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microsoft works 8 and microsoft works 2000

Q: microsoft works 8 and microsoft works 2000

On the new Dell PC (XP software) I am planning on buying, it comes loaded with Microsoft Works 8.

My existing PC is running on Win 98 2nd Ed with Microsoft Works 2000.

Question: Is Works 8 capable of reading files that were created on Works 2000?



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Preferred Solution: microsoft works 8 and microsoft works 2000

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



I have been using Microsoft Works database function for many years. I am a secretary at a sportsmens club and I have the membership developed in a database that contains name,address,zipcode,ss#,drivers licence # etc.

From this databsae I create labels to be used to mail out our club newsletters. We currently have over 1400 members that we store pertinent information on.

Using the label program in Microsoft works in previous versions such as 4.0 or 4.5 has been a breeze and always worked wonderfully.

We upgraded our computer system and now have the microsoft works version 2000. We were able to load our databse in this version and have been using it quite regularly. We are continually adding to this database daily.

My problem is, I have yet to figure out how to develop the labels for the mailing addresses. You would think this would be an easy process but when I try to do this I get an error message saying I have characters such as periods etc and cannot produce these labels. That would be quite a bit of extra work to remove any of those special characters and before I would do that I would want to make sure if that is really what the problem is. Why would it be a problem in works 2000 and not works 4.5

Right now I have the program loaded on a laptop with works 4.5 just to devleop the labels. I really do not want to convert to using just 4.5 because of the dates that I use in the databse and with the newer version it recognizes dates in the year 2000 and greater.... Read more

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I recently purchased microsoft works 2000 after having microsoft office. I uninstalled office and put on 2000 because I use a laptop and was trying to conserve space. I installed works 2000 using the least spaced installation. Very few or no templates. The task launcher appears immediately, but to go to any application takes forever. Office was much faster. I can't figure out why. Any suggestions. Thanks Leo

A:Microsoft Works 2000

This occurs often when your hard drive needs to be defragmented. Hard drives particularly ought to be defragmented after uninstall/reinstall or after deleting or adding lots of files to the hard drive. Have you defragged?

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I have installed Works 2000 on to my PC which is running Win 98 se. The original install worked fine. I had cause to uninstall it and then re-install. However, upon re-installing the following message very quickly appears. " Install was interupted! You may not have sufficient memory or Hard Disk space for the install process to work succesfully or may have an antivirus application running." There is 18gig of drive space available and ample memory.

I'm wondering if there is still components of the first installation resident which are some how halting the re-installation.

I would appreciate guidance on this.

A:Microsoft Works 2000

I notice you did not comment on the third possibility listed. Did you forget to turn off your virus checker before the installation? A good idea with troublesome installations is to close out everything except Explorer and Systray by using Ctrl+Alt & Delete. That process not only frees up memory but turns off any program that might interfere with the installation.

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when I try to print addresses on envelopes the computer freezes up in the middle of the print job , no matter how many times I try
it keeps on happening, it doesn't happen when I print any other kinds of documents only envelopes, I can't understand why this is happening, I can print everything else without a problem.


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Looking for someone who may have installed Micosoft Works 2000 Not to be confused with Suite 2000 I have had no end of problems trying to get to run. Any task or program involving financial programs which I enter results in an Illegal Operation {details shows WKSS caused an exception 10H in module in module WKSS.EXE at 017f:0055E983} Trying to shut down works from then on results in a fatal exception and I must shut down and reboot my computer. Other parts of Works 2000 work OK. I have contacted Microsoft and all their suggestions failed. Anyone have a suggestion???


A:Microsoft Works 2000

I am having the same problem. Was this ever resolved?.

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I recently did a total restore on my computer and have had quite a few problems. I think I have fixed most of them. Except, when I download Works 2000, I get the message after restarting. "Windows can not access one or more required files. The files may have been renamed, deleted, or moved. Try installing works, then starting the process again." Okay, I have tried that and it still doesn't work. I have done it over and over again. And still no luck. I had it on my computer before I did the total restore. So can anyone help?

A:Microsoft Works 2000

I had the same problem, but i called my product support number and the walked me through it. Unfortunatly I can't rember all the steps. I know it is frustrating, but they solved the problem in 5 minutes instead of the 5 hours I spent trying to correct it myself. Give them a call! Good Luck!

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Before I begin, a HUGE thanks to Big-K in directing me what to do with the dll. files! Thanks a million!

Ended up it needed two dll. files. Placed them both in my system32 folder and then the error message came up as something along the lines as "please reinstall to add missing components".

But I can't. Whenever I try to reinstall or unistall an error message comes up toward the end of the loading saying "Setup unable register tasks". Then when I press "Okay" it goes to the installation screen and says, that it was interrupted and my program may not work properly. Then an error message pops up saying, "Fatal Error in Installation".

How am I supposed to fix that?! LOL

Is there no hope for my poor Microsoft Works 2000? =(

Any help with clearing this matter (hopefully for once and for all) is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

PS. When I tried to open the processor this error message popped up: "The application failed to initalize properly (0x0000142). Click on OK to terminate the application." Before that it said something very similar to "cannot find missing files. They were either removed or moved. Please reinstall program to fix it."

I've tried to reinstall it and repair it and unistall it - but then I run into the problem described above.

A:Can't Download Microsoft Works 2000

The windows installer cleanup utility usually works flawless at removing programs from your computer


gives a brief description and has a download link

try removing it this way and then reinstall.

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I'm using Windows XP and Mozilla Firefox.
All of my history files have disappeared. I have an icon on my desktop that is "my documents" and I can access my documents from here. How do I get my documents back into the history list? Everything is running fine and I can use the program without any problem. Just don't have my files in the history. Thanks for help.

A:Solved: Microsoft Works 2000

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I cannot use a Microsoft Works 2000 disc I bought years ago. DVD doesn´t work. But I need to renew the program after reboot. Can I download it online? I do have my old Authentification Certificate.

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I have a Compaq laptop which came with Works 2000 installed but when I try to use it I get a message that says: " Works cannot locate Wizard files..The files may be lost or corrupted. Please run set up again to reinstall...

So I did a search and found Microsoft 2000 set up..It gives you 3 options: 1. Remove 2. Reinstall..it reinstalls Works 2000 by using the installation you last selected. 3. Change installation..lets you choose a different installation like complete instead of minimum or vice versa....I am just copying what I read......

So I chose # 2 and go this message:"Set up could not launch MDAC installation and i get the saome message with option #3..I didn't even attempt #1 because I am afraid..I don't have a disc..

any advice?? Microsoft ME came with this computer.. I hope I gave you enough info to help me..

Thank you, Ellie

A:Microsoft works 2000 problem

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How can I Set up a spreadsheet on this Program so that The amounts in a column will be Calculated automatically.

Thanks for a very helpfull site

A:Microsoft Works 2000 Question

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After a major crash I lost all of the Works Suite and had to reinstall it. Now the database crashes everytime I try to use it. Norton intercepts the crash and gives me this message:
Everything else in the Suite works fine.
I need some help.
Thank you

A:Microsoft Works Suite 2000 Database

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this program was already installed on my old computer when I bought it new. By the time I got rid of the computer, it wouldn't save anything to a disk. I had a word document that I wanted to save, so I mailed it to a friend. When I got the new computer set up, she sent it back to me. The new computer did not have 'Word' on it, so I installed microsoft word from the 'works suite' disk I had that came with my old computer. My problem is, I didn't have the case with the CD number on it. I have the works suite (that word is included on) product number, but to open word on the new computer, it says I need the CD number. Does anyone know any way around this? It is not a 'life or death' situation, but it is a book I have been working on. Fortunately, I had printed out most of it, but I would really like to have it on the computer to make changes, etc. Thanks so much for any help.

A:Solved: Microsoft works suite 2000

homeatrl said:

it says I need the CD number. Does anyone know any way around this? It is not a 'life or death' situation, but it is a book I have been working on. Fortunately, I had printed out most of it, but I would really like to have it on the computer to make changes, etc. Thanks so much for any help.Click to expand...

Couple things:
Open Office can read WORD files-- and is a free Office Suite--- download it, use it, give it away---- all legal, all Open Source. Suite includes a wor4d processor that will read and write .doc files (as well as many other formats), as well as including a spreadsheet, and presentation software.

Second option is AbiWord--- another free alterantive to WORD. This is not a full suite, but a great little word processor which can read and write .doc files (& a whole lot more)

good luck.

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I would like to install works suite 2000. Will this install ok on vista? If not what would work best. Also do the antivirus companies have any problems with vista. Are the free versions ok to install? I bought a new vista computer for my 78 year old mother-in-law today and she wants to keep her works 2000. If I change software, she may have a hard time adjusting. Thanks in advance.

A:Can I Install Microsoft Works Suite 2000 ?

If it ran in XP it will almost certainly run in Vista. But I am running Office 2003 which runs flawlessly in Vista.
AvgFree and Avast both offer free Anti-virus programs for Vista. They work without problems.

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When I tried to acess any one of the Microsoft Works 2000 applications, my system reboots. When I am done logging in the computer sends an error report to Microsoft. According to the report, there is some sort of "Device Driver Error."

The "Error Type" 392966

From https://oca.microsoft.com/--->

Error Caused by a Device Driver

Thank you for submitting an error report. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with specific information about how to resolve this problem at this time. The information that you and other users submit will be used to investigate this problem.


A device driver installed on your system caused the problem, but we cannot determine the precise cause.

Getting Help

Depending on which situation is applicable to you, do one of the following:

If this problem occurred after you installed a new hardware device on your system, the problem might be caused by the driver for the device. If you know the manufacturer of the device, contact the manufacturer's product support service for assistance.
Some software, such as firewall and anti-virus software, also installs drivers. If this problem occurred after you installed new software, the software might have installed a driver that caused the problem. If you know the manufacturer of the software, contact the manufacturer's product support service for assistance.
If you don't know the driver's manufacturer and need help diagno... Read more

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I downloaded some Microsoft updates, rebooted, and now my Microsoft Works Calendar won't come up. I've been to MS website and tried their fix - it didn't work. Next option is to delete Works and reload. My question is - will this deletion get rid of all of my data files along with the program? Also, is Outlook Express part of Works? I've tried to find out, but can't. I'm really concerned about making a mess of things.

A:Solved: Microsoft Works Calendar -works cannot access one or more files.......

Outlook Express is not part of Works.

What version of Works do you have and is it supported by Windows XP?

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When I start MS Works 9, and go to File Open, it goes to My documents. I would like it to go to C:, Program Files(x86), Microsoft Works, Documents. That is where I want to put Word Processors And Spreadsheets. If I cannot open Documents Folder automatically, I at least want Microsoft Works Folder to open automatically. There must be a way to do this.

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On my desktop (windows xp) I have Microsoft Works Suite 2005. Recently Windows update gave me an update for Microsoft Works Suite 2003. My computer accepted it ok........but, my laptop (windows vista) rejected the update? Is there an update for the 2005 version or do they just bunch them together?

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I need help uninstalling an add-in to Microsoft Works Suite 2006. I downloaded a program that helped me remove the actual program, Microsoft Works, but the add-in is still stuck and I can not for the life of me get this add-in to unisnstall.. This hole thing has been causing me problems for sometime now, it keeps making my WIndows Installer pop up flashing on the screen about fifty percent of the time I'm on my laptop. I have windows 7 if you need that information, I realize now the program has compatible issues..I finally got the program gone someone please help!! It is call Microsoft Works Suite Add-In for Microsoft Word.

A:Help Uninstalling Microsoft Works Suite (2006) Add-In for Microsoft Word

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I recently purchased an ASUS Windows 8.1 64 bit computer.  I transferred my Microsoft Works Version 8.0 word processor and spreadsheet files from my old computer onto the new computer.  I just purchased the Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student Edition (64 bit version) from an online vendor and installed the software onto my new computer. 
I have no problems opening my Works spreadsheet files in Excel.  However, when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word, I get gibberish.  I did some research online and found out that there is a Microsoft tool called Works 6-9 Converter which allows one to open Works files in Word.
I downloaded the Works 6-9 Converter tool from the Microsoft Support website and installed it on my PC.  However, when I subsequently attempted to open a Works word processor file in Word, a dialog box appeared with the error message "Word cannot start the converter Wks9Pxy.cnv" and the file did not open properly (i.e., I got gibberish).
I did a little more research online and found out that uninstalling the Works 6-9 Converter, then downloading and installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package, and finally reinstalling the Works 6-9 Converter may correct this problem.  I followed these steps, but unfortunately when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word, I get the same error message and the file does not open properly. ... Read more

A:Cannot Open Microsoft Works Files in Microsoft Word 2013

Reboot after any changes you make.

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Microsoft Office 2010 is installed on my PC (Dell Studio XPS8100, Windows 7). Another member of the household has asked whether she can install Microsoft Works 9.0 on my PC, now that her PC is on its last legs. (She greatly prefers Works over Office, for its simplicity and because of her long-term familiarity with Works.) If Works 9.0 is installed onto my PC, would this cause problems for Office 2010, Works 9.0, and/or my PC? If so, are there workarounds? Thanks.

A:Microsoft Works 9.0 and Microsoft Office 2010 compatibility

The official "word" from Microsoft (pun intended) is that Office & Works can co-exist on the same PC.

Provided you do not intend to share documents between Office & Works (ie both suites will be used separately), there are no "workarounds" or special procedures you need to remember when using them.

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just deleted micorosoft works and installed microsoft word(office) BUT now i cant open my old works documents? I have read alot about this but just wanted to check here before i did anything. Im sure i know what to do but just wanted to see what other methods are suggested? thanks!

A:microsoft works document to microsoft word?

What version are you using?

e.g. for 2003:


for 2010:


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My husband is a pilot. When we had Windows 95 & Microsoft Works 4.0, he saved his flight logbook on a Works spreadsheet program, then fortunately onto a floppy disk. When we upgraded to Windows 98 we also installed Microsoft Office Pro 97. Now when we try to print something off the Works spreadsheet (like only 1 page), we can't. It tries to print all 100 or so pages, & gives us a message about having over 500 fonts. Is there anyway to take the data off the floppy & transfer it into Microsoft Excel 97? I've tried, but it comes out in a format that looks like hyeroglyphics. It would be absolutely impossible to manually re-enter all the massive amounts of data on the floppy, & it of course has to be added to all the time as flight hours are added. ANY suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

A:Microsoft Works 4.0 to Microsoft Excel 97

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i just went from windows 2000 to windows 7 professional and we had to reinstall all programs....
i need to open my company logo which was saved in microsoft office word 97-2003 - my new program is microsoft works word processor - i have tried saving it in different formats on my old computer but nothing seems to be working....
any suggestions?

A:Converting files from Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 to Microsoft Works Word Processor

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I am trying to install Microsoft Works 2000 onto a Windows Me machine. However about half way through the installation process it stops and says "Setup could not launch MDAC Installation" So I went to microsoft's MDAC page and downloaded the current MDAC version, installed it, however i'm still getting the same error message when I try to install MS Works 2000. Anybody know how to fix this problem?

A:Microsoft Works 2000 installation Problem "Setup couldn't Launch MDAC Installation"


Please post only once. Closing duplicate.

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I am trying to install Microsoft Works 2000 onto a Windows Me machine. However about half way through the installation process it stops and says "Setup could not launch MDAC Installation" So I went to microsoft's MDAC page and downloaded the current MDAC version, installed it, however i'm still getting the same error message when I try to install MS Works 2000. Anybody know how to fix this problem?

A:Microsoft Works 2000 installation Problem "Setup couldn't Launch MDAC Installation"


Not sure if that will work for you or not........

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Our SONY VAIO PC came with Microsoft works preloaded on it and I would like to uninstall it but it does not show up in add remove programs and in its folders I can't seem to find a uninstall icon anywhere. Is there any safe way to remove it from our pc? I am trying to free up space on a small partitioned drive that it came with. Thanks for your help!

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Hi I'm curently using MS works 6.0 2002 for my small business and I'm wondering if I upgrade to 9.0 V will I be able to open up my invoices that I created with 6.0 V?
Thanks in advance.

A:Microsoft works

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I hope you guys can help!

I have been writing an essay in Microsoft Works Word Processor. It is around 18 pages. I have been working on it for about 3 weeks.

I saved my document the other day, turned of my computer, turned on my computer the other night and received the following message:

works cannot open c:documentsandsettings/documents/itassignment.wps the file may be in use by another application, the file format may not be supported by any of the installed converters, or the file may be corrupt

I am completely confused and don't know how to open this file.

I have also tried opening it up in Word and open office but no luck. Even tried renaming them.



A:Microsoft Works

Try running chkdsk on the drive/partition where it's stored...then see if all is well.XP Chkdsk, Using the Graphical Version (My Computer) - http://www.updatexp.com/windows-xp-chkdsk.html Follow the instructions for running the Graphical Version, please. Check marks in both options presented.You might also want to defrag your system.Louis

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I have pushed the right hand shift key, at the righthand side of the keyboard. Unintentionally I held it down for perhaps 10 secs. Now I am unable to type into the works word procesor without holding the same key down for @ 10 sec until the computer beeps, and then the problem is cleared. But i have to do this every time I need to use the word processor. What can i do to correct this problem?

A:microsoft works

You will want to look in your system for something called stickykeys. I think this was probably activated. Try look under "Start Menu">>"Settings">>"Control Panel">>"Keyboard" and see what you find within the dialog box.

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When using microsoft works spreadsheet and database and try to print out i get a message microsoft 8 has stopped working and must close, when i close out the printer will work perfectly in other applications, i am using a dell demension c521 with vista home premium 32 bit.

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I recently used a friends computer. She had the Microsoft Works program with alot of things like spreadsheets, resumes household recordings, etc.... There was alot of things that I could use on this program I was wondering if I could download a free version of this somewhere....................thaks

A:Microsoft works

Unfortunately not, except illegal copies and I DO NOT recommend that nor will I point you in the right direction!!!
Why not try Open Office (65.3MB freeware)

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For some reason out of the blue I find I cannot open work already completed and saved. When I try I get a message saying,
The procedure entry point [email protected]@@[email protected] couldnot be locatedin the dynamic link library WkWbl.dll.
Could someone please help.

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Does anyone know if Microsoft Works 9 will work with Windows 7 Premium 64-Bit?

A:Microsoft Works 9

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I am trying to install MSWORKS 7.0 onto Windows 10 it has been with me all though the OS Vista , XP , Windows 7 is it possible to install on 10.

A:Microsoft works 7.0

It seem later versions eg 8.5 or 9 have run on Windows 10. I guess the later versions were Windows 8 compatible.

Really it would be better to export files in a form readable by MS Office or a clone like Libreoffice.

You could run it in a Windows 7 vm.

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I am trying to install additional Works 2002 programs on my system. However it no longer gives me the option to do a typical, complete, or custom install. It just does a minimal install. How can I get it to give me these options again? Should I just reinstall everything all over again?

Thanks in advance.

A:Microsoft Works

Probably best to uninstall and re-install. Shouldn't take log at all.

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Everyone i wanted to know what exactly is microsoft 9?
second thing is unable to update ,its showing code 646.

How do i get rid of this code? Any thoughts?

A:About Microsoft Works 9

Quote: Originally Posted by jackyshaikh

Everyone i wanted to know what exactly is microsoft 9?
second thing is unable to update ,its showing code 646.

How do i get rid of this code? Any thoughts?

Here is the link to Microsoft Works 9 info which is a basic word processing program plus other features.

After goggling "Microsoft works 9, error 646" and reading solutions from Microsoft Answers this Microsoft Fix it solution is supposed to fix your error even though it says it is for Office 2007. Click on the button half way down the page.

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I have a new Dell system. I am trying to access some term papers I saved to disk. They are in wps or microsoft works. My new system has windows office 2003 I installed but not works. I have an used Microsoft Works CD I purchased but no product id. Can any one help me. You can email me at [email protected].

A:microsoft works

Try this MS Works converter program....remember to backup your data!!


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I need to uninstal Microsoft Works from my computer. I am starting a job and the program I will be using does not work with Microsoft Works. I have version 5.0 Works 2000. I went to add/remove programs but when I click on that it wants to install Works instead of remove it, it's already installed on my computer. I called Microsoft but they will not help me, they tell me Works 2000 is obsolete and they offer no technical help. Does anyone know how I can remove Works from my computer? I have an emachines 700id with Windows millenium.
Thank you,

A:Microsoft Works

Hello Donna25!You can check these 12 sites out...may help.Good luck,diego88http://support.gateway.com/s/SOFTWARE/MICR...3181faq24.shtmlhttp://www.experts-exchange.com/Operating_...Q_21606089.html

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I have Microsoft Works SE 9.0, When I go to try and open it I get a blank screen saying Microsoft Works Not Responding. Now if I start my computer in Safe Mode I can open it with no trouble at all. When I bought my computer Microsoft Works was pre installed on the computer. I am not sure where what is going on. Also I am running widows 7. Please help not sure what to do.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250u Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4095 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 703013 MB, Free - 460870 MB;
Motherboard: eMachines, MCP61PM-GM
Antivirus: Norton 360 Premier Edition, Updated and Enabled

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I have read that the compatible version is Microsoft Works 9 for Vista, but I've also read that there is an update for Microsoft Works 8 which makes it compatible with Vista. I just wondered if there is someone in the know who can tell me if Microsoft Works 8 will work with Vista, as I have a chance to get this at a very cheap price?

A:Microsoft Works 8

My version of Works is 8.5, and is working fine on Vista Home Premium 32b

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works word processor has been working fine, but today "illegal operation" came up:

invalid pg fault
module kernel 32.dll 0187:bff7a4b2

how do I fix this/

A:microsoft works

If this is the only occurance I wouldn't worry about it. Paging is one way MS keeps up with whats going on. It could be that you had several things open and it lost track of where things were. This mostly happens on older machines running older ms operating systems. There are ways to make it perform better. Do a search on your error (page fault kernel 32 Windows xx) OS and see what others have done.

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i need help

does any body know how to operate microsoft works having problems printing a birthday card printing is on the inside only uposide down

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I am trying to uninstall Works 8.5 via add/remove programs but have been asked to insert a disk; which I do not have due to the software being pre-loaded. Is there a solution to this ? Also I have software for other applications: how do I remove their Microsoft counterparts ?

A:Microsoft Works 8.5 plus others.

It may have become corrupted. Are you able to reinstall Works by any chance? If so do it, and use a repair option if offered. Then after a reboot the uninstall should work.

Alternatively try the Control Panel method in Safe Mode (reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up).

Also, there is always CCleaner which can often uninstall something that refuses to go.

Not sure what you mean by

Also I have software for other applications: how do I remove their Microsoft counterparts ?

Exactly what is it you refer to? Removing Windows Components can be dangerous, but some can be disabled or turned off I suppose. Please be more specific.

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Somehow, somewhere along the way I have developed some problems and have no idea how to correct it. I can go into Microsoft Works Spreadsheet and it works just fine, just as everything else except Task Launcher. I can open it up, but anything in such as the letter catagory, tells e that it cannot perform the task that I am asking it to do. Some of the files may be missing or have been deleted and I need to reinstall. I have uninstalled, then reinstalled and just installed. Nothing seems to help it. I am sending a hijack report to see if the problem may be there. Thank youi! Nola

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 1:04:19 AM, on 11/25/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\BillP Studios\WinPatrol\winpatrol.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_04\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\ypager.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\CursorXP\CursorXP.exe
C:\Program Files\Samsung\Digimax Viewer 2.0\STImgBrowser.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Digital Imaging\bin\hpotdd01.exe
C... Read more

A:Microsoft Works

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