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USB Serial Parallel adapter

Q: USB Serial Parallel adapter

Hi all,

At work, we have recently got some new software (MARS) to run our CNC machines. The software came with a 'Hardlock Key' which plugs into a parallel port, MARS will only open when this 'key' is inserted into the parallel port.

The cable coming from the CNC machine connects to a serial port, so we have bought a USB Serial Parallel adapter (Prolific PL2303 or something along them lines). The problem we are having is that MARS will not run when the 'Key' is inserted into the USB Serial Parallel, and the error message 'Hardlock not found' is shown. The USB Serial Parallel is under COM3 (can be changed) and MARS will not run, However when the 'key' is directly plugged into the parallel port on the back of the computer MARS will open and run correctly.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get everything working, it would be greatly appreciated!

(Sorry im not very tech savvy, so if you have any questions i will try my hardest to answer!)

Preferred Solution: USB Serial Parallel adapter

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: USB Serial Parallel adapter

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My PC doesnt have a parallel port. My printer is not USB-capable. So, I connected an adapter (9-pin plug in one end/25-pin plug other end) to the 9-pin serial port of the PC and plugged the printer cable in the adapter. On connecting, the PC communicated w/the printer because a paper came out with a single black square on top. But I could not get it to print again. I tried printing directly from CMD prompt to LPT1; then tried COM1 and COM2 - No luck. Any suggestions? The printer is a discontinued HP Laserjet 4000 - it may have a serial port, in which case I may go from serial to serial but, is that okay? Thanks for your help.

A:Serial Port Adapter for Parallel Printer Cable

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Hello all

Intresting forum you have going on here...and heres me thinking i knew it all....so much to learn thats out there...

So..my problem

Well, ive read a thread which seemed to be discussing my hard drive installion problem but then went awol on me and lost me completley.

Have a parallel harddrive..no probs there, however ive gone and got myself an Hitachi harddirve and can only use a Serial plug...now ive bought an add on for my motherboard...stuck in the lead...and after much humming and aaarrring....the computer just doesnt seem to like it. Whether it recognising one drive..but wants to recognise another....ive tried various different boots... from bios...All i want to do is get to the stage of putting in the cd that came with the harddrive to set up a partition and bobs your uncle.....and while i think about it...whats Raid!? Why does that crop up?

How can i tell the computer to recognise this new add on ( it came with a cd too ) and at the same time insert the cd for this new drive. 'NTAL IS MISSING...something like that crops up - when i try putting in different boot instructions.

Any help please..in plain english...appreciated muchly
cheers, nice forum


A:serial v parallel - problem

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I just bought a new DELL computer which requires a Serial ATA connection. I was hoping to remove my Parallel ATA hard drive from my old DELL and insert it into my new DELL as a second hard drive. Would that be possible? Is there such a thing as a Parallel ATA to Serial ATA cable?

I hope what I'm asking makes sense, since I don't really know what I'm talking about. My nephew set up my new computer earlier today and advised me to go to a forum and ask if it were somehow possible to insert my old hard drive into my new computer. If it is possible, then I'll let my nephew know. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who can answer my question. Thank you.

A:Parallel ATA connection to Serial ATA. Is it possible?

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I just got a new computer to find there's not enough serial ports and there's no parallel ports. Can anyone help me regarding whether I can just take them out of my old computer and just put them in, or isn't it that easy?

A:Help with serial and parallel ports

Hello and welocome to TSF.
Parallel and serial ports are pretty much dinosaur components. Much like ISA cards. Mostly everything is going to USB. If you still need to connect serial and parallel peripherals to your computer you could purchase a PCI adapter card or get a serial/parallel to usb converter.

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Someone asked me if a computer does not have a USB port can a converter be had to plug into a parallel or serial. I said that I didn't think so, but would try to find out.

Help me if you can!
[email protected]

A:Convert Parallel or Serial to USB

The only thing they could do would either be get a new motherboard or get a pci card that adds usb ports.

Eagles may fly high, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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I am trying to clone my old hdd, which has a parallel connector with a ribbon cable, to my new machine's hdd, which has a serial connector to the motherboard. Is there any way to get both of these hdd's into the same box even though they have different connection methods? Is there a converter? Is there any other way to get all of my programs from my old disk onto the new one?

A:Parallel SCSI drive to Serial

yes, you need this

take your pick

you may have to email them, there are sata to pata AND pata to sata adapters
and they are NOT SCSI they are (S) serial ATA or (P) parallel ATA

I think you want the one that plugs into the HD to convert the pata HD to sata mainboard
So do not do what I did I just plugged in the power connector on the HD and not the adapter, the adapter has a connector too for power

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Customers mobo supports both at 2 each. They want a serial ata ide hard drive as the primary and use their old parallel ata ide hard drive as a backup using the 2 different controllers at the same time. Can this setup run with no problems?

A:Serial/Parallel hard drives?

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I have a Dell Dimension 4600, with an 80 GB Seagate serial ATA drive. I'm trying to install a 200 GB Hitachi[model # HDS722525VLAT80] parallel ATA drive. The Dell has the Intel i865GV chipset on the motherboard. My bios recognizes the second hard drive. Windows XP SP2 does not.
Thanks much in advance,

A:Parallel and Serial Hard Drives together?

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I want to know how to recognize a device on serial port. I know there are many libraries to read data from serial port as a stream of bytes but how can we RECOGNIZE a set of specific devices? Is there something to do with device? How can we access device information from within the device attached with serial/parallel port.

Please reply as soon as possible, its urgent.
Thanks and Regards,

A:Recognizing a device on serial/parallel port

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Which Is Faster, A Serial Or Parallel Conection? Defend!

A:Which Is Faster, A Serial Or Parallel Conection? Defend!

Which is faster, asking your homework questions on the web, or doing the research yourself?

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This is a general question; so I have not included a Sysinfo image.

In backing-up a system on a second, internal hard-drive, the connection is I believe a parallel one that takes data in word-sized bytes, say 32 or 64 bit words. A serial backup, using an external hard-drive connected by a USB data cable, takes the data bit by bit and stores it on the drive. I don't know, but it is possible that the external drive has firmware that collects the bits into re-formed words. If my understanding and assumptions are correct, wouldn't it take far longer to create the system image by serial transfer? Perhaps all day and night? People do it; so I must not have a correct understanding of the serial transfer as opposed to the parallel one. Could someone better informed explain?

A:Solved: Serial v parallel backing-up of system

Modern day serial communications hardware and cables can clock data faster (600 MegaBytes/Sec for SATA3) through a high quality shielded twisted pair cable than what can clocked in parallel (133 MegaBytes/Sec for Ultra DMA ATA 133) through a 40 or 80 conductor flat ribbon cable.

Yes, the hardware at both ends of the SATA cable handles all of the serial <-> parallel conversions needed to match the data bus on the computer and the data structure used internally on the hard drive.

EDIT: If you are backing up data from an older IDE/EIDE drive to a newer SATA 3 drive, the limiting factor would most likely be how fast the data could be read off the old drive.

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Can anyone advise please
I am using pentium3 but bespoke software ONLY using DOS 3.1 (I think) I need to use LPT1 but want to use a parallel to serial converter for onward transmission to another building across a fibre mux link. The serial link needs flow control in case printer off line or link down. Recommend a converter?? but How does the status (presumably CTS) get back to LPT1 ?? or is this done automatically in the converter?

A:Parallel-Serial converter/flow control

I think that all the signals are controlled by the converter...

You can check this site for the converter and some more details...

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Last year I tried 2 products for adding serial/parallel ports to a computer without those ports. Neither of them worked.

We are about to replace computers that are using Point of Sale equipment that uses these ports. If we can't get the ports then we will need to replace a lot of expensive equipment.

A:Can serial/parallel ports be added to modern computers?

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Hi I have a laptop that doesn't have paralell/serial ports what can I use to program my microcontroller. All I have are 4 USB ports

A:Micro-controller programing without parallel or serial ports

Howdy and welcome...

Do it Yourself Projects...
Got something around the house that needs fixing and is NOT a computer?

I have ask for this to be moved to the Misc. tech forum

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Has anyone tried to use a parallel to USB adapter? I wonder if this would be easier than getting a ribbon to use this port on the motherboard. I have to use the parallel connection for an old banner printer machine. It's the only connection it has, and the owner isn't replacing it.

Is a PCI card the way to go? or a ribbon to use the port on the board?

Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I assume I will have to install a driver in compatibility mode and hope it works. I am building computers for a print shop and there is some stuff here I don't know if I will be able to get working with Windows 7.

A:Parallel to USB adapter

Quote: Originally Posted by nate42nd

Has anyone tried to use a parallel to USB adapter? I wonder if this would be easier than getting a ribbon to use this port on the motherboard. I have to use the parallel connection for an old banner printer machine. It's the only connection it has, and the owner isn't replacing it.

Is a PCI card the way to go? or a ribbon to use the port on the board?

Anyone have any experience with this stuff? I assume I will have to install a driver in compatibility mode and hope it works. I am building computers for a print shop and there is some stuff here I don't know if I will be able to get working with Windows 7.

Hey Nate

Try this USB parallel adapters, USB computer parallel adapters at TigerDirect.com

Hope this is what you are looking for

Ken J+

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Has anyone had experience with a USB to parallel port adapter / cable? I'm working with someone who needs a new laptop but wants to keep using their old LaserJet printer which connects only through a parallel port. I've found some on the 'net, but I'm wondering if anyone's had first-hand experience.

A:USB to Parallel Adapter

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Hi, Just bought a new PC and went to plug in my trusty old Agfa scanner, and there is no Parallel port. I've looked on ebay and there are usb to parallel adaptors, but these all say they are for printers. My question is - would such an adaptor work with the scanner?


A:Parallel Adapter

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Hello All,

I recently purchased a USB to Parallel cable . I am running Windows 2000 Professionial. I can not get my computer to reconize my printer, HP Laserjet 4, I get an error about the driver not loaded for this instance.

I have plugged and unplugged, reinstalled the HP driver. Downloaded Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000. Does anyone have any suggestions that might work. I have the USBprint.sys and the USBmon.dll files I was told I needed, but still no go.

Oh yes, my HP scanner works off its own USB direct cable, so I am sure the USB ports are working.

Thanks and Have a Great Day,

A:USB to Parallel adapter

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I have two printers running off a PCI card that provides an extra parallel port.

Now, I need to free up a PCI slot for another device and wondered if anyone has had any luck with those cords that advertise that you can run your parallel printers etc. off USB?

Years ago, I tried one on my HP Laserjet Series III and my HP Business Inkjet 2200 and it did not work. The cables were new at the time and I have hopes that maybe they have improved. I bought it at Staples because they said that if it did not work, I could return it. They took it back. I think that it was a Belkin.

Anyone had any luck with such cables on either of these devices? If so, what brand was it?

A:Parallel to USB 2.0 adapter

Look at this:


This particular cable was made by HP, not Belkin.

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I just happened to brush against the connector of a USB/Parallel port cable where it attaches to my HP Laserjet 4 printer. It was so hot it burned my hand when I tried to disconnect it and it smelled like hot plastic. The connector attached to the computer end was not hot. It seems to me it shouldn't be that hot. If this is not normal, what is causing it - a problem in the computer, the cable itself or the printer. I've had a lot of problems since several powerful electric storms that hit my locale last Saturday. Fried my Ethernet card, but I'm working around that by using an external Ethernet card. Also knocked out my telephone answering machine and my garage door opener. Could the cable problem be related to the other electronics problems?

A:USB/Parallel Adapter cable HOT!

sounds to me like something is shorted in the cable. Try another cable and toss the old one

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Like lots of other people I have a trusty old printer with a parallel interface and a shiny new laptop with usb ports but no parallel port.

I bought a usb to parallel cable which installed itself under plug and play and then the printer installed too.

BUT when I come to use it, there is a delay of FOUR MINUTES before anything comes out on the printer.

Is there anything I can do about this?

Google shows me that there are dozens of usb to parallel cables on the market. Are they all useless? or have I just chosen the wrong one?


A:usb to parallel adapter is very slow

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My dad bought my grandmother a new laptop for Christmas. She had a Windows 95 Desktop that was plagued. Anyway, she has an HP 840C printer that connected to her old PC via parallel cable. I found a parallel to USB cable on TigerDirect.com - is this what she needs? Her new laptop is running Vista so I'm not sure if it will even recognize a printer that is 9 or 10 years old or if the software would even run on it.

A:Parallel to USB Adapter - Any Advice?

hi there,

Yes this is what you would need to connect the printer. It should look like this:

As for recognising the printer, Vista does have drivers included for the HP Deskjet 840C.

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Man, I can't find drivers for this anywhere. Microtek acts like they've never heard of it. It's a Microtek parallel to SCSI adapter cable with model#EPPC. Are there any good driver sites besides driverguide.com? Or better yet, does anyone know where to get the drivers for it (win98)?

A:Microtek Parallel to SCSI adapter

Don't know if that will help or not.....

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I bought a USB to parallel cable for my printer in hopes to free up the LPT1 port for a scanner. I have installed the cable, and a driver from Belkin (the cable is not Belkin, but it was the only one I could find). I get a USBLPT1 port in the device manager, but my printer will not talk to it. I have picked that as my port in the details section of the printer properties, but it doesn't help, any suggestions? I don't know the brand of the cable, but I would think they are all the same.

thanks you

A:[SOLVED] USB to Parallel adapter cable won't work

Will you scanner work with the adapter?

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I can't get my HP LaserJet 4 Plus parallel printer to work via USB to my new laptop with Windows 7 Premium 64 bit. My HP DeskJet 820 Cse doesn't work either.

On eBay, I bought a USB to parallel printer cable adapter (Pluscom). Windows says it is working correctly, but nothing happens when connecting one of these two printers.

First I tried to print with the LaserJet: nothing. Then the DeskJet: nothing. I'm even unable to edit the properties of the DeskJet: Windows tells me that the print spooler is not working (I don't receive this error message while choosing the LaserJet).

A system restore to some days earlier (before I installed the printers) is also failing; Windows tells me this is because of antivirus (Avira free antivirus, up-to-date).

Any suggestion?



A:two HP parallel printers fail to work with Windows 7 via USB-adapter

It might be that your printer drivers can't "see" the printers through the USB-Parallel cables, or the drivers for said cables aren't working right.

HP printers can be fussy with drivers, but USB to X adapters can be problematic too. I would try the adapter's support pages on the manufacturer's website (if there are any) and see if there are any suggestions for making it work.

Best of luck.

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I connected this adapter to my parallel printer but not printing. In printing window the message is there is no connection between laptop & printer. I've tried LPT & USB controllers. At USB controller at on USB it is stated printing support. I use Windows XP. How to solve this case?

A:USB to 25 Pin DB25 Parallel Printer Cable adapter,B108

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I got my new hard drive home tonight and realized it's SATA and my current one (the one that actually boots and runs the machine) is parallel. I installed the sata and it seems to work- but is there any danger with these two drives co-existing in the same machine? Clearly the machine can accomodate them both, but is it a bad idea?

A:Solved: Can serial ATA drives and parallel ATA drives co-exist in the same CPU?

Virtually every PC today relies on the venerable ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) interface to connect hard drives, CD drives, and other types of drives. Spurred by the relentless demands for faster drive performance and greater reliability, the ATA standard (also known as IDE), which has a rated connection speed of 3.3 MBps, has undergone many advances. The Ultra ATA (dubbed Ultra ATA/133) interface can pass 16 bits of parallel data between a drive and PC at speeds of up to 133 MBps.
Such parallel-signal schemes, however, are reaching the practical limits of current cable, drive, and controller electronics. To achieve even faster data transfer rates, drive manufacturers are turning to a serial scheme called Serial ATA (SATA). Though it may seem counterintuitive that a serial technology (which transfers data one bit at a time rather than transferring multiple data bits simultaneously, as a parallel scheme does) could outpace a parallel one, that's exactly what SATA does; it transfers data at a much faster rate and more efficiently. Now that SATA drives, add-in controller cards, and most importantly, PC chipsets are finally available, you'll want to understand the benefits of this technology.

SATA typically handles data transfers of up to 150 MBps and in the future can be scaled up to 300 MBps and beyond. Some manufacturers predict speeds as high as 600 MBps. SATA offers a speedier boot process and faster loading of programs and data. But perhaps the best part... Read more

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Bought a "USB to Female 25 Parallel Ports Printer Adapter Cable" on eBay to connect the laptop to the HP printer.

After connecting the two cables and plugging in the USB to the notebook, you know when you hear the Windows sound that a new hardware has been found, it makes that sound continuously for like seven times. Obviously something is wrong.

When I attempt to print:

"This document failed to print
click here to open the print queue, and then for assistance, click troubleshooter on the help menu."
Is the parallel port cable bad?

A:Solved: USB to Female 25 Parallel Ports Printer Adapter Cable

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Hi! There are some tablets I have my eye on, on ebay. But they've got connections that are made for a mac on them. I was wondering if there is an adapter out there that will let me connect these Wacom tablets to my PC. If they exist and someone can direct me to a place online that sells an adapter, that would be awesome! The sooner, the better please ! Thank you kindly!

A:Mac serial to PC serial adapter?

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I recently bought a Dell XPS laptop and I was surprised to see that it does not come with any serial/DVI ports for connecting to my monitor. It only has 3 USB ports and 1 HDMI port.

So I'll need to get some kind of adapter/converter to connect my monitor to my laptop. I've never dealt with this situation before and I wanted to get some opinions about what kind of product would be my best choice.

I was looking around on NewEgg and I came up with these; in your opinion what should I get? Thanks for your feedback.






A:Need USB<->Serial adapter

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Hi, im having problems with usb serial adapter. Im running Windows Xp.
First off when i boot up my computer it freezes up in Bios page, Keyboard nothing works so i have to push restart button on computer to startup.
The problem is i have a golf sensor mat which connects from a db9 9-pin connector to a usb serial adapter to my usb port on my computer which i cant get working. The usb port works fine with my usb mouse but doesn't seem to work when i connect usb serial adapter??
The usb adapter shows up in Device Manager under Com Ports 4 which ive assigned to work with sensor mat , but still wont work with golf sensor mat?

could it be wrong Usb serial adapter driver? ive tryed two usb adapters, still wont work.
PCI Serial Card???

Can you help?

I disabled communications port and printer port which ive now enabled

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My new pc didnt have a serial port so i bought a adapter and plugged it into my com connectors. So i install the modem and install drivers but under location instead of COM1 it says unknown and im unable to connect to internet. I cant query the modem either. How do i set the location of the modem to com1.

A:Serial Adapter help

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I need a serial port (9-pin) on my laptop. What is s good USB adapter/converter to buy?? Are there some that seem to work better than others??

Thanks for any advice.

A:USB to serial adapter

Truthfully, depending on what you need the serial port for, none of them may work properly. You might consider a PCMCIA serial adapter, which will probably be more compatible.



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ok ive got a gigaware usb to serial adapter. ive installed the driver and its listed on com8 under the system com ports. the problem is when i connect it to my device and i start the software that connects to that device, it wont communicate. it says no open ports.
i tried changing the port but i dont know what its supposed to be assigned to. i check the whole list and ive got com1 all the way to com256. but coms 3-7 are in used by something.
so does that mean that it needs to be assigned to one of those ports that are in use? how can i fix this?

im using xp home edition btw. with a gigaware usb to serial adapter.

A:usb serial adapter problem in xp


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I'm a new guy in this forum and I hope someone can help me.

I've recently bought a laptop with windows 7 home premium 64 bits. I've tried to use a usb/serial adapter (Lindy rs232) but everytime I start the software I need (Vemco's VUE) the computer shuts down. I've tried updating the driver for the usb/serial adapter and also use different usb ports. So far nothing worked. If I connect the usb/serial adapter and check the com ports everything seems to be working fine. When I start the software (Vemco's VUE) it works properly until I connect the usb/serial adapter.

I used the same setting (software and adapter) in an older laptop running XP and everything worked great.

Any advices?

A:USB/serial adapter driver

Quote: Originally Posted by davidbecas

I'm a new guy in this forum and I hope someone can help me.

I've recently bought a laptop with windows 7 home premium 64 bits. I've tried to use a usb/serial adapter (Lindy rs232) but everytime I start the software I need (Vemco's VUE) the computer shuts down. I've tried updating the driver for the usb/serial adapter and also use different usb ports. So far nothing worked. If I connect the usb/serial adapter and check the com ports everything seems to be working fine. When I start the software (Vemco's VUE) it works properly until I connect the usb/serial adapter.

I used the same setting (software and adapter) in an older laptop running XP and everything worked great.

Any advices?

Incompatible software...

Try A) A different program for the same purpose or B) running that program in XP compatibility mode... Right click -> Properties -> Compatibility.

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I am considering buying an IBM NetVista X41.

This machine has 6 USB ports, but no classic serial ports.

My electronic banking application requires a card reader, connected to a 9-pin serial port, to work. The company has no support for USB card readers.

How can I solve this ?
Are there serial to USB port adapters on the market ? What are they called, where could I buy them, ...

A:classic Serial to USB adapter ?

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This is on a new Dell Latitude e5570. When using a console cable with a serial to usb adapter, it blue screens every time. Here's some of the details provided
Problem signature:
Problem event name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information about the problem:
BCCode: d1
BCP1: 000038
BCP2: 000002
BCP3: 000001
BCP4: FFFFF88000E37D57
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
I also have the .DMP file, but don't see a place to attach it to this question.

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The adapter is installed and the XP mode says is is attached. I am using auto cad to plot to an HP plotter by serial port. I don't have a serial port on my win7 64 bit machine running XP mode. when I try to plot with the plotter set to an HP plotter the
port selection isn't there for the serial adapter. But if I plot to my local usb printer it does which is only letter size. How do I find this port? I also have it installed in win7 and it shows up as com 4 in device manager. In XP it doesn't show up as a
com port
But there are two Virtual usb drivers. After much reading I understand there re only two usb ports in Virtual mode, I assume that is why my device manager shows two Virtual usb drivers. Any way is there a way to get my plotter connected?

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My uncle has an old win 95 machine. He wanted a trackball mouse. So he bought it and it had a usb connection with came with a ps2 adapter. But his computer is so old it doesn't have a ps2 connector for the mouse. The mouse connector has 5 holes on the top row and 4 holes on the bottom row which connect to a male connector on the back of the PC.

I don't know which adapter to order.

The first link offers a cheaper price and 2 devices and is from newegg. The second link just offers one type of device and is from Fry's.

Here's another one: http://shop3.outpost.com/product/2011435

A:need adapter for ps2 mouse to *serial*

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So this computer has been having this problem for a while.
The computer has some equipment connected via a usb to serial converter and it just sits there always plugged in having no problems. However when we go and open up the software which actually tries to pull data from the device, bam, bsod (not all the times, but most of them).

Searching on the internet suggests the usb to serial adapter was a bit dodgy (made by ATEN), so I bought a better (more expensive) version from a different company(keyspan usa-19hs). Yet we still have the problem.

Hopefully someone can lend a hand as to what the problem is now.
I've used DM Log Collector and attached the results.

Thanks again seven forums!

(Im 90% sure its the adapter, but i might be wrong! Something else could be causing the bsods!)

A:BSOD when using serial to usb adapter

Yeah, the cause it due to the USA19H2kp.SYS driver.

I need a bit more information though.

Upload your MSINFO32.nfo file. Click on the start button
Type "msinfo32" (without quotes) in the search bar of the start menu, click the resulting link. It will open the System Information window.
File>Save. In the "File Name" filed, put "MSINFO32" (without Quote), give the save location to desktop, and click the "save" button.
Give the time for processing, it will save a .nfo file on your desktop.
Zip it, and upload it following the instructions here. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums.

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I am helping connect a GPs to a laptop for some yachties. The problem is that when we connect the GPS (via the serial to USB adapter) to the laptop, the OS thinks it sees not only the adapter but also a "Microsoft Serial Ballpoint Pointing Device." It then loads the driver for that phantom device and starts interpreting the incoming GPS data as mouse coordinates and clicks, causing the cursor to go crazy. Only by turning off the GPS and then uninstalling the driver for the 'Serial Ballpoint Pointing" device can we avoid all of this and get the GPS talking nicely to the navigation app. So, how can we prevent the OS from automatically "seeing" this phantom serial ballpoint device and loading the driver? (If we simply disable the device it intereres with the COM port and the navigation program cannot see the GPS.) We need to keep the serial ballpoint device driver from loading at all.

A:Serial to USB adapter problem

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Hi, I have a little netbook computer that has no usb ports, and it is very hard to find a card for this netbook that will connect it to the internet (wireless, or ethernet carts).
It does have a serial port on the back of it, and I thought, perhaps I could get a Serial to USB adapter, then plug a wireless usb device into the usb plug...
Would this work? or is this kind of a dead end idea?

I just wanted to give it wireless capabilities

A:Serial to USB Adapter - what are the capabilities?

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I'm looking for some help and advise on my USB to serial adapter. I have a new connector bought from FRY's and I figured it would be a simple automatic install; wrong. I plan on using this adapter to connect my wideband Air Fuel Monitor in my Mustang to datalog along with my other functions on a program called Binary Editor on a device called Tweecer.

The USB to Serial adapter is recognized by my computer and goes thru the initial automatic install and I let it search automatically for drivers; well none were found. I'm assuming I need to install the driver manually and that creates another problem. I'm not sure what USB to Serial adapter I have. The only marking on it are "Made in China"; no help. When I try to open the Air Fuel Monitor program it says there are no comm ports recognized or turned on.

So I'm here looking for help before I go out and buy another adapter.

A:USB to serial adapter problems

You don't need to install drivers for the adapter. You need to install the drivers for the hardware that you are connecting ( Air Fuel Monitor ).

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I want to take the hard drive out of my Dell 4500 and put it in a Dell E510 as a slave . The 4500 is a parallel cable hook up, the E510 is a serial cable hook up. Is there any kind of adapter cable available to do this?

A:Parallell HD to Serial HD adapter

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i have a usb serial port adapter and i trying to figure out to set the usb jack on the desk top to be port1, port2, port3, or port4. if this is an easier process with xp i can change to the laptop

A:Usb Serial Port Adapter

hi,,, im not quite with you on this,,,, do you mean when you click on the "safely remove hardware" button on the notifacation area near the clock,,, where it says "safely remove mass storage device, D:E:F:G:" etc???

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