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[SOLVED] Checking archive attribute on file with DOS

Q: [SOLVED] Checking archive attribute on file with DOS

Is it possible to check the archive attribute on a file with DOS?
I have a series of directories that need to have their files deleted once the archive attribute has been removed i.e. in Windows Explorer under the Attribute column the 'A' has disappeared.

How would one go about checking. I can gather a list of the file names in the directory. I assume that it would be the command

If not exist [archive attribute] (
delete file)
However I may be barking up the wrong tree.
Has anyone any experience with this?

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Checking archive attribute on file with DOS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Checking archive attribute on file with DOS

Hi Tigers!. . .

Welcome back to the Tech Support Forum!

I like that name "directories" - Good Stuff!

I may be missing something here, but why do you first ned to remove the -A attribute prior to deletion? Or are you trying to delete all files without the -A? If so ... what about -S, -H, etc...?

Regards. . .


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Several months ago I got a new laptop with Win 7 Pro SP1 64bit. I have done numerous backups on this machine but I've noticed that the file attribute 'archive bit' (a) is not being reset as it was on Win XP. (NOTE: backups were full backups not incremental or differential.)

Does Win 7 treat file attribute bits differently than XP?

I also have noticed that 7 displays various attribute bits that were not used in XP; where is there a description of all attribute bits?

A:File Attribute 'Archive' Bits not being reset

Are you on a homegroup by any chance?

I've read some MS answers that flat out say that the archive bit is no longer available in windows 7 (but I think they mean reliably usable rather than not available in the strict sense). To others saying that the homegroup networking is using it for it's own purposes (probably for it's own built in backup) and it interferes with other people/programs using it.

Personally I have not looked into it though.

I believe that the base "dos" attributes are the same as always though: Read Only, Archive, Hidden and System. Of course NTFS itself has (and has always had) a much more extensive access control system in place for all folders and files...

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Due to some virus my some files got hidden with System Files properties.
After I select option "Show Hidden Files and Folders" my files are shown only if I uncheck the "Hide protected operating system files" in Folder Option.

So how can I change properties of My Files to cancel Hidden option???

how to make my files attributes normal from System files??

A:Change System File Hidden attribute to Normal File attribute

Click Start->Run
type cmd

attrib -S C:\1.txt

attrib is keyword to set attribute
-S if for to remove System Attribute

For more info:

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I'm having a problem with the archive attribute on my Windows XP system. It's not getting updated after running a backup application. I've tried both Cobian and Acronis. Immediately after creating a full backup, the archive attribute is left unchanged. This means incremental backups don't work. I've tried manually clearing the attribute, but the problem just reoccurs immediately after running a backup.

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I just got my first Vista laptop, and am trying to figure out how to search for files with the Archive Attribute set. In XP, this was easy. I've loaded my apps, and want to clear all my archive bits before transferring all my data to minimize future incremental backups. I haven't been able to find anything on the web for this. Ideas?


A:How do I search for files with the Archive Attribute Set?

Type "cmd" in the search box (start menu). In the window that opens type (no quotes) "dir /s /a:a" and press enter. This will search and display any files that have the "a" attribute set in the current and sub directories. For example, if the root directory is "C:" the the command will show you all files on the C: partition that have the archive attribute set. If you are looking for a specific file then modify the command like this: "dir fred* /s /a:a" (substitute "fred" for whatever filename you want to search for).

You can also save the results to a text file by adding a redirect to the command like this: "dir fred* /s /a:a >attrib.txt" This will create a file called "attrib.txt" in the root directory of your drive (you will not see any output to the screen when doing this).

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Windows XP Pro.

I have a LinkStation 250GB network drive. When I use XCOPY to copy files from the drive, the files' archive attribute is not reset. This is not a problem when I use XCOPY to copy files from my PC's C: drive; in other words, the archive attribute IS reset.

A:XOPY doesn't reset archive attribute on NAS drive

I have gotten around the issue by replacing the /M option with the /D option, without using a date value for the /D option. This appears to do what I want, namely, only copy new and modified files.

Nonetheless, I still wonder why the /M option doesn't work.


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With any file management tool I've ever used that attempts to show the date/time of the last file access, all I ever see is the time I used the tool to view the last access time stamp. In other words, checking the last access time counts as an access. Duh! What good is that?

Is there any tool or trick to allow you to determine the last access date/time OTHER THAN the time you access the file to ask the question?

A:Solved: Last Access file date attribute worthless?

Never tried it but the AFIND function in a free forensic toolkit may work for you ...


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In Windows 7 (and Vista) - all files displayed show only the file name.
This is particularly noticeable with audio and image files - but I often have identical file names in different formats or sizes.
Is there a way to make the .wav or .mp3 etc suffix visible and more importantly - can I edit it and sort by type?

(At the moment I am reverting to an old laptop running XP where I can edit and sort things easily).

Many thanks,

A:File Manager - file attribute display and changing

Hi catstevecam and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes you can display the file extension. In explorer select Organize->Folder and search options. On the view tab uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.
If you right click on an empty area in a folder you can chose sort and grouping options. Type is one of these.

You can change the attributes of some file types (Music & Videos) in the properties details tab.

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I need to save some files regularly but want to keep a record of save history.
I'm okay with Word files because I can save versions but can't find anything to help me with Powerpoint files and Excel ones (and the Excel ones are shared so no history).
Is it possible to find this information on my machine or do I need to keep a manual record?
Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I have spent ages in help and trying to find an answer in google. I stumbled on this site by chance.

Is there a temporary file somewhere that will have at least the previous to current property details?

A:Solved: Checking when file was last saved

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Win 2K SP4. Whenever I save anything to Floppy or CD it is saved as Read only. This has only started recently when the laptop went back to head office for a short time. I have looked everywhere but can't find a setting/policy for this. Am I missing something? Your help would be greatly appreciated

A:File Attribute Problem

Is the file closed when you save it ?

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Hello to all and Happy New Year,

I have very strange problem, I have found virus on my USB stick which my Mcafee antivirus succesfully cleaned. However, there were a few files infected, which after they'd been cleaned, became hidden. I'm unbale to change that attribute in file's properties since it is gray. I don't know what to do. I have checked and I as an administartor of machine have rights to read and write atributes.
Is there any other way to change this "hidden" attribute?
I'm using Win XP professional.

A:Unable to change file's attribute

I managed to fix this. I found that antivirus somehow set attribute to these files as system files. I noticed that when I tried to remove hidden attribute by attrib command manually in cmd prompt.
So, command
attrib -s -h file_name.doc solve problem.
Only problem is I needed to repeat command 10 times, one for each file. I wonder if only I could do it for all automatically...

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What does this mean in Win 7 ?????

Thank You


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My families vista system got infected with malware(Antimalware doctor) and (as the computer had already been restarted twice by this point anyway) I elected to attempt to remove the offending files from safe mode. I deleted the registry keys first with relative success but had more trouble hunting down the offending files. In the end I found the filepath in a shortcut but found that the folders in question were hidden. After making the hidden files visible folder by folder for I while I decided to accelerate the process and told it to make all hidden files visible. As this was the case with my own computer, I didn't anticipate any problems but after a 3 min long "attribute change" suddenly all the files in the relevant users account had disappeared, rather than being joined by a few previously hidden folders.(In fact, aside from a previously open window, the account as a whole had disappeared). According to the windows accounts page, the account in question is still there and using a sizable chunk of hard disk space, but I can find no other evidence of it or the files.

My only two theories right now are :
1. Somehow I accidentally made all of the contents of the account be listed as hidden files - I consider this one very unlikely, as one vista dialogue(which I have used many times before) would probably not be capable of that effect.

2. Some self-defense action of the malware. The malware has already prevented use of the internet or the running of any progra... Read more

A:File disappearance post attribute change

MalwareBytes has a good reputation at removing these fake antivirus programs.


If it doesn't install or run in normal mode, try running it in Safe Mode.

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Hello everyone, I used windows server 2016 IIS to build an ftp server, but the time attributes of the stored files are all 8 hours away from my local time. How can I solve this problem?

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Hello guys,

Yes I know it is a silly question, but what is the syntax for removing the read-only attribute of an Excel file, say abcd.xlsx file?
The address of the example is, c:\documents\spreadsheets\abcd.xlsx.

Any help will be much appreciated.


A:How to remove the read-only attribute from an Excel .xlsx file?

Right click on the file then choose "properties" in the window that opens and then uncheck the "read only" box at the bottom of the window.
BTW there is no such thing as a silly question but there are plenty of silly answers

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When i create a new folder it automatically sets the read only attribute, if i try and turn it off it just turns back on again.

I have tried using command prompt to disable it as well as playing with the security settings and account permissions.

does any one have any ideas?

A:File and Folder Read only attribute wont disable

1. First question, why are you trying to do it?

2. look here:
Unable to remove Read-Only attribute from folder
You cannot view or change the Read-only or the System attributes of folders in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

To view or to remove the Read-only or the System attributes of folders in Windows Vista or Windows 7
Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then press ENTER..
To view the syntax for the Attrib command, type attrib /? at the command prompt.
To remove the Read-only attribute and to set the System attribute, use the following command:
attrib -r +s drive:\<path>\<foldername>
For example, to remove the Read-only attribute and to set the System attribute for the C:\Test folder, use the following command:
attrib -r +s c:\test
Be aware that some programs may not operate correctly with folders for which the System attribute and the Read-only attribute are set. Therefore, use the following command to remove these attributes:
attrib -r -s drive:\<path>\<foldername>
For example, to remove both the Read-only and the System attributes from the C:\Test folder, use the following command:
attrib -r -s c:\test
If the Run command is not listed on the Start menu, do the following:
Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Run..

note: Open cmd with run as administrator

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I want to make a bunch of folder.jpg files so they are no longer hidden. But when I check the file properties, the hidden attribute checkbox is greyed out, so I can't untick it.

Any ideas on how I can change the hidden attribute of these files?



A:Hidden Attribute checkbox on file properties greyed out

Hello Dave,

You might see if you may be able to do so using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below with the command prompt.

File and Folder - Hide or Unhide

Hope this helps,

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hi all...

actually i'm the amature in this area..i hope this site could help me to solve my prob..hmmm..

any body here could help me how to remove cloner.bv which is clone all my word file into application file(.exe) and hidden word file(.doc)...any body know how this can happen???

pls help me

A:(.doc) file cloner and fixed attribute changed into hidden permenently

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:


After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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Win 7 has mysteriously added read only attribute to all folders on all my drives. It even adds that attribute to newly created files. Even though I am logged in as admin, I cannot remove this read only attribute?




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I am trying to download a copy of the drivers for ADLS USR9000 modem.


I have the CD but just want to be sure I have the latest drivers.

The file appears to download OK but when trying to extract the files using Winzip I get the message
"Cannot open file. It does not appear to be a valid archive" I also get a similar message using XPs commpressed zip type to open it.

Since any other ZIP file opens and I don't appear to be getting corruption while downloading I think the file may be corrupted at source. USR Robotics support say they are not experiance any problems.

Has anyone any ideas or could check the file.

A:Its does not appear to be avlid archive file

It's a big file and I had the same problem. I also could not find it anywhere else. You need to call them and complain.

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Hello friends,

Recently i downloaded one operating system. It had been separated into 38 .rar files. i downloaded everything.
The extraction process must go like this rite...
after completing the extraction of first .rar i.e(part 01.rar) file it should ask for the consecutive file i.e(part 02.rar) for further extraction and the extraction will proceed file by file till the last file (part38.rar).

i am using Winrar archiver cracked version.

I started the extraction with the first file,after completion it asked for the part02.rar file i gave the path of the file and the extraction process started. But after completion the part02.rar file it didnt ask for the third file (part03.rar) to extract.
Thought i must ve done some mistake while extraction. so again i started the extraction of the first file(part01.rar) but this time it didnt ask for the part02.rar file. totally pissed up. then i tried extraction with nearly six to seven files but it didnt ask for the precedded or followed by files.

What could be the probelm? what is the solution for this?

Shall i extract all the rar files? And is there any way to combine all the extracted file to get the flawless disc image.

These files deals with the disc image of an operating system.

Help me guys i tried all,nothing working.....
i used
power archiever
extract now
but same problem prevails in all the software.
What could be the problem?

Give me solution friends
Thanks in advance

A:can't extract the archive file

Hi naveen_awesome, and welcome to TSG.

naveen_awesome said:

i am using Winrar archiver cracked version.Click to expand...

Please review our site rules. We do not offer assistance with cracked or pirated software.

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I have a an outlook archive file which i transferred from another computer, but i am unable to open it from outlook in my new pc. It says i do not have the permissions to access it. However i have checked the security permissions and it checked out fine, it is not set to 'read-only'.

Anyone know anything about what is going on here?

A:Archive File Access

Closing duplicate, please reply here:



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I seem to be having a major issue with downloaded archive files lately. A major number of files will not open saying that it is unknown format or damaged or just cannot open as archive. Is there some virus/malware that is behind this ro something else?

A:Archive file issue

What is the format of the archive file?

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I am doing a backup at the moment, and I need to do it in Archive Files. What archive file is the most compressible? I need to save as much space as possible, and have IZArc, which I find to be the best for zipping and unzipping files.

Thank You. =)


A:Most Compressible Archive File

7zip has one of the best compression ratios. check out their website they have graphs that show their compression compared to others.

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 Which is efficient conversion program to compress and reduce  pst file after archive ?

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I deleted this pst archive file and have since emptied my trash bin. Now everytime that that I open up Outlook, it looks for that file. How can I get it to stop looking for the archive file? I also can't open the 'archive folders' in the drop down list. It says that it can't open because the missing file can't be located.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Outlook keeps looking for a pst archive file

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Is there any way to download a file from a big archive file without download the whole archive?!+without any web based app or web service,I want the connection be just between my computer(for example with a software OR...) and the website that hosted the archive file...

A:Download a file from a big archive file without download the whole archive?

Generally, no. Something would need to open the archive somewhere. If the server were a Windows machine, it just may be possible through FTP if a zip archive is actually treated as a "compressed folder".

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In response to ----> http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/40354/my-av-shows-malformed-archive/ and malformed archive "virus/ troj" user Nogo,,,,,,,,,BUT I HAD THE SAME EXACT PROB & MORE please read HELP!!!! IF you need A HIGHJACK this LOGi will get it but lemme explain the problem 1st check this out Nogo I had the same problem .... I dont think matter fact im almost 100% positive that there is no malfoemed archive virus nogo I reasearched this http://forums.mcafeehelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=87215 read that popa_slim in the mcafee thread i had the same problem only i had also ASPTROJAN.exe AND thats why i downloaded trojan hunter it cleaned that ASPTROJAN.exe ........but now IM stuck with the nail file port 4567 open and cant close it that worm/ trojan virus must have blew through that port every port tester says im srealth i dont recieve packets and im secure but im open on port 4567 and there is something on there??? funny when i use a port sniffer nothing but still every port probe reports 4567 open here test your port ---> http://www.advantig.org/testport/index.php i use them all from sygate to dsl reports to symantec to pc flank to hacker watch can anybody tell me how to close or figure wehats on this port please thank you :-) ]ANY HELP I CAN GET OR EXPLANATION would GREATLY be appreciated T

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A:Problem With File Names In Archive!!

"Destination Path Too Long": What's the length of the full path, including all folder names?

Can you move the files to a folder with a shorter path?

Is your CAPS LOCK key stuck?

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I have an RCA 5020 digital recorder and I want to save the recordings to my PC as either MP3 or .WAV files but I'm not sure where to start. There is a earphone out jack on the device and my sound card has a Line-In jack, do I need any particular software package to get these recordings into archive?

If this is the wrong place to post this please direct me to the appropriate spot, thanks.

A:Digital Recorder file to PC for Archive

That set-up should work. You'll need a program to capture the sound. You can use Audacity....its free.

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Hi there,

I am trying to open an archive file in Office Outlook 2007. I tried to do it by going to File/Open/Outlook Data File, but when I click open nothing happens.

I can see the archived folders section in the left pane but it is empty. I also tried to open it from there but nothing happens either.

Does anyone have an idea how to get around that?

Thank you.

A:Office 2007 archive file

Just because there is an archive file doesn't mean anything was ever archived into it. What is the size of the PST file?

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I did this before and I can't remember how I fixed it...

I exported my inbox to the desktop as a PST file a while ago. I just deleted the archive file and now whenever I open up Outlook, it keeps asking for that deleted PST file. I think that I can just make another archive file so that it looks for the new one, but I know someone instructed me, rather easily, on how to stop the search for the file without having to make another *.pst file.

THanks in advance.


A:Outlook looking for a deleted PST archive file

Create one so you can open Outlook. Then select it in Outlook an right click / close. That will stop it being opened. You can now delete it.

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Hi All,
Anyone please recommend a file compressor software please, other than the one that's built in to Windows 10?

A:Recommendation for a file archive, ZIP, RAR etc program please?

7-zip definitely. It is free, copes with all formats you want, is faster and compresses better.

I've used WinRAR and WinZip in the past but have no need for them any more.

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Whats the best way to manage and archive Ms Outlook 2007?

Presently inbox is 5000 messages.

When prompted for auto archiving, each time I saved the archive as a different file name, now when I go to some older personal folders, there are no messages in the folders. I'm assuming this is because I've got so many different archive folders, it does not know where to pull from?

My rationale was trying to keep the archive file from growing too large that it would not back up and/or fit on a DVD.

How do you all manage your mail? How do you structure your archives and personal folders?


A:How do you manage your MS Outlook archive file?

Looking for tips, suggestions and best practices. How do you manage your MS outlook file?

My archive file is growing in size and pretty soon will not be able to fit on a DVD.

Also, whats optimal size for an inbox?

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Which is prominent application to split outlook archive large sized PST files. ?

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I'm about to wipe an employees PC and I need to get the archive.pst off the PC first. The Archive file is 6.1GB in size but when I try to copy it to my 32G Flash Drive it says that the "archive.pst is too large for the destination file system." I've done this many times before with larger archive files onto this Flash and never had an issue The PC is running in Safe mode, but I don't think that'd have any effect on the copy. Any ideas?

A:Can't copy Outlook archive file

I had the flash formatted for FAT32 and not NTFS. Whoops.

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Hi, Whenever I write to a CD RW disc it save no problem, however, it saves with the read-only attribute in place and I can't remove it. I have documents on the disc which are updated on a regular basis, so I need to know how to prevent files being copied with this attribute.

A:Solved: Read-only attribute removal on CDrom

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My goal: copy or burn Excel files to CD for daily work w/capability of same CD updating HD
My system: WinXP/Home on 2 CPU's, 1 monitor
My reason: safety, I work/store biz files on CPU w/o internet
My issue: need to permanently remove 'read-only' attribute from Excel files.
What I've tried: Run: regedit, HKey_Local_Machine>System>CurrentControlSet>Control>Class, Select folder 4D36E965-E325 on both CPU's. down to 8 folders on each but still get 'read-only'. I've read all threads with other suggestions for this issue but am now totally confused. any/all assistance appreciated.

A:Solved: Excel - Remove Read Only Attribute

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I use IZArc for my extraction purposes.

I have this ZIP archive which contains a file with a very long name. Now, I'm sure the ZIP archive itself isn't corrupt, because when I tested it with IZArc, I got no failures. So, I'm pretty sure I can't extract it because of the length of the filename.

Is there any way to extract the file by renaming it within the ZIP archive itself? Or through some other method, maybe? Anything will do, really, as long as I can extract the file.

A:Unable to extract a specific file from a ZIP archive.

Not sure about renaming it but try another extractor


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I get this problem too often, wonder if anyone can help me out. This time around i was trying to copy a program over to another drive for backup purposes. All but one file would copy to this other drive. I tried to copy the file, i tried burning the whole program to a cdr but it wouldnt work, got a bad burn twice. I even tried to zip the file to see if i could trick it so i could move the archived file, no dice. The error message i get is this:Error Copying File or FolderCannot copy newdotnet uninstaller: Access is denied.Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.The disk is certainly not full and the file is not write-protected that i can see.I am running xp pro. The file is on my second internal hard drive, NTFS, and i am trying to copy to a usb drive that is formatted fat32. But that isnt the problem as the file cant even be burned. My burning software is nero, using nero express and its working fine, i use it a lot. But it wont burn this one file. When i get the error message from nero and i exit the prog, i get an error message saying something about cmd.exe, as if to say that cmd.exe had a hold on that file and wouldnt release it and that is the reason it wouldnt burn, but not really sure on that. But i certainly dont get any message like that when the burn goes fine.I also turned off my antispyware, a\virus, firewall, etc, etc, thinking one of these progs might be the cause, no dice there either. I dont think its b... Read more

A:Cant Move, Copy, Burn Or Archive A File.

Error Copying File or FolderCannot copy newdotnet uninstaller: Access is denied.I have seen NewDotNet flagged as malware and spyware. Spybot and Ad-Aware both have it in their definition files, and I see several threads in which people are assisted in removing it.I am no expert, but it sounds as though you have an infection on your hands.Orange Blossom

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Yesterday I had to reinstall my OS. I run Firefox so I used MozBackup to backup all my bookmarks, extensions, settings etc etc. The backup was successful and before I reinstalled my OS, I test the backup with a restore of my profile and it seemed to work fine.

A:Cannot restore profile - file archive not a valid

Hmm; current version of FF is 39.x so your profile is not likely to be compatible.

find the backup, and try to open with ... and select notepad. Object is to reacquire your bookmarks. The extensions would have to be reloaded regardless.

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Every time I do a file search using windows standard file search ( the little dog :)) I get an error message "an error occured opening an archive followed by plugin not found(0x1B0003) token="placebrowser"

search at that point seems to stall ?any suggestions to get rid of it

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Hi All

I used the files and folders Encrypt attribute: "Properties>General>Encrypt contents to secure data"
to encrypt a folder and all its contents. The folder and all its contents are green of colour. Now this is on the D-drive. I formatted my windows C drive and now I cannot access any of the files inside the encrypted folder.

I try setting permissions but they are set for administrators and I'm an administrator. How do I decrypt them?

Thank you

A:Solved: Windows Folder Encrypt Attribute - How to Decrypt?

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I'm using Windows 7, Access 2007, Outlook 2010

My situation is that I have a report that I need to email out to different people using vba. I've written the script to generate the email, attach the report (actually in the body of the email) and send it to the correct people.

My issue is that I want to send only the relevant records from the report to each person. I've put the relevant person's email into the report (of a query) to make it easier. I want to email all the records with one email address to that email address and so on.
This would mean, for example, there are 6 records with [email protected] in the email field of the report and 3 records with [email protected]. I want the 6 records with [email protected] to be emailed to [email protected] and the 3 records with [email protected] to be emailed to [email protected].
Is there any help someone can give me?

If you need more clarification and/or my code just let me know. Thanks!

A:Solved: Filter a Report Based on an Attribute a to be Emailed VBA

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I removed the 'file_recovery' virus and got everything else back to normal using:


which included using unhide.exe, but now I think my system files are all showing, even though I have checked 'hide system files' and 'do not show hidden files'.

If I go to a place where I think there are supposed to be system files that are supposed to be hidden (like windows/system32) and show the 'attributes' column, they say 'A' (archive) is the only attribute.

Shouldn't they say 'S' (system) and 'H' (hidden)? If so, is there a way to put the 'system' and 'hidden' attributes back on the appropriate files (without doing it manually one by one because that would take forever and I wouldn't know which ones to do)?

I am running Windows Vista.

Thanks! unhide.exe really saved me!

A:After 'file_recovery' virus removal, system files lost 'system file' attribute

That's not possible.May be you could ask for Grinler opinion herehttp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic405109.htmlgood luck

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I was compressed my all PDF files in Zip file format last month thereby I could easy to send other machine. Even right now I tried many times to extract or unzip file, but shows such kind of error message “the compressed (zipped) archive folder is invalid or corrupted” during the uncompress of Zip archive folder. Recently, I cannot understand that how it can possible to recover zip file from corrupt Zip archive folder in easy manner? Please let me know some effective Zip repair software that repair and fix damage zip file conveniently.

A:How Can I Extract And Recover Zip File From Corrupt Zip Archive Folder?

Can you tell us what operating system you are using and which software you used to create the zip file?

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