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Solved: Port forwarding issues, Cannot forward port Please help! Linksys WRT54G

Q: Solved: Port forwarding issues, Cannot forward port Please help! Linksys WRT54G

Hello! I am trying to forward a port so i can connect to my computer because i want to stream a radio station from computer to my phone.

I'm trying to forward port 88 on my Linksys WRT54G Version 6

I tried that but Boardwave audio streaming server still says it's not open!

Here are some pictures:

I'm using Windows XP Professional 32-Bit
Eset AntiVirus
and using Windows firewall
What am i doing wrong?
Thank you for your help!

Windows firewall screenie:

Preferred Solution: Solved: Port forwarding issues, Cannot forward port Please help! Linksys WRT54G

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Port forwarding issues, Cannot forward port Please help! Linksys WRT54G

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Hey guys,

I have a Linksys WRT54g wireless router. I use port-forwarding quite frequently and have ran into a problem. There are only 10 port-forward slots available and all of mine are full. How can I get more slots?

A:Solved: Need more port-forwarding slots on Linksys WRT54g router

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I have read the posts regarding WRT54G port forwarding problems, have contacted Linksys support who confirmed that the configuration setting were conrrect and cannot get port forwarding to work. I am attempting to view a Canon VB-C50iR camera from the internet that is wire connected to the router. The router is connected to a Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 cable modem with Time Warner as the ISP. The router is a WRT54G v.6 with current firmware. I have confirmed with the ISP that they are not blocking any ports. I also confirmed that camera configuration is correct with Canon.

I created as static IP address for the camera outside of the DHCP automatic addresses set by the router. I can access the camera without a problem within the network both on a wired and wireless basis.

I configured and enabled the required ports to be forwarded but cannot access the camera from the internet. I have also attempted to access the camera after disabling port forwarding and enabling DMZ to the IP address of the camera.

With the ports forwarded or in DMZ, the ports are not open as tested with Open Port Check Tool.

I configured the router for remote access over the internet and can access the setup function without a problem. The remote access port for the router does appear open with Open Port Check Tool.

Help please! Thanks.

A:WRT54G V6 Won't Port Forward

Have you forwarded ports for any other device or software, do they work on that router?

The only thing I can think of is if your ISP has your IP address behind their firewall, known as a private IP.

I know you said you asked them, but you might call back and ask a technician if your IP address is Public or Private.


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Hello ALl

I just got the Linksys E2000 router and I am trying to open a port on my laptop. I have configured it correctly from what I think...never had an issue before with the wrt54g router I had before...

I am checking the port with the port forwarding tool and the CANUSEEME and I am not getting these open.....can someone please help me getting this working...

[line deleted by mod]


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I need to set up port forwarding for a DVR system. My equipment includes Embarq/ZyXel 660 & Linksys BEFDSR41W (ver 4.2) with the latest firmware.

I tried using the "standard" router Gaming/Applications setup but with no luck. I changed the static ip of the computer to a different address, re-set the modem and router and even tried it with a different router but with no luck.

Today I contacted support (Linksys) who suggested that I enable DMZ so I did but nothing happened. I contacted them again and they said to enable "Accepting anonymous requests" on the router so I did and nothing happened.

A few more things I tries were to turn the modem into bridge mode which locked me out of the Internet and lastly I tried to turn off Firewall on the modem with no luck.

In most tests on the above configurations, my forwarding tests returned "Timed out". With firewall turned off on the modem I got "Refused".

PS. To test configurations I used CanYouSeeme.org and DSLReports online tool.

Please help.

A:Port Forwarding Won't Forward

You have two routers there, probably why you have a problem. I'd suggest putting the Embarq 660 in bridge mode if you need to port forward for applications. An alternate method is to do the port forwarding in the Embarq and configure the secondary router as follows, though I prefer the first method if possible.
Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross... Read more

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I own a Linksys WRT54G router at home. I am connected on laptop via WiFi and there are two other PCs which are connected via Ethernet ports. How can I limit bandwidth on Ethernet ports?

A:how to limit bandwidth on particular port on Linksys WRT54G

You can't really with the stock firmware. You might take a look at DD-WRT firmware for that router, it has real bandwidth limiting.

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hey guys, I just followed the PortForward.com guide for setting up my static ip address and I'm sure did it perfectly. I then tried to forward some ports and i typed in my new IP adress blah blah blah and no matter what, the ports I try to forward just will not forward. (im testing them at www.canyouseeme.com, and through the certain programs for the ports.) I have the Linksys WRT54G and vista. I also have NO firewall. can someone please help me because I just cant figure out what the hell I'm doing wrong.

A:I read port forwarding guides, but no matter what, they wont forward

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Trying to forward a port. 2346, with a linksys router but to no avail. Please view below

Also no firewall of anysort and I have updated firmwire, and my router is NOT running hot.Message Edited by wwarriorww on 03-28-2009 09:43 AM

A:Unable to port forward with any Linksys router

What is the manufacturer and model number of your modem? (The device that connects to the WAN or Internet port of the router.)

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I have a Linksys WRT54g wireless router. I use one of the LAN (wired) ports for one of my desktops. However, the other day, the first LAN port died on me. I was surfing the net, when the computer told me that a network cable has been unplugged. I checked the connections, but the problems persisted.

I then moved the cable to the next LAN port over on the built in switch, and that one worked. This leads me to believe that the first LAN port has failed.

What should I do about this? Do you think Linksys would provide me with a new one?

A:Linksys WRT54g (wireless router) back switch port has failed

If it's under warranty I'm sure they will remedy the problem. If out of warranty it's your problem.

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I have a Lynksys WRT100 router which I need to configure for an internet cycling program. Here are the instructions.
Each device that accesses to internet has is unique address called IP (or external IP) that determinates it univocally in the internet network. Each device has many ports that allow it to exchange data with outside. Each port can be used from just one program at time. So each data that goes through internet from one computer to another is always addressed in the following way: IPort to reach the correct computer and program.
The problem is caused as the router "creates" an internal network, based on itself and the other computers (even if there is only one computer). In fact, the router is a device that allows to share the connection with more computers.All the devices (router and computers) of the local network has a local address called local IP, that determinates univocally them in the local network. From internet all the devices in the local network has the same external IP, that is the address of the local network. Thus your computer has a local IP that is different from the external IP.
So when some data is addressed to RealAxiom from internet, they use the external IP of the router and the port used by RealAxiom (external IPort). ​The problem is that the Router doesn’t know where to send these data as it could be any of the devices of the local network (in fact, all the devices have the same external IP). To "teach... Read more

A:Linksys WRT port forwarding.

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Hi there,

I was going thro' some of the postings on this forum as I'm currently faced with issues around port forwarding.

My intent is to have the ability of viewing my Axis207W over the internet.

Here's my setup -

1. WRT54GL running DD-WRT v24-sp2 connected to a Scientific-Atlanta modem.

2. Axis207W camera configured as follows for both ethernet and wireless connections to the camera -
Static IP -
Subnet Mask -
Default router (gateway) -
http port: 80
https port: 443
rtsp port: 554

3. Both the camera and the router are accessible wirelessly over the LAN

4. On the port forwarding tab of the router interface, I mapped port 80 of (camera) to port 90 (I've tried 9000 as well)

5. I pulled up the WAN IP (external IP) and entered http://xx.xx.xx.xx:90 on the address bar. Ended up getting 'IE cannot display the webpage'

6. Just to make sure that the issue had nothing to do with the camera, I forwarded port 80 of the Linksys router itself and mapped it to port 80 ( and entered

http://xx.xx.xx.xx:80 (external IP) to no avail (tried 8080 as well)

7. Went to http://www.t1shopper.com/tools/scan.php4 and it says that xx.xx.xx.xx isn't responding on port 80 (or 90)

8. I tried accessing the modem directly at (IE8) only to get the foll -
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Frameset//EN">
<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Scientific-Alta... Read more

A:Solved: Issues with port forwarding

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I think what I'm doing should be pretty simple but I'm not sure why its not working.

We have a Linksys RV016 router receiving 2 separate dynamic IP connections on WAN1 (Linksys adsl modem) and WAN2 (Billion wireless adsl router). We also have a dynamic DNS service subscribed to from DynDNS.

Currently, all three the RV016 and both adsl modems are configured to report the public IP to the DDNS service. I'm not sure if ONLY the RV016 should be doing this, or only ONE of the two modems, or if it doesn't mattter.

We have a SHarepoint Server running behind the RV016 that I want to make available from outside, by Internet users.

In the RV016, I've enabled the DDNS service, and forwarded ports 80, 444 and the specific port that our Sharepoint Site is running answering on. I've forwarded these to the static IP address that is assigned to our Sharepoint Server. I've set the Access Rules to ALLOW these connections from any interface, always.

With the RV016 Firewall on or off, hitting the DDNS name always times out, but I know the DDNS service is working because the login information resolves and updates in the RV016 admin, and pinging the name resolves to the same IP address as our reported public IP address.

What else must I do on the RV016, or what should I be doing on either or both of the dsl modems? I have disconnected one, and then alternatively the other adsl router/modems so that we're only receiving one internet connection in trying... Read more

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Anybody here have experience with port forwarding?

Here's what I would like to accomplish...

I do a lot of transfers with friends via IRC, and have recently purchased a Linksys router. Before I had no problems at all with connections to my server. Now my friends can not access because the router is blocking the ports. This is what I think anyway. When the router is connected I also can't receive any files via transfer through any of the instant messengers.

If anybody out there could help I'd surely appreciate it!!

A:Linksys router and port forwarding

Something similar happened to me I took my firewall down and it worked. If you have one try it.

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Hey, I am usually great with computers, but I have never been good at networking.
Anyway, I used to be stuck with an old D-Link router. Really bad, horrible range, bad user interface. I always ran into trouble trying to port forward. Anyway, I got a new Linksys WRT series router and I ran into the same problems. I forward the ports correctly but they do not forward. I have Tomato firmware installed, which is widely used, and I use OpenDNS. I take all the steps of normal Port forwarding, I have a static IP set up and all that, but afterwards I go and check on sites such as canyouseeme.org and it says the port is closed. My ISP is comcast if that helps any. Does anyone know what could be the reason? I have windows firewall disabled 24/7, and zonealarm recently was unisntalled since I never used it. Antivirus is avast!

A:Port Forwarding- Linksys WRT (with tomato)

Try enabling the Firewall and allow an exception for the port in question.

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I had thought that I could use port forwarding on my router. I've looked and mapped every link clickable when I access my linksys admin panel but I can't find a port forwarding area.

I'm using:
Firmware Version: 2.07

Main panel looks like this:

My Firmware seems rather out of date. But, because I just got my router to work flawlessly today I don't want to risk messing things up...

Should I update the firmware or is port forwarding not supported for me?
Maybe I overlooked a "port forward" page but when I did searched in my router's handbook I wasn't able to find anything regarding port forwarding. I wasn't able to find anything on google either...

Any ideas?

A:Linksys 2.07 Wireless WAP - Can't find port forwarding?

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Hey all. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Here is my issue. I use Bit Torrent to trade Grateful Dead concert recordings (all legit trading). I have Verizon DSL, a Westell 6100G Modem and a Linksys WRT 160N V2 Router. The Modem is located at and the Router at In the router setup page I have properly forwarded and triggered my ports. However, when I visit my torrent site, it tells me that I am firewalled or "NAT". I used to have the Linksys WRT54G Router and it was configured to PPPoE and everything worked fine. One day I did a firmware upgrade on the router and it would no longer connect to the internet. I switched ti to Automatic Configuration - DHCP and it connected, but performance was slow and this NAT issue began. I eventually got the new router and I have the same problem. If I set it to PPPoE, put in he username and password, I lose my internet connection. If set to Automatic Config - DHCP it works, but, again, "NAT".

Verizon told me that this newer modem self configures itself as PPPoE and there is no need to set the router to PPPoE but I can't seem to get these ports forwarded or get around this NAT issue. It is causing a significant loss of performance and while torrenting I can not connect to others, meaning I can not share what I have downloaded (the torrent client won;t upload).

I have been screwing with this for months and have spent endless hours on the phone with Verizon - Linksys says my router is ... Read more

A:Port Forwarding with Verizon DSL and Linksys Router

I can almost guarantee that Verizon blocks bittorrents. BTW, the modem probably already has NAT functionality so there is no need for the extra router.

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I am a college student away from home. I set up WoL successfully last semester. I reformatted my desktop (the remote computer) and have been setting WoL back up again.

It works just fine when I'm home and sending the magic packet from my laptop while connected to the same router as the desktop. It does not work when I am back at school, despite it working last semester.
I can remote connect using the windows program Remote Desktop Connection and also using Team Viewer 5. I have been using the freeware program Magic Packet Sender (MPS).

I made sure that the linksys configuration was the same. Forward to static ip to port 9 UDP, duh.
I ran a test: I used MPS to send a packet from my school laptop to port 9 on my remote computer, and use MPS' second function which allows it to watch for a packet and notify if it is received, on my remote computer.

Packet was not received on port 9. I changed the receiving port on 4173 on the listener part of MPS on the remote computer, changed it as the target port using MPS on my school laptop, and reconfigured the router forwarding to forward that port instead of 9.

Packet WAS received on port 4173.. So everything except something in the router is working. 9 just doesn't seem to be on the router. (nor 7, which I also tried)

Since my computer cant wake up to 4173 (or maybe it can.. I just cant figure out how to set that up).. how do I fix the router? Or make my computer wake up to 4173?

Thanks in advanced!... Read more

A:Linksys WRT54GX2 no longer forwarding port 9?

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I have a linksys NR041 4 port router and I would like to set up port forwarding for two computers so my son and myself can play same online game. Both computers have winXP on them and I have the one cable internet line in to the router. Is it possible to set up router this way and if it is does anyone know how to do it. I think I will need to go to static ip addresses on all three home computers. AHHHHH I could use some help. linksys not alot of help still waiting on them to reply.

A:port forwarding on linksys nr041 router

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Hi Guys,
I have a linksys router (WAG54GX2 to be exact) and I Single port forwarding works fine! But when I try to open a range of ports, they appear to be closed according to an online port check. The port checker I use is this: http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=portnumber I looked though google and this was the only one I found (worth using).

Any ideas? or can someone point me in the direction of another port checker.

Thanks in advance.


A:Port Forwarding not working on Linksys Wireless G Router

any ideas?

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I have a new Linksys/Cisco router WRT54G2 v.1 with the latest firmware installed. I currently use port forwarding for things like VNC and SSH into my home PC. However, every time I try to set a new rule (for both TCP and UDP) up for bittorrent, the bittorrent clients I try say the port is closed. I'm using an Ubuntu Linux system, and both Transmission and Deluge will say the ports I select are closed, even if I change the port numbers and do another test. So I'm just wondering if anyone has encountered anything like this before and might have an idea of what could be causing this problem.

A:Port Forwarding on Linksys router works for everything except bittorrent

Please read the rules. We will not help with P2P apps.

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I just recently got a Ubee DVW3201B, and have been trying to port forward. The issue is that I don't have any options to port forward. All the screenshots I've seen of this router are of it having 6 or so tabs of options on the top, one being gateway. That gateway option is supposed to let me port forward. However, that tab isn't available to me. All I see is this. If anyone knows why I don't see the extra options available, I'd love some help. (Attachemnt below if link doesn't work)

A:Ubee DVW3201B port forward issues

That looks like a typical cable modem. If you used to get there then try the router's address (maybe, but I'm not sure).

If you got to that page via the router's address then your ISP (or somebody else's ISP if you bought it used) locked it down.

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i have a router/modem, Thomson ST536 and a router, Netgear WNR 1000. i have a static ip address already and port forward for both router with instructions from portforward.com. yet, when i check if the ports are open using simple port forwarding, only the tcp port is opened. the udp port remains closes. is there something else i must do to open the udp port?

A:problem with port forwarding. tcp port gets opened but udp remains closed.


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Hey Guys,

I have been messing around with Apache from (XAMPP) on my Windows computer. I know that it is not secure, but I am just testing it for right now (for fun).

I am behind a Linksys WRT54g router. I can easily access the apache server from internally (locally), and in order for me to be able to access it externally (external IP in address bar), I have to port forward in my router.

So, I port forwarded port 80 and everything worked fine. I just had a question about this.

Since most internet (HTTP) traffic is served through 80, and I just port forwarded 80 to one computer, how do the other computers on my network still have access to the net. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome that this works, but I would just like to know how. Theoretically, wouldn't all the traffic that is coming through 80 be routed to that one computer?

Can someone explain this to me?

Also, when people use Apache to host sites, do they usually keep the apache ServerName (in httpd.conf) at localhost, or do they change it to a different IP? I would imagine they would keep it at localhost, so what would be the reason for changing that to a different IP?


A:Question about port forwarding port 80 (for apache) and a couple other questions

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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Hi Guys

So, i'm having a little trouble with port forwarding. It appears that no matter what port i forward, no traffic can come in via that port.. Specifically, i'm trying to get port 3389 opened, which as you probably know, is the Remote Desktop Port.
I've already confirmed that traffic is getting to the router (Netgear WNR2000v2), as when Remote Management is enabled, which utilizes port 8080, browsers on an external network can access the router. General browsing and downloading is also working perfectly.
TalkTalk support were no help of course, effectively telling me that because the internet and telephone is working, they can't help me.

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

A:Port Forwarding Issues

You'll have to be more specific about what trouble you're having. Otherwise, about all we can advise is the generic: forward port 3389 to the desired computer.

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hey all,
I learnt about port forwarding recently........
they are basically two proxies being used in my campus for students only one of them works,somehow i came to know that if i can forward the port where both the proxies to my port where only one works i can get access to both the proxies,i wanted to use the other as it used by less members and is quite faster than the one i use,pls help me
light ore details on port forwarding
personal help would me much appreciable


A:port forwarding issues

howdy sruteesh, and welcome to TSG. I've edited out your email, as posting that on a public board is inviting large amounts of spam.



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hi i have a d link dir 628, and im trying to forward some ports (bit torrent, limewire, and my ps3). so i created a static ip ( i used these two guides: http://forum.portforward.com/YaBB.cgi?board=Knowledge;action=display;num=1116577357 and http://portforward.com/networking/static-xp.htm) but the ports are still blocked. by the way i used the PFportchecker to check if the port is open.

A:port forwarding issues

From the TSG Rules, which you should have read when you joined.

P2P Instructions - We do not support P2P file sharing applications and any threads requesting help for such will be closed. This includes Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, and the like. If you're interested in the topic, you are free to discuss it on our site (and please visit StealingIsIllegal.com), but information on how to use them will not be provided.

We are aware that there are legal applications for file sharing but we have chosen to take this postion as we cannot determine when the assistance requested is for illegal or legal purposes and the illegal far outweigh the legal in this medium.Click to expand...

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System info

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305014 MB, Free - 99088 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., Z77X-UD5H
Antivirus: Avira Desktop, Updated and Enabled

So to begin with, i use a Thomson TG784 router, i know how to port forward and have done so before (Not with this router *Successfully*), however this is becoming a pain. i am trying to open ports for a game that requires it to hold a decent connection to other players. after forwarding ports on my router, assigning it to PC, disabling router firewall and enabling it (didn't make a difference), i went into windows firewall and opened all ports for said application, however, the game, along with multiple testing sites have told me the ports are closed even after that, specifically that they time out upon trying to connect. Also, i cannot use my uPnP as it is broken and does the opposite of its purpose, on certain games, it actually disconnects every 5-10 minutes. also, my avira and any other antivirus/security software doesn't have web safety enabled, and so isn't blocking ports. so someone feel free to start quizzing me on whats up, because this is going on like 5 hours of me trying to port forward (if not much more)

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So I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. The new network I'm set up on uses a DSL modem/router, that plugs into a switch, which is what I plug into. But because I'm not plugged directly into the router I can't seem to DMZ, or port forward anything. Well okay I can do it, but it seems to have no effect. This is conflicted numerous times with games that I've tried to play with friends to where I can't host, in fact I sometimes can't even join their games either.

The router is a ZyXEL PK5000Z

And the switch is a D-Link DSS-16+

What do I need to do to be able to DMZ or port forward my computer while still going through the switch? Any and all help would be appreciated.


A:Port Forwarding issues

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I'm trying to RDP into a server, and it works if I am on the local LAN, but I can't do it from the outside.

configuration is: Westell 327W DSL modem with port 3389 forwarded to a Linksys VOIP RTP300 router, where the same port (3389) is forwarded to a Linksys WRT54GL, which forwards the 3389 port to the server.

Each router is on a different subnet.

since all PC's/servers are behind the Linksys WRT54GL, would it be safe to turn off the firewalls on the DSL modem and the VOIP router? I have also tried allowing the DSL modem to forward ALL traffic to the VOIP router, but still get the same results.

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I am using the Actiontec MI424WR router that comes with Verizon FiOS. Basically it's that router with a V2 interface. There have been many noted problems with this router, such as an unbearably small NAT table, making torrents already very annoying. What's worse is that after following all the instructions on http://www.portforward.com/, the uTorrent port checker reports that the port is NOT being forwarded properly. The only way I can get it to forward is by setting DMZ host to the static IP address of my computer, and that only works with my Windows XP computer. On my Windows 7 Beta, setting its static IP of to DMZ host does absolutely nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Port forwarding issues...

You want help with the Rules? They're pretty clear ...

P2P Instructions - We do not support P2P file sharing applications and any threads requesting help for such will be closed. This includes Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, and the like. If you're interested in the topic, you are free to discuss it on our site (and please visit StealingIsIllegal.com), but information on how to use them will not be provided.Click to expand...

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I followed the instructions on port forwarding, but after supposedly forwarding the port, it tells me that the port is closed on my IP, even though I clearly forwarded it.

As you can see, I forwarded the port in my router settings, and I made sure that the IP is right(I turned off DHCP and forced my computer to connect to that address). Unfortunately, when I look at a port checker tool, it still tells me the port is closed.

I also noticed that whenever I try to connect to a server via, it won't let me, which leads me to believe that it's possibly something to do with my computer. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. This was working before I had to format my hard drive.

A:Port forwarding issues.

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I am having major issues with port forwarding in Windows 7 Ultimate. I have opened the port in the following:
Windows firewall- Inbound& Outbound rule set to open port
Comodo Firewall- Opened port through firewall for in/out TCP&UDP
Router- Forwarded port to computer, settings saved and set.

I have opened the port in every place and it is forwarded through the router, yet when I check via canyouseeme.org it says the connection times out. This is very problematic and I cannot figure it out. However I have never had any problems port forwarding on Windows XP. This is a very simple and quick task to achieve yet for some reason beyond me, I cannot forward my ports with Windows 7. Any one have idea? Very frustrating.

A:Port Forwarding Issues

Hi are you using 2 firewalls on the one computer

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I'm having issues with port forwarding. I've tried port forwarding, dmz, and everything else the net has told me.

I have a Belkin F5D8236-4 That I have my computer connected to via ethernet cable and I use it for wireless routing. That's connected to a D-Link DES-1105 which has an ethernet cable running to an antenna connecting to a local ISP.

I wanted to ditch the DES-1105 but the Cisco ATA-186 that we use for the phone lines doesn't work without it.

I've tried every local IP adress from to trying to find some way of going into DMZ or port forwarding, but other than the belkin interface, which doesn't work, I've found nothing.

There's almost no information on the D-Link as it doesn't seem to be a router. It also has no interface that I can find from a local IP address.

Anybody have any ideas?

A:Port Forwarding Issues

You are correct; the D-Link DES-1105 is not a router. It is a simple 5 port Ethernet switch that does not have any kind of user settings.

Do the Cisco ATA-186 and the WAN port of the Belkin F5D8236-4 router currently both plug into the DES-1105?

If so, are you trying to move the Ethernet connection of the ATA-186 from the DES-1105 to a LAN port on the F5D8236-4?

If so, did you try power cycling the ATA-186 after moving the connection?

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Hey folks,

I play World of Warcraft and I'm having a problem when downloading the patches. It keeps telling me I'm behind a firewall or the tracker is down, so the downloads are extremely long. This never used to be a problem.
Did M$ put out a new patch/update that blocks this traffic? I went to www.portforward.com and followed all the instructions for the netgear WGR614v6 (I had done this a while ago and all the proper settings are in there). I port forwarded my router before and it was setup correctly and working fine.

All of a sudden, I'm having these problems. Any one got an idea?

PS, my regular internet DL's run between 50kb/s up to 350kb/s depending on the server.

I have WinXP with SP2 (not pirated!!!) and don't have the firewall on. I never have run it and I've never had a problem (virus, etc).

It's not a hardware problem, its gotta be software, but I don't know whats causing it.

Thanks in advance!

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Well kinda.. I have a few ports forwarded for WCIII and my PS3, but for some reason now that i have set up the static IP and forwarded those ports my internet disconnects random;y every few hours and the only way to get it back is a power cycle.

Its not a huge deal its just irritating.

Anyone ever hear of anything like this?

PS - Linksys WRT54GS

Also kinda off topic, but is it worth it to get the tomato firmware for it?

A:Port forwarding issues

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I have been using an DSL Siemens speedstream 6520 router at home. I usually carry out some R&D by placing servers behind the router. I access the services on each of the servers from the ouside using port forwarding and it has been working fine for http, ftp, RDP, any user defined ports etc but in the case of port 25 SMTP its not working at all. I have checked the port on the local lan and I am able to telnet to that server but from the outside only on this port 25 I am not able to telnet. But If i were to change the SMTP port number from 25 to any other port like 24 or 26, I am able to telnet from the outide. Is there any way i can make SMTP port 25 to work and access the same from the outside.


A:SpeedStream 6520 DSL Router - Port forwarding for port 25

Is it possible that port 25 has been blocked by your ISP? This is a pretty common thing for ISP's to do as a SPAM prevention measure.

As you can see, there are quite a few ISP's blocking port 25 on this list.

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I already tried searching for this one

I am having some issues with my new DSL connection and Echolink. OS is win XP w/ SP2

I can get on their server ok but I cannot connect to another node. When I try it I get a timeout in about 2 minutes. I had no troubles connecting to nodes with my old dialup connection.

I tried some of the help resources available on the Echolink website and the resources on portforward.com. portforward.com even had a specific section on setting up Echolink.

The Echolink software requires UDP ports 5198 and 5199 and TCP port 5200.

I followed the directions to the letter for setting up port forwarding on my router. The router is a Siemens SpeedStream SS2624.

I made sure that my firewall was granting an exception for echolink. I also tried it with the firewall off and DMZ activated on the router (though only briefly).

I think the problem might stem from my DSL modem which supposedly has its own built in router though I dont know of any way to control that router (my ISP certainly isn't saying how to do it - their tech support had no clue how to fix this). I have DHCP set up on my main router though I have set up a static IP on the computer that runs echolink (that doubles as my hub which then connects via its WAN port to my DSL modem).

I would like to be able to connect to echolink nodes from my computer again rather than having to DTMF into a node with RF access (There are 2 such nodes within range of my radios though one is very low power a... Read more

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Hi Guys,

I have a Technicolor TG670 router which is connected to a switch to allow a local network. On this network are other bits of kit that i can access locally via the browser with no issues at all (this bit all works fine)

What i want to be able to do is access the login screens for all my bits of kit from anywhere just via the browser. I have managed to port forward (port 80) so i can access one piece of equipment and can access my router login from anywhere via browser but cannot get anything else.

I have multiple Static WAN IP's for my broadband connection and have added them all in the IP address section. I have tried IP routing to forward traffic from specific IP address to internal IP address of piece of kit i want to access but with no luck accessing it from an outside network. Just keep getting page cannot be displayed errors.
I have made sure port 443 is open to access these things via HTTPS but when i use a port number checking tool on all ip addresses accept my main one, it keeps telling me the port is closed.

but on the main static ip the port is open. I just do not understand where i can make sure these ports are open for all IP addresses within this technicolor router.

any help would be appreciated.


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Just a note before I get into the problem: I have been trying to fix this problem for awhile to no avail, so I'm listing the issue along with ways I have tried to fix it below.

Okay, I have a Verizon 890L 4GLTE MiFi known as the Jetpack. Standard internet connections are great, the 4G LTE is lightning fast, and basic Xbox LIVE play works wonderfully on it. The issue is that the device has a Strict NAT. While this wouldn't be a big issue, I have trouble connecting with a few people on Xbox LIVE. I tried to fix this myself by assigning a static IP address to my Xbox 360 and forwarding ports 3074, 53, 88, and 80 (as is suggested on the Xbox Live tech support page) through the port forwarding option on the MiFi device settings. In the port forwarding settings it asks for IP address, Private port, and port. I put the (static) IP of my Xbox in address field, and put the same number in the private port and port fields (e.g. 3074) and selected the correct protocols for each port (as listed on the Xbox LIVE tech support page).

So basically it looked like this:
Address: Port: 3074 Protocol: TCP/UDP
Address: Port: 53 Protocol: TCP/UDP
Address: Port: 88 Protocol: UDP
Address: Port: 80 Protocol: TCP

Well I tried this, pulled the battery out of the Jetpack and disconnected my Xbox 360 from the wall.... and it didn't change the NAT. I tried changing to a different static IP and changed them on the port forwa... Read more

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Recently i have been trying to port forward and setup a static ip for my computer so that i can play some videogames with my friends and for the life of me i cannot get it working. I've been looking at lots of tutorials and some of them are helpful but i have only succeeded once and the server worked for about a week before it broke down. I am using windows 8 and i use a Dynex DE-402 with a router and a modem.

A:Minecraft Server Port Forwarding Issues

There are two IP addresses that you own - Internal (router) and External (provided by your ISP). If you got the port that communicates on your internal IP address, you will need it to connect to your external IP address. This will be the (external) IP address that you will give to your friends wanting to play with you on your server.

For example, my IP is currently 70.158.71.xxx. Let's assume that my port is 25565. The IP address that I will give to my friends would be 70.158.71.xxx:25565.

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Hello everyone. I did my best to search for related issues regarding this specific modem and the issue I am having and decided to create a thread specific to my issue.

I've plugged a laptop into the modem directly and have the modem set to forward 9987 for my teamspeak3 server. After this I plan on opening a few more ports for some games servers as well.

Sadly, at this time, though all set up seems to be as it should be based on multiple suggestions, the port is still showing as closed.

Our house uses centurylink and we have had great service with them up until I tried to forward the ports I am trying to forward.

Here is my present setup in full:

Centurylink > C1000A Modem/router [Wireless disabled] > Server laptop.

Alternatively, I have a x6 nighthawk r8000 hooked into the C1000A, but after exhausting all options to get through that with my server, I decided ti bypass and plug the server computer directly into the C1000A, sadly the problem persists. While trying to ping my public ip, all sends and receives as it should with multiple accounts of a 100% success and no failures yet [unless I messed something up to which I fixed later on].

I am using ping.eu to ping my ip and port. However the only problem remains that I can see is that the port ping returns "Closed". Even when Teamspeak's server is either on or off, listening to or not listening to those ports.

The nighthawk is only used for all non-server machines such as our house's lapt... Read more

A:C1000A Actiontec port forwarding issues

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Hello world!
I could use some help setting up my minecraft server so that others can connect to it and not just me. I have used the cmd to see my ipconfig numbers and then used this page to help me make a static ip:
I used the ip that I had made static using the guide link above as a way to connect to my server and as a result I'm the only one who can connect to my server. No idea why.

What I meant to do was to make a static ip that would allow for say people across the country to be able to connect to my server that I have been so meticulously implementing.
Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Am I using the correct ip? Should I have port forwarded my external ip somehow? Is there a way to make my server be connectable from say across the country instead of only me and without paying a service to do it
for me?

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Hello, I am an IT Technician for an electric cooperative. I am having a very odd issue that I can not seem to resolve and I am in need of assistance.

We have 4 Dell Latitude notebooks all running XP and we also have some very high end GPS units made by Trimble that we are going to be using to stake out points on a map. Whenever I connection through bluetooth with the GPS I am able to pair but the GPS control software never recognizes it when I chose the COM port assigned to it. Whenever I connect it directly through a cable(serial to usb) it never detects it either.

However this is the odd part, when I test this on my desktop I am able to connect just fine with the exact same method.

Any ideas?

A:[SOLVED] COM port and bluetooth COM port connection issues

Are you aware of any differences in your Desktop and the laptops? Like Service Pack is different, or maybe a BIOS setting?


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I just got gmod and when I go to make a listen server with create multiplayer game I follow the exact instructions my friend used to get his server up and for some reason no one can join my server. They say that it is not responding. I was told I had to forward ports and when I try I get an error. Please help me. Thanks

A:Port forwarding port overlap occured please help.

Hi, I also got the same problem may someone help?

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I just got a new ISP. They are blocking port 80. This means I cannot access my websites being hosting on my server running out of my home network.

So if I go to www.mm-theory.com, which I used to be able to do with my previous provider, it tells me: the site cannot be reached. I'm trying to open port 5000 so that I can get to my site by typing www.mm-theory.com:5000, but that doesn't seem to be working either.

I'm wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot the issue.

I have the domain mm-theory.com registered with register.com. When I log into my account with them, this is what I have set for the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses:

The IPv6 address is left blank because Telus (my current ISP) changes it on a daily basis. Technical support at register.com told me I could leave it blank and only have the IPv4 address, so I did that.

When I go to whatismyip.com, this is what I see:

When I go onto my Windows Server 2003, this is what I get when I type ipconfig /all:

...and I see this when I open the properties for mm-theory.com in IIS on my my server:

This is what I have set for port forwarding on my router:

Does anyone know what might be going wrong? Thanks.

EDIT: I am not able to get the screen captures to show up. You can see them here:


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I would Like to know if port forwarding in general is safe and if anyone knows if port forwarding 25565 for minecraft is safe,

A:Is port Forwarding safe (port 25565)

You only need to forward it if you are running a server. Opening up any port leaves you open to any exploits that may be out there in regards to unpatched and under secured servers.

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