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HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4625e Refuses to (re) Install

Q: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4625e Refuses to (re) Install

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4625e Refuses to (re) Install

My printer is an HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4625e (4620 series). Firmware Version: CAP1FN1451AR
First, this is what I can do with the printer.
1. Print internal ‘Test’ pages and reports.
2. Print documents in all applications from a wireless, networked laptop.
3. Print documents using ePrint.
My computer is an HP Omni All-in-one Running Windows 7 Home Premium X64
The issue is I am unable to (re)install the printer on the HP Omni using either ‘Add Printer’, HP downloads or the installation disk.
Hoping for a definitive solution.
Background: Just over a week ago I upgraded from Office Pro 2010 to Office Pro 2013. When I went to print I noticed the dfautl print was showing as One Note 2013. I selected the HP printer then hit print. I got an error message: Word Cannot Print this Document. There is no printer installed.
I tried to print using NotePad and an Adobe document (thinking it may have been Word related only). This did not work. I could print from any application using the Desktop. But, as noted, I can do so from the networked laptop.
On opening the Printers folder OneNote was set as the default. I changed the default to the HP printer. No luck. I was told it was not installed.
I ran Malwarebytes Premium and Microsoft Security Essentials to check for possible incursions. None.
I then tried System Restore. No change.
I then tried to repair the print program. No change.
I then uninstalled Office 2013. No Change.
I then tried the “Add Printer” function. No Luck. I was informed: “Unable to install printer. Some files are missing or incorrect. Reinstall the driver or try using the latest version.”

I then tried to reinstall the printer. First as a straight reinstall then second after doing a complete uninstall using Revo Professional Uninstaller and an Advanced Scan.
This did not work, yet the printer is recognised as being on the wireless network during the reinstall process
This is what I Cannot do: (Note: during any install attempt I disable both Malware Byes and Windows Security Essentials. I have also attempted installs with the Firewall turned OFF.)
Cannot reinstall on the system. It refuses to allow a wireless network installation even though it shows on the install screen.
If using ‘Add Printer, it says files missing or incorrect.
If installed using HP Download, I am able to input IP Address but it does not show the computer name. It says either. “Computer’s Network Name: Retrieving’ OR ‘Computer’s Network Name: Unable to Retrieve’.
When install fails, I get the screen asking to search for a solution which then gives me instructions re a download ‘Helper Application’.
After attempting to follow those instructions, the downloaded ‘solution’ does not work. It tells me the program is not a valid win32 program.

Instead of trying to install over the wireless network I have tried using the USB Install process. The printer then only installs as a ‘Fax’ Printer. On checking the Device Manager – Show Hidden Devices – it shows a ‘Multifunction Device’ with a yellow exclamation mark (!) next to the driver. On checking, it says I need to reinstall the driver.
Any attempt to convert the USB connection (even though it only installs as a fax printer) to a wireless connection fails.

Preferred Solution: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4625e Refuses to (re) Install

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4625e Refuses to (re) Install

did you try a System Restore to a date before you installed Pro Plus 2013?

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The ink is leaking from cartraige while printing.

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I have been using the DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 printer and recently I have been receiving the '' attention required'' message. Though there is no problem with the wireless connection or cartridge, it says '' this is a web services printer'' and does not provide the print.
Your assistance will be appreciated.

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I have an HP deskjet 722C about 7 yr old that has a parallel connection only. I recently updated my 5 Y/O pc to a more current model that does not have a parallel printer port. The printer prints fine & I have several spare cartridges that cost a lot of $$ that i don't want to waste so I'm not eager to buy another printer. I therefore bought a parallel to usb cable hoping it would solve the problem. When i attached the cable, windows responded by recognizing it (good) & announced that it was installed correctly (good). I saw the printer in devices & printers (good) & set it as my default printer. However, when i try to print a document, everything seems to be fine, including print preview, but the printer is totally silent, not a peep. D&P shows 1 document in the cue, waiting for printing, but nothing happens. The printer seems to be the only link in the chain that does'nt know that everything is hunky dory.

Is there a simple solution to this or is the printer toast?

Thanks for any help.


A:HP deskjet refuses to print

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Any performance gain to do a clean install of Windows 10? Currently, on 10 Home. I have the opportunity to get 10 Education for a low price through school. 
In addition, would like to load the OS on a SSD.
Thanks for the help!

A:Advantage of Clean Windows 10 Install for XPS 8900

Yes there is a performance gain in performing a clean installation. You should feel a significant performance boost particularly after upgrading to a SSD. You will need to use the Academic Media Creation Tool to Download a Windows 10 Education .iso (opposed to the Retail/OEM one for your Home OEM license) once you have the Education Product Key:
See here for instructions:
On this model the SecureBoot and UEFI should already be enabled.

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Hey guys,

I've actually run into this problem before, I got it to work 3 months ago, then I reloaded my computer and the problem showed up again and I forgot the solution. Yikes! Can anyone help?

I'm running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. I have an HP Deskjet 960c connected (via USB).

The device shows up in the "Devices and Printers" windows, but....

Driver Software Installation:
"Device driver software was not successfully installed"
HEWLETT-PACKARDDESKJET 960C ---- X No driver found
There was something super simple I did last time, but I don't remember. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? I need to print.

A:HP Deskjet 960c will NOT install :(

heres the link to download it

Software & Driver Downloads HP Deskjet 960c Printer - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

when you download it, install the driver manually using device manager.

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I have found the W7 compatible driver for my Deskjet F4280 here:

V?lg software og drivere HP Deskjet F4280 All-in-One - HP Teknisk Support (Danmark - Dansk)

I have chosen the correct system (W7 64-bit) and successfully downloadet the 204 MB file (after a couple of interrupted downloads). But when I try to run the file very fast I get the message (in Danish "Udpakningen mislykkedes"), which more or less means "Unzipping failed".

I have tried to run the update from Vista to W7 (though the computer is 'born' with W7), but that doesn't help either...

Before all this I have installed the driver from the cd-rom disc which came with the printer, not knowing that it didn't wotk with W7

Any good suggestions???

The alternative would be to buy another printer - but no printer is yet sold in Denmark with a W7 driver!

A:Can't install driver for Deskjet F4280

I am now sure that the printer CAN print. I have tried the 'clean toner' function. But I have tried to print from Word, a PDF-file and a picture... nothing happens!

From Word it says 'settings are wrong', printing a picture results in the informative message 'a problem caused the printing to fail' and printing a pdf-document simply doesn't get the printer to react...

Now the printer will be dumped!

And I have to say that I am certainly not impressed with W7... I have had my new PC for about 24 hours...and I have never had so many software-malfunctions and OS breakdowns

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I have recent upgraded to a new laptop, and have forgotten how to install my printer onto the computer. I dont have a USB cable and am fairly poor with my tech skills. Can someone help me? Id LOVE to be able to print again.

A:install my HP deskjet 6840 WITHOUT a USB cable

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Hi having issues with installing HP Deskjet F4580 in wireless mode. Keep getting 'fatal errors' while installing.
I have 4 pc's and none of them work properly with the printer, even where the software has loaded. Scanning often responds in a 'scanner error'. The scan document facility only work with one of the machines. Seems to work OK with USB connection. Using BT Homehub, but again no issues with that. I have downloaded the full suite of software from the HP website, so I know that is up to date. Windows 7 upgraded from Vista, seems to be working well in every other respect and is also up to date. HP support don't seem to want to reply to my query. Can anybody help?


A:HP Deskjet F4580 install problem

HP Support lists about a dozen codes for fatal errors during installation. See if the links here are of help: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...ry&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&product=3944758

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trying to install a new 5150 hp printer on usb 1 (even though it is a usb 2 printer - i think that that is ok), all went well until the system froze while hp software was trying to "delete temp files".
Now new hardware wiz will not detect printer, i cannot delete hp s/ware as its own uninstaller says it is only designed to remove s/ware that is actually there ????? and finally if i try to install (leaving printer unplugged until it asks) it then says found printer - please wait and then nothing....i have waited 30 mins... still nothing.

all other usb on both hubs work fine.

please help

A:HP deskjet 5150 will not install s/ware

Give them a call on their support lines. They'll walk you through removing and installing it.


Not trying to brush you off, it's just their support is excellent and they will help free of charge.

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I have a HP Deskjet D1660 Series Printer, which on an XP operating system I had no problems with at all.

I came to install this printer on my 64-bit operating system Windows 7 netbook and cannot do so.

I entered the CD and soon realised that I needed a different driver for windows 7, proceeded to download this driver, but when I open the .exe file, it tells me it's extracting, which it does to 100% and then nothing happens.

I have tried using the HP installation wizard, and a similar thing happens - the program recognises my printer, downloads the relevant driver for me, tells me it's extracting it, but then takes me back to the start; identifying my printer.

If anybody knows of anything that could help I'd be very grateful!


A:HP Deskjet D1660 printer will not install on Windows 7

That's the correct full feature driver software package for Windows 7(64-bit).

Are you downloading and SAVING it, then closing all open windows first, then double-clicking it to install it?


Read here for installation instructions.


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Dear all ,

my printer, deskjet d2660, cannot install. It is only the exit button. It is the compatibly issues?

A:HP deskjet d2660 printer driver can't install

Unfortunately, many device drivers are not working on on Windows 8 Developer Preview. Of course, this was expected as we're still in pre-beta but it would still be a good idea to set up a dual boot (if you haven't already) and use another OS. Instructions can be found below.
Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista

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Hello everyone
Im helping out a friend with a pc printer issue and im lost. the printer is a hp deskjet 940c and i cant get it to install at all. It comes up with a error message saying that the printer is not installed operation could not be completed. I ave tried everything from just a corp driver to the home driver and uninstalling the ports and everything i could think of. I have succefully installed a different printer on this pc and i was able to install the hp on 2 of my pc 1 on xp home and the other on xp pro. So it leds me to believe that the printer and the drivers are ok. Im just lost any help would be great thanks.

the pc is XP Home sp2
wth all current updates

A:Solved: deskjet 940c install issue

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I have purchased Windows7 Proessional edition and am doing a clean install, though I have encountered a number of perplexing problems:

1. Windows7 refuses to install if the system has more than 2GB RAM installed. It hangs at
the 'Starting Windows' screen. I got past this by reducing RAM to 2GB - but why is this ?

2. Readjust my RAM to 3GB and reboot. Windows7 gets to the 'Starting Windows' screens, then
reboots the machine. Just refuses to accept 3GB RAM !

3. Attempt to enter via Safe Mode, but I can't as it also reboots

4. I set RAM back to 2GB and rebooted in Safe Mode. I then set the Maximum Memory in the
msconfig tool to 3072 MB and shutdown the machine. (as I clicked OK, it quickly flicked to
2048MB before closing the screen !)

5. Install 3GB RAM and reboot - all ok

6. Resource Monitor shows that 1GB is being used for hardware. (When I booted using 2GB RAM, only 1MB was reserved for hardware !)

Now, if I run with 2GB RAM installed or 3GB RAM there is no difference - only 2GB is
available for Windows 7. I find that rather weird.

I had Windows XP with the same 3GB RAM running before - with no RAM being reserved for hardware.

Motherboard : Gigabyte 7N400 Pro2 (revision 1) with latest BIOS (F11)
CPU : AMD Athlon XP 3200+
RAM : 3x 1GB Kingston HyperX PC3200 - running at 333MHz in dual channel mode
Video : nVidia FX5200 with 128MB dedicated RAM

Any ideas ?

A:Refuses to install/run with 3GB RAM

Have you tried using only 1gb of RAM?

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I´m a newbie here, and doesn´t know too much how does function this site, I´ll try to help where I can, but I came here to ask something that is bothering me.

I´ve just bought an Epson Deskjet USB printer (C42 UX) and installed it correctly (it worked alone, when "filling itself")... The problem is using it under my Windows 98 SE OS.

First, I had no USB ports, so I bought also a PCI to USB card adapter and installed it and Win98 could detect it OK.

Second, I tried letting the printer turned on and booting the system. It detected something and installed an "unknown device".
It seemed not important, so I installed the drivers of the printers... but when the driver installation tried to check the printer port it didn´t detect it, and I couldn´t detect it ever since.

After this, I have tried a lot of things... Checking the BIOS to disable any unused port/device... enable anything related to USB (which I had to disable again, ´cause seemed to be an *onboard USB port*, but as it didn´t have the actual ports, I didn´t see).
I also tried to remove the "unknown device" and turn on/install the printer after the boot. And also install it via control panel... but nothing worked.

I tried checking with the Epson support here, but they´ve said that it is a problem with the USB port, so they couldn´t help.
Windows won´t let me install any driver from the Epson CD directly for this device... it says "The specified location does not c... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Deskjet USB printer doesn´t install correctly

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Dual question on the same machine, that might actually be related.

This machine is a laptop running xp pro, that is linked to a desktop also running xp pro...

The desktop is serving a printer over the network, that both machines can print to fine...

The laptop however, cannot print anything in quicken. No printers to select.

In addition, I cannot install this hp printer into the laptop though i am installing it accordin to the instructions. I first load the software, than when prompted, connect the printer, than it takes a while, but it eventually continues, and finishes the installation. However, the printer does not show up as an available printer in the control panel, and is nowhere to be found in the machine. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and then uninstalling and removing th registry entries under software in regedit, and then reinstalling, but that did not work either. The computer is 2 weeks old. Any and all ideas welcome and appreciated!

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I have tried a lot to install hp deskjet 845C printer on windows 7, but not succeeded. Any one can help me plz. Is there my hp deskjet 845C printer is useless after installation of windows 7?

A:Help needed to install hp deskjet 845C printer on windows 7

Hi there ... Read the Link below .. If you follow the Instructions you should be able to get your Printer Installed ...

Installing the Printer Software in Windows 7 for a USB Cable Connection HP Deskjet 845c Printer | HP? Support

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Hello, ive had a problem with this ever since i first tried installing .Net framework 4. When i try to install it a few minutes later it rolls back the installation and gives me a message saying "Net framework did not install" due to a fatal error. I tried everything, clean up my %temp% folder, run as an admin, clean up my framework 4 files, use Ccleaner and yet no success, its getting beyond frustrating.
I would really appreciate if you guys would help me fix this once and for all.

A:.Net framework 4 refuses to install

Hi CodeVert and Welcome to TSF,

Are you trying to update from an existing version of .Net framework, if so, which one?

As a general tip I would advice you to completely uninstall the .Net framework from your machine. Download the .Net Framework 4 Full Installer from Microsofts webpage and start the installation again. That way you get a clean install of the applications with no processes hindering it to proceed.

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Have removed Adobe Flash and Reader plus all the Java stuff (after the warnings) and have tried a fresh reinstall of the Flash player and was going to redo the Reader which was throwing up update issues.

Now i did see something about JavaScript in trouble shooting with the Adobe download anyone got ideas on what is happening please?

A:Adobe refuses to install

do you still have any remains linked to the program? if so try this it's free Advanced Uninstaller PRO: A Swiss Army Knife for PC Users - Completely uninstall any program, even if it has no uninstaller of its own

make sure to make a restore point first though of course.

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Hi guys I'm having problems installing Itouch.

Downloaded the latest version from the logitech site as well as a few different mirrors.

I downloaded the XP version and I am running a fully up to date XP installation.

However when I try to install I get an error telling me that "This version of Itouch is not compatible with your OS"

A:Itouch refuses to install

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Think I've tried everything I've seen mentioned here and elsewhere over the past few weeks to get this KB2515325 update installed and still have not had any success.

I even went as far as to remove some of the other updates that were released along with it as some people has success installing that batch of updates in a certain order.

Can't believe that this update is so stubborn. Anyone else out there still having a problem getting this one installed?

A:KB2515325 Refuses to Install

hi there

try this System Update Readiness Tool >>> What is the System Update Readiness Tool?

The System Update Readiness Tool can help fix problems that might prevent Windows updates and service packs from installing. For example, an update might not install if a damaged system file prevents the update from recognizing the version of Windows that's running on your computer.

If your computer is having problems installing an update or a service pack, download and install the tool, which runs automatically. Then, try installing the update or service pack again.

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just got a new motherboard and wanted to reinstall windows 7 64bit
but the installer just keeps freezing on me , not crashing ,just after windows loads the files and then the windows 7 wallpaper comes but then nothing happens after that i can still move the mouse so is not crashed like i said.
i tried installing the other way from inside windows but once it copys all the files then reboot it freezes again, but this time with the words "windows is being installed" or something along those lines

i really would appreciate if someone could solve this for me im out of ideas except installing it on my hardrive on someones else pc then put the hdd back in my pc but its a pain in the a**

so someone come to the rescue and earn some rep

A:Windows 7 refuses to install

Is the new mobo already listed in your System Specs: ASUS M3A79-T DELUXE

Or is it another mobo.

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After Win 10 uprade, ssd decides to crash... I re-install win 8 onto an hdd using the install key and it is running perfect
until I get a prompt to activate, which I do, using the key... which Windows rejects... any clues guys ??? strangely, it also
gives me an option to stop the activation nagging .

leo1949. Thanks.

A:Win 8 re-install refuses activation key ??

Yes try the phone option to activate you have to many activations on that Product Key, Phone activation should work as long an there are no other actual copies activate.

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Hi I have a Toshiba satellite l745-s4110 laptop that came out with windows 7.  I have some programs that will not run right on anything else. 
Somehow windows 10 got installed on the computer.
I did not really need the programs so I continued to use 10, but it crashed the laptop would not let me do a restore.  I have the discs for the 7 install, but when I try to install or restore it I get the msg that 7 cannot be installed on this computer.  I finally got win 8 to load on the lap top   But still receive msg that 7 cannot be used on this computer.  
Has anyone had this problem?  And does anyone know how tp force 7 back on?  I have wiped the hard drive but still get the will  not install on 7.

A:windows 7 refuses to install

Windows 7 was the OS that came installed on the computer? Are your Windows 7 install disks 32bit? If the drive was converted to GPT Windows 7 32bit cannot be be installed to the disk and it must be wiped.
If not 32bit then do a clean install per this guide. You should first delete all existing partitions.

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I am trying to install a program on vista and the .exe file refuses to install and I cant find it on the folder

I am hating vista

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Recently I'd accidentally deleted the NVIDIA network driver (after [unsuccessfully] trying to remove all traces of the NVIDIA graphics driver [long story - was on graphics section of this site, but anyway..].

So I did a System Restore (I hadn't made a restore point since May, so it installed a few critical updates again) which got my internet back on, but my Norton 360 wasn't working - it seemed to somehow have been heavily corrupted, as it didn't do anything every time I tried clicking on it (no Norton exe's in my Task Manager either)

So I decided to reinstall it... but now after uninstalling it [and restarting my PC], trying to install it again - even with the CD - it gets to the loading screen... then nothing happens. I checked Task Manager, and setup.exe is there, but then it disappears.

I tried downloading a trial copy [so I can put my product key in after] and installing that, but the same thing happened again!

No error messages come up at all btw.

I'm not sure what information I'm to give you for this; I guess it's something in Event Viewer, but I don't know what I'm doing in there.

A:Norton 360 v.4/5 refuses to [re]install

Donwload the Norton Removal Tool from the website.
Than reinstall Norton.

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This one has got me stumped! I tried to install Silverlight using the approx 6 MB download from silverlight's website and when it runs, it shows an unpacking screen for under a second that says it's unpacking files like silverlight.msi to a randomized named folder on the C drive then it closes and never launches the actual installer. I got a screenshot of the randomized folder name after about 10 tries and the folder doesn't exist after it's done unpacking. I don't know what's going on!

But just for fun, I went to windows update and selected silverlight from the optional list and it said it installed successfully and I still have no silverlight. It has no folder anywhere on my computer and isn't listed as an add in on IE8. I'm running Windows XP SP3 with Avast v5 (disabled it too btw) and there's really not much weird about this computer's setup.

The only thing I can think of is the windows installer service is silently failing somehow but I don't know how to check the version. On the services list, it showed "windows installer" as manual so I hit start to just get it running and got the same result.

Also, a quick search of my entire hard drive says there's no silverlight.msi anywhere on my computer so i don't know what it did with the supposedly unpacked files. Anyone know what's going on?

A:netflix refuses to install

Silverlight requirements & info - Get Silverlight | Microsoft Silverlight

Are all Windows Updates installed?

Remove Avast completely - Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software - ESET Knowledgebase

Reboot upon completion. Install MSE - http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

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Hi all, I recently built a new PC consisting of an Asus A7N8X-E mobo and an AMD 2600 CPU, 512mb ram, a radeon 9600 vid card and a HDD i had lying around. I started to onstall XP Pro but got about 30% through the file copying process and got an NTFS problem. I tried a FAT32 partition but got the same problem. Any suggestions?

A:Newly assembled PC refuses to install XP Pro...

fill in your "User Profile", top left an any page.
Also, what size is the HD and what size the partition(s)?

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I'm having problems with my computer and I need some help desparately. My machine is basically unuseable, and I need to get it back up and running as soon as possible, so any helpful input would be greatly appreciated. Appologies in advance if I'm a bit verbose, but I want to be as clear as possible.

I'll start off by mentioning that not all of the info in this story might be relevant, and that I'm just telling it in the event that it could be. A short time ago I bought 512 MBs of RAM and installed it, and it seemed to work fine. Also around that time, presumably through running a registry cleaning utility or something, I'd accidentally disabled a lot of Windows XP tools like Defrag or the Search function in Windows Explorer (some necessary files were missing in the System32 folder).

Shortly after this (lets say 2 days) I decided it was about time I reformat my computer, or rather, start a new XP install on a 200gb HD I'd bought some time earlier but never really used. However, this HD had two FAT partitions on it with a Win98 install, so I run Partition Magic to repartition/reformat it into a single NTFS partition - however PM seemed to have trouble with this - though when I checked it later on a friend's computer with the Windows Scandisk, it was ok. Anyway, shortly after this point, Windows starts acting all screwy. I mean resetting without warning, left and right. It had always done this once every few days, and I never found a... Read more

A:Windows XP refuses to Boot or Install

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I noticed this problem about 3 months ago... First, McAfee started saying it was unable to update, and then Microsoft Security Essentials uninstalled on its own. (Yes, I had two Anti-Viruses installed, that was dumb.) I tried reinstalling MSE, but I got the error code 0x8004FF81. I then tried to install Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, and that also refuses to install. Today, I hope to do something about this. McAfee is uninstalled, and I'm still getting all the same errors with MSE, so now I'm left with no AntiVirus.
I read that the problem was due to registry keys that were added by malware, here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/protect/forum/mse-protect_updating/mse-install-error-code-0x8004ff81/5ac150bf-bf1f-4bb6-a6f3-2fcd1e6a80b4?page=1 So, I attempted to delete the registry keys like they suggested, but if I try to delete them, Regedit says "Unable to delete all specified values." Now I have no idea what to do, and I have tried everything I could think of. I have tried using RegDelNull, RKill, FileASSASSIN, SubInAcl, and the Elevated Command Prompt tells me "Access denied" when I try to delete the entry. I really wish there was a way to just force a registry entry to delete, but nothing seems to work.   I'm at a loss here.

A:Anti-Virus Refuses to Install

Please download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop.
Double-click SecurityCheck.exe
Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.

NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.
NOTE 2 SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me.
Please download MiniToolBox and run it.
Checkmark following boxes:
Report IE Proxy Settings
Reset IE Proxy Settings
Report FF Proxy Settings
Reset FF Proxy Settings
List content of Hosts
List IP configuration
List Winsock Entries
List last 10 Event Viewer log
List Installed Programs
List Devices (do NOT change any settings here)
List Users, Partitions and Memory size
List Restore Points
Click Go and post the result.

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I think this is a Win XP issue. I have uninstalled my Vodafone VMB software from my netbook (no cddvd drive) at a time. On trying to re-instal by plugging in the modem, Win XP gave error code 39 in Device Manager under "DVD/CD-ROM drives -----<!>Vodafone USB SCSI CD-ROM USB Device"

Vodafone supplies their software and modem drivers pre-installed on the modem - its plug in and install.

Windows identifies the device as a Vodafone USB device under Device Manager - USB controllers as MBB mass storage filter. And that is all.

I have tried to manually install their software (downloaded the file) with no success.

I have also tried to update the driver in Device Manager - no success.

I have tried to uninstall the VMB software and delete all references to Vodafone in the Registry and then plug in - no success - same error.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Solved: Win XP refuses to re-install 3g USB modem

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Whenever I plug anything into any of my usb ports, the new hardware wizard pops up and asks me to install the drivers. even if it's plug and play.
But it's not only my usb devices. It does the same thing when I try and create a virtual drive with daemon tools.
And while it does work, the wizard pops up every time I start up my computer to install my CD drive i recently installed.

Help please?

A:Computer refuses to install any hardware.

OS/registry issue. Personally, I'd perform a fresh install of the OS.

Aside from that, you could try a Repair or manual install of the latest Service Pack and drivers.

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Hi, I've had a lot of problems with windows vista but I think it's still great to have(regardless of the fact vista doesn't like to play nice with my video drivers) but I'm having problems updating with vista. There are these two updates that vista refuses to install.

I've tried reupdating like 30 times already, and when I shutdown they install the updates that vista confirmed "unable to install" even though it said it didn't. I think there's a problem confirming the installation because when I log on and go to the start menu, there's a sheild saying that I can install updates when the computer turns off even when I get countless errors when downloading these updates. I've looked on Google and cannot find a solution for the problem number:800736CC

I've found similar error codes but the problems are completely different.
Help me install these updates correctly please.

A:Vista Refuses to install updates

Try deleting everything under C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\

Then reboot and re-run windows updates.

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Acer Desktop Computer Aspire ATC-705-UR58.  Tried to replace win 10 with win 7.  when I tried to choose a partition I got a message:  windows cannot install on partition (1,2,3,4) 

A:setup refuses to install win 7 on any partition.

First of all, create a windows 10 recovery media, so you will be able to factory reset and revert to windows 10 in the worst case. then you need to set BIOS to Launch CSM/Legacy to be able to boot from a windows 7 installation media:http://acer--uk.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/27071/~/how-to-enable-or-disable-secure-boot and since windows 10 uses GPT partitions, windows 7 is not able to install on them, so you need to wipe completly your HDD/SSD prior to install it. at windows 7 language/keyboard selection, press shift+F10, it will open a command promptthentypediskpartthen on diskpart typelist disktake note of the correct disk ID to erasetypeselect disk x(x is the ID of your HDD to erase)typecleanyour HDD will be erased completly type exit then continue with your installation

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I'm having problems with my computer and I need some help desparately. My machine is basically unuseable, and I need to get it back up and running as soon as possible, so any helpful input would be greatly appreciated. Appologies in advance if I'm a bit verbose, but I want to be as clear as possible.

I'll start off by mentioning that not all of the info in this story might be relevant, and that I'm just telling it in the event that it could be. A short time ago I bought 512 MBs of RAM and installed it, and it seemed to work fine. Also around that time, presumably through running a registry cleaning utility or something, I'd accidentally disabled a lot of Windows XP tools like Defrag or the Search function in Windows Explorer (some necessary files were missing in the System32 folder).

Shortly after this (lets say 2 days) I decided it was about time I reformat my computer, or rather, start a new XP install on a 200gb HD I'd bought some time earlier but never really used. However, this HD had two FAT partitions on it with a Win98 install, so I run Partition Magic to repartition/reformat it into a single NTFS partition - however PM seemed to have trouble with this - though when I checked it later on a friend's computer with the Windows Scandisk, it was ok. Anyway, shortly after this point, Windows starts acting all screwy. I mean resetting without warning, left and right. It had always done this once every few days, and I never found a cause so I learned t... Read more

A:Windows XP refuses to Boot or Install

Hi Aaron and welcome to the forum,

First of all, if you got the WD drive to work fine on your friends machine, then it will not work on your machine about 90 % of the time. What happens is that the drive is looking for his motherboard and not yours so you get blanko junk or nothing.

Just to make sure you have it set up right, if using a WD as a single (no other drive on the cable) drive, then put it on the end of the ribbon cable and take the jumpers off.

If there is something else on that IDE #1, then make the other drive a slave (middle connector = Grey color) and make the WD set as Master with the jumpers (on end of cable = Black color) set as Master according to the diagram on the top of the drive.

Also, I am assuming that you now want to put XP on the computer and not Win98 (a different process, so if I am incorrect about what you want to do, write back and I will give different instructions.)

Now, if you can boot into the BIOS setup menu (usually del key), make sure your boot order is set to:

Hard Disk you wish to boot from

Don't forget to save before you exit.

Put your CD in the CDRom drive and boot up

When the disk comes up, Select install (even if it says you would overwirte the other copy on the disk), and then let it format if it asks that. Then install and it should go. When loaded, don't forget to load your chipset drivers first from the motherboard CD.

If you ... Read more

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I hope that this is the correct area to post this in - the problem seems to be software rather than hardware related..

I have a brand new Canon 6350 multifunction printer / scanner. The printer driver just will not install, but the scanner driver does install, so I can use the wlan connection to scan but not print. I have attempted reinstalling about 5 times now, to no avail. I have also downloaded the drivers from the Canon support website, but using those drivers rather the ones on the installation CD does no good either.

I have Norton 360 installed, but I disable it during software installation.

I have been able to print successfully over wlan using an iPad and my laptop, so the problem seems to be my PC. Can anyone advise me as to what might be going wrong?

The installation report for the printer is as follows:

Setup Results

Model :
Canon MG6300 series

Network Setup of the Printer :
Name :

Port Name :

Network Setup of the Scanner :
Name :
Canon MG6300 series(2C.9E.FC.9E.51.41)

Network Type :


A:Printer driver refuses to install

To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: http://static.techguy.org/download/SysInfo.exe Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can use the TSG Info to fill in your computer information in your user profile as well.

Also, if its a brand name system like an Acer,Dell or HP, please post the exact model of the system.

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I go through the install and I get this message at the end of it:

A:Windows Live messenger refuses to install

Have you tried this fix yet?

Windows Installer Error Fix

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I built a system.... I put a hard drive in installed all of the drivers. It worked fine 100% audio video everything. I formatted it (different version of XP) everything works up to the audio driver. It installs but does not work what-so-ever. I don't understand this.

I have a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L motherboard with on-board HD audio.
9600GT - Q6600 - 2GB G. Skill - Monitor - Keyboard - Mouse.....


A:Audio Driver Refuses to Install properly


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I'm on a fresh install of 64-bit windows 8.1, but the BIOS installer gives the following error message: "Your machine does not match with this BIOS. Update process will be halted." Why on earth is this? I googled the error message but this only seems to be a problem with people trying to upgrade the BIOS from win 10... but I'm definitely on 8.1, it even says Windows 8.1 Build 9600 in the corner. The only modification I made is that I upgraded the ram to 8 GB (from 4 GB), but the BIOS update fails even if I take the extra stick out.

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Any update on this. I am also having this problem. When running the softpaq it launches ATI catalyst and not the usb 3.0 driverThanksJeff

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Whenever I try to install anything from games to anti-virus' I get an error 1335 data1.cab corrupt.
Tried everything I could think of and still no luck, please help!

All right,, I'll try to be as detailed as possible.

My PC was broken. I sent it in to a PC Tech who thought they fixed it but
sent it back the same way. (Problem was it kept rebooting on its own)
I did some research and found out the little beeps when the PC crashed actually meant something so I pinpointed my problem to bad RAM and bought a 1gb ram card and installed it and restored PC to original settings. I reinstalled windows and everything.
Everything was running perfect. I was able to install and everything.
Then all of a sudden I started getting errors

First MSN kept giving me the ever-annoying "Send error report" message as soon as i logged in. So I reinstalled MSN and it worked slightly better.

Then I was installing something else and I got an 'error 1335 data1.cab corrupt'
I click ignore and it comes up to an internal 2350 error
[which led me to Microsoft support. They said to reinstall windows installer, I installed and it didn't help]
I figured it had to be the file was messed up so I re-DLed and still couldn't install. I tried several other programs and nothing will install. I tried DLing a game and upon the installation failing I got this report.

[04/24 00:59:47] Install Start
[04/24 00:59:48] Use CRC : false
[04/24 00:59:48] File Name : Combat-Arms.n... Read more

A:Windows REFUSES to install!! (ANYTHING) error 1335

Hi, FliiP. Welcome to TSF.

I'm not sure if you've ever noticed, but inside your windows xp disc, there's lots and lots of file that help it operate correctly, one of which is the .cab files, these are essential and shouldn't be overlooked, and will NOT be when installing, so they're definitely not just "missing". You would have had to deleted them or spyware could happen to be a friend of yours you never knew you even had.

I could be wrong, but I believe the .cab files do exist and aren't just in the disc itself, but it seems to me that they would be.

Just reinstall XP, that'll get rid of anything that may harm your computer and give you a clean slate, at the risk of losing all your music, pictures, videos, documents.

Good luck. If you have any more questions or comments, post them!

A word to everyone else - Do the .cab files exist in the actual install or do they only exist in the XP disc, itself?

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I've had windows 7 64 on my system for the last 6 or 7 years? However long it's been out and it's been completely fine.

I moved everything over to a Samsung 840 Evo about a year ago and everything was great.

I moved everything over to a Saumsung 850 Pro about 6 months ago and my system has crashed literally about 10 times at this point. I have used Samsung's Secure Erase to reset the SSD every time before a new install.

Everything will work fine for X amount of days, weeks etc until Windows does some kind of automatic update and crashes my computer, it will not reboot, it will not repair. I will attach a pic of what it does during this problem, running lines and lines of the following code in the attached pic.

Now trying to reinstall windows AGAIN, it completely REFUSES to do so - and I have 2 SSD's I'm trying this on and getting the exact same 0x80070057 error code.

I've deleted the partitions, created new ones and still getting this error code on BOTH SSDs. I've tried this step 5 times. It will not install.

What is the problem and is there any way to fix this? I don't understand why windows has been constantly crashing these last few months, but it has completely pushed me away from wanting to use it at all.

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Im running Windows Vista Home 32 Bit

Right, i have tried to install Adobe Fireworks CS3 and it just simply wont run.

Well it does, the instalation window flashes and then just stops.
No errors, no nothing, it just stops.

I dont know what to do about it or how to go about fixing it, help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi there, just upgraded to Windows 7.
My front sound jack works, but when I connect my speakers to the on-board sound card I only get the left channel. So I figure it's the drivers.
Well, Windows says my audio drivers are up to date, so I manually downloaded the W7 32-bit drivers from Realtek. When I try to update the drivers, telling windows to use this folder, it still says the latest drivers are installed. I resorted to running setup.exe in the driver folder and that seemed to be going alright until:
Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software
<press Install this driver software anyway>
installation hangs at about 90% and the security message continually pops up.

what do?

A:W7 refuses to install AC'97 - only left channel audio

Right click on the setup exe and select "run as administrator"


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