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Low-level Connects work, not high-level

Q: Low-level Connects work, not high-level

I cannot use IE on my desktop, but several other applications (e.g. outlook) can access the internet. When I ping my router from the desktop, it works fine, but when I ping the desktop itself from the desktop it times out.

Pinging the desktop from other computers on the home network work fine.

Is my stack screwed up, or do I have a problem with the network adapter?


Preferred Solution: Low-level Connects work, not high-level

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Low-level Connects work, not high-level

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Is there a chance do define two different audio levels?
I guess I am not the only one listening to music with my computer - so I'd like to avoid awkward and looooud system sounds while turning up my stereo...

is there a chance to do so? I know that apple has it, not sure bout win7...


A:Low system sound level, high music level?

I think I understand your question. I use powered partner speakers and in my audio controls for my sound card it has output levels and then and then my music manager has it's own. First I set my sound card at around 1/3 volume +- and then go to the mm and set a volume to around 1/2-3/4 full volume. Then at my speakers I adjust the volume to a clear but loud volume. Then going back to the mm I'll use it's volume only which is controlled off my keyboard and it seems to work well. You still will run into situations where things are too load or too soft and other than in your music files there really isn't much you can do about that, just be ready to ride your volume a little.

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I have read on here that in the case of reformatting to get rid of viruses that one should do a low level format and I do not understand what that is. I have read the article from Microsoft that some have linked to that is suppose to explain the difference, but it does not explain it to me.

Is formatting using the XP disk considered low level?

Also, how does one go about using third party formatting tools like killdisk or the format tools from the hard drive mfg? As in, do they have to be burned as an ISO to a cd or can the just be copied onto a cd?

I am assuming they have to be put on a cd as I cannot see how they could run off the hard drive, is that correct?

A:Low Level vs High Level Format

Also, how does one go about using third party formatting tools like killdisk or the format tools from the hard drive mfg? As in, do they have to be burned as an ISO to a cd or can the just be copied onto a cd?As an ISO. The instructions for Killdisk are very easy to followUsing Killdisk will remove partitions and overwrite the entire drive with zerosThat is a low level reformat

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Does anyone know how to disable Level 1 and Level 2 cache in CMOS
there doesnt seem to be any options in the bios menus (PHOINEX)
I have a problem of windows xp not booTing after installing windows sp2

Many thanks

A:Disable Level 1 and Level 2 cache in CMOS

If there is no option for it in the BIOS you probably cant do it. Its not advisable anyways - and i also doubt your problems with SP2 come with the CPUs cache.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 6143 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4650, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 938406 MB, Free - 848180 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, EG43M
Antivirus: PC Cleaner Pro, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disable
I play FarmVille and was at Level 39. I started it today and am now at Level 1 and can't get my game back.

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If I am not mistaking, most formats are low-level formats correct?
How would I go about doing a high level format?

A:How do you do a High Level Format

You are mistaken. A real low level format is only done at the factory. Unfortunately, the term LLF is thrown around a lot, but the closest you can do is to fill the entire drive with zero value bytes and do error checking of the drive, which isn't really recommended. There are utilities available to do that, if you feel the need - and there isn't a need, unless you plan on giving the drive to someone and you are worried they may try to recover whatever data you stored on it.

A high level format is the format you do whenever you format a drive on your PC.

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Is there any software out there that will go from assembly language to a higher-level language like C, Java, or Basic.

A:Assembly to High-Level

Yes -- although the quality/completeness varies quite a bit. Try a google search using the keywords C and decompiler or Java and decompiler, etc. -- note that if you have a binary file, you can generate the assembler code by using a disassembler, as well.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, I've noticed whenever my "Choke" as it shows in net_graph 3 is high, I get high lag... does anyone know how to reduce my choke to 0? I've got my cl_updaterate at 30 already!

A:High Choke level in CS

lower cl_updaterate cl_cmdrate and rate...or get a better connection...or tweak windows

i dunno really, too many variables for connection speeds

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HiJust installed security patch level 1 June 2017. Unfortunatley the microsoft office pacakge was not fully installed .Tablet is missing WORD app but the rest off office pacakge was installed is there anyway to run the same update again?or revert the firmware. kind regards

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Hello experts, I want to know why HP does not allow users to change the critical battery level in the power options to anything lower than 7%. I've checked many other manufacturers' laptops (ranging from Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus) and no other manufacturer locks this setting at such a high percentage.  The highest I found was 5% and most allowed you to change it lower (even down to zero in one instance). I even checked some of HP's other laptops and found that 7% seemed to be the norm, with one locked at a ridiculous 9%! It makes no sense why HP appears to rob us of precious battery life by forcing the computer to hibernate at 7%.  I am fully aware of the detriments to running a battery down to zero (and I don't want to run it down to zero), but why does HP feel the need to have such a large reserve of battery life when all other maufacturers seem fine with lower amounts?  Are HP's batteries somehow inferior? HP touts the Spectre x360 with up to an impressive 12 hour battery life.  I just want to be able to get the most out of my battery without HP forcing me to hibernate way before the battery level gets anywhere near danger levels. Will HP issue a BIOS update to the Spectre x360 (and indeed the rest of its range of laptops) to allow us to change the critical battery level to something more reasonable (say 3% minimum)?

A:Why is Critical battery level locked too high and cannot cha...

Hi ddizzle ,  I understand the concern about the unit going to hibernate only at 7% , Its simply to save battery life , However i realise how frustrating that could be . however This option is infact customizable.   Go to Power options > Slect the power plan > Changed advanced power settings > Under that go to the battery section - it gives you options of what action to do when battery goes critcail - What is the percentage when the battery should be considered as critical  & the critical action aswell  Its totally customizable as per your needs    Hope this helps .  

Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.**Click on ?Kudos? Star if you think this reply helped** Or Mark it as "Solved" if issue got fixed.

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I recently bought a Dell AC511 USB Soundbar. It was easy to set up work, works nicely. Looks good.
But... I think the output level is much to high. I always have it between 8 and 12. 14 and higher is to loud.
Most audio drivers have a level setting that can be used to tune the output level. For the AC511 driver, the level setting is equal to the main audio level of the PC, so changing the volume of the PC changes the level in the driver... 
I also notice that the volume is not scaling. It would be nicer if the lower level more fine grained, make the higer levels use bigger steps. (logarithmic?)
I'm using Windows 10 Home.

A:AC511 Soundbar output level to high

You are asking for an analog adjustment to Digital sound.  Not going to ever happen.

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I am having problems with being able to open and write to files that I have been able to access previously. Upgraded to Win 10 and had no problem accessing almost all my files but there are several that I can't get to and when I went into the advanced security properties I saw that the read/open was locked due to 'File Permissions'. How can I get that changed? I am the file owner and have full control over all the other permissions. Another problem is with a program that I can no longer update or write to after it was last updated and after some Windows updates. Same problem - permissions errors from Windows.

A:How to change high level file permissions

Open Windows Explorer.

Right-click the file or folder for which you want to set permissions, click Properties, and then click the Security tab.
Under Group or Users - click on your account name
Select "Edit" and make sure "Allow" is checked under full control
Do this for any file, folder, or program that is giving permission errors.

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I use a USB audio interface device to connect a turntable to a PC for recording purposes. This sytem has worked fine on my old XP computer but on my Windows 7 computer that recording level is crazily too high. I have tried two such interface devices with the same result. and have tried two recording software tools (Sony Sound forge and Pinnacle/Steinberg).
In order to get anything near acceptable I have to adust the Windows input level control (Control panel/sound/recording/....) to below 5/100 which does'nt seem satsifactory and it is still dangerously close to clipping.

One clue is that Windows sees the USB device OK but catagorises it as a "microphone" which might explain why it sets the gain so high.

Any ideas welcome. What obvious adjustment an I missing ???

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400S CPU @ 2.50GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3493 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1554 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 114370 MB, Free - 77473 MB; E: Total - 1907726 MB, Free - 1884746 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DH67CF
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, Updated and Enabled

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Its only 3 months notebeook and battery wear level - 93% , what is wrong ?

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I recently secured my home wireless network using WPA2 PERSONAL. My laptop (recent purchase, Windows7) connects just fine. Now I find my wife's work laptop (two to three years old, Windows XP I think) will not connect. She requested that her network admin update the driver for her wireless card (Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN card - Broadcom). Still cannot connect at WPA2 level. I checked properties of her card and there is not an option for WPA2. There was an option for WPA so I selected that, went back to my router, and lowered my network security to WPA. Now she is able to connected.

I'm far from well schooled on wireless security. Is there anything else I should be doing or are we stuck with WPA?

A:Solved: Wireless Security Level too high for laptop


If the card doesn't support WPA2 encryption, you're stuck with using WPA. WPA, while obviously not the strongest choice, is still pretty strong. The good news is....you're not using WEP.


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Hey, I was looking into making/buying a new pc that can run all the new stuff pretty well, and something that will last me the next 3 years for gaming, then through college for around $1600. Is it cheaper to build my own computer, or buy one from a manufacturer? I've been doing a lot of shopping but thereís so many acronyms and different stuff and it drives me crazy! I don't have any experience building computers, but I've heard it isnít that hard, I've been attempting to educate myself about it.

If, which i probably will, I build my own computer, what's the best place to shop for parts? I've been looking at Newegg.com; I'm wondering if there's somewhere better.

Please post your advice, rig setups etc, and thanks for your help, i appreciate it!

A:What's the cheepest high level gaming pc with about a $1600 budget?

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I wonder if some user have never measured the residual electromagnetic field on the keyboard of the Toshiba laptop satellite R830.

If the laptop is connected to the battery charger the residual electromagnetic field is around 10-12 Volt/meter! This value is very high and can be dangerous for hands and skin in general.

I have done this test, because all the time I answer to the phone and the laptop was near the phone and conneted to the battery charger, I can hear a noise in the phone communication.
I decided to measure the electric field with a proper field meter and the result was around 10 V/m.

I am very worried about this. Can you please tell me if have you have any news about this problem?
I also invite someone of the Toshiba EMI staff in the discussion.

Thanks a lot,


A:High level electromagnetic emission of Satellite R830

As far as I know all units are marked with the CE label.
Manufacturers of product marking with the CE label, declares that the product conforms with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directive.

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In my registry on my US English Win 7 Pro 64-bit machine, there is a high-level key with Chinese (or Korean?) characters. 
This is it - what is it?


I have exported the top key and its two subkeys and combined the text to show you. 
Here it is:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Key Name:          HKEY_CURRENT_USER\??????3\cache2

Class Name:       
<NO CLASS> Last Write Time:   11/10/2017 - 9:56 PM


Key Name:          HKEY_CURRENT_USER\??????3\ext

Class Name:       
<NO CLASS> Last Write Time:   11/10/2017 - 9:56 PM

What is this, and how did it get on my machine?

? In the office, Dell Optiplex 7040 with 8GB RAM, Win 7 Pro 64-bit and Office 2010
? At home, Dell Optiplex 7010 with 16GB RAM dual-booting Win 7 Pro 64-bit (now with Office 365 Home) and Win 10 Pro 64-bit
? Also still have Dell Optiplex 755 with 4GB RAM with Win XP Pro SP3 (which still gets updates with the POS hack) and Office 2003

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Computer has been acting out of character as of late, someone had been using my computer and fear they visited a not so friendly site.
DDS (Ver_2011-06-23.01) - NTFSx86 NETWORK
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_26
Run by Erik Vaux at 22:01:35 on 2011-12-29
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600.0.1252.1.1033.18.2814.1835 [GMT -6:00]
AV: Norton Security Suite *Enabled/Updated* {63DF5164-9100-186D-2187-8DC619EFD8BF}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Outdated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: Norton Security Suite *Enabled/Updated* {D8BEB080-B73A-17E3-1B37-B6B462689202}
FW: Norton Security Suite *Enabled* {5BE4D041-DB6F-1935-0AD8-24F3E73C9FC4}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork
C:\Users\Erik Vaux\AppData\Loc... Read more

A:Chrome and Firefox load slow, CPU is at high level

Hello and Welcome to the forums!My name is Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems.Somethings to remember while we are working together.Do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!please Do not Attach logs or put in code boxes.Tell me about any problems that have occurred during the fix.Tell me of any other symptoms you may be having as these can help also.Do not run anything while running a fix.Do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!Click on the Watch Topic Button and select Immediate Notification and click on proceed, this will help you to get notified faster when I have replied and make the cleaning process faster.Please print out or make a copy in notpad of any instructions given, as sometimes it is necessary to go offline and you will lose access to them.Run Combofix:You may be asked to install or update the Recovery Console (Win XP Only) if this happens please allow it to do so (you will need to be connected to the internet for this)Before you run Combofix I will need you to turn off any security software you have running, If you do not know how to do this you can find out >here< or >here<Combofix may need to reboot your computer more than once to do its job this is normal.You can download Combofix from one of these links.Link 1Link 2Link 31. Close any open browsers or any other programs that are open.2. Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the runn... Read more

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This may have been posted somewhere here over the weekend, but I couldn't find it. If so, my apologies for repeating it. I receive email notifications from Message Labs on occasion and like to share them here.

Beware of a new email-borne mass-mailing virus

On 1st August 2003, MessageLabs the email security company
intercepted copies of a new mass-mailing virus called
W32/Mimail.A-mm, and stopped the first copy originating from the
United States.

Name: W32/Mimail.A-mm
Number of copies intercepted so far: 37,342
Time & Date first Captured: 1st August 2003 12:28GMT
Origin of first intercepted copy: United States
Number of countries seen active: 85 (US 80%; UK 7%)

Initial Synopsis
This file uses a combination of Windows exploits including
MS02-015 and MS03-014, to automatically create an executable
file on the recipientís computer and then attempts to run it.
W32/Mimail.A-mm is a mass-mailing virus that includes its own
SMTP engine. It can collect email addresses from a compromised
system by searching through various files on the hard disk.

The virus arrives in an attachment with a .zip extension, and
may therefore potentially infect anyone who is only blocking
.exe (and similar) attachments. Furthermore, the Zip file
consists of an HTML file, which also will not be blocked even by
those who block Zip files containing executables.

MessageLabs detected all strains of this virus proactively,
using its unique and patented Skepticô predictive heuristics
t... Read more

A:MessageLabs Security Alert: W32/Mimail.A-mm (HIGH LEVEL)

Thanks for the info SnP.

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So I have the Redirect Virus and I just ran a scan with Avast! and 3 results came up, all with a High Severity level. Two of the 3 results that have come up are both mfc70e.dll, located in c:\windows\system32\mfc70e.dll. Under status it says   Threat:Win32:Suprchu [Adw]. I just did a google search of mfc70e.dll and found literally nothing on it. All I found was people having problems with a file named mfc70.dll missing. Seeing as how it seems no one has ever heard of this thing, should I just delete it? Is this what could be causing me to have the redirect virus? Thanks in advance 

A:Infected with mfc70e.dll, high threat level, have never heard of this

Welcome aboard   Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2 SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me. Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result. Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free to your desktop.* Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program.* At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Up... Read more

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Regardless of battery level, it will flash all 5 LED's when I press the indicator button.
 I have tried reinstalling the BIOS but it did not fix the problem. Any ideas? Could it be a motherboard issue?

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I am receiving about two of these drives daily. (Momentus 5400.2)

Without exception, they are manufactured in China, and have firmware 7.01. Also, they are all out of Mac computers.

Is anyone else coming across these? Has anyone successfully managed to repair one?

A:High level of Seagate 2.5" SATA drives failing

This is the same problem I?ve faced and I?ve sent the drives to a lab called <removed>.
They solved my problem. Now its working fine. I even got my lost data. If you are failed get your drive repaired any where then why don?t you go recovery labs. I don?t know much about other companies or labs but since I?ve been to <removed>, I would say it is reasonably economical and justifiable considering the unsurpassed level of expertise, customized solution, and quality of support and guaranty provided.

Removed the lab name because this loser is pimping that data recovery service, with the help of logan, both from the same IP. See my final post in the thread for slightly more details. Probably wouldn't have even payed attention if it weren't for that last line that was so lame I almost puked.

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Hi, Trying to reach someone in Customer Services who truly cares!!! I have one issue that requires a technician to come out and replace the display board. ITs been 2 months and 5 case numbers and almost daily phone calls to customer support and they keep saying its been escalated.Case #s 407BH6L, 4079K7W, 4076BBW, 4072MPJ, 406Z39W. Pleading for help. Level of service provided is setting a new low. thank you.Monika

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I'm having a very hard time with Word 03 Professional. For some reason, my macros have been disabled, and I'm not even allowed to make new ones. The exact message I'm getting is "The macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your Macro security settings." My security settings are at low right now; I've went to Help>About Microsoft Ofiice>Disabled Items, but nothing is there. I'm not sure what to do next. Any help would be appreciated.

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On an older PC (no documentation) how can I tell if it has USB 1.1 or USB 2?
Under the hardware manager (and also under MSINFO) it only says "generic" -no numbers
Operating system is Win2000

A:USB Level 1.1 or 2?

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?????? ?? ??????? ??? HTML ??? ???????? ??????? ??? ?????????? ??? DNS ,, windows 7 64 bit.
???? ??? ???? ?? ????? ?? DNS & ??????? ??????? ???.
???????? ?? ???????? ???????? ,, ????? ???? ???????
?? ????????, ????? ???????????

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i was reading the mid-level pc guide and didnt like some things on it. just wanted to post and see what yall think about it and think if i should do it. thanks.
case & psu - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?item=N82E16811144133 if i need a better psu tell me please!

processor - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819116001 and if you want to share what you have in your pc or can hook me up with another config and my budget is $1500. thanks

A:Mid-Level PC

Case and CPU are fine. Without knowing more about the rest of your system or the actual PSU specs it's hard to comment. It *should* be fine, but chances are it's a cheap PSU.

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Yea this is the level where you lose all of your weapons and you start out with an M4 and 10 shots to kill the tridgen..
Well I jumped off the waterfall, and managed to get down onto the ground without being seen, but the tridgens are everywhere!! I cant get through the place without being seen...
Does anyone know how to get through this level?
And I already checked the Gamespot Guide for far cry...
If anyone can download the guide from IGN in PDF format, I'd really appreciate it..
The IGN guide is here: http://guides.ign.com/guides/482383/

If someone could download that guide in PDF and email it to me or something, I would REALLY Appreciate it, as I dont have the money to start an IGN insider subscription..

A:Need far Cry Help on Dam Level.

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when i starting to play in game assassin's creed 3 fps falling to 15 or less. i think trouble in driver, but i don't know what kind of driver i need. can you give me solution of this problem in some manual step by steb?thank you

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Hi everyone,

Well I know that I pretty much know most of java syntax, any simple and intermediate program that you can think up I can most likely write. I pick up java very easy, like it was my native tongue. However, im having an issue trying to get to the next level, I dont know how to get to the next level, what books should i look into to get more experience?

A:next level in java

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I see these message that you need cookies to view this or that, but I never see anything about what level of cookies I need to view a particular item. Is there some kind of protocol that the word by itself refers to a certain level; if so, what level? I really don't understand the explanation for the different levels that I get when I go to Privacy in IE6.0. Is there some place I can look and get a fuller, and hopefully more simple, explanation? Thanks, grandpaw7

A:cookies: what level?

The most user friendly setting that will allow good surfing quality is under the Privacy tab from Tools>Internet Options at the top of an IE window.....the default is usually Medium, which blocks some 3rd party cookies. The Microsoft explanation is the first in the list , go through several different approaches so you get an idea of your options....there are small programs that can manage cookie and you will see those from other links in this results page from Google search....hope it helps.
To avoid blocking sites such as those that use secure settings, when you let's say, bank online (if you do....) you can add those sites to your Trusted zone under Security- this allows access to those sites you place there quickly without messages. Be very careful what ones you allow access to Trusted zone; I only put one site there. When you go to different sites, using an IE6.0 page, you may see the red and white privacy icon down at bottom of taskbar....double clicking it will bring up settings area, so you can see what is being blocked...usually, the 3rd party cookies are, but you can still use that site quite well. Better explanations are in the links I posted.

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I have been looking around at cheap cpu, and i saw 3 types

Athlon XP 2800+
Sempron 3000+
Celeron-D 335

what would you reccomend?

A:Which entry-level CPU should I get ?

if you're building a system from scratch and low on $, go with an Athlon 3200+ XP.

bear in mind it is NOT a 64bit chip, however the ATHLON 64s a much better and more expensive. Another thread is arguing the case for 64s. There is not a whole lot of software support for Athlon 64s let alone driver support for 64s.

An XP chip is 32bit and quite fast. Many of the XP series can be overclocked, particularly the 2500+, but I don't recommend it. The 3200+ is the last produced in the series and a 10th generation chip. AMD no longer makes the XP series, but they can be found easily online and also on ebay.

I am upgrading my system from a 2500+ to a 3200+ very shortly. I am willing to sell my 2500+ for a reasonable price. It works perfectly.

let me know if you're interested, I'm going to put it up for auction on ebay.

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How do I lock in the zoom level so it doesn't keep changing on it's own?

A:Zoom Level

Hi kandicane, welcome to TSF

Could you give a little more detail to your problem so someone can help you.

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I would like to purchase the MSI - Big Bang X Power II for my Thermaltake Level 10 GT, but I'm concerned if it is compatible.

A:Can XL-ATX fit in the Thermaltake Level 10 GT?

Yes the motherboard will fit into that case. The power supply you choose will be the most important part...

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will a low level format completely wipe a hard drive where nothing is recoverable or should a hard drive just be destroyed?

A:low level format

If you've got sensitive data which you never want to be recovered there is a utility on Norton System Works which destroys to government standards. Someone can still recover data from a format high or low.

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I was wondering if anybody knows of a program that writes O'S to the whole hard drive. I know Maxtor has one (powermax) but they say it's probably best not to use it on another HD other than theirs.

Any ideas anybody?

A:Low level formatting

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I used to get a picture of my ink levels when I did a print out and it would first appear on the screen then in the sys tray. This allowed me to stop printing whatever when ever I wanted. Suddenly this has disapeared and I have no other way of stopping the print out except turning off the printer.

In addition, sometimes I get a percentage of magnification reading in the bottom right hand of my screen. I can increase the magnification or reduce it as required, something that is very handy for someone whose sight is not very good. How can I make sure this percentage figure always appears please?

Cheers for now,


A:Ink Level Display

The printer monitor is usually part of the drivers that are installed with the printer. It sounds like that application isn't running anymore, so you could run msconfig and check your startup items. You could also look in your Start Menu to see if you can manually start it.

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How would i go about doing a low-level format of my hard-drive?? All i need to do is get rid of all of my partitions on my hd so i can install a fresh new OS. I check the bios and there was no format option available

and how do i make my comp boot up and check the cd-rom?? i check in the bios but i can't find the option to set the cd-rom as the primary boot device??


A:Low level format

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I want to do a clean installation of win 98 on a Toshiba Satelite Pro notebook. I have booted from a win98 boot floppy and tried to format C:/s but it terminates around 3%. I believe I need to do a low level format of the disk, but where can I get a DOS utility to do it? BTW, the bios of the Tosh does not seem to allow me to low level the drive.
I had a look on the Tosh website but they don't seem to have any utilities for this purpose. Any ideas?



A:Low Level Format?

Try to find the Manufacturer of the drive most have there own Utilities

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how can i use 1 sound mixer or level for all the applications in win 7. One master control volume sort of thing for every application ?

A:How can i use 1 sound level?

Are you using the "System Mixer" as the recording sound source? (could be called Stereo Mix or SoundBlaster calls it "what you hear").

Some applications have their own volume control so the sound level can vary between applications. Depending on the sound or sound source the volume level can also vary. for example two MP3's or wav files can have different volume levels so unless you "normalize" all your sound files to a certain level they can all be different. Movies seem to all have different volume levels. Sound in games usually have their own volume controls.

I doubt that you will get everything to play at one level.

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Hi I've discovered a folder called 7thlevel in my c:\program files folder, and have also seen files named like it in different places in my windows folder. what is this guy? It doesn't show up in my add remove programs list, is it a game and can i just delete the files? This would be tough as it seems there are a lot of them.
Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: 7th level, what is it, and it is bad

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i have about 30 gigs of music and not all the songs play at the same level, some songs are quieter than others , just wondering if any one knows of a plug in or program that can fix this, on a player level , i dont want to go through my whole collection and change them, any coments will be appreciated.

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I installed a Pioneer DVR-108 DVD burner in my Compaq 5BW284 replacing the original DVD player.When trying to use it with burning software I get this message: Windows needs original leveliO.dll . I have Windows ME.

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Hello, i have two computers and the other is messed up... what happened was when i tried to go on the internet (i have cable), the first page loads great... but the page after that doesn't load the pictures, and then finally on the third page, it doesn't load at all, it is "The page cannot be displayed"... and it wouldn't work for any website. I tried to download using Download Accelerator, and it said something about the buffer level being low. How do I increase the buffer level. Thank you for your help.

A:Low Buffer Level?

Forget about a download accelerator and solve the basic issue. This sounds like you have some sort of spyware/malware. I'd move over to the Security forum and post a Hijackthis log from the computer.

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I've search this Forum for the directions on how to perform a low level format which is supposed to take everything off a HDD. I just paid $75.00 to have one done to two HDDs. I have not been able to locate that information on this Forum and my time (at the library) running out. Could someone please tell me how to do such formatting.

(My search only netted me the words "low level format" but not how to do one. This is just another little piece of info I need; I go into the Registry quite often, but I still don't know how to do a "low level format".)

A:Low Level Format


Why do you even need to do this? A regular Windows format will usually suffice. Commiserations on losing the $75. You can probably do the same thing yourself with Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN)

As far as I know, a low level format, by definition, is not possible with modern day hard drives, its normally something which can only be done by the manufacturers in the factory. Dban will "write zero's" to your hard drive and, unless you have top secret government files on it, Dban will wipe it as good as anything else I know (though there are others).

Hope this helps.

Edit; Stay out of the registry, unless you really know what you're doing.

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