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Dual Channel memory & Dual Core P-805

Q: Dual Channel memory & Dual Core P-805

I just registered on this board, after learning a bit about dual channel memory from posts here. Didn't learn enough though...

First off, thanks for the scoop on why dual channel doesn't work with Athlon XP. I once had it in an ASUS board that was supposed to run dual channel. I could not tell the difference in performance when it booted up in dual channel mode vs single channel. (The BIOS displayed which it thought it was running on boot-up.)

I am now building up a system with a Pentium D (805) in a ECS P4M800Pro-M mobo. This is claimed to support Dual Core operation.

A couple of general questions...

1) Regarding Dual Core and Dual Channel Memory operation, are they totally independent...? Will both features work together, or can you just get one or the other (or neither) on this combo...? I see NO mention of dual channel memory in the mobo manual.

2) I plan to run Win 2000 on this machine. Does that support Dual core, Dual Channel, or both. Or are these modes totally independent of the operating system software...?

3) My understanding of Dual Core operation is minimal. I guess it means you could have one core running MS Word while the other runs MS Excel, or plays a game... Is this correct? If so, is the operator in any way aware of the machine operating in this mode, or have to do anything to make it operate in the dual core mode? Or is the operator totally unaware of the dual core operation, except for, hopefully, better performance...?

4) Should I be looking to stuff the memory in this mobo with "dual channel" single-sided pair of DDR2 PC4200 dimms (533 MHZ) for best performance (the top mobo rating)? If so, is there any reason I should NOT use PC5300 (667 MHZ) dimms, for the sake of possibly overclocking, or using them in a faster mobo in th future. (I am currently using PC3200 dimms with an AMD Sempron 2800+ in a MSI mobo rated only for PC2700 memory. It is working fine...!)

In general, I would guess faster memory would work in a slower system, but I don't really know that can be expected in all cases...

I realize this is a lot to choke on all at once.... My apologies... and thanks a bunch...!

Preferred Solution: Dual Channel memory & Dual Core P-805

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dual Channel memory & Dual Core P-805

Faster memory will work at a slwer speed, you can use both at the same time, and I think your Mobo supports Dual-Channel, but im not sure. You will notice the differance either way with more memory.

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Here's the problem, I'm building my new PC as we speak and I bought this mammoth cpu cooler (which while I knew it would be big I didn't read any reviews stating it covers a memory slot) which fully covers up my first ram slot and the heat spreader is too tall on the memory to try and weasel it in there. The Gigabyte's instructions tell me that there are two "dual channels" one using 1 and 3 and the other using 2 and 4. I installed the RAM into 2 and 4 because there is no other way for it to work. Is there any reason I wouldn't get the same performance out of slots 2 and 4 as opposed to 1 and 3?

A:Solved: Can dual channel memory be installed in channel 1 rather than channel 0?

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Hello everyone! Will a single core CPU work with dual channel RAM? Will there be a performance impact? I will get a dual core CPU soon, but not yet.

A:Single core CPU - Dual Channel RAM?

Yes a single core CPU will work with dual channel RAM, and it should not give u any reason not to do so.

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I have a problem and I think it's memory related.

I read the post about "Dual-Channel Memory in Single-Channel Motherboard." But it didn't help, plus it was from 2005.

Here's my computer (it's old, I know. I don't have the money to upgrade all of it):
- Intel Pentium D 820 2.80GHz
- EVGA GeForce 7300 GS / 256MB GDDR2 / PCI Express
- Intel D101GGCL ATI Socket 775 MicroATX Motherboard
- 1 GB (2 x 512MB) PC3200 DDR 400MHz CL3 Memory
- Ultra 500-Watt power supply
- Windows XP 32bit

I recently bought a memory upgrade:
2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit

My computer worked fine (minus the small memory amount) before I installed the new memory. After I installed the new RAM, my computer posted, got to the windows splash screen, got to the log in screen, let me log in, then loaded the OS. While loading the OS and launching other start-up programs, my computer froze. I restarted many times and it fixed it. It never got past a few seconds after loading the OS and a few programs.

I reinstalled my old memory and it worked fine again without a hitch.

What is the problem? Is it the fact that the new memory is dual channel and the motherboard is single channel? I re-read the specs of my mobo and it said that dual channel is optional. However when I go to the BOIS menu (F2 on startup) it says "single channel mode" whith the new dual channel kit is in. Is there something in the BIOS I should cha... Read more

A:Dual Channel memory in single channel board?

Well, I can say I solved my own problem.

After I spent the last 4 hours trying to find the problem. I ran a bunch of mem tests, cleaned the mem slots, etc... It turns out it wasn't a hardware issue at all. I was wiggling my mouse on start up and noted the time it froze... and every time it froze an application was launching in the system tray.

Turns out it was Norton F'ing Anti Virus....

The second it launched the computer froze. So I booted in safe mode and disabled the start up and all other functions of Norton. Rebooted in normal mode, and sure enough, it worked! Without a hitch!

Now here comes the Beach of it. Since I couldn't uninstall Norton because I disabled it (i.e. nothing would run because all the extensions, shells and services for it were dead), I rebooted in safe mode to uninstall, BUT Norton doesn't work in safe mode... WHAT!? The damn program specifically states in a condescending dialog box that you "must reboot in normal mode to access Norton... blah blah blah"

What kind of Virus program doesn't let you access it in safe mode? Isn't that the point, to run a virus scan in safe mode? Piece of crap! But anyways, I digress.

So now I finagled a way to run in normal mode without Norton launching to uninstall it. Uninstalling as we speak, actually.


To answer my own question:
Yes, dual channel kits work in single channel boards (Just make sure you uninstall Norton before you put the new RAM in, haha... Read more

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Would it just clock the ram down and if so would there be a huge performance hit?



A:Dual-Channel Memory in Single-Channel Motherboard

They would work in a single channel motherboard, and it wouldn't effect the speed of the actual RAM however it would effect the overall speed because the memory wouldn't be able to send data back and forth as fast as it could in Dual-channel motherboards.

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My current computer, which I bought late 2004, came with 512MB dual-channel RAM. Because of the 70 updates to Win XP that have occurred since then, with their attendant security crap that burdens the system, I decided today to double my RAM to 1GB. I did that by buying a single 512MB PC 3200 DIMM.

However, my PC has 2 pairs of memory slots. The original 512MB were installed as two 256MB DIMMs, one in one slot in each pair of slots so it was accessed as "dual-channel" RAM. My ASUS MoBo book says that if you insert a SINGLE DIMM in any slot, the entire memory will be addressed as single-channel. So my question is, what's the difference in speed between dual- and single-channel memory? Am I cheating my computer out of higher memory speed by installing a single 512MB DIMM vs. using two 256MB DIMMs which would run as dual-channel memory?

A:Dual-channel vs. Single-channel memory

Yep, although the actual effect may not be that noticeable. You are cutting the memory bandwidth in half.

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There are several cases I've wanted to install memory in pairs to achieve dual-channel memory speeds, but I've come across a caveat or two about whether or not this is worth it.


How do I calculate whether or not the FSB is fast enough to take advantage of the memory speeds. I'll see cpuz refer to things like FSB:memory as "1:2", which I'm not sure refers to the memory controller taking advantage of the up and down side of the clock waveform, or if it's saying "give up, we're half the speed we need".
How do I calculate dual core beasts? Do the internal 2 "processors" share the FSB, or do they each have their own resulting in double access speed [attempts] to dual ported memory (note, not dual channel).
Forgive me please, my questions may be tripping all over themselves. It's been a longgggg time since I've calculated any of this out during my stint as a DSP software engineer.

I'll be glad to rephrase this in any way you all like.

A:Dual-Channel & FSB: Calculating the bottlenecks (Is Dual Channel Worth it???)

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I am torn between buying one of two Acer laptops. Both have almost identical features--RAM, HD, webcam, 6-cell battery, memory card reader, and are the same price--$499.00 (on sale); but the processors seem to be the big difference, and I would like to know which one you folks feel I should go with.

I should also mention that the AMD laptop also has a Blue-Ray Disc drive (and read/writes normal CDs and DVDs).

The only other major difference when comparing specs is that the AMD laptop has an HD CineCrystal LED-backlit TFT widescreen display, ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics with 256MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Unified Video Decoder 2 (UVD2), OpenEXR High Dynamic-Range (HDR) technology, Shader Model 4.0, Microsoft DirectX 10.1
.........While the Pentium laptop has CineCrystal LED-backlit display, Intel HD graphics with 128 MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft DirectX 10.

I've been driving myself crazy for the past 3 days trying to decide which one to go with and I need to decide quickly as I'm not sure how long they will be at this sale price--and I do have to stay at the $500.00 range. From the many laptops I checked out, these 2 seem to offer the most for the money. I would truly appreciate your advice!


A:AMD Turion X2 dual-core P520 2.3 GHz or Intel Pentium Dual-Core P6100 2.0 GHz?


I'm sorry to bother you folks again, but I noticed that my question had 55 views but no replies. Did I perhaps give incorrect or confusing information, or maybe posted my question in the wrong forum? I tried looking at some of the other similar questions asked, but none seemed to help with my question.

I guess I'm basically wondering that since the 2 Acer laptops are the same price, would you go with the Intel Pentium Dual-Core P6100, 2.0GHz, 3MB L3 cache, or the AMD Turion X2 dual-core P520, 2.3 GHz, 1066MHz Front Side Bus, 2MB L2 cache. This laptop also has a Blu-Ray Disc Drive, but I've read conflicting opinions on whether having this is necessary or not.

Although I consider myself to be an intermediate computer user, I am lost when it comes to processors, and also when it comes to 'dedicated amount of system memory.' I know that 'dedicated' memory is better, but does it make a difference how much there is in different brands? In other words, could the lesser amount of 128MB 'dedicated' in the Pentium still be better than the 256MB in the AMD? I'm leaning toward the AMD Turion laptop because of the higher numbers, but I've read enough to know that you can't always rely on that alone.

I'm sorry to ask my question again, but I've been given a lot of help here at CNET in the past, so I was surprised when I logged on today to see that no one expressed an opinion on which one of the two the... Read more

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I have got a Supermicro X5DA8 mainboard with two Xeon 2.8 GHz processors.
Would two of those processors
Intel Xeon CPU Processor 3.2 GHz 533 MHz
1MB 604 SL72Y as offered on ebay
Intel Xeon CPU Processor 3 2 GHz 533 MHz 1MB 604 SL72Y | eBay
work with my
Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Products | Motherboards | Xeon Boards | X5DA8

A:Xeon Dual Core 2.8GHz, can I easily upgrade to Dual Core 3.2GHz ?

Super Micro has no CPU support list that I could find for this board, nor in the manual. It may take a call or email to them to find out for sure.
I would be careful buying such used item from an eBay seller, check their return policies and reviews first.

Overall, from what little info I could find, it seems the 3,2GHz Xeons will work, but just a guess.

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I just purchased everything i needed for my new system except the memory as the motherboard supports dual channel pc3200/2700/2100 up to 2 gig. Here's the deal though, i can find 1 gig of dual channel memory but it is 512x2, is there no such thing as 2 gig dual channel 1024x2? I want to max out the memory but am unable to find what i need.


p.s. i only have 2 memory slots that's why i need two 1024's

A:dual channel memory in over 1 gig

i dont know anyone that makes pc3200 1gb's

what speed are u looking for? obviously lower down the speeds its easier to get 1gb's tho... such as pc2100 ecc stuff is common for servers and the like

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I was looking at RAM sticks for my laptop and I read that my computer does not support dual channel memory. What exactly is dual channel memory and is it important?

A:dual channel memory

Dual channel memory, is just another upgrade, one step up, from normal memory. Humans enjoy making things better. DDR2 DDR, you've seen that right? If your laptop does not support dcm, then it is probably old, or just built with single memory. Some computers, don't let you change anything inside of them.

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Dual Channel Memory - Using DDR400(PC3200) Memory Modules

Channel A

Channel B

CHANNEL A DIMM 0 + CHANNEL B DIMM 0 = 6.4 GB/s transfer rate
(3.2 GB/s) (3.2 GB/s)

CHANNEL A DIMM 1 + CHANNEL B DIMM 1 = 6.4 GB/s transfer rate
(3.2 GB/s) (3.2 GB/s)

6.4 GB/s + 6.4 GB/s = 12.8 GB/s accumulated transfer rate

Does this sound right? I am confused about the concept of Dual Channel. I read many detailed articles on Dual Channel DDR based memory, but am slighty side-tracked. One DDR400 memory module on channel A in position 0, and one DDR400 memory module on channel B in position 0 take their individual transfer rates of 3.2 GB/s and added together = 6.4 GB/s, correct? Vice versa for Channel A and B position 1. Maybe someone can lend me a URL with a more detailed description? This is one of the articles I have reviewed.

Thanks for the advice in advance.

A:Dual Channel Memory

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I have a biostar M7NCD ultra (8.x) motherboard (i think that's the right letters) and it supports dual channel memory, so i have kingston 2x256mbs stuck in the slots. is there any way i can tell that they're operating correctly?

A:Dual channel memory

Everest Home Edition will tell you about your configuration, including the memory mode. You can also run it's memory benchmark with one and two modules installed, you should see the difference.

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I have 512MB of RAM (2 sticks of 256MB). If I want to upgrade to a gig (by getting another 512) do I have to get two more sticks of 256?


A:Dual Channel Memory....?

In terms of reliability, lowering latency, resources and possible further expansion in the future - you'd be better advised to get two 512 modules.

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Hi, If I buy a motherboard with 4 RAM slots that are 800Mhz ready. Should I fill 2 slots with 1gb modules in each or have all 4 full with 512mb in each. Will this make it work in dual dual channel because I have identical memory in both the 2 yellow slots and 2 black slots? Any help will be great thanks.


A:Dual Channel Memory

Identical memory in both slots of a bank (sometimes the slots of the bank aren't the same color, check the manual) will enable dual channel operation. 2x1 GB is preferable over 4x512MB as it creates less of a strain on the memory controller and you can avoid many issues by doing it that way, as well as having room for an upgrade later.

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Im just wondering about dual channel memory.

Say there is 2gb kit (2x1gb) 667MHz Dual Channel, would each card have 333 each? or each seperate one have 667MHz?

also if i had more memory faster than 667MHz, say 800MHz, they would be running at the slower speeds of 667MHz yes?

A:Memory - Dual Channel

nope.its much faster.

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I do some computer work for a small non-profit company where the workstations are HP dc5000MT's (P4 processor with two 256MB PC3200 DDR DIMMs for total RAM of 512MB, WinXP is the OS). The DIMM frequency is probably 266- or 333MHz. The computers all have 4 memory sockets (actually two pairs, if you run them in dual-channel mode). I want to improve their performance at minimum cost, so thought I would add more memory, which, since DDR memory is outdated, will be relatively cheap.

However, I also want to ensure that I don't force the workstations to (a) run in single-channel mode or (b) wind up with memory that runs at the speed of the slowest DIMM. Here's what HP says about adding memory: "In dual channel mode, the DIMM pairs must be identically matched. DIMMs in the XMM1 and XMM3 black sockets must be identical; DIMMs in the XMM2 and XMM4 blue sockets must also be identical. Therefore, if you have one preinstalled DIMM in socket XMM1 and are adding a second DIMM, it is recommended that you install an identical DIMM into the XMM3 socket. If you are populating all four DIMM sockets, use identical DIMMs in each socket; otherwise, the system will not operate in dual channel mode."

I know the DIMM pairs must be identical (in sockets 1 & 3, and in sockets 2 & 4). But, if I buy two 1GB 400MHz DIMMs to put in sockets 2 & 4 (leaving the 256MB DIMMs where they are now in sockets 1 & 3), will all of the memory run (a) in single channel mode an... Read more

A:Dual-channel memory

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I need to know if my memory is dual channel or single channel so I can put it in the same slots as my mobo manuel tells me to. I have two sticks of Samsung 512MB PC3200.

A:How can I tell if my memory is dual channel?

You should have 3 RAM slots, 1-2-3. For dual channel install the sticks in 1-3 or 2-3. 1-2 will be single channel.

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i have a total of 5gb of 5300 memeory in 4 slots,it shows in windows as 5gb but only as single channel.
is it better to be dual channel memory and how do i go about making it so.

A:dual channel memory

Dual channel is better, you need matched sticks to do it, if it's in single channel mode then at least 1 pair of the ram is not matched.

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Will dual channel memory give me better performance than just one stick of the same quantity if my motherboard doesn't support dual channel.
i.e. is 2 X 512mb better than 1 X 1gb

A:ram memory dual channel

CDBongo said:

Will dual channel memory give me better performance than just one stick of the same quantity if my motherboard doesn't support dual channel.
i.e. is 2 X 512mb better than 1 X 1gbClick to expand...


If your motherboard does not support dual channel, then it makes no difference which you use. I would suggest the one gig stick, and that way it is easy to purchase another one gig stick to take you up to 2 gigs.

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Hi there

I have just purchased an additional 512Meg stick of DDR1 RAM for my system.
I have a ASRock 775Dual-915GL Motherboard (with Intel P4 3.0g) which does support Dual Channel. The stick that was in my system is PC3200U 400mhz ( Check my main board at asrockamerica . com / Products / 775i65GV . htm <--- i have had to place spaces in that u r l as to allow it to be posted )

When i shove it in (excuse the expression) it does boot up first (as normal) and tell me that it is now in Dual channel mode and has the total of 1016meg but the problem i have is with XP. It then starts up XP and within a minute or so it shuts back down gives me a critical error message when it restarts again.

My only option is to run XP in safe mode with networking. I have tried a restore which did work (in that the settings were restored) but still the same result. I have also frigged around with the BIOS settings in the hope of configuring it to suit the new stick but no changes i make there (including a "flexible memory" option) seem to make any difference at all.
When i removed the stick and restarted back on my single stick (as i am now) it works fine but have me an critical error message when logging into XP stating that my pc had RECOVERED from a major incident and the crash diagnosis tool directed me to Intel to update my graphics controller driver.

I will likely try the new stick again now that i have updated this driver since then, but as i hate using XP in safe mode (bro... Read more

A:DDR Dual Channel memory for XP SP2

Download this app, put it on a floppy as the instructions will tell you.
Boot one stick in from the floppy, then boot with the other stick in.
If you get errors, the stick is bad.

In the future I would stay away from Elixer, In my opinion you can't buy a lower quality brand of ram.

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I have a question in dual channel memory. The answer is probably here. i just missed it. Anyways i have an Abit IS7 MOBO whit dual channel capability. And so i went and bought a pair of Kinkston Pc3200 Dual channel 512Mb sticks that came together for that reason. So slot 1 and 3 are taken up. If i buy 2 more to put in slot 2 and 4, but a differnt brand (PNY) will i have have dual channel on both kinds of memory, keeping in mind that they are all Pc3200 512Mb for a total of 2 GIGs. or do all the memory have to be the same brand. and also if the new ones (PNY) don't come 2 in a package for dual channel, would it be better to get just one 1 GIG (pny) now having dual channel for the kingston but not for the (PNY) or will that totally shut off the dual channel capabilaty? Thanx for any help. Oh and how do i know if i am even running in dual channel right now. I have a P4, so i can't change the multiplier but my FSB is running at 440 or 960 whatever it is. will that mess up the dual channel process too?

A:Dual channel memory

O.K. i found out it is running in dual channel mode witha prg called "HWiNFO32". Just need to know if i can add The (PNY) brand witch i know is cheep but if it comes in pairs it should also have dual channel. if not i hope adding the 1GIG stick of (PNY) will not sut the Dual channel down across the board.

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i have a 3.00 ghz processor a 512 mb ram a 256 vram and 160 gb hard disk
will it help me if i install a 1 gb dual channel memory ? in total i will have 1 gb and 512mb ram, am i correcet? will my computer work well if i install de dual channel memory???

i have a 3.00 ghz processor a 512 mb ram a 256 vram and 160 gb hard disk
will it help me if i install a 1 gb dual channel memory ? in total i will have 1 gb and 512mb ram, am i correcet? will my computer work well if i install the dual channel memory???

A:please help....about dual channel memory...

Please stop opening new threads/posts for this problem.

Regards Howard

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I'm just about to buy myself some new guts for my machine and have decided I can stretch to

Asus A7N8X-L Deluxe motherboard http://www.microdirect.co.uk/companypages/products/motherboards/asus/motasua7n8x/motasua7n8x.htm

and a AMD XP 2600

my question is about RAM I can only afford 512mb at the moment what I need to know is, is it more beneficial performace wise to buy 2 x 256mb or 1 stick of 512mb and are there any other issues with RAM that I need to be aware of?


A:dual channel memory

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I am building a new system in about a month. I am not a hardware wizz, and have a question dealing with RAM selection. I have been told that Dual Channel memory is the way to go, offering more speed than normal RAM.

My real question is, what is the difference between a pair of 2 x 512 Dual Channel memory sticks, and a pair of 2 x 512 "normal" memory sticks? And do you think it is worth the extra (about) $60 for the Dual Channel over the non Dual Channel?

A:Dual Channel Memory help...

I wasn't aware that "normal" memory couldn't be run in dual channel Is it worth $60?

Not to me...

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I plan to buy a mobo with dual channel enable.
Now I already have 2 x 512 MB bars ( PC 3200 ) in my old PC.
Will they work " dual " in my new mobo ? or do I have to purchase " dual DIMMS " ?
Excuse my ignorance.

A:dual channel memory

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Hi everyone,

I have an oldish (2005) computer which has an ECS NFORCE4-A939 (V1.0) mobo and Im running Windows 7 64 Professional. It uses DDR1 (400) RAM.

I currently have X2 512MB Corsair ValueSelect VS512MB400 modules running in dual channel which I have been running with for years.

I have just purchased X2 256MB Corsair ValueSelect VS256MB400 modules to fill up the remaining slots to add a bit of a boost. DDR1 is pricey!

As I don't actually have the computer with me at the moment so I have some questions,

1. If I add the 2 new modules to the motherboard will I still run in dual channel (X2 512 and X2 256)?

2. The new sticks are single sided (chips) and the older modules are double sided, I have heard nightmares about using these together only after I bought them. Will this 4 pairing work fine?

3. How do I determine which sticks are older (manufacture age), The ones I just got have Corsair printed on the PCB in gold and Value Select written on the chips. My 2005 ones have no PCB logo and have the sail logo on the chips. So which are newer?

4. How much of a noticeable speed boost will there be going from 1GB on 64bit Windows 7 to 1.5GB?

I would really appreciate the help because I dont know if everything I have mentioned is compatible.

Oh and heres my mobo link if it helps,



A:Dual Channel Memory Help

1) If I understand the question like I think I do, yes. absolutely.

2) the reason the new ones are single sided is because they half as much ram, so the have half as many...of those things I can't recall the name of. I have never heard of such an issue arising from this. I have heard of issues with different speed sticks being used together, and some people might not realize that that is the actual problem. Hopefully someone else has heard of it before and can provide more info

3) I thought you said you just bought them. Did you get them used? If not, they can't be too old. If yes, I'll try to figure out how.

4) In 64-bit windows, I would think you would see a significant performance increase. Honestly, 64bit Windows on 1gig of DDR ram sounds horrible to me. The usual recommendation is 4gigs, but that could cost you $100 to buy.

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My system is one month old, or something. I assembled it together with a friend. Since 1st day, CPU-Z does not report dual channel with my DDR3 Corsair Vengeance LP CML8GX3M2A1333C9 8GB ( 2X4GB ) 1333MHz. The sticks are in the slots the mobo manual recommends (A2 B2).

In the BIOS, I could not find the information if they're in single or dual channel.

My chipset and mobo drivers are all up to date.

Edit: Solved (by myself) . All I had to do was uninstall an re-install a newer version of cpu-z. I'm a hero.

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I want to install another 1x2GB ram stick in my dual channel slot...will it run with a stick that is simply 667Mhz or i have to buy a new dual channel it...
i have 4 ram slots on my board (max-8Gb)....
plz help>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

System spec-
CPU - Intel C2D 2.20 GHz (E4500)
BOARD - Intel DG33FB
SMPS - Odyssey 450 watt
DRIVE - SONY Optiarc DVD RW AD-7190A
HDD - ST3802110A (80 GB) - 7200 rpm
Video - XFX 8600gt 512 MB: DDR3
RAM - Simmtronics DDR2-667 Mhz
-(PC-5300) Hyundai 2 GB DDR2-667 DDR2DRAM (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz)
(4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) (3-3-3-9 @ 200 MHz)

A:Dual Channel Memory

You simply have to put one stick in each channel of the board. I think Intel usually uses a blue socket for the primary in each channel. So, 1 DIMM in each blue socket and you're good to go, dual channel capable. You would only need to use the black sockets if you were installing 4 sticks of RAM.

Are you sure you don't mean 2 sticks X 1 GB each? You do need 2 identical sticks for true dual channel operation

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hey just wonderinf if anyone could help me choose out of these two processors.would be greatly appreciated

AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-67 (2.2GHz, HyperTransport? 3: up to 4.0 (GT/sec), 2MB L2 Cache)

IntelŪ PentiumŪ processor T4300 (2.1GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache)
thank you

A:Comparing amd athlon dual core and intel pentium dual core

They are quite similar. Both have nearly the same clock speed. Both have a total of 1MB of L2cache but the intel's is shared and the AMD's is exclusive. The intel is 45nm and the AMD is 65nm which means the AMD will run hotter most likely. The AMD gets a boost from its on die memory controller and HyperTransport links on its motherboard. Both are capable of running full 64 operating systems.

The best difference between them would be as to what is on board their respective laptop. The AMD will have quite respectable performance from its video chip as I would hope it either a Radeon HD 3200 or better a 4200 with SidePort memory. These are about the best you can get for integrated video these days. The intel will undoubtedly have a GMA4500. These don't game very well nor do they do a very good job of playing high def video. The AMD chipset should have a fairly complete selection of connectors and functions. The interl may or may not, depending on the maker.

Both chips have a TDP of 35 Watts. The intel should offer slightly longer battery life for a given series of tasks, say about a half hour.

As you can see, these two CPUs are quite similar on and of themselves, the supporting cast of laptop parts makes or breaks the deal.

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Sup guys! would really appreciate some info and advice here. I have an Intel D875PBZ motherboard and i previously had 2 sticks of DDR 256 Corsair Platinum Series XMX3200 @ 400MHz. I wanted to upgrade in memory so i recently installed 4 gigs of A-Data DDR to fill out my slots. I find that with the 4 sticks installed, i have serious sound issues. loud screeching noises when trying to run video games and then when exiting the games, the noises continue when running any application using sound. When i used just 2 sticks, the games became stable. Am i stuffing in too much memory that this mobo cannot support? also is there some type of software to adjust the memory voltage on this mobo or will i be forced to get a new mobo that will allow me to change the voltage on? It does ask when installing to adjust to 2.6+0.1V. Please help!!!! Thank You!!!

Specs: Processor: Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
Video Card: Geforce 6800 Ultra
Mobo: D875PBZ (AGP)
Memory: 4 GHz Dual Channel A-Data

A:Possible Dual Channel Memory Overkill!!!!! HELP!!!!!

What model of A Data PC3200 did you get?

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I'm having trouble getting two 512mb memory sticks to work properly in dual channel mode on my computer. My system specs are as follows:

Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 (Latest bios drivers - F7)
nForce4 4x
AMD Athlon64 3500+ S939 2.2GHz
2x DDR 333mhz CL2.5 memory sticks (1 is branded RAmos, the other has no brand name)
ATI Radeon X800XL 256MB PCI-E

The problem I'm having is to do with getting dual channel mode to recognise 1GB of memory on my system, because at the moment it is only recognising 512MB of memory. My system only reads both memory sticks when they are working in single channel mode. I took the memory sticks to my computer parts supplier, he tested both sticks on his computer and had no problems. I'm not sure if he was running the memory in single or dual channel mode though. I've read the manual for my motherboard, I've read through different forums (including this one), and I've read the article explaining dual channel memory at this website: (www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/133/1). None of these helped with my problem. There is an interesting part in the article though, that discusses how instead of the chipset controlling dual channel mode, Athlon64 S939 cpus handle dual channel memory via an embbeded Dual Channel memory controller (Page 6).

Does anyone here have a solution to my problem?

A:Dual Channel Memory Problem

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Hi i just built my first computer and everything is running fine except my memory wont run when i try and put it in dual channel. i had to put it in single channel to make sure it wasnt my RAM and its running fine. when i ask some friends they said it was always default for them any help would be much appreciated thanks.
im running a AMD 3200+ CPU ASUS a8n7x mobo and 2 512 sticks of corsair RAM

A:Dual channel memory issue

werent there some issues with asus Nforce boards and corsair ram a while back? have you changed any bios settings? and are you running the latest available bios?

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I have a question about dual channel memory.

How can I tell if my memory is running in dual channel mode?

I know the motherboard will determine whether or not it runs in dual channel by the configuration of the sticks on the board. But, is there any way of knowing for sure? I've read somewhere about checking for 64 bit versus 128 bit? But I'm not sure about where to check and what to look for.

Currently I'm running 2 sticks of PC2700 512mb Kingston. (I know I should be running PC3200, I plan on upgrading in the future.)

I have 1 stick in slot 1 on Channel "A" and 1 stick in slot 3 on Channel "B". I thought with 1GB of memory I would be able to notice a difference between Single Channel (both sticks on Channel "A" or Channel "B") and Dual Channel (1 stick on each channel), but there doesn't seem to be a noticable difference.

Am I doing something wrong? or just not running the programs or games that I'd notice the difference with. (I don't really play games anyway, just basic PC usage)

Here are my system specs.:

Intel P4 3.0C GHz w/800MHz FSB
MSI 865G Neo2-PLS
Kingston ValueRam 1GB (2 x 512MB) PC2700
Hard Disk:
Western Digital 160GB, 7200RPM IDE

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks in advance for your replies,

A:Memory running in dual channel?

hello, ahnadahodo.

I think Dual Channel (a.k.a. DDR2) will only run on latest 9XX chipset. I think I875P works too. It works in latest AMD Chipset nForce3. Dual Channel has memory on both sides.

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I have amd 3200+ cpu on motherboard abit nf7-s2 with dual channel support
and 2 identical memory sticks each 512MB DDR400.

When I ran the latest sisoft sandra, it reports:
memory bus speed 2x200MHz (400MHz data rate)Click to expand...

But I have DDR400...
Does it mean that each memory stick should work at 400MHz and NOT at 200 as reported by sisoft sandra?

A:dual channel memory speed

DDR stands for "double data rate". So an easy way to look at it is that it does things twice every clock cycle. That's why it's 2 x 200 or 400MHz.

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My questions are:

1. If I get a new motherboard and would like to keep my data on my hard drive without having to make back-ups and reformatting/reinstalling the OS, how would I do that?
2. For Dual Channel memory, you have to put the memory on the same color memory slot, correct? And once you do that, is it listed as dual channel memory, or is there something in the BIOS or windows that I have to configure to enable dual-channel?


A:Motherboard and Dual Channel memory

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Is 2 slots of memory in performance better than 1 slot using the same amount of RAM, e.g., 1 x 16 GBs of DDR3 Laptop Memory or 2 x 8 GB of DDR3? I think I know the obvious, 1 x 16 GB in 1 slot, correct?

Also, I have seen some lower ended laptops - say with just a skylake i5 (6200U) perform better with DDR3 than overkill of DRR4 - DDR4 seemed to have latency issues, like bottle necked traffic. I have seen where there is this 10 second lag before a program responds when opening a new application using DDR4, where an i5 6th gen seems to utilize DDR3 laptop memory much smoother, instant gratification while opening up a new application. BUT, overall, while the application is up and running, DDR4 has the advantage to perform better being its at a higher frequency - 2133 HZs as opposed to DDR3 at 1600 HZs, so is there sometimes a trade off using DDR4 over DDR3 in lower ended laptops, say those who do not have a dedicated graphics card?

One more unrelated question, if I can? While swapping out a mechanical drive is as easy as they say, correct, I am not concerned about my programs I have on the mechanical drive, I just want to swap that mechanical drive out for an SSD. I do the swap, use a USB boot to Windows 10 downloaded on that USB media created tool, boot using the USB option, correct, or just boot normally, and your BIOS will automatically detect the USB Media created tool? Just a bit confused on just how easy all of that is while doing a swap, like I say, not worried about ... Read more

A:What is Better Dual or Single Channel Memory?


In theory a set of matched 2*8GB modules should be faster. In practice however I'd doubt anyone would notice a difference.

I have a machine equipped with DDR3 (I7 4770) and another running DDR4 (I5 6500). Not a fair comparison but I haven't noticed the impact of the type of RAM used. The amount of it, yes. Of course the I7 CPU is much more powerful than the I5 too.
Swapping a HDD out for a decent SDD makes the most difference overall.


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Back in August, I did something I know I shouldn't do. I installed two new hardware components and upgraded to Windows XP Service Pack 2 at the same time, which meant that when I started to have problems, I couldn't trace it to a specific item or action.

Anyway, after I did this, I began experiencing random shutdowns in Windows XP SP 2. The system would operate without a problem, sometimes for several hours, sometimes for days, sometimes for only minutes, but the random shutdowns would inevitably occur. When the system recovered, I got a "Windows has recovered from a serious error" message, followed by a Web site message informing me that a device driver caused the error (although never stating which one!).

I ran the Windows memory diagnostic utility on the memory modules (Kingston kit of two matched 512MB DDR400 PC3200 modules), and they checked out OK. When a Microsoft support rep told me his review of my system minidump files identified my ATI video driver as the culprit, I replaced the ATI card with a nVidia FX5200 AGPx8 card. I replaced the power supply with an Antec NeoPower 480, and I even replaced the motherboard (after short-circuiting the original!). BTW, my motherboard is a Shuttle AN35N-Ultra, and my processor is a AMD Athlon XP 3200+.

None of these remedies worked, and I was attributing the random shutdowns to Windows XP SP 2. Recently, on a whim, I removed one of the two Kingston memory modules which I was running in dual-channel mode. I r... Read more

A:Possible Dual-Channel Memory Problems

I solved my problem with random shutdowns, and I wanted to share the solution with everyone. After experiencing the problem on three separate motherboards, I isolated the problem by identifying the common components and concentrating my troubleshooting efforts on those.

I experienced the random shutdowns on two separate iterations of the Shuttle AN35/N Ultra motherboard. By way of explanation, I short-circuited the first motherboard while replacing the ATI Radeon 9200SE video card I originally suspected as the culprit with a nVidia GeoForce FX5200. To avoid going through the Windows and MS Office product activation process, I ordered another Shuttle AN35/N Ultra as a replacement. The random shutdown problem persisted, however. Thinking perhaps the Shuttle motherboard was the problem, I replaced it with a Gigabyte GA-7N400-L motherboard, but the random shutdowns continued.

Perplexed, I decided to identify the components common to both motherboards, and that narrowed my troubleshooting options down to the nVidia nForce2 Ultra400 chipset, the Kingston KVR400AK2/1GR memory kit, and the AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Barton CPU. I tested each of the memory modules individually using MemTest86, and they passed with flying colors. When I tested them together in dual-channel mode, however, I got several errors. This was borne out in real-world testing; when using only one memory module, my system was stable, but when I added the second and ran the system in dual-channel mode, it would shut do... Read more

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I am currently running my system using 2 of my 4 banks in dual channel with a matched pair of 512MB PC 3200 sticks of Ram. So riddle me this, I now want to fill the other 2 banks with another 2 sticks of 512MB PC 3200 Ram. If the new pair I'm getting is comparable specs, the only difference being that the set I already have is Corsair, and the new set will be Kingston, should that create any problems for me? I'm not worried about very small drops in effeciency, b/c I'll just overclock untill I am back to normal or beyond, but I just want to make sure that all 4 banks don't have to be identical, just each set of two.?

A:Dual channel memory, all 4 banks

& we are supposed to guess the system specs on which you will install the extra Ram ?

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Is 2 slots of memory in performance better than 1 slot using the same amount of RAM, e.g., 1 x 16 GBs of DDR3 Laptop Memory or 2 x 8 GB of DDR3? I think I know the obvious, 1 x 16 GB in 1 slot, correct?

Also, I have seen some lower ended laptops - say with just a skylake i5 (6200U) perform better with DDR3 than overkill of DRR4 - DDR4 seemed to have latency issues, like bottle necked traffic. I have seen where there is this 10 second lag before a program responds when opening a new application using DDR4, where an i5 6th gen seems to utilize DDR3 laptop memory much smoother, instant gratification while opening up a new application. BUT, overall, while the application is up and running, DDR4 has the advantage to perform better being its at a higher frequency - 2133 HZs as opposed to DDR3 at 1600 HZs, so is there sometimes a trade off using DDR4 over DDR3 in lower ended laptops, say those who do not have a dedicated graphics card?

One more unrelated question, if I can? While swapping out a mechanical drive is as easy as they say, correct, I am not concerned about my programs I have on the mechanical drive, I just want to swap that mechanical drive out for an SSD. I do the swap, use a USB boot to Windows 10 downloaded on that USB media created tool, boot using the USB option, correct, or just boot normally, and your BIOS will automatically detect the USB Media created tool? Just a bit confused on just how easy all of that is while doing a swap, like I say, not worried about ... Read more

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Hi Guys, Am I right in thinking with 8gb soldered on the motherboard and a 16gb SODIMM for 24gb in total I won't have the machine running in dual channel memory mode ?Or do they support that flex thing that Intel did or is that no longer a thing ? ThanksDM 

DangerMouseCurrent Machines : X1-3460/X1-20BS

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I am currently running my machine with two 512 mb sticks in dual channel mode. I have a third stick laying around but according to my mb manual I must either populate all four memory slots or just two of them in order to run in dual channel mode. My question is: Will I get better perfomance running 1.5 gb ram in single mode or should I stick to 1 gb ram in dual channel mode?

A:Dual vs single channel memory

Most things out there now unless you are doing some serious multitasking or video/graphic rendering 1GB is plenty of memeory and you probably won't see that much of a differnence with 1.5 or even 2. Unless you do some of the other things mentioned or play BF2. From what I have heard that game really seems to like running on 2GB of memeory for some reason.

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When time allows, please read my signature--red print. The motherboard manual tells me that with two sticks of ram stuck in the proper DIMMS will give me dual channel memory. Well, my new computer came with 512MB DDR400 and so I ordered another stick just like what I had; even the same brand name. One stick is in DIMMA and the other stick is in DIMMB just as my manual says they should be.(The third DIMM is empty) Now, other than the computer recognizing the GB of ram, how do I know that the dual channel feature is working? I don't know that I am seeing faster processing but according to my reading, I should be. All comments are welcomed. And as usual, TIA

A:Solved: Dual Channel Memory

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Can anyone tell me how to get Dual Channel memory working on an Asus A7N8X-X, 2 sticks DDR pc2700, XP2400 cpu, FX5700. I have checked the Bios and cannot find the option to enable/disable this feature. The board has 3 slots for ram..1 and 2 are together and 3 is apart from them. I have tried all configurations with slots and with different sticks from my other Pc. I have read the manual start to finish but no help. Any help will be gratefully accepted.


A:Dual channel memory problem

The A7N8X-X motherboard ( based on the nForce 2 400 chipset ) does not have a Dual Channel memory controller. Only the A7N8X-E Deluxe or A7N8X Deluxe.

Have a read -> The ASUS A7N8X-X / A7N8X / A7N8X Deluxe Thread.

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Hows everyone doing?
this is my fifth forum ID i have created trying to find answers to this problem i am having with my new ram. I just can't find anyone with the same problem or adequate knowledge to help me. Anyways this is whats going on, if anyone could help me please do.
I have an Abit av8 with VIA k8t800 pro + vt8237 chipset.
the bios version is 11/08/2005 k8t800p-8237-6a7L1a19c-26.
I had a stick of corsair 512 mb xms pc3200 memory in DIMM1, for some time until I wanted to upgrade.
I bought Corsair twinx pc3200 DDR 400 memory 2gig
the latency for this pair is 3, 3,3,8.
this memory is also double-sided.

this is what happened. I took out the old 512mb ram and put the two new modules in Dimm1 and dimm2, just like the manual says to do. so now out of the four dimms dimm1 and 2 are the only ones occupied. So i turn the power back on and reboot. Everything is fine and dandy for 1 day. then BAM out of now where while playing a memory intensive game my system crashes, reboots but nothing comes up on screen. So i then open up the case and find that the computer is posting c3.... I look up this code in the manual and it says " expand compressed memory bios code dram" I have no idea what this means but i decided to take the module from dimm2 out just to see what happens... i shut the power off and take it out. reboot and i get back to windows....
Now listen to this... lets call the two sticks of r... Read more

A:I need some help with Dual channel memory in an AV8 mobo

Might have some bad memory I would next run a test on both sticks to see what it comes up with. You can download a memory tester here.

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I have a Dell 4700 Desktop with two sticks of 256MB (PC2-3200) DDR2 RAM. These are installed in the 1 and 2 DIMMs in order to take advantage of Dual channel memory.

However, I am planning of adding two more [different] sticks (1GB each) to DIMM slots 3 and 4. Will the system still take advantage of the dual channeling, in this setup?

Also, I am wondering greatly if I buy this new RAM, and it operates at PC2-4200, 5200, or 6400, will this disable the dual channel? What PC-xxxx RAM should I go for?

Also what is a good CAS latency to look for on RAM? What exactly does the PC2-xxxx number refer to?

Thank you.

A:Need Help with Dual-Channel Memory (DDR2)

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