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Solved: MS Access report load from a form having report criteria

Q: Solved: MS Access report load from a form having report criteria

Dears,I have designed a database with many reports of certain importance. basically a report in my DB is one of two types; a Daily Report (requires a single criteria which is the date) and the second is a History report. To view or print a report, I have designed a Filter form to fill in with the report criteria and clicking a button to open the report.The first type (Daily R) work fine without problems. The second type (History R)has a problem. In this report, the criteria are two or three because a history report will retrieve data within a period, so I have to input (FromDate) and (ToDate)and may be adding another criteria which is called a company.In all history reports, the report header will accomodate the two input values of date and extract the rest of report items into the reprot detail area.The problem is, the desigened system doesnot respond well as expected. When I load the filter form to fill in criteria for a history report, I have input the FromDate and ToDate and selected the third criteria (if any), then, the reprot opens without data in it.on the other hand, I tried to load the report directly form opening it, inputing criteria, and it has worked fine without probelms.Would someone expect a key reason for this problem or dirtecly can solve this problem?Appreciate youtr support.Thanks in Advance.mhegazy

Preferred Solution: Solved: MS Access report load from a form having report criteria

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A: Solved: MS Access report load from a form having report criteria

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Hi Guys
Need a little help here.
I am using access 2003.
I have created reports which draw their information from queries.
Most of these reports need to be sorted according to alphabetical order of surname.
The queries all sort correctly as specified by my criteria, however the reports do not. Is their a way to add sort criteria to an existing form.
I realise it is helpful if I post a copy of my database but all the information is confidential and the thought of putting fake information scares me

A:Solved: Sort criteria for access 2003 report

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I have multiple different MTD Queries for statistic reasoning. In these queries I convert the date into the format to mmmm/yyyy and have the criteria for the user to enter the month/year

Doing this when I create my reports (using subreports) I am getting multiple parameter value popups. I am looking for a way to have the parameter value popup once either with changing my queries or adding a module any ideas would help Thank you

A:Solved: Access criteria multiple queries into one report

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Hey everybody

I have created a report. For the record source, I have it pulling only records where their Active Status is "In-active". That works great.

I need to have it where when someone pulls this report, they can then do a search for certain dates. There are about 4 date fields on the report.

For example, if someone pulled up the report, and they needed to pull up a list of these agents that their Contract Mail date was between 4/11/2006 and 4/25/2006.

Is it possible to do this, to where they can put whatever criteria they need?

A:Solved: Access 2003 - How to search by criteria in a report?

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I have a report that opens based on a combo box. The combo box is based on a query and is limited to the list. Basically you select the estimator's name in the text box and press a button to open the report with the related data. Here is the code I am using:

DoCmd.OpenReport "CloseOutRep", acViewPreview, , "[Estimator]= '" & Me.txtEstimator & "'"

The user wants to narrow the reports down by adding two more combo boxes - txtLocation and txtYear. How can I open this report with the additional criteria of

"[Location]= '" & Me.txtLocation & "'"
"[SalesYear]= '" & Me.txtSales & "'"

I guess any criteria would have to be true for the report to display data, which shouldn't be a problem because of limiting the selections to the list in the combo box.

So if this is possible all I will need is a way to make Access assume all records should be displayed when one criterion or another is not chosen.

Any ideas?
Building the Ultimate site list for PC support.

A:(Solved) Open a report in Access base on multiple criteria?

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I would like to be able to select a report from the reports list and be able to also select data from certain fields to include on the report, in a combo box or list box format on a Form. For instance:

A list box for Departments where I select a department
A list box for Location where I select a location
A list box for reports where I select a report

Any ideas? Thanks.

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please help!
i installed office pro 2003 (windows xp)
and i cant create a new report (it start one, but wont save it)
if i try to create a form with the wizard, it wont save it .

what is worng??

A:Solved: access 2003 can't create report or form from wizard

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I have a form that on the click of a button opens a report and keep doing some background work.

When the report previews, the form seems to go automatically on design view, so the operations to be performed on the background stop, and a message appears, indicating that nothing can be done, because the form is on design view.

If I send the report straight to the printer (normal view) then all works fine, but if there is an error on the report, there is no way to catch it until after it prints.

Is there a way to keep the report on preview and the form on form view, so everything wil work smooth as it should?

I do greatly appreciate your answers.

A:Solved: Access 2003: Form design and report preview

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I have a report, with 3 sub-reports in. It collects all the data for a particular SiteID. in Each of the sub-reports, there is a cost value. One for Hardware, one for Mobiles, and one for Phone lines. I have fields at the top of report which reflects the values and totals them up. Works great, except:
When i have a SiteID with one of the subforms being empty; i.e no mobiles on the site it displays fine in the report view, but when i go to print or publish as a pdf it strips out the subform with no value, and throws an error in my calculation. I need the calculation there, which means i need it to stop striping out the subform with no value. I however cannot see how to do this...its just bugging me, its fine inthe report view, just when you send it to print.

Would grateful for some help,

Thanks Mike

A:Solved: Access Report removing sub-report when printing etc.

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I have a form with an unbound text box that is calculating a sum of items selected for purchase. I would like to take that value and pass it to a report to fill an unbound text box on the report. In the onclick event for the command button I have put

Reports![rpt_SelOrderFrm]![Text6].Value = Me.Text37

Passing values like this between forms works fine, but the report shows nothing at run time.

Is the syntax incorrect in the reports collection?

A:Pass form value to Report Access

The problem with Reports is that unless the data is available at the On Format it is difficult to pass the data, have you tried using a Dlookup instead, it goes in the Text6 field's source in the report.
If the Report is based on a Query then you can also create a column heading called
[forms]![form name]![Text37]
where form name is the name of your form. You make that the source for Text6 o the Report.

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Do any of you use Modal forms or reports? If so what do you use the objects for specifically?

A:Access Form/Report question

Jim, I have never used them, but have worked on a couple of databases that had them as Pop-ups that stay on top. They force users to make a response and close it before doing anything else.
I can't really see the use personally.

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I have a continuous form of data. I then filter it to have only specific data. I then want a to click a button to display that filtered data on the report ready to print.

I have tried in the OnClick event of the button:

DoCmd.OpenReport "RptDataHardwarePCLaptops", acViewPreview, , acViewReport, , Me.Filter

and also:

DoCmd.OpenReport "RptDataHardwarePCLaptops", acViewPreview, , "HardwareID = " & HardwareID

Hopefully somebody can show me the error of my ways

Thanks in advance!


A:Report on Continuous Form in Access

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I have an Access form for a school database. The form uses parameters defined as unbound text boxes for teacher (pteacher) and classroom (pclassroom). Each of these links back to their own tables: the table Teachers has column teacherid & teacher; table Classrooms has columns classroomid & classroom. I have a report that pulls the data from the query based on the parameters (pteacher and pclassroom) from the form, so I am getting all the data I want. My problem is that on my report, it displays the teacherid and classroomid in my report header rather than the teacher and classroom values.

How do I get my report header to show the values selected for the parameters rather than the primary keys?

This is the control source used in my report and the control source in my form: "=Nz([Forms]![frmLunchDetail]![pTeacher],"All Teachers")"

A:Access form parameters show id pk in report

Are you using a Combo Box for selecting the Teacher?

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I was looking for help with a db I created in Access 2002. I have users that need to enter information in a form and there are many fields. Some of which are required. which the form works great. But the problem I am having is that I want the user to be able to print a report that corresponds with what is on the form but only if the forms mandatory fields are filled in. Right now I have a command button on the bottom of the form that opens the report in print preview status but you can click on it at any time. I don't want to give the users the opportunity to not have to fill in all the required fields.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I haven't programmed in a long time (10 years) I never took a VB class either.


A:Access 2002 form/report issues

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I am working for a small Hotel where we need to generate a report to watch the accounts. There would be around three types of reports viz. Daily, Weekly and Monthly. I know nothing about MS Access except the names like table, query and forms, other than this its like a rocket science to me.

Here is what i can describe best,
1. Daily transactions like bill number (awesome if automated), payment made, details of food or drinks ordered, date, mode of payment etc will be entered in the system OR may be extracted from the excel dump
2. This Hotel already have a software that helps them do the basic billing thing but is not good at reporting level so we are planning to find an alternative and my boss asked me to use Ms. Access (sorry i am loosing focus)
3. We'll be printing out the daily, weekly and monthly reports and filing them for records

I am attaching a sample excel here to help you understand what the data would be like. Can you please help me with a quick program in MS Access (great if its in 2007) that will serve the purpose.

Thanks in advance,


A:Help to create Ms. Access 2007 report or form

Vishal, I can assist you with this.
Is the Excel "Input" tab the same as the "excel dump"?

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I have a very simple data base 3 tables

Product table with 2 fields productid and productdescription

Sale1 is the basic information of a sale invoice number and who items are sold to

Sale2 is the details and shows qty , item, price, and GST charged if any (some people or organizations are tax exempt so it becomes zero.

I've got my form and subform to run correctly

I've got my report to print all items correctly but I can't total the value

the line value for each item is a textbox

=Sum([QTY] * [Saleprice])*([GST])+([QTY] * [Saleprice])

This does return the correct value for that line item.

HOW can I correctly total the sum of all items into the reporrt footer???

HELP please the sale is tomorrow through Sunday.

A:Solved: Total in Report Footer ACCESS 2010 Report - Total NOT working

Add a duplicate of your current calculating field and set it's "Running Sum" (under data tab) to yes overall.
Then in the footer use the new field as the totals Control Source.

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I need some help. I have created a database where you can search for information on people within a group. I have 4 different disciplines and a few years to choose from. I can get the reports to pull based off just the Discipline or by a person's name. I am having trouble selecting a discipline and year. Example I can pull all information for one discipline for all the years. I want to be able to filter it down to just whatever year is selected by the user.
This is my code can someone help please.

Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset
If cboProjyear.Value > 1 Then
Set rs = CurrentProject.Connection.Execute("select * from tblProjectYears where id=" & cboProjyear.Value)
tempname = ""
If Not rs.EOF Then
tempname = "[Proj Year] =" & rs.Fields("Project Year") & ""
End If
Set rs = Nothing
End If
tempstring = cboDiscipline.Value
If tempstring = "2" Then
'DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryAAscorecards", acViewNormal
DoCmd.OpenReport "AAScorecards", acViewPreview, , tempname
If tempstring = "3" Then
'DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryAAscorecards", acViewNormal
DoCmd.OpenReport "SAScorecard", acViewPreview, , tempname
If tempstring = 4 Then
'DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryEEscorecards", acViewNormal
DoCmd.OpenReport "EEScorecards", acViewPreview, , tempname

If tempstring = "5" Then
'DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryMEscorecards", acViewN... Read more

A:Trying to calll a report based on 2 form selections in MS Access 2007

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I hope I can clearly explain this problem.

I've built a query that has one a criteria line that looks like this:


The query runs exactly as it should and filters the value in cbMyOtherComboBox parameter if the word "Regional" is in the noted in cbMyComboBox, or does not filter on anything if the word "Regional" does not appear in the cbMyComboBox.

I've built a report based on this query. In the report I've placed a chart, also based on the same query and created a master-child link on one of the fields so that the chart will loop through the data for each grouping within the field and chart the data.

This all worked great and smooth, until I added the filter to the query that callls the combobox value in the form. While, like I said, the query runs smooth, the report does not. Actually, the report runs fine in report view, but it breaks in print preview (or printing to PDF) and states the following error message:

The Microsoft Office Access database engine does not recognize [Forms]![frmMyForm]![cbMyOtherComboBox] as a valid field name or expression.

Any thoughts on why this won't work with print view (but it does with report view) and how I can fix this?

A:Access 2007 report doesn't recognize form text box

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I created a database and I need to create a form/report which would be a contract for my business. What I want to know is how can i have access automatically fill predefined data such as clients name etc into certain fields automatically for each client record. I basically want to be able to click on the clients record, run a report which would be the contract/agreement and be able to print off contract with the clients name already entered into the applicable fields...

What would the steps be?

A:How to create a form/report in Access where some fields are automatically filled

You would not need to fill in any Customer Fields on the form, other than the Key ID Field.
For the report you create a query based on the contract table and the Customer table to get all the fields for the report.

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That seems a mouthful. I have three list boxes where the user is to select multiple text options. Each list box represents descriptive text from three different categories.

I would really like to generate a Word document that has the selected items in three columns depending on the list box selected. Is it possible? I would settle for a Report.

Any links to existing samples? Where do I begin?


A:Generate Report based on Access Form List Box Multi-Select

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I have a data entry form that logs materials purchased on a single invoice. Master Form contains the invoice number, date, vendor, and amount. The sub-form has the details. Item description, quantity, and unit price.

After all information is printed I want to print a report which is based off a query.

I want a single command button on the form that will print the report using the information entered. Either the IDNbr_FLD (autonumber index) or the InvoiceNbr_FLD

While I can get it to print the report it BUT it prints all of the invoices not restricted to the invoice I'm data entering.

A:Solved: Print Report From Form Using Data Entered

Do you have a query for the report?
If so add in the Criteria first row of the IDNbr_FLD column
forms![name of your form]![IDNbr_FLD]
where name of your form is the actual name of your Mainform.

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I have an inventory db... I'm attempting to have an image of each product load in a report upon viewing the respective record.

So far, I have it working correctly on my Forms... I used the code from the sample DB in this post.

However, I copied the Image1 from the sample DB report to my report and the image doesn't show. What am I missing? I checked the properties of the report in the sample DB and there's no extra code there.
* Edit - I edited my initial post because I realized the sample DB I linked to possessed a report as well.

A:Access 2003: Load Images In A Report For Each Record

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I have a subform with information drawn from a query. The main form will have multiple entries on each day. The query is based on the date entered in the form so that as new entries are made on the main form, all of the entries with the same date show up in the subform. Right now, the subform updates after the record is completed, but I would like for it to update as soon as I enter the date. How do I do that?

A:Solved: Access - Subform update as soon as criteria entered in form

In the Date Field's After Update event procedure try putting
where subfromname is the actual name of your sub form.

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Hello, I am using Access 2000 and have created a database with a command button that opens up a report via a macro. I would like to know how to open up single reports instead of pushing a button that brings up every report, I've been able to open up reports that are based off of queries, queries that have paramenters that need to be inputted in order to bring up single unique records, but I would like to be able to just create a button that brings just that particular unique record-report off of that particular unique record on that form. Meaning that for a record that had just been inputted for John Doe on a form, I would like to know how to create a button on that form to pull up John Doe's single report without having to build a query that asks for a parameter. Is there anyway to do this?

A:Access-Printing a single report off of a single record from an Access database form

You will have to adapt this to your own form setup; but it's just using the Where line of the OpenReport macro action.

If on the form MyFormName you have two controls called txtFirstNm and txtLastNm, and in the query underlying the report you have two fields called FirstNm and LastNm, you would put into the Where line of the OpenReport action:

[FirstNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtFirstNm] And [LastNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtLastNm]
Hope that helps.

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This should be so easy. I've a form which my user chooses her dates from a data picker. This is passed to vb which does some database processing and then runs a report using these dates. This seems to work fine; but I can't get the date to display in the heading of the report.
I've tried a text box with =[Filter] in but nothing comes up. It uses the form date in the where command.

A:Solved: Getting form variable/parameter to display in report heading

Providing the date is input in a Field on the form you can use
=forms![form name]![field name]
in an unbound field in the report Header.

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I am using Access 2003 and want to put the file (database) name and the report name in the footer of my report. I'm using =CurrentProject.Name as the control source in a text box of the footer to get the file name. Is there a command I can use to add the report name?

A:Add report name in Access report footer

Hi Trilby

You could try this:

In the VBA code module (Class Module) for your report write a simple function (I've called it Get_Report_Name in my example):

Private Function Get_Report_Name() As String

Get_Report_Name = Me.NAME

End Function

In your report footer: add a text box at the position where you want to display the report name. In the Control Source property for the new text box enter: =Get_Report_Name()

This should display the report name when the report is run.


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I'm fairly new to Access, and I'm looking for a way to make a search form that has both text boxes and combo boxes associated with fields in my table, titled Tbl_DCR. I want to be able to select certain field values and have either a sub-form or the datasheet section of a split-form display any records that have that field value in them. So if I selected values from two different combo boxes, it would only display records that have both field values in them, and so on. I'm running Access 2007 on XP. Please help!

A:Solved: Creating a Multi-Criteria Search Form, Access 2007

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Hello, I am creating an access tool for work and I need to change the display of the results of the query.

When I enter the parameters in my form to run the search query I get the following as a result:

ZipCode County State City Code1 Agency1 Code 2 Agency 2​-Data- -Data- -Data- -Data- -Data- -Data- -Data- -Data

Is there a way to present that infomration so its displayed vertically? Such as the following

ZipCode -Data-
County -Data-
State -Data-
City -Data-
and so forth.

Notes: I have a form set up to search by "zipcode" which will run a seach query and display the results. If anyone could help that would be great.

Thank you

A:Form or Report Help

westben2002, welcome to the Forum.
You can't Transpose the results of a query like you can Excel data, but you can do so on an output form or report.

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i have just created a report in access 2003. In design view of the report everything is perfect and shows correctly, but when in preview mode nothing shows in the "Details Section" this is really weird and i cannot figure it out.

Can somebody help me please? Thank you for your time.

A:Solved: Access Report HELP

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I have an access report that is designed to print on label paper. I added 4 sets of the fields I want but isntead of the 4 sets showing unique records they all show the same records. Is there a way that I can have the report only display unique records in the box.

| | |
| | |
|_same _|same__|

and I want

| | |
| | |
|_DIFF _|Diff__ _|

A:Solved: Access Report

I have not done labels on label paper, but I do not think that you should add the Fields. I think that there should be just one field.
I do know that you can achieve what you want by using one field and with the Report in Preview click Setup>Columns. You can then set the Columns to 2 and set their width to suit your labels, the "Depth" of the Record Detail on the report will position the fields down the page.

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I am trying to print a report based on a selection made on a list box, but I cannot seem to get it to work. The code below is what I have behind a command button.

DoCmd.OpenReport Me.lstReports, acViewPreview

Is there something I missing with the code above?

A:Solved: Access Report

Create a Command button to open one of the reports and then chnage the code that says
"stDocName = "USDA New Families Report""
stDocName = me.lstReports
Assuming that me.lstReports is the name and not the List Index value.

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I have an Access report that I would like to seperate by the month. On the report, I have a date type field that I would liek to use to seperate by months. I then would like to take an average based on a certain filed for each month.

How would I go about doing this?

A:Solved: Access Report

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I am having a problem with an Access/Outlook data transmission. I need to send an access report, as well as an external file, to various users using Outlook. I can send the report using the docmd.sendobject method, but I need to send the external file (an excel spreadsheet) in the same e-mail. I have found I can send the excel file via adding it the the attachment collection, but haven't been able to add a report to the collection. This (the second) is what I would prefer to do if it is possible. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Access Report via E-Mail


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I have created a db that keeps track of employees time worked and leave taken.

I need help getting the time worked by employees to calculate/total on a report. I would like for the time to be totaled for the week, and then again for the month for each employee. The db is setup so that there can either be a manager or non-manager employee. If the employee is a manger, then they have two options when it comes to viewing reports. They can view his or her own report with just the time worked, or they can view all employee's time worked. The non-managers can only view his or her own time worked. The other kicker is that the employees are either salary or hourly. If the employee is salary, then they do not have to clockin and out for lunch. The hourly employees do have to clock in and out for lunch.

I have attached a copy of the db. Any suggestions or guidance will be greatly appreciated. If any further information is needed, please let me know.

A:Solved: Access Report Issue

Posted this thread twice by accident. Please see thread that has not been marked solved.

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My boss wants me to make my db so that it exports a report to excel which is not a problem but, he wants the excell to be formatted like the report which displays doubled up headings and doubled up data so that it all fits on letter sized report I think maybe I can make an excel template to output to?? But is there a way to reformat and excel doc to double up the headings and make it my template? Anyone ever done this?

Thanks, Joe

A:Solved: Excel report from access

Does not look like this is possible

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Getting my butt kicked here, I'd appreciate any help.

I need to add a field in a report to show a voucher number. It needs to start at a certain number and +1 everytime the report is ran. Not talking records here as every google search I've found deals with records.

Example: I run the report today and the field says it is 33. I run it tomorrow and the field says it is 34.

Any ideas would be helpful.


A:Solved: Access 07 Report Numbering

You need to store the last number used someplace.

Are you current storing the last number used?

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I have a form open with all the details i need, and i can email a report, using the code below, i just cant get it to email the report that is open for an individual "DevelopmentID". I just dont know how to link the "DevelopmentID"

Private Sub CmdEmail4_Click()
On Error GoTo CmdEmail4_Click_Err
DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "RptClientAll", "PDFFormat(*.pdf)", "", "", "", "All Client Detail", "", True, ""

Exit Sub
MsgBox Error$
Resume CmdEmail4_Click_Exit
End Sub

Any body got any sugestions please? The normal Macro does not link, so im resorting to VBA. ive converted the macro to show the VBA as above. Ive tried different ways like below, but it does not link it still:

Private Sub CmdEmail4_Click()
On Error GoTo CmdEmail4_Click_Err

DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "RptClientAll", "PDFFormat(*.pdf)", "", "", "", "All Client Detail", "", True, "", "[DevelopmentID]=" & Me![DevelopmentID]

Exit Sub
MsgBox Error$
Resume CmdEmail4_Click_Exit

A:Solved: Emailing a report using VBA for Access

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I'm using ACCESS 2003 and I created a query named 'Key Measures - BESOS' with the criteria set for [Date] as a parameter ('Between [start] And [end]') and it works fine; however, when i run the report based on that query i get an error (#Error)message in all my fields. The report looks at the sum of cases that meet my criteria in several fields. for example, i need to know the sum of cases that are outreach (1) and have the following formula: '=(DSum("[outreach"],"Key Meaures - BESOS","1")*-1).

All the formulas used to work perfectly before I set the criteria in the [Date] field in the query. Why is it that my query is running fine, but the report isn't? I've checked the Record Source and it is OK. I don't know if this is relevant, but the fileds are in the Report Header section to avoid getting 50 pages with the same info. Again, everything used to work fine until the date criteria thing and i didn't change anything else.

please help me, i'm about to quit my job

A:Solved: ACCESS report error

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In a report that I just finished there is a small change I need to make and I can't find a way to do it. I have a field (Period) and I used it as one of the grouping levels during setup with the wizard. The values of this field are 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. The problem is that on the report the order is backwards listing 90 days, 60 days, and 30 days. The problem is twofold, I can't figure out how to get back to the wizard without starting a new report and even if I do, I didn't see a way to change the sort order on the grouping levels - as the fields that are grouped by are removed from the sort order dropdown box. How can I change the order?

A:Solved: Access Report Question

Look in grouping and sorting options and change the order to descending.


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Hi, i have a report that shows unpaid invoices. I have a problem getting the total of all upaid invoices. I use this expression in the reports footer =sum([total])

The problem i have that it is only showing me the total of the last invoice not the total of all invoices.
any help will be appreciated.

A:Solved: Access Report Expression

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I just purchased Office 2007 so that I could e-mail reports as pdf files. This works fine and what I actually e-mail is a portion of the report as defined by a where clause or filter. When the report goes out in the e-mail it uses the report name as the file name i.e. "rpt R1 .pdf" The commands are in vba and are initiated by a button on a form.

Since I am only sending a portion of the data (e.g. item number 1234) and since I am sending the report because I have updated the data I would like my file name in the e-mail to be more descriptive. What would be good is a file name of "1234 revised 4-19-2007.pdf". Does anyone know how to do this?

The only way I have thought of is to use a DoCmd.CopyObject (or rename) to create a copy of my report object with the name "1234 revised 4-19-2007" and then run that and then delete it. I am pretty sure this could work but I feel there might be a better way.

A:Solved: Access Report VBA Question

The solution to this is to first save the report output to a (pdf) file using the a command similar to the following:
DoCmd.OutputTo acReport, stDocName, acFormatPDF, stFileName
and then send an e-mail with the file as an attachment. This cannot be done with DoCmd.OutPutTo but can with a custom subroutine (free) from Peter's Software. Here's a discussion of the issue http://www.peterssoftware.com/c_emfa.htm and a link to the sub. It worked for me: http://www.peterssoftware.com/c_som.txt

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I am using the Student & classes template to record student grades.
I am trying to figure out how to print a report card per student. As yet all i can do is print a list of all teh students grades & classes all together. Is there a way to print a report that is baseed on a particular record i.e. the student ID.
Thanks in advance

A:(Solved) MS Access Report/per record?

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I have an Access Table that contains two date type fields. Sometimes one date field will have data and the other will not have any data. Other times they will both have data.

I need a way to display both date fields on a report without having two different fields on the report. What I would like happen, if the second date field is blank/empty/null then display the first date field. If they both contain a date, then display the second date field.

I tried placing a textbox on the report with the following:

iif(Datefield2 = "", Datefield1, Datefield2)

That did not work. Can someone please guide me in the right direction.

A:Solved: Access Table and Report

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Iíd like to know how, if possible to do in Access, a calculation:

I have a 30,000 lines of data. Each line contains, amongst other stuff - a Sitecode, ItemCode, date, value and flag.

Each SiteCode can be categorised by itís prefix letter A,B,C
ItemCodes are TSGxx where xx is 01 to 99

The Flag only appears when a certain value is exceed, but as far as where Iím taking this Ė we neednít give further thought to the value as the flag is coded in the data.

My question is, is it possible for Access to report/query on the percentage % of each code (A,B,C...), The ItemCodes that have been not been flagged

Have attached sample excel for which the data is to exported to Access.

A:Solved: Access, a calculation/report

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Using Office XP


I have a report that runs on a query. This asks for a date to be entered then the report lists all records that match.
On the report the date entered is shown but as the date is entered in the "dd/mm/yy" format this is how it is shown.
Is there a way that the report shows the full Day and Date eg. Thursday, 01 October 2009.

A:Solved: Access Report - Dates

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