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Headphones work or USB speakers work but only if I change to default

Q: Headphones work or USB speakers work but only if I change to default

Until recently I was able to unplug my headphones from the front input and my USB speakers would activate. So whenever I wanted to hear my USB satellite speakers that are plugged into a USB port on the back of my HP desktop, I would simply unplug my headphones.

Now, I have to manually go into the speaker panel and select whichever one I want in order for sound to be heard.

If sound is playing through the USB speakers and I set the headphone to default, if I close my Firefox browser and then re-open it, sound will be playing through the headset. Likewise the same in reverse.

I don't know what happened to force me to use the speaker panel to change which one I wanted. Before plugging in the headphones would just override the USB speakers and cancel them.

Any ideas what I may have done?

Preferred Solution: Headphones work or USB speakers work but only if I change to default

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Headphones work or USB speakers work but only if I change to default

How does the sound work, if you do not use Firefox. Boot the PC but do not open Firefox. What device is set as default? (should be the USB device). Play a sound file on the PC with a media player (e.g. Windows Media Player) and confirm you are getting sound through the USB device. Then plug in the headphones and see if it automatically switches.

If it isn't working properly, without Firefox, then uninstall/reinstall the sound devices starting with the USB device (Uninstall in the Device Manager, but DO NOT uninstall any drivers, then restart the PC and let Windows reinstall the device).

If it works OK, without Firefox but still does not work correctly with Firefox that makes Firefox or whatever sound add on is being used in Firefox the suspect.

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I decided to update my audio drive so i went to the Lenovo website and installed the windows 10 (64 bit) driver, after restarting I noticed that there was no volume at all, i tried the Windows 8.1 driver and now only my headphones work. I also noticed in playback devices only the speakers are listed even when headphone are plugged in.

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About 3 days ago my speakers quit working. I have connections for headphones on the front of my computer (XPS-600, Windows XP, SP2) and sound card connections on the back. When I connect headphones to the jacks in the front of the computer I can hear sound, but I can't get anything to come out of the spekers, which are connected to the sound card jacks on the back of the computer. Any ideas on how I can get sound back from my speakers?


A:Headphones Work, But Not Speakers


Have you tried the speakers on another system? It sounds like the speakers are damaged.

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Hey, around 10 minutes ago I was messing around with my audio settings trying to get the +20DB settings to work on my microphone (failed). I then think that restarting my system will help, so I power down and reboot. However when windows loads again the start-up music will play, then cut out almost instantaneously.

If I was to play a song then it would work through my headphones but not my speakers. All settings seem to be correct in Audio porperties.

Any ideas?


A:Headphones Work; Speakers Do Not

In most cases, it is a matter of updating your system drivers (found at your Manufacture's support site)

In some cases it is a Virus\Spyware infection that must be removed

Have a look at:

Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions

For further help:

Please put your System Specs information in your Profile

If you have a brand name computer (like Dell; HP; or other) please place the Computer name & Model number in your Mobo field of your Profile

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My orgainization uses HP almost exclusively and while the Folio 9470's were rockstars the 9480's not so much.  I have had this particluar issue now with 3 different devices.  One of those has already been sent back to HP for "repair".  That "repair" supposedly included "extensive testing" but when I got the device back headphone still wouldn't work.  Not until I updated the bios that is.  So here we are again with this device where if you use the built in speaker the sound works great.  When you plug in a known good working headset you have no sound at all.  Sending the device back to HP support might be the only answer but before I inconvience this executive again with that I wanted to find out if anyone else had found a solution for this.

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I have quite an odd problem which I am stuck with. For some reason my laptop doesn't play any kind of sound out of the laptop speakers but works fine when I use heaphones. I have checked all the speaker settings and I can't figure out how it's happened. If I click on the sound icon whilst playing a song in itunes it shows the audio is being played, it just doesnt play through the speakers.

Any ideas or suggestions would be really helpful because i havent got a clue!


A:Headphones work but speakers don't!

Hi Now you try control panel/sound/speakers/properties/advanced/restore defaults


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I am running Win7 64 bit with an ATI high def audio device and an IDT high def audio CODEC. After plugging my headphones to my USB port and then REMOVING the headphones all my audio players (WMP, WinAmp etc) continue to attempt to use the USB instead of switching back to my external speakers. The USB port appears to be HUNG. What can I do to resolve this?


A:USB headphones work but not speakers

I forgot.. I'm running on an HP Pavilion dv5 laptop. AND my speakers are working all the while the audio is 'hung'
on the USB post.. you can 'click' the audio level adjuster and get the proper 'click' all the while, but the audio
output devices all are 'directed' towards the USB PORTS.


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I have a problem with my computer. I am running xp and my headphones which use a USB work fine, but my speakers that use the onboard jacks do not work. They dont work in either the front or back of the computer. The speakers have power, they work on other computers, they have a usb and a jack that you plug in to make work. I tried other headphones that plug into the jacks and they do not work. can someone please help me?

A:Headphones work but speakers do not

Did they ever work on this system? If so, what is new or different since the last time they worked properly (ie, new hw, new sw, virus, error, etc)?

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I have a laptop - Asus GL551JW-DS71.

My speakers work fine but when I plug in my headphones, I can't hear any sound from the headphones. The headphones do work as I use them for my desktop.

I have tried updating the sound drivers from the device manager.
I have tried removing the drivers and redownloading the audio drivers from Acers website.
I have tried 'installing' audio driver with the default windows 10 audio driver instead of the realtek one.
I have tried adjusting the sample rate in the advanced properties tab.

What can I do to get sound working in my headphones again and not just the speakers.

A:No sound from headphones but speakers work.

Originally Posted by Favirs


I have a laptop - Asus GL551JW-DS71.

My speakers work fine but when I plug in my headphones, I can't hear any sound from the headphones. The headphones do work as I use them for my desktop.

I have tried updating the sound drivers from the device manager.
I have tried removing the drivers and redownloading the audio drivers from Acers website.
I have tried 'installing' audio driver with the default windows 10 audio driver instead of the realtek one.
I have tried adjusting the sample rate in the advanced properties tab.

What can I do to get sound working in my headphones again and not just the speakers.

Hi, what sort of headphones are they? Plain ordinary analogue.. USB..?
Do they require a driver? If so, is it installed ok?

There are several threads about headphone issues on this forum, so suggest you also try searching the forum for 'headphones'. May give you a clue.

Audio Issues - Quiet no detection of headphones - Windows 10 Forums
Solved Cannot connect to bluetooth headphones after upgrade to Win10 - Windows 10 Forums

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Good morning.

I am running Windows 8.1 with 8gb of ram, Time Warner internet at 50mbps (speed tested before I posted). 2gb video Nvidia card. Using on board sound (no extra sound card)

Last night, I could only get sound on my speakers whenever I plugged in my headphones. Today, none of my videos will play (Netffix, YouTube, MP3's on Windows Media Player).

When I check my sound settings , the headphones and speakers are constantly switching back and forth as the default device, even when the headphones are not plugged in.

I updated Flash Player and ran virus scans from both of my anti virus programs (MalwareBytes and AVG 2015). I updated all of my drivers that I could (none needed updating).

Any idea how I can fix this? I'm out of ideas.

Thanks everyone!

A:My speakers only work when the headphones are plugged in

Have you tried the Troubleshooter in Control Panel?

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I just bought some headphones so I can listen to music or DVDs my compter but I'm getting no sound.

Has anyone had this problem before?

A:Speakers work fine but headphones don't?

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No sound comes from my speakers. I can only hear sound through my headphones. What could be possibly wrong?

A:My Computer Speakers do not work even though my headphones do.

Different jack sockets?

Maybe have a look in your audio control panel see if there is a tick in the mute box or the levels pulled down for the main speaker.

Double click speaker icon in the tray or goto control panel - sounds and audio devices maybe

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Hi, I have an HP Pavilion Slimline and everything was fine prior to a move 3 weeks ago. Now I get sound from my headphones but nothing from my speakers, I tried not only the speakers I used before, but a set I had hooked to a TV and nada, Both work well attached to my lap top. I bought a set of wireless speakers from Circuit city and still nothing.

I have run every diagnostic test I can find and everything says my puter is operating at 100%. I uninstalled and reinstalled RealTec and no difference.

Sure hope someone can help, as I think this is a silly reason to have to purchase a new puter, especially since this one is only a little over a year old.

Oh, the only thing different is that I switched from FIOS to Cox cable when I moved.
Thxs for the help ( He says hopefully)


A:headphones work but external speakers don't

Are you testing the headphones in the same output as the speakers? I'd guess not, which would indicate that output is faulty.

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Like the title says.
-Laptop speakers suddenly stop working one day after I turn on my computer from sleep mode, it's been about 1-2 months now and they're still not working
-Of course I've restarted/shut down/hibernated/sleep'd my computer many times since then
-I can plug in headphones and external speakers and they work just fine
-My audio driver is enabled/up to date and works fine (obviously since I can use headphones)
-The speakers AREN'T broken, proof is that my computer has a little startup "Republic of Gamers" logo with an explosion sound, and it plays just fine through the speakers
-There was an incident about a few days before this happened: ASUS laptops are known to do this, where they short circuit and shut down if you accidentally touch a headphone plug into the USB port. I'm not sure if this contributed, since my speakers worked fine afterward

A:Laptop speakers don't work, headphones do

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Ever since last night, my internal speakers will only work if something is plugged into the headphone jack, be it headphones or external speakers. This happened right after I unplugged some external speakers.

In control panel, it says headphones are plugged in when they are not and that they are not plugged in when they are. Sound comes through both the speakers and the headphones when headphones are plugged in.

Oddly enough, Skype login sounds still play. Windows startup sounds and all other media, videos, etc doesn't work without the headphones however.

I have tried updating the sound card driver using the automatic detection program from the AMD website. Then I tried updating the sound card driver via the HP website. Then I tried a system restore. Nothing has worked so far.

Help please?

A:Speakers only work with headphones plugged in

Try an uninstall/reinstall of the sound. Go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for your sound device and the LEFT click "uninstall". DO NOT check the box to also uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. This fixes a lot of flakey problems and if you are lucky will take care of yours.

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I'm running Win 7 Pro. After installing the Realtek High Definition Audio update, my speakers work fine, but my headphones don't . Say's headphones are not plugged in. Apparently this was a problem in Vista as well. Anyone know a solution? Thanks.

A:Speakers work fine but Headphones don't

Check the internal cabling between the front panel headphone/mic jacks and the motherboard connection for the HD front panel audio. Reseat the cable(s) (unplug then plug back in) at the motherboard end and at the front panel end.

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Hi any advice here would be helpful.

I have a Inspiron 15 5555 laptop which was purchased in March this year. Everything was running okay on it apart from the Graphics card which kept crashing but thats a whole different story. my issue is with the sound. a few days ago i turned my laptop on and it told me i had a device plugged in and was highlighting the headphones. Now i can't get sound from the speakers.i've plugged in and unplugged the headphones and nothing will happen. I ran a diagnostic F12 test and i could heard the bleeps from the speakers. I've uninstalled drivers and reinstalled them. Updated all windows 10 updates and windows diagnosis but still nothing so now i'm at my wits end.Any advice would be much appreciated. 

A:No sound from speakers but headphones work!

naomio_5it told me i had a device plugged in and was highlighting the headphones.
It seems that the computer is falsely sensing that there is a plug in the headphone jack, which could mean that the sensor has failed. See the Headphone Jack FAQ.
Another test you could try is to switch between the Realtek audio driver and the Windows native driver. If the speakers don't work with either driver, that's a good sign of a hardware defect.
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked [but SEE NOTE].7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, sometimes you have to restart, sometimes not.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]
NOTE: if you have a 2-in-1 model and do not see a "High Definition Audio" option after step 6, then uncheck "Show compatible hardware". Then in... Read more

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I recently upgraded to windows 8 pro 32 bit.
For a month there were no problems.
But one sunday afternoon i was watching some movie on my laptop and suddenly the speakers stopped working.
I restarted it, but to no avail.
However my headphones still work, and so do external speakers work.

I tried reinstalling audio drivers frm the mfg's website-Didn't help.
I tried System restore to a point where i knew my speakers were working-Didn't help.
I even tried refreshing windows 8-Didn't help.

After almost a week now my speakers still do not work and only my headphones work.
If somebody have any solution to it kindly do help.

I recently updated Nvidia Graphics Drivers in order to play COD BO2
If it has any relevance to my problem.
Thank You all in advance

A:My Headphones will work but speakers wont.

Check the Sound/Playback panel. Your "speakers" should be set as the default playback device.

I have a Z560 but it has Intel, not NVIDIA graphics.

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I have a dell inspiron 1545 laptop. My warranty just expired and my speakers stopped working. when i diagnose them on my computer it says everything is fine. Ive reinstalled my drivers and there isnt anything wrong in the device manager. if i plug in my headphones i can hear. Please tell me this is something i can fix! thanks so much!

A:Speakers wont work but headphones do

how do the headphones attach - are they USB..??

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Audio from speakers only works if a headphone is plugged in. Sound is heard in speakers and headphones. Windows insists on installing it's own driver.

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Hi, i bought a laptop yesterday and today when i pluggin my headphones
speakers and headphones both will work at the same time.
What do i do i have reatek hd audio
please help

A:Headphones and Speakers will work at same time.help!

This might help explain it. AC'97 and HD audio front panel layouts

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Hi all, I'm having some audio issues with my brand new OMEN 17. In the middle of listening to some music on youtube, the sound slowly starting getting lower and lower. 10-15 seconds later I could barely hear anything.When I put headphones in, there is no issue with the sound. I went through all the troubleshooting, did diagnostics, re-installed the drivers from within the recovery manager, and also downloaded and installed the latest from the HP site. The issue keeps re-occuring. I'll restart the laptop and the sound will be fine for a couple of minutes. Then it starts getting quieter and then gone. (even if I close Chrome and re-open, I'll get normal sound volume for about 10 seconds before it goes)Ive tried different websites, video games, etc. Same for all. Any idea what this might be? Faulty speakers?The machine is 2 days old.... One thing that's interesting is that after the sound is gone, if I click to go forward on a song, I'll hear the sound at a regular volume for about 0.2 of a second. Just a brief sound spike before it goes quiet. Would appreciate any help.  

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Trued the audio troubleshooting. Went througj the hp guide onlineUpdates biosDid uefi hardware check which confirmed the audio works sovits a software issueI used to be able to set it as the defauky device and switch it when i would take headphones outBut it no longer gives me that option and its very frusteratingIve tried uunnstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers nothing is workingPlease help!

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Ok i have a dell latitude c400 laptop

When i go to device manager and check sound ,video and game controllers and press the + sign the following things come down


I did the basic things going to audio control and un-mute everything and put it on full and then checked my laptop for volume button there was none except for a keyboard command to adjust volume i set it to high.

There is nothing wrong with the sound card (no yellow exlamation mark)

Speakers worked till 2 weeks ago (System restore is not a option)

Im working on a windows xp pro (No driver Cd and not a funtional CD DRIVE on the laptp anyway)
The speakers seem to work when i enter system restore it makes a loud beep noise so im guessing the speakers are still working?


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HP620 laptop running windows 7 32bit Home Premium
Plugged in headphones for an hour. When I removed them the laptop speakers no longer function.
Checked volume and mute.
Checked playback device area and laptop speakers are enabled and indicated as functioning. Only headphones work.
Deleted Audio card from Device manager and rebooted.
Windows found latest driver and reinstalled.
Same problem, sound in headphones only.....not in laptop speakers.
I restored system to point 2 weeks ago and still no sound.
Could really use some help here

A:HP620 No sound from speakers only headphones work

Welcome to Seven Forums NJTeddy. Generally the way the headphone jack works is there is basically a switch inside the headphone jack that shitches off the speakers when the headphones are plugged in. This switch may be stuck. I would try playing some audio you can hear on the headphones, then slide the headphone jack in and out slowly, see if you get any audio through the speakers at all. it may just be plugging and unplugging a few times will fix it. A Guy

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I have at least 2 T460p's in our fleet that are having sound issues. Sound works through the head phones, however when the headphones are unplugged, no sound comes through the speakers. Win10 (1803) is switching between the two audio devices and levels are displaying as if Windows thinks the sound is playing, but nothing comes out.  I have done the following:* uninstalled audio drivers and updated to the latets.* ran Lenovo updates and have the latest BIOS and Intel drivers. Has anyone experienced this and does anyone have a fix?


Go to Solution.

A:T460p no sound through speakers but headphones work!

I fixed this myself, was the Lenovo Hotkey Issue. Pressed F1 to turn the orange light out, then unmuted in Windows 10.

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I'll try to explain this as best as I can. I have a Compaq 8510w Workstation Laptop, and I am trying to get the internal Laptop speakers and some external speakers to work and both make sound at the same time. I have a secondary monitor that has speakers, and it's speakers connect through the headphone jack. So I would like to use the secondary monitor's external speakers, but I would also like the internal speakers in the laptop to work as well, to kinda make some version of surround sound, and just to generally boost the volume of my system. Is there a hardware or software change that I can make to make this work? I have a microphone and headphone jack in the front of the laptop, and in the back I have a green and blue jack. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you need more information I"d be more than happy to help in any way, thank you,

A:Would like for BOTH Headphones and Internal Speakers to work at same time

Is there a way to tell if this is the cause of the problem? I messed around with all of my audio options, tried upgrading the driver, I've hooked the external speakers into every port available, and i reinstalled the monitor software thinking that maybe they had an application for it. I don't know what else my options are, but I find it weird that there isn't some kind of work around or registry change that can be made. Thank you once again for any help,

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I have speakers plugged into the back panel. I plugged a new pair of headphones into the front panel and they worked fine. I unplugged them, and the speakers no longer work, even though everything shows them as working. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Realtek drivers, now only one side of the headphones work. Any idea if this can be fixed, or do I need to buy a new computer now? Motherboard is asus sabertooth.

A:plugged in headphones, speakers no longer work

Welcome to our forum realtekproblem.

Try this.

Go to the little speaker lower right corner and right tick on it.
Select Playback Devices.
Choose what you want as a Playback device by right ticking on it and select Set as default device.
After selecting your device right tick on it again and select (test) it should play.

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So Recently I got a new computer its an Acer. It only has one jack for headphones and microphones and usually when I plug one in it works fine and asks me to clarify which I'd like to use. I switch between headphones and microphone a lot so its a very useful tool for me. Though recently when I plug it in it no longer gives me the option to choose and no sound plays from the headphones and it instead plays from the speakers whether its plugged in or not. It also dims the sound a bit when they're plugged in so I think it decided I was mainly/only going to use microphone and set it to a mic one regardless of what's plugged in. I'm not very tech savvy but I tried my best to fix it. I tried other headsets, It is the same. I tried half plugging it in or fiddling with it, Its the same. I tried going into the sound playback list and seeing if it was disabled and it is not, It does not even show headphones as an option though it does show 'speaker's. I tried messing around in those settings and restoring them to default and nothing worked. I also tried going to the mic settings. For the mic settings there is two different options, 'microphone' which I assume is the one I usually plug in (since I can just plug my mic in and it works now) and stereo mix. I'v tried disabling the mic and enabling stereo mix and vise verse and tried restoring to default and tried making it forget about the mic and putting it back on and nothing is working and I really would like to use my headset since I l... Read more

A:No sound coming from headphones but speakers work

Try a reinstall and see if it fixes the problem. Go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for your sound device (Could be Realtek, Conexant, etc) and then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. This fixes a lot of corruptions and may fix your problem.

In reference to the Stereo Mix, that should be set as the default Recording device. Then if you use the mic it will be heard, or if you want to record audio from the Internet you must have the Stereo Mix.

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Hi! I have HP Probook4540s - Intel i5 - 3210M  &  8GB Ram.This issue is with the audio. The speakers don't work until I plugged in the headphones into the jack, and the funny thing is, after plugging in, the headphones don't work only speakers do. This is an old issue. I think its an operating system issue, It would be solved after reinstalling it, but the problem is still there. I tried every possible solution available on the internet. I don't know how I got this issue. When I update my BIOS from Version:F.60 A  to Version:F.61 Rev.A , after that I start getting this issue. I am not sure if it's a BIOS issue.Please help....

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This is a pernicious little issue. I'm operating a Dell XPS 15 9550, using Windows 10, and my audio worked with no issues as recently as earlier today. At one point today, however, my device bluescreened and (I believe, but it's a little hard to remember at this point) partially installed an update upon booting back up. After this, audio did not work at all, but through uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, I got the speakers to work again.
But it was only the speakers that worked again. When I plug in headphones, the system recognizes that a device has been plugged in, and does change the volume to the headphone volume, and does stop playing sound through the speakers as normal when the headphones are plugged in... but it just doesn't play any sound through the headphones. The system itself indicates that sound is being played whenever it should be, but no sound comes through the headphones.
The only differences between my audio situation then and now are that it doesn't automatically detect which type of device I've placed into the 3.5mm jack and now brings up the prompt asking which type of device was placed in, and that it doesn't play sound through the headphones.
I've tried several different solutions, too. I've tried two different pairs of headphones/earbuds, and made sure that both function on other devices (they do), I've tried updating and reinstalling all of my drivers, I've tried switching between the Realtek drivers and th... Read more

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.... yet it all works fine on my Arch Linux installation.

Anyone have any ideas? I thought it was because my headset was effed up, but it turns out that all kinds of headphones just don't work with it. I can't really comprehend the problem because my laptop's built in speakers (which use the same device) WORK PERFECTLY FINE! All settings are default as usual, I tried reinstalling the Realtek driver, restarted many times, etc. No dice.


A:Laptop speakers work, headphones of all kinds don't.

Headphone jack busted?

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I have a wired problem with realtek hd r237 windows 7 drivers:

I don't have any sound on laptop's internal speakers but i can hear in headphones.In PLAYBACK DEVICES headphones are detected as speakers and when i unplug them sound automatically turns to SPDIF- no sound on internal speakers.

If a make a sound test (with headphones pluged in) whith Quadraphonic selection i can hear FL in my left headphone ,FR in my right headphone,RL in left internal speaker and RR in right internal speaker.

This is really frustrating ..help!!

A:Realtek hd problem..headphones work as speakers..

Can you set the default device to your speakers when your headphones are not plugged in?

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I've got no sound through my internal laptop speakers what so ever but
when I plug in headphones or my surround system, there is sound.
There also is a red light burning in the audio input where my headphone goes in.
I think my laptop thinks the headphones are still plugged in?

Anyone any idea how I can fix this?

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Hi all,
Probably a usual post, but can't seem to find the answer anywhere! I have got a Tecra M5 running on Windows 7 and the sound was working perfectly until recently I linked up my laptop to my tv and connected an audio jack to transfer sound to the tv so I could stream a football game.

After I had finished and un plugged the cables, the sound refuses to play through the laptop speakers, but when i plug in headphones, the sound comes out fine. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling the sound driver but to no avail.

Can someone please help resolve this issue?

Many thanks,

Sunny nagra

A:Re: Sound not working through Tecra M5 speakers but work through headphones

I hope you must be clear that on this virtual way we can just speculate what the problem can be.
My first thought was that maybe small switcher placed in audio line out jack is pinched or blocked somehow and your notebook ?thinks? external audio jack is connected all the time.

What you can do is to check all sound settings and be sure everything is set to ?default? settings.

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I'm using the  Yoga 2.  My sound wasn't working well so I figured I'd try to use it with a headphones. After using it with headphones, now the sound doesn't work at all through the speakers.  Any clue what can be causing this?  I'm using Windows 10. Thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone,

I have Sony Vaio CW26. Yesterday Sound stopped working from Speaker, it's still working from headphones. I tried to restore the system but the farther point I found was done 3 hours ago......

anyway, I found out too that the USB port ( which is next to the audio output) is not working too.

I checked the Device Manager and nothing is wrong, any ideas?


A:Sound won't work form Speakers but works in headphones

Hi Ezom and welcome to SF!
That is most likely no driver problem. The way you described it makes me think it's a hardware issue.
Inside the headphone jack is a "micro switch that cuts the connection to the build in speakers as soon as anything is plugged in there. Sometimes those switches get stuck (especially if one uses headphone jacks that are slightly thicker than 3.5mm.
You could try plug/unplug the headphones (or a similar plug) several times to "unstuck" the switch


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I recently reinstalled my laptop with a fresh copy of Windows xp pro. After the installation all drivers where correctly installed but i got no sound.

When i put my headset in i can hear a very low sound.

Tried almost everything posted on forums but no luck.

Anyone got any solution

Kind regards

A:Tecra A8 PTA83E - sound through the speakers but headphones work

>When i put my headset in i can hear a very low sound.
This would mean that the driver is ok and possibly the sound volume needs to be increased?

Go to:
1) Control Panel -> Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices section
2) Choose Sounds and Audio Devices
3) Now Sounds and Audio Devices panel will appear.
4) In the Sound Playback section click on the Volume
5) In Volume Control panel set all controls to max volume (up)

If it does not help check this Toshiba FAQ:

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I'm getting only minimal sound from the internal speakers of my Latitude E6420. The volume is very low, even though it's set to the highest level. Also, the sound is tinny. It's similar to what you hear from headphones at a distance, like when someone near you is listening to headphones at a high volume, or if you take off your headphones while the audio is still playing.

Whenever I listen with headphones, the sound is great, but with the internal speakers the audio is practically nonexistent.

I've set the internal speakers as my default speakers, I've adjusted the loudness equalization, and I've reinstalled the audio drivers. I've even tried wiggling a toothpick inside the speaker jack, but nothing has resolved this issue.

Can anyone help?


A:Very low and tinny volume from internal speakers, but headphones work

Are you using the IDT driver from Dell? If not, here is the link to the Win 7 64 bit driver
Product Support | Dell US

Could be the speaker connection is bad (need reseated?). The speakers are connected by a plug in connector according to what I find in the Dell manual. That would be my "best guess" as the problem. Reseating the connector (unplug then plug back in) would be a good first start. Looks sort of complicated though.
Here is the Dell manual and it details how to access it.

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I have an HP elitebook 2530p running windows 7 professional 32 bit

Today the speakers just stopped working all together in the middle of a chess match on chess.com while using google chrome. It has done this in the past on that particular site. Alwasy comes back. Today though when I went to go watch a youtube video didnt' work. I restarted my computer sound was fine for about 10 minutes. Since it finally died I have not been able to get any sound of my speakers at all. Headphones work just fine.

I have gone to HP.com and downloaded the latest audio driver which installs something called soundmax. Does nothing. I have also per instructions on a post here gone and downloaded the realtek driver. I have installed that twice since I seen another poster said he needed to install it twice for the .exe version to work over the zip version. I have also gone to HP and downloaded the latest BIOS version. Said I had the latest and didnt need to installed anyways. I have gone into the control panel and made sure my speakers are the default selection. I don;t know what else to do. And now after this latest restart after going into my device manager and right clicking on the SoundMax and choosing uninstall I now have a "red x" over my speaker icon in the tray that has never been there. When I go to the device manager and click on sounds, video & game controllers the only selection I have to choose is High Definition Audio Device. However when I go in... Read more

A:Headphones work laptop speakers dont--my fix-it attempts so far

Sorry forgot to mention I have also done numerous virus checks today thinking this for surely had to be a virus. I downloaded and installed and scanned today with:

windowscomplete care
trend micro

None of these complete system scans have found anything at all

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Hello Community, My THinkpad T410, Type 2912-45G, Windows 7 (64bit) has a problem with the speakers. Starting last monday (June 25th) my speakers stop working. When I boot the TP you can hear a static click through the speakers and it plays the windows sound for one second only. After the second you can hear another static click and the speaker stops working. Thats pretty much the way it is with all other audio content, when the TP is booted. After pressing the Mute-Button or the volume-up or volume-down buttons the speakers will resume working for a second or so (still the static click, right before this second and afterward). When I plug in my Headpones everything works fine. When I unplug my headphones, speakers do work again for another second. I allready updated my BIOS, installed and uninstalled the driver, activated the sound-card (CONEXANT 20585 HD AUDIO), tried to update the driver. But nothing worked so far. I allready checked whether the switch in the headphone jack is stuck, but I couldn't find anything. Did anyone experience the same or a similar problem? As the speakers do work for the mentioned second I assume, that the Hardware should be fine. As the headphones work properly the sound-card should be detected and istalled correctly. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out on this. Sending the TP in (it is still whitin warranty) is going to be my last option since I need the TP for work. Thank you very much.... Read more

A:T410s internal speakers fade out after a second, headphones work just fine

Hi thecez, Sorry to say that but it sounds like hardware issue. Please try BIOS and power management driver as well. If problem remain, please contact local lenovo when your machine is avaliable for inspection.Worldwide Support Center phone list for ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation systemshttp://support.lenovo.com/en_US/research/detail.page?DocID=HT036550Fred

T61 + X201i

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Hi all,

I just bought an old Toshiba A210 laptop and I'm dealing with a couple of (minor) problems. As the title says, I've tried every conceivable control, I can't get any sound from the speakers. No hissing sound, nothing, completely silent. Headphones work fine though.

I checked device manager and drivers, it's a Realtek driver, I went to Toshiba and saw that I have the latest driver for Win 7.

Any ideas what kind of problem this is? hardware probably?

This laptop had Win 7 Ultimate installed over Vista.

I probably need to try some nice USB speakers anyway though


A:Sound card problem - headphones work, notebook speakers don't

Considering its a used laptop, it wouldn't surprise me that one of the reasons it was being sold is the speaker problem.

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Good Evening Friends,

I have had this problem for a long while now but essentially I am forced to use a headphone setup for my desktop but would really like to use external speakers instead of this current set up. What is confusing me is that these external speakers worked for a good long while then stopped working suddenly. Furthermore I switched monitors to a HP w2207 and was wondering if that had anything to do with it. I have updated Realtek to the current drivers and the premise remains the same. Any help would be much appreciated.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHZ
RAM: 4.00 GB Ram
System Type: 64 bit Operating system Windows 7

A:Sound Plays in Headphones in front jack but ext speakers do not work

Right click the small speaker in the lower right corner of your task bar. Click Playback devices. Is there a device shown with a green checkmark? Post an image of that window, if you can. (Use Windows Snipping Tool then attach the image using the Paperclip icon in the message text header.)

Forgot to mention: When you plug headphones into the front jack, the default action is to turn off the external speakers so that Windows action is normal.

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I'm using Windows 7. The computer speakers work, but when I insert known good headphones into the audio jack, the computer speakers mute (as they should), but no sound comes through the headphones. I checked all the sound indicators (e.g. control panel/sound, the sound icon on the tray and device manager) and everything indicates the volume is up and the device is working. I've encountered this problem perhaps a half a dozen times and a reboot always fixes the problem. My only guess is that some application or virus is running in the background which is interfering with the ability of the headphone jack to transmit sound. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem without rebooting the computer? And does anyone know what the culprit might be which is interfering with the sound being transmitted into the headphones? Thanks!

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Hi there guys, first post here so please do mind I'm a newbie

So I've got an ASUS ROG G551JK laptop for almost 2 years already. Never had this problem before.

While I was playing CS:GO I tried to tweak the sound quality a little bit from the Realtek HD Audio Manager. The game was running and minimalized. The default sound quality was 24 bits, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality). I changed it to 24 bits, 192000 Hz and the headphones stopped working. At least while they are plugged in the laptop. I tried them with two different devices and they work just fine. So the problem is not in them for sure. Note that the build in speakers work just fine, so the sound card is ok...I think...or I hope so...

Immediately I quit CS:GO and tried to fix the problem by reinstalling the drivers of the sound card. I deleted the Realtek HD Audio Manager and reinstalled it again. Doesn't work. I deleted it again and left only the default drivers that Windows installs to run, doesn't help either. I installed previous versions of the Realtek HD Audio Manager, but didn't help. I even restored the whole Windows... without effect. I tried putting the Headphones as a default device, and it didn't work either. Updated the DirectX 12 to the latest possible version, didn't work. I spent at least 4 hours by searching all kinds of forums and threads and tried everything possible, again without any effects.

So... the current situation is this:

Speakers work perfectly. When I plug in the headphones the system know... Read more

A:Headphones stopped working without reason, but speakers work perfectly

Open Device Manager, remove driver and device for your sound chipset, open up System in Control Panel, Click on Advanced System Settings to open System Properties, Click on Hardware tab, click on Device installation settings, change to no to not allow Windows to automatically install driver and device when you reboot, click ok, reboot, log in, install the correct driver for that device off of a USB stick by running the .exe file for it. Then reboot and everything should be back to normal.

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A few days ago i had to reinstall my sound driver after updating windows and sometimes if i take out my speakers out of the speaker jack my speakers on the laptop wont work sometimes without shutting down my music program or it will be vise versa please help me out

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