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Can someone recommend a compatible bluetooth card for XPS 8700

Q: Can someone recommend a compatible bluetooth card for XPS 8700

My bluetooth keyboards and mice randomly disconnect often. My headset audio loses sync with video. Other times audio is fine but video lags to a crawl but immediately fixes once my bluetooth device is disconnected. I've tried updating drivers..etc and can't seem to solve the problem. I'd rather just buy a new card and see if that solves everything. Can someone please recommend a great card that would be compatible with my computer. 802.11ac preferably
Dell XPS 8700, Windows 10

Preferred Solution: Can someone recommend a compatible bluetooth card for XPS 8700

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Can someone recommend a compatible bluetooth card for XPS 8700

I would add a PCIe adapter card with antennas on the back: like this:
search ebay for this "wireless mini pcie to pcie adapter" and you'll find several for about $10 USD.
and then add in a mini pcie card of your choosing: I think I'd choose this one:
intel dual band wireless-ac 7260HMW WiFi+Bluetooth 4.0 PCIe Half Mini Wifi Card
New on ebay for about $25 USD.
I'd expect drivers from Intel would work without any issues, but Windoze 10 will take care of the drivers anyway weather you like it or not.

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Hi, I have a M720Q tiny desktop. Originally it never came with wifi or bluetooth installed. Narrowed down 2 intel wifi/BT cards but not sure of compatibility due to whitelist issues? 01AX769 AC 926001AX704 AC 8265 Any ideas which of these will work ? Ideally would prefer the AC9260 as it supports BT 5.0 Thank you

A:M720Q Compatible M.2 Wifi/Bluetooth Card

AC 9260 may work, however AC 8265 is listed in the system specs, and was shown as the wireless option when I run the purchasing configurator today. 

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Hello, I have a Dell E6420 XFR and am looking to install Bluetooth into the unit. From what I can tell I can't have both Cellular and Bluetooth installed in the unit at the same time and as of now I have cellular installed. Is there a chip compatible with the XFR for Bluetooth? I would like to switch Cellular for Bluetooth. 

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I pulled the intel 5150 which is not compatible with windows 10.  Has anyone upgraded a T500 to Windows 10 and tested a wifi card or wifi/bluetooth card

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I have problems with my bluetooth. When I try to connect my Nokia Lumia 635 or my Jabra Talk my pc shows a BSD and restarts.
If I try to connect my Nokia Lumia 635 or an IGO G4 modem via USB they begin an endless connecting/disconnecting ciycle.

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I have a XPS 8700 running windows 7.  I am having issues getting a compatible bluetooth driver for it.  Anything I have gotten from the Dell website leaves me with the following error: Btvstack.exe has stopped working.  That happens when I boot up windows, and it happens when I try to connect my bluetooth speaker as an audio device.  The device pairs fine, but I can't use it, or any other device due to the constant crashing of btvstack.exe.  Has anyone had any luck getting the bluetooth to work?

A:XPS 8700 bluetooth driver issues

The two 8700s we have are running Win 8.1 and both BT and WiFi are disabled. BT was unreliable and the WiFi performance was not good enough.
One option vs fighting with hat device and the Dell Drivers  is to pickup a new mini pci wifi/BT card, and get the drivers directly from intel.
the AC 7260 is a decent device, and can be found for about $20 shipped on eBay.
intel has driver support for Win 10, 8.1/8, 7 and XP.
If you have an available PCI x1 slot you could get an adapter with antennas out the back for about $10.

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Tried to upgrade Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10. Everything worked except Bluetooth. The Intel 7260 AC/BT mini card shows up under USB devices as unknown device,. I've found many other threads of this problem but no solutions. Also, the "search" function in control panel never works either. Some type of language problem. That seems more windows 10 related but has anyone else gotten BT to work on an 8700 win 10 upgrade?

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I have a Bluetooth headset that I was able to use with my PC for about a week. On Friday, the headset suddenly disconnected and the Windows Bluetooth settings dialog reported a driver error. I started by disconnecting and reconnecting the headset, then I attempted to disable and re-enable the Bluetooth card but that did not solve my problem. I then checked for updated drivers, but it was reported that my drivers were up to date. Finally, I tried a full shutdown and boot of my PC (I've found with other hardware issues that a reboot does not work, so I always do a shutdown now) but my efforts returned no results.
The headset I have is a Trekz Titanium, and it works perfectly with my cell phone and tablet.
My PC Specs:
Dell Model: XPS 8700
OS: Windows 10
Bluetooth: Dell Wireless 1703 Bluetooth
Please help me figure out what has gone wrong, it is troublesome to not be able to use my headset with my PC.

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It's getting to be upgrade time again.

Going to go the server route, probably 1366 Xeon.

My questions are:

1. Do Xeon 1366's have different hole alignment/spacing that consumer 1366's?

2. If so, can anyone recommend some water blocks other than Koolance, which I know I can use, to take a look at?

Thanks for any help.

A:Socket 1366 Xeon - can anyone recommend compatible waterblocks?

Im pretty sure all 1366 motherboards use the same mounting holes. So any waterblock for the 1366 socket should be compatible.

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It looks like neither of the drivers above support bluetooth in Windows 10 Home 64-bit, but someone might be able to help.

The WiGig card's driver is the latest, and the 3YX8R cannot be detected by any means!
Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot.

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Hey all!  I've been looking to update the graphics card on my Dell XPS 8700 from a GTX 645 to a GTX 1050 Ti Nvidia graphics card.   Everything I looked at says it checks out:
-PCIE x16 card compatible with  PCI- Express x16 card slot
- 1.5 Width (Dual Slot Width) x 5.7 Length x 4.38 Height graphics card should fit in PC (original dimensions for the GTX 645 are 4.376 Height, 5.7 Length, Single Slot width).   Only problem I can see here is the width for the 1050 is dual slot while the original has a single slot width.  However, there should be enough space right?  
- 75W power draw with a 460W PSU.   Here is another (unlikely) potential problem.  I have no idea how much power everything else is drawing so I don't know how much spare power I have.   However, seeing as the 645 has a max power draw of 65 W, I think I'm fine since that's only a 10 W difference
Does anybody see any problems with my logic/anything that I'm missing?  Thanks all and have a great day.   

A:Upgrading Dell XPS 8700 with EVGA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Sc Graphics Card Card

you MUST upgrade BIOS to A10 for Win7/81 or A11 for Win10 for GTX 9x0 or higher and all GTX 10x0 cards as well.
What software are you running? If gaming at 1920x1080 resolution a GTX 1060 is perhaps the "best' option for an XPS 8700. The 8700 will easily fit a dual width card and the 1060 is the right mix of lots of graphics card, but it doesn't need a ton of power to run it.
The motherboard provides up to 75W via the PCIe slot, and extra power comes from the two six pin PCIe power connectors if the card needs more power.
Some GTX 1060 cards need a single 8 pin connector and the solution is a very low cost adapter ( $ 8.00 on eBay)

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I need to add a bluetooth adapter for Windows 7 64 bit. Any recommendations? Price concerns.


A:Recommend Bluetooth adapter for Win7 64 bit

Quote: Originally Posted by choco

I need to add a bluetooth adapter for Windows 7 64 bit. Any recommendations? Price concerns.


I'm owning a TrendNet TBW-106UB Bluetooth v2.0 class 1 + EDR usb 2.0 dongle:

So a new one on their site:
TRENDnet | Products | Bluetooth? | TBW-107UB

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I can only seem to find ones that are for Ipads and such. Anybody able to direct me to some that can be used to pair with a laptop? I already have a bluetooth mouse, i just need a keyboard. Thanks.

A:Can Anyone Recommend A Bluetooth Keyboard to Pair With my Notebook PC?

Haven't used these, but the ones I noticed at the local MicroCenter store were the following:Logitech? diNovo Edge, about $220 USD
VersaPoint Bluetooth Slim Keyboard, about $100 USD
Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000, about $90 USD
IOGear Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard, about $70 USD
Magic-Pro ProMini 3-in-1 Bluetooth Keyboard, about $70 USD
I/O Magic UltraSlim Bluetooth Keyboard, about $60 USD
IOGear Multi-Link Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad, about $60 USD
Microsoft Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard 2XJ-00001, about $50 USD
I/O Magic Bluetooth Mini Keyboard, about $50 USD

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I have a mid-2013 model XPS 8700 desktop, It came with an internal wifi card which the system configuration describes as:

In my house, I have a wifi router which has both 2G and 5G wifi networks. I've noticed that this desktop will only connect to the 2G network. Other equipment in the same room as the desktop will happily connect to the 5G network.

Which leads to two questions:

1/ Is it a known restriction that this card will only connect to 2G networks?
2/ Is there a replacement card that I can by which will connect to the 5G network?

If it's useful, the system is running Fedora 25.



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I have replaced the card driver and cable for this system and reinstalled the software. Still does not work. The only place I can find in the Device Manager that mentions the card driver is under the USB connections. I would appreciate if someone with a working driver could tell me if there is another Realtek entry.

A:Card Reader XPS 8700

Thanks for reaching out to us.
Please uninstall all the USB Root Hub including the Realtek and reinstall again. 
Please PM us the system tag# and the part number of card reader that's replaced.

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Hi, I am currently trying to upgrade my gt 720 graphics card, I don't know if I should get a gtx 1050 or 1060, I plan to use this for gaming.  My price limit is 200-250. I currently use an XPS 8700 desktop, I don't know if it'll fit or not and what parts I need to buy extra. These are my specs as follow,processor: i7 4790 3.6 GHz
graphics card: gt 720 
storage: HDD 1 TB
ram: 24 GB

So my questions are, do I need to buy a different PSU, does it fit in my case, and if it does, how do I install it? I would also enjoy if I could get advice on where to buy them and where it'd be cheaper.

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I want to upgrade my graphic card and I want to know if palit geforce gtx 1060 dual 6gb gddr5 would work with my xps 8700 with 12 gb ram, 460W power supply and a i7 4770 3.4 ghz.
Thanks anyway.

A:Graphic card for xps 8700

Hi sheleftavor,Thanks for posting.According to their website it only needs a 400w PSU (power supply unit). So yes, it will work on the XPS 8700. http://dell.to/2vFf2ki

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Is it capable of reading/writing to SDXC 64gb or larger SDXC?

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I currently have Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX PCIe 5.1 Sound Card installed in the second PCIe x1 below the graphic card PCIe x16 slot.My question is after reading a thread on this forum that explains that the PCIe x4 is only wired to perform as an X1 slot, can I switch the sound card to that slot even though the slot is longer than the other two PCIe x1 slots?Here's the thread I'm referring to... en.community.dell.com/.../20661808


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Trying to buy step son a graphics card for his pc . However he doesn't have a clue apparently about what that pc is actually capable of using. He asked for nvida geforce 950 FTW.  Will someone please tell me if it's possible? His current card gt 720. It's a 6 pin we believe.

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Hello people.I'm not tech savvy.So I can't really know about that PCI 2.0 or 3.0 stuff, or what PSU W my computer has.All I know, is that even though I love it, and it's never failed me, it's falling a little short now for some stuff, for instance: gaming.So, I was thinking a video card upgrade was in order, before I actually get to the point where I have to just get a new CPU. Right now, I can't afford it, so video upgrade sounds like the best option.Anyway, everything in the box is factory original. I know it's an i5 and it has 8GB of ram. A 1 TB drive. And it's still running win 8.1 64bits (I'm not convinced yet about Win 10).If I go to a place like amazon, I get overwhelmed with video card options, and it's just impossible to know what will actually work.I have read stuff about PSU, and PCI, that's why I mentioned it, but honestly, I wouldn't know what actually works.I'm  hoping to find something under $200, with (hopefully) 4GB of ram? I edit video and do 3d from time to time, and as mentioned above, game.Most of my work is in Photoshop and other design apps.I run dual monitors, so a dual display card would be awesome, hopefully in the same type of analog or digital connection (for balanced color display purposes).So... any ideas? I'm being very specific, but I think that's a good thing, right?Anyway, thanks for any help! I'm hoping I can get at least one more year out of this GREAT computer!I found th... Read more

A:Video card upgrade for XPS 8700 i3

GT 740 is a lackluster card. two major generations back ( there was no 8xx series for desktop cards)
I suggest a GTX 1060, or possibly a GTX 1050 ti
The 1060 comes in 3GB and 6GB versions.
www.bhphotovideo DOT com/c/product/1275083-REG/msi_geforce_gtx_1060_gaming.html
www.bhphotovideo DOT com/c/product/1292076-REG/msi_gtx_1050_ti_gaming_x_4g_geforce_gtx_1050_ti.html
Both will work with the OEM power supply in the 8500.

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I read elsewhere about the incompatibility between a Dell XPS 8500 and an eSATA PCIe 1X card that the user had installed.  The user said that the card was not recognised by the Device Manager and was thus rendered inoperable.  I do not recall the problem being resolved.
Of course, I only read about this problem when I too experienced the same problem on my XPS 8700.  I fitted a brand new eSATA card in to the PCIe 1X slot and Bingo! - absolutely nothing. 
I do not think that driver based solutions to this problem are of relevance because as far as the XPS is concerned there is no card on board.  The XPS updated its BIOS soon after I commissioned the computer from new (about 2 weeks ago).
Does anyone have any ideas or solutions worth trying? 
Is anyone else experiencing similar problems and, if so, are Dell 'on the case'?
Best regards

A:XPS 8700 - eSATA card incompatibility

There are 2 issues and neither of them is Dell related.
Safe Boot Must be off and Legacy CSM with option roms on.
The card must be PCI-E version 2.1 or 3.0 to work. The power on the bus and the clock speed are not downward compatible to 1.0 or 2.0.
OLDER PCI-E 1.0 and 2.0 cards will not be "seen" because the PCI-E bus will not downclock to version
1.0 on the X1 slot.

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Has anyone else had an issue where the SD card reader on their desktop tower works for several insertions of and SD card and then fails?
The only method I have found for getting it working again is to shutdown and boot up the machine. A reboot does not work, which leads me to think that the XPS 8700 does a warm reboot (I thought that was gone in modern PCs).

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can i upgrade my XPS 8700 with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 745 to a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 such as the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB DDR5 mini ?

A:XPS 8700 graphic card upgrade

Hello!  You won't be able to use those cards unless you upgrade the power supply unit.  The PSU is generally around 430W stock.  You might be able to find a 1060 that falls within that parameter.  

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According to device manager I have a Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 card, Driver version dated 2/22/15.

For some reason I have intermittent wifi signal drops, and I have to go into settings, network and settings, and do the trouble shooter to get it to work again.  This happens on a daily basis.

My laptop and other computers in our home are NOT having this issue.  I thought at first it might be the router, etc.

According the scans on the computer via the dell software everything is up to date.  So, I'm guessing my driver is up to date.  

Does this sound like I need to replace the wireless card?  Or is there something else I could try?

Thank you!


A:Dell 8700 Wifi Card

Maybe. It could be a driver. Also, is it windoze 10? Even higher chance of a driver issue.
Try deleting the device in device manager. Also, if you are not using BlueTooth, disable that.
For me, I gave up on wifi cards in 8700s.
I went with a powerline ethernet adapter with one and another I use a Router setup in wireless bridge mode for another. The rest run switched ethernet.
Other options are the USB type wireless adapters. I haven't used them on 8700s but have on other systems and they work in most cases better than the card in the laptop.

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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to make my 8700 desktop VR ready and need to upgrade the graphics card to do so. I was wondering what VR capable cards would work with my existing system. It looks like the Nvidia GTX 1050 ti would work fine, but the VR hardware recommends the 1060, which needs an 8-pin PCI-E power connector. Does anyone know if the 8700 has this, or maybe a 6-pin connector instead? If not, can anyone recommend a good alternative VR ready graphics card? I'm looking at EVGA products for everything mentioned above.

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I have a one month old XPS 8700 which is upgraded to Win 8.1 (64bit).  I tried to use the card reader for the first time yesterday with no success.  No indication upon inserting a valid SD card(tried 2), nothing in File Explorer .  No obvious entry in the Device Manager indicating the existence of the device.  No HW in the device manager indicating any HW issues.  Any thoughts other than opening up the box to see if it's connected?   Bailey05

A:XPS 8700 Media Card Reader Does not appear anywhere

Had the same issue with xps8700, win8.1.  Called Dell.  Was told to shut down, unplug machine, hold power button for 15 sec, then restart.  Worked like a charm!  Was told it is due to static charge on card reader.  Don't know whether that's true, but the fix worked!! Easy!

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Hi all,

I current have a new laptop running Bluetooth 4.0. I am trying to send files to and from a Samsung Galaxy W phone which is using Bluetooth 3.0.

I am able to send files from the laptop to the phone but not from the phone to the laptop.

I contacted Toshiba support and was advised that the Bluetooth version in the phone is not able to send files to the laptop because it is not compatible because it is trying to send a file from Bluetooth 3.0 to 4.0

Is this true??


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Hello All,
I recently upgraded my graphics card from the GTX 745 to a GTX 1060.  I did my research and have found many others who have made this upgrade successfully.  But now that it's in, the computer tries to start up and beeps twice, which is a dell code for a RAM issue.  I have four sticks of RAM, 32g total.
Things I have tried and still got the same 2-beep result:
-Re-seating all of the RAM
-Removed all of the RAM and the graphics card
-Putting only one stick of RAM in the first slot
-Pulling out the small silver watch battery on the mother board and placing in back in after a few minutes

-Things I have not done:
-Update BIOS
-Re-insert old card

Any ideas or suggestions?  I'm avoiding the conclusion of a mother board failure just yet.  I was in a low static area with a grounding bracelet.  

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Now that the XPS A10 8700 BIOS update is out, Chris-M would like to close the long Black screen of death thread.
Let's use this to post successes and links out to other forums with tips, tricks and how-to-resolve issues with high-end nVidia GTX cards. 
This will help others choose wisely or perhaps find a solution to an already solved problem.
In the body of your post, if you have upgraded to a high-end nVidia GTX graphics card, please list the following.
* specific video card* exact driver version* Brand monitor and resolution and cable type: HDMI, DVI, Display Port or (yikes) VGA* specific power supply you are using if you upgraded or indicate Stock Dell 460W.
Ask questions, link to benchmarks, describe what has gone well and reflect on what you might have done differently.
I encourage AMD owners to start a similar discussion, but let us keep this thread to high end nVidia GTX cards only. 

High end should imply above and beyond what Dell has shipped, or more than a GTX 660 or GTX 750ti.
GTX 760, 770, 780, 780ti, 970 and 980 graphics cards are what I would consider high-end.

A:XPS 8700 nVidia GTX video card upgrades,


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Hello, I'm totally new to pretty much all of this, but I bought a Dell XPS 8700 Desktop with a AMD Radeon 7570 about 4 or 5 years ago and at the time didn't know anything about computers at all.
Since then however I've learned quite a bit about Hardware but I'm definitely a novice still, I've only ever upgraded a couple Laptop Hard Drives, nothing major like this.
I was wondering if anybody could give me some tips or Suggestions on what Graphics card I can or should use I could really use the help.
If it helps here's my Specs PDF
downloads.dell.com/.../xps-8700_reference guide_en-us.pdf

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I have a XPS 8700 with a GTX 745M card and a D460AM-02 power supply.

I am looking to upgrade to a GTX 1060.

Will I need to upgrade my power supply?
If so, can someone recommend a power supply that will work with XPS 8700 and the GTX 1060 card?
Thank you.

A:XPS 8700 Power and GPU Card Upgrade Question.

stock PSU will work. some 1060s have 8 pin PCI power and need an adapter. Some include the adapter from two six to one eight.

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Have a PC entertainment set up with W-7 Ultimate x64 system. I don't know 'diddly' about bluetooth and was wondering if a bluetooth keyboard would readily function with the system as it is?

A:Bluetooth keyboard compatible with W-7 x64?

Glad to see that I am not the only one that doesn't know...

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Hi,  I bought a new Dell XPS 8700 three months ago.  It shipped with Windows 8 even though I asked for Win10 preinstalled.  The Win10 upgrade process was straight forward enough.  However so far three times the SD card reader has stopped working.  I fix it by reinstalling the drivers.  Its not working again, and my USB drive has stopped working too.  Is there some background process that's interfering with the USB / SD card drivers ?  Has any one else noticed this behavior.
Rgds Frank

A:Dell XPS 8700 Windows 10 issues with SD card reader

You can try this:
Go into Device Manager and double-click the entry for your SD card reader. Assuming it has one, click the Power Management tab and uncheck the box "Allow PC to turn off...". Now do the same thing in Device Manager for all your USB root hubs.
Then go to Win 10 Power options screen, click Advanced settings and disable Hybrid Sleep. Reboot and see if that helps.

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I recently experienced an XPS 8700 motherboard failure (burning electronics smell, overheating of an IC on the MB, PS shutting off, etc).  I purchased and installed a replacement MB, transferred the CPU, SSD, etc and was able to get everything functioning except I have an intermittent problem with the stock Geforce GTX650 Ti video card preventing my system from booting.   It sometimes gets stuck with a black screen that never displays the Dell splash-screen.
After much troubleshooting, here is what I have learned:
1.  I can always boot with an older Radeon X800GT PCI-E video card installed (although it only supports a single monitor).   
2.  I have intermittent boot success with the stock GTX650 video card.   If I do get it to boot, and then shut down, it may not reboot (e.g. appears stuck in the BIOS boot process).
3.  Thinking the GTX650 video card may be bad, I purchased a new GTX750Ti video card, however it too causes the system to get stuck in the boot process (same as the GTX650).    I have never gotten the new GTX750Ti to work in the computer.
4.  I measured all PS voltages and they are all good.
5.  I did update the MB BIOS firmware from A07 to A10.   Using the GTX650 card, it seemed to work for awhile, and I was thinking having the old firmware version was the problem.   However, after using the system for a few hours, it once again would get stuck on a power cycle/reboot.
Any help would be appreci... Read more

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Hi I want to upgrade my Dell 8700 with this video card:

GTX 970 GAMING 4G Geforce GTX 970 Graphic Card

I have the stock PSU that came with the PC, I believe it is only 460 W
I have also have added an addition 3TB Hard Drive to the PC as well

Will my current PSU suffice? or do i need to upgrade my PSU as well? If so, any recommendations?


A:PSU Sufficient for Video Card Upgrade Dell 8700

I do think you will need another power supply. It has been reported that it is better to buy a power supply with a depth of around 5.9". Retail power supplies added to replace the Dell OEM 460w power supply =Seasonic X650 Gold 650wCorsair AX760 ATX 750w

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Recurring issue with Windows 10 updates, including the latest "creators" update, resulting in loss of connection with SD card reader even though the card reader light continues to flash.  I've spent hours scouring the web with a huge array of solutions posted.  I think in the past an updated driver from Dell solved the problem, but not so this time (card reader driver on Dell's site is two years old).
So taking a cue from a post regarding a different model, I checked the Realtek web site for its most recent card reader driver, which is dated 7/25/17, and it worked.
I'm posting this in the hope that others with the same issue will benefit.

A:XPS 8700 SD Card Reader Stops After Windows 10 Update

Good info.

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I have noticed a problem with my laptop. Windows is saying that there is no Bluetooth compatiblity when there is. I have recently done a bios update and an in place upgrade and I have only noticed this problem today. My laptop model is a G40-45 which was originally running Windows 8.1 and I upgraded it to Windows 10 I have tried installing the Windows 10 driver which didn't work and then tried the Windows 8 driver and that said it was not compatible. Please help!
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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I'm looking at getting a bt headset for use with Office Communicator/Live Messenger. I'm on a Dell D630, 7 Ultimate 64bit, 8GB RAM. I'm tempted to just buy a cheapo headset and see if I can get it working, but wondered if anyone knew of a (cheapish) bt headset that they'd definitely got working with 7?


A:Compatible bluetooth headset recommendations

For anyone considering something similar, I got me an Iqua BHS-603. Plugged it in, 7 did it's thing, configure OCS and Live Messenger, all good. And it was half price at the moment too.

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HiI have noticed a problem with my laptop. Windows is saying that there is no Bluetooth compatiblity when there is. I have recently done a bios update and an in place upgrade and I have only noticed this problem today. My laptop model is a G40-45 which was originally running Windows 8.1 and I upgraded it to Windows 10 I have tried installing the Windows 10 driver which didn't work and then tried the Windows 8 driver and that said it was not compatible. Please help!Thanks

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Does anyone know if HP elitebook 8530w is Bluetooth Low Energy compatible?Since I have switched to Windows 10 I can't find Bluetooth in the Device manager. Would anyone have pointers as to what Hardware ID to look for or what Driver to install? This is a specification info provided by HP - http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c01554252HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth Wireless Technology.Bluetooth Specification: 2.0 CompliantDimensions: 1.02 x 0.55 x 0.22 inches (26 x 14 x 5.7 mm)Bluetooth Software Supported:Broadcom Bluetooth for Windows.Microsoft Windows XP Bluetooth Software. 

A:Is HP elitebook 8530w Bluetooth Low Energy compatible?

Hi: I have the 6930p which has the same bluetooth radio and chipset as your model. You had to make sure that when you upgraded to W10, that the Bluetooth radio was turnd on, and that you had uninstalled the HP wireless assistant or HP connection manager software. If the BT radio was turned off by either of those programs when you upgraded to W10, you will not be able to turn it back on unless you go back to W7, turn the bluetooth on using the connection manager or HPWA software, then uninstall the software, restart the PC, verify the BT radio is still on and then reinstall W10. The BT radio in my 6930p works fine on W10, and shows up in the device manager because I made sure of the above, before upgrading to W10.

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I have a  M920t with... 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8700 with vPro (3.20GHz, up to 4.60GHz with Turbo Boost, 12MB Cache)85% 250Watt Power supply unit I want to upgrade my graphics card from a Geforce Gt730 to a Geforce GTX 1650. How much power does the base unit consume?  The specs on the processor indicates that it needs 90W,  I'm trying  to determine if the 250W power supply can power the 75W needs of the new graphics card. A second question would be how much power can the 16x PCIe slot provide?  If not 75W then I need to look for a similar graphics card with an  external power plug

A:M920T with i7-8700 power consumption to see if new GTX 1650 graphics card can be powered

@JimD2 wrote:How much power does the base unit consume?  The specs on the processor indicates that it needs 90W,  I'm trying  to determine if the 250W power supply can power the 75W needs of the new graphics card.
A second question would be how much power can the 16x PCIe slot provide? 

Pretty sure i7-8700 is 65w, you may be thinking of the 8700K.  Does your system have M.2 SSD or HDD?  And yes, the PCIe can provide 75w, as the PCIe spec calls for. 

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So ive been wanting to play WoW. But my video card doesnt even meet the minimum requirements. So i was wondering if anyone might recommend a video card. I dont want top of the line, just good enough to run WoW with no lag. Also money is sorta tight, so the cheeper the better!

A:Recommend a vid card?

So what are your systems specs?

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I've been looking at Cards for the past 2 months trying to decide which 1 to buy,at 1st it was a 8800 gt over-clocked,but now I'm tempted by the GTX 260?

A:Recommend a Card

Well, it really depends on what your needs are. I actually have an overclocked Zotac 8800GT AMP! edition card and I love it. However I am about to be upgrading to an EVGA 9800GTX+ very soon. This 8800 is just fine for most games but I want a bit more performance in Hellgate:London with settings maxed at 1600x1200 and this card just can't cut it. If you really need a nice new card, I'd reccomend the 9800GTX+ or a GTX260. Those are the new big boys on campus. The 8800 is simply older technology.

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I need a Windows 10 compatible driver for Broadcom Bluetooth 2070. I have read and tried some suggestions listed here, but none works. Thanks in advance.

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Hey all,

I need another soundcard because my Creative Fatelity x-Pro Elite I think does not work anymore. I tried to solve the issue and asked people here to help, but nothing worked. I need a soundcard so that I can record what I listen to with programs such as Roxio, Sony SoundForge. Also, if you know any other programs that can record from the motheboard Soundcard, please let me know, and I don't mean record from my WebCam or Mic because I get lot of ambient noise from those.
Know any programs that can record from MB Soundcard?
And what Soundcard do you guys recommend, I need at least 7.1. All the reviews I read there is always someone having issues with it. I prefer Creative, Asus is good too.

Thank You,


A:Which sound card do you recommend?

Just a month ago, I purchased an Asus Xonar D2X and I love it.

I got fed up with poor driver quality from my SB Xfi and it's constant snap-crackle-pop while playing games or listening to music.

The sound quality is excellent and I've had no SCP issues. I've had no issues with older games either.

I highly recommend it.

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