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Windows Vista Login Screen Restricted View

Q: Windows Vista Login Screen Restricted View

Hey TechSupportGuy Forums!

When I turned on the computer this morning (Windows Vista 64bit home premium) I got to the login screen (You know, with the picture you selected and a text box to put your password) and after about 1 second, it looks like it adjusts the resolution or something and everything dissapears. All thats on the screen is an enlarged mouse. I cannot get anywhere else. I emergency restarted my computer and the problem still happens. I am able to run on safe mode without this happening, only when I choose to boot it up normally does this happen. Please Help

Preferred Solution: Windows Vista Login Screen Restricted View

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows Vista Login Screen Restricted View

use system restore in safe mode.safe mode only loads basic systems,so something you recently installed may be doing this.if that doesnt work,use your install discs to repair it.

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Hi everyone. I'm having trouble with my Acer laptop. This is what happened. I recieved an automatic update for IE9. I tryed it out, I did not like the new settings. So, I tryed to delete it, it said that I do not have permission to do that. So I did a System Restore to go back to IE8 and it looked like it was doing it's thing. Then it went into the Blue Error Screen. I turned my laptop off and then back on after a minute or so. Everything looked ok, all the intros still come on but "Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit (Full Version) Login Screen or Welcome Screen" does not load at all. Just stays on a blank black screen with the mouse arrow. I tried using the F8 options on the laptop but they have not done anything so far. SafeMode does not work and apparently there are no Restore Points anymore. No Backups either. Command Prompt still works. I did a scan and it said there is nothing wrong but there is. Should I get the full version of Windows Vista Install Disk and use the Repair option from there? You know where the disk has options like Install, Uninstall, Repair? I'm not talking about a Recovery Disk with the same F8 options as my laptop.

A:No Windows Vista Login Screen after System Restore goes into Blue Error Screen.

Originally Posted by staypuft

Hi everyone. I'm having trouble with my Acer laptop. This is what happened. I recieved an automatic update for IE9. I tryed it out, I did not like the new settings. I tryed to delete it, it said that I do not have permission to do that. So I did a system restore to go back to IE8 and it looked like it was doing it's thing. Then it went into Blue Error Screen. I turned my laptop off and then back on after a minute or so. Everything looked ok, all intros still comes on but "Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit (Full Version) Login Screen or Welcome Screen" does not load at all. Just stays with a blank screen and arrow. I tried using the F8 options on the laptop but they have done nothing so far. SafeMode does not work and apparently there are no Restore Points. No Backups either. Command Prompt still works. I did a scan and it said there is nothing wrong but there is. Should I get the full version of Windows Vista Install Disc and use the repair option from there? You know where it has options like Install, Uninstall, Repair? I'm not talking about a Recovery Disc with same F8 options.

Can someone please give me an explaination on how I can boot a disc from a DVD drive. I'm unable to login to Windows Vista, do I use the Command Prompts to boot a disc?

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I have just set up a new laptop with Vista and installed all of the new updates but when I restart the computer or turn it on the please wait screen comes up for about 2 minutes before showing the login screen.

The PC I'm on now is lower spec and shows the login screen instantly. I have searched the internet and tried disabling start up programs to speed it up but to no avail does anyone have any idea what could be causing it to say Please wait for so long?

The specs of the PC are:

2gb Ram
2ghz Dual Core Processor
250gb Harddrive

Thanks in Advance

A:Windows Vista Please Wait Screen Appears for 2 Minuites Before the Login Screen

that usually means it is installing updates, if its a new laptop there may be a lot of updates for it to catch up on, it won't do them all at once, but over a period.

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Please view this image, I have no idea. Checked all the hardware. Everything is plugged in and connected.

It's a P4 with Windows XP SP2 Home.

Any questions please post and I will provide a quick answer? I would really appreciate some help.

Thank you,

A:Login Screen - Please view image

looks like the connection from your pc to your monitor is not right, try checking the cable connections first.

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For Windows Vista, is there a way so when I turn PC on it doesnt ask for the username and password?

A:Windows Vista Login Screen

Tomay60, actually I did this on both my desktop and laptop, it's click on control panel, click security, at security center click on "require a password when computer wakes". I did this because I don't have anyone else using my computers though.

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I am borded with the way the windows vista bussiness logout screen, i want help for how to change the way its listing as just like in windows xp.


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Hello All,

My windows login screen is split into 8 different screens. Is there a setting I can change to make it look normal. I'm running Windows 7. Please see the attached picture. Thank you.

A:How Do I Change My Login Screen To A Regular View

That is not a windows log in screen,

And unfortunately I have never seen that before....

Have you added any new software or hardware recently?

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Hi all,

I'm running Windows Vista and recently ran a Windows Automatic Update. The next time I started up my PC, however, it began to load windows, the icon showed up, and the startup sound played, but rather than the usual login screen it was just a blank, black screen with no mouse cursor.

My first step was to reboot, which had no effect.

Then I rebooted again, and when the blank, black screen was encountered, tried typing in my Windows password. This caused the screen to display my Desktop Wallpaper, but nothing else (no menu bar, no icons, nothing). If I press Ctrl-Alt-Del while the wallpaper is displayed, it goes back to the blank, black screen.

I then booted in Safe Mode without a problem and did a System Restore to just before the last Windows Update. The Restore proceeded and automatically restarted the PC. However, the same problem was encountered. I tried another System Restore to an earlier restore point, but the same problem was encountered.

I then tried booting using the Last Known Good Configuration option, but again the same problem.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

A:Windows Vista Does Not Display Login Screen

Have you tried the Repair option via the Windows Installation DVD?

Boot up from DVD device

Press any key when prompt

Choose language in the wizard

Choose Partition

Choose Repair

Try Startup repair or the System restore

This has solved many things for me ! Good luck

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I was wondering what folder is the Vista logo in the bottom of the screen during logon, and/or how to change the image

A:Windows Vista logo in login screen

Maybe this will help.

Logon screen - Change

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Hey guys,
Well I am having a problem after logging into windows, it goes to a black screen, i can press shift 5 times to get a dialog open but it does not navigate away from there.
I have tried system restore – no luck.
Checked my regedit - I cannot see any issue swithin winlog
I have retired to roll back my graphics card

But, I am able to login to my guest account and everything works fine, but when I try to run anything that needs admin permissions nothing happens.

A:Windows Vista Black screen after login

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My computer won't let me go past the login screen. It lets me type in the password and makes it seem like its thinking but then says "the user profile service service failed the login. User profile cannot be loaded. "
I am running Windows vista home premium on a Toshiba satellite L305D-S5895
AMD turion x2 64

Please help! I need to at least get the stuff off of it.thank you

A:Windows vista won't go past login screen

There are several ways to do it, outlined in this Microsoft knowledgebase article, but it all depends on how comfortable you are with going that route. In your instance, you'd be looking at Method 1, and I've used this before when fixing others' PCs who've encountered the same problem. As long as you go slowly and follow each step slavishly, you should be fine. However, I do understand if you feel nervous about this and, if so, perhaps we can look at the alternatives.

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Hey there Vista forums,

Hoping you can help me out.

This week, i've been having a lot of issues with Windows Vista. It's been freezing, blue screening, refusing to boot properly, and a list of other issues. I've tried fix after fix, and i feel as though now i've just compounded the problem.

From the start I'd like to say that I am an OEM system builder, and i have my own coppy of a full windows vista 64 bit installation CD.

I run two hard drives, 500gb and 750gb, with windows vista installed on the 500, and nothing but games on the 750.

The issue i have right now is that i cant log in past the welcome screen.

It started with the computer telling me upon startup that it cant load vista, because winload.exe was either missing or corrupt. Some research showed me that it was a common problem, and gave me some things to try as fixes.

So far, i have:

Run Chkdsk
Run Sfc /scannow (it didnt work)
Ran the startup repair from the Vista CD
Tried booting in safe mode
Run more Chkdsks
Run MORE chkdsks
Run more startup repairs (each one yielding different results)

And somehow, i've gotten the computer to turn on, and bring me to the login screen. However, once i log in, It just goes to a black screen with nothing.

I have researched this, too, and tried bringing up Task Manager, and then manually rebooting Explorer.exe

However, explorer.exe, windows explorer, explorer, Explorer, Explorer.exe, and any other term I can think of, is not working, because... Read more

A:Windows Vista won't load past login screen, after many problems.

Hello, well, interesting situation here, Hardware or software, If able post this log : Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
If unable , can you check your hardware please : Memory Diagnostics
and this one : HD Diagnostic

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Well the title was hopefully discriptive and brief enough to get some skilled help on this one so here is a bit more details.

I am working on a DELL XPS 410 with Vista Home Premium build 6000, its a couple years old. Its not mine and I am not entirely familiar with the machine. I do know this it can handle vista fine and works well until yeasterday. I am told the machine came from Dell and was bought just as Dell switched to not offering XP anymore. I do not know what updates have been applied.

Error Details :
Boots fine to login screen, then I get error message "Windows must be reinstalled to Activate" I hit close and get droped to Login screen. I click admin user (only user available) and get the message again.

As an additional error the bottom right of my screen reads This Copy of Windows is not Genuine. Windows Vista Build 6000

I do have Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leapord disks available if I need to use them but would rather not. I do not as yet know if Vista disks are available.

What I need:
I need to recover critical buisness files from the computer if at possible before doing a reinstall.

Attempting a safe mode boot to try and recover files now while I wait for "hopefully prompt" response.

A:Vista Home, Windows must reinstall to activate, stuck at Login screen

As an update, I am able to login via safe mode and in the process of backing up files.

I still do not know the cause of my errors above and would greatly appriciate some insight.

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We ll I got myself into a pickle, I was trying to disable the account login and ended up locking my self out of the computer. Now it comes up Account restricted and i can't login.

Microsoft says to get into safemode, to be able to change it back, but I can't get it into safemode. If I press F8 too soon, it stops the computer from booting. I tried several points along the way...once the floppy drive lights up it is the only point at which I can press F8 and the computer will continue to boot, but even with me pressing it repeatedly, It won't go to safe mode.
Help help

A:Solved: Urgent Can't login Account restricted

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This has been frustrating me for the past few hours. I tend to run a minecraft server on my 3 year old toshiba laptop. Now this problem I have encountered a few times before and was resolved by using system restore. However this time there are no restore points. What happened was i turned moved the laptop from my couch to my room and turned it on. It attempted to run startup fix or whatever it is called which i thought was odd but i let it continue. It kept going and i fell asleep. I woke in the morning to find my laptop off (someone else may have shut it off, I'm not sure) and when i attempted to turn it on it took me to the regular screen, booted normally but then hung with nothing but a mouse on black. I restarted a few times to have the same problem. Now it tends to go to the wolcom screen but hangs on the little blue vista loading wheel beside the word "Welcome" Safe mode doesnt work (Lists all the processes its starting then freezes and restarts, leaving it to T, the startup fix doesn't work, I've tried using regedit to fix it, tried to open task manager, tried to run with nothing put the charger plugged in and several other things. I can sometimes get it to go to just a movable cursor on a black screen but i still cant open task manager. I dont have the vista disk but i can wipe it without losing my os (Dont really want to do this as i will lose everything.) The last program i installed was rainmeter but i was able to start the computer several times with it ... Read more

A:Windows vista hangs on "welcome" login screen screen

Also it seems to become stuck on the screen with the green loading bar with "(c) Microsoft" below.

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I hope this quetion is in the correct forum.

One of the companies I work for has an FTP site to house various pictures and documents.
I have access to the FTP site via Internet Explorer with a user-name and password.

My problem is I am not able to "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer". It asks for the same username and password, but does not accept them. It continues to cycle back to the log-in box.

The contact at my company does not know how to fix it nor does the company they use to host the FTP site. Attempts to check and uncheck FTP options in "Internet Options" does not help, nor does disabling my firewall.

Finally, the really strange thing is that every once in a while, it lets me through, but it takes many attempts. Unfortunately, I never know when, or why, I can get through, so usually I am stuck.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Toshiba Laptop
Windows XP Pro
Internet Explorer 7
Trend Micro PC Illin Internet Security

A:Can not view FTP site in Windows Explorer (login problems)

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i have a dell latitude d630 that i got from a family member, it allows me to get to the login screen then i login and it pulls up a black screen with a page saying Administrator Cmd.Exe in the page bar and the Windows system 32 inside the box. ive tried
going into the Bios setup and doing a restore factory defaults and it pulls up that same page when i backout and it restarts without even making it to the login page. do i need to get a disc and replace the OS?

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We're using a Windows 2003 Server as a terminal server. I know how to see who is currently logged in, but what I want to find is a login history to get an idea of how much usage the machine is getting.

Does anyone know how if it's possible to view a history of logins on a Windows 2003 Server system?

A:Solved: Windows 2003 Server - View login history?

Not really any great built in utilities, but...

You could go into the windows event viewer and look in the security log. If you right click the security log then view, and then filter. Choose security for the event source. You will see different categories to choose from (Account Logon/Logoff might do the trick). There should be some other filter options too. I guess this would assume that you are auditing logon and logoff events in the local security policy

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This has never happened before. When I turn on the computer, the two accounts show up (both administrator) but whenever I click either of them, the screen just shows the Windows 7 login screen for a while without any text then sends me back to the account selection. This happens when I select either of the accounts, one of them also has a password but that doesn't show up either.

(also don't know a lot about computers ;-; )

EDIT : When I turned on the computer, it went through updates where it says Starting Windows with the Windows logo. Maybe this helps.

A:Can't login to Windows 7. Sends me back to login screen every time.

Same thing happened to me since the update yesterday.

( just to clarify Is this the same problem ? I posted a video Windows Error - YouTube )

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Background: A week ago on vacation, I opened my HP Pavilion dv7-2173cl (a laptop running Vista Home Premium SP2) and suddenly, green and black lines began forming across its screen. I was later told this was a pressure crack, although that is not what I'm posting about. Freaked out, that day I turned the computer off and on several times using only the power button, once foolishly interrupting a "Startup Repair" process.

Problem: When I got home I hooked up the laptop to my TV so I could see what was going on. After attempting to turn it on many times, I eventually got the BSOD with a STOP:0x0000c1f5 error. I couldn't access the Recovery Module (even to backup) or Safe Mode. Going into personally uncharted territory, I booted from a Linux System Rescue CD to delete the $TxfLog file that was apparently the cause of the problem. I no longer get the BSOD, I get a black screen (KSOD?) (sometimes w/mouse, sometimes w/o) after the "yellow bar" loading screen. I still can't get into Safe Mode but I was able to use a Vista repair CD I downloaded to (finally) backup onto an external hard drive.

What I've Done So Far: I've run chkdsk, checked the memory and hard disk from BIOS options, and run Startup repair. I did the kind of Windows backup where everything goes to one file.

I'd prefer not to start from scratch if I can avoid it. Thanks so much for any and all help guys, I appreciate it a lot.


A:Vista won't start up, black screen before login screen.

I couldn't access the Recovery Module...Do you have a Recovery CD, Windows Vista CD, or Recovery Drive (partition)?What happened when you tried to access it?------------------------------------------------------------You said that you were able to backup onto an external harddrive, so important data is safe.The best option right now would probably be to re-format.

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Hello I hope someone can help me out with my problem.

About the problem.
Yesterday I did a shutdown from the start menu and turned off my monitors, however the computer did not shutdown and was still on after 10 minutes so I just turned it off with the power button.
Today I started my computer it boots I get the usual loading bar and then a black screen and not my welcome screen.

So I have tried the following to fix it:
I tried booting with last known configurations, and got the same problem.
I tried booting in safe mode, it loads for about 5 minutes and then just stops loading.
I tested the memory with a memory test from Acer, no problems found.
I tried booting with a lower resolution, get the same problem.
Just to see if its not a hardware problem, I have booted a linux live cd and that worked.
I have an acer recovery menu but it wont let me recover to a previous point.
And I don't have a vista CD or recovery disk.
I think it was updating when I shut it down..

So i hope anyone has a solution for my problem, if you need more information please ask and I'll answer.

Many thanks for reading and maby even replying to my problem.



Somehow after waiting an hour doing nothing then rebooting into safemode worked!
There i could do a system restore and problem is solved!

A:Vista boots to black screen instead of login screen

See if there is information on that PC on making recovery disks. I just used 2 dual layer DVD's to make recovery disks for a Compaq laptop.

Also, next time your machine boots to a completely black screen....let it stay there while it re-configures it's self. Don't be so impatient

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Hi, being new here. I just discovered having this problem today. First thing this morning I went to my computer. When the login screen came up, I entered in my user and password. Then I saw the "Welcome". Which stayed there for about five minutes before I restarted the computer, which didn't fix my problem. I tried Safe Mode, which didn't make a difference. It didn't take as long, but then I saw the blue screen. It said something like "---- unexpectedly close." Then at the bottom there were memory dumps. I couldn't see what was there because the blue screen was there for five seconds, before the PC restarted itself.

It was working fine last night. Before my six year old sister was playing with the computer despite my attempts to make a password account and full parental controls.

I believe I did manage to log in to another account that's not the administrator, but when I when to modify the user accounts the whole motherboard crashed. Every program, even the desktop. I couldn't do Alt + Tab and the Ctrl +Alt + Delete.

Please help me fix this thing. I need it to do my classwork.

A:Windows Vista- I cannot get past the "welcome" login screen

Try waiting longer (30/60 minuits)... If it starts up after that your software messed up, backup ur school work and stuff like that and re-install windows.

If it doesn't I can't help you..

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Hello, I think my friends son downloaded something on his computer, (I am using a clean computer to contact you) we can get to windows login screen press our Icon(windows login name) and it just freezes, sometimes it will login but it will have the hour glass for like 10 min and then automatically restarts the computer. I can login to safe mode, It is a desktop runnin winxp.. Really that is all the info I have... Please Please Help Here are my logs, I had to do them in safe mode.
DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSx86 NETWORK
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702
Run by Administrator at 9:30:41 on 2012-03-19
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.1015.810 [GMT -5:00]
AV: avast! Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {7591DB91-41F0-48A3-B128-1A293FD8233D}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
============== Pseudo HJT Report ===============
mSearch Bar = hxxp://ie.redirect.hp.com/svs/rdr?TYPE=3&tp=iesearch&locale=EN_US&c=Q105&bd=pavilion&pf=desktop
BHO: {014861A7-D0B8-4E90-A1C5-1F6C90EF4DA2} - No File
BHO: {02478D38-C3F9-4efb-9B51-7695ECA05670} - No File
BHO: AcroIEHlprObj Class: {06849e9f-c8d7-4d59-b87d-784b7d6be0b3} - c:\program files\adobe\acrobat 7.0\activex\AcroIEHelpe... Read more

A:INFECTED; Can't Login to Windows; Freezes @ Login Screen

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks

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Hi, I'm new here. I created this account for help because my mother's password seems changed and she couldn't login, the keyboard wasn't sticky so she didn't mistype, caps lock wasn't on. I typed it my self and it didn't work, restarted the computer and it didn't work neither. I then go to thinking it was hacked and the password was simply changed. I go looking around for password changing boots for my flashdrive. I burned PASSCAPE on to my 16gig 2-1 flashdrive. Tried booting on all settings, booted normally, didn't work. So, I ignored it for a while and kept clicking "Reset password" button, It showed up as "Passcape" but claimed the usb slot was empy, wasn't; the slot is "F". I gave up hope on it, so I found this youtube video to reset it the manual labor way-here's the link to it: " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLtJ-iDdWC0 " So, continuing on..

I was simply following the video's instructions, so at step one at duration "2:02" I have to cause a error, I just keep shutting-down the pc while it's booting, because windows will assume it's an error after 2 - 3 times of doing so. Okay, by the time I get to "Repair your computer" button I press enter. And the shocking surprise I get which is odd is this in quotes:
" Windows Boot Manager

Windows has failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1.... Read more

A:Cannot login to Windows login screen and can't system repair.

NEWS FLASH: I just learned something new about the password problem, my mother never told me exactly what the problem is but I've been typing it wrong the entire time, typed it in and this in quotes is my discovery:

" The User Profile Service service failed the logon.
User profile cannot be loaded. "

She never told me exactly what was the problem everyone, all she said is "Did you change the password" (waking me up at 8AM) then "The password is changed and I can't get on!" What is this problem we are experiencing-i've never seen this before.

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I've got a fresh install of Vista x64, and when I install the Geforce drivers I'm not able to boot Windows normally. The green loading bar runs fine, but when it's over I don't get to see the login screen - it's just black. I have to enter into safe mode (which works) and uninstall the graphics driver.

The exact same thing is true for Windows XP 64-bit. But on WinXP the driver installation program caused huge lag also: http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=71101


Graphics: XFX 8800 GTX
Mainboard: Asus Striker II Extreme

EDIT: Bootlog attached.

A:Black screen instead of login screen in XP AND Vista

I ran chkdsk and tried an older Nvidia driver, with no success...

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I'm using Windows 7 Pro. I have remove the login pw in my user account now I do not need to do the login and able to use the computer right away. But I found I am using the computer as a user not administrator. How can I skip the login screen and go straight into desktop as administrator. How can I do that? thanks

A:Windows 7 Pro login as admin but no need to have login screen

Hello Smash, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'm a bit confused with your conflicting statements.

You say that "...now I do not need to do the login and able to use the computer right away.", but then ask "How can I skip the login screen and go straight into desktop..."?

Just to be certain, do you have to log on or not?Log On Automatically at Startup
Are you asking how to log on to the built-in Administrator account to have full access and control?

Hope this may help for now,

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hi guys,

i've got a very strange problem with the kids laptop which i'm desperate to sort out as my kid has her exams coming up and needs access to her apps.

Windows loads okay, upto the point when i get to the welcome screen.

Sometimes it gets to the welcome screen, but the user profile icons will never show but then sometimes the icons will show, but when i click on the icon, i can't get to the bit where i can type a password.

If i reboot into safemode, then i can perfectly access everything as normal.

Any ideas guys?


A:Windows 7 login/welcome screen corrupt??? - Cannot login

Could be application or services causing conflicts. Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

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I have an RDP Server on a windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and i would like to be able to use another system login screen to connect to this server. As in when i turn of display last local users, so that if i was to enter XXX into the username and XXX into the password and it will connect Although i wouldnt mind being able to set up roaming profiles between these systems either.

Any answers

A:Can I Login to An RDP Session From My Windows Login Screen

Quote: Originally Posted by TheCJGCJG

I have an RDP Server on a windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and i would like to be able to use another system login screen to connect to this server. As in when i turn of display last local users, so that if i was to enter XXX into the username and XXX into the password and it will connect Although i wouldnt mind being able to set up roaming profiles between these systems either.

Any answers

Welcome CJGCJG to the windows 7 forums.

Remote Desktop Program is as it says a program on your computer that will allow you full screen remote to another system that authorizes you. There is a way to automatically bring the RDP program up for you to log into another system but it requires that your primary windows system (the one your want to connect from) be set up to automatically boot into you Operating system, putting the RDP program in your startup fold will bring it up.
Using netplwiz, you can set your userid to automatically log in to your local machine and then the RDP would run and you can then log onto your remote system. In fact y ou can save all the credentials for your RDP session and it will automatically login to your remote system.

Is this clear?


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I cannot find an icon to change my single photo viewing to full screen. Is this another Vista "oops"? Do you have a solution?

A:Vista x64 Microsoft Photo Gallery View full screen

Hi jsumner,

Welcome to the forum. if the system rating is low...then "full screen"/"play slide show F11" toolbar won't be there.

update your system rating. if your system rating is above 2 or 3, create new user account.

let us know...


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When I boot up my Inspiron 1501 and I login with my password the screen goes blank. My mouse cursur is viewable and movable, but nothing else. If I boot up in safe mode I do no better. I can get to admin command prompt when booting off the disk but I am not sure what to look for.
I need to get his fixed for my daughter to bring back to school, Ive tried everything that Google searches provided but I can't even access my start menu to try most of the recommendations. Help!

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I am having a nightmare with my laptop which has windows vista ultimate on it.

I chose to shut down the laptop by choosing the option "Shut down after installing updates", and so it started to shut down. However, after a couple of hours I checked and saw the laptop was still on, and it was stuck on Update 3 / 3.

The status screen displays the following:

Installing Update 3 / 3 - 0%

A couple of moments later, the laptop displays "Shutting down" and just like that it does. Not matter which mode I run the laptop in or how much times I let it "loop-around", it returns to the same screen. The problem is I cannot even get to the login screen, let alone try something to fix the damn system!

I am really against a wall here, as I have no idea what to do. I would appreciate if someone could help me out with my dilemma, or either help me find out the below information:

- Is there a way I can backup information from my hard drive while the laptop is on, but not logged on?
- Is there a way I can restore the latop to an earlier state using the restore option without logging on to the system?

Thank you.

A:Vista Updates do not let me get to the login screen

Restore to an earlier date with your install dvd.
Boot from your Vista DVD, then repair your computer, choose your OS and the console should appear, choose to restore at an earlier date.

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i am using VIsta Ultimate, & when i boot up the OS, at the start up it gives a screen in which the wallpaper says " A World without Religion" ... I respect all religions & really this sort of start up screen is not what i like.

Please tell me how can i change this. there mite be a way....

also note that i am not talking abt the welsome screen in which it shows the users, but i am talking abt the login screen, prior to the login screen.



A:How to change Vista Login Screen

Hi ersilan, welcome to TSF...

The only references I found to this online related to the use of an activation bypass crack. If you have used one of those, that would be the problem.

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Hola... Well, A Vista issue..A perfectly working Vista machine, on startup after login we go to a black screen with a cursor in normal or safe mode, thought it might be busy, but ran all night and never completely booted up, if ctl-alt-del, you can log off normal, and shut down or restart.Unfortunately I was a MS dummie and never made a sys restore point, but beyond that this should not happen, and I am probally not the only one.
14 November 07, still getting replies so I thought it was correct to update my post and give some more info.
To the contrary, I am really not a MS dummie, I just did not take the "correct" precautions like many of us and did not have a sys restore on this particular box, and "odd" or "normal" enought I had basically the same issue with another box, but with the restore I bailed myself out, not once but twice.
Explorer would not open, so with a cltr-alt-delete I got to task manger, then using tab to a help menu, then keyed down to open a help link, which opened explorer, then, found c: drive, then icon for control panel, then ...
So, in both machines I quit trying to fix it and reloaded Windows.
But this was an interesting issue and I spent a great deal of time via Tech Net and MSDN forums and many searches.
Its not happened since, but I have sys restores on all of my machines.
We all should keep an eye on this issue, no idea why its happening, as they say maybe after SP1 it will go... Read more

A:Win Vista black screen after login...

my problem,
after login I got a black screen with only the mouse blinking.
to fix I used remote desktop to log into the comptuer and then went to device manager and uninstalled the video device driver, then I rebooted.  System came up in VGA mode, logged in reinstalled the driver and all is well. 
well at least it worked for me...

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Hello folks.
I have an acer aspire M5630 and I am running 32-bit Vista Home Premium (pre-installed).

I think I gotta a spyware of some sort, so I downloaded and installed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Did a scan and it found quite a few bad things, so I proceeded to quarantine all of it. Got a message that some thing will be deleted after a reboot - so I said OKAY to reboot.

Now, it starts, gets all the way to login screen (admin and another user) I login as admin... wait a few moments and the screen goes to black, with movable white cursor and it stays like this for hours - goes nowhere.

When I login as other user - it works perfectly.
I can also login as admin through safe mode...

... anyone has an idea why I get the black screen as admin and I do not get it as a user or as admin in safe mode? Any way to fix this?


A:Vista Black Screen After Login

It does sound like you got pretty hosed up with some spy ware. Here is what I would do if you can login under safe mode. You will need to grant the other user admin rights if they don't have them alread.

I used to do this in XP all the time, I have not tested it in Vista although it should work. GL if you opt to give it a trial run. This of course, is at your own risk!!!!

1. Boot up in safe mode
2. Go to the c:\users\ and locate the folder with the name of the infected user
3. rename the folder to infecteduser.old
4. reboot into standard mode and try to login again.

If login works you'll notice all of your shortcuts and settings are gone and it appears to be a default setup before you made any changes. Copy the data you need from the folder you renamed to the new user folder that has been created. Only take the data that you really need, you don't know where the virus is at and the more you take, the higher your odds of bringing with you become.

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Hello, I am running Vista 64-bit and after I login I get a black screen with only a cursor. I am able to run the task manager but it appears that explorer.exe is corrupted when I try to run it from the task manager. My system restore is also corrupted so I am unable to go back in time to when my computer worked. I am not really sure what to do so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Vista 64 bit black screen after login

Have you tried Safe Mode?
If possible run chkdsk /r

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I have an Acer Extensa 5620Z laptop running Windows Vista. Just today it would not start up properly. The scrolling Windows loading bar will run and then it will either go to a black screen with a frozen cursor and freeze, or it will stop at the Windows logo and freeze. I can get into Safemode.

I have tried running the CHKDSK repair, and system restore. The system restore doesn't even work because once it reboots, it just freezes before the login screen before it can even run. I have also tried Startup repair. CHNKDSK said it found no errors.

I also tried to boot into Safemode with Networking so that I could update virus definitions and run a scan, but it couldn't even do that.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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Recently reinstalled Vista and am in the process of reloading all my programs and drivers.

I'm trying to get my XFX nVidia 8800GTX drivers to install but they simply do not work.
When I install them, reboot, login the screen just goes black and loses signal. If I reboot again it makes it to the login screen then goes black.

PC boots fine into safe mode where I can remove the drivers and revert back to Vista's default display driver.

The PC has no onboard graphics.

Things I've tried so far:Different Memory/RAM
Different Drivers - I've tried around 4 different versions of the nVidia Forceware Drivers
Reinstalling Vista (Can't believe this didn't fix the problem)

I've looked in the event viewer for any clues and found this error:

'IRQARB: ACPI BIOS does not contain an IRQ for the device in PCI slot 3, function 0. Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance.'

Not sure if that has anything to do with it, none of the other errors in the event viewer appear to be related to my problem.

The fact that the PC works fine with Vista's default display driver suggests that there is no problem with the screen or the graphics card itself.

I've read several threads in other forums with people that have the same problem but no concrete solutions.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

A:Black Screen At Vista Login

Hello szkoda

Have you checked out the NVIDIA forums?

also, I would get a most recent driver update of your video card from NVIDIA website.

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Hi all, I am trying to get some help making the login screen behave itself on Windows Vista. I don't know what they were smoking, drinking, and/or snorting when they designed this garbage, but here goes:

By default on Vista Buisness, if you are a member of a domain, the login screen shows ONLY the last-logged-in user. If you click "Switch User" you get that same user and an "Other User" option where you can type in a complete username and password. If you need to log in to a local account for whatever reason(and there are many), you have to jump through a whole lot of annoying hoops.

The behavior I would sincerely like to see is something more like what you get on a non-domain workstation, wherein the login screen defaults to showing a list of users, specifically a local account and a few of the last-logged-in users, maybe 5, or all of them would also be just fine. Anything but the current behavior.

Or, alternatively, if anyone has found a way to just make it look and act exactly like the old-style XP domain login, I'd be happy with that, too.

Things I've already tried:

Changing the security policy "Interactive Logon: Do not display last user name." - all this does is make it so you have to type in a username and password no matter what.

Typing ".\" instead of whatever else, again, doesn't help, doesn't solve my problem. I either need a simple button or drop-down menu or nothing at all.

EDIT: Have also found about a... Read more

A:Vista Login Screen problem

I don't think that is possible with Windows Home Basic or Home Premium. It might be with Business, Pro, Enterprise, and Ultimate using group policy editor. Will have to see what the other guys say.

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My laptop boots up. I enter login password. Wallpaper shows on screen & after the sys tray populates with the icons. the screen blanks 3 times then all is well.
Any suggestions?

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Hi, I have windows vista on another laptop - a samsung r60 and it keeps freezing at start up. Can't get past the user log in screen. At first, last known good configuration would start the laptop but now even that doesn't work. It's been running slowly for months before and a mcaffee scan revealed no viruses. Can't do a system restore because there are no restore points - would restore system state work and how do I do this please? Or can you offer any other advice? Have also tried directory service repair. Many thanks, Terri

A:Vista freezing - can't get past login screen

Try booting with the Vista DVD and choose Startup Repair.

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I have an HP dv9500t Intel T7300 C2D w/ 2 GB memory and Vista Premium. This has just started in the last couple of days after installing Trend Micro Internet Security. After boot up and entering my password on the login screen, the login begins with the colored Vista screen and the spinning circle (hour glass) and then will fade to black with nothing but the cursor visible. It will stay this way from anywhere between 1-3 minutes and finally will finish the login and the main screen will come up. It's very frustrating.

I have even uninstalled Trend Micro and it is still doing the same thing. Any known fixes for this problem? Are there any Vista updates for this problem. If anyone has had this problem and has a solution, it would be greatly appreicated. This laptop is only a month old!!!

A:Vista gets black screen with cursor after login

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Sup guys,

The problem I have atm is has decided to just die on me by refusing to load the log in screen. It also must be mentioned this problem started when the power went out.. Other than that it has never happened before over the time I have owned this computer (about 6-8 months), and I'v had several electricity black outs before that..

My Specs are as followed
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit
RAM: Kingston 2GB
HD: Seagate 500gb
GFX: Nvidia 8800GT
PowerSupply: Inbuilt, about 500W
PROC: Intel 6600quadcore

The screen before the log in screen says somthing like:
Some data hasn't been saved when you shutdown on the last session would you like to boot on safemode?

When I tried to get into the OS through safe mode, or running safemode and command prompt it made no difference.. I just got the black screen with the cursor loading..

I'v tried ultimatebootcd and some of the HD diagnostic stuff on that. I'v tried defragging it, running antispyware, virus software but nothing. I'v tried some of the system diagnostic stuff on the vista disc.. The system repair thing tells me to unplug any external devices which I have.. (I checked like 5 times lol), system restore can't restore to a previous date either and the full system restore doesn't do anything.

I then resorted to just trying to reinstall the OS and I can't without a product key
The prodcut key they say I received with the disk isn't on the casing, the manual or on the disk and I can't access the OS... Read more

A:Unable to reach vista login screen :/

i know have had some instances of vista taking FOREVER [15-20 minutes] to get to the login screen

try letting it sit for a bit and see what happens.

if it still refuses to load then try installing an os on another drive [you should be able to install vista without a cd key, but then again ive only installing from custom vista cds from my old company, so they might have been modified]

then try this, its a bit involved, and might not work on vista, but its the only thing i could think of:


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Hola... Well, A Vista issue..

A perfectly working Vista machine, on startup after login we go to a black screen with a cursor in normal or safe mode, thought it might be busy, but ran all night and never completely booted up, if ctl-alt-del, you can log off normal, and shut down or restart.

Unfortunately I was a MS dummie and never made a sys restore point, but beyond that this should not happen, and I am probally not the only one.

Any others with this issue and any resolve other than re-installing windows.

Thank you in advance.

A:Win Vista black screen after login, and only cursor

Call the OEM of this machine and see what they have to say.
Different OEM's are having different issues with their hardware.

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Edit: Please close this
In the mean time refer to


A:Unable to reach vista login screen :/

.... um... didnt you already post this?


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Hey all, I'm posting on behalf of a friend here. Recently her desktop's begun freezing on boot at the login screen, but only after being turned off all night. When she reboots it and tries again, it works without a hitch. There aren't any error messages.Googling's been of no help, and it's especially difficult to fix since it only happens after it's been off for a long time. I'm not sure how else to help her. Is anyone here familiar with this problem?The computer is a HP Slimline s3700z with the following specs:

A:Vista freezes completely on login screen

I didn't see an edit button, but here's an update:As of today and yesterday, her computer has started to freeze in the middle of the day. It hasn't begun to do it often, but it wasn't happening before. When it freezes, keyboard commands don't work, nor the mouse. She has to force shut down by holding the power button. She works from home on her computer so it's really important we get this figured out!EDIT: Removed link to malware log, not allowed nor used in XP forum, no evidence of malware problem ~ Hamluis.

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Hi, i'm a bit stuck with this one and could use some help.

Basicly a friend had a virus on her laptop and also a .net 3.5 update would not install, fixed those two problems fine but now i have another one!

On the login screen (vista) theres 2 accounts and when you click on one to enter the password the button which normaly says "Switch User" now says "sable time stamp. The time service will not update the local system until it is able to synchronize with a time".

I am presuming its a text string that is missing or corrupted but i cant find it, does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for reading,

A:strange text on vista login screen


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