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Printer install: drivers from Windows or from manufacturer

Q: Printer install: drivers from Windows or from manufacturer

I have a USB multifunction laser printer. It is a Fuji Xerox CM205 f. I want to use printing and scanning.

I have the Win8 installation software from Fuji Xerox. The installation instruction says to connect and turn on printer and then install the software.
But I read that, when you connect a USB printer, Win8 will install the drivers. When then I install the Fuji Xerox software, then there are 2 printer installations?

So how should I do this?
Is it generally better to use the Win8 drivers? If yes, then I only have printer drivers and not the scan function.
Or should I use the Fuji Xerox installation. If yes, should I uninstall the Win8 drivers first before installing the Fuji Xerox software?

Preferred Solution: Printer install: drivers from Windows or from manufacturer

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Printer install: drivers from Windows or from manufacturer

Installing the vendor's drivers should override the windows installed drivers. The vendor's drivers are needed for full functionality as you have found out.

I did that with all of the drivers in my system. I installed Win 8 and it installed the generic HD Audio Codec for the windows drivers and several other generic drivers. After installing Win 8, I installed the drivers from my motherboard vendor and it replaced the windows installed drivers with the motherboard vendor drivers.

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I helped a friend upgrade his work computer from Windows 7 to 8. It mostly all went well except for two problems:

1. It doesn't want to run login scripts for their Windows SBS 2011 server, and
2. It won't recognize any printer we try to install.

I unjoined it from the network, and deleted the computer from the server, so now there shouldn't be any conflict with the server...

The first printer we tried to get to work was an HP P1006, and when we didn't have any luck, we tried a brand new Brother HL2270DW, but we STILL cannot get it to work, even though Brother tech support said it should.

Here's the last thing I tried: I went to devices and printers, click on any printer device, and
then "Printer server properties" at the top...
then go to drivers tab,
then click "Add..." which brings up the Add Printer Driver Wizard,
then click Next, and
then Next again for only x86 drivers,
then click the "Windows Update" button, and
then, after a pause, I select Brother on the left,
then "Brother HL-2270DW Series" on the right,
then click next,
then click Finish, and...

I get an error that says

Driver Installation Error
Windows can't instal the Brother HL-2270DW series kernel-mode print driver. To obtain a driver that is compatible with the version of windows you are running, contact the manufacturer.

Kernel mode driver? Straight from Windows Update? What's up with that?

Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks in advance,


A:Can't install any printer drivers, even from Windows Updat

Do you have a driver disc for the Brother? Its best to install devices using the vendor supplied drivers (either download or disc) than the way you are doing it. If you have a Vista or Win 7 driver it should be Win 8 compatible. However, if you only have an XP driver you can try installing it using the XP compatibility mode.

The same goes for the HP printer.

In most cases when installing devices such as a Printer, you FIRST run the vendor's installer and then only physically connect the device when the install program tells you.

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I experienced some sort of driver conflict that prevent Windows 8 Pro from starting, so I did a Refresh. Didn't understand how that worked, so I got the nasty surprise that all my desktop programs and drivers were uninstalled.

So I've been reinstalling everything and just when I've finally got everything else in order I find out I can't install any printer drivers at all, despite being Windows 8 certified drivers. Not even PDFLite.

I get the message "error while testing for existing printer" followed by message "printer installation error -1001 (0)".

What's up with Windows 8 refusing all my print drivers? :(

A:Can't install any printer drivers on Windows 8 after refresh

Next time, you might have better luck using System Restore, using a restore point from before the driver conflict. System Restore can be started from the Windows 8 Recovery Environment by selecting the Troubleshooting option, then selecting System Restore. You likely rebooted into the Windows 8 Recovery Environment when your system wouldn't restart successfully.

The Windows 8 Recovery Environment is also available when booting your computer from a "repair disk" CD or DVD (you can type "recdisc" into the Search box available from the magnifying glass icon on the Windows 8 "Charms" bar, and then select the "recdisc.exe" icon to create such a disc). You can also create bootable USB from the "create a recovery drive" icon: type "Recovery" into the Search box, then select "Settings", then select the "create a recovery drive" icon.

The advantage to using System Restore is that most programs won't have to be reinstalled (and your personal files are kept safe, as well).

RE: your present printer predicament
1) Unplug any connected printers. Power off wireless printers.
2) Remove any printers listed in the "Devices & Printers" applet in Control Panel.
3) If a Windows 8 driver is available from the printer's manufacturer's website, download the one that matches your version of Windows (64-bit or 32-bit).
4) Reboot.
5) You can power on any wireless prin... Read more

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I had asked a few weeks ago what to do about being unable to update or install patches to Windows 8.1. Tried everything suggested except doing a re-install from disks I made. I was hoping to avoid this, but as my laptop is slowly becoming more and more less usable, it looks like I have no other choice at this point. So what I am wondering is there any way I could pull JUST Windows from the restorations disks without all the added junk the manufacturer added? I just hate all that bloat ware that companies add to your system at the factory! Who seriously needs another program to play videos when you have Windows Media and VLC? I've never been a fan of Norton and it's a royal pain to completely get it off your computer as well. You get the picture, I just want a vanilla copy of Windows where I can choose what to install or not.

A:How can I re-install windows 8.1 without manufacturer junk

Hello Jaxxxom,

If you like, you could download a Windows 8.1 ISO file using OPTION ONE below.

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

Create a bootable UEFI Windows 8.1 USB with the ISO file.

UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

You'll then be able to boot from the USB, and do a clean install of Windows 8.1.

Clean Install - Windows 8

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I am trying to do a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit on an acer laptop, however, I have lost the Windows CD. I still have the Key. Is it okay to re-install windows using a Dell Windows 7 backup disk that came with my Dell laptop?

Thanks all.

A:Windows Install CD Manufacturer Importance?

Hello kushanku, welcome to Seven Forums!

After you have copied out or made back-ups of the data you need to save to external media; if you can find an exact Windows version that the PC shipped with you can do a clean install using the activation key on the COA sticker attached to the PC though it may require a robo-call to MS to sort the OEM batch-key.

How to Activate Windows 7 by Phone

If you can't find an exact same version, you could use the info in this tutorial to create an "all versions" installer of any version Windows installer, to install using the same method I posted above.

Windows 7 Universal Installation Disc - Create

After you have made backups of everything you care to save, the best method is to do a complete wipe secure erase of the entire Hard Disk Drive first, it over-writes everything, all the old Windows code including all the old drivers/programs, giving you the best possible space to install Windows to.

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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My Mom has an HP laptop. She recently purchased a new HP printer and I have been trying for the last 4 days to get it to install/connect. I've been in touch with HP but the links they provide aren't resolving the issues.

First, using the CD that came with the printer: hangs up at around 85-90%. It doesn't not show up as installed. I copied the CD to the desktop, modified Setup.exe in CFFExplorer and Run as Administrator and it appears to completely install; however, when I go to Device Manager, it says no driver is found. I sometimes have the option to update and sometimes that seems to work but I can't access it through Add a Printer (which has the green bar run across the top, then pulsate and freeze).

Trying to install using the driver I download from HP results in no installing screen appearing but it does hang up in the background and the only way to stop it is to Restart. The same thing happens if I try to use HPs Wizard.

I've installed several HP printers through the years and not had this much trouble. That doesn't even include the dozens of times I've had to reinstall my own HP printer because of its contrariness!

Additionally, attempts to uninstall the old printer results in it hanging up/freezing soon in to the process, whether I try to uninstall from the Start menu, file or Uninstall program. I'm not even being able to get the Windows Updates to install - that process also just hangs up/freezes. FYI - I've not checked her machine in a while so there are ma... Read more

A:Unable to install printer drivers, uninstall old printer, update Windo

Hi columbia93, welcome to 7F!

Printers are touchy animals, when installing any printer you have to follow the install procedures exactly as described by the manufacturer.

This may be the root cause:

FYI - I've not checked her machine in a while

Not that you haven't been able to check it, but there may be an accumulation of problems on your Mom's machine that also are stopping the update process.

I am trying to find one of 7F's tutorials on improving performance of a computer, but it boils down to cleaning out all detritus that a machine can accumulate of a period of time.
I did find this but there is another one: Hard Disk Space - Free Up and Recover The first three options would help

Run Antimalware/virus scans, run a Check Disk then a sfc /scannow then try to uninstall that old printer driver, and if that works shut down the machine, and try to install the printer without the HP disk, when it looks, but asks if you have the disk say no and allow the OS to install what it has.
It is my understanding that HP Printer drivers already come with Windows 7.

But do the cleanup first and see if that helps.

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Hey guys Its InferneX, I've recently changed one of my PC to Windows 8 and I'm already having a huge issue installing a printer I bought a new printer

Cannon Pixma MG3100 though whenever I try to install the drivers and all the other program from the disk I get this problem that shows?

Now I've already restarted the PC and I still get the same problem.
I tried installing it without the printer on the PC, now also there's another thing I don't get, which is when i plug in the printer to the USB the computer does recognizes it.
Now please could someone help me solve this issue please thank you for your time.

A:My printer Drivers wont install: MP Drivers?? please help

Did you check printer site for updated drivers?

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should i be using the manufacturers (powercolour) driver or the latest ATI driver? the card is a powercolour 5870 pcs+.

thanks for any help.

A:Should I use ATI's drivers or the manufacturer?

I would go with the driver from the AMD/ATI website because it will be the latest available. I happen to have a Powercolor Radeon HD 5780 PCS+ in one of my PCs and that's where I go for drivers.

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I have a Dell desktop that was originally a Vista box, but I recently did a fresh install of Win7. I allowed Windows Update to do all of the driver installations. Is that adequate? If this was a home-built PC I would go to the website for each component and get the latest drivers. But being a Dell, it's a little murky trying to figure out exactly which components are in there. I can go to the Dell website and see all the drivers they provide for my PC, but since it's 2 years old they only provide Vista drivers, not 7 drivers.

So my question is: Is the Windows Update method adequate for making sure my drivers are correct? Are they a better match than the Vista drivers Dell provides? Or do I need to go hunting and experimenting and try to find Win7 drivers for each component on my own?

A:Microsoft Drivers vs Manufacturer Drivers

Hi -

I myself find that Windows Updates under Windows 7 has taken care of most of my 3rd party device driver updates. However, I do routinely make my way to Intel for their latest wifi updates, same with NVIDIA and audio.

Regards. . .



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I have a newly purchased HP Deskjet 3050A e-All-in-One Printer series - J611 which should be working with Windows 7, but when I try to install the device drivers I get a "Access is denied" error.

How can this be bypassed or fixed?

A:Cannot install HP printer drivers - "Access is denied" in Windows 7

Exactly how are you installing the driver?

Make sure the printer is switched off and is not connected by a USB cable.

When you attempt to install the driver, right-click it first and choose Run as Administrator. During the install, you'll be prompted when to switch the printer on and connect it.

You also need to make sure you are installing the 32-bit version of the driver as you have Windows 7 32-bit.


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Hi guys,

I'm having some BSOD issue, I suspect, they'd be due to some drivers stuff and all.

So anyway, I saw Device manufacturers had more updated drivers then the OEM (Acer Laptop here), do you think these generic drivers are worth a try or can they be harmful?


A:OEM vs Device Manufacturer drivers

Worth it.

You can always manually create a restore point just in case.

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I've just done a clean install of Win 7 (w/HD format) without much problem. I've also downloaded all device drivers from my mobo manufacturer (Asus) and Nvidea video card, etc. I'd like to replace some of the Win 7 default drivers (chipset & audio for example) with the one's I've downloaded (they all contain setup.exe apps to install them).

My simple question is, can I just run the device driver setup.exe over the Win 7 default drivers, or do I need to go the each device in Device Manager and use the "Driver Update" and (I think) locate the correct .ini file or use some other method? Obviously using the set.exe is easiest, so long as there are no problems installing over the Win 7 default drivers (some of which seem to lack some of the manufacturer's device functionality). Please help! Thanks a lot, -- S

A:Installing Manufacturer Drivers

You should be able to install the drivers using the executable (exe) without messing with device manager. So go ahead, use the installer... Only if the installation fails would you do driver update. Driver update doesn't always find the best drivers for the devices.

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Hello, I am making my old USB printer to a wireless printer. The only problem is that, all my other computers are x86 and my computer is x64. My printer is Brother HL-2140. I have tired download windows XP x86 drivers from brother website but it did not work.

A:How to install x86 printer drivers on x64?

Usually both versions of the software for printers come on the same disc, may even have the Macintosh software on it or on a separate disc. But you do have to have the correct version for the version of Windows, e.g. x86 for 32-bit computers and x64 for the 64-bit computers. You can't use 32-bit drivers for most hardware on 64-bit computers nor vice versa. If the printer is too old there may not be suitable drivers for Win7, have seen a number of times where folks getting a new computer couldn't use the old one, same with separate scanners. But one can find 3-in-1 printers sometimes for less than a replacement set of ink cartridges. The 4-in-1 units include a Fax function for the Dial-Up phone line.

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I tried to login to a university network and that went fine but then when trying to install the network printers it stopped responding. The way I do it on XP is I connect to \\IP.ADDRESS\Printer.name and then it automatically installs the printer drivers but on Vista it doesn't work. Any ideas?

A:Printer drivers will not install

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I have recently tried and failed to install two different printers on my laptop and neither would complete the installation process.
The most recent problem is with a canon mg5250 printer. It does not matter whether I install from the DVD or from a downloaded file (mg5200swin104ea24.exe) the installation stalls with the error message "An error occurred while files were being copied.:0001 0000"

My computer is an acer aspire 5580 running vista. It is not short of disc space.
The antivirus software is Sophos

I can't seem to get past this block.

Any suggestions?

A:printer drivers won't install

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I have Vista 32bit Home on an HP Pavillion laptop. When I try to install a new Brother 2140 printer USB, I keep getting "drivers not installed." Yes, I've followed every installation step precisely, uninstalled and re-installed several times, talked extensively to Brother helpdesk. Earlier I was just getting "access denied". The USB port sees the printer as "ready" but there are no drivers. HELP

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HI,I have a CANON IMAGE CLASS MF 4450 printer that i have been trying to install on my PC it appears that i got all of the drivers except the one for the scanner because when i get to where i think i have all of the drivers installed it then tells me i need to install scanner drivers which so far is almost impossible i must have missed a step somewhere along the line any ideas would be appreciated thanks.
Heres my PC specs.
Operating System
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 123 ?F
Windsor 90nm Technology
4.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 375MHz (6-6-6-18)
Dell Inc
Panasonic-TV ([email protected])
1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 (EVGA) 123 ?F
931GB Seagate ST1000DX 001-1CM162 SCSI Disk Device (SATA) 101 ?F
465GB Western Digital WD My Passport 0740 USB Device (USB (SATA)) 90 ?F
Optical Drives
TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H653A SCSI CdRom Device
NVIDIA High Definition Audio

A:install printer drivers

Do you have aAdobe Acrobat Professional or any program which you can use to create PDF images?
I use Acrobat Professional and pull the images from the scanner
I'm not familiar with the device Canon model but you may need to set it up for scan to folder or scan to email. If is anything like what I used to work on and set up for Ricoh devices, it's more than loading a driver.

I'm jealous, you live up there in a beautiful place.

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I apologize in advance if this is not the proper forum for this thread.
Since AOL software was loaded on my Sony Vaio desktop w/ Windows XP Media Center Edition w/ sp2 I have not been able to use or install successfully printer drivers. I am no longer able to use my HP Phototsmart printer that was working without any problems before AOL 9.0 was installed.
When installing the driver for this printer and a Canon printer the failure to load the drivers is at the same exact point. When the software requests to attach the printer to the computer (I use a USB cable) the computer recognizes the printer in the system tray. Eventually, it states the the hardware did not install correctly. I received a printer device failure with the Canon and a similar error with HP.
I have went into Add/Remove programs to remove all instances of AOL but I noticed there are still references in the registry of AOL. I am still not able to install printer drivers successfully. A virus scan has found nothing as did a check of malware with ThreatFire 3.
Do you have any suggestions on how I can clean my registry completely of anything associated with AOL? My hope is that this cleaning will enable me to print again.

Thank you for looking.

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I am trying to set up a new printer attached to the network. We have a cluster and need to install it on both nodes of the server, ie/ 1 and 2.
I have managed to install it on 1, but I am getting an error on the second one. At the end of copying the files, get an error saying that unable to install drivers for the printer and at the end it says "The operation has failed"
The drivers are PCL and PS. The PS works on the second, but the PCL fails.

The drivers have been downloaded from the net to have the latest.
Printer is HP Laserjet 3380.

Why is it that it installed on one node, but not the other.
Please help

A:Printer drivers fail to install

bumped and moved to Hardware.

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I just bought a printer off the internet about a week ago. I plugged it into my computer and tried to install the drivers, but when I did they wouldnt install. I think the drivers might be outdated, if that is possible. I went on the companies website to look at their selection of drivers, and I found the printer that I purchased, unfortunately the drivers they had listed for it were for Windows 95, and 98 I believe. I have Windows XP on my computer, so I think that might be why they arent working. When I direct the computer to the folder where the drivers are it say something like "this folder doesnt contain information on your printer", or something like that. But that is the disk and software that came with the printer, and I even downloaded it off the website to be sure it was right, it still didnt work. Im truely a noob at this, so any help would be great. Thanks!

A:Printer drivers wont install

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I'm trying to install the driver for my HP Photosmart 1215 using the download from HP's website. But when I run the exe file to install it, I get an error window which reads:
"There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk0\DR0. I click on "continue" or cancel and this window appears:

My next step was to download the "iomdisk.reg" patch on HP's website which is supposed to correct any driver installation problems. I tried downloading the driver a second time, and got the same results....nothing.
I'm not sure why this won't install, but I should probably mention these 2 things:
1- I'm using a Sata harddrive (Western Digital model WD2500KS)
2- I installed a multi USB disk drive:
In addition I have a floppy, CD-rom, and Iomega zip. This has (by default) placed my harddrive at i:\ instead of c:\. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. I just need to get my printer working. Can anyone help me?

A:Solved: Can't install printer drivers!

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I hope someone can help me with what, to me, is a great mess I have made in my computer (no blame, no excuses - well perhaps a little tolerance of my kackhandness would be appreciated ^_^).

Computer: HP Presario AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 1.77GHz, 1 gig RAM
Operating system: XP sp2
Printer: Epson Photo R245 (USB connected)

It all started with MS Net Framework trying to install every time I started the computer.
I foolishly followed net suggestions to remove various 'stuff' in /windows/system32. Now don't ask me what and why I didn't make a backup or do anything else sensible - I plead being not with it due to gnawing and grinding MS - sigh.

Then when I tried to reinstall the printer - it would no longer work - Windows was trying to install a "USB mass storage peripheral" every time I tried to add the driver. (Oh yes, just to add to your joy, my OS is in French, so the last is a translation.)

Now when I try to reinstall the printer driver, in safe mode, I think it's installed, but I think that the USB connection is not being found.

As you can see, I am in chaos. I can code in (simple) html, I can run up a HiJackIt log, I can usually fix most problems, both mine and those of others, but I know nothing of drivers, printers and USB sockets and USB root hubs (one of the messages suggested I check to it it there).

Please would someone help me? (I'd much rather not have to reinstall my system - I there is so much to saved/reinstall).

Maybe ... Read more

A:is it that printer driver won't install, or is it the usb drivers?

What is the general state of your USB devices? Do the ports work? Do other USB devices get deteccted and work when plugged in? How does USB look in Device manager?

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I am unable to install printer drivers!! Have tried three different printers.....NO LUCK!!!
Anybody have any ideas????


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I have a Toshiba Satellite with Windows 7 64bit. I have an older printer (HP Photosmart C5280) which I downloaded the updated drivers when I got the laptop. They would not install. There is a fatal error at the end of the installation every time. The error does not have a number associated with it. I eventually ordered the disk from HP and tried an install from it. Same results.The print spooler is constantly being turned on by the install program so that means its always off which doesn't seem right to me. I think something is keeping that service off and may be the cause of my problems. Although I could be completely wrong too. lol I have no other printers installed.I have scanned the laptop with Malwarebytes, SuperAntispyware, AVG, and Advanced System Care. Then tried installing the drivers again with the same results as before.I posted in another thread on this website I was instructed to uninstall Advance System Care and then run the following programs: Adware Cleaner, Security Check, and Junkware Removal Tool. The results are attached in the preceding link.Thanks for your help!Shannon

A:Printer drivers wont install

Are you trying to use the standard HP installer? I wouldn't do that because of the amount of bloated and useless software that it installs along with the printer driver. Try to find the .inf files in the setup files and let the Windows Found New Hardware Wizard install the driver. When the wizard asks for the location of the driver file, give it the location of the .inf files on the installation CD. I did that for my HP Deskjet F4580.

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I cannot install drivers for HP 4110 All-in-One printer. Been using printer for years. HP's

All-in-One Web Release Photo & Imaging 2.0 was installed [nw2_021_W02_enu.exe but did not work.

HP Full Solution rw2_021_w02_enu.exe did not work.

HP Basic Feature installation gc_ep_w01_enu.exe did not work.

Installed software with USB disconnected. Connecting USB [with printer on] does nothing.

Please advise.



A:Cannot install drivers for HP 4110 All-in-One printer

What were you doing when the printer stopped working? Are the drivers that you are installing coming from HP's website?

What is the exact model of the printer? Is the C4110, the 4110v, the 4110xi, or the regular 4110? Also, what operating system are you using? Windows XP, XP 64-bit, Vista, Vista 64-bit, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Win98, OS X, OS 9, or Linux? HP has a different driver for each combination.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16342 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6450, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 465 GB (343 GB Free);
Motherboard: LENOVO,
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

I am unable to install printer drivers. Have tried three different printers. NO LUCK!!

Anybody have any ideas?????

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Beat my head against the wall so decided to post because I finally have it working.
My setup:
Machine 1: Windows 7 64 bit
Machine 2: Windows Home Server WHS (or in your case any 32 bit Windows OS) with Canon Pixma MP780 printer

Can't install 64 bit drivers on machine 2 (under additional drivers) such that machines on the network can connect to this shared printer.
Canon only provides 64 bit drivers for fax and scanner and not printer on their website because the assumption is that a native driver is built into Win7 (64bit), which it is. The problem is that canon on both machines refers to this printer as two different names in the .inf file.

On the 32 bit side, it's called: "Canon MP780 Series Printer"
On the 64 bit native driver (that windows provides), it's called: "Canon Inkjet MP780 Series"

So, when I tried to connect to the network'd printer, it tried to look for it locally, on windows update and times out and fails (looking for the wrong name and therefore a mismatch).

Btw, I tried creating a local port on the 64 bit machine and gave it a UNC path to my WHS which works but after a reboot it doesn't so that's not "non techie" friendly and a pain in the neck.

Here's what I did:
Look for the driver under c:\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository\<for your printer>.

In my case, for the Pixma MP780, it was : prnca00l.inf_amd64_neutral_4049bfb7d4c077ab

In this folder, the file was: prnca001.inf (setup info... Read more

A:If Canon or printer manufacturer does not provide a 64bit driver

I can't sticky, but I can thank you on behalf of all that read and benefit from your thoughtfulness.

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I am currently experiencing slow performance on a Windows 7 RC 7100 laptop.

Specs: See My System Specs

I have run RadarSync and all drivers are up to date, however when I check the device manager, the following have exclamation marks;

- Mass Storage Controller
- PCI Simple Communications Controller
- Unknown Device

I am considering installing the Manufacturers Drivers for VISTA via "Troubleshoot Compatibility" mode as opposed to the Windows Supplied drivers.

A:Manufacturer VISTA drivers to fix performance issues.

I traced the problem to the fact that it was also slow in Windows XP. I suspect a hardware problem.

I am now running on a different laptop and it runs fine.

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while cleaning out my pc programs, I accidentally removed 'aueron terratec' drivers for my sound.
now that my pc has restarted and has no sound, I instantly tried to install sound drivers of course, and it tells me that it cannot find the drivers when I scan the folder C:\TerraTec\ for them.
I decided to check, just in case I somehow misread the brand[even though I'd never heard of terratec before so it'd be a huge coincidence], so I downloaded Belarec Advisor.
under multimedia, all I am told is

Unsupported Standard Game Port.

could anyone help me to actually have sound back on my PC? lol

A:[SOLVED] Cannot Find Drivers/Manufacturer of Soundcard

hi have a look through here http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en...+drivers&meta=

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So just a brief question. I am going to be reinstalling windows again, so I want to grab all the latest drivers while I am at it. Question is, should I take the drivers off the website of my motherboard manufacturer (ASUS), or from the actual chipset providers.

I have a last gen ASUS Socket 1155 P8Z77-V Deluxe motherboard, and many of the drivers ASUS provides for it seen out of date, e.g. the chipset driver they provide was updated in September 2012. Whereas Intel has some very current chipset drivers. Can I rely on ASUS to be providing the latest and up to date drivers which are relevant to my motherboard? Or can I use newer versions I find on the websites of the other vendors like Intel and Realtek?

For example I can get the 2012 driver from ASUS' website, or go to Intel's website and get the Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility), which I imagine is more likely to give me an up to date and appropriate driver.

Edit: Whoops this should have gone in the drivers section, my bad..Can someone move it please?

A:Should I use drivers from motherboard manufacturer, or chipset vendors

Hi there .. If its only the Chipset Driver you are after go to the Intel Website ...

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I am trying to setup an HP712C as my printer for computers at work, not networked. They use either Windows 2000 or NT. I downloaded the drivers for the printer, and also the Winzip utility but cannot get the file unzipped, and can't add the printer to the computers, one at a time. I have the four of them hooked up to a parallel switch. I don't have the disc for the printer, unfortunately. The same setup was done years ago for four other computers with the same switch and it works fine. Thanks for your help.

A:Solved: Install Printer/Drivers for HP 712C

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I have a new Epson Artisan 810 wireless printer. I have installed everything, all the drivers for scanning, faxing, etc., but the printer driver won't install. OS Vista premium home, SP2. Wireless works fine. Epson says it's the computer or the OS, and Gateway says they will try to help for $$.

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I have a perfectly good black laser printer, Canon Laser shot LBP-1120, Canon only supplies 32 bit driver for this machine and I have 64 bit how can I install it

A:how do I install printer in win 7 64bit with only 32bit drivers

I would give it a try. 32-bit software works on Windows 64-bit. I would think the printer would also.

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Is there a way to install the drivers for an HP Laserjet 1022n printer with the printer being connected to the computer or another computer on the same LAN?

The owner of our company uses PCanywhere (version 11) to connect from a PC at his home in California to a desktop PC in our office in the Chicago area. Both computers are running Windows XP Pro. His old HP printer died in California and was replaced with the Laserjet 1022n. The correct drivers were installed on that PC and the printer is working correctly.

In order to run programs remotely on the desktop in Chicago and print from them to the printer in California, the correct printer drivers need to also be installed in Chicago. The HP Laserjet 1022n does not show up in PCanywhere's "Add a printer" list of printers. The PCanywhere instructions say to download and install the drivers for any printers not in the list.

I downloaded the 368 MB driver package from the HP site here:

I was able to extract the driver installer package with no problems. When running the installer, I get to a point where it asks if the printer is connected locally or on a LAN. In either case it will not complete the installation until it finds the actual printer.

So, short of shipping the printer to Chicago, installing the drivers and shipping the printer back to California, how can install the 1022n drivers on t... Read more

A:Solved: Install HP 1022n drivers without printer attached?

Did some experimenting this afternoon.

1) Tried the HP driver installer again. I terminated it in Task Manager when it got to the screen asking for the printer connection type.

2) Restarted the PC

3) Started PCanywhere manager and went to "Add Printer". The 1022n and a few other HP 10xxx models showed up in the list of installed drivers. Selected the 1022n and installed it without any reported errors.

4) The 1022n showed up in Windows' Printer a Faxes control panel and it's port settings were for PCanywhere. I made it the default printer.

5) Keeping my fingers crossed for when the owner goes to California in the next couple of weeks and actually tries PCanywhere with his new printer.

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Arrrrrgh! New HP/Compaq Presario V6000 Notebook came loaded with Vista Home Premium. Once desktop opens, the dreaded message appears: "Spooler Subsystem App has stopped working." Tech support at HP/Compaq has not been able to start the Spooler & keep it started. When it is Off, no printer drivers can be downloaded (either from the Net, from a disc or from Vista's library of printer drivers. Bottom line: this computer cannot be hooked up to a printer. Arrrrrgh!

Something that might be a clue: NONE of the Services current Start-Stop; Manual/ Automatic/Disabled, setting can be changed. More accurately, when changes are attempted within Properties the attempt fails, either immediately or within a few seconds. In the case of starting the Printer Spooler, a small window opens saying that Windows is attempting to turn on the service and the bar begins to fill with green...but after a second or two, the bar stops filling and the window closes.

After not being able to solve the problem, HP's idea is to do a Recovery. Which I'd rather not. So, has anyone else encountered this problem and been able to come up with a fix? Arrrrrgh!

A:Printer Spooler Won't Start: Print Drivers Won't Install

Sounds like an errant setting within Windows itself. Short of changing every setting on the system, a System Restore will probably be the easiest fix available.

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(1) Two machines on the home network: (a) Win7 x64, (b) WinXP x86.

(2) Two printers connected locally via USB to Win7 machine: (a) Canon MF4370dn, (b) Canon S800.

Both printers are now installed successfully on the Win7 machine.

(3) The S800 was supported immediately by Win7 as soon as I plugged in the USB cable. Drivers were installed successfully, and there was no problem at all.

(4) In contrast, the MF4370dn was not installed successfully when I plugged in the USB cable. However I was able to download a Win7 x64 driver installer file from the Canon support site (MF4370-4380_MFDrivers_Win_x74_EN-8.exe).

Running this self-extracting EXE and then running the resulting SETUP.EXE didn't actually install the printer, but it did plant the proper drivers where Win7 could then find them.

I then unplugged the USB cable and re-plugged it, and this time the Win7 new device discovery repeated and WAS now able to locate the necessary x64 drivers (planted by the EXE I mentioned above) and now the installation of the MF4370 was completed successfully.

(5) Next, I wanted to "share" the two printers which were locally connected to the Win7 x64 machine, and make them accessible to the WinXP x86 machine for printing.

This is standard procedure, by using the "Additional Drivers" button on Printer Properties -> Sharing tab. You simply have to check the x86 radio button, push the OK button, and then navigate to where the INF file is located for the x86 dri... Read more

A:Trying to install x86 drivers for Canon S800 printer on x64 Win7

I did a bit more investigation on the Microsoft-provided driver file I'd been pointed to, named PRNCA00t.inf.

Using a program named WinMount, I examined the 32-bit Win7 installation DVD I have, examining INSTALL.WIM.

It looks like the proper driver file for this printer was the other file I'd found through Google... PRNCA00x.inf, not PRNCA00t.inf.

I'm guessing the PRNCA00t.inf file is for this printer but for a different environment (maybe for Vista instead of Win7?). I don't know why Microsoft support latched onto that file for me with that hardware id of S8001A09 for Win7. Anyway, PRNCA00t.inf was not on my 32-bit Win7 installation DVD.
So, just on a flyer, I copied that particular folder off of the 32-bit Win7 installation DVD, which looked like it was the official 32-bit Win7 installer for the S800... if I'd installed x86 Win7 instead of x64 Win7.

I then repeated my "Additional Drivers" process, pointing to this new folder.

Well, this time it gave me a totally different totally fatal error... rejecting this completely. Something about "cannot find driver for the proper architecture".

If this was the 32-bit Win7 driver, maybe that's not acceptable as the second driver for a printer where the 64-bit Win7 driver is already installed as the first driver. Maybe the second driver has to be for a completely different OS?
Anyway, this attempt to use the S800 driver folder from the 32-bit Win7 installation DVD has apparently also failed totally, ... Read more

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I have a XFX 5850 and i'm wondering, would the driver you download from the XFX site be different from the one on the ATI/AMD site? And is the software then driver comes with the same, IE:cat control center?

A:Are drivers from ATI (AMD) different from the manufacturer drivers?

they are the same
just when you buy the card and recieve the disk it is ussually the older drivers already because at the time that was the one used

If you buy a new gpu it is better recomended to just snag them from the site and update it all together

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Hi all,

After a clean install of Windows I noticed that when I right click My Computer and select properties, there is no manufacturer information as well as the logo. Under System in this window the first on the list is the system rating.
I tried going through the registry and in OEMInformation there is nothing there.

I have an Alienware M17X Laptop.

Help is much appreciated,


A:No manufacturer detected after clean install

Unless you use the Dell branded Win7 Reinstallation DVD you get no branding on your Properties page and have to activate using the Product Key on COA sticker. If you really miss having a company logo on that page then I'd contact Dell for Reinstallation media.

Steps for getting a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

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I have trouble installing a HP Color LaserJet 8550N printer (has JetDirect Printer Server 600N with IP address of to my XPpro PC.
I was stuck when Add Printer Wizard ask me to “specific a Printer”. I selected “Browse for a printer” and came up with nothing (no printer). I tried selecting “Connect to this printer” but I do not know what name to type in (Example is \\server\\printer). I tried selecting “Connect to a printer on the Internet or on a home or office network” but I do not what URL to type in (Example is http://server/printer/myprinter/printer). Therefore, I cancelled the installation.
I had then installed its Printer Utility. The utility is capable of finding the printer and showing me it’s Properties. However, I still ended up with no printer listed to use in Printers and Faxes.
So, XPpro is a step backward in this case.
I could install this printer with printer server on W98/ME because their Add Printer Wizards allow me to use either the IP address or the hardware address to locate the printer server.
I hope I have described my problem well. Please help!


A:Can not install a HP LJ C8550N printer (with Printer Server card) to Windows XPpro

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I have trouble installing a HP Color LaserJet 8550N printer (has JetDirect Printer Server 600N with IP address of to my XPpro PC.
I was stuck when Add Printer Wizard ask me to “specific a Printer”. I selected “Browse for a printer” and came up with nothing (no printer). I tried selecting “Connect to this printer” but I do not know what name to type in (Example is \\server\\printer). I tried selecting “Connect to a printer on the Internet or on a home or office network” but I do not what URL to type in (Example is http://server/printer/myprinter/printer). Therefore, I cancelled the installation.
I had then installed its Printer Utility. The utility is capable of finding the printer and showing me it’s Properties. However, I still ended up with no printer listed to use in Printers and Faxes.
So, XPpro is a step backward in this case.
I could install this printer with printer server on W98/ME because their Add Printer Wizards allow me to use either the IP address or the hardware address to locate the printer server.
I hope I have described my problem well. Please help!


A:Can not install a HP LJ C8550N printer (with Printer Server card) to Windows XPpro

Double post.
Sorry Randy, its against the rules of the forum to double post the same problem in different forums. It makes resolution and follow ups too hard for many......

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I have the drivers Win 7 X64 for this card (Prof Tuner 7230 DVB-S2 PCI) from the manufacturers site. What I don’t understand is how to install them. I see what they are saying about directing the driver to the device as below and installing manually (guide is for XP):

Installation of Drivers Prof Revolution 7301 DVB-S2 PCI

CH products game port isn't listed under manufacturers in window 7 x64, how do I proceed? Can I add this manually as an update in Windows 7

was also wondering if there is much difference in a PCI and a PCI-E DVB-S2 card (performance wise)?

A:Manual driver install – manufacturer not listed

Hi P4cm4n, welcome to the forums.
Have you tried to have Windows 7 look for the drivers? It usually does a good job on that.
There is an option to update the list of devices once you get to that screen, have you tried that?

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 I need to download and install drivers to a Latitude E6430 Windows 7 64-bit laptop without anykind of network/modem/wireless drivers. To be clear, I actually don't want wireless/network/modem drivers on the machine, but I'd like to update the video drivers, bios drivers, etc etc (everything but internet drivers basically). (I want this to be my offline laptop to avoid internet distractions)

However, when I go to download drivers from the website, it basically says the drivers will (A) automatically install and (B) when I tried to download anyway hoping I could just move them with my external hard drive it basically downloaded a Dell System Detect Launcher. How do I get the drivers piecemeal, put them on my external hard drive, and then install them on my offline Dell Laptop?

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I am trying to install some widcomm bluetooth drivers but everytime I plug in the usb adapter windows install it's own drivers. I tried manually updating the drivers from device manager but it doesn't allow it.
Is ther a way to stop windows from installing the drivers to begin with?

A:Trying to install widcomm drivers. Getting overrun by windows drivers

First. Do not connect the usb device.

Install the drivers for the device, and only connect the device when either prompted to do so, or after the installation is complete.

Regards Howard

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HI, I just installed windows 2000 professional onto my computer. Everything works fine except that the resolution is really grainy. On some web sites I cannot even make out what the words are. I found out that when I go into my monitor settings in display properties I am unable to install the drivers for my monitor. Does anybody know a way in which I can get around this.

A:monitor drivers unable to install on fresh windows 2000 install

Are you really referring to the monitor drivers or the Dispay Adapter drivers?The symptoms you describe sound like the latter issue.

Monitor drivers are no big deal to install, and even if you don't, Windows should use compatible plug and play drivers. Still it's a good idea to install them -- but you get them from the Monitor vendor site. You get the Display Adapter drivers from the Display Adaptor vendor's site.

What Display Adapter model do you have? And are they properly installed?

To install a Monitor driver, you download and unzip the .inf file from the Vendor. Then you select "update driver" and browse to the location of the file you unzipped. Once installed your Monitor should be recognized by model number.

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Greetings again!!! A client of mine (I remodeled her house) gave me a great Multi Function Center- Fax, printer,copier, scanner- Brother- MFC 7150C to be specific. She lost the install disc. I went to Brother.com and found the model number and the drivers however it says that I have to first install Visioneer Paper Port first from the CD-ROM disc. Now, isn't that convienent! I did a search for that it is associated with lots of programs and machines. I downloaded one, that was associated with "DocuShare". Kind of at a loss. Does anyone know if this a free download I can get? And what is it anyway?

Thanks ahead.

A:"Visioneer Paper Port" Needed to install Printer Drivers

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I purchased a Toshiba Satellite C50 loaded with windows 8 but want to revert to windows 7.

I have downloaded the necessary drivers and have mounted the .exe files onto a USB pen for installation.

Before I proceed to wipe windows 8 I'd like to know - if I install 7, will my trackpad stop functioning?

If so, how do I install the relevant drivers from the USB pen?

Thanks, John

A:Clean install of windows 7 - how to install drivers from USB memory stick?

99.9% sure that W7 will identify the trackpad and install it. You just run the exe's using file explorer or Start >Run then browse. You may decide to leave the laptop as the W7 install left it but you should check Device Manager to ensure there are no unrecognised devices

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