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Looking to upgrade my audio card

Q: Looking to upgrade my audio card

from about 80 to $120 US, ease of install particullary the drivers, do some gaming not too serious, watch DVDs. Any suggestions

Preferred Solution: Looking to upgrade my audio card

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Looking to upgrade my audio card

Creative X-Fi or audigy.

Don't forget speakers

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hello im kind of new to upgrading pc's. i have a basic packerd bell and its still pretty much as it can apart from iv added an extra gig of ddr2 533 ram i plan on upgrade to more ram aswell as at the moment theres a 512 in one slot and 1gig in the other i plan on putting a 2 2gig sticks or ram in. its got an intel celeron d and an onboard graphics card which is an ati radeon xpress 1100.

i was looking at upgrading to a pci express graphics card with 1gig fo memory on a lowish budget. i checked ebay and theres loads of different ones and i wasnt sure what to look for. im not trying to go for high end gaming id just like to upgrade the performance from my onboard set

woulda an ati radeon hd 4350 or an nvidia geforce 9400gt or 9500gt be good enough for a cheap upgrade? im not looking to play crysis or anything like that id just like some better detail when playing games like wow (also less lag in dalaran would be nice) and id also like to be able to play hd videos they claim to be able to play hd seamlessly is that true?

as far as sound cards go im looking at getting a m-audio audiophile 2496 as its ment to be a low latency sound card for use in recording midi through usb. is this a smart choice or should i go with a soundblaster x-fi music extreme or soething along those lines

btw the sound i have in my computer at the moment is a stupidly annoying realtek hd audio thing. it keeps popping up saying iv unplugged/plugged in a jack when i havent is there a way i can stop ... Read more

A:graphics and audio card upgrade help please

I think personaly I would go for something like the x1950 pro which is pci express. Make sure you type PCI-E when searching for it though as they also do an AGP version. It seemed ok on a computer I build not long ago and I only used the 256mb version. Also the 9500GT seems to be a nice card for a budget.

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Someone I know has a motherboard with on board Realtec 97(?) audio.

Would the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy SE sound card be almost no improvement,some improvement,or a lot of improvement?

She has the plain vanilla Logitech 2.1 speakers. I do not know the model number.


Thank you.

A:Audio Upgrade from Onboard to Separate Card?

The onboard nowadays is fairly decent. I would invest in better speakers. Unless you wanted to go with surround sound. Then you would need both a soundcard and speakers
I have a set of Creative and Logitech, both 2.1 that will rattle the walls and crisp and clear to boot

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I need to upgrade my audio to a pcie card but it has a 4-pin molex connection.  I can only see 1 plug free, and it's not 4-pin molex.  Do you have a recommendation for what to do?  Thank you!

A:4-pin molex connection to upgrade my pcie audio card

If what you seeing is a SATA power plug, then this should do the trickhttps://www.amazon.com/15-Pin-Female-Splitter-Manhattan-308977/dp/B002LBROAA/ref=pd_lpo_147_tr_img_3...

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My Beats Audio Card quit working after Windows 10 upgrade on my Pavilion p7-1227c.I get only 2-channel stereo but the 5.1 audio card no longer works. 

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I make music with my computer and therefore the onboard sound card that came with my motherboard is disabled and I've installed a dedicated sound card instead. The soundcard I work with is an M-Audio Delta Series 2496 Audiophile PCI card. I've been using this card without problems for about 5 years.

Today the card seems to have stopped working and I suspect it has something to do with recent stuff I've been doing with my computer.

Here is stuff I did prior to my soundcard's failure to work. I have no idea which if any of these things are related to the problem or not. I also have know idea at what stage the sound stopped working.

- a friend came with an mp3 player (Creative ZEN Jukebox). He had some data on it (using it as a kind of external hard drive) which he wanted to transfer to my computer.

- I downloaded/installed the latest driver and plugged it (via USB) to my computer. The computer recognized the device, but for some odd reason it did not show all the data. We tried several things including re-downloading and re-installing the driver and installing a media player app by Creative but nothing worked. I uninstalled the driver and the Creative app.

(at this stage I remember my audio was fine, because I listened to some music. This was the last time I attempted to use audio before first noticing the problem)

- I realized that when installing the Creative app I had without noticing installed some bundled software that scans for... Read more

A:Solved: M-Audio PCI Delta Series Audio Card Stopped Working. Please Help

To start, I would uninstall any of the m-audio software. Once done, shutdown the system and pull out the card. Pw ON the system and let it fully boot. Download the latest driver for your sound card. Now shutdown again and install the sound card. Restart and attempt the driver install.

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Hi. I have 2 W7 machines, and only one will play the LPCM 16 bit, 2ch audio from a camcorder. Both machines have realtek HD audio.

The machine that plays it has optical audio out to a receiver. The machine that cannot play the audio has analog outputs to a logitech speaker system.

Should LPCM audio be processed by realtek and sent to analog outputs? Am I doing something wrong?

A:Can LPCM audio play to audio card analog outputs?

Both should play. How the sound card routes the audio output doesn't matter. Its just based on the input to the sound card.

Check the Sound Panel/Recording section. Set the one that doesn't play the same as the one that does (if they are different).

Generally, Stereo Mix should be set as the default Recording device. Then whatever input has sound will be heard.

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Over the past year I have replaced almost everything on my pc except the sound card. I believe the new board has onboard audio that may be better than the card I have (it is quite old). However, when we replaced the MB, we could not get the onboard audio to work, so we put in the old card and its been working fine. Due to game performance issues I've been advised that my drivers need to be updated (though audio really isn't the problem), but I don't see an updated driver for it (in fact, no win2k driver at all, which didn't even occur to me at the time of installation) on the aopen site. Can someone help me figure out how to enable the onboard audio (I don't see much instruction in the manual), or should I get a new audio card altogether?

A:Solved: On-board audio vs. audio card

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Hi everyone....

Current PC specs listed above ..... to get it out of the way I am a gamer......

This upgrade is to allow me to play some of the newer games such as The Witcher and also to enable me to utilize DX10 when I eventually upgrade to Vista.

RAM.....this is what I have found...I do not overclock and I am very happy with the matched pair of Corasir XMS 512MB 5400C4 running at 533 that I currently have so I figured the safe bet is in just jumping to a matched pair of 1MB sticks of the same.....

Graphics card.....

I do have a budget and from the reviews I have read this card should carry me through the gaming world for at least the next year (hopefully 2) I like eVGA and I have nothing but good things to say about the eVGA 6800GS that I am currently using.

But if anyone has some input as to problems with the card listed below or if you know of another card that will perform just as well (or better) for around the same price I would like to hear about it.

Thanks in advance for any help.......

A:Time to upgrade.. input on these..graphics card / RAM upgrade choices??

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Presently I have to use onboard sound card to have audio through HDMI output from video card. The external sound card installed is Xonar DG and it comes with SPDIF output header to be interfaced with video card. But I do not see no such header on the video card. I wonder what video card has such an interface header.

A:What ext video card takes SPDIF audio from ext sound card?

I don't think they meant for it to be plugged into any video card...

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i've been playing world of warcraft for about a month now and i have it on the lowest possible settings and at800x600 resolution and i'm still getting like 20 fps i want to up the settings on the game to good instead of low and have about atleast 30 fps in raids with 25 other players and when i'm alone questing have like 50 to 60
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
System Model p6754y
System Type x64-based PC
Processor AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor, 3000 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 6.04, 9/7/2010
SMBIOS Version 2.6
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 3.75 GB
Available Physical Memory 893 MB
Total Virtual Memory 7.50 GB
Available Virtual Memory 3.95 GB
I have a radeon hd 4200
so i want to upgrade it to be able to play with atleast 30 fps but i want to spend as little as i can 170 max for both and the less i spend the better if anyone can help would be great

A:Graphics card upgrade and power supply upgrade

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hello there, i have recently upgraded my service to 200mbs with a dual band smart router, modem and router capable of 1000mbs, after upgrade i come to find my wifi card only recieves 2.4ghz channel, its pitiful that my cell phone can get 140mbs on 5ghz and my new laptop can only get 100mbs via ethernet and less than 20mbs wireless, i took it to the local computer store and he did not want to touch the machine because this model is extremely hard to get into and i have read that if it only has One antenna i would have to disassemble the display aswell , so i am basically asking several questions, (1) can i upgrade to a card that is 2 x 2 A/b/g/n/AC 867mbs  like the intel 7260 or 8260 (2) does this machine have the required 2 antennas so i do not have to take apart the display?. i find it ludacris that this machine came out in 2016 and is not capable of reaching passed 100mbs, i would have never purchsed it, i intend to keep upgrading speed as long as my ISP keeps giving me good deals on service, i pay $60 for 200mbs.....card is realtek RTL8723benf Single band 2.4ghz 100mbs......thank you in advance

A:wifi card upgrade, cannot reach 200mbs, card is realtek RTL8...

@joseph1979 From what I have found unless you have 2 antenna cables you can not use an AC card. Your manual here. http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05228250 Look at page 2. You could check to see if you do have 2 antenna cables. HP Pavilion 15-au000 Notebook PC series - FRU Remove/Replace Videos https://h20574.www2.hp.com/results.htm?SID=10862158&MEID=8BC6A844-F67A-49EE-B31C-F599C8D7DFED Click on Wireless Module. REO

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So I have a Sapphire Radeon R9 280x, and I just bought a MSI GeForce GTX 970. I also have a 500W CoolerMaster powersupply, would I need to upgrade this to 600-750W?

+note: I also bought two sticks of HyperX 16GB RAM and a Corsair H75 Hydro Series CPU Cooler.

A:Upgrade graphics card=upgrade powersupply?

Your 500 watt PSU meets the minimum requirement.... GeForce GTX 970 | Specifications | GeForce

So with that in mind....I'd say yes to a new PSU.

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My system came with a R9 270 which I want to replace with a Sapphire Dual X R9 R280x.
That card needs a 6pin and an 8pin connection and the manufacturer's site say a 500W PSU is advised.
So, I'm concerned that I get a new PSU that fits my case, has the right connectors for all the 8700 components, and is say north of 600W.
Could anyone point me in the right direction.
My system info is......
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

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I have just installed an M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 Sound card.
I was hoping I could use it for recording my old vinyl onto the PC. I also wanted to use the original AC Realtek oboard sound card still for playback. Due to the connections for my speakers.
So basically the M-Audio card to record and the on board for playback.
After installing the M-Audio, it seems to have taken over.
When I go into control panel, sounds & audio devices. Under the audio tab is where you can select what sources you want to use for recording and playback. it only lists the M-Audio card, a webcam and a bluetooth device I have installed.
It doesn't list the AC Realtek anymore?
I have tried re-installing the realtek driver but still the same?
Can anyone help? Can I use both sound cards at once?


A:M-Audio Card Overiding Onboard Card

It seems that installing a PCI sound card automatically disables the onboard sound. I can't figure out how to overcome this?

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The audio chip went out albeit windows diagnostics and DirectX dxdiag both show it is working but all inputs, outputs front and rear do not work, speakers produce static. My question is, I see these usb audio cards that they are so small are they dependent on the onboard audio?

A:Onboard audio out, usb audio card

No, they have their own "sound card" built in. If you use one of these, disable the PC's sound card in the BIOS so there is no conflicts.

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I have ProLiant ML110 G6  I've bought Sapphire Radeon R7 250 2GB GDDR5 card. Before I buy, I've checked compatibility of my PCIe v2 x16 slot with PCIe v3 x16 card. I'ts compatible backwards so I can use v3 card in my v2 slot i MB. But When I was trying to install it I've noticed that on MB is inprinted PCIe x16 45W (I attached photo below).  So can I use this card - in specification is given that consumption of this card is 70W. Can undervoltage break my G card? Maybe I should ure Riser with extra molex pin? x16 slot gives 45W and molex can give 35W = total 80W. What you think     

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So i have pretty much figured out that it has onboard video right it is a new pavilion the 1ghz one, so I also noticed there is no AGP slot, so what now, he will have to run a PCI based card right would this be worth it??

A:buddy has HP wants to upgrade to better video card..well theres no card there anyway

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Can I upgrade CPU, add RAM and upgrade graphics card in HP 15-083ea laptop?

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Hello Everybody! I'm thinking seriously on upgrading my system because i want games to run better, but system it's not too old, what do you suggest, I have a P4 HT 3.4ghz it's a 478 socket and heard 775 it's better so wish to get Dual core or maybe I should go with AMD but not quite familiar of which ones are the best AMD's right now, maybe I should stay with my MOBO and P4, MOBO is a ASUS P4P800 E Deluxe or should I just upgrade my video card I have an ATI AIW 9600XT people say the AIW are not very good cards for gaming, and I really want to improve gaming performance, the problem is I don't have PCI-Express I have the AGP 8x, I think there are still a few good gaming cards for AGP right? what do you suggest? upgrade my video card only or MOBO and Processor also, I would keep everything else, memory, hard drives and PSU will work, suggestions are welcome, I definitely don't have a big budget but better buy something is worth it, for video card i guess something around $200 if i had to buy new MOBO and Processor I'll have to wait a couple of weeks but i really want to boost the quality of my games, so better wait and get somereally good, right now I can't max out the settings of some games and I have some frame skipping and lagging and want to get rid of that, thank you!!!!

A:PC upgrade or Video Card upgrade??

Your cpu is fine, a p4 3.4ghz is good enough for today's games but can you tell us what games you're trying to play?
For a quick upgrade that'll last you ok for a while and give you much better playablity in today's games, I'd just go for a graphics card upgrade, but, if you want the system to last you a while and you can wait a bit then I'd suggest waiting a few months. If you want a future proof games machine (meaning you'll get a year or two of gaming out of it) intel are bringing out a new series of processors, and the next generation of graphics cards are just around the corner too, directx10 cards.
If you're only a casual gamer you could still save some money if you wait, but then again the technology moves so fast you might as well get something that'll be considered decent for a while. I'm actually leaning towards you just getting a new agp graphics card, maybe like thisradeon x850pro. That'd make games look a lot prettier.

Edit: Hang on, forgot all the important stuff :blush: Can you tell us your full system specs, e.g. how much RAM, your mobo, your psu wattage etc.?

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My 9 year old has a dell optiplex 755 SFF, he is asking me to upgrade his video card so he can play games like minecraft and some games on steam.
We are on a budget and found this Sapphire radeon 6450 on newegg for $39.99
Will this work in his computer and allow him to play minecraft? steam?

Thanks in advance

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I just upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit from Windows XP Professional SP3. I've got most of my devices (printer, scanner, etc.) to work but alas no sound.
I installed Speccy and found that I have a "High Definition Audio Device" soundcard, which lead me to install the version of Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.
However that hasn't solved the problem. Thanks for any help in advance.

A:XP->7 Upgrade. No Audio

Your on-board soundcard isn't a realtek according to Asus.
It's a "Azalia ADI1986A, 6 -Channel High-Definition Audio CODEC "
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

See the download section, choose Vista x86 in the list. Vista drivers are compatible with Windows 7. Click on Audio and download your driver there.

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Well, a friend loaded a bootleg copy of Win 7 ultimate on my laptop a few months ago.. All aero stuff and all my audio worked fine.

My company recently got the Windows action pack. We have 10 copies of Win 7 Pro.

I reloaded it to have a legal copy. At first after activation. The Aero preview window was grayed out. I updated the driver
and that now works, but I have no sound on the PC.

The little speaker in the bottom right corner near the clock, says "No Audio Output Device is installed, when you hover over it.

When I click on the speaker it opens the troubleshooter and the results say. Hardware changes might not have been detected.

I have an Intel Pentium M processor 1.73 GHz, and the audio is onboard..

Any suggestions on what driver I can load to make sound work??

I went to Intel but found that I'm not as smart as there menus.


A:No Audio after Win 7 upgrade

we need the manufacturer and model of the laptop also is it a 64 bit or 32 bit install of win 7?

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A lil' confused so need some expert adv.

Just wish to reconfirm, this USB PNP, IF it will record/SAVE
from my audio cassette player to my desk top,using WIN XP PRO ! I wish to transfer songs from audio cassettes to my desk top which does not have a sound card.I have the COOL RECORDER in case that helps, does it ?
Earlier I have used the TV tuner card which did the job of such a transfer but that went kaput.

Thx for yr help.Cheers

A:Solved: USB Sound Card - 2.0 Audio Input / Output Sound Card

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Just upgraded from Vista Home Premium to 7 Home Premium and now have no audio.

PC is a Dell Inspiron 1501.
Sound card is IDT High Definition Audio Codec. Device status says "This device cannot start. Code 10" No option to update driver.

I went to IDT and Dell. Apparently there is no driver update for Windows 7.

So now what? Get a new sound card? Is that the only option? Any suggestions?


A:Solved: No audio after Win 7 Upgrade

Download (but do NOT use their download manager) from Dell the latest Vista driver and try to install it.

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Hi all, I have a 4th gen carbon (20FB) w/ Win10 Pro which I recently upgraded to a 500GB SSD.  After the upgrade and cloning the old drive, everything seemed OK until I realized that no audio devices are installed now (red X on the sound icon in the tray).  I went into Device Manager and noticed several drivers were not installed, so I reinstalled all the latest Lenovo drivers along with the latest system update and BIOS. Now, only the high definition audio driver and CPU see to be having issues (see attached screenshot).  The CPU driver states that an alternative driver might be running the functionality, so I'm not sure if there's an issue.  The audio device is a problem, since I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Conexant driver several times with no luck.  I've also run Lenovo's hardware scan and it says everything is running OK. I've seen several people on the forums having issues with the Conexant driver, but it's usually trying to get the driver rolled back to the HD audio driver.  Mine won't install the Conexant driver at all, although I do feel like my computer is a bit more sluggish now like some people mention. Before I reformat my machine, does anyone have some suggestions on how to resolve? Thanks!Matt

device_mgr.png ?110 KB

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I had no issues with the audio before I upgraded to windows 10. I could connect my Bluetooth headset and the audio would work. I would connect my desktop to my tv using a 3.5mm cable and it would work just fine. Now the only way I can listen to audio is with me connecting my fiber optic cable to my surround system. I have tried to download the drivers that are for my computer but I keep getting an error. Half way through the installation it tells me" the installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with the package. The error code is 2753." Can someone help me out with this problem. Thakn you in advance.

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I updated from XP sp3 to Win7 home premium. ITunes always sound fine and some movies play okay but most sound muffled or boomy. I have acreative SB X-fi unit. I got the latest drivers. I installed a codec pack but it may not be the right ones loading. Any ideas? If there is a way to find out what codec is being used or 'asked' for then I may be able to find a commonality and go from there. BTW this happens for various movie extensions ranging from FLV to AVI to MPG so it isn't that.

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I recently upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows XP and now no sound works on my computer. I get this message when i try play songs through Winamp

"Bad DirectSound Driver. Please install proper drivers or select another device in configuration. Error code: 8878000A"

Can anyone help me?

A:Problem with audio after 98 to XP upgrade

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I have just upgraded to XP from ME which was working fine but a bit unstable. XP installed audio drivers and now the sound quality is dreadful and broken up. I have downloaded all the Windows updates including drivers.
I have a Gigabyte GA 7ZXE motherboard and have tried the drivers that came with that and also the latest drivers from their website but the problem persists. If I rollback the driver to the one XP installed then the sound is OK until the PC is rebooted. Anybody got any ideas why this is happening? I notice that there are Legacy audio and video drivers listed as well, although they do not appear in Volume Control properties and VIA Audio wave is set as the mixer device. I don't know if the Legacy drivers are needed and I cannot find a way to remove them, but could they be causing a conflict?

Hope someone can help!


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I have a Dell Dimension E521. It has been a fantastic computer but I decided to go ahead and upgrade to Vista from XP. Much to my dismay, doing somehow canceled out my audio device.

Currently, my computer is telling me there is no audio device installed and that it cannot find one. I tried all the typical things, updates from the company, searching on the internet for other with a similar problem, trying to add the hardware, etc, however I have yet to find anything in particular that works.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this? Also, for the record, I do not even remember for sure what my audio devices name was. It was nothing after market.

I would sincerely appreicate any light anyone can shed on this. Thanks.

A:The upgrade forgot the audio?

can u tell us what video card (or onboard video) u have?

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I was having a problem with WMP 9. I would start a video clip and it sounded like chipmunks. I decided to upgrade to the latest level of WMP. The install completed without any problems, however I have another issue now that I am running rel 11. I have no audio to go along with the video. I've looked around at various forums and have not found anything concrete to help out. Any ideas ??

A:Solved: No audio after upgrade to WMP 11

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i just upgraded my MOBO to an AsRock MB-970A-G / 3.1

Now I get no system audio whatsoever!

Via my control panel, Realtek Digital Output is checked off.

Previously, I had audio rigged coming from two Gearhead Flat panel speakers, USB powered, and they
worked just fine. They are plugged into an external USB port on the new MOBO.

So, guess I've got some system reconfiguring to do?

A:No System Audio After MOBO Upgrade

Hi what's listed for the default play back device. what if you plug speakers into the green port do you get sound?

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I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Now I don't have the IDT Hight Definition Audio CODEC that I did before. I tried updating my drivers from Device Manager and from the HP Driver download site, but nothing seems to work. Please help. I especially need the Stereo Mix function.  Before Upgrade After Upgrade

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After upgrading to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 8.1 Pro, I have lost Beats Audio. I desperately want to get it back as the current sound is rather weak compared to what I had with 8.1 and Beats Audio. I have been on the HP support site but could not find the Beats driver. i have an HP Envy laptop.

Please help ...


A:Beats Audio Lost After Upgrade to 10

Beats Audio is no longer supported for Windows 10. You will have no go without it.

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I upgraded to Windows 10 about 1 year ago. Immediately my Spectre internal speakers stopped working (audio icon on the task-bar has a red "x" subscript next to it). When I click on the speaker icon on the taskbar windows runs through usual diagnostics but ends with no solution. Curiously, external speakers work just fine. I am hoping to speak with somebody from HP. I have learned to live without functioning audio, but it would be nice to fix. Thanks,Pete

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Dear Dell Support,
I purchased my Dell XPS 14Z laptop in 2012 when it was one of the most expensive laptops in the market. I was using it well for 5 years and then I upgrade to Windows 10 because Windows keeps prompting me to do it.
And then, my audio starts giving me the trouble. I have no idea why the laptop audio levels have dipped so much. I read many posts about a similar problem and realized Dell Support has not been able to fix it so far. What is this non-sense??
I hear HP had some issues like this and they figured out the real issue and sorted it quickly for all their laptop users irrespective of the model used. Why cant you do something like this?

Please help me resolve this issue because even after purchasing such a high-end laptop, am struggling with this petty issue.

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So I just installed windows 10 on my Asus N55SL (previously running windows 7), for the most part it works great however I am having trouble getting sound to play. I have tried installing the latest realtek HD audio drivers but thishas not helped at all, I have found that if I plug in headphones to the output jack of the computer I can hear sound and have found that if I roll back drivers then it works however my computer keeps automatically installing the realtek driver again.

Have no idea what to do and am hoping someone here could help, I tried contacting asus but they were very vague and basically just said there may be an update soon that could fix it, wit windows 10 they give you an option to switch back to windows 7 in the first month so I'd prefer to solve this problem before the chance to go back to windows 7 disappears. I'm really liking windows 10 and would prefer to stick with it.

A:Realtek HD audio non sound after win 10 upgrade

Make sure you have the speakers set as the default playback device. You can also try and download the drivers directly from Realtec.

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I recently upgraded from Windows8.1 to Windows 10 but now the audio isn't working. I've tried troubleshooting but the system can't find a problem. I also tried to reinstall the audio drivers but can't find any available through HP. Help!

A:Audio not working after Windows 10 upgrade

You can try below troubleshooting steps to resolve your audio issue after windows 10 upgrade:- Right click on Sound icon to open Playback devices- Choose your current playback device- Navigate to Properties and click on Advanced- Choose lower or higher bitrate (use 24bit/44100 Hz or 24bit/192000Hz - it depends on the device).

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After upgrading my C55-A-1N0 to Windows10 I lost audio.

According to win10upgrade.toshiba.com Satellite C55-A-1N0 P/N PSCGJE-00D004EN is not a supported model.

Anybody has had any luck getting the audio working on a C55-A-1N0 in Windows10?


A:Audio not working on Satellite C55-A-1N0 after Win 10 upgrade

According to win10upgrade.toshiba.com Satellite C55-A-1N0 P/N PSCGJE-00D004EN is not a supported model.

According to the Toshiba models supported for upgrade to Windows 10 website,
http://win10upgrade.toshiba.com/swup...spx?region=TEG, the Satellite C55-A PSCGJE is supported.

Check the screen shot:

Therefore I recommend you to update the sound driver to the Windows 10 compatible version.

The Win 10 drivers are available here:

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Gday all
I have an ideapad Y530 that is currently experiencing audio issues.
I recently upgraded from Vista to 7 Ultimate and ever since the audio only works about 1 and 10 times. I have found many posts on the net with similar issues but nothing exatly like mine. All speakers have been enabled, audio driver updated and every type of trouble shooting tried.
Basically i start the computer, get the Lenovo boot-up jingle, then no sound. But every ten starts, or so, the sound works perfectly?
The only other strange thing i notice is that if i plug in speakers and put the volume on FULL i can hear sound ever so faintly.
Feels like some sort of conflict but i cannot find one. Its as if Windows 7 loads the driver sometimes and not others, but if so why is the sound faint when i plug in speakers? Should i open the laptop to search for physical damage between the motherboard and speaker connections?
Very confused???
Cheer for an ideas.

A:Window 7 upgrade now intermittent audio?????

I wouldn`t go ripping apart your pc. You could destroy it. I doubt if there is anything wrong with it physically.

Did you do an upgrade from Vista or did you install 7 from the dvd. Uninstall the drivers again and reboot the pc. Use windows update to install the drivers again or go to the Lenova website and download them. You have to keep trying.

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Just did an upgrade from win 7 x32 to x64
Everything installed fine, but it is showing no audio device installed and a red cross on the bottom right hand side on the icon.
I have reinstalled the Realtek driver from my Asus CD but no help?

A:Upgrade to 64 bit - No Audio Device installed????

Possibly because your motherboard doesn't have Realtek audio on it? Which of the four P7P55D-E's is yours,

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

as all four of them have Via onboard audio, If the Via driver isn't on the disk then get the driver driver from Asus.

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After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 my sound is stuttering/making 'electrical interference' noises.  I've been trying to solve this with the Windows Troubleshooter and various other fixes but in the end I ran the HP Support Assistant and it upgraded the drivers to IDT High Definition Audio which is what everyone seems to be complaining about anyway. It just so happened I was offline when I first tried it with the newly installed IDT drivers and it was perfect so I thought I had cured it but as soon as I went online the stuttering and interference returned even when playing audio files already on my computer. I'm baffled why this should make any difference but it means it still isn't cured.  Anyone any ideas please?

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Audio worked fine with win 7 pro but suddenly stopped working.Upgrade to win 10 fixed audio for a week and then no audio once again, No drivers available from HP site only for Vista and none of the drivers i have tried worked.IDT HD audio driver seemed to take the red "X" away from yjr audio icon in the task bar and 2 audio devices were showing up This lasted 10 minutes and then all I get is "no audio device installed". Any thoughts on this?

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Hi. I have a new Fujitsu T-4215 tablet that was originally loaded with Vista Business. I upgraded to Ultimate, and like many thers, had no audio. I was able to research the web, and uninstall and reinstall some drivers, so now, speaker audio works, but I could not get any audio through headsets.

When I would right click on the systray speaker icon, and then select Playback devices, only the speakers would show up. I installed RealTek audio drivers, and now, when I plu in a headset, the headset shows up, but has no audio. In order to get audio through the headset, I have to right-click on the speaker icon, select disable, and then the headset works. Conversely, if I want to listen via the speakers, I have to disable the headset. Even if I unplug the headset, I still have to manually enable the speakers.

Here is the question, how can I set this thing up so that pulgging in a headset automatically inhibits the speakers, as it did pre-upgrade? The sound card is Sigmatel, I believe.



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After upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, the realtek HD audio driver lost lots of it's functionality, even to the point that i dare say it sounded better and was more functional in XP.

What's gone is: 3D Sound, Volume Control Tab, Some enviroment presets.

I *can* live without those, but what is bothering me the most now is this nasty thing called Loudness Equalization. Mind you, i listen to Techno, trance, and few rock songs. Each time there is a bass going on, the volume lowers, regardless of LE being enabled or disabled. I've read it somewhere that this is windows 7 / vista thing as. I tried changing drivers, but sadly it won't install my XP driver on 7.

Realtek HD Audio Codec: ALC888
DirectX Version: 11
Audio Driver Version: (Latest)

And again, NEVER had this problem on XP, hence why i posted this under WIndows 7 section! Please help!

A:[SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio problems after upgrade

What is the make and model of your machine? You can nto install xp drivers on win7. The changes to get those drivers to work are very slim to none.

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