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Monitor vs HDTV for gaming

Q: Monitor vs HDTV for gaming

Hi there.

I have a 24 inch monitor and I am looking into getting another screen for a dual set up. My brother let me borrow his 24 inch HDTV/monitor and the picture looks great. I was thinking about getting the same one but before I do I wanted to make sure I am not overlooking things.

Are there any concerns about using a HDTV rather than a monitor? Are their things to be worried about a year down the road?


Preferred Solution: Monitor vs HDTV for gaming

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A: Monitor vs HDTV for gaming

Technically no, just open some things with small text to see how clear the picture is, most TVs are not made with sufficient resolution to handle small stuff. Keep in mind that most games want to run on the primary display so you'll probably have to make TV primary and if it's not good enough for small text than you may have problem or would have to move applications to your now secondary display.

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I want a LCD monitor for gaming and surfing the net but I also want to hook my hd cable box into it so I can watch my shows in hd,Is there a monitor that can do this for me that isn't more then 400 dollars??

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I'm going to be investing in a new HDTV for my gaming PC. I currently use a 50" Plasma but I would like something bigger. I plan to go with a 60-65" LED HDTV and I plan to game using 1080p resolution regardless of whether I purchase a 4K HDTV or a 1080p HDTV.
The question I have is if I chose to go with a 4K HDTV will look any better than a 1080p HDTV in terms of clarity, sharpness, color vibrancy, etc?
Thanks in advance.

CASE:*NZXT*Phantom*PHAN-001WT*Red Steel / Plastic Enthusiast*ATX*Full Tower Computer Case
CPU: Intel i5 4690K*3.5GHz
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
MOBO: MSI Z97 Gaming 5
MEMORY:*G.SKILL*Ripjaws*X Series*8GB DDR3
SSD:*Intel 535 240GB SATA III (OS/Programs)
SSD 2:*Intel 520*120GB SATA III (Games)
HDD 1:*Western Digital 2TB*7200 RPM (Media)
HDD 2:*Western Digital 1TB*7200 RPM (Games)
HDD 3:*Western Digital 500GB*7200 RPM (BackUp)
OPTICAL DRIVE:*SONY Black*Blu-ray Burner 12X
PSU:*Antec*High Current Gamer Series 900W
DISPLAY: Panasonic 50"*Plasma 1080p HDTV
KEYBOARD:*Logitech*G13 & Logitech Bluetooth*Illuminated*Keyboard K810
MOUSE: Razer Naga Epic Chroma
HEADSET: Logitech*G930
OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)

A:1080p PC Gaming on 4K HDTV?

A 4k/UHD will only operate in 1080p, if that is the signal it is receiving. Suggest you invest in a good quality 4k/UHD video capable card. That way you can upscale to 4k/UHD.

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I have tried for a couple hours to hook up two different TV and have ultimatley came to the same end.

Both are on VGA(insignia 22") or PC input. (sony 32")
both have no signal.
swapped cabbles, swapped VGA to DVI converters
changed the ports on my video card, did a cable change and changed it again
computer boots like normal, all the welcome sounds, no PC signal on the display.
unplugged the cables and computer, rebooted nothing.
both were extended to my main display.

the CCC shows that it recognizes the TV. i have Force Tv recognition ON and Force component video detection on.

Both tvs were detected and both had the settings for the reduced to 680x400.

my pc recognized them both as a PnP monitor.

both the ATI CCC read the both the TVs and had it all set up to the recomended settings. booted up nothing

i then changed it to 680x400 for both and still no signal.

im all out of ideas. all the reading i did online said that if the resolution for the TV was reduced it would work.

not in my case.

any ideas?

specs are:

windows 7 pro 64 bit
6gigs DDR3
ATI HD 4890
AMD 955
210 gigs free space.

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I have an ATI Radeon 4670 card. I have not had trouble getting it to "Dual Display" in the past. Usually I wanted to do an extended display. I am now trying to get it set up with my HDTV with HDMI. I have added the Realtech drivers and HDMI adapter to the video card and have been able to get HDMI and digital sound to the HDTV, I am trying to get the two displayed as clones.

The problem I am having is after getting Catalyst to display the HDTV, I have lost the image on the monitor. In the process of trying to get it back to both displays I have accidently made the HDTV an extension of the monitor. Which is really a cluster as I can not get to the control panel to make any changes. All I have is the extension showing on the big TV but none of the controls. I tried rebooting in safe mode but was unable to access the catalyst control center as it did not boot in safe mode. The big plus is that in safe mode both screens are visible, but I can not undo the Catalyst settings. I am now running a system restore which will take me back to tomorrow settings, which is not ideal but better than not being able to access anything outside of safe mode.

How do I get the TV and monitor to display at the same time?

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'HDTV as a monitor' versus Computer Monitor

i am looking to buy a monitor for my computer
It seems a small HDTV is about the same price as a traditional monitor

I am leaning towards a HDTV because although i have an HDTV,sometime in the future a small screen HDTV may come in handy.

Are there any big differences between an 'HDTV as a monitor' vs. a computer Monitor?

A:Solved: 'HDTV as a monitor' versus computer Monitor

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is it worth purchasing a HDTV to be used as a PC monitor?

A:HDTV or LCD Monitor?


I'm very happy with my setup.

1, 22" DVI @ 1680x1050
1, 47" HDMI @ 1920x1080

I would not want to view it any other way!
I have a 9600GT video card that has 1 true HDMI out and it's amazing.
I would go the extra expense to go that way again.

Later Ted

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We are interested in buying a new monitor. We will also be watching TV from our computer. What are the pros and cons of buying a HDTV with a PC input, verses buying a standard computer monitor with a TV card?

Is one way better than the other?

A:Monitor VS. HDTV

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I'm trying to use my HDTV as a duplicate display for my Windows 7 PC. I purchased a DVI to HDMI cable, and inserted it into the other DVI port (the one not being used by the monitor) on my NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS graphics card, and the other into my HDTV (1080i) as normal. First problem is that the color is off. It's grainy and it's mostly a redish color. The second problem is that it's giving me a second desktop. I want the TV to display my desktop exactly. I've been to display settings, and the problem there is that if I select "Duplicate these displays", they have to share the same resolution (which obviously won't work). Any information on how to get my PC to display on both my PC and HDTV would be excellent.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 45069 MB;
Motherboard: alienware, alienware
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, Updated and Enabled

A:Using my HDTV as a monitor!!!

Okay seems I answered one problem on my own. I tried plugging the HDMI directly into my TV rather then through the HDMI switcher I have, and that seemed to get rid of the color problem. Still having resolution issues however. Please help!

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I know that regular tv resolution is supposed to be 480 pixels from top to bottom (is that right?) HDTV is supposed to be either 720 or 1080 pixels.

My monitors resolution is set at 1024 x 768. 768 should be the number of pixels from top to bottom. 720p HDTVs are 1280 x 720. I know my monitor is a square and not widescreen, but it looks like it has about the same resolution as an HDTV.

Sometimes I download Nascar races. I've watched a few before. No big deal. A few weeks ago I downloaded one that said HD (It was Watkins Glen, actually, for those of you who follow racing. I didn't think nothing of it. But when I watched it, it was like a whole new experience. I felt like I was closer to the action. I saw more details in the track surface. I didn't even notice the HD in the title of the video at the time. I just automatically noticed something was different.


Its interesting to think that this huge (depth) 17" clunker of a monitor may be more advanced that my regular television.

A:Is my CRT monitor an HDTV?

No,it's not HD.
TV resolution is a low 640x 480 so anything
at a higher resoltion is going to look better
on the monitor.

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im looking into a new screen for my pc, and i was wondering what would be better for me, im a pc gamer, i got this card,

it says it has S-video/HDTV out, i dont see anything on the card only S-video and 2 DVI spots, can you use s-video or dvi as hdtv out? and also, what would look better, a Monitor or a 19 inch HDTV? and if i had a HDTV and used VGA or DVI with it would that look just as good as a Monitor, thanks.

A:Monitor or HDTV??

to answer your question yes the TV would plug into the DVI slot so you would have to find a TV that is compatible. To answer your other question i dont know. i depends on the quality of the TV/monitor. ant by the way Newegg rocks!!!! i got my entire computer from them

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Hello. I just bought a beautiful 19" LCD to replace my dinky 16" crt. I'm also going to use it for the next gen videogames since I don't have an HDTV and probably won't be buying one for some time. Now I'm starting to wonder could computer monitors be used to watch HDTV? I know about the HDTV cards for free over the air HD signals, but I'm wondering about from a normal HD tuner for digital cable and satellite signals. Is RGB the same thing as component input? Also some HDTVs have DVI inputs. Have any of you rigged something like this up? My monitor doesn't have component inputs but I know that some of them do.

A:Can a computer monitor be used for HDTV?

Is RGB the same thing as component input?
Click to expand...

Yes.. Component is RGB with sync.. Composite is Yellow for video then right/left audio.
Your monitor easily supports HDTV resolutions. All you need is a card that supports both OTA and QAM (Free digital cable broadcast).. I suggest you have a look over at http://www.copperbox.com for thier ATSC HD cards.. Look for one supporting QAM if you wish to hook cable to it.. The Fusion line cards produced by DVICO are the cheapest cards known to work well with digital cable and OTA broadcast..

Also some HDTVs have DVI inputs. Have any of you rigged something like this up?
Click to expand...

There are VGA to DVI adaptors on the market.. Such as this one:

Some video cards come packaged with them..

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I use my HDTV as an alternate monitor, connected to the digital output port of my video card. My regular monitor is connected to the analog port. There is no way to tell Windows XP what resolutions are valid for the HDTV. I had a game that tried to set the refresh to 75 Hz, bui the TV does not accept anything but 60 Hz. The TV displayed "Invalid Resolution", but I could not get Windows to display again, and had to reboot.
Is there any way to tell Windows XP not to use any refresh rate except 60 Hz for this monitor? I think an INF file is the way, but I don't know how to make it or install it.
The Nvidia Control Panel shows the TV as "Hitachi Engineering Company Ltd HDMI".
I would like to do this in case I get another game that wants the refresh at 75 Hz, so Windows will tell the game it is not allowed, saving me from rebooting.

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can someone help me please, i bout this coby tftv2224 lcd dtv and i connected my pc to it, i have a dual boot system running vista 32 bit and vista 64 bit, my 64 bit runs fine and works with the new tv/monitor but when i go to boot up with vista 32 bit all it does is gives me a black screen!!!??? please help lol!! now i can boot up 32 bit in safe mode but not in regular mode. ive tryed updating and reinstalling my display drivers, ive tryed changing resolutions in safe mode. nothing works??

i did notice that when my system boots up in safe mode of 32 bit and any mode in 64 bit, the resolution on my montior says 1280x720
but when i try to boot into regular mode on 32 bit vista, it says resolution of 1920x soemething else i dont remember.

can anyone help me!!???

A:help with my new hdtv monitor with vista 32 bit

For some reason Vista32 is not recognizing supported resolutions of the TV, strange, try this.

Disconnect the TV and boot into Vista 32, go into display properties and set the resolution to 1280x720 or lower, then shut down and connect the TV, boot it back into V32 and see if it works.
Use the edit button and remove your email from your post please, or you will get tons of spam email in the future.

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okay I got my new computer and hooked it up to my fiancee's 37"ish sanyo LCD tv but no matter what resolution I have it set to part of the page gets cut off. Does anybody know how to fix this issue?

A:HDTV as a Monitor, screen getting cut off.

Are you using a HDMI connection from the video card?

Also, are you using the HDTV as a secondary display?

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So my dad ruined Chritmas.... He opened our new Sony Bravia 40" LCD early This one has a VGA port on the back which I would use with my computer, but the maximum resolution supported is 1400*1050 @ 60HZ (per the user manual). And, no, it doesnt work, I tried. This would be fine, but its not a widescreen resolution and the supported resolutions that are widescreen are way too low. So now to the question; If I use a DVI-HDMI cable from my computer, will the tv support a picture in its native resolution, 1920*1080? The manual directly says: "do not connect a PC to the TV's HDMI input. Use the VGA input instead when connecting a pc." Seems fishy to me.... Hopefully someone knows something and can help me??

A:Using my HDTV as a monitor (with HDMI?)

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I set up my computer with my HDTV on the raised platform in my living room. I have the HDTV connected to my graphics card via HDMI cable. When I start my HP computer the HP splash screen comes up and then the screen turns black and I do not get the Windows 7 login screen. However my grpahics card has an additional port (DVI) and If I connect a monitor to the computer in addition tot he HDTV and start the computer I get the HP splash screen on the monitor and then eventually the Windows 7 login screen will come up on the HDTV.

If I then discconect the monitor and leave the HDTV as the primary display and turn off the computer and reboot the same thing happens where I get the HP splash screen and then goes black. Can anyone tell me how I can just get the computer to recognize the HDTV as the primary display and the windows 7 login screen to come up on teh HDTV? Thanks for any help that I may be given!

A:Trying to Use My HDTV as a Primary Monitor

When you hook both the monitor and the TV up to the computer, go into the display settings and look at what the computer is recognizing as the main display. If it recognizes the monitor as the main display, you can just change the settings to the TV as the main. This should solve your issue when you unplug the monitor

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I need help looking for a good monitor for gaming, World of Warcraft.

My pc specs are:

I-5 2300 Intel
8gb memory
AMD Radeon HD 5670

I know its not a monitor but a HDTV. But monitor is much expensive than HDTV now. My budget is below $200. Please advise. Thanks!

A:Solved: HDTV for monitor

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Ok, I have a new compaq presario, running xp, and jacked the vga cable I bought from the laptop to the hdtv's vga input, then set the tv to "VGA", but get "no signal". Do I have to go into the notebook's monitor display properties to somehow get one device to recognize the other? Thanks.

A:Using an hdtv as monitor from laptop

I have seen some laptops that let you enable and disable the VGA output using either a set-up menu or keyboard shortcut. Your laptop's user manual should have the information.

Also check the specifications for the HDTV set for any limitations for the video formats (resolution and frequencies) that it supports. You then need to make sure that the laptop's VGA signals meet those requirements.

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Is there any reason why I couldn't use this TV: http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?logon=&langid=EN&sku_id=0770HDS0010061197&catid= as a computer monitor? I have an x800 XT PCI-Express with a DVI-to-Component hook-up which was included, and it should technically plug-in and work alright. Is there any kind of risks I should be careful of?

A:Using an HDTV as a computer monitor.

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I am going to be purchasing an HDTV. Can I use it as a computer monitor? And, is there any significant degradation in picture quality on a 46" screen?

A:hdtv as computer monitor

Not as long as you're far enough away!

Remember, the pixel size will obviously be a lot larger. I connected my laptop to my 50" plasma screen 1366x720, and it looked fine as long as you were not real close. Movies looked great!

You'll want to use HDMI if possible...

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I recently hooked up my computer to my Olevia 32 inch 1080i HDTV using a 6 foot VGA cable.
I am running it at 1024x768 at 60Hz. 60Hz is max for my TV. Whenever I try to watch a movie or play a game, they dont look smooth. Almost like if the frame rate is low. I thought maybe I didnt connect cable well enough, but they are connected tightly. Please help me. Thanks.

A:Problems with using HDTV as monitor for PC

can anyone help me?

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I always either used a monitor, or a TV as a monitor, but never tried to hook up both at the same time.I just moved one of our PCs to the bedroom, and I have two options. My wife wants to use our standard 19" monitor with a max resolution of 1280x1024. I want to use the 40" HDTV with a resolution of 1920x1080. The PC has a HD 4850 GPU.

Basically I'm looking to clone the monitors.. not extend them on to each other. But, when I set the resolution so it looks right on the monitor, then the TV is off. If I set it to the TV's native resolution, then the monitor is off. Is there any way to set it so each has their own resolution, or is that not an option when cloning? I've tried to mess with this from windows desktop settings and ATI's CCC, to no avail.

I have the monitor hooked up via a DVI port and the TV via a HDMI port.

Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do, or is the monitor's lower native resolution putting a wrench in the whole thing?

Any and all help is appreciated,

A:Monitor + HDTV, Different Resolutions?

Both the different resolution AND different aspect ratio make this quite impossible to work properly. Extending could work, but clone will not work without the image being "off".

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I have a xfx geforce 9500 gt and I am trying to hook up my 46" sanyo via dvi to hdmi cable and when I do, I can see the picture but it flashes on and off. I can move windows on and off the second monitor but it continusly flashes on and off every second or so.

I have done some looking around and havent really found alot of other people having this problem. I checked to make sure I was using the right res for it. I looked up the model number of the tv online and matched te res in the specs to the res in the settings. I updated to the latest drivers and I am at a loss as to what is going on I made sure it was at 60hz and so on.

Most of the stuff I read was talking about it loosing connection and going to the no signal then back to normal (thats how I came across this site) but this isn't happening on mine. Its just going from seeing my background pic to black then back to normal. I took vid on my phone and uploaded it to youtube with hopes that this might give you some idea of what its doing.

Any ideas or imput would be awesome. Need help. Thanks!


A:Problem with using hdtv as second monitor.

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I just finished a new machine, EVGA VIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ card. The card has two DVI outlets - 1 S Video outlet. I'm using a Sony Bravia 32" XBR for a monitor.

Using a DVI to HDMI adapter gives me a not so good picture.
Using a DVI to VGA adapter and connecting to the TV in the "PC IN" area, give me a better picture, but still nothing all that great.

Using my Dell laptop, with NVIDIA GeForce 9400M G video and an HDMI outlet gives me a great picture when I go HDMI to HDMI.

I know I am not happy with what I have, I don't know what to do next.

My 1st thought, based on the laptop experience, is to get a video card with an HDMI outlet.

My 2nd thought is to try the S Video connection, which I would if I had a cable.

My 3rd thought was to come here and ask advice from people who probably can come up with more than 3 thoughts at a time.

Any thoughts appreciated.

This machine has:
Intel i7-950 CPU

A:Computer to HDTV Monitor ??

Use this and make sure the resolution/refresh rate are both as high as the tv can accept.

"Using a DVI to HDMI adapter gives me a not so good picture."

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I have tried to use my spare 24inch HDTV as a monitor anbd it does not work what so ever.

I have coonected to my pc via HDMI and VGa with no success. It comes up with no Signal.

Here it is, well it is one mumber above, but i would imagine there would not be that much difference.

Technika 24-621 23.6" HD 1080p LCD TV with built in DVD player & USB Record - Tesco.Direct

I also have the same problem with my 32inch LG HDTV.

Which is here LG 32LD450 32" Full HD LCD TV buy online | Currys

A:My HDTV Used As Monitor Problem

Have you one of these cables

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I have:
ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series [Display adapter]
VIZ VW32L HDTV20A [Monitor]

Currently my TV is hooked up at 1024x768 with SVGA. How do I connect it so that I actually get the full sized HD monitor?
What resolution should I use? Should it be hooked up via S-Video?


A:How to properly use HDTV as monitor?

For a 32" it is probably 1280x720 for a 720P TV.
A DVI or hdmi connection would be better but
you should be able to do that resolution on svga.

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Does anyone use there 1080p HDTV as a monitor? If so do you think that the font's, icon's and the rest of the display make things apear to small although you have more room on screen etc?.

A:1080 HDTV used as a monitor.

i make the icons bigger and turn google chrome to a higher zoom. but im more comfortable using a regular monitor unless im playing skyrim or minecraft or something that does not require you to be super precise where you click

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I have a Toshiba Regza that I've been using as monitor for my computer. However, as I plugged the HDMI cable into the TV instead of the regular cables, the screen became to "big"

No matter what resolution I set the screen to, the desktop continues beyond the edges of the picture. The start menu is barely noticable, and I have to guess where to click to open it. I've tried lowering the resolution, and checked around the graphicscard settings (NVidia GeForce 7800GT)

But I can't find anything that seems wrong in any setting! Help?

A:Desktop goes beyond monitor with HDTV

Never mind. I've overlooked one option at the bottom of the advanced settings under TV&Video settings.

"Resize HDTV desktop" yeah, that'll do!

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Apologies if I have repeated a previous question, I searched but found nothing specific to my problem!

I am trying to use my PC as a media centre to be able to play video content on my HDTV in another room. My PC has a dual-head graphics card (an nVidia GeForce 9800 GT) with 2 DVI ouputs. My primary display is connected here, as is DVI+Audio>HDMI box, which sends the signal to my HDTV. I have managed to get a picture on the TV which was fairly straightforward. The displays are set up to work independently as clone won't work - my monitor won't go above 1680x1050 and my TV won't go below 1920x1080. My problems are as follows:
Windows Media Player 11 won't display anything on the TV - The main window displayed on my monitor shows that it is being sent to the secondary display (the TV) but nothing is coming up, all I can see is the desktop wallpaper.VLC - Similar problems, have tried to configure VLC to use DirectX and the correct display but nothing comes up or just displays on my monitor
Any help would be appreciated, sorry my first post on this forum was so long! Johnny-come-lately's ruin it for everyone, eh?!

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HDTV as monitor 1080P or 720?
I'm looking for a HDTV to use as a monitor for my laptop ( and occasional TV).
The laptop is an HP G60 (cheap) and the resolution shows 1366x768 max (is this limited by the laptop display or graphics card?)

I can get a larger screen with a 720P TV, then with a true 1080P. Anything I need to consider?

Looking at:
Dynex™ - 26" Class / 720p / 60Hz / LCD HDTV, Model: DX-26L150A11


LG M2362D 23" Widescreen 1080p LCD HDTV model 757-323


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I posted this earlier, 49 views no help. Doesn't anyone have any ideas?
Since I switched to using my tv as a monitor whenever I boot up my pc in the morning all the icons are on the left, jumbled rather than just slid over from the right where I like to have about 20 of them.
 This looks exactly like it did when I changed the resolution on my tv to fill the screen.
One thing I notice is once in awhile I get a small pop up message from  the hidden Icon area on my task bar that tells me I should be at a different resolution, the resolution that I ran my monitor at.
 I'm thinking I need to change something on my pc but don't know what or how. The hidden Icon is an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver.

A:Using my HDTV as a monitor STILL has those icon issues

 I changed the resolution on my tv to fill the screen.
Did you actually change the resolution of the TV, or did you change the zoom level and/or the aspect ratio? As far as I know, the resolution of a TV can't be changed, but maybe it can on newer TVs. What I think you should start with is to set your TV back to it's default display mode first. (resolution? - zoom - aspect ratio) Then, look up the TV's native resolution, and change your computer's display resolution to match that of the TV. Do this base setting and let us know what you get.

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I just tried hooking up my laptop to my JVC IDLA HDTV with an HDMI to DVI cable. I've tried resetting, but all I get is a black screen. Anyone who's gotten a setup like this to work would be a big help.

My video card is a Nvidia 7900 GS.

A:2nd monitor (HDTV) has black screen

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When I hook up my 720p HDTV to my laptop with a VGA cable, and set the resolution to 1280x720, the display shifts to the right, resulting in a black bar on the left, and the display going off the screen on the right. Is there a solution?

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I have connected my PC to the TV with a DVI to HDMI cable. In nVidia settings, I set the output to HDTV and 480p (native on the TV) as the resolution. The picture is clear, but too big for the screen. Icons on the far left are cut in half, and the start bar is also cut in half. Dialog boxes and other 3D objects on the desktop are much too big, only seeing the middle of some dialog boxes, not able to see the menu bar, or buttons on the bottom. Is there any way to fix this? The TV does not allow the picture to be resized in HD sources (component, HDMI).

A:Using 16:9 Panasonic Tau 26" HDTV as monitor

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I have a new-ish laptop and a brand new HDTV, a Proscan 26 inches with a resolution of 1366x768 (which is slightly weird and may be related to the problem). I have the laptop connected to the TV by HDMI as an extension of the desktop, and I'm running into a problem. On each edge of the screen, a small margin of the picture is cut off. Despite changing the aspect ratio of the picture in the TV settings to each option, changing the resolution to both larger and smaller settings, and reinstalling the driver for my video card, I haven't been able to find any setting that fixes this. I've spent a few hours on this and exhausted all my options as a more-or-less computer competent person, and I'm getting frustrated. It's simply as if the picture is zoomed in too far, even though there is no zoom setting. Can someone help me out here? I would be incredibly grateful.


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Hey Ho Everybody!

I am running a self-built computer with the following specs:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Dual Core
Gigabyte GA-M52L-S3 Motherboard
Foxconn Nvidia Geforce 9500GT 512MB Graphics card

I was thinking of buying two 19” TFT-monitors and using them as dual monitors. Preferably, I would like to use DVI to connect them. My graphics card, however, does not have dual DVI outputs. Would it be possible to buy another graphics card, such as the “MSI HD 2600 PRO PCI-E”, which has dual DVI, and using these cards simultaneously?

Secondly, I was wondering if it would be possible to connect the computer to a HDTV as well for streaming video and playing games etc. In that case, could I connect it to my primary graphics card, Nvidia Geforce 9500GT 512MB, while using the secondary graphics card for the monitors? Would the HDTV then have a cloned picture of both the monitors or just one of them? Is this even possible?

Thankful for answers

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Hey, I've been trying to get my samsung hdtv to work as a second monitor. The tv came with an VGA cord and my PC has 1 VGA port and 1 DVI port on it (my current monitor is using the DVI port via a VGA to DVI converter...thing). So I switch to the PC SOURCE on the samsung with the cable not connected and it basically tells me to plug it in and change the VGA and PC Signal Setting so I plug it in and the message disappears but my screen is black and the light starts flashing which I am thinking means it's looking for a signal.

I looked it up and everyone always says to go to the screen resolution menu and click "detect" so I did and absolutely nothing happened. Someone told me that it should at least tell me that it doesn't sense another monitor but it doesn't even do that.


both monitors work on the DVI converter, neither work on my VGA port even if nothing is plugged into the DVI.

I am assuming that it's broken or my friend said it might be my graphics card but I am a little...ignorant with computer stuff. My graphics card is a AMD Radeon 6670 and I went and downloaded the most recent drivers for it and such but nothing seems to work.

If you need any additional information just ask (possibly tell me how to find) and I'll post.


A:How do I get my samsung hdtv to work as a second monitor?

The card is not the problem.

A Question or two: Did the video card come with the computer, or is it an add on?
If it is an add on did you use the on board drivers or install those form AMD?

Also BTW, "Welcome to The Seven Forums.". . .

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I'm looking for a HDTV to use as a monitor for my laptop ( and occasional TV).
The laptop is an HP G60 (cheap) and the resolution shows 1366x768 max (is this limited by the laptop display or graphics card?)

I can get a larger screen with a 720P TV, then with a true 1080P. Anything I need to consider?

Looking at:
Dynex™ - 26" Class / 720p / 60Hz / LCD HDTV, Model: DX-26L150A11


LG M2362D 23" Widescreen 1080p LCD HDTV model 757-323


A:Solved: HDTV as monitor 1080P or 720?

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Hi, I am planning on getting a ps3 slim from bestbuy sometime this year. I have a Calypso 19 inch LCD (http://calypsolcd.com/CLP-19LM1.php), and I was wondering if it can be connected to my ps3? Someone told me it has to have HDCP or something and I don't know if it has as I"ve already thrown my box away and I dont have the LCD anywhere near me currently.

I also asked around and discovered I need a HDMI to DVI adaptor. I looked on BB and future shop's websites and found HDMI to DVI, and DVI to HDMI - could anyone tell me what the difference is since there is a difference in pricing too.

Also I"m not sure if this is in the right section, so move if you please but I do hope I will be able to get an answer nonetheless ;D

A:Solved: Can my monitor replace a HDTV for PS3?

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I have been using a large, HD TV as a second monitor on my HP All-In-One PC for a year. A couple of days ago when I rebooted it, it no longer recognized/detected the TV/monitor. I've checked
all cables, even changed the HDMI port it was connected to but nothing changed. I tried Control Panel and  the MS Function + P and while I was able to tell it to use an expanded screen, it doesn't "see" the monitor. It also seems as though
the PC no longer "sees" the HDMI-to-USB converter because disconnecting and reconnecting it does nothing.

I've checked for updates of the graphics drivers and every other one I thought might have an affect. Nothing.

Any suggestions or advice?



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I just hooked up my 32" 1080p HDTV to my laptop via HDMI and want to figure out how to make the TV my default monitor. I've installed UltraMon and fooled around with it a bit, and neither there or in my ATI control panel does it seem possible. Any help?

A:trying to make HDTV primary monitor

It can't be the "default" monitor on a laptop. You should be able to switch the primary and secondary displays, but you'll probably have to do it every time you boot up.

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Olevia, Model number is 232 t12 and its 32 inches wide screen. Anyway I really need help adjusting the resolution, Everything is soo huge, I tried through hdmi cable n I set it to highest res. it was still bad.. through VGA I got a lot more options but whenever I try to switch it my tv gives an error "Invalid Format" so currently I'm running at 2048x768 I tried switching higher but it wont let me neither with lower option...

I really need help, I'm running on Nvidia GeForce GTX260, XP Pro

just found out that recommended res. is 1366 x 768 but its obviously wrong, my start button covers up half the screen >_>

A:HDTV/Monitor VGA, wrong resolution? Need help x(

Come on I know there smart guys around that could give me an advice( its the 3rd forum im on since like 6am without any answers >.< n yeah I need it fixed quick folks

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I recently bought a 32" LCD TV to use as my monitor, it seems my resolution will be limited by the TV being 1080p (?)

It looks great but I would like a little more real estate...my video card is the Nvida 8800GTS, and I connect via a DVI to HDMI cable.

At work I upgraded a computer connected to a 32" TV and the Nvida graphics card (Quadro 600) transmits sound via the video cable, On my home system I can enable that feature (in software) but it doesn't work. I'm guessing my video card, being older doesn't support that.

Any comments on this, or your experience using a TV as a monitor + or - are welcome.

A:Maximum resolution using a HDTV as a monitor

Found another post that seems to answer that I can't get any higher resolution, still welcome your comments, thanks.

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I recently bought an HDTV with a VGA port in the back. The first time I plugged my laptop into the TV via VGA it worked fine and the images popped up on the TV. A menu popped up asking me how to display the monitors and I set it to display only on the HDTV and not the laptop screen. I then tried to run a game through the HDTV screen and it didn't work and now when I plug the laptop into the TV I just get a black screen with a message saying something about the mode not accessible. Is there anyway to bring back that initial pop up window so that I can set the screen to display on both the laptop and the HDTV?

Thank you.

A:Vista HDTV Monitor Trouble


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Model number is 232 t12 and its 32 inches wide screen. Anyway I really need help adjusting the resolution, Everything is soo huge, I tried through hdmi cable n I set it to highest res. it was still bad.. through VGA I got a lot more options but whenever I try to switch it my tv gives an error "Invalid Format" so currently I'm running at 2048x768 I tried switching higher but it wont let me neither with lower option...

I really need help, I'm running on Nvidia GeForce GTX260.

TV is Olevia, it looks exactly as this http://www.xpcgear.com/537h.html but dont know if the size is right.

EDIT: just found out that recommended res. is 1366 x 768 but its obviously wrong, my start button covers up half the screen >_>

A:HDTV/Monitor VGA, wrong resolution? Need help x(

Can someone help? Please... >.< i cant take it anymore I dont know what to do...

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