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NAS shows in network map, but no longer in windows explorer

Q: NAS shows in network map, but no longer in windows explorer

After deleting some files from my NAS (WD My Cloud), it quit showing in explorer. Shows on other pc, but not this one (7 x86 Pro). It shows as storage device, and media server, but no longer as a system device (access to the files on it). Tried a variety of fixes .... system restore, reboot router and nas, checked workgroup name, file sharing options, win network diagnostic tool ...

Seems obvious that it has something to do with deleting the files, yet I can't think of any reason it should. Windows still recognizes it as a system device, just won't display it as such in explorer on this one pc.

Preferred Solution: NAS shows in network map, but no longer in windows explorer

I recommend trying the free service from Zip Cloud. It's currently our users' favorite backup and storage solution and will save you headaches down the line.

You can get it direct from this link http://goo.gl/rFYDxc. (This link will open the Zip Cloud homepage.)

A: NAS shows in network map, but no longer in windows explorer

After more checking, the NAS shows as a system device in Device Manager, in properties on Devices and Printers page, as well as in the Network Map. So Windows can obviously see it, knows it's there, but won't show it as a system device in Windows Explorer.

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Usually, I can see Asian characters (specifically Chinese and Japanese) perfectly fine, but since the last time I restarted my computer none of them are showing up. They don't show in foobar2000 (a music player) either, unless I switch the font to Meiryo (a Chinese font). They used to show up with no problem.

They still show up in Chrome.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1978 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 797 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 218854 MB, Free - 13441 MB; D: Total - 19315 MB, Free - 2802 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1605
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Enabled

A:Solved: Windows Explorer no longer shows Asian characters

I restarted my computer and the characters are now shown.

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I have quite a lot of MP3 files on my computer and all of them have embedded artwork, some from Amazon and others (because Amazon Cloudplayer can replace the correct album art with incorrect) has been embedded using MP3nity.
Until the last day or two the artwork was displayed in Winamp, on the folder containing the album and on the icons inside the folder. I had to reinstall Winamp and since that time the artwork shows in Winamp and on the folder but the icons now have the default display as though the files contained no artwork.
I have tried going back to an earlier restore point but this does not solve the problem, I have gone into folde options and checked that "Always show icons, never thumbnails" is unticked but this does not sove the problem. I have run "SFC /SCANNOW" as an elevated command. Nothing works.
Does anyone know what else to do, hopefully without having to edit the registry?

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New Windows 8 deskside, set up workgroup, worked OK, now not showing other 2 computers on it. What am I doing wrong? Am novice.

Other 2 computers show all 3 computers on Network, and from the other 2 I can access the new 8 box and it's files. Shortly after I had done the set up, the 8 box showed all 3 computers, and from the 8 box I was accessing other computers. Why does the 8 box now only list itself on the Network/Workgroup?

How do access the other 2 computers?

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I installed some program or another that edit cursors. I then uninstalled it, but now when I go into a folder that contains cursors, the icon for the cursor is the standard "file" icon, and not a picture of the cursor. It makes it difficult selecting cursors. How do I fix this?

A:Windows no longer shows cursors in their icons

Extract this file into the C:\Windows\Cursors\ folder. Restart and reset your cursors in the Control Panel\Mouse

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Hi, I am running a small home server on my network. It works for 4 other computers, but on this computer it is giving me a bizarre problem.

Using USB adapter, transfer drops out in about 2 minutes using Windows Explorer. Says "Specified network name is no longer available" Even had "Path is too deep" one time (the file names and paths are not long!)

System is using XP PRO SP3, up to date. .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
Using USB adapter, transfer drops out in about 2 minutes using Windows Explorer. [PROBLEM]
Using USB adapter, will transfer over FTP.
Using LAN, will transfer using Windows Explorer.
Other system using XP HOME works with SAME USB adapter over Windows Explorer.
Other system using XP PRO works with DIFFERENT PCI adapter over Windows Explorer.

USB Adapter is Linksys WUSB300N using latest driver from Linksys.
Have tried Windows auto-install driver from internet, same results.

When it drops out, the entire connnection goes out - need to do a Repair connection.
Will transfer small files over USB adapter, but not large ones (takes about 2 minutes to drop out).
Other known working USB adapter does not work, same error.
Disabling Client for Microsoft Networks doesn't work
Disabling File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks doesn't work
Disabling LAN device doesn't work
Reinstalled Client for Microsoft Networks doesn't work
Tried disabling firewall (BullGuard) - doesn't work (Windows Firewall disabled)

Tried using L... Read more

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Computer runs on Windows XP Home SP2. Since the last two or three monthly Window updates, that yellow shield icon - the Windows Update icon - no longer shows up in the system tray. I tried to locate it under "previous elements" (I'm translating from German since my computer language is in German), but it's not there. I only know when Window updates have been downloaded when I want to shut down the computer and I have the option to either first install the updates, after which the computer will shut down automatically, or shut down the computer without installing the updates. Before, when I had the shield icon, I could click on the icon and then choose express installation or customised installation. I can no longer do so simply because that icon is missing. This means that I can only install the updates when I'm shutting the computer. It's a nuisance. I can't even see WHAT the computer has downloaded - the name and number of the fix (unless I go to the software option in the control panel...after the installation). Anyway...how do I fix this display problem?

A:Solved: Windows Update icon no longer shows up in system tray

Try: command > services.msc look if the automatic update service is started and running. Try to stop and set to Automatic then start button

Best luck

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I have a problem IE 7 in vista is showing windows explorer history.

What i mean is whatever folders i access could be seen in internet explorer.
if i access c:\windows it is seen in Internet explorer under the address bar.
Its really irritating.

Any solutions.

P.S. I still want the IE to show the normal web history.
Thanks in advance

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Hi Paul,
I am on a private wireless network, name showing in notification area.
Problem 1:
A week or two ago, an unidentified wireless network suddenly appeared in the notification area. Name of the network is Vortex.  No response when I click or right click on it, to 'forget this network'. Drop down menu connect automatically is ticked-
when I remove tick-- it returns.  When I click connect, window opens prompting for a password.  Often when I want to check if its still there it is there momentarily and then disappears altogether. I have no path for this 'rogue' network, so cannot
search for its location on my PC, so there's no way I know how to remove it.  I have a very stringent antivirus, malware application and also use Malwarebytes to remove infections and spyware. However, I searched online for this Vortex network and it
seems that it is malware-- however, after full scans of my PC, with both my internet security app and Malwarebytes, this Vortex network still appears in the network notification window below my private network server.  How do I remove it?  And what
settings should I temporarily activate in the Network and Sharing Center in order to view all networks on my PC in Command prompt?   This network can surely not be a neighbour's network-- as my connection settings are very private.  I cannot block
it with Firewall, because no path is available to do so. I have a feeling this Vortex may have been bundled wi... Read more

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Ran the Intel Optimizer and it's supposed to fill the disk and then release the free space. Well it didn't free up the space.

Any ideas?

Well I re-formatted this puppy and copied my files over and everything is aok.
NOTE that I have not run the Intel SSD Toolbox utility program ... don't trust it right now.
I will see if this puppy runs ok for the next day or so then I run the Intel program and see
if it's the cause of my initial problem.

A:My new SSD shows as RED in Windows Explorer

Quote: Originally Posted by McSeven

Ran the Intel Optimizer and it's supposed to fill the disk and then release the free space. Well it didn't free up the space.

Any ideas?

Hi man. First of all, how about update and complete system specs at your profile. In some cases, such info will be "V.I.Info" - "very important info". Take some time to do it. You may use this one in case of doubts "getting closer": Speccy - Download
Go to: Windows start search bar and type "cleanmgr" - without quotes. When it prompts, select ssd, press OK. Let it verify - it may take some time. Check the boxes but do it slowly, be aware, right?! When you feel "satisfied", press OK and see what happens. You'd download and install this one too CCleaner - Slim
But let box checked at default install.

Let us know the results.


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I've seen a lot of threads about Libraries, but can't find one that addresses (in a way I can understand) my problem. I can navigate to a given folder, say "My Pictures" either through my user name or through "Documents/My Pictures" The two methods show different content for the folder. This is driving me batty, as I have to go back and forth to find particular files. I have even tried downloading replacement software for Windows Explorer, and still have this problem. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but the way my brain works, a file should be in one place (which I understand it is) and found in one way. Can these multiple routes be eliminated?

A:windows explorer shows different contents

Hi hikergene and welcome to Seven Forums. It would be helpful if you could upload some screenshots showing the problem.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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The computer is running Windows 7 Pro. When opening Windows Explorer, the Name is sorted by time such as month, week, and day. How can I disable it.

Bob Lin, MCSE & CNE Networking, Internet, Routing, VPN Networking, Internet, Routing, VPN Troubleshooting on http://www.ChicagoTech.net How to Install and Configure Windows, VMware, Virtualization and Cisco on http://www.HowToNetworking.com

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Hello SevenForums,

Ever since running some registery cleaner I have been having issues with my windows explorer.
I never should have touched my registery with untrusted software in the first place..

I know most of you will probably suggest me to reinstall but I would prefer to just put the registry entries back in place as I have a lot installed on my computer.

Whenever I try to start up "Computer" or control panel it shows the explorer but the contents are blank.

Could anyone help me out with this annoying problem?

I run Windows 7 SP1 64 bit.

I already scanned my disk for issues (sfc /scannow) but nothing was found.
Please note that I also have read several threads regarding this issue but I do not have Virtual Clone Drive installed, if that may help.

Best regards,
Mark Visser

A:Windows Explorer shows blank

This could be fixed with a system restore.
Go back a few days before the problem
System Restore

In the future this is all you need to do to maintain the computer and stay away from Reg cleaners etc.
To maintain your computer

10 Tips on How to Properly Maintain Your Computer

Steps that I did not notice on the guide include:

Running a scan disc before doing a defrag

Using Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes.

Making System Restore points, at least once a week

Makaing a system Image once a month (varies by user)

Not relying on your A/V common sense, should prevail. You know of many sites can cause a problem.

Do not use any reg cleaning or optimizing software.

Download and use Ccleaner about once every two months. Untick any registry entries.

If you follow these instructions, you will be trouble free for a long time to come.

Be sure to back up your hard drive about once a month (varies by user) and to keeep system restore points up to date.

Optimize Windows 7

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Hi there, I've had this problem for a month to two months now and it's become a real pain. I had gotten my computer upgraded with more RAM and had it cleaned out but the guy never reconnected my DVD drive. I did this myself but even though the drive opens and closes and such, it doesn't show up in My Computer, hence I can't put any discs in as I want to reinstall Windows and can't at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

A:DVD Drive No Longer Shows Up

Hi, the drive clearly has a power supply, but is the data cable securely plugged in, check the connection and also make sure the other end of the cable is securely plugged into the motherboard.

Also, try booting the system into the Bios and see if the DVD drive is listed.

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I'm running Windows XP. For some unknown reason, windows explorer has stopped being able to write to my CD burner (Samsung SW-232B). It used to work fine, and Nero still burns discs ok. When trying to burn a disc using explorer, it seems to go through the motions, but never burns anything. I do not receive any error messages.

I'm not aware of anything that may have caused explorer to stop burning discs. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what has happened or how to fix it. Maybe someone here could help me?

A:Windows Explorer no longer burns CDs

Did you disable the Native Burning in XP, when you installed Nero?
Right click the CD in My Computer
Click Properties | Recording |

See if Enable CD recording on this drive. is checked

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Following a string of updates installed this afternoon, I am no longer able to restart Windows Explorer, be it from the context menu or from Task Manager (Run explorer.exe). The old instance closes successfully, but the new instance does not run. I am no longer able to run explorer.exe from system32. C:\Windows\explorer.exe still works, but it's the explorer.exe that can't be configured to start with administrator privileges.

A:no longer able to restart Windows Explorer

There should be a Restore Point from before the updates so you can roll it back.

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I have a 250GB Western Digital EIDE internal drive which I have installed in an external casing so as to connect to my laptop through a USB 2.0 cord. My drive is relatively new (less than six months old) and has been working beautifully since I got it. Until now. All of a sudden, when I plug it in (or turn it on), the Windows XP chime sounds (denoting the presence of a new peripheral) and my laptop's internal drive (80GB WD) begins to hum as it always has, getting ready to autoload the data.

However, all of a sudden it no longer autoloads. Nor does Windows Explorer display its presence as it always has. The external drive just sits there, humming along, the nice little blue light lit up (a sign that its recieving power) and absolutely no abnormal noises (I'm well aware that when a hard drive dies, there is usually a clicking noise).

The external is recognized under my devices, and when right-clicking its properties, it says "Your device appears to be working properly." (or whatever the default Windows line is). I can go into Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Computer Management >> Storage >> Disk Management and its displayed as alive and "Healthy".

I've even tried viewing it in the Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools and it will correctly report its free/used space.

I've tried using other programs such as Microsoft Word and VLC Media Player to browse to my external files, (now here's the weir... Read more

A:WD HD No Longer Recognized By Windows Explorer

try connecting the usb drive to a different computer...no joy ....you might want to take it out of the external housing and put it in a working computer ( slave it)..see if you can access your data and back it up in case the drive is dying..

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Recently upgraded to windows 8, and the Ethernet connection on my laptop repeatedly shows Unidentified network. I re-installed windows 7, and it works fine. The Consumer preview and release preview of 8 worked fine too. Now, since i am back to windows 8, the problem is back again. Tried everything on various posts on net that i can, but of no help.
The Internet connects for few seconds initially, wen the network is in the process of "Identifying Network". But it stops, as soon as it identifies it as Unidentified network.
Any help on it ???

A:Windows 8, shows Unidentified Network

Originally Posted by viking01

Recently upgraded to windows 8, and the Ethernet connection on my laptop repeatedly shows Unidentified network. I re-installed windows 7, and it works fine. The Consumer preview and release preview of 8 worked fine too. Now, since i am back to windows 8, the problem is back again. Tried everything on various posts on net that i can, but of no help.
The Internet connects for few seconds initially, wen the network is in the process of "Identifying Network". But it stops, as soon as it identifies it as Unidentified network.
Any help on it ???

It sounds like the network driver isn't right.

Can you post the ipconfig/all from this machine?

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Okay, so I AM connected to the wireless router, as is the other PC on the network (that PC is running XP). I used to be able to print to the printer that is connected directly to the XP computer, but now it keeps telling me it is offline. So, upon further investigation, I tried to figure out why and try to access the XP computer, I get the error that this computer (Windows 7) is not connected to a network, so I open network and sharing center and try to connect to a network. Then the popup in the system tray pops up that shows me connected to the Internet, but "NOT CONNECTED - Connections are available" - what the hell does that mean? So then I open network and sharing center and select choose homegroup and sharing options. THEN I get the error "This computer belongs to a homegroup" with the error "homegroup is not available because i'm not connected to a network" - and the viscious cycle begins again.

I go over to the XP and look at workgroup and both PCs are listed. When I click on mine (Windows 7), it wants a username and password. I don't remember what those are!

Whenever I try to access the printer that is connected to Win 7 PC FROM XP PC, I get a denied access error!

Please help! I have two computers and two printers that I just want to be able to use both printers with both computers!

Windows 7 is connected to a Lexmark laser printer and XP is connected to an HP inkjet.

These DID work for a long time, but for some strange re... Read more

A:Windows 7 shows not connected to network

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Hi,all, my Windows 7 shows red ?X? on network icon, but I'm connected, I just want to know the why, could someone tell me? thank you!

Sorry, I just uploaded a wrong pic

A:Windows 7 shows red X on network icon, Why?

You have 2 network connections, and one of them is not connected. ( Network 3 )

If you disable that network adapter in Device Manager that connection will be gone and so will the red x

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I uninstalled a SCSI internal Jaz drive a couple of years ago but it still appears in WinXP Pro Windows Explorer as drive G.
How can I remove it...........and free up that drive letter?

A:Uninstalled Jaz drive still shows in XP Pro Windows Explorer

When you say uninstalled? I?m assuming you also pulled it out/disconnected it? If you did? see if it's in your device manager under the Hardware tab try to locate it and disable it. Also check in your bios see if it's still there.

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I have a network attached media server. When looking at my folder there with File Explorer it only shows the first 200 items. I know there are more files in that folder. 
How do I see all files?
Thanks in advance,

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hi folks,
i'm using win-xp. when i open windows explorer to look at the contents of a cd, it shows the directory from the privious cd. i have to reboot to get the new cd to be recognized. does anyone know what is causing this?

A:windows explorer shows directory for previous cd

i had the same problem, it used to display the old icon and the files, now i dont really reeber hat i did, but try disabling the option that allows u to burn files on that cd rom its in cd rm properties, also if that doesnt work try disconnecting the drive and resinstalling drivers.

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Hi guys. New guy here.
This is what Windows Explorer and Disk Management show.
Drives G, H, I, and L are completely non-existent. When clicking on them, Windows asks to format them. Properties shows 0 bytes Used space/Free space. I need help removing these "drives" from Windows Explorer.

A:Windows Explorer shows non-existent drives

Go to Folder Options in the Control Panel and click on 'View' tab, check mark the box as shown in image below, click Apply, click OK.

Drives - Hide or Show Empty Drives in Computer Folder - Windows 7 Help Forums

Attachment 38102

Most of them apply to these:

Attachment 38105

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When I turn my computer on with two external drives attached(a flash drive and a sata drive)in windows explorer show 2 entries for each drive. Any help would be appreciated


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100T CPU @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8024 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 926982 MB, Free - 867112 MB; D: Total - 17423 MB, Free - 2008 MB; G: Total - 476938 MB, Free - 301207 MB;
Motherboard: HP, 81B4
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A:windows explorer shows external drives twice

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I'm running win 7 pro on a 120 gb Vertex 3 ssd. In Windows Explorer, all the folders only add up to about 33 gb but when I click on C: and then "properties" its says 78 gb is used. What am I missing? Thanks!

A:Windows Explorer shows wrong info on ssd

I'm running win 7 pro on a 120 gb Vertex 3 ssd. In Windows Explorer, all the folders only add up to about 33 gb but when I click on C: and then "properties" its says 78 gb is used. What am I missing? Thanks!
bruceb3 ... WinDirStat will show what you are looking for.  Download here, from bleepingcomputer.com.

BleepingComputer Review:
WinDirStat scans one or more hard drives and produces a detailed map or the disk making space hogs immediately apparent.
It does this by drawing a rectangle for each file, the relative sizes being decided by the relative sizes of the files. So, a very big file will be a very big box and a small file would be a small box.

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I wasn't sure if this was the right forum, but I have Vista.

Yesterday, I noticed as I went into my folders that my "VIDEOS" folder was no longer showing up. If I do a search for a particular video, I can get to it that way, but the actual folder no longer appears along side the others. I can also get to it if I use the menu/tab at the top and click on like rebecca/videos/ and then the "Videos" folder suddenly appears in the links menu to the left but it's still not showing up on my desktop. Why did it disappear and how can I get to show up again?

A:Folder no longer shows up, but files are still there

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thumbnail no longer shows a preview...so all my pics are Names and numbers only...

A:thumbnails no longer shows preview

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A couple days ago, my moniter stopped showing red. It is really weird.
I think my moniter is broken, but if anyone knos how i can fix it, im desperate.
Pleeeeeez help me!

A:My moniter no longer shows the color red!

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I'm sure this is a software problem, rather than hardware?

A:External USB HDD no longer shows up in My Computer?

Is the hard drive formatted and assigned a drive letter? The Disk Management screen is going to be the most helpful place to check.

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For some reason, the color red no longer shows up on my computer screen, it's just different shades of blue and green. I've looked it up online, and i've messed with the wires, and I've also switched computers, and on the other computer- (same screen) there is no problem. So, my problem I'm assuming is my computer. I could not find what to do if it isn't the wire, and involving my computer type, (HP Slimline s7320n) so Any ideas on how to fix it?

A:HP s7320n no longer shows the color red, HELP!

Is your display adapter on board or agp?

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For some reason my PC no longer shows my usb connection on "My Computer". When I plug a flash drive into it or my mp3 player it no longer seems to show up. It was fine just a week ago.

Any suggestions??


A:PC no longer shows USB connections in "my computer"

hey Plaz,

I have seen some similar issues over the last couple weeks. Did the problem occur after the last batch of Windows XP upgrades? Does the computer recognize the drive being plugged in at all... does it make the "Hey, I found some new hardware sound?"

Curious here and partially seeking info too...

I am researching the problem and will post as soon as possible.


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I have a Dell Inspiron 1150 Lab top Windows XP
Recently it no longer will show any type of USB device. Including external hard drives, flash drives, cameras, or printers.
The devices are not in the Device manager.
The USB controller and Hub seem to be working fine.
I have deleted them and reinstalled them. I also did a complete restore from several months ago.
When I plug a flash drive in the drive does get power, just shows up no where. PLEASE HELP! I have read just about everything I can find on the internet with no help.

A:Computer No longer shows any USB device

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recently got my mum and dads machine off them with got knows how many virus' on it and managed to remove a majority if not all of them, its now running fine again (welll as quick as it was before!!) however...

When I insert a cd/dvd the autorun pop up appears, but it only shows "open in explorer"?? there is an autorun.exe and autorun.inf, and no matter what i try it will not show the autorun option??

ive tried it on another machine and it works fine however not on the vista machine (even with an external dvd?)

ive tried : changing the usual reg edits - no fix
changing the autorun settings to default - ask what to do - no fix
uninstalled all possible conflicting software - no fix
tried other discs - no install option still
tried the microsoft autofix - wont run on x64

Anyone any other ideas... other than flatten the machine and reload - reluctant to do as it does have some software i dont think ive got the install files for anymore along with some drivers for printers etc...

thanks in advance...

A:AutoRun? No longer shows options to run...

Read here, see if it helps: VISTA autorun problem

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When I open window explorer, it no longer ponts to libraries. Is there a way to restore this?



A:Windows Explorer no longer points to Libraries

Hello Stu,

Using the tutorial below, you could change the target of Windows Explorer to open at the location below instead for it to open to libraries again.


Windows Explorer Taskbar Icon - Change Open To Target

Hope this helps,

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My system seems to be hogging bandwidth on my home network even when I'm doing nothing on the internet.
I have ensured things like Dropbox etc have been deactivated but still task manager shows quite a bit of activity:-

A:Windows 8.1 Pro X64 shows unexplained network activity

Are you only one using network ? Few Kb/s are always going to be needed for communication with router.

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Dear folk

My desktop windows 7 64 bit was working fine til I walked up yesterday and there was a red cross on the network icon!!!

Ethernet cable working fine as when i hooked it to my laptop everything is working fine , means problem lies within the desktop and nothing wrong with cable or router port.

Troubleshoot that I had done so far :

Restarted desktop 3 times, uninstalled LAN driver, connected new Ethernet cable

What else I need to check to find out what is going on ?


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I'm not much of a VM expert. I have a couple of win7 systems running a WinXP VM that I installed manually, in all those cases, the virtual network has always just booted up and worked. Under Win8 Pro-RTM, I did a XP VM that I loaded myself (versus an XP mode) and it loads the virtual network adapter but it reports that the cable is unplugged

I'm not clear on what this means. Obviously, it's a VM so there is no cable to plug in. I'm guessing I'm suppose to match that Virtual Nic to the regular (aka Host's) NIC but I'm not see any options to do so.

On the same system I run windows 7 Ult and a XP install and the network loads up on boot.

Any guesses here?



A:XP VM under Windows 8 shows network cable unplugged

Hi there

There are too many possibilities here because we don't know what VM program you're using:
Virtual PC, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, VMPlayer/Wokstation, Parallels, others?...



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At times, Windows decides I should have image attribute columns in certain folders (size, date taken, etc). I can turn them off by going to a folder without them and clicking on the button that applies settings to all folders. But is there a way to stop them from coming back?

A:Windows Explorer shows image attribute columns...

Right click > view > select the view you want. Then click tools > folder options > view tab > put a check in Remember each folder's view settings and click ok.

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My OS is installed on a 500 GB Samsung 840 SSD and there is about 100 GB of data on it. Windows Explorer, however, shows that almost 90% of the drive is used. I double checked with WinDirStat, which confirmed that I only had about 100 GB used on the drive. I triple checked with Space Sniffer, which yielded the same result.

Any ideas?

A:Windows Explorer shows wrong Free Space

trim your SSD.. Or enable system restore on that drive and then choose optimize..

Attachment 56865

Attachment 56866

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I'm running Windows 7 64bit on a notebook. One 500GB drive partitioned to an OS drive and a data drive.
I run AVAST (paid version), Malware Bytes and unhackme and no viruses/trojans/rootkits discovered - I'm a stickler for security.

I noticed in Windows Exploring that both drives were getting low on available storage (both <8GB). I copied 30GB from the data drive and 10GB from the OS drive to an external drive and deleted the files from the notebook, using shift key/delete. I cleared the Recycle Bin; ran Disk error check (Scandisk) and defragged both drives.

Folder Size & Treesize Pro both tell me I have 180GB & 100Gb respectively free; versus Windows Explorer 5Gb & 6GB.
My available storage only increased by 800MB and 600MB respectively after deleting the files, so for a file removal of 40Gig I get back 1.4gig of HD space.
I've checked pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys [8GB between them] and they haven't altered recently.
Ran CCleaner's Registry cleaner - no difference.

I rang the OS support for my Notebook Manufacturer and spent 1/2 a day trying different things including HD tune. They couldn't figure it out but suggested Utorrent may be grabbing HDD space so I uninstalled it.... no difference.
I've exhausted Google fixes!
Any ideas on how to fix this as I cannot load new software now - says there is not enough room.

A:Windows Explorer shows incorrect HD space free

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Windows explorer is not responsive, it only shows re sizing outlines. I want to see real time resizing if that makes sense. Here the an image of the problem. Please help! Thank you

A:Windows explorer is not responsive, it only shows resizing outlines

Hello batman2084,

Welcome to TSG!

Try the following.


Open Control Panel/System. In the left side menu, select Advanced System Settings.

In the Performance section click the Settings Button. Select the Visual Effects tab.

Select the 'Show window contents while dragging' option.


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Windows explorer shows folders/files (example: C:\Windows.old) that I wish to delete.When I try to delete them, I get message: "Could not find this item. This is no longer located in C:\. Verify item's location and try again.

How do I get rid of them?

A:windows explorer shows folders/files that do not exist

Hello Larry,

See if refreshing (F5) the window will remove it if it's just a ghost folder/file.

If not, then restart the computer to see if it's still there afterwards.

If still not, then see if you may be able to use the free program Unlocker to remove it.

Hope this helps,

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I may have done something to cause this but here is what is happening.

I download a file to any folder and when I move or delete it the file is still showing in the original folder?

After awhile I go back and it is gone? This never happened before I installed a SSD drive as my main hard drive.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Thank You

A:Windows 7 Windows Explorer still shows file on ssd after delete?

This is not clear. What does this mean ??

After awhile I go back and it is gone?

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When I try to connect my TV to my laptop via an HDMI cable the video works but the sound still plays from my laptop. I used to have no problems with the sound, but now it doesn't even show up as an output option. I have tried restarting the laptop with and without the HDMI connected and with the TV both on and off (I saw this suggestion in another post) but that did not work. How do I get HDMI to show up as an output option and get the sound to play through the TV?

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron, if that makes any difference.


A:HDMI no longer shows in sound options

Right click your sound icon and select playback devices, it should be listed as HDMI. Then try reinstalling the sound driver or see if there is an updated sound driver for it.

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