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Twitter account link removed but Twitter contacts remain in People app

Q: Twitter account link removed but Twitter contacts remain in People app

When I first installed Windows 8 I used my Live account to log in and linked it to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.
My Facebook friends and everyone I follow on Twitter then appeared as contacts in my People app
I have since removed the link to both Twitter and Facebook accounts.
All my Facebook friends have been removed from the People app but the Twitter contacts still appear there.
There is no Delete option. How do I remove them?

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Preferred Solution: Twitter account link removed but Twitter contacts remain in People app

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Twitter Is Inviting Users to Become ?Twitter Insiders? to Shape Its Direction

Twitter has retained a research firm to support a new program called Twitter Insiders, Motherboard learned earlier today, which is described as an ?exclusive community? where these select users will play a ?leading role in making the platform better for brands.?

I received an invitation to join this secret society earlier today, after noticing a tweet in my personal timeline asking if I was interested. Of course I said yes.

Twitter pitches Insiders as being a community where you?re able to share ?thought-provoking discussions with like-minded people? and ?debate? how you use Twitter services like Periscope, Vine, & Moments,? the curated tweets featured that launched in October 2015.

Read more: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/twi...urce=mbtwitter

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I've tried authorizing People and Messenger to connect with Facebook and Twitter several times. It finishes the connection authorization and tells me that it may take a few minutes for the changes to take place. The changes never took place. It authorizes each time but never really connects. Any Suggestions on getting this work?

A:People and Messenger wont Connect to Facebook and Twitter.


I wouldn't be surprised that it has to do with your region/geography and that this functionality is not enabled or something.

Are there any type of error messages or clues like that?

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The thing that drives me nuts about the metro apps is that most of them offer less functionality than a regular ol desktop app.
Case in point-
On the desktop twitter app if I copy a link and want to @ people as soon as I type the first couple letters it gives me suggestions. Not with the metro app.
It seems like they're all just stripped down versions of more powerful desktop apps. So why would anyone want less functionality?

I'm trying to make sense of it.

A:Metro Twitter App Vs Desktop Twitter App

I haven't tried the metro twitter app, I have used the desktop twitter app all the times. I think it very convenient for me.

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I am a mother with limited computer knowledge. My daughter is a computer addict. She is not allowed on the internet at all. Last night I caught her on my cell phone. She said she was looking at pictures. This morning I get an email from twitter saying I need to confirm a twitter account with her name on it. She says she hasn't been on this account in two years. If this were true, would I have gotten this email? I know this isn't exactly what your site is for. I am just desperate to know whether to believe her or not. Can you help me?

A:Twitter account

This morning I get an email from twitter saying I need to confirm a twitter account with her name on it.Click to expand...

sounds like she has setup the twitter account and now has the confirmation.
BUT if shes not allowed on the internet , not sure why she would setup in your email address.

How old is she ?

she could easily goto a library or possibly School PC - set it all up there

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How to deactivate my twitter account? I followed the search inx on the web nothing works.
please help.

A:How to deactivate Twitter account

From our friend Google
See https://help.twitter.com/en/managing-your-account/how-to-deactivate-twitter-account

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My twitter account is locked.
I didn't use a phone number or an email when i created the account back in 2015.

My password is still working but i can't access my home page or anything else (locked) until i restore the account using email or phone number
Anyone can help with that ?

A:Twitter account locked

well if your password is still working... then try this https://help.twitter.com/forms/signin

Other than Twitter, there's nothing we can do.

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For the last 2 weeks my Twitter account has been suspended without any explanation. I've been a member for almost 3 years and never had any problems. I filled a complain but nobody is telling me anything.They just gave me a ticket number. How long suspension is gonna last, what did I do wrong.....? Nothing. If any of you had a similar experience I would be very grateful to hear some useful advice. I didn't open another account (yet) because I would like to know are there any other methods to solve this problem? Writing to their "support" team again, is certainly not one of them.

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I use Twitter only once a year for a few days, to send tweets to parents at my school while we're all on a 3-day field trip.

I have last year's account, but it still has all last year's followers and I can't delete them; Twitter is so frustrating- I don't want to block them, I want them gone, so we'll have only the current crop of parents following. I just finished clearing dozens of last year's tweets, one by one(!), and now I'm stymied. I would be happy to just dump the account and start a new one.....what should I do? Any advice appreciated!

A:Solved: Twitter- how do I clear all followers or start new account?

Useful info here on deactivating a Twitter account, but also seems to allow making user name & email available for future use. http://support.twitter.com/forums/10711/entries/15358#

Hope this helps?

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Enable the HTTPS Setting in Your Twitter Account Now for Improved Security.

Reference: Making Twitter more secure: HTTPS.Click to expand...

-- Tom

A:Enable the HTTPS Setting in Your Twitter Account Now for Improved Security

Good Read

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I used to have a Windows phone and attached my Facebook account to the Windows phone on my Microsoft Live account. I have since gotten rid of my Windows phone but then afterwards I permanently deleted my Facebook account. I bought a new pc with Windows 8.1 and logged in with my Microsoft Live account and saw that it kept all of my old contacts from Facebook and there is no way to delete them since I no longer have a Facebook account to delete them.

Is there a way to delete contacts that are associated with Facebook if I no longer have a Facebook account? I have an Xbox Live account associated with my Microsoft Live account so I do not want to delete my Microsoft Live account. Is there any way to delete my contacts without having to delete my Microsoft Live account?

A:Deleted Facebook Account Cannot Delete People Contacts

Hello Max, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Check using the tutorial below to remove your Facebook account from your People app. This will remove all Facebook contacts from your People app.

People App Accounts - Add or Remove in Windows 8

In addition, you can also manually remove any unwanted contacts in your People app as well.

People App Contacts - Delete in Windows 8

For your Microsoft account, see if the tutorial below to remove web service accounts from it will do the trick.

Microsoft Account - Add or Remove Web Service Accounts
Hope this helps for now,

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hi i have a twitter account right and i want to put it onto my phone but to do it i need my password and email. unfortunately i dont know my password and i no longer have access to the email address that i started with. is there any way to keep the account but change the email address and password

A:twitter help


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Q: twitter

hi there i have a prob wiht my twitter since sat i believe that acidently in my account settings another e-mail was setup which is not mine. how can i i make changes how can i acess my account again ???


having prob with my twitter account i believe that in my account settings another e-mail got set how can i change i can i long in back to my account with my eamil

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Need help demand Twitter to send me a password link to my phone

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The fonts sizes of tweets that I post don't remain the same, despite that I check it on MS word about type and size, but when posted/copied, they are not the same?

Any suggestions?



This link is for resetting font on chrome


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New Version of Twitter ready for download and update for anyone interested in windows store

A:Twitter App

Since you speak of this, mine disappeared today in my Start Menu i had to re-pin it again. Wonder if this was part of it, usually apps update through the Windows Store app.

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dont know if right forum or if anyone can help here but I've been locked out of twitter for a year and it requires a new password but no link provided works, nothing in their help forum works and there's no way to contact a human for help. I've emailed 100's of email and always get the same automated responses and none of the work. Can anyone help? Thanks

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Hi guys,

three weeks ago i opened my first twitter account, during the time of registration i opted to make my account a public one. and if i searched my name on search engines like Google, i would see my profile listed among the top results. three days later i changed my account to be a private one . may account continued to be a private one for a week and then i decided to revert back to a public account, a week ago. The thing is if i my name on Google, my profile is not listed. what can i do to make it listed on these results?

looking forward to hearing from you!


A:Help with twitter

Well if you have made your account public again, simply visit any social bookmarking website like digg and bookmark your twitter URL. It will get reindexed again. Or you can simply visit a web directory and list your twitter URL. Basically as soon as Google reindexes your URL it will be back up for your name in the search results.

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Q: Twitter

I cannot upload jpeg photos from my files for use with a tweet. I can compose and tweet messages using letters and numbers, but I cannot upload photos, even when I can locate them in my files while on my Twitter page.

There are other problems as well. For example, I cannot send direct tweets, and I cannot open a compose window from the pages of another person. Further, the Tweet button and compose field are now colored red instead of the usual black or blue.

I have tried using a different browser (Internet Explorer vs Chrome) and a different desktop (PC vs Mac), but I am experiencing the same problems.

All this began after Twitter announced its extended character experiment on Sept. 20. Are these problems experiment-related?

I am calling my problems Twitter Jitters. Are others experiencing similar problems? What is the fix?

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OK I've been holding out using Twitter as long as I can, but it looks like I'm going to have to fully give in since it's an important tool for my website and there's people on there that I want to follow. I've actually had an account for quite some time, but I wonder if there is some setting that needs to be on or something. In other words, for example when George Lucas tweets (and he is on my following list) that I would be notified by email? I've looked and looked for a setting to make that happen, but just have not gotten anywhere, so I just end up signing in everyday and checking out what people say. I've also tried some of those Twitter apps that you can one-click from the system tray, and things like that. So I'm listening for ideas?

A:Need Twitter help

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I have a problem that I have not been able to solve. When I try to create a Tweet, if I type in a URL it starts generating bogus "pictures". It'll create about 5, then say I have to remove one before continuing. If I remove one, another is immediately generated. These are not real pictures. They have bogus file names. I can't tell if it's a Twitter problem, or a problem with my computer. I have run several antivirus and malware programs and none of them has found anything. Looking for suggestions. 

A:Need help with Twitter

I really think you would be better looking on the twitter forums for help with this. Google 'twitter forums' or 'forums on twitter' and take your pick.
Chris Cosgrove

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I do not know if this is ok to ask here so if it is not the right place you can Delete it.
I just Joined Twitter and I know how to Fallow somebody.
And untill they Fallow you back you can not send them a Direct Massage.
But you can still go on there Home Page and click the Gear icone next to where it tells you that you are Fallowing them.
Then a list comes down and it will say send a Tweet to them.
So I do and I thought they will see it and Tweet me back?
But they are Relpying to other people but not me.
I think I am not useing it right or they can not see my Tweets.
Does anybody here use Twitter?

A:Twitter help

To reply to someone you need to click the symbol under their tweet. If you see the square arrows that is for retweet, the reply is like a curved arrow.

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I have a twitter account that I haven't used in 7months+, so I was thinking after seeing the plant that can tweet it's status live (mostly about watering status). I wanted to make my PC send it's up time and current status (Temps, HDD free space and fan speeds) live to twitter eather On a timer or If someone asks it tr something simaliar to this

Anyone know how I might do this?

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it seems weird

if you create an account it had two names pop up -one on my msn list and one from a forum where they had my email

so if you dont want past friends id say get a new email

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I do not know if this is the right place to ask this so just know I am not trying to Miss Use this WebSite.
I have wached a lot of videos on YouTube about Twitter and I jut Joined.
I am Fallowing one of the Actresses on the AMC TV Show The Walking Dead.
Now I know people Tweet them and they reply to them and so on.
So I am Fallowing this Actress and I gave her a Tweet but I do not know if I am doing it right because.
When you Log Into Twitter on your Home screen how do you see if anyone replyed to your Tweet?
Do you have to go back to there Home Page and lookup the Tweet you gave them?
Thanks for the help.

A:Twitter help

Hi biferi. Welcome to BC! 
The @Home page shows your 'feed' and all the tweets of the people you follow.
Yes, you should see the tweet from the actress in your feed. 
Just FYI, because of the large amount of followers and popularity of celebrities, if a celebrity were to tweet to you or even retweet one of your tweets, you will definitely know it. The fans that follow the celebrity will start to tweet to you and Retweet (RT) the celebrity tweet, so you would see many replies and tweets in your feed....just the nature of fans and how twitter works. 
It is generally very hard to get a reply or a retweet from a celebrity. This is because they sometimes have millions of followers. That means that what THEY see in their feed is hundreds and hundreds of tweets to them by the minute, they would not have time to read all of them.
You should definitely keep trying and keep tweeting to them. 
Twitter will also suggest other similar people or fans for you to start following, and you can connect with others who share your interest that way. 
You can also see activity for your account my clicking on @Connect next to the @Home button. @Connect will display things like new followers or people who have favorited or retweeted one of your tweets. 
You also should check your settings to make sure you will receive an email notification whenever someone tweets to you.  Under settings is email notifications... Read more

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I am suddenly unable to access twitter and a couple other sites from Firefox 4....all I get is a blank page. I've not changed any settings or added anything new(such as noscript) I CAN however access the pages I'm having trouble with using chrome and opera, but Firefox is my default browser. I also have an account with "depositfiles" and when a captcha page pops up the same thing happens. Here again....no problems using other browsers.

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I recently moved home from univeristy, and on trying to load up twitter, was told it didn't work. ("Internet Explorer cannot display the page") About 6 weeks later this is still the case, although it has loaded fleetingly for say, a few hours, but won't stay like that. It will just 'load' for about 3-4 minutes on a white screen, then go to the above message.

At home I have a wireless network that my family use, and they can access twitter just fine on thier laptops, and indeed, I can connect too when I use my laptop on works wireless, or even when I connect back to the university VPN. It really does seem to be just my laptop, on just this network. How can I make twitter load?!!!

I'm using IE8, but the same problem occurs in Chrome. I have already tried deleating cookies, temp internet files, history, checking for all the updates, and checking twitters own help service. I'm running Windows 7 SP1 if that makes any difference to anything.

I'd really appreciate any help in solving this irritating issue

A:Twitter loading HELP!

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Ok....I've used Twitter before but not for awhile, and it's confusing the heck out of me right now. Please let me know if/what I'm doing wrong:

I had an old account, but I deactivated it tonight. I established a new account on gmail, which was [email protected] That's what I assume is the Twitter address.

My username is such and [email protected] such and such. I've tested the account by tweeting both from the computer and also from my Android. The tweets show up instantly on both devices. However, I asked a friend to try to tweet, and to try to receive my practice tweets, and she says it doesn't work. Nothing shows up under the search.

I search on Twitter for myself, and nothing comes up; it just says "nothing found."

can someone please just tell me how to get ground zero here? That is, how to get others to sign up for these tweets? And why my name won't turn up under search? And....IS the account number the [email protected]??

Thanks in advance....Twitter really confused me.

A:Need basic Twitter help!

And fwiw: the account is for a 3-day school field trip. If it would help the troublshooting to list the actual name of the account I can do that.

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I am using os x 10.8.5 .i clicked on twitter in safari and it is showing a mobile form of twitter.
what should i do?

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I know a lot of you guys don't like social media, but at this time I need it.  That being said-I have an unknown follower on twitter.  Why would someone that I don't know follow me?  I can only guess for nefarious reasons.  Any advice would be of great help as I have been lucky so far with my poor security habits.  Really, I try to be careful and read as much as possible but still don't get a lot of it.

A:Twitter Follower

You're making a lot of assumptions. I suggest that you go into settings and change your account to private. And if you're concerned about someone following you, you can block him. I get all kinds of people following me that I don't know. I just look at the account to find out more about it and see what the activity is. If the account doesn't interest me or I think it's spam, I don't follow it back. Most of these accounts are harmless follower trolls. So if I don't follow them back, they usually unfollow me in due course. I use an app to keep track of that. Unless you click on a link, you can't catch anything from Twitter. One thing to be concerned about is random spam Tweets. I got a couple recently telling me I won a prize. If I had clicked on the link, I would have been infected. I reported both to Twitter and even if the accounts aren't suspended, both are blocked. I have two other rules. I never follow a private account and anyone who uses something like #TeamFollowBack doesn't get a follow from me. Too much spam from those kind of accounts. And when I called a guy out about #TeamFollowBack, he blocked me...lol. They're looking for suckers.

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I have been having on and off again problems with twitter. I follow someone from the Ukraine and all her tweets are not in English. Therefore I rely on the link normally shown on her tweets to translate to English.
Once in a while that link is not there and I have to use Google translate to translate them. Twitter says to just check on "privacy and security" to translate tweets. But that is not on my profile settings. Can anyone help??

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First, if there is a better forum to post this question, please let me know.

Suddenly, I am no longer able to access Twitter, not just my account, but all of Twitter.

This is happening in both Chrome and Firefox.

Two things happened recently:

I am only a user of the Internet service. The owner installed a new router or service, not sure which, and it's been blocking other sites. I believe it's called CleanRouter, at least, that's what appears instead of the website being blocked. I believe the service uses keywords to block sites.

The 2nd recent change is the most recent Win 10 update.

I'm able to access the other social media sites I use almost everyday: Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +.

I can access Twitter on my Mobile phone (Android).

What should/can I do?

A:Cannot access Twitter

The owner installed a new router or service, not sure which, and it's been blocking other sites.Click to expand...

These are the key words. You need to speak with the owner to find out if they're filtering out requests for the Twitter servers.

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sometime i need to add name to someone in twitter to recognize him .....

is that possible and how

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the official native Twitter app is out for Windows 8/RT. check it out:
Twitter app for Windows in the Windows Store

Twitter for Windows 8 now available in the Windows Store

but if you want an alternative Twitter app, check out MetroTwit:
MetroTwit app for Windows in the Windows Store

A:official Twitter app is out

Nicely executed, but not impressed with the features. I really like and use MetroTwit.

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I am having trouble with my twitter app, Yorufukurou. Everything was working fine one day, and the next it says "Preparing"... and stays like that the whole time. It also says "API Limit: 0" at the bottom. I am using an iMac with OSX 10.5.8 therefore I am unable to upgrade the app, however I was fine using the older version. I tried re-installing the app, but it did not change anything. I don't understand what happened from one day to the next. The problem has been persisting for about two months now.
Any idea how I can fix this? It's the best twitter app i found so far and I am having trouble finding a new one that is compatible with my operating system, therefore I would prefer to fix this app.


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Hi all. Just need some verification again lol. I hadn't logged into Twitter for a while and when I logged out, I found that the 'logout' page had changed. It used to be 'Now go mobile' with pics of all the phones/tablets you could Twitter on. The page I got was 'Take twitter with you' in black letters. Below that was 'New feature...now it's easier to keep up with conversations on twitter' in blue letter with a big blue screen next to it and below thatwas the 'Mobile apps for every device' with pictures in blue also. Could anyone tell me if this is a new log out page? The url is https: //about.twitter.com/products?Logged_out=1[on a Chrome browser. Sorry to be a pain, just like to check up on changes! Thanks.


A:New Twitter log out page?

It's possible they have changed it to promote using Twitter for cell phones.

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For some reason now everytime I go to visit twitter.com on my laptop it is not working properly. It is only for this site and only seems to be an issue on my computer. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling firefox as well as using internet explorer but I got the same results. I havn't made any changes to my privacy settings either. I am able to connect to the site but nothing loads up. I tried today at work and it worked fine. It just started happening last night so I thought the site might just be down or something but the fact that I could view everything at work and not when I get home is weird. Again...this is the only site I've noticed this issue. This is all I get:

Search query

Verified account @

Language: English
Bahasa IndonesiaBahasa MelayuDanskDeutschEnglishUKEspa?olEuskaraFilipinoGalegoItalianoLOLCATZMagyarNederlandsNorskPolskiPortugu?sSuomiSvenskaT?rk?ecatal?fran?aisrom?năČe?tinaΕλληνικάРусскийУкраїнська &... Read more

A:Why can't I visit twitter.com? Please help!

That looks like a mobile site, whats the url say?

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Can anyone give me some helpful tips on how to fix this problem. I am having difficulty in logging in to my Facebook and Twitter account using my Chrome browser? When I try to log-in it won't accept my log-in details. I made sure that my log-in information are correct using another browser and it did go through... I hope anyone can give some advice! I would really appreciate it!

A:I cannot log-in to Facebook and Twitter using my


I would start with deleting your cookies and cache and see if that helps. If that doesn't help then you can have a look at your saved passwords and see if it saved it differently or delete the saved entry and enter it agian. If either of those don't work I can come up with something else to try.


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Hi All,

Trying to capture a reference machine using sccm. Windows 10 Education

Once I run the wizard, sysprep fails to run.

Error message from sysprep log below and appears to fail on the twitter app.

Now, there is no app on the start button, only arrows so there's no app to uninstall. If I look at Settings-System - Apps and Features it's not listed there either. Running powershell only diplays MS apps.

Any ideas?


o SYSPRP === Beginning of a new sysprep run ===
2016-11-30 11:00:36, Info SYSPRP ========================================================
2016-11-30 11:00:36, Info [0x0f004d] SYSPRP The time is now 2016-11-30 11:00:36
2016-11-30 11:00:36, Info [0x0f004e] SYSPRP Initialized SysPrep log at C:\WINDOWS\system32\sysprep\Panther
2016-11-30 11:00:36, Info [0x0f0054] SYSPRP ValidateUser:User has required privileges to sysprep machine
2016-11-30 11:00:36, Info [0x0f007e] SYSPRP FCreateTagFile:Tag file C:\WINDOWS\system32\sysprep\Sysprep_succeeded.tag does not already exist, no need to delete anything
2016-11-30 11:00:36, Info [0x0f005f] SYSPRP ParseCommands:Found supported command line option 'QUIET'
2016-11-30 11:00:36, Info [0x0f005f] SYSPRP ParseCommands:Found supported command line option 'GENERALIZE'
2016-11-30 11:00:36, Info [0x0f005f] SYSPRP ParseCommands:Found supported command line option 'OOBE'
2016-11-30 11:00:36, In... Read more

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I was on twitter when I got the BSOD. I've gotten this multiple times before and I assumed it was the same as always. Old display driver that needed updating. So I used the auto detect utility from the amd website to make sure my display driver is still updated. It says it is so I decided to go to the amd website to make sure my auto detect utility is updated. Last update is 9/2/2015 so I don't know what to make of it unless my display driver is corrupted and needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled. Although maybe this time it isn't the the display driver but I wouldn't be surprised if it was. If it is because I have an old display driver, is there another and better place where I can download the auto detect utility that's more accurate and updated? I don't know exactly how to find the appropriate display myself because I know there's many different kinds even for Windows 8.1 and I don't want to select the wrong kind. That's why I use auto detect. September seems like a long time ago and too long to not update.

Anyway here's the info attached for analysis. Thanks.

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Could you suggest me some twitter client with tweetmarker?
Thanks and sorry for my english!

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I been using tweetdeck from the beginning and as you know tweetdeck is shutting it down. Are their any good alternatives?

A:Twitter for windows 7

I did not use twitter but a quick Google search turned up this Lost without TweetDeck? Try these alternatives | The Download Blog - CNET Download.com


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Whenever I am composing a Tweet the backspace key takes me to the top of the webpage. Why? How to fix it? It is happening with both Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.

A:Twitter Troubles

Howdy and welcome. I'm going to move this to 'all other software' as it's not really tech news.



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I'm running Windows 7 x64 & IE 8.
When visiting twitter.com I'm having no issues. However, when I go to the preview for the 'New' twitter.com, only the top banner loads. This same issue happens on my brewing clubs website at http://www.ccarhomebrewclub.com/.

I have tried upgrading to IE 9 Beta, but the problem follows me. I have also tried accessing both of these sites on another machine running XP SP3 & IE 8 -- same issue.

Both websites render fine in Mozilla Firefox.

I googled the issue with Twitter and I found their support forum with dozens of folks reporting this problem. No responses on how to fix it, however.

These sites worked fine recently. Was there some new secuirty fix that has caused this issue? Anyone?



A:IE8 & New Twitter Site

Welcome to TSF

Possibly an add-on or update. It seems to be an IE8 issue. Nothing we can do until it gets fixed by Microsoft or Twitter if its on Twitters end. Did you try Compatibility View?

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i dont even understand how twitter works really ...

who am i posting my news feeds too ? only my followers ?

how can you reach more people? or get more followers ?

A:How does twitter work ?

If your profile is not set to private then, theoretically, you are posting to the whole world.

You can gain more followers by doing the following:

1. posting quality tweets
2. marketing yourself

It does take time. I am on the brink of 400 followers and I've been a Twitter member for well over two years; having a popular blog *really* helps.

Additionally, you can reach more people by linking your Facebook, blog, website, et cetera to your Twitter account.
If you follow me, I'll help you out and follow you. .


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