the new one did work but without backlight. He tried to connect with an another display cable, but it was the same problem. What now? I have read something about backlight inverter, but I don't know if that is the problem. He took the new display and left my home only with that I need to wait for an another new display... He only checked the new display. Nothing else. I know that I need to wait, but what can be the possible solution? 

A:X250 New Display, Backlight not working

There is no inverter.  Inverters are related to the old CCFL backlights that needed A/C current.  There is no way to diagnose without seeing it, but if the backlight came on before the screen was changed, my guess is that whoever changed the display didn't disconnect everything and drain capacitors so he or she blew the fuse on your motherboard.

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Hi Everyone! My display backlights stopped working. I'm still able to see what is on the screen when i put my cellphone flashlight on the screen but it's really hard to see anything. From what I read online it might be just a fuse or the display itself. I was not able to locate the fuse on the motherboard, if someone can help me find the fuse would be great. At first I was thinking of ordering the display but some people changed the display and the problem was still there. Any advise would be appresiated.P.S. The laptop is already completly dissasembled  Thanks.

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Hi, I have notebook HP 655 with Windows XP SP3, NetFramework 3.5 
My FN keys for changing intensity of backlight of screen not working. Any other FN keys are working correctly. 
I have the nevest driver for AMD Radeon HD 7310 graphic card which is used in this laptop, I also tried HP Hotkey Support and HP Quick Launch Button - this software just add an information panel for changing volume of sound.
Microsoft Support said me that i have to contact HP official support, and HP said me that Windows XP is no more supported. I saw on some forums that many people have the same problem but no solved.
Using Catalist software i can change brightness (it looks very bad) but no backlight intensity. 
I'm helpless now. I tried everything. In windows 7 this functions worked correctly but this computer in not so good for using better system then xp it was wery slow. Please help me. 
Backlight intensity is automaticly changing for example when I plug or unplug the charger. So just these keys not working. I need to change the intensity for saving my battery and my eyes, because the intensity is on maximum with charger. 

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Good Morning, Yesterday my I tried to turn on my lenovo and it didnt finish the boot up. It will load the original lenovo logo with the spinning dots under it. It then goes to the screen where you would log in but it is black. Some of the icons flicker like the wifi icon and the pointer is visible. My guess is that it has to do with my graphics card since it will boot up but then is trying to load the main screen.What I tried to do is run my computer in safe mode but it doesnt budge. It just says automatic repair then goes to the blue screen to select safe mode which brings me back to the automatic repair that I cant get out of! Specs are:4th gen i7 4720HQWindows 8.1 Pro 64 bitNVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M 4GB15.6" UHD LED Glossy BacklightHybrid 1TB 5400 RPM + 8GB SSHD Any pointers?Thanks!

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I downloaded the new Doom beta this weekend, just for grins. (Wasn't hoping for much, I know the P50 isn't a gaming laptop, but it shouldn't be _too_ much of a slouch). The game played like a slideshow.  2 FPS, max in the menus. Looked around on the 'net, found that other people were having the problem, so I looked around for upgraded Quadro drivers.  Grabbed the latest version from the nVidia site.  First the 362.13 ODE drivers.  No luck.  So I tried the VR/Performance drivers (364.72).   With the ODE drivers, I still had a slideshow -- yes, I know about the "stuttering" warning, I saw that stuttering and "waited it out" like I'm supposed to :-). With the VR/Perf driver, the game played at a reasonable framerate, BUT with very bad blank/black screen flickering, as if it was drawing every-other frame, and showing a black screen in-between. Everything else seemed to function fine, so I chalked it up to an issue with the Doom beta and went on with life ... and then I watched a video in the steam client and made it full-screen -- the same thing happened. I've tried re-installing the lenovo recommended driver, but still have the issue. Any suggestions?-- pryankster

A:Yet another P50 issue ... black flashing full scre...

Try loading the BIOS defaults.

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I really need help! I have a Lenovo ideapad s500 touch laptop with a i3 processor. Yesterday when I turned my laptop on there was only a blank screen. I tried various methods to resolve this issue, including draining my battery life to zero and plugging it back in. Eventually, I used an HDMI cable to connect to my tv. At first it didn't work but I spam pressed various buttons, including f8, shift+f8, and fn+f8. Eventually I got my laptop to display the screen normally on my tv.  I then decided to system restore my operating system (I have windows 10) to last weeks updates hoping it would make my laptop screen work again. The system restore went fine and  it restarted on its own. Then, my screen stopped displaying on my tv and it said no signal was found. Also note that during the system restore while it was working properly with my first tv, I plugged my HDMI into a secondary tv and couldn't get the laptop to display anything and it said there was no signal found.  Now I'm back at square one so to speak and I can't get my laptop to display the screen on any tv. While I'd sure love to get my laptop to work properly, at very least I'd really like to be able to once again display the screen on a tv. Also please note that the the laptop screen does light up (it's just a black screen) and while the screen was being displayed on my tv the touch screen on my laptop worked fine. If anyone has solutions or suggestions I would really appreciate it!  T... Read more

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Hi, The laptop hasn't been dropped or anything. This rectangular just shown up in the middle of the screen as it noticeable. The touch screen works fine, but when I'm using it on low brightness, it's quite annoying. Is there any solution to solve this? I would really appreciate any kind of help.  Cheers, Mark. 

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Hey Guys
im only new hear,so im not sure if this question has been asked before,or even if its in the right forum.
but i recently just installed a clean install of windows 7(instead of a upgrade from my vista.i got the free upgrade),now everything works fine expect when after the windows 7 splash occurs there is about a 10 second delay were the screen is just black with a cursor. Could any of you guys be able to help me

Hear are my Pc Specifactions(copied from system information,ive left my details out of my pc name,just incase)

OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name *****
System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
System Model HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
System Type X86-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P7450 @ 2.13GHz, 2133 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.33, 31/08/2009
SMBIOS Version 2.4
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale Australia
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7600.16385"
User Name ***
Time Zone AUS Eastern Daylight Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 2.97 GB
Available Physical Memory 2.20 GB
Total Virtual Memory 5.93 GB
Available Virtual Memory 5.09 GB
Page File Space 2.97 GB
Pag... Read more

A:Black Screen for 5-10 seconds before windows login scre

I really don't know what the problem is, but I would tend to suspect the video driver. I don't know anything about notebook either, but I imagine that you have onboard video. Check in the Device Manage to see what it shows for the driver for the Display Adapter, then check with HP to see what they recommend.

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*I appreciate this issue has been brought up before, many solutions or possible fixes have been suggested but if I can request this thread isn't redirected to one of those as, for me, they haven't worked.* Ideapad 500-15ISK with Intel HD Graphics 520Windows 10, 64-bit The graphics driver problem which it seems many people have had: I too get the "driver has stopped working and recovered Windows 8.1" message, I also get the screen going black etc. I'm not bothered by the hardware scan fail, I'm happy that that's a false result, but for the graphics card crash there has to be a fix, surely? I've looked at the solutions which point to downloading the drivers and tried reinstalling these, as linked to by the TIP and various 'solved' threads - it hasn't helped. I've downloaded the same  - driver - from the Intel site directly, it hasn't worked. I've tried downloading later drivers from the intel site, but they all come up as saying either they are not compatible, or when I go through doing it manually it will start to install and then tell me the best drivers are already installed. I've tried uninstalling the driver and then doing a manual install before restarting the computer, that hasn't helped either. I've trawled the support forums and the net and tried every solution I can find, including all those linked to on previous topics on this issue. There must by now be an answer which works? Rather than linkin... Read more

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Lenovo G560 - Issue with won't boot and black screen after HDD upgrade.  What happen: My laptop was working fine, no blue screen issue, no funny business at all. I bought a new SSD Intel 120 GB and thought it would be a good idea to replace the HDD. I shutdown and disconnected the power adapter, waited a couple of minutes and removed the battery. I opened up the back case and replaced the HDD. And put all the screws back and put the battery back in. Problem: The very first time I turned the power on, nothing happens besides a black screen. I pressed the dvd drive it works and opens up and closes. I waited for about 30 mins and still has blac screen. When I mean black screen, no bios menu, no logo, just a black screen with the fan sound on.  I have tried these: 1. Unplugged everything - battery, adapter, and pressed the power on button for about 60 seconds, nothing, the laptop turns on with the LED display on for both on and battery LED's. But nothing but black screen, no sound of windows loading just the fan and black screen. 2. I tried putting back my old 2.5" and nothing but black screen.  Thoughts and suggestions?

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A:Lenovo G560 - Issue with won't boot and black scre...

Hi Autoexit173,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
 As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with system not booting in your Lenovo G560 laptop.
As you have mentioned that the system not booting, please try to remove the RAM and  turn on the system and check if you can hear any beep sound. Also try to clean the RAM slots and check for the issue.
Click here for the steps to remove the RAM and refer page number 40.
Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards,       

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As what the title said.After turning it on, Lenovo brand would show up the it gets stuck at the loading after that. I can see the cursor, move it around, for a brief moment the loading cursor showed up. Function buttons are working, i.e brightness, keyboard backlights and such. Things I tried, none workedCompletely draining battery and pressing power button for 1 minute, plugging the power back in. Spamming f8, shift f8.Ctrl alt del.  If anyone got a solution for this, please post it in a step by step.Thanks! 

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Hello,since two days ago I am experiencing strange behaviors in my x2. I have been using it for the past year without issues. Now, suddenly, when a/c charger is disconnected, even if battery is 100% full, it suddenly shuts down. When I try to power it again, no signs of booting. Though, it shows a black screen, with a big image of a battery at low level and charging. I have to keep it "charging" for several time before I can boot it. When I am then able to boot it, it enters in restore mode, asking for Bitlocker key.  The issue appears both with keyboard connected and without. No additional periphrals are connected to the device once the problem appears. When it is on, with a/c charger, no issue experienced and I can use it normally.  I have already: updated the Bios and all the drivers.Did a check of battery integrity, test passed successfully.  I couldn't find any answer on the web about this problem, but it is becoming very annoying. Hope you can help me.  Thanks,chiara   

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Hello, My laptop screen will randomly go black or "shut down" while using it. I have to hold down the power button and restart the laptop, then after a certain amount of time like 30 min plus it will shut down again.Im currently running window 10 64-bits Does anyone have the same problem?Any soultion to this problem?

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I have a Lenovo E440 and I tried to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. However currently it is stuck on a black screen. From what I have read the issue is because of having a Nvidia graphics card and the driver is not installed.  I have gone into safe mode by pressing shift F8 and went to the advanced start up repair and enabled safe mode. However, on restarting the system , I still see the blank screen. How am I supposed to proceed in this case. Also, mine is a dual booted system with Ubuntu installed. To go into safe mode, I choose Windows from the Grub menu and then press shift F8. I have tried following the steps on http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/troubleshoot-black-screen-problems and https://support.lenovo.com/ae/en/documents/ht080004, but I have not been able to resolve it. Pls suggest!

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As what the title said.After turning it on, Lenovo brand would show up the it gets stuck at the loading after that. I can see the cursor, move it around, for a brief moment the loading cursor showed up. Function buttons are working, i.e brightness, keyboard backlights and such. Things I tried, none workedCompletely draining battery and pressing power button for 1 minute, plugging the power back in. Spamming f8, shift f8.Ctrl alt del.  If anyone got a solution for this, please post it in a step by step.Thanks! 

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My pc suddenly stop working. I have a windows boot manager bcd error on screen. I did the ff:

- Installed hdd in another pc and run chkdsk (no error)
- Tried reinstalling os inside windows - installation did not completed after restart
- Reformat drive c inside windows

I can't get pass the boot bcd error. I cant boot from usb. I know the usb installer is ok because its working on another pc. I can't run computer repair and cant' access the recovery window. The windows boot manager bcd error always comes with the following error message even if I change the boot order.

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc0000034

Please help me.

A:can't install os - windows boot manager says file/bcd error black scre

If you would of completed this request made by Golden way back in Nov 2014
then we would know if your install media was proper. Now we have no idea.

Back then we could of suggested a Microsoft authorizes website to download Windows 7. We can't now because that website no longer is in working order.
Random BSOD. Random Errors.

Please perform the following:

1. Download and save this tool to your desktop:

2. Run the tool, and then click Copy - ignore any errors if they appear

3. Use CTRL+V to paste the unedited results of the tool here in your next reply

Here is a tutorial by gregrocker that could be your answer to your problem.
Take your time reading it because their is a lot of info.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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Setup:Win8.1 EnterpriseThinkpad T540p on UltraDock with its screen in 1920x1080 resolution as secondary monitorLenovo 24" in 1920x1080 resolution external monitor as primary monitor Workaround:Flip the resolution to 1600x900 then to 1920x1080 again OR undock and redock Thinkpad.  Done so far:I've tried upgrading and downgrading the Intel driver to no avail. The latest driver can't be installed because of an error that I don't have appropriate system - managed to install it but the issue persist. Currently:Running on driver version   Issue:When moving windows to the secondary monitor, the screen resolution behaves like it's running in 1600x900 when in fact it's set to 1920x1080.  Is there any permanent fix?

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I recently got a Z620 + GF620 and now I have issues with new Envy 32 on certain games I guess when its crashing it does not go back to desktop it goes black and stays back no matter what keys I try to press first I was thinking win10 somewhat crashed and reset the pc but now I see when I turn the ENvy 32 off and on with the remote I see the desktop any everything Envy 32 is connected via HDMI to GF970 any help? 

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OS: Windows 10 64-bit Build 10240 RTM (both computers)S/W: My Display 15.200.1046.2Device Driver: HP (not MS) on 2014-06-20 / No online update available.MFG Date: Week 22, 2015Connected to HP-DV6-6105TX Laptop AMD Radeon HD 6700M / ([email protected] Hz)Connected to Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH HD Graphics 6000 / [email protected] HzConnected with Amazon  BlueRigger High Speed Braided HDMI cable with Ethernet 6.6 Feet (2m) - Supports 3D and Audio return [Latest Version] Hi Forum - I have had this monitor for less than a week and I am getting quite frustrated with it losing HDMI digital signal and going completely black for 3-4 seconds at a time. This occurs 2-3 times per hour and can be reproduced every time by visiting certain web pages (hey, I can't make this up). I have followed the the HP monitor trouble shooting guide as follows: http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-ENVY-32-inch-Displays/7263216/model/7263218/document/c0129503...Connect the monitor to another computer that has video (same results/signal drops)Use a different cable / try both computers againIf the monitor remains blank, repair or replace the monitor. Using both Chrome and the new Edge browser, every time I visit http://thetvdb.com/?tab=advancedsearch the monitor immediately loses signal, drops audio and then violently flips in and out of a connected state. The only way I can get it to stop is to hit Start+D to minimize everything and get back to the desktop or hunt... Read more

A:G8Z02AA: HP ENVY 32-inch Media Display - Loss of Signal/Scre...

Hello @pmforsyth?, I have read your post on how your desktop monitor produces a loss of signal, or the screen goes black, and I would be happy to help you! Since you mentioned that you have completed all of the steps in this docuemnt, and the issue continues, please contact our technical support for further assistance in this matter by clicking the link below to get the support number for your region.www.hp.com/contacthp/I hope this helps!Regards

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Hi, I installed the the Lenovo Bios Update utility. It sayed that it will restart for the bios update. After restart I just got a black screen. Since then nothing happens. When I start the notebook, I can hear the fans but the screen stays black. I removed the batterie and i plugged a vga display. Moreover I removed the cmos batterie but notthing worked. Any Ideas?

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I have several T540p's in our fleet.  All are running windows 7 pro x64.  When the laptop is booted from full off, or resumed from sleep, the screen is very dim (say 10%) unless the power cord is plugged in.  When dim, you cannot raise the brightness from the keys.  This happens even at the BIOS and Lenovo boot screens, so it doesn't seem to be a windows problem, but something in the basic laptop configuration itself. Any ideas?

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Hi community, we are using several Thinkpads for years mostly without issues. But for a while now we have to experience issues with our T540p's in combination with pro and ultimate docks. And lately we also run into the same issue with a T570.Here our configuration, there are two external displays connected to the docking and one of them is the primary screen.And this is the issue: When we undock the T540p, the internal display should switch to be the primary and only display, but it doesn't. It seems to be that the T540p is still thinking to have external displays connected. The internal display is all black but I can move the mouse pointer from the right into the screen and can also move it out of the screen by pulling it downwards.All windows are opened on the virtual screen,which means I cannot see any configuration windows to change display behavior. Pressing Fn+F7 and up or down arrow blind does not change anything.It does not matter if I undock the T540p while it is running, or if I shutdown the system before undocking. When this error occurs it also does not matter if I connect an external display to the T540p directly, I still cannot see anything. To set the internal display to be the main display before undocking does not change the behavior anyway.If I put the T540p into the docking again, mostly everything is fine. The two external displays are running as before. If it was a desktop PC that would be fine but it is a notebook and we need to carry it with us an... Read more

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Hi,I'm having some trouble with the t540p in the UltraDock. I have a setup with 3 displays:- internal- external on DVI- external on DisplayPortThe external ones are connected to the UltraDock. I've got the problem, that the external monitor on the DVI-Port blanks frequently (about every 15min) for 2-3 seconds.Less frequently (about once every 1-2 hours) all external Monitors blank for about 5-10 seconds and you can hear in the speakers the Windows sound for disconnecting and reconnecting devices. Another abnormality I discoverd is, that when I use the t540p without the Dockingstation (but a power supply connected) the screen dims down to "battery level" from time to time (also only for some seconds) and the Battery-Symbol changes from "mains operation" to "battery operation" while the brightness is dimmed.This happens with both power supplies (the one shipped with the t540p and the one shipped with the UltraDock) Maybe these effects could be related somehow?Does any of you experience the same issues or has got any clue what could be the problem here? Best Regards,Andre

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A:T540p/T440p+UltraDock+external display issues

Same problem, sill no idea how to fix it...

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Since I discovered my Thinkpad T540p has the standard display which is not that great for designing (colours look totally less true and in and escpecially on different angles) I was looking around for an IPS screen. Is it possible to just swap my screen for the IPS 3K version? 

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I have a Lenovo Yoga 3 14 that I've had for about 5 months and it has worked like a dream up until today.  Every time I try to turn it on, I can see the light on the power button, the backlit keyboards turn on and off automatically like they should, and I can hear the fan just fine, but the computer screen remains black and I can't seem to get it to display anything.  I've held down the power button and rebooted it many times and I even tried having the AC adapter plugged in in case for some reason it is a battery problem.  It was working just fine last night and when I turned it off to go to bed it had about 47% battery left, so I don't believe it's a battery issue.  But nonetheless the screen still will not appear even with the adapter plugged in.  After having it on for a good 15 minutes pressing buttons, adjusting the screen brightness keys, etc., it still shows nothing. So once again I turned it on, plugged in the AC adapter, waited a few seconds for it to turn on, and tried to type in my password in case the computer itself is working but the display is not, and sure enough a few seconds later I hear Skype starting up.  So now that I know that my computer is working just fine and it's a display issue, what do I do?  I can see the screen flickering for a few seconds when I turn it on and when I logged into my user, but then it just goes straight back to black again.  I can't seem to find this question on an... Read more

A:Yoga 3 14 Display Black & Not Working

Dear YogaFan3,
Welcome in lenovo community,
Could you please try to connect an external monitor and check if you will get signal on the external monitor or not.

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Hello. I've read many posts about issues with black screens on the Yoga 2 Pro, and tried their solutions with no success. My issue is as follows: My Yoga 2 Pro flashes once or twice on start up, but no Lenovo Logo is visible. This occurs both when plugged in and on battery power. I can plug in a (Samsung) monitor via the micro-hdmi port and see the output display there, however the Lenovo screen connected to the laptop is still black. With the extended display, my laptop has turned into the tower and keyboard/mouse components of a desktop. I can drag applications between the two screens as if both were working. It's almost as if the laptop screen is not getting powered except that two flashes appear on startup. I've updated video drivers and bios software per Lenovo's support page.  Suggestions on solutions? Thank you very much! 

A:Yoga 2 black screen (working extended display)

Yoga2Consumer23 wrote:Hello. I've read many posts about issues with black screens on the Yoga 2 Pro, and tried their solutions with no success. My issue is as follows: My Yoga 2 Pro flashes once or twice on start up, but no Lenovo Logo is visible. This occurs both when plugged in and on battery power. I can plug in a (Samsung) monitor via the micro-hdmi port and see the output display there, however the Lenovo screen connected to the laptop is still black. With the extended display, my laptop has turned into the tower and keyboard/mouse components of a desktop. I can drag applications between the two screens as if both were working. It's almost as if the laptop screen is not getting powered except that two flashes appear on startup. I've updated video drivers and bios software per Lenovo's support page.  Suggestions on solutions? Thank you very much! I had this issue on my Thinkpad X1 yoga. I had to uninstall the existing video driver and reinstall the correct one. I can't remember if it was from Intel or Lenovo, but it did solve my problem. The laptop was initially fine out of the box, but after doing a windows 10 reset the problem occurred. 

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Hi, I have a T540p with Windows 8.1. I did all configurations needed, Windows is working. Also internal Microphon and F4 key were working fore month.Problems:- Internal Microphon stopped working- F4 key does not function any moreHow can I solve these problems? Thanks a lot!

A:T540p: Microphone & F4 Key stopped working

This update might fix your hotkey issue Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPadReadme.txthttps://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/r09vu09w.txt Hotkey Features Integration File Downloadhttps://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/r09vu09w.exe To check you microphone, right click on the speaker icon in lower right of the task bar, and select recording devices.   Once the recording device window opens, make sure that the microphone is enabled, and if not, right click on the microhpone and select enable.    If the Microphone is not shown, right click anywhere in the window, and select "show disabled devices" and then enable. Good Luck 

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I have a T540pModel number 20BE003AUS Running windows 7 pro I replaced the keyboard with a backlit keyboard from ebay. "US backlit keyboard US 04Y2465 04Y2387" The backlight works. But the keyboard doesn't type. The space bar turns the backlight on and off. Instead of making a space. The function key works. The number lock works. Caps lock doesn't work. None of the letters work. The pointing stick works. I am baffled. I took it off and checked the connections. Same thing. I am sure it's something simple I'm missing.

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Is the T550 keyboard the same as T540p/W540 ?

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Hi All, I've had a rather weird problem over the past week. I'll be working on my computer and everything is working fine, until I eventually close/reopen my laptop after which point in time the TouchPad and TrackPoint stops working completely (e.g. I can't move the cursor, I can't scroll, I can't click...but I can use the keyboard). Note that this doesn't happen 100% of the time but more like 85%. If I restart the computer, 9 times out of 10 that resolves the problem, but it's not the most elegant solution in the world. Interestingly, my USB mouse still works even when my TrackPad isn't working, thus I can't tell if it is a hardware or software issue. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to proceed? I'm running Windows 7 (64-bit). Thanks!Z

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Hi, I'm new here, but I've no ideas how to solve my problem so I've decided to post here. My touchpad stopped working (as usually here) but, gestures are working fine (on windows 7). I've tried everything, reinstall drivers, update SMBus (I know, that SMBus drivers have something common with touchpad), but touchpad still no poiting. Also, I've tried to install/boot linux, and for my surprise, there is working everything - pointing and gestures etc.. What should I do ? How to fix it ? I've also tried another touchpad - same issue. Adding screen of settings of my touchpad. Any idea guys ? Help pls. :/ Driver version: by windows in: PS/2 mouse port Synaptics SMBus Driver: I've also tried to install older driver - not working - UltraNav 18.07.40, ... 

touchpad.png ?64 KB

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This notebook is only a few months old. It was working fine one day and the next, it appeared that the screen wasnt working.I have searched for a solution without resolve.I did notice that the screen technically works... after hitting something (have no idea what I did) I noticed that when I touched the screen, it was talking to me. That leads me to believe that the backlight isnt working.I also know that recently I did try to install updates and only 2 of 4 got done, the computer froze while doing the third.Please HELP! 

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This laptop is a Best Buy Blue Label, configured for sale exclusively by Best Buy.   The price is right for the included features, but we're very disappointed in HP's QA measures. This unit should never have made it out of the factory. Right out of the box, the display suffers from severe backlight bleeding in both lower corners of the display, so obvious that it's plain for anyone to see. Screen resolution may be 1920 x 1080 Full HD, but Netflix and Amazon HD videos are not as sharp or as bright as the same videos at the same resolution on my 3 year-old 15.4" MacBook Pro Retina Display. Backlit keyboard is either off or on, and on is far too bright, with bright light leaking around the chiclet keys, clearly visable and distracting. We want to like this computer.  We're tempted to simply exchange it for another.  In addition to our MacBook, we have a 13" HP Pavilion dv3510nr bought in 2009 that has been faultless.  But with our new HP Envy demonstrating such an obvious flaw in the display, we wonder what hidden flaws might manifest themselves weeks or months from now if we were to purchase another. This purchase represents a perfect example of why one shouldn't make a purchase of this type from an exclusively online seller. At least, with Best Buy we have a big box store where we can return it.


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A:Display backlight bleed

Problem solved. I returned the second HP laptop to Best Buy and purchased an open-box fully-warranted all-in-one 21.5-inch  iMac with a glorious 1080P display, wireless keyboard and mouse and not one single issue.  Partitioned the hard drive for WIndows 10.  Sorry, HP.

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I received the notebook from my uncle when he upgraded and I noticed that after I shut it down, the display is still partially lit from the top edge of the screen. This also happens when the timer shuts the screen off. The brightness of this light dims when I disconnect the power cord but it never shuts off. The only way the light does go out is of course, when I remove the battery. I've scowered the web looking for a fix but any related threads do not give any real insight. It's been a few years since this topic has come up so maybe someone may have some ideas. 

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IBM Notebook Mod. 760 EL - Display goes blank while
computing (not on-line). After closing and re-opening cover,
RAM is as before. Able to continue until next screen blank??

Power brick is attached to the battery all the time.


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I bought this laptop and after i opened the box i went for a video to see the display features. Then i noticed that there are White Spots\Screen Bleeding at the edges of the screen.I returned the laptop to dealer and he told me this was not a fault or defect and he was not going to change it.They simply do not accept that this is an acceptable condition to replace the laptop.He agrees that this happens to many products and he knew this was the issue in his many products but refused to return it.I need advice... Thanks in advance...  

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I was donated this laptop.. and was pretty sure it worked better at one time.. but had some display problems, and progressively worse.
I seem to only have a Backlight- no external monitor Display. Although message on External Monitor "check cable connect" does go out when it's plugged into the external port.It does sometimes boot up to the OS-(sometimes). I can hear the Welcome sound.. Other times It doesn't seem to boot up to the OS?  (I know the keyboard is malfunctioning and hear beeeep beep beeeping.)But It would be nice to see the BIOS Options on start at least. or Get the External Screen to work to see what might be going on..Wifi / Power/ Bluetooth/Battery and HD buttons light up on the Right- ON the Far Left - one of the lights with the lock icon(?) is light up.I have a feeling it might have something to do with the Factory Aluminum Shims under the Processor and Display Chip.Makes no Difference with the RAM or Battery removed.. except that it definitely won't boot...I always use the Adaptor for the Power.I'm not sure if Holding Down FN + start is doing anything.  Sometimes I just see a BLACK Screen and don't hear anything... Could it be running a Diagnostic and I don't know..(with just the Power/Battery and Bluetooth light)And if so- How long might it take / Could it fix the problem - or just give me a message to let me know what the problem is- which I won't see.Could I disable the keyboard... Read more

A:Dell Latitude D-630 Backlight but no display

You can click the link below to download the online user manual for troubleshooting help. It also provides information for removing/replacing parts.
Latitude D630 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals
The keyboard leds on the left side of the computer represent the following.
Starting from the Left LED and moving right.
The green lights located above the keyboard indicate the following:
The green lights located above the keyboard indicate the following:
This is an image of the Number Lock icon. Turns on when the numeric keypad is enabled. This is an image of the Caps Lock icon. Turns on when the Caps Lock function is enabled. This is an image of the Scroll Lock icon. Turns on when the Scroll Lock function is enabled.
Battery Status

If the computer is connected to an electrical outlet, the battery light operates as follows:

Solid green — The battery is charging.
Flashing green — The battery is almost fully charged.

If the computer is running on a battery, the battery light operates as follows:

Off — The battery is adequately charged (or the computer is turned off).
Flashing orange — The battery charge is low.
Solid orange — The battery charge is critically low.  

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The backlight on the display of my E6440 died. I can use the computer with an external monitor, but I really need to be able to use the integrated screen. I've read about changing the inverter, but could find no posts that listed the part number of the inverter, so I thought it might be integral with the screen. I replaced the screen but it made no difference.
Is the inverter the next thing to try, and if so, what is the part number?

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