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How to avoid pendrives letters changing?

Q: How to avoid pendrives letters changing?

I use two notebooks. One running Win8.1 PRO (64bits), the other Win7 Home Premium (32bits).
I also have an external HD, and three pen-drives I use with both notebooks, as needed.
Some programs I use (a password manager, bkups, between many others) save data on these drives, and I need that the drive letters attributed to them DO NOT CHANGE no matter the notebooks they are connected to.
My problem is that the letters given to these drives keep changing when they are used on the notebooks and the programs can't find the paths to store or retrieve data from.
How can I make the drive letters to remain the same no matter the notebook they are being used with?
To choose the drive letters I use the Control Panel "Administrative Tools<>Computer Management<>Disk Management"

Any help will be welcome.

Cheers, and a Happy Holiday Season.


Preferred Solution: How to avoid pendrives letters changing?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to avoid pendrives letters changing?

I don't know if this will help but for years I have set my CD/DVD drives to Y: and Z: so that adding drives doesn't muddle it all up. How about setting the letter as Z: and seeing if that helps?

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Can anyone help?
We have to route through a proxy at school but the teachers want to use their laptops at home too. I've set up Wired connections for school use (static IP) and Wireless connections for home (Obtain IP Automatically) but some teachers find it difficult to change the LAN setting through Internet Explorer to turn the "Proxy" off (???)
Is there a way to arrange for the teachers not to have to make changes at all?

The laptops all use XP, have one user account and load up straight to the desktop. This can be altered if necessary.

Any ideas would be greatfully appreciated. (I have suggested a training session on how to change the LAN but this didn't go down too well )

A:Avoid changing LAN settings?

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I just had to reinstall Windows. I have two HD and each has two partitions. When I installed Windows it was put in C, but it put different letters by my other partitions. Is there a way to change them?

A:Changing Drive Letters

Hello Jim,

This can help show you how to change the drive letters (except Windows 7 drive) to what you like.


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Just purchased a HP that has win XP preinstalled. This machine will be on a network
environment and the network drive is "F". The cd-rom is using the "F" drive letter.
How do I change the cd-rom to a different drive? I tried to disable it and reboot and it
will then recognize the "F" networked drive. However, when I enable the cd-rom back it
changes on reboot and cannot log in to the "F" drive on the network.
I hope I am making sense. I have been working on this for a portion of the day and I'm
probably just going rambling on.

Any help will greatly be appreciated!

A:Changing drive letters for cd-rom

and I'm probably just going rambling on.Click to expand...

See what I mean!

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I know this is a novice question but because I haven't done it in so long, I can't remember how.
How do I change the drive letters in Windows XP?
When I stepped up to the new OS, it recognized all my drives except my Zip so I had to reinstall it. Now, instead of my Zip being E, DVD being F, and Burner being G; my DVD is E, Burner is F, and Zip is G.
I know it seems petty, but all these drives are physically labled on my case with the original preffered setup.

A:Changing Drive Letters

Change the labels on your case...LOL
Go into device manager and change them from there. Does XP have a disk administrator like NT and 2000?

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I have two HDs; on the first one (80 GBs), I have four partitions, with XP on C:\ (and this is the boot drive), then D:\, E:\, and finally Vista on F:\. I have another HD, a 1 TB one, which I use for storage, and I have made a lot of partitions on it, generally about 100 GB each. When I ran the setup for 7, I selected a partition on the second drive which was labelled S:\. After 7 installed, and I opened My Computer, I saw that everything was messed up, and 7 was now on C:\. I know it doesn't mean it is physically on C:\, it is still on the same partition of the second HD where I installed it, but it shows its partition as C:\. I used Computer Management to change most of the drive letters so that they appear as they do in XP, but every time I try to change the drive letter of 7 from C:\ to S:\, it gives an error, something about not allowed to change drive letter of system disk which has the pagefile.

So is it at all possible to force change the drive letters so that 7 is shown on S:\ and XP on C:\. I opened C:\ (the 7 installation) and found many text files in system folders and program files which point to locations on C:\, so if I force a change from C:\ to S:\, what happens to all of these - do they automatically change their paths to S:\, or does the whole thing just go phut!

I had the same problem when I installed Vista, but I didn't use it all that much, and so I didn't do anything about it, but I like 7, and unlike Vista which everyone said was an interm... Read more

A:Changing drive letters.

Each operating system will see the drive partition on which it resides as C: by default. I don't believe you can change this.

If you were able to change it, then yeah, everything would go phut!

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hello once again. i need to know how i can change and re-arrange the letters of the Drives that are installed? is it as easy as removing the drives and installing the ones i want lettered correctly one at a time?

is this kinda confusing it is a bit for me... lol

thanks again

A:Changing Drive letters.

I tink you do it from control panel / admin toolz / computer management /
disk management, then right click on the right part, that has healthy and the color ban at the top

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The company who setup a computer assigned the primary hard drive with the letter F:. This is pretty annoying so I went to disk management and went to change the driver letter and tells me it cannot because it is a system or boot volume. Is there any way to get around this or am I stuck??? Thank you!!

A:Changing Drive Letters

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Hi ...

I have 2 HDD and Ive put partitions on them etc and got the operating system running....Now the drive letters for the HDD are a little out of place....

on my first HDD I have a c: e: f:

Ok and on the other HDD

I have g: and H:

How can I change theseso that they read...
c: d: e: f: g:
etc etc Thx in advance......

PS imusing XP pro

A:Changing drive letters .........?

Howdy sifter

I have Home but have a look here...

control panel/Administrative tools/Computer Management then click the + next to Storage and left click Disk Management now rightclick on one of the drive letters and look for Change drive letters and paths

see if that's what your after


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Where can you change the drive letters for your CD/DVD players in Windows XP?

In WinME you used to do it from system manager, but they seemed to have taken it out

A:Changing drive letters in XP?

Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Storage - Disk Management.

In the lower window, right click on the drive and choose "Change letter and paths"
You can select it in the upper window only if it has media in it, otherwise its not there

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I recently upgraded from windows 98 to XP on my PC and it worked fine. The problem I have now is a shortage of space on my C drive. The machine has 2 physical drives. The first drive is partitioned into C and E drives. The C is 2 gigs and E is 1 gig. After I purchased the machine (which came with windows 95), I added a a second physical drive which is 13 gigs. What I would like to do is make the 13 gig drive my C drive (where all of the windows stuff) is and repartition the 3 gig drive into a single partition and make it the D drive. How do I do this?

A:Changing drive letters in PC

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I have recently added a 40 gig drive to my machine which I want to make the bootable drive. It was partitioned into 2 drives. The original drive was a 20 gig drive also partioned into 2 drives.

Drive letters were as follows:

20 Gig = C;D
40 Gig = G;H after added.

I successfully mirrored the C drive onto the G drive, and then changed the IDE cables to make the new drive the primary IDE and the system successfully boots from there, but the drive letters remain as they were originally assigned by windows 2K. I want to flip them, that is, make the new 40 Gig C and D, and the origninal 20 Gig G; H.

The drive manager however, won't let me change the system drive letter. Is there any way to do this?


A:Changing drive letters in W2K

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I recently attached a new dvd rom to my pc.

After it was detached, the drive letters on my extra HDD's have changed around.

Can anyone please explain to me how to change the drive letters back?


A:Changing Drive letters?

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Hi everyone, i feel that this is probley simple... but I don't know how to do it. I've right clicked directly on the dvd-player to see if I could change it and nothing is there. My dad has a dvd-player F: and a cd-rom drive E:, His computer was formatted recently, but now the software for each of the drives are mixed up. Putting a dvd in drive F:, tells us that drive E: does not contain a disk.

I would like to just change the drive letters back to how it wants to be set-up.

Help please...?


A:Changing drive letters, in XP PRO ??

Right-click My Computer, and then click Manage. Under Computer Management, click Disk Management. In the right pane, you’ll see your drives listed. CD-ROM drives are listed at the bottom of the pane. Right-click the drive or device you want to change, and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths. Click Change, click Assign the following drive letter, click the drive letter you want to assign, and then click OK.

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Is there any way that I can change the drive letter of my USB drive from appearing on the PC as the E: drive to another letter?


A:Changing Driver Letters

Think you can go to CONTROL PANEL---> SYSTEM MANAGER ---> COMPUTER MANAGER ---> DISK MANAGER, then right click at your USB drive and you should be able to change drive letter there.

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Hi, I was wondering if there was any way to change my driver letters because I'd prefer having the drive with my OS on it as C instead of D.

A:Changing drive letters

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I just installed Win 7, clean install, on a second HD. On the original drive C:, I have Vista, on the new drive with Win 7, drive letter K:. This is all fine if I boot Vista but when I boot Win 7 (I use F12 with Dell) the drive letters are changed. K: becomes C: and C: becomes D:. When I tried to change the drive letters back so C: becomes K:, it will not let me. I spent most of the day setting up to install Win 7 now I'm getting no where fast.

A:Win 7 changing HD drive letters

Hello Barrie,

This is normal. By default the loaded operating system will always see the drive it is installed on as C: . This cannot be changed.

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I have installed Win 7 on a SSD on C:. My two HDD were assigned different drive letters other than what I would like. Is it safe to change the HDD drive letters in Drive Management without messing up my data? Thanks,

A:Changing Drive Letters

I suppose anything is possible, but I've never had a problem doing that.

You are backed up anyway, right?

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I have bought Windows XP and installing it over WindowME. Everything has been fine with the exception that now my
Second hard drive has F, the CD-ROM has D, and the CD-RW
has E (However when try to use the CD-RW it does not recognize
it as a CR-RW but as a CD-ROM). Before installing XP the drives
were : Hard Drive C, Hard Drive D, CD-RW E, and CR-ROM M.

Tried to remove XP and received info that could not be uninstalled.

Under Win 98 it was simple to change letters of drives using
Divice Manager choosing the Plus sign next to the drive then
clicking properties and choosing the startletter and End letter
you desire. Is there any such way in XP?

Thanks so much and best regards. Ken

A:Changing letters of drives

Login as Administrator - go to Administrator Tools - select computer management - select disk management and in the right hand pane select the one you want to change - if one has a drive assigned that you want to use - move it up - say D: is now the CD-Rom - change it to H: or something out of the way and then change your F: to D: and then change the CD-Rom back to whatever you want it to have and the same for the CD-RW - I hope this helps - I have done it this way myself and found it very easy.

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I have two hard drives on my PC, the old hdd is a 19G IDE and the new hdd is a SATA 120G.
I recently reformatted the SATA hdd after backing up my files to the IDE hdd to do a clean install of XP Home.
Before I reformatted the SATA hdd was drive "C" and the old IDE hdd was drive "D", but now after reformatting the drives are now the opposite, the SATA is "D" and the IDE is "C". My main/boot hdd is the SATA. How can I change the drive letters back to what they were before I reformatted?

A:Changing drive letters

Sounds like you made the D drive the an active partition.

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I have just replaced XP with Windows 7. I unplugged the old system disk and put in a new one in the same place, and then removed all its partitions with the Win7 installer and set up from scratch. The system disk is always a primary master on the motherboard ATA controller.

I have two USB hard drives permanently attached - a 320GB WD MyBook and a 500GB drive in an Integra case. I also have a 1.5TB internal RAID1 array using motherboard NVIDIA raid (SATA). Finally, a DVDRW occupies a third SATA port.

Under XP, I used disk management to assign letters as follows:
C: - ATA system drive
D: - 500GB external
E: - 320GB external
G: - 1.5TB internal array

Upon installation of Win7, which went rather well, I used disk management to assign these drive letters. However, most of the time when I reboot, they change such that internal drives are assigned lower letters. This breaks my shortcuts and path references. I have re-assigned the drive letters in the intended configuration a few times now, but Win7 is adamant that these assignments only last until the next reboot. Win7's up to date now, but the problem is still there.

How can I make these drive letter assignments permanent, so that they persist through reboots?

A:Drive letters keep changing

Hello Leondz, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if changing the drive letters using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below may be able to have them stick for you.


Hope this helps,

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Is it normal when installing Windows 7 that it installs itself on 'C' Drive and moves XP from 'C' Drive to 'D' Drive even though it appeared to be installing on 'D' during installation?

A:Changing Drive Letters

AFAICT, Yes. This makes it easier for compatibility reasons. When you boot into XP you should see i being the C: drive again.

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I am having an issue when plugging in external hard drives where the drive letters keep changing every time I plug it in. It is only certain drives that do this but the number of drives that do this is increasing. Now there is only three or so external hard drives left that still don't do this.

for instance, a drive with the volume label 'Screenshot Converted' has always given I: when plugged in is now the latest to show up as H:. All drives that do this, regardless if F: - L: will randomly but frequently show up as H: and I am constantly going into Computer Management/Disk Management and changing them back to their original drive letter. All these drives have different volume labels so I don't know why Windows is "forgetting" the drive letters. Also this causes all properties, such as "Quick removal" or "performance" to revert to default due to the fact that it is no longer the correct drive letter. H: is only for flash drives

I Googled the problem but only results on how to change the drive letter showed up. There is nothing regarding Windows doing it on its own.

Does anybody know what the problem could be?

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I have an internal hdd capacity 160GB Seagate

Yesterday I partitioned it using partition magic 20GB C: 30GB F: like that

But letters d: & e: are missing but when I renamed F: to D: , it shows Local Disk (D)(F)

Do u know how to rename from Local Disk (F) to Local Disk (D)

The following drive at present

Local Disk (C) 20GB
Local Disk (F) 30GB
Local Disk (G) 30GB
Local Disk (H) 30GB
Local Disk (I) 40GB

I want to change them to
Local Disk (C) 20GB
Local Disk (D) 30GB
Local Disk (E) 30GB
Local Disk (F) 30GB
Local Disk (G) 40GB

That is it &#8230;. Just rename&#8230;&#8230;hope u understand

Thanks in advance for ur replies

A:changing drive letters

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I have 2 Hard drives, can I change the drive letters? and,if so, how? in xp/pro.

A:Changing hard drive letters

You can change drive letters in disk management as long as it is not a system drive [where windows is installed]. Just right click the drive you want to change and select change driver / path from the menu.

It is possible to change a system drive letter, however I do not recommend that you do so. It is an involved process and many apps will need to be reinstalled.

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A few days ago I decided to install windows 7 7100 on my newly built desktop, unfortunately a day later i get an error called 651, i looked around and found out that it is a bug so i am resorting to a more stable os (vista...but only for now) and i am trying to boot it from daemon tools becuz my dvd copy has trouble booting, but every time i try to install it, it keeps trying to install the OS on my system partition and gives me an error that says there is not enough space available.

So my question is, how can i change the default drive letter that windows 7 gives to Daemon Tools?

No input is disregarded, and thank you in advance for the insight.


A:changing default drive letters

I would probably try and get a working DVD copy, or move it to a USB flash drive, following the steps to boot from that. This way, you can do a fresh install, and not have to worry about errors or wrong drive letters.

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I wanted to install Windows XP on an old computer. Its CD drive was broken, so I installed XP from its hard drive instead. When everything was finished, I ended up with two drives, D and E. Unfortunately, I was tempted to change the letters (OCD, much?) to C and D, and did so (via regedit).

Now, my computer won't boot up; the welcome screen shows up, but it freezes there.

Can someone help me undo my stupid mistake? Thanks in advance!

A:Changing drive letters has screwed up my PC

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I'm trying to run a system recovery disk for an HP pavilion but it won't read the disk. The solution I found at HP's sight is as follows.

The recovery CD is not recognized in Windows
Upgrading Windows changes the CD-ROM drive letter to D. Change the CD-ROM drive letter back to M as follows:
Right-click the My Computer icon on the desktop.

Click Properties. The System Properties window appears.

Click the Device Manager tab.

Click the plus sign (+) next to CD-ROM.

Double-click the CD-ROM name, and click the Settings tab.

Under Reserved drive letters, select M from the pull-down menu. Make sure that both the Start drive letter and the End drive letter are both M.

Click OK, Close, and then Yes.

Restart the computer and the new settings will take effect

........ My question is how do I do what it says above(or can I?) from a c: prompt, because windows has been removed from that computer. Thanks

A:Changing drive letters in DOS mode

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I am recently recovering from a BSOD and I had to start over with a new main hard drive. I am trying to make my second hard drive letter D. The computer made it E. There is not a drive labeled D that I could change the drive letter to something else to free up D. I have followed the guide found here:

Can't change hard drive letter to needed letter

And the drive letter I need was still not usable and the registry item I deleted kept coming back. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. Thank you.

A:Help with changing drive letters in Windows 7

Hi BarryK and welcome to Seven Forums!

Can you post a screenshot of Disk Management?

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I have just reformatted my computer and restored everything to its pre-reformat state. Unfortunately E: drive has now become I: drive and F: has become J: I have followed instructions from other posts relating to Disk Management, however I don't get the option of using either drive E: or drive F: It wouldn't matter except that I have put together an Excel process in which the macros refer to drives E: or F: and I don't want to have to change them. Help!

A:Solved: Changing drive letters

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I have been using the same disk drive letters for more than three years. Suddenly the other day, when I started the computer many of the disk drive letters had changed. I used Computer Management to change them back to where they were but when I rebooted the computer, they had changed back to where they were before I made the changes. Is there any way to make them stay to where I changed them?

A:Changing disk drive letters

1) What is new or different since the last time everything worked properly (ie, new hw, new sw, virus, error, etc)? Any new usb device connected?

2) Have you run full system scans with BOTH your anti virus app and MalwareBytes?

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This might seem like a strange problem but it seems to happen when I reboot and now with three external drives it is becoming a problem. Now I have several external drives for various types of storage and changing the letter designations can cause problems when programs are downloading special files. Can I change the letters for all but the permanent drives A,C,D,E which are all correct.

A:Solved: Changing Drive letters

Hello CarrollM,

You sure can.

Start Disk Management by Start > Run, type diskmgmt.msc and click OK.

You should see all the attached storage devices.
Right-click the drive you want to change and click "Change Drive Letter and Paths" in the menu.
Click Change to change the drive letter.

One thing you might like to do is mount the disk as a folder.
Say, for example you had a hard disk devoted to work. You could create an empty folder on your main OS partition called Work and mount the drive to that folder by clicking Add (at the place where you clicked "Change" above) and browsing to the Work folder you created and click OK. Then, when the disk is attached, you can access it's contents through the folder you created. This helps avoid all the drive letter switching that occurs when you have different drives attached and unattached. Something to consider. You still would have to point the programs to the folder but once it's set, you won't have to make changes as long as that folder is there.

Hope that helps.

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On my Vista machine, I find that occasionally when starting a backup (Acronis) to an external drive the drive letter has changed from the original to D, J, K and now it's back to D. Any ideas?

While you Guys are mulling over the above, here's another little puzzler:

As of lately, when I put Compact Flash card into the slot in my computer I grt the "blue screen" and my machine commences to reboot. My only work around has been to first bring up the CF drive, click on it, and then insert the card in the drive. Thanks for any suggestions.


A:External drive keeps changing letters...

Hello & Welcome to TGF.

RIGHT click "computer".
maximize screen
On left, left click "disk management"
On the right, in the lower gray area, RIGHT click the external drive.
There, you can assign a drive letter.

The issue may occur if you connect additional drives, flash for example. Could occur if you change ports; assuming you are using USB connections.


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I created a new partition and installed Windows on it a while back, but when I booted up, it had the letter G and my other partition that I used to store music was drive C..

I was going to change drive letters around so that my OS was on drive C, but I was wandering if this would mess up any applications I have on the system?




I just went on Computer Management -> Disk Management and I saw my three partitions.. It says the following..

C: - Healthy (System)
D: - Healthy
G: - Healthy (Boot)

But this is what the drives are really used for..

C: - Music etc
D: - Old OS (Moving old documents over to new one then removing this partition)
G: - New OS

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Changing Drive Letters

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I use 3 USB sticks to backup data on a Win 7 machine

Stick 1 does M,W,F
Stick 2 does Tu + Th
Stick 3 does Sun

I am having problems assigning them all to the same drive letter.

I have tried assigning them individually in Disk Management to M: , which happens but as soon as the 2 of the sticks gets removed and put back in they go back to either H or G

I have looked at this thread and the registry fix didnt help either.

I need all 3 sticks to be given the drive letter M and to keep it. (obv only 1 stick is in at a time.)

How can i do this please?

System uses the following drives

C: is OS drive (sata)
D: Is HP Recovery Partition
E: is DVD drive
F: is Storage hard drive. (sata)
V,W,X,Y,Z are all drives assigned to the removable memory card reader in the machine.

Thanks in advance

A:USB Stick drive letters keep changing

Quote: Originally Posted by thomo2710

I am having problems assigning them all to the same drive letter.

I have tried assigning them individually in Disk Management to M: , which happens but as soon as the 2 of the sticks gets removed and put back in they go back to either H or G

I need all 3 sticks to be given the drive letter M and to keep it. (obv only 1 stick is in at a time.)

How can i do this please?

This is the way Windows works.
You will need this: USB Drive Letter Manager - USBDLM

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Hey there,
So I just ran into a problem with my External Western Digital Hard Drive. Previously, my drive was mapped as the E Drive (I believe) and after taking it down and setting it up again (when i moved back to college), my external hard drive switched drive names on me. This really sucks, as my external drive stores all of my iTunes music and now when i run iTunes, it tries to find the music from the E Drive location and not the G Drive location. Is there an easy way I can change the letter drives so that I don't have to reimport all of my music? Thanks!

A:Hard Drive Letters Keep Changing!

Sure, Right Click on My Computer, Manage, Disk Management. Right click on the drive graphic and change it's drive letter.

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I'm hoping one you fine people can help me with what should be a simple solution. Can someone tell me how to reassign a drive letter in XP Pro. Why? My external drive used to be drive "D". Then all of a sudden, my machine decided to call it "E". I don't know if this is because there is a virus that did this or what. All of my music is in my external drive & my media player will not play it because it's looking for it in the "D" drive which does not exist anymore. So I guess I could reload all of my music to the player from the "E" drive but....

Can anybody help me???

A:Changing assigned drive letters in XP Pro

google search http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307844

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Hello all, this is my first post here. I have found many of my answers to other questions here without the need to ask but now I have a problem that I could not find here.

I had Windows installed to the first partition on my drive (which is C:\) and after a few years now it's gotten full
of software I don't use anymore and the like. Rather than install Windows over it and starting over, I decided to install to another partition and get everything set up before doing away with the old one.

I got Windows installed and mostly everything I use installed and working. My plan was to create an image of this copy and clone it back to the original partition. That was my plan until I realized I had screwed up majorly. The second installation of Windows says it's installed to F:\ (I'm not sure why, since I thought each version of Windows installed sees itself as C:\). Maybe because I started the installation from the other copy of Windows instead of booting straight to the install CD.

Now my question is... Is there any way to make this copy think of the drive it's installed on as C:\ or will I be stuck cloning it to a drive labeled F:\? Thinking about it, it doesn't seem possible considering everything is looking to F:\ instead of C:\ on this installation. I thought I'd ask just for the sake of it, possibly someone could be able to help.

Here is an image of my drive setup. C:\ is the old copy (where I want F:\ to go)


I'm sorry if my problem is not ... Read more

A:Changing system drive letters

Since you installed from winithin old win7.... C letter was already used. Next time install from DVD to make it letter C! But it's not a problem at all if it's called F!! Everything works and is pointing to letter F. So don't change that drive letter.

You want to get rid of old win7 (C)? C has still the boot manager and bootmenu btw!
Please post disk management screenshot again so I can see the used/free space as well.
What is on J (Downloads)? Just downloads?

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how can i change my drive letters. ? i have windows 7 64 bit. my drive letters currently are c:

g: and H: . i want them to be c:, d: and e: do i need to format them or what?

A:changing drive partition letters?

if any is the recovery partition, then you may need to reconsider,

go into disk management, right click the drive in the right column and select change drive letter.

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i need to know how to change a drive letter in Win.7 #1 and i need to change it from Win.7 #2 (duel-boot), i need to do this because OS #1 does not have a 'C' Drive, as its own system files are labeled as 'D:'. this is causing activation, windows genuine, and other problems and errors.

So is there any file (.ini or something) that I can change the drive letters

Thank you

A:[SOLVED] Changing drive letters from a different OS

In Win7, type "Disk Management" into the start menu, hit enter and then right click the drive you want to change. Choose "Change drive letter and paths" and then click the "Change" button. To the right there is a drop-down menu, pick one of those and click ok. Do that for both drives if you need to.

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I installed XP on a computer with one HDD, 1 CD-R and 1 CD-RW.
The HDD has to NFTS partitions: one is C:, the other one F: since it was formatted after installation.
Needless to say CD-RW is D: and CD-R is E:.
I want to have:
HDD part. 1 as C:
HDD part. 2 as D:, etc.
Does anyone know how to do that?

A:Changing drive letters/order

start > run > diskmgmt.msc

right click on a drive and select change drive letter and paths

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So here's the issue..
All of my music that I play off iTunes is on an external hard drive labeled "F."

When I recently turned on my external HD the computer assigned it the "H" drive. Of course, when I try to play music in iTunes, it can't find the music because the "F" drive doesn't exist. I've tried to get the computer to force this external HD to stay as the "F" drive (because otherwise the music won't play since it's searching for the F Drive) but to no avail. Any way I can fix this? Hope this made sense

A:Changing Hard Drive Letters

One way would be to let iTunes search for and archive the music again.

Another would be start>control panel>Admin tools>computer management> disk managment.

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I run two 80GB Seagate hard drives, each with three partitions on them. I use C drive to put windows on, D drive for my apps and E drive for music files, pictures, video etc. On the second hard drive I skip the F drive in case I ever need to load another operating system on it and on G and H, I mirror what's on my D and E drives for backup purposes. I do this through a software sync program. It's not a RAID setup.

Anyway, about three weeks ago I was refomatting. I do this alot because I'm kind of a perfectionist and I want everything installed perfectly. I also tend to mess with the registry a little to much, because I like it clean and without errors, but that's another topic!

But this time I was reformating it was right after I had to installed a new second hard drive and partition it. I'll come back to why I mentioned that in a second.

During my last two reformats, after I loaded Vista, I went to my computer and noticed that some of the Drive letters had changed on both hard drives. I can't remember exactly which letters changed to what, but it was like my D drive, I believe was now F and so on. All in all, three drives had changed or switched around drive letters. The data was all still there on partitions C, D and E, but the letters were off.

I even checked in Windows Vista Disk Management and noticed the changes there too. But I wasn't about to use the Disk Management tool to make any changes back to the right way. For that, I fire... Read more

A:Hard drives changing drive letters!

Windows assigns drive letters every time you boot up, so if you continually make changes to partitions you are going to see different drive letters.

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I'm in the middle of re-installing windows 7 right now, and migrating my drive info over, but I'd prefer to solve this. I purchased an updated asus p5n-d motherboard (from using a not very good biostar p4m890-7se). When I installed my sata hard drive that already had a copy windows 7 working and activated, I found that it wouldn't boot. So, I used win7pe and booted to find that the drive letters have been messed up. The 100 meg system reserve was now c: instead of z:, c: was now f:, d: was now e:. I tried everything. I thought I could use the diskmgmt.msc tool in win7pe but quickly realized that's just a virtual disk and wouldn't write the info to windows 7. I thought I could import the registry and use the regedit on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices but couldn't find it on the screwed up drive (it's a *.pol file isn't it)....I'm stuck. I decided to reinstall windows 7 on a new drive, use sportmau suite to copy over the information, and then use windows setting and migration tool copy most of the setting onto the new install. I'd like to solve this though. Is there anyway to boot, or re-assign the drive letters on the drive now that they're messed up. Diskpart?

Any ideas are good ideas.



A:drive letters switched after changing motherboard


Try a startup repair.

You may need to mark the Windows partition as active before the repair will find your installation.

Partition - Mark as Active

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After I changed the drive letters on most of my drives (with a little unexpected help from Partion Magic), I have a problem with Start - All Programs. Most programs work as I would expect, but some still go to the old drive letter. How can I fix this?

Windows XP Pro SP2, Pentium 4 2.66Ghz, 512 MB RAM.

Thanks, Pete

A:After Changing Drive Letters 'All Programs' Problem

If you've installed applications on other than the boot drive, then moved that drive letter, my guess is it's time for a re-installation of the application. It's very difficult to find all the references to the drive letter, since it can be buried in the registry, and various init files within the application folders.

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My C: drive only has 45.4GB TOTAL. While I have two other drives, D(has 2TB) and E(has 500GB).

My problem is, everything is installing into C drive automatically. How do I change this?
- I tried switching the drive letters but there's always the "Parameter is incorrect" error(probably because they run the computer).
-Tried going to regedit and editing microsoft\windows\currentversion\programfilesdir (also tried editing other files but I attempted to install a program, did not change the installation directory)

What do I do? I can't install any program that automatically installs into C drive (for example skype).

A:No room in C: Drive anymore, tried changing letters.

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Generally speaking, if you choose the custom option rather than the default option when installing software, you should have the chance to decide where you want to install it.

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