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Auto-fill access fields?

Q: Auto-fill access fields?

I have a table in an Access database. This table has three columns in it, and I want to add a fourth column. I want the value of this fourth column to be "Primary" for every record.

What's the easiest way to accomplish this? I'm an Access newbie.

-- Richard

Preferred Solution: Auto-fill access fields?

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A: Auto-fill access fields?

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I think I have narrowed it down to on mouse movement that text input fields fill with %E?;E?+E? or %%E; or different variations of those characters followed by ENTER... I think!?!?
I removed all other languages from the keyboard settings in windows, and turned off the hotkeys for switching languages, this didn't help.
The next step was to swap out the Logitech keyboard/mouse combo with a ps2 keyboard and usb mouse and uninstalled logitech's setpoint software thinking that might be the problem.
It wasn't.
Not sure what steps to take next.
BTW, it doesn't matter what program is open...

Thanks for any help

A:On mouse movement text input fields auto fill with %E?;E?+E?

Maybe take a look in device manager to see if any of Logitech's drivers are still in use, if it is, uninstall them.

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I couldn't find the answer answer anywhere, so hope someone here can help.
I have several tables with info about partners, subsidiaries, contracts etc.
They all come together in a single table with the name project. Since 1 partner can participate in many projects I need to know how I can set up that my form for the table projects, with subforms partners and contracts etc fills in the data (name etc) for partners automatically when I only choose the partner ID from a list box.

Thanks in advance!

A:Access, trying to autmatically fill in fields after chosing ID

Can we have a look at your table structure?

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I have a nice little database that I set up to track donations of items to our organization. The primary table tracks the donor information: name, address, etc. (main form) and I have created a related table that tracks the date of donation and items donated utilizing a sub-form. Thanks to the fine help I received here I was able to relate these tables using a “Link_ID” field and it has worked nicely. (One donor could have multiple donations.)

Now, I’d like to enhance things a little bit. When I enter donor information into the main form and then go to the sub-form for the donation information, I’d like the business_name field to autofill as I start to type. Now, I know this can be done because most commercial databases have this function. Quicken is one that comes to mind. I know it has to pull this information from somewhere, I just need to know how to get it to work!

I have been unsuccessful finding any pertinent information on an “autofill” field in some sources. (I really don’t want a drop-down list box because this could potentially get too large.)


A:Auto complete or Auto Fill field in Access?

Yes, well, unfortunately, in Access, the drop-down list is the only type of control that uses auto-fill, unless you want to use a text box and code (there's an example of that in the developer's handbook, but it's complicated).

No matter how big your list is, if you sort the underlying query alphabetically on company name, it will still autofill, and you can even build a not-in-list response to add new customers...

Make sure the auto-expand property of the drop-down (or combo) control is set to Yes, and you'll see that you never even have to drop down the list...

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Access newbie using Access 2007 with Windows XP. I have a table that contains the following columns.
Author LN

I want users to select title from a drop down list in the title field which will auto populate the two author name fields. Users will enter data in remaining fields.
1. Title field has scroll arrows but only shows first title?
2. How do I get the AuthorFN and Author LN to auto-fill based on title selected?

Can't find a solution that a newbie can understand.

Forgot to add that users will create multiple "info cards" because only 1 comment for each record.

A:Access 2007 Auto-Fill

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I am using Access 2003 and have a question-- I have a table called tblContacts, and an associated form with demographic info. I want to add a field to this form called "notes" , which would be opened with a button on the form (that way the notes on the individual would not be immediately visible to anyone walking by).

I created the subform Notes (and associated table tblContacts_Info). My problem is this:

I want the contact_id (unique identifier of individual) to automatically fill in when the subform opens with the value from the record of the parent form.

I tried creating a one-to-many relationship, and tried setting the record source as the contact_id from the parent table, but am having no luck.

can anyone help? Is there a better way to do this than a subform/second table? I just want to create privacy on the form...



A:Access subform (I think) and auto fill in question

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Please help

I have 2 tables:-

1 Master Input Table.
1 Job Lookup table - (contains Job Number and Name)

When in-putting job details into the Master Input table i would like to enter the job number only and have the job name appear automatically without running a query, much the same as a 'vLookup' command in excel.

Is this possible?

Can anyone help?

A:Auto Fill In MS Access Table Field

Yes it is, the easiest way is to have the Job Lookup Table as a Sub form on the master form (Master Input Table) linked via the Job Number.
Or you could select it from a combo box, (no typing).

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Hello! I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I'm creating a basic form, it would be nice if when a record is created the day you created the record could autofill into place. Does anyone have any suggestions out there how I could do this?

Thank you,

A:MS Access Date Auto-Fill Form

You could set the default for the date field to Now().

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O...Kay! I need help with a now, 4 year old Access database. Many thanks to OBP, I have cleaned up and worked out kinks that really has made keeping up with parent involvement in the schools much easier. Now that I have worked with the database, I am in need of some advice regarding a form that is needed now. This is a form that is used to enter just basic demographic information on a parent who calls to sign-up to be notified of special events.

The form is simple, but this is where I cannot quite make it work. The unique identifier of the record is the school's location code number. I have tried to find out how to fabricate the form so that when this location code is entered, the associated fields (school name, type, and region) will auto fill in. I'm sure that this may seem trivial to the experts, but I am once again STUMPED. Many thanks in advance for any assistance that I may be given.

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I want to auto-fill a Word 2010 Table from a Access 2010 Query. Here is what I mean:

I have created an Access 2010 database file called “MasterTestEquip.accdb” with a “MasterTestEquipList" Query. Using the Word Merge function in Access, I created a 5-column, multi-row Table in Word 2010 with the following Column names:

Description, Manufacturer, Model, Identification #, Cal Due.

I want to be able to enter in the Identification # (e.g., 469-0068-601) and have the row auto-fill in the other information (Description, Manufacturer, Model & Cal Due). I have been trying to get the Mail Merge function to do this but I am stuck. I used “Insert Merge Field” and selected the appropriate name for each column. When I do a Preview, I can click on the right and left arrows and the information in the row steps through each one of my Identification numbers in my recipients list and the corresponding information is correct, but this is not what I want. I need to be able to manually enter in the Identification # and have the additional information auto-fill in. I also noticed that if I perform the above “Insert Merge Field” function in multiple rows that when I use the arrows to scroll through in one row, that all the rows change and show the exact same information. How do I make each row independent of each other and be able to manually type in the Identification # to get the rest of the information to auto-fill for each row/line?

This is a Test Equipment List form that I ... Read more

A:Auto-fill Word Table via Access Query

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I'm trying to find out why Access 2000 will auto fill my data entries. I've noticed that when I put a number in a field that the next record will automatically insert the next number in that field. For example, in my Order column, in datasheet view, I enter a 1, the next record in the the Order column will automatically fill with a 2 and so on. Or the pattern will repeat - if I enter a 1 in the Order field, then a 3 in the next Order field, the next Order field will fill with a 5. What is going on? and how do I stop this?

A:Access 2000 does auto-fill on field data

momish, I can't find how to turn it off either.
If you are using a form in datasheet view then you can convert it to "Continuous" forms mode and that will overcome that problem for you without losing the functionality of the datasheet ease of entry.

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I have used various answers on this board to set up a form in access 2007 that includes a combo box that when changed, auto populates 2 other text boxes in the form. I used the code builder to this. It works fine.

HOWEVER...the information is not being saved in the individual records. When you reopen the form, those 3 fields (the combo box and subsequent text boxes) in the past records are blank again. They all change to whatever is chosen in the NEW record.

Any idea on what I may have done incorrectly? I have been using Access for one week, so I am sure it could be one of a million things I did wrong!


A:Solved: Auto populated form fields in access 2007 not retaining the information

JacklynKy, welcome to the Forum.
It sounds like you have no "Control Source" for your Combo box, this means it has no field associated with it in the table to store the selection.

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Earlier I was playing an online game (Final Fantasy XI) when my screen began to behave strangely. I logged out, and then noticed that a TextPad window I had open began to fill with "+++++++++++++++++++++++" as though the plus key was stuck. I checked my keyboard (Logitech wireless LX710) and didn't see any obvious issues.

None the less, I shut-down the computer, swapped keyboards with my other PC and booted up again. The problem did not follow the keyboard, it remained on my first PC.
I tried a corder USB keyboard, and it does the same thing. Initially I can sometimes login because the "+++++++++++++" begins - but it is hit and miss. I generally need to reboot 2-3 times before I can login.

I have removed the Logitech software and installed the latest edition.

I have run McAffee and Spyware Doctor, but nothing was found.

Does this sound like any Virus, Trojan or Worm anyone has run across?

A:Virus? Text fields fill with +++++++++++

Meh... it was mouse-related.

After much swapping of gear, several virus scans, and copying a ton of data from the "bad" PC to my other PC (just in case), I tracked the issue down to my Logitech MX700 mouse.

I had swapped-in a corder mouse earlier, but apparently I was too hasty in eliminating the mouse as the issue.

Now I am back up a running, with my cordless keyboard - no issues. Just using a vanilla Dell corded mouse for the time being, until I can determine if the MX700 is salvageable.

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I'm working in Access 2000. I created a database in which you select a course number and the course name automatically appears in the "course name" box. I created this database but cannot for the life of me figure out how I did that.

Now I need to do it again...I've looked at the properties of the fields in the form and everything, and cannot find where you point it to fill in one field based on a another.

Can anyone help me with this?


A:Access2000 -Automatically fill in fields based on a selection

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Good evening,

was trying to find a piece of VBA code online for the following problem, found pieces for some single aspects, but cannot make it work. Have excel and word 2013.

I have a excel spreadsheets which is my master database. Every row (90 in total) lists one data set with up to 40 columns, but I will not need all informations. The first colum has a checkbox which I would like to use to chose which data set to work on to populate the word doc (working with multiple ticked would be great as well).

In addition I have multiple word documents, where I added text form fields which should then be filled with the informations from the excel sheet (I will not need all 40 columns for every word doc).

The code needs:

(1) To open the correct word document

(2) Fill in automatically the present date at a defined location in the word doc styled Jan 31st, 2018 with the correct st, nd or th.

(3) Fill in the specified data in the text form fields

(4) One column in my spreadsheet is a drop down menu, is there a difference if this content is transfered to the text form field?

(5) Some of the cells in the excel may be empty, how to make sure the transfer is not hicking-up?

(6) Save for every data set ticked a document (word and pdf) in a distinct location with some information from the data set contained in the name of the file.

I would be so greatful, If one of you can help here, guess for you this is done in a split of a minute...


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Hi all,

I?m really in need of some help from some Access experts! I?m a newbie to Access, but I got myself busy with quite a big project... I?m trying to map out the product supply to shops in the whole country. I?ve come quite far for a starter, but I keep having 3 questions, it would be great if you could help me with this!

I have, amongst other tables, two tables called Stock_counted and Reported_quantity.

The table Stock_counted has the following fields:
- Shop_number
- Product_code
- Quantity_counted

The table Reported_quantity has the following fields:
- Shop_number
- Product_code
- Quantity_in
- Quantity_lost_or_returned
- Quantity_out

1. What I would like to do is to make it one table based on Shop_number AND Product_code. So in one record I would like to have Shop_number, Product_code, Quantity_in, Quantity_lost_or_returned, Quantity_out and Quantity_counted. How do I do this, making sure that the quantities end up behind the right product and shop? It is possible that some shops don?t have all items, while other shops might not have all products reported, or both. On top of that, I have another table with a price for each product, which needs to be related to it as well.

2. It happens that some products are found more than once in one specific shop and therefore appear more than once in the table, with the same shop number and product code. How do I automatically SUM these quantities, so that this product only shows up once per shop?

3.... Read more

A:How to combine fields in Access 2010 based on 2 equal fields?

Quote: Originally Posted by Josephine87

2. It happens that some products are found more than once in one specific shop and therefore appear more than once in the table, with the same shop number and product code. How do I automatically SUM these quantities, so that this product only shows up once per shop?

select shop, product, sum(quantityfield1), sum(quantityfield2)
from sometable
group by shop, product

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I'm running WinXP Pro w/ IE 6.0, SP1. I use the auto complete/auto fill-in for easy entry to common form submissions. I like it and use it a lot. What I would like to know is - What can I do about old submission? Every time I use the down arrow to select the proper entry, there's a whole bunch of older things that were entered in that frame from a lon time ago. (i.e for email, there's a listing for [email protected], that I used for a spoof). How can I remove JUST THE OLD ONES? I want to keep the cookies active and use what is my normal (80%ish) of the time entries. I looked in MS knowledgebase but it just talked about clearing history and cookies. I know that, I just want to clear SOME entries. Thanks in advance for your help on this matter.


A:IE 6.0 & auto-complete/auto fill-in


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How do I disable auto-fill in Bing, Google and MSN.com? Thank you

A:Auto Fill

It would probably help if we knew what web browser you are using...

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Is there an addon to auto fill forms ect.???For Firefox 3.6

A:FF3.6 auto fill

Quote: Originally Posted by scouse6

Is there an addon to auto fill forms ect.???For Firefox 3.6

I use the one that comes as part of Google Toolbar. You can have multiple profiles, which is handy, though it sometimes get mixed up with things like UK post codes and US zip codes. On the whole, it's pretty useful

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I need to know how to complete/edit auto fill on google. I just installed firefox.

A:Auto Fill


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I have Windows 7. I use yahoo and fire fox. I had auto complete...auto-fill...but now it's gone. How do I get it back?

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Auto Fill-In

How do I erase some items that show when I am filling out a sweeps form etc?

I have old zip codes I want to delete etc.

How do I delete ones with wrong spellings etc ?
Or do I need to delete all?

A:Auto Fill-In

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How do I erase some items that pop-up when I am filling out a sweeps form etc?

I have old zip codes I want to delete etc.

A:Auto Fill-In ?

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I cant get the auto fill to work on my computer? I think I have all of the settings set but it wont work.(Moderator edit: thread moved to more appropriate forum. jgw)

A:Auto Fill

Is this problem with a browser autofill?

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Hi there,
I'm looking for some help (actually a lot) in form letters auto fill in word, here is what I need to achieve.

I have a standard letter that I send out, It's not a mailing list but rather a lot of clients most one off's.
I have seen macros where when loading a document, pop-up windows comes up and asks for details (name, address, or whatever) when the steps are finished it would load the standard letter template, fill in the blanks with the details entered in the pop-up screens and be ready to be printed or e-mailed.
Is there a tutorial somewhere that cover this or if someone could help I would really appreciate.

( Using Word 2007 )


A:Help with form auto fill

Just google "Microsoft Word Form Fields" and you should get plenty of hits. Here is a VBA solution that I provided to someone previously in the forums that sounds like it is similar to what you want. Take a look and see if this is similar to what you want and I can modify the code to suit your needs.


You may also want to search the net for how to do a mail merge since this sounds similar to what you want as well.


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can you provide me a link to download good auto fill software free

A:Auto fill software

Ummmmmm, for what?

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I want to use something other than Robo form. Any free download suggestions?

A:Best Auto fill for free

LastPass: https://lastpass.com/

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How can I activate the setting for auto fill in on Windows 2000?
I could also ask that question foe Windows XP.


A:Auto Fill - How to Turn It On?

do you mean autocomplete ? If so then open internet explorer and click /tools / options / content / autocomplete

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Folks just put outlook on the boss' laptop, he was using Outlook express, he's also not very technical.

So naturally he still prefers express. Primarily because when you type in the "To" field express auto fills the name as you type.

Whereas is Outlook you press the icon and it gives you a list to choose from.

Anyone know how to get an auto fill working on Outlook like it does in Express?

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My old WIN98 PC auto-fills the fields on certain web sites when I enter the first character of the string (except for passwords). I can't remember whether or how I made it do that. I would like to set up my new WIN XP PC to do it but so far can't determine how. I think it's asking whether I want it to save passwords but I don't. Searches for auto-fill and autofill in the MS knowledge bases produce no results.

A:Windows Auto-Fill

Go to "Control Panel"> Internet Options>Content> Auto Complete
and check what you want it to do. Have a good day.

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I need help with some code for an e-commerce site, this is what I am after:
the buyer goes through the shopping cart stage, he/she has paid for the service, as soon as the payment has been received, I want the upload page to appear, which has been set out like a form to be already filled in with the customers details and the only thing he/she has to do is to upload the photos.
Hope this is the right forum for this question


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Hello, I am attempting to fill a range with a formula based upon formula in a spreadsheet. I think that the 'range' function will be useful, but I am at a loss as to how to declare the range and use it in code. I able to select the last month, but I do not know how to write the code to fill in the formula to the end of the data. I have attached a test srpeadsheet. The added month numbers are used to update a chart on another tab of the workbook, using countifs...

Any help would be appreciated.
Range("k55000").End(xlUp).Select ' select last month number
End Sub


A:Auto fill certain range


See if this code helps you.

Sub Fill_Down()
Dim Dlrow As Long, Mlrow As Long
''' get new data last row
Dlrow = Sheets("sel last date - fiill range").Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row
''' get Month last row
Mlrow = Sheets("sel last date - fiill range").Range("G65536").End(xlUp).Row
''' now fill down ''
Range("G" & Mlrow & ":G" & Dlrow).FillDown
End Sub

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I have win 7 with Firefox as my browser. When I go to yahoo Mail and type in my email address it list all my pervious email that I have went to. (I have several)
how can I delete them from auto filling where they are stored or save to

A:How to delete auto fill

That's controlled through the browser's own settings. In the menu bar>Tools>Options open up the Privacy tab and simply change the "remember history" item to the "never remember history" alternate from the dropdown list of choices. That should remedy that for you.

Note how that looks in the image here.

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By auto-fill I am referring to the pop-up box that asks "Do you want IE to remember this user name and password?".
It's a great feature but it only appears once in a while and never when I want it.
Is there a way to call up this device? On demand?

A:Auto-fill question

This is related to the 'cookies' dropped on your hard drive when you are visiting sites. 'Tools' 'Options' 'Security' in Firefox is where you set it to 'Remember passwords for sites'. Other browser have the same tool.

Thing is though that some web sites, mainly those where the address starts with 'https' delete their cookies when you exit the site. So those usernames and passwords aren't saved. Sites like your broker or your bank and other secure institutions.

Are those types of sites where it's not filling in the blanks for you? Or is it more general?

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Good Day,

I am creating a template to be used in our operating procedures. I currently use the Autofill to about 200 rows to ensure that I capture all the fluctuation in the amount of data which are entered daily. Is there a macro I can write that will auto fill to the last row which has data? Instead of me updating the Range each time or putting in excess rows, etc. eg.


Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("H6:H200")


A:Solved: Auto fill to last row with value

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Win XP, iE 6.0. You know that white drop down list that comes up when you have a field to be filled (like in the search field on eBay)? I was wondering if there was a way to either edit that list or completely clear it.

I tried deleting my history, deleting my cookies, clearing the cash and none of that effects these lists. But this info must be stored somewhere.

Any help is always appreciated. I know you guys won't let me down, you haven't yet!


A:Auto Fill Editable???

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Hi. I am a lawyer and often fill out the same forms for various clients. Is there a system where I can put in a name or use a shortcut to input all the details for my individual clients into these forms.

For Example...

If there is a form where I need to put the case number, client name, address, and phone number in each time I complete it for a new client, I want to be able to open the document, somehow indicate which client it is for (from some sort of database that has all the info), and then all the information is then automatically filled into the correct areas. Is there anyway I can do that? Any software or program? Please help!


Operating System: Windows Vista

A:Auto-Fill Documents

Hi LaLey, welcome to TSG.

What format are the forms in? Is it Microsoft Word? If so, you can use a mail merge to autofill the information. What version of Word are you using?

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You know how you type in searches and ie automatically saves your entry so that you don't have to type same thing next time? Well, my drop down is very long. Is there a way to clear out everything and start over? Thanks.

A:clearing auto fill

From IE help

To delete Autocomplete entries from the Address bar list

The AutoComplete feature saves previous entries you've made for Web addresses, forms, and passwords. To delete entries from the Address bar, you must clear your History folder. You cannot clear individual entries from the list of saved entries.

On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options.
Click the General tab.
Under History, click Clear History. Click to expand...

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I am using mocrosoft internet explorer 7 and i want to change some information in the auto fill or auto complete function

A:Auto fill feature

Tools/ internet options/ content tab/ auto complete

You can erase all auto completes by unchecking , and deleting history in the
general tab.

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Hey, can anyone tell me where the "file(s)" for the auto fill option are located? I'm running 2000.

A:Auto line fill

They are in the registry, Why

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Is there supposed to be an Auto Fill button in Internet Explorer 7. I see the chevron arrows but no button like there is in Mozilla Firefox. Attachments.

A:Auto Fill button

there is no internet explorer 7.1 and no autofill button

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I got a form A and a subform B. I use B to display data retrieved from a table while use B to simutaneously update that data. More particularly, if I click a row in B, that row will be display on A and the user will be able to edit that data. The forms were designed by someone in MS Access 97. I converted it to MS Access 2003 format. Therefore, I have to link form A and form B. However, I couldn't find Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields in MS Access 2003!

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

A:Link Child Fields and Link Master Fields in MS Access 2003

climbingrose said:


I got a form A and a subform B. I use B to display data retrieved from a table while use B to simutaneously update that data. More particularly, if I click a row in B, that row will be display on A and the user will be able to edit that data. The forms were designed by someone in MS Access 97. I converted it to MS Access 2003 format. Therefore, I have to link form A and form B. However, I couldn't find Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields in MS Access 2003!

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!Click to expand...

It really sounds like form A and subform B are both using the same table, and are not a Master/Child field link situation. But rather, form B (the subform) will have code in the "On Current" event that will find the current record on the form B within the form A, therefore allowing that record to be edited. Review your original post, I think you used the "B" one place where you meant to say "A". No matter what, you need to clear up with us out here if both form A and form B are using the same table.


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I am used to typing in just the main part of a URL, then click ctrl-shift-enter together after highlight the address bar. IE will automatically fill http://www and .com.

Recently, however, after downloading a software from a Chinese site, the aforementioned operation will only bring up the Chjinese search engine, Baidu.com.

e.g., gype google, then either perform the aforementioned steps or simply hit the enter key, that is what I will get:


Any suggestions for getting rid of this bug?


A:web address auto fill hijacked

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My sister and her husband work for the same company. My sister is listed in my email list with her work address. One time she sent an email from her husband's work computer. Now when I put in her name, her husband's work email address fills in. I have tried searching for the email from his address, but it is already deleted. I tried deleting her contact detail and reentering it, but his still shows up.
Hope someone can help me. Thanks

A:Yahoo auto fill problem

In Internet Explorer, Tools - Internet Options - General - Clear History
See if that helps?

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Hi everyone,

I don't know the techinical term for this, but I'm referring to in the blank part you enter the web address on IE...lets say you want to goto yahoo.com, so you type "ya" only, and it fills in the rest "yahoo.com" to click. Well, I need to know if there's a way to disable that. The reason is, I'm using the internet to research diamonds for an engagement ring for my girlfriend. We live together, and she uses the same computer as I do. I'm afraid one of those sites will come up in the browser accidentally and tip her off I'm looking. Can anyone help me out with this?? Thanks!

A:How can I disable auto word-fill on IE?


Go to Tools | internet Options. Content tab. Autocomplete. Clear Forms. You may also want to uncheck Web addresses User Names if you want.

Also, to clear the history, go to the General tab and clear History.



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How do you make changes in auto-fill in windows = if you have misspelled a name & want to delete it?

A:How make changes in auto-fill in windows

Double click on a box where the incorrect entry shows. That will open the drop-down list with all the entries on it. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select the entry (entries) you want to delete and the delete key on the keyboard to delete it (them).

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