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Changed from Admin to limited user - no access

Q: Changed from Admin to limited user - no access

Hi everyone,
recently I took the trouble to convert my XP account from admin to restricted user to avoid rootkit problems etc.

It created a hell of a lot of problems of which most I could solve by myself but some not, e.g. this one:

as a backup measure I used to copy my active data by xcopy to another physical HDD . - it worked like a charm.

now the same batch says: no access rights (to the folders on my backup drive)
but I haven't changed the username (just the rights the user has) so the files should still be accessible by me or what?

how do I get access to them short of converting the drive to fat32?



Preferred Solution: Changed from Admin to limited user - no access

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Changed from Admin to limited user - no access

If this is just a local PC that is not on a network you are going way overboard. Changing the admin account to a restricted user does just that, restricts access to most areas on the compute, including certain file system access. You would be better served by changing the admin account name and giving it a strong password .

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1. So when I try to that, it goes FILE BY FILE but some cause a window to show up which reads: access denied!!
And I am admin, makes no sense!

2. When I am on a limited user and I try to access an admin folder or directory, or run application as admin I am asked to enter the admin's password. for folders I just click on the folder and it opens a window that asks for the admin's password, for apps I click run as admin. The problem is that after I enter the password and proceed, It hangs, explorer hangs i guess.

A:TWO problems; allowing a limited user access to an admin folder

If you are trying to editing a file that is located in the programs folder, than you need to save the file to the desktop and drag it over into the folder and it will override that file making it the correct folder.

Take a look at your security settings: ..Windows 7 | Security Features.. and see what they are set at. Also, download an different Internet Browser and see what happens.

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I have created two new user accounts. The first I set up as a standard account, logged on, did a few things, then logged off, logged on as my administrator account and editted the account to be an administrator. When I log back on as this account, it appears that the user still does not have administrator privileges even though under the user it says "Administrator". For example, the UAC control does not appear when you click on "Change User Account Control Settings". Also, trying to install software where the installer asks for admin privileges fails. However, the second account created started as an adminstrator account and exhibits neither of these problems.

I just haven't seen anything in posts about this and wonder what the difference is and if there is anything that "second class" administrator user can do to become a "first class" administrator.

A:New admin user acting differently than standard user changed to admin

For example, the UAC control does not appear when you click on "Change User Account Control Settings". Also, trying to install software where the installer asks for admin privileges fails.

Does UAC control display a confirmation question? this is the case for administrator accounts
Does UAC control ask for username/password? This is the case for standard accounts
Change the account back (just for testing) to standard account. Does it ask for username/password when changing system settings?
system built-in admin account has admin rights always
manually made account with admin rights has only admin rights after you allow it in the UAC control popup.
manually made account without admin rights has only admin rights after you allow it in the UAC control popup (enter a admin's username and password).
That's how it should work

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Hi All:

Under Windows XP Professional with SP3, our computer has three accounts, two Limited and one Administrator. If the two Limited accounts are changed to Adminstrators, they can watch WMV and MPEG movies in Windows Media Player 11, but when they are changed back to Limited accounts, they get a black field (no video) but can hear the sound in WMP.

Here is what I have tried so far, none of which has helped:
1. Uninstall WMP11, reboot, reinstall WMP11.
2. A. Install VideoInspector to see what Codec is used to play the videos in the Admin account where they do work. (Don't remember the name now, but could get it again if it is important.)
2. B. Go to the Limited account, navigate to the Codec, and open it in Notepad to verify the user can read the file. (She could.)
2. C. Go back to the Admin account, turn off Simple File Sharing, and verify in the Security Tab that this user has read and execute permissions on the Codec. (She does.)

Does anybody know up what tree I should bark now? I don't want to install any alternative media players to bypass the problem -- I really want to fix it if I can in case it is a symptom of something more systemic.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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I am interested in knowing how to quickly turn an XP Admin user into a limited user while preserving settings, documents, etc.. I know this will involve making a limited user and copying settings over. I have found conflicting info on this including ownership of files issues, etc..
I want to do this as I understand limited users are less vulnerable to malware, etc.. Referring to XP sp3 machines.
Thanks in advance for any insight!

A:make admin user a limited user

Create another admin account before doing anything.

You can then switch the admin account to a limited user account while logged in as the new administrator.

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I am the households administrator-I need to monitor my foster child's use of the computer. This is a safety issue.The account was originally set up by my other son but he set it up as an administrator rather than a limited user. I have changed the user account to a limited user, but I still cannot access the limited user account. I've been going into the C drive under documents and settings. Is there anyway to do this other than by resetting the password? Windows XP

A:Admin monitoring of limited user

Reset the child's password via your account...

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I had Windows XP PRO SP2, running in a Workgroup (not in a Domain), set up with Power Users, regular Users, etc. accounts. Now that the hard disk crashed and re-installed XP, the only user types allowed are Administrator and Limited, as if the OS had turned into a Home edition. The funny thing is that in
My Computer>Manage>System Tools>Local Users &grps>Groups
all the user types do show up, but in
Control Panel>User Accounts>Create a new account
the only options for user type are Administrator and Limited. How can I create users in the other Groups? Thanks!

A:Only Admin and Limited user types in XP PRO

hello ,

administrative right / user contols

when you power on your system start tapping the (F8)key & keep tapping it until a screen is revealed thet give you the options

safe mode
safe mode with comand prompt
safe mode with network

and many others

you will want to select (safe mode ) then enter

then a screen with all types of codes will scroll down

then you will get the welcomscreen stating that windows is loading

then you will get the user log on screen

here you wil have a list of all users and a hidden (administrator account) you will need to log onto this account

then you will get awindow that is notifying you that you are loging into safe mode on this account / you will check the box & then select ( yes / okay / apply )

then the account will compleatly load

once loaded you will want to select start / then select (my computer ) by right clicking it / then you will want to right click on the icon for your harddrive icon/ local disk / from the drop down menu you will want to select (properties ) then another window will appear , you will want to select ( security)

it is here that you can set the administrative right for each account that you have created on your system

when you are done ajusting the settings you will need to select ( apply ) then select ( okay )

then close all windows and reboot

you will now have full access to all functions to your system

check to make sure these setting have been... Read more

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question. I'm not sure where else it should go, and since it's related to security I thought I might get the best answer here.

I've been running on a default account for Win 7 Professional (x64) since the RTM was released. I thought, at the time of installation, that the default user was not the administrator - But I've found that I was wrong on that point. I have the UAC set to maximum, by the way.

Anyhow, I'm interested in setting my user as a LUA now, and I've found fairly thorough instructions on how to do so online here. Before I take this plunge, though, I'm concerned about the impact this might have on my system stability and security. I have a number of applications that require administrator access during automated procedures - ESET NOD32 autoupdates itself, and obviously needs Admin access to do the automated scans that I have scheduled - not to mention the realtime access it requires. EVGA precision tool and RealTemp require Admin access to run. Beyond that, some programs autoupdate themselves, or record log files - Steam and my IM Client both engage in this behavior.

If I were to change my existing account to a LUA, would that break a lot of these programs? Would I still be able to run the programs I usually do, or patch the programs I need to? Would all of my programs fail to save logs, or fail to patch themselves, because they no longer have appropriate access levels?

In effect, would taking an administr... Read more

A:Reverting an admin to a limited user?

From what I can understand, you want to have one account on the computer. That account shouldn't be an admin, right?

I don't think that there is a way to do this, but maybe (if this helps) run this (Win-key + R):

control userpasswords2
You can change a lot of settings through this...

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My teenaged daughter is running XP Home Edition with SP3 on her system. I have an admin account for me, and my daughter has a limited account, however it was somehow changed to an admin account. I switched it back to a limited account, and now she cant change backgrounds on her desktop. When she opens IE, the runonce page comes up and she cant get past saving the changes. If I switch it back to admin, there are no problems. As a test, I created a new Limited user account - no problems encountered.

Any suggestions? This is really vexing me and my daughter...

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i installed Tixati and theres no start menu icon or in the all programs menu. it shows in add/remove programs. also i can create a short cut by right clicking the desktop .but if i switch to admin user theres icons in the start menu. same happens if i try to install utorrent

A:Help icons show on admin but not limited user

Welcome to Seven Forums Windroid. Did you choose the options to add start menu entry, quick launch icon, desktop icon, etc. in the individual install options, if available?

Since this is so specific, you'd may be better off asking the developers.

Help and Support - Tixati Support Forums

?Torrent Community Forums

A Guy

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Hello forum. I am an administrator with 3 limited users on a windows 8 machine. I have installed a game on my account that I want to let one of my users play. I have tried everything I have read about giving permissions, admin right etc, but it still asks for my password everytime he opens the game? I'm at a loss...thank you for your time

A:How to give admin permission to limited user

Hello Scott,

You might see if creating an elevated shortcut of the game that standard users can use to run the game elevated without getting an UAC prompt for your password may help.

Since this is for a game and not a normal program, there's no guarantee that this will work though.
Elevated Program Shortcut - Create for Standard User - Windows 7 Help Forums
Hope this helps,

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I would like to set up a Windows 2000 machine with both an administrator and a limited user account, with different passwords for each. Thanks for the help.

A:setting up admin and limited user accounts

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I am having a problem with openoffice running on windows xp home. We have an admin user and a number of limited users. Previously a file has been created and edited by an admin user, then saved to a none protected directory. When the file is opened by a limited user, they are only granted read-only access. Openoffice support seem to think the problem is with windows xp locking file permissions for any files edited by an admin to admin only, is this likely to be true? If so, how could I go about giving limited users full access to those files?


A:admin/limited user file permissons


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Is it possible to create user account with limited administration permissions?
I would like to create user with permissions for installing and removing programs and access to "basic" setting.
It must not have access to Local GPO, Registry... - "advanced" settings.

OS: Windows 8.1 x64 Pro

Please advise.

A:Create user with limited admin rights

The only way to do this would be to control the PC via Group Policy. There is no other way of limiting someone's administrative power.

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Hello staff and all others..
(I know you probably answered this somewhere, but humor me, please. Besides, I keep reading that what works for some pcs won't work for others.)

Recently, my employer gave me a pc when we transitioned to home-office work hours, and told me it was ok to customize it, as it would be mine from now on.

Here's the problem;

(It's an old IBM Thinkcentre, with win xp pro installed, pentium 4, with svc pk. III, i believe.)

The log-on screen has a box where my boss's name and pw come up, and all i have to do is click to get on.

I've tried repeadedly to change HIS name to MINE, as the admin user account., but it keeps reverting back to his!

I followed the directions to fix this which for I searched and found on another tech site, (sorry tech guy!) which was supposed to be 1, 2, 3, done....but that didn't
happen, or I woudn't be writing this!

Despite being given three different access points on the pc in order to get this task done, it continues to boot up with HIS name, and HIS password, automatically configuered.

I don't want to lose all access to this pc, so I'm trying to be careful here!

(Oh yeaah, I've heard nightmarish stories of folks who changed admin. priveledges, parent/child rights & permissions and user groups and network access, blah blah, and suffered horrendous complications afterward. Like me, they didn't jack, and didn't bother to ask anyone!!)

With all... Read more

A:Changing admin user...and getting it to stay changed.

The best thing to do is to create a new admin account and then copy the profile from the old one to your new one. Then you can delete his account completely. Changing its name will prove to be an endless job with side-effects.

How To Copy A User Profile

Once copied over, the new account should look and act just like the old one with the new name. Registered and installed programs, either for the machine or just the specific user, should all work as before.

Always have a full system backup, as recent as possible. It's also a good idea to make a full backup when you first get the machine, and possibly save it on DVD, so that you can restore everything when the hard drive fails.

Free drive backup software (imaging, cloning, and archiving - backups can be created on a second hard drive, internal or external, or on DVD's, or BluRay disks. One BluRay disk will hold most peoples' entire system drive's backup at 25 GB's using compressed images, 50 GB's double-layer):

Paragon Backup & Recovery 2012 (Recovery boot CD or USB key)
Macrium Reflect (Free)
O&O Disk Image Express or (mirror)
Easeus Todo Backup
Acronis True Image For WD (reduced, free version for WD drives - cloning and imaging)
Acronis True Image For Seagate (DiscWizard) (reduced, free version for Seagate drives - cloning and imaging)
ODIN (open-source)
Redo Backup & Recovery (Boot CD)
Clonezilla Live (A bootable CD of Debian with Clonezilla.)
Drive Image XML
PING (Partimage is ... Read more

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Hello All,
I'm delighted to have found you and after a long day of trying to help myself i am now requiring your much appreciated assistance please! I'm not a techy person at all and am hoping someone can help
Last week my husband purchased a new hp laptop which came with Windows 10
On setup i used my microsoft account to login with a pin, the account was setup as administrator (thinking i could change things later)
About 2 days later i added a standard user account for my husband with a microsoft account login with pin.
I wanted to make his the administrator account but thought i had better change mine to a standard account first! My mistake!!
Now i cannot change anything! i have tried to use the cmd prompt to run as administrator - it asks for administrator permission and does not allow me to enter a password or yes!
I have tried all suggestions to enable the hidden windows 10 account but all ask for the same permission.
I have tried to go to setup, recovery, troubleshoot, advanced option, system restore - it requests an administrator password and when i entered what i thought is mine it does not work! Feeling a little
Does anybody know anyway i can go back in time to start again or how do i access administrator rights as i really need to add programs etc
Thank you for any help given

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Hi there, I am a Newbie with a question still unanswered after I reviewed some previous questions regarding :

Do the following update globally on home computer with 1 Admin Acct and 2 Limited Accts????

Spybot AVG Clean Up! Windows Updates

These are the 3 prog/apps I run for security purposes from my Admin Acct.
I would think that these should update the whole computer system with regard to Protection.

Any definitive help is appreciated.........I just got Win XP after 10 yrs With Win 2000 Now I have XP with choice for Vista rollover whenever I choose. I really want to know the answer to such a seemingly easy question. I didn't see the answer in Knowledge Ctr.

Ironbird Remember I'm New here!

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I am setting up new PC with Windows 8.1 x64 for office user. I would like to have following account configuration:

Administrator account - for administrative purposes (full access/control)Power/Super user account - for maintenance purposes (program installation, minor setting change...[almost full control but GPO and similar "admin" access not allowed - like some sort of Service/Help desk account])Standard user account - for everyday use (limited access/control - no installation and/or settings changes allowed)
I have all three user accounts created and Administrator and Standard user accounts are working fine, but I am struggling with Power/Super user account.
There is only one PC in office so no domain is established - all permissions are Local GPO based.
Power/Super user is needed because there is external contractor for some programs that run on PC and he needs some level of administrator rights - installation etc.

I need advice how to setup Power/Super user account.


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I only have one account on my recently installed Windows 8 and accidentally managed to change the account type from Admin to Guest in User Accounts. Now, I am not able to run any programs that require administrator password. The popping up window says "to continue, type an administrator password, then click yes". However, it does not give me any option to enter the administrator password and the button "yes" is disabled (see attachment). Also, at the logon I don't have an option to choose any other account than the one that used to be admin, but is now guest. I feel like I entered a loop, because now I am not able to go back to User Accounts to change it back. Are there any options for me to change the account type back to Admin?

It had all worked fine before but I changed my hotmail password recently and was not able to start Windows 8 without entering the password any more, so I wanted to adapt the password in User Accounts. I did not find that option so left User Accounts (must have then accidentally changed the account type, still not sure how), but since then I am not able to enter it back (since I cannot run any programs as administrator).

Thanks for any help,

A:User account type changed from Admin to Guest

Hello Piotr, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, you could try refreshing Windows 8 to see if it will set you up another administrator account. You may need to do so at boot. Be sure to back up anything that you do not want to lose first though.

Hope this helps,

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My Win Vista PC was recently attacked by a virus thru internet browser which resulted in stange, slow behavior with all CPU bandwith hogged. I booted from BartPE prebuilder CD which I've used successfully before, and ran McAfee stinger.exe which came up clean. I then booted from WinVista CD and did a system restore to a date before virus attack. That was successful and PC booted up fine, but now my account type has been changed from admin to standard user, and the control panel users & passwords utility won't let me change it back to admin. My wireless network connection is dead, and I believe it's blocked due to this issue.

I did these steps and got the responses shown.

Clicked start, typed "Command" in the search box.
In the pop up ... looked for the Command Prompt
Right click'd on that icon and selected Run as Administrator..

typed in "cmd" followed by "enter"
In the DOS Window, I entered the command and got the response shown:
C:\>netsh winsock reset
The requested operation requires elevation.

How can I get my Vista admin privileges and internet access back?

A:Vista admin login changed permanently to standard user.

With the information you have provided I believe you will need help from the malware removal team. I would like you to start a new thread and post a DDS log HERE and include a link to this thread. Please make sure that you read the information about getting started before you start your thread.It would be helpful if you post a note here once you have completed the steps in the guide and have started your topic in malware removal. Good luck and be patient. Help is on the way!

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I am running windows 7 ultimate and I have only one account (admin).
I have no trouble installing programs, running programs or copying files from different locations on my hard drive, but if I try to save a file in a program, I get the message, that I do not have permission to save in that location and that I have to contact the administrator to get permisson - but am I not the administrator?

E.g. I tried to save a document from word, but couldn't - I could only save it in my Documents folder... In some locations I got the message, that the client didn't have the neccesary rights to save the file in that location (I'm using danish language pack, so one of the pictures might not make much sense, but I've attached both messages anyway - the danish message says: C:\test.docx
The client is missing a neccesary right.)

I haven't had this problem all the time since I installed windows 7 ultimate, as far as I recall, so might be an update or something that is causing the problem, I don't know.

I have read some threads concerning admin rights, but haven't found anything that got rid of the problem, so hope someone can help me.. It is very frustrating not being able to save documents etc...

A:Limited admin rights? - access denied

Hi jmj

This is windows Default location, Doc's to My doc's, Pic's to My Pictures, Video's to My Video's

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I have a desktop on windows xp sp2 32b that has two hdd partition (C: & D:)

Is there anyway I can set permission so that only people with Admin access can access my D Drive? I tried creating more than 1 user account (Admin, Guest) which keeps the guest account out of the admin's document folder on the C drive but the guest account can still access the D Drive.

Nothing on my D Drive but personal files. I don't use my desktop anymore except as a backup PC or to backup files. I'm too cheap to buy a Flash Drive when I have a available HDD. More than 4GB of data so burning it to a DVD is out. Don't use DVD/Burner enough to buy the newer DVDs that can hold 8GB either.

Scared to just delete them cos I know I'll need it as soon as I do (That is how my luck always is)

A:[SOLVED] Limited access to D Drive for non-admin users

First setup Limited User accounts for any other users other then you. Then make your files or folders Private: How to make files and folders private in Windows XP so that only you have access to them

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Could someone please help me? Thanks you in advance^^

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:33:41 AM, on 12/23/2003
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd.exe
C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\Core\smax4pnp.exe
C:\Program Files\ScanSoft\PaperPort\pptd40nt.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Progra... Read more

A:Infected. Limited Access to Admin. BLue Background. PLease Help. Have Hijack Log

Hi,I understand that you need help in order to get rid of the malware that is present on your system - But you need to help us first..I notice that you never scanned with an Antivirus previously before starting this thread - because you don't even have an Antivirus installed!This is somewhat suicidal in today's digital world.That's why I want you to install one first!!* Please install Avira Antivirus: http://www.free-av.com/This is a free Antivirus.Perform a full scan with Avira and let it delete everything it is finding.Then reboot.After reboot, open your Avira and select "reports".There doubleclick the report from the Full scan you have done. Click the "Report File" button and copy and paste this report in your next reply together with a new HijackThislog.Then we'll start from there, because it really makes no sense otherwise that we clean this up manually if an Antivirusscan is not present which should be able to deal with most and prevent further reinfection.

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Hello: I have windows xp on my dell pc and it only has limited access on the only user account on windows xp..and I would like to know how do i change it to administrator when i have no access. This is my only user account. Help me find the best solution..

A:limited access on windows xp no administrator access user

You will have to boot to safe mode and log into the Administrator account to change the limited user account to one with Administrator privileges.

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I have one user coming in that needs just internet access, shared folder on network for backup purposes and network printer. But we do not want that person accessing public folders and have our login scripts run when they log into the network. I'm not sure how to set this up in active directory since the basic user has access to the network already. Also, regular users are limited in what they can customize on thier desktop with GPO.

It seems that this should be simple to do, but I keep running into a wall with my thought process.

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Hello everyone, i have bought a new laptop and i want to make a guest account with very limited access to it, i want guest user to be only able to use limited programs like internet explorer, yahoo messenger and skype etc.... the rest like start menu, right click and taskbar should all be disabled, can someone show how to do all this? thanks a lot

A:guest user limited access

Hello Yakutpura, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, you might consider creating a standard user account and using Family Safety on it to restrict the account.

The tutorials below can help show you more on Family Safety to see if that may work for you for this.

Family Safety - Setup and Use in Windows 8How to Set and Manage Family Safety Web Filtering in Windows 8How to Set and Manage Family Safety Time Limits in Windows 8How to Set and Manage Family Safety Windows Store and Game Restrictions in Windows 8How to Set and Manage Family Safety App Restrictions in Windows 8How to View Activity Reports of Users with Family Safety in Windows 8How to Send and View Requests with Family Safety in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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I have a desktop running win xp pro.
My 5 yr old son logs on using a user account made for him, which i have configured as a Limited User Account.

But he still wreaks havoc on the computer, deleting files, changing many program features.
I want to limit his powers on the computer. I just want him to play his games and visit few websites of my choice . I want to restrict his access for all other features of the computer. I dont want him to explore the computer by using my computer. I want only the documents in his My Documents to be accessible to him. I also dont want him to access the start menu. (..thats where all his destructive powers start from!!)
Someone told me that all this is possible by editing the group policy.
I went to gpedit.msc.....then I got stuck...what do i do.
Can someone guide me......

A:Restricting Access of the Limited User

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i want to restrict limited user account to access internet.

A:Restrict limited user to access internet

Hi amitbciit, and welcome to TSF.

Sorry for the delayed response but as you can probably see, we are very busy here right now.

If you still require our assistance with this matter, please post back.

I will subscribe to your thread so that i will be alerted to any response from you and will get back to you as soon as i can.

Could you please provide a more detailed explanation of what you are trying to acheive?


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Aright...so, I have a limited user account on my laptop (windows xp home sp2) and I'm trying to allow this user to access the internet via my wireless LAN.

The limited account can access the internet through a dial-up connection, and my virus update software can connect to the net through the wireless network, but when I try to use Internet Explorer while logged in as a limited user, there is no internet connection available.

How do I allow the limited user to access the internet?

A:Limited user account can't access internet!

Change the limited user account to an admin account open up IE and run the wizard (tools/internet options/connections/setup) and make sure its setup for your type of network. Once you have it opening up webpages change the account back to limited.

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Hey Guys,

I'm having a fairly similar issue to this one. My boss at work (who is completely computer illiterate) decided to install Norton Internet Security on his own. And now the HotelGuest account which is a Limited User account can't access the internet at all. I have tried serveral solution on my own - uninstall NIS, delete user account and then recreate it, reinstalled NIS and triple checked NIS user settings to insure account was active and allowed Internet access, I even tried the one suggested here, which caused an odd occurence. Once the Limited account is changed to Admin the internet works and once its changed back it stops again, and since this is a public computer leaving it set to Admin(my boss's suggestion) is completely out of the question unless I want to spend 10 hours a day cleaning up Porn, P2P appz, and otherwise "Duct Taping" this POS back together.

Any ideas that may help with this issue are great appreciated and welcome.
Thanks in advance,

A:Limited user account can't access internet!

I've split your post into it's own thread, since we like to have one problem per thread.

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How can I stop access to the use of the internet by a limited user? I know how to stop the use of iexplorer.
So how can I stop a userís ability to use the address bar to access the internet?

Using xp pro sp2

A:Stop internet access for a limited user

I don't know how you'd actually do this, but here's an idea: disable TCP/IP in the network connection's properties for that user, then restrict their access to the network connection settings (or the entire control panel).

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Just set up a new PC (Dell XPS Gen 4) and was running OK for a week with just myself as user with admin rights.

Decided to add limited accounts for wife & kids.

Every time the accounts are logged in to, they get the error message - Error - Access Denied. The process for this is LVCOMSX.EXE somethin to do with the logitech webcam me thinks.

Tried to change write permissions to file, but does not affect error.
If I change the account to admin - the error goes away.

Cannot find any help any where. so HELP !
Please. . . . . . .

A:Error Access Denied - Limited User Only

Yes you are right it is Logitech QuickCam Driver that is causing the problem.

Lets do one thing remove the entry from the start up items.(msconfig) and the try I think it should resolve the problem.

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i want to restrict limited user account to access internet. i am using win xp proffessional.

A:restrict limited user to access internet

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Check these out

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Hello everybody,

I have realized that all the laptops I installed Windows 10 in the last year (several family laptops) are running with Microsoft-Accounts which are Admin-Accounts. Now I read that this is a serious security issue. I would like to change these MS-Admin-Accounts into MS-Limited-User-Accounts?

But how?

And next question: Should I set up for every laptop then a local admin-account?

Thanks a lot for your help.


A:Windows 10: How change account from admin into limited user account?

As long as you have not disabled UAC, User Account Control, or invoked the hidden full administrator, then your users are actually running as standard users and will be prompted before performing any Admin level tasks - you can if you wish create a standard user on each of the systems in addition to the administrator, but this will not provide much better security and is likely to generate complaints from the users as they will have to set-up the accounts again to how they want them.

If you have any youngsters that you wish to protect further there is Microsoft Family Safety as an option

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I've been asked to configure Windows 7 Professional computers to limit access to only a few select programs. I've had good success using a standard user account and setting options in Group Policy (e.g. "Only run specified Windows applications").

However, I've also been asked to enable limited Internet access - i.e. access to only a few select websites. I've been able to do this to some extent via Content Advisor and a "fake rating", but one of the sites I need to allow calls on several other websites, such as Facebook (e.g. the "Like this" button), so in order to stop Content Advisor from prompting for a password every time the user clicks a link on the page, I have to enable the whole Facebook domain, which defeats the point of limiting access in the first place!

Does anyone know of a program/method of limiting Internet access that is smart enough to realize that a website is calling on another one (often with impossible-to-allow random urls, such as Internet ordering features) and thus allow it through?

Any other solutions/suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

A:Anyone know of a GOOD way to give limited Internet access to a user?

How to Block an IP Address on a Computer | eHow.com
How to Restrict Web Browsing Using Internet Explorer - wikiHow
Restricting Specific Web Sites in Internet Explorer Using Group Policy
Internet censorship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Above may give you some ideas.
Have you got a firewall that monitors traffic?
Can you block IP ranges with your firewall?

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I have two limited user accounts on my system, and my Admin account.
My Admin account can access Start/Computer and any drive I have.
My limited user accounts cannot, they can't even access the Public folders, only their own folders (which also means the libraries are limited to them also).
I created a new test (limited user) account, and it was able to access these with no issues.
Originally they could access the drives with no problems.
I do not know what changed, and therefore how to resolve this.
Please help?

A:Start/Computer access, limited user account.

Windows 7 Take Ownership & Grant Permissions to Access Files & Folder


Read this information and see if it is helpful in your situation.

For drive, right click,properties, share.

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Hi my name is Natasha and I ve locked myself out of my Administrator account on Vista Home Premium 32bit dell inspirion 1525.
The administrator account I usual use for backup but had to change the password due to reasons people have to change there passwords. I think my problem is I changed the Admin Password through the User Account. I know I am using the right password but it says its incorrect. I believe from what I ve learnt that this is the fault.... that or changing passwords at 3 am is bad idea . My User account has only basic permissions.

Listed below are the solutions Ive tried.
checked the accounts on my computer throught control panel. there are 4 : 1 admin (locked out)
2 dell admin (cant access) found out under users in control panel( think this is the one i changed years ago.
3 system ( try to access ) with How to gain access to system account the most powerful account in Windows. ? Alien Eyes. didnt work , cmd prompted.
4 user account ( crap access)
from reading help pages and forums tried to access main account under f8 but turns out I changed the basis password for factory account years ago
tried to repair under f8 , tried to restore ,
tried booting up from cds but cant get past admin password , tired f12

At this awhile , wont say how long and cant afford repai... Read more

A:Locked administrator on vista and limited access on user

If you can figure out how to get to it on a laptop, you could remove the battery from the CMOS for a minute and reinsert it. I think that might change the password setup.

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Hi all. I recently formatted my drive and did a fresh (legit) reinstall of XP. I've been trying to run a very tight ship since then, among other things, doing my daily work in a limited account. I have a large number of files that I backed up from my previous (admin) account and have copied over to my newly formated drive, and which I now need to access regularly as a limited user.

Mostly this works okay, but I've found that for a lot of my files I just can't get write access to as a limited user. These are just random text and image files -- not anything significant or sensitive. They're not being used by any other process. If I switch accounts and open them as admin, then I can write to them. Otherwise not.

I noticed that after I initially copied all these files back onto my drive, they were flagged as 'read only.' I changed that in the Admin account, and now there's no 'read only' flag when I check the properties as a limited user. However, I still don't have any write permission.

Any insight would be apprecited.


A:limited user account file access issues

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I suspect you need to take ownership of the files from the limited account.
First, change the limited account to a Computer Administrator account
Follow the steps in this article to take ownership of the files:
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

Then, change the account back to a Limited Account.



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I just finished setting up my grandchildren's computer and tried to set one Administrator's account and 3 limited accounts for them to use in order to stop them downloading so much. My problem came when I set it up at their house and learned that using their dial-up Netzero account, they couldn't get online. I could only connect through the Administrator's account. I have always read that one should never use the Administrator's account all the time for safety's sake, so I am assuming I did something wrong. Right now I have all of them set to Administrator again so they can all get online through their own user accounts.

Is there a way to change things so they can get online with limited accounts?


A:Limited User Accounts and Internet Access Problem

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hello every one
I was hoping if some one could help me at this.
I had created a local account in my machine which is a part of a small office network. and given it administrative rights. every once in a while the account gets downgraded to a limited user account and a I had to go all the way to control panel to reset the settings for that specific user account. I tried background check on the machine to check it for possible malware or virus infection but couldn't find anything.
could it be the user profile settings getting changed athomatically due several usages or could it be log file getting full or needs to be cleared?
so much in need for help

A:admin account gets downgraded to limited user account

possibly because that comp didnt come with Ultimate and when it re-activates, it uses the true Admin account and resets the others.


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Hi, does anyone know what happens if I mistakenly deleted a user account?

When I open my computer, then right click on the "This pc" there is a option called "Manage". Then under manage, there are user accounts. I mistakenly deleted the "Administrators" group from my current account. Only left is standard user group.

The admin account is password protected and I have the password. Is it possible to log into the admin account and change promote back my current account?

I did try to right click "manage", but I get this window (attached file) with no place to put the password. That is slightly annoying. I was trying to reassign myself back in the admin group.

I was thinking of making an account which can modify all items, such adding hardware and items under "Device manager" etc but just limit to not being able to just make a new admin full access account. Seems that deleting the admin solves the not being able to make a new account, but in the process I'm locked out from the admin settings.

Is it possible to create a super-user account just limiting not being able to make new user accounts and have access to all such as device manager? It would be nice to not have to log into admin account just to check newly installed hardware.

Currently, on standard user, I am unable to go to "device manager" and other admin based stuff (with that admin shield logo).


A:Accidentaly changed admin account to standard user account

From desktop, hold CTRL+ALT then press DEL keyClick on Switch UserType: Administrator and enter the passwordOnce you are in, Win+X->Command Prompt(Admin)Type: net localgroup administrators username /add <======== replace username with your namesign out and sign back in with your name.

NOTE: In step 3, I Assume that you have the built in Admin turned on and you said you have the password.

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I am logged in as admin. I go to create another account, and wish to select "limited", and it is present, but not a choice. We I mouse over it, it does not allow me to select it. What is the problem here.

A:[SOLVED] create user account with limited access problem

HI -

Could I get a screen grab of what it looks like before and after you're hovering over the choice, please.

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Many complaints about Msft's jumbled handling of user accounts,  but none of the fixes I found work.
Files in a folder on an external hard drive give an access denied error - you must be an admin to access. Only one account on the pc and it's an admin enabled account. Other files in this directory on the hard drive open fine, and the folder has never had
different permissions applied so it's ridiculous that I can't access these files.
One thing to note is I do get a "Windows needs to be activated" alert when I look at the admin account dialog. The only option given there is to sign into a Msft account which I don't want to do nor should I have to. Windows is clearly activated
and working fine and the need to link to a Msft account is just Msft marketing bullcr*p. 
I only use this pc for music so if this can't be fixed easily I'll just install Linux and be done with Windows. I've already wasted far too much time going down Msft's rabbit holes. 

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Hello, I have a desktop running on Windows XP.

It's a long story... The fact is that somebody has put a password on my Windows User account. I thought I can still access Windows through the Admin account, but the Admin is also passworded. So I'm staring at the monitor not knowing what to do.

Is there any way I can access my desktop?... I don't want to reinstall Windows, because there's stuff on my PC that I don't want to lose.

Thank you.

A:I cannot access desktop because of admin and user password.

u can download the hirens boot cd and boot into mini xp. inside of mini xp there is many tools for repairing windows and such included in those tools is a password recovery tool. ive never used this tool ive used the hirens boot cd for repairing stuff in windows before but ive never used the password recovery options. u can try this or maby someone els knows somtihng better.

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Prior to last week my computer was running Windows 7, the computer also has a 3TB MyBook external drive on which I ripped over 100 movies from DVD/Blue-Rays that I own (and still have). The reason for doing that was 1) so I could watch the movies on my TV without the hassle of inserting the dvd into the blue-ray player, and (2) reduce the amount of storage space (I threw away the original containers and put them in a simple DVD file).

Last week I installed a new internal hard drive and did a clean install of Windows 8. Consequently my admin account's user name was changed to be the same as my Microsoft live.com account name. Now I can't access any of the folders on MyBook without taking ownership of them one-at-a-time. That is going to be very very time consuming to do that for over 100 folders. Does anyone know of any faster way to accomplish this?

I don't know why Microsoft won't allow computer Administrator to access any folder on his computer. This is just dumb.


The situation gets even worse -- after taking ownership of the folders I still can't access any of the files or sub-folders. I have to do that for every folder and file, somewhere around 500 of them! I feel like just reformatting the drive and starting all over again.

A:How to let Admin access folders created by another user

You need to take the ownership AND change permissions. Respectively, it's accomplished with two commands in the elevated command prompt:

takeown /f D: /r /d y
icacls D: /grant:r UserName:F /t

In this example:
D - the letter of the drive you need to get access toUsername - your username

The commands take care of all drive folders recursively.

Never apply these commands to the system drive.

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I'm trying to register a couple music products but can't because of file access errors. I've never had this problem until a couple weeks ago. It seems that during the authentication process, it accepts the key but cannot write the actual authentication file to the disk.

When I right click the authentication software and go to properties, it says I have full control except 'special permissions' which I don't think I had even before it WAS working. I also have the 'run as administrator' option checked. I am logged in under the only admin account so I have no idea what's causing the problem at this point. There's no programs running and using the same software at the same time. I even downloaded a program called UnLock IT which is supposed to unlock any kind of restrictions set on the file but the program says its completely 100% accessible and has no restrictions either.

I'm kind of at a standstill with this whole thing but want to use the software for my projects. Googling the software with the problem gets me nowhere either.

The two programs in question are 'Plug and Mix VIP bundle' (which I've redownloaded from their official site twice), and Positive Grid Bias Bundle (This was authenticated and working and then stopped and went into demo mode).

Help me out guys

A:File Access Errors despite being User Admin

Just wanted to add that I just tried booting into safe mode but encountered the same error.

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