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Word 2010: how do I change default viewing zoom of document?

Q: Word 2010: how do I change default viewing zoom of document?

I have got Microsoft Office 2010 installed on Windows Vista and on Windows 7, and when I open a document in Word, I would like to view it at a zoom of 100% instead of the default zoom of 150%. I tried to follow the instructions over here in order to reduce the zoom permanently, but the macros simply disappear each time I close Word and open it again. I also followed the idiot's guide to installing macros as indicated in the link above, and the macros worked...but as mentioned before, they refuse to stick around.

What do I do in order to prevent the macros from disappearing?

Thanks in advance for your help

Preferred Solution: Word 2010: how do I change default viewing zoom of document?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Word 2010: how do I change default viewing zoom of document?

i've never needed macros - i use the zoom slider at the bottom-right of the document window.

with saved documents, it seems that the zoom level is saved with the file - so if you saved at 100%, it will open later at 100%.

to set the level for new blank documents, use the slider, then close down word - the next new document will appear at that same level, with no need to save.

that's how it works for me, anyway.

just tested, and it keeps the level after a reboot too.

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I find the 100% setting for reading emails in Outlook 2010 too small and would like to set 150 or 200% as a default but I can't find any facility for this and I have to adjust the setting manually every time. Can anybody advise me please?

A:Outlook 2010 reading pane zoom default

Hello again urbanspaceman1

You have two options for doing this:

Option 1:
Create a new email type something and go to the "zoom" feature on the top right.
Select the percentage% you want the fonts to be displayed at.

Note: The fonts may not appear large when you are viewing them on the reading pane or double click open the email. For that view you will have to always manually zoom it yourself on the right corner in the bottom but you will be able to see the fonts large when you hit reply after doing the 2 points mentioned above.


Option 2:

Change your DPI settings following this tutorial:

I will search for similar stuff.
Till then, HTH

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I just installed Windows and Windows made the default zoom for text and other objects to 125%. Is it possible to change the default back to 100%?

A:How to change default zoom in Display

Your screenshot shows the 100% being selected and Apply button greyd out, not functioning. This means that you have already 100% selected and in use; the Apply button is visible and functioning only when when you change a value, not visible and functioning when the selected value (in this case 100%) is already set.

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I use Office 2008 on a Mac. I want to make all documents always open at the same zoom level -- say, 125% (which is actually only about 80% size for some reason). I saw an answer by Anne Troy about some lines of visual basic code, but it appears that may only work on a PC.
Here is her solution:
Can anyone tell me how to do that on a Mac?

A:default Word zoom level on a Mac

Try recoording a new macro all it has to do is zoom to 125% and then stop the recording.

Place it in the Normal.dot and name it auto_start or similar, I think that shoud do the trick.
At least I epect that the MAc version also uses a Normal.dot to save it's settings.
If it doesn't, you create ablank docuemnt with this macro in it and save it as anyname.dot and place in the wrdtsrat forder.

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Do you know how to change the default zoom for Micorsoft Word back to 100%. I was reading an email and increased the zoom with a button on my keyboard to make a chart easier to read, and now everything that I open in Microsoft Work automatically opens at 200%. It is happening in Word and Outlook (because I use word to write my emails) and it is driving me crazy. Can someone pls help me??? Thanks!

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Hello, all~

I recently received a new computer from my company's PC support folks and somehow they've set things up such that, under Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display, "Medium" is set as the "(default)" font zoom.

I've set my preferred size to Smaller and rebooted, but there are some cases where the OS looks to that Default setting when rendering fonts - the easiest example is following a reboot: the fonts on the login screen are rendered at the Default zoom size.

So, my question is, how do I change the system default font zoom?

Thanks in advance,

- Nathan

A:Medium set as Default OS zoom - how to change it to Smaller?

Hello Nathan, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Using OPTION THREE in the tutorial below may be able to reset this back to the default "Smaller 96 DPI" for you.

DPI Display Size Settings - Change

Hope this helps,

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Hello All

Win 7 Prof 32 bit
Office 2010

I've been trying to create a Task in Outlook from a Word Document that I have created on this computer. The idea is that a shortcut to the document is created as an Outlook Task. Click on the shortcut, and voila - there is the document.

The "Create Microsoft Office Task" icon DOES send the document to Outlook as a Shortcut in a Task, however, when I open the task, Outlook says:"Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments: Shortcut to 'document name'."

It's NOT an unsafe attachment; Outlook WILL OPEN this document if I send it as an email attachment. Outlook will open .docx files types.

This is a one person computer...no network, no sharing. And this problem has been driving me crazy. This would be a wonderful feature, if I can get it to work.

Anyone have any ideas what I (or Outlook) are doing wrong?

Thanks for your help

A:Creating a Task in Outlook 2010 from a Word 2010 Document

I think this will do the job for you:
Add & Create Outlook 2010 Tasks From Word 2010


You can create a task from Word 2010 document and save it under Outlook 2010 tasks. This feature is by default concealed but you can make it apparent on Quick Access toolbar and use it directly.

In order to use this feature, you need to make this feature apparent on Word 2010 Quick Access Toolbar, head over to Quick Access Toolbar and from small drop down button click More Commands.

You will reach Word Options dialog. Hit drop-down button present beneath the Choose commands and select All Commands. Now scroll-down the list and find Create Microsoft Outlook Task command. Select it and click Add (>>) to show it on Quick Access toolbar pane. Once added, hit OK.

First save the document and then select any portion of the text in the document from which you want to create the task, from Quick Access toolbar, click Outlook task button.

Upon click, it will create Outlook task for the Word document and you will reach Outlook Task dialog where you can set Start and Due date for the task and add more information about it. Save & close the task to view it under Outlook tasks.

When opening task in Outlook 2010, you can also view the document from which it was created from, just double-click the document to open it.

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How can once change the default zoom-setting when opening a PDF in the built in pdf-viewer in internet explorer?
As default it seem to be set to fit to page. How to set it to , for example, a given % ?

Regards, Sveinung

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When I download save or display a word document which is locked some of the fonts change and this makes the documant look bad and as a result it is not paged correctly.
I am using Windows 7 and MS Office Home & Business 2010.
If I use a different computer which is XP and 2003 the document displays correctly, if I copy this to the Windows 7 PC the document font is changed.
The lock document is a form which has been locked for easy completion.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


A:Word 2010 changes some fonts in a downloaded locked word document

Found the problem, Windows7 and or MS Office Home & Business 2010 is missing the particular font the document wanted, it was Arial Narrow, once this font was added to the windows/font folder, the document opened correctly.

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I am running Windows Vista and have MS Office 2007 installed. Somehow, the zoom percentage in MS Word has been changed to 476%. I have attempted to change it back to 100%. These are the steps I have followed. After doing these steps and reopening Word, the percentage is still on 476%.

1. Open the document or template that you want to save with a particular zoom setting.
2. On the View tab, in the Zoom group, click Zoom.
3. Choose your preferred zoom setting....which is 100%.
4. Add and delete a single space in the document or template.
5. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Save.

When I choose 100% after clicking the view tab, the document/template appears as 100%, but when I do the last 2 steps, and save it....then close and reopen Word....the Zoom is back to 476% and did not save the change. I am not sure I am doing step 4 correctly (Add and delete a single space in the document or template). After opening, I hit the space bar to add a single space and then "Delete" key on my keyboard. I am not sure this is what I am asked to do in No. 4

Any suggestions on correcting this issue.? My font is huge and unable to use Word.

A:Zoom Percentage in MS Word 2007 will not change from 476%

Closing duplicate thread.

In the future, please report and ask the thread to be moved rather than starting a new one.

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I am running Windows Vista and have MS Office 2007 installed. Somehow, the zoom percentage in MS Word has been changed to 476%. I have attempted to change it back to 100%. These are the steps I have followed. After doing these steps and reopening Word, the percentage is still on 476%.

1. Open the document or template that you want to save with a particular zoom setting.
2. On the View tab, in the Zoom group, click Zoom.
3. Choose your preferred zoom setting....which is 100%.
4. Add and delete a single space in the document or template.
5. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Save.

When I choose 100% after clicking the view tab, the document/template appears as 100%, but when I do the last 2 steps, and save it....then close and reopen Word....the Zoom is back to 476% and did not save the change. I am not sure I am doing step 4 correctly (Add and delete a single space in the document or template). After opening, I hit the space bar to add a single space and then "Delete" key on my keyboard. I am not sure this is what I am asked to do in No. 4

Any suggestions on correcting this issue.? My font is huge and unable to use Word.

A:Zoom Percentage in MS Word 2007 will not change from 476%

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A long time ago when I was using Netscape 2.0 as my browser I must have set it to be the default for viewing images. (jpg's) I haven't used Netscape for many years, now use Firefox. I know there is a way in XP to designate what program is used to open certain types of extensions. I just need a good slap on the head to help me remember where I went to accomplish this task. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
Paul Lysne

A:Solved: change default for viewing images

My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > File Types Tab > Select The File Type > Advanced > Double Click On Open > .... Browse !

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This is for a friend so I don't have access to the computer yet. She downloaded a word document from her hotmail by clicking on download then open instead of save. She was working on the file and then she stated she went to File > Save. She did not get prompted to save the file in a different location (that usually happens on other Office versions).

She went back to Word but cannot locate the file in her open section or the recent document list. She is on Windows 7 so I finally found the temp folder for her computer but could not locate the temporary file that would have been saved.

Is there any other locations other than the temp folder and the default folders that the file could have been saved? Personally I don't think it saved at all.

Thanks for any assistance

A:MS Word 2010 / Downloaded document

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Some how my daughter accidently changed the default setting so that when you open up the Word Program, the defaults are set at an 88 font size, a font style no one uses, text already in the normal blank page and everything is light grey in color.

How do I go into the word program and change it so that when you open up "Word" the default is set at something that most of us can use for a normal document without allows having to go in and change everything?

A:Word Document - default font

Find and delete all occurrences of "normal.dot" on the PC, when Word is not open.

When Word finds none when starting a new blank one with the standard defaults is created.

It's a hidden or system file so depending on your Windows version you may need to enable the viewing of this file type to find it to delete it.

It must exist, so if your search is not successful, its the file type that is the problem, preventing you viewing it.

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I got the new version of word today on my brand new computer and I need a word processor for my job, and its not letting me pick it as my default one. When I go to the control panel and try to do it from there, it still doesn't pick it up. Why is this happening and how can I go through and change it?

A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2010 not my default word processor?

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I work at a small accounting firm and earlier this year we purchased some new laptops which run 64 bit Windows 7. Since then, we have started to upgrade Office on our computers. On one of the Windows 7 computers, I installed Office 2010 last week. We also use CCH's program ProSystem fx Engagement. Now, when opening Word inside of Engagement (not sure if this happens outside of Engagement because the user can't recall it happening) an error occasionally comes up which says "error creating obj document." The user hits okay, which is the only option, and then receives a second error that says "obj document is nothing." She then again selects okay and moves on. It doesn't seem to cause any issues with functionality so I'm not rushing to fix it but we want to get rid of the errors and hopefully have an idea of how to correct it in the future.

Please keep in mind I'm a CPA helping with computer issues. Since we are relatively small, we don't actually have our own IT department or person. We have to go outside. I do pretty well keeping my home computer up and running if I can research the issue and find a solution. I've looked for a while and can't find a solution in a dumbed down language that seems to fit the issue.

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Is there a mechanism in Word 2010 (and also Excel, perhaps) which allows me to DELETE the document I'm currently viewing?

I'd imagine it would be under the "File" menu if it existed, but I've not found it so far.

An example of its use: I prepared a document of things to take to a reunion. My PC was still on when I got home, displaying the list (which I'd saved, as I went along). I didn't know what I'd called the document, and I wasn't certain where I'd filed it, but I know I wanted to delete it.

A:How to delete the current document in Word 2010?

Of course you can't delete open files!
But you can hover over file->open to see the last files you opened. Open the one you want. Do a fake "save as" to see the folder it's in.

Now you know the file name and location, so delete it in windows file explorer

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I'm using MS word 2007 on Vista. Months ago, I made a document then saved and later then whenever I open MS Word, it appears "that document" as a template. How can I erase that document and go back to a blank .doc page?

A:MS Word.. My saved document becomes default template

Hello sirivarin,

Welcome to the forums.

Only thing I can think to cause this is that you inadvertently saved the file with the .dotx extension. If you need to keep the file, open it and save as a .docx file, then delete the file with the dotx extension.

Please keep us posted.


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I am trying to format a very long manuscript and am having a page numbering issue.

I know how to link/unlink headers and footers and create numbering within sections. So, my chapters are sectioned and numbered and each chapter starts with page 1.

I also need a running total of pages. I can't seem to have two formats in the same header (a section page numbering and an overall page numbering) so I planned to put the chapter numbers in the headers (unlinked to previous) and the total page numbering in the footer because they can still be linked.

Sounded good, but when I format the page numbering to start with '1' in the header, even though it is unlinked, the page formatting changes in the footer.

Is there any way around this?

I'm using Word 2010 in Microsoft Office Professional 2010 and Windows 7 Professional, if that helps.


A:Two Page Numbering Schemes in Same Document - Word 2010

Is this website any help for you.

Insert page x of y page numbers in just one section - Office Blogs

Or this one.

10 steps to setting up page numbering in Word sections - TechRepublic

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I bought a new HP desktop computer about a month ago and upgraded Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional. I also installed Office 2010. All was running just fine but a few days ago when I tried to open a Word document, the splash screen would display but the document wouldn't open. When I run the mouse over the task bar for Word, I can see the correct document or at least a small version of it. However, clicking on it won't display the document so that I can edit it. I searched for normal.dot but couldn't find it. I was able to open the document with winword /safe but I don't want to have to continue doing that. Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Solved: Word 2010 won't display open document

With the Word document open, hold down the shift key, and right-click it in the taskbar. Click Move. Press an arrow key on the keyboard. See it now?

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Hello experts, I have a word file that appears to have been corrupted. We were working on it through SharePoint and at some point the style information seems to have been corrupted. When you use the style inspector and click on a location in the text it will say the correct information. For example a level 2 heading will look and appear as a level 2 heading in the text and have the correct style attached. However, when you use the navigation pane or create a table of contents nothing is indented as it should be (level 2 is not subordinate to level 1). I have read that there are table of contents styles in Word but I don't know how to change these. Does anyone know if this would fix the issue?
I tried manually to 'reset' a few styles (highlight text and reclick 'level 2 header' ) which fixed the issue in that instance. However, this is a long document (150 pages) and I wouldn't want to do this for the whole document.
If anyone has some advice it would be greatly appreciated,​

A:Word 2010 Document Corrupt Header/TOC information

Couple things you do, first apply guide below and second make use https://www.repairtoolbox.com/wordrepair.html Word Repair Toolbox
Moreover you read next interesting threads about ms word-
The first thing you must do is copy the file from the stick to the HD. Don't make matters worse by trying to work with it from the stick. There's a possibility the document is already corrupted, but the problem you describe may not really be document corruption. It may be just an annoying little glitch occasionally seen in older versions of Word, whereby letters in a line get compacted in printing:
The conventional solution is this:
In the Print dialog, switch to another printer and then back, or close Word and delete the files you find by searching for
Then restart Word.
If that doesn't help, then, since this is Word 2003, there are a couple of other things you can try:
In Word's Open dialog, select the file, click the arrow beside Open, and choose Open and Repair.
If that doesn't help, then change the "Files of type" setting to "Recover Text from Any File." You'll get a file with a lot of "garbage" at the beginning and end and just plain text in between, but, since I'm guessing there's not a whole lot of formatting involved in this document, just reco... Read more

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When inserting pictures into a Word 2010 document they always go to the top of the page, then I have to rag them to where I want them. This happens even though I have placed the cursor in the place where I want the picture before I start the insertion process. Is it possible in Word 2010 to have the picture go directly to the indicated place? Thanks for your help on this. gbwtlc
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8098 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, -238 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941966 MB, Free - 818411 MB; D: Total - 11799 MB, Free - 1444 MB; K: Total - 953197 MB, Free - 105171 MB;
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:positioning pictures inserted into Word 2010 document

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This new word is annoying. I'll be typing a paragraph and then as I go down the page lines I just typed will disappear, or they will blend into another which makes them unreadable. Sometimes single spacing will turn into double spacing, or into no spacing. Sometimes lines of text will be doubled under each other. All the text is still there the way I typed it, but it's not visible when reading over the document. If I want to go back to read what I wrote I have to insert returns into these invisible lines of text to have them appear again. If I scroll up then I can't see the last lines of what I wrote, they are not even there until I again have to insert my cursor and then start pressing enter. I don't understand why everything keeps shifting around like that. Shouldn't it remain static throughout? It's the most annoying thing to have to type a document and have to go through these magic tricks every time.

A:MS Word 2010 lines disappearing as I type a document...

I would certainly check the "Options" of Word and unmark each automatic feature, except the ones you really need.

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I'm trying to help an 80+ year old friend with a problem she's having with WORD. When she first opens WORD, a document appears which appears to be a version of another document she had worked on several days ago. It seems that document has been over-written on what should be a blank new document. How would that happen, and how do I go about fixing it for her?

A:Solved: Default Blank Document when opening WORD

Hi, pshagnot. Rename their normal.dot file:

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Does anyone know if it is possible to get Word 2007 to select a different default dictionary based on the current document? If I open a personal letter, for example, I want to use my personal dictionary as default, so that when I right-click to add a word, it goes in there; if, however, I am writing a technical document, I want a right-click to add to my work-related dictionary. I know I can change the default by going into options, but it is difficult to remember each time I open a document.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Best wishes, Patrick

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I am working on a 172 page document with several sections. I am editing the document and need to change the page numbers in the footer. When I manually do this and save it, all the pages in that section revert to 3-1 (odd pages) or 3-2 (even pages). How do I fix this problem?

A:Change Numbering on Word Document

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a way in either Excel or Word 2010 to add text to a line before the text. So, for example I have something like this:


And then I want to add "1 " before each line in a way that is copy pastable, so it looks like so:

1 Name1
1 Name2
1 Name3

Is there anyway to do this. it's mostly just to help with copying text from Word/Excel documents onto forums so it formats correctly. Any help at all is much appreciated


A:Solved: Word/Excel 2010 Adding text before each line in a Document

Hi Matt,
It's probably a little cleaner to do it in Excel than in Word, but also a few extra steps. In Word:

You can run a find a replace. Without including the quotes, find "^p" (the paragraph symbol) and replace with "^p1 " (there's a space after the 1). This replaces the paragraph break at the end of each line with another paragraph break and then "1 " at the beginning of the next line. The problem with this method is that the first line won't have a 1 in front of it (because there's no paragraph break before that line) and the last line will have a stray 1 after it. But this should be relatively minor cleanup.

Alternatively, in Excel:

Insert a column to the left of your names. Without including the quotes, enter "1" in the first cell and copy it down your spreadsheet. Insert a column to the right of your names and enter this formula (assuming your names are now in column B):

=A1&" "&B1

This should give you the result you're looking for in column C. Hope that helps.

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I love the Windows Explorer Document Tree View (I have windows xp) and I'm so lazy that it bothers me to switch to the view each time I open a new window. Is there a way to set the default view to open folders with the document tree showing?

I have tried switching it to the "classic" view, but that doesn't have the versatility of the full document tree. And, as another article has suggested, I added " /e" to my "My Documents" shortcut target, but that didn't help either.

Can you help me out?


A:Solved: Change Windows Explorer Default View To Document Tree

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i sew for my church (chemo hats/baby clothes) to give to our local hospital. many of the free patterns are in pdf format and some can't be copied to word. is there a free program (even a trial program) that will allow me to try to convert pdf files. thanks for your help!

A:Solved: change pdf file to a word document

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Please help point me in the right direction.  I checked the File association on Internet settings and document type docx is associated with Word, but it won't open.  What do I need to change?
I received the following information when I clicked on the troubleshoot link:
Windows has the following information about this Protocol. This page will help

you find software needed to open your file.
Protocol Type: ms-word
Description: UnKnown
Windows does not recognize this Protocol.

A:SharePoint 2010 document broken link due to unrecognized File protocol: ms-word

Title:  SharePoint 2010 document broken link due to unrecognized File protocol: ms-word
Please help point me in the right direction.  I checked the File association on Internet settings and document type docx is associated with Word, but it won't open.

Try refining this symptom description.  What exactly do you mean by "it won't open"?  Answering that might explain why you are posting this in an IE forum.  E.g. right-click, Copy Shortcut whatever it is that you are calling
a "broken link" and Paste it here.
Otherwise, try right-click, Save target as... to put the file into your Downloads (Ctrl-j) and then use right-click, Properties to find its
full path and name.  Note that that would be quite different from what the Copy Shortcut step would have shown.
Next I suspect that the Set Associations GUI tool may not be showing you the correct information.  FWIW it certainly doesn't show me the correct information in W8.1.  So, I would try checking if you have an explicit association and file type combination
by using the assoc and ftype commands in a cmd window.  In fact, instead of just showing the ftype for the current association I would use this:
    ftype  |  find  /i  "word"
Then you could take the most appropriate template (not necessarily the one pointed to by the assoc command) and fill it in on a Run... dialog (or a ... Read more

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Anyone can tell me the way to change phone numbers to hyperlinks within a word document. I have a lot of phone numbers so I can't change them one by one. Thanks.

A:how can i change all phone numbers to hyperlinks in a word document?

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I have a legal form to fill out in WORD and it keeps printing the entries in the text fields in blue. The A text color tool is greyed out. How can I make it black again? I seldom use Office so I'm a newbie at this one.

A:can't change text color in WORD document fields

If the form has been designed as a protected Word document "form" (probably that is the case since it is a "legal form") then they may have formatted it in that manner because that is how they want it filled in, with your content in blue?

Hence the options are unavailable for you to change.

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Hello All

Is there a way to change the default setting for font style and size in Outlook 2010?

Regards Silversurf

A:How to change default font in Outlook 2010

Here is an article


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For some reason I'm unable to change the default font for my outgoing email.
When I go to Options>mail, and click on stationary & fonts nothing happens.
Any ideas please? I'm running Win 7.

A:Can't change default font Outlook 2010

You could try doing a Repair.
Here's a couple of links you can look at about this.
Office 2010 - Perform Repairs
Repair Office programs - Project - Office.com

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I have tried everything I know to get this to work but nothing seems to work.

I have Windows 7, and installed Office 2010 but when I try to open a file.docx file it opens in the old Word 2002 and not Word 2010.

I have right cliked the file and many other files and looked for Word 2010 but it is not there to select. Only the old Word 2002.

I have looked in control panel and looked at the file associations and there too I can not find Word 2010 when I try to alter the association of docx.

The only way I can open the file in Word 2010 is the long way and scrolling through each folder until I find the file I want to print or alter.

Any ideas anyone ?

A:Unable to set Word 2010 as default program

Have you made the setting in your Word Options? If not, click on the Office logo at the top-left corner of the Word page, and click on Word Options at the very bottom. Click on Save, Save Documents, and in the "Save documents in this format" box, select: "Word 2010." When you're done, at the very bottom of the screen, IF you have this box, don't forget to check it: "Apply to all future documents." (This option appears on some Word Options pages but not all.)

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In MS Word 2010, the default font for a new blank document is set for Calibri size 10. I went though the procedure to change the default size to 12. I've attached screen shots of the two dialog windows that open as part of this process. Opening a new document still has the font set at 10. This happens even if I do not close the program and open another new document.

A:Solved: Word 2010 Default Font

I see no attachments, but the simplist way is to click the small arrow, that is in the lower right corner of the Font area.
It will open the Font settings pane. Make the changes that you what and then click on the "Set as Deault" button in the lower left corner of the pane.

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For Word 2010 on a Windows 10 computer, I want to change the default font and size. I had no trouble changing the font from Calibri to Arial but have been unsuccessful in changing the font size from 10pt to 12pt. I have set the default as 12pt Arial several times, but each time I open a new Word document I find the font size has reverted to 10pt. What am I missing? Thank you.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690T CPU @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8082 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 915 GB (817 GB Free); D: 15 GB (1 GB Free); E: 0 GB (0 GB Free);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 2B0D
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

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Hi I have installed word 2010 and the default bullets are a racket and ball, I want to change that to something more conventional like a square or circle, as default, how can I do that? Thanks

A:Solved: Default bullets in Word 2010

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Outlook 2010 will display the the email in whatever font it was typed in, and if it's a HTML mail, in whatever fonts is set by the HTML tags. However is there a way to set a default font the Outlooks displays the messages in, just like you can set the default font in web browsers, regardless of what the developers specified.

The reason for this is because most emails are typed in Times New Roman and MS Mincho which aren't suitable for LCD screens. I want everything to be displayed in Verdana and Meiryo.

A:Change default display font Outlook 2010

Are you asking how to do it? If so, File > Options > Mail > Stationary & Fonts.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2200 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4061 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset, 8 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 702194 MB, Free - 632212 MB; D: Total - 13106 MB, Free - 1605 MB; F: Total - 476906 MB, Free - 388913 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 2AA2
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

Have a problem with the XLSTART default file. I change the comma format and save as book.xltx in the user\name\appdata\roaming\ms\excel\xlstart.
When you first open Excel,it opens a book with the correct number format (no decimal places). But when you try to create a new file, it reverts to the standard US number format with two decimal places.

A:EXCEL 2010-change comma default format

If you want to permanently change this Open the Options under File, there you can set your defaults.

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I'm not sure what I clicked on, but all of a sudden my email signature and font are super huge and not sure how to get it back to normal..
I have tried to change the font in Options/Signatures but to no avail.
I have deleted one of the signatures and entered a new one but that does not work either. After entering a new signature the font is still huge at about 60.

Any help?

Outlook 2010 / Win 7

A:Can't change default signiture fonts in Outlook 2010

did you try reduce the size in option?

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I had Outlook all working fine until I decided to move the default location of the My Docs folder that contained the default delivery location.

After doing this Outlook just stopped working so I have now tried everything to get it working again. I have put the My Docs folder back in its original place, and I have also completely removed and re-installed office 2010 but to no avail.

I have narrowed the problem down and figured out that before I can sort the problems out I need to delete the Delivery location of the email address but I don't know how to do it.

Any help here will help.

A:Need to change default delivery location in Outlook 2010!

As an update to this thread I need to completely start from fresh with outlook as I am starting to get duplicate accounts. I can't get any email accounts that I want to work to work i.e. they will not connect to the server.

I need to start from fresh and delete everything in Outlook, I am using Office pro plus so please do help.

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Background: I have been using windows since 3.11 when I was in second grade and we got rid of our DOS box. I consider myself a proficient user to highly proficient user, having built 4 of my own machines. I have installed Office 2010 Professional and the program works.

Setup: Lenovo ideapad y500 purchased January 2013 with Windows 8

Problem: Windows will not allow me to set Word 2010 as my default program for opening .docx or other valid formats. I can open the documents from within the program, just not by default.

Steps Taken:
1) Right-click file > choose default program > Word 2010 not available > browse for and specify location > set program to default. Result = System Message "This app can't run on your pc."
2) Consulted Microsoft support site to search for solution. Same result.
3) Contacted Microsoft support hotline to request help with issue. Was informed that, because I didn't fully understand the intricacies of this new operating system within 90 days, and I can't make two Microsoft products work properly together, I will need to pay $150 for support. They used more tact, but that's the gist. I can visit any Microsoft store to get free support, the nearest being 150 miles away.

Desired Resolution: One of you fine people have seen this before and know how to set that default application. All of you who read this are also annoyed with Microsoft's awful customer service. Microsoft replaces my OS with Windows 7, which I loved. I pro... Read more

A:Help MS Office 2010 Professional - Word - Default Program

Hi tmf,

What happens if you try the following...? :
First locate WinWord.exe on your disk; probably something like C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

The "Program Files" bit might be "Program Files (x86)"
Follow the steps in this tutorial. Default Programs - Associate a File Type or Protocol in Windows 8
In step 3 of the tutorial - can you take a look up and down the list; are *any* file types associated with Microsoft Word?
At step 5 in the tutorial, select the option to "look for another app on this PC" and navigate to WinWord.exe in the path you found in step (a) above.
If you get the same error you mentioned in your post, post a screenshot of the error:
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

Apologies if you've done all of this already!

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Is there a way to dictate, in Microsoft Word 2010, that any newly-created document will have my own Style in place as the default one, or whatever the term might be, if anything, that decides what the starting set-up is? It's currently the font Calibri, size 11, 10.5 Multiple line spacing, 1" margins on all sides, etc. My preferences are different in every way, so I manually change all of that every time I make a new document.

A:Changing the default Style in Microsoft Word 2010?

Have you tried changing the normal template? I was able to find directions on how to find that for 2003 here, but it's the same process for 2007 and I would imagine 2010. I don't have 2010 on this computer to double check.

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Is there a way to set Thunderbird as the default email client w/ MS Word 2010?
Thank You,

A:Thunderbird as the default email client w/ MS Word 2010

You want to use Microsoft Word as your e-mail editor for Thunderbird?

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Yesterday I bought a new laptop. Before I got rid of the old one, I backed up all my files. I was previously running office 2007 which uses .docx. This new laptop came with a key to be entered on the office website which would download and install Office Home and Student 2010. I copied all my old files onto this new laptop, however, I cannot set Word 2010 to be the default program to open .docx files. If i right click a .docx file and select 'Open with...' Word is not in the list of programs. If I browse, it is not in 'Program Files'. I am able to start Word from the start menu. I figured that if I do this, open the task manager, under applications right click on 'Document 1 - Microsoft Word' and select 'Go to process' it would show me the executable's title under the 'Processes' in the Task Manager, which it does (WINWORD.EXE). If I right click on this and select 'Properties' I get an error message

The specified path does not exist.

Check the path, and try again.'

I understand that Office 2010 uses Click-to-Run technology and that Q:\ is a drive created by Click-to-Run and that I cannot access this drive.

So if I cannot access WINWORD.EXE, how can I make Word 2010 the default program to open .docx. I can open Word and then from there open a file, but I would much rather be able to click a file from it's directory and have it open in Word.

Thanks in advance

When I right click on the shortcut in the start menu, it gives the f... Read more

A:How do I Microsoft Word 2010 default progam with .docx?

Accessing the Q drive is not possible with the Explorer. There are, however, some methods proposed on how to do that - example: ( Independent App-V Blog ? SoftGrid: 5 easy ways to look inside the Q-drive ). If you Google "Access to Q drive", you'll find more.

Btw. All Windows7 have x86 program files and (x64) program files.

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