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Satellite U840W - Clicking icons/apps - nothing happens

Q: Satellite U840W - Clicking icons/apps - nothing happens


I have a Toshiba Satellite U840W-10J, have had it for around 20 months with no problems until now. Without warning and seemingly at random times, my laptop loses its ability to launch any application. If I select an application icon from the start menu/desktop or a file in a folder, nothing happens. Applications that are already open when the problem hits work fine, if I close them I cannot reopen them. My desktop then goes black and my desktop icons disappear, all except the recycle bin.

I can only restart the computer by either holding down the power key or using CTRL + ALT + DEL. On restarting my laptop it will then work as normal for a time before the same thing happens again. I am running Windows 8.1 and have McAfee Internet Security installed. The problem started about 2 weeks ago.

Any ideas or support would be much appreciated.


Preferred Solution: Satellite U840W - Clicking icons/apps - nothing happens

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Satellite U840W - Clicking icons/apps - nothing happens

Hi iwan_imp

According to your message the whole notebook problems could appear due to some software/system malfunction... I think that nobody will be able to say what’s wrong with the preinstalled system but you could try to solve the issue cleaning the registry and the operating system.


I could recommend you one, freeware tool called CCleaner… this software was already mentioned in different forum threads and it helps you to clean the registry and to remove the temporal stored files…

In case this software does not help you, try to repair the system using the Windows 8.1 repair solutions: http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB2A03ES0000R01.htm
The “Refresh” option could be the key here…

But in worst case, if you would not be able to solve the problem using the “refresh” option, then you could try to recover the notebook using the Toshiba HDD recovery… so “Reset your PC” would be the next possible step…

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I have a Toshiba Satellite U840W Notebook (Windows 7) and after about 15 mins of inactivity it shutdowns. When I go to start it again it runs through the 'incorrect shutdown' process and Windows does a check for a solution.

Is this normal or is it a setting that I need to look at?

Any help greatly appreciated.

A:Incorrect Shutdown on Satellite U840W

Could it be possible that your notebook was preinstalled with Win 8?
Did you reinstall the Windows 7 using an own Windows 7 disk?
If yes, did you install all Win 7 drivers from Toshiba driver page?

From my point of few it could be possible that the notebook shuts off because of the low battery charge.

Does the notebook powers off while running on battery power? Or when it?s connected to the mains power?

It could be also possible that the unit powers off due to power management settings (or settings set in ECO Utility)

Feedback would be greatly appreciated

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Have anyone experienced problems with Satalite U840W broken hinges.

My hinge broke 2 weeks before the laptop was 6 months.

Toshibe service do not want to change it under warranty, even laptop have not been dropped or in our means mis treated - only normal open/close. Laptop stands more or less spotless.

I can see in several forums that there have been earlier problems with Satelite hinges, but can not find information on U840W.

Thans for any support.


A:Broken Hinge on my Satellite U840W

>I can see in several forums that there have been earlier problems with Satelite hinges, but can not find information on U840W.
From time to time someone reports about such issues but on this forum I think you are the first one who has this problem with Satellite U840W. To be honest I don't know what to say about that.
I understand you but service must also follow the rules defined by notebook manufacturer. If there is no some general problem with hinges on certain notebook model I can imagine they are sceptic about that and don't want to repair t as warranty case.

The whole thing is a bit complicated now. Have you asked how much you must pay for repair?

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Hi all,

I have a wonderful Satellite U840W-107. Now it has, from factory, a 500 GB, 2.5 inches HDD and a 32 GB, mSATA SSD, used as cache (see attached jpg).
In Windows 10, Device Manager, an Intel HM77 RAID driver is correctly installed and notebook work perfect.

I want to install 2 new SSD: one in substitution of mSATA and one in substitution of 2.5 to make a bootable RAID 0.

In BIOS there are no options for RAID, BUT in Intel Rapid Storage Technology utility (IRST) the mSATA has already a RAID 0 configuration (19/11 GB) for caching.

I'd like to know if I can set the two new 850 EVO as RAID 0 (250+250 GB = 500 GB) to install an ultra-fast Windows 10, with about 1.000 MB/s R/W speed.

Actually I can't manage RAID 0 on mSATA, but i think this happen because the remaining 19 GB partition is too small to install Windows 10, 64 bit: it requires almost 21,5 GB of free space.

Moteover, The thing I don't understand is if with new 2x 850 EVO I will able to manage RAID 0 using Intel RST utility.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi guys!

Since it is impossible to contact Toshiba Bulgaria in any possible way I am forced to use this forum. Can someone tell me how to solve an issue with the Intel Management Engine Interface Upon starting the computer I am prompted by the TEMPRO to download a new driver, I unzip the package, I execute the file but I get a "Can not find support device" message all the time.

Any ideas how to contact Toshiba or how to solve this issue would be appreciated!

A:Support needed for my Satellite U840W-107

According notebook specification your machine was delivered with preinstalled Win7. With other words your machine is preinstalled with recovery image. This recovery image is software package that contains all necessary drivers, tools and utilities. All hardware components are properly installed and configured so, generally speaking, there is no need for some updates.
Tempro is tool that informs you about updates but you must NOT install them, especially if system runs well and stabile.

I have 5 years old machine and still use original drivers and BIOS version as well.
I don't have this notebook model and cannot check this but believe me here is no reason for panic.
This is definitely not some important issue. Just ignore this message and continue to use your machine.

Important thing for you is to create recovery media (USB or DVD). More about that you can read in user?s manuals document.

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I have this model U840W with a hybrid HDD (500GB+32GB SSD cache), would like to replace it with a mSATA SSD. My warranty is about 2 months left... I understand if I were to open the bottom lid, warranty can be voided.

Have read the following thread:


What I don't understand is that the "screw in the middle under the rubber foot", what's the best way to remove it? That seems to be the real challenge. Any guideline (preferably with photos)?

Thanks in adv!

A:Satellite U840W - Replacing SSD with current hybrid HDD


I would not recommend you to replace the hybrid HDD on your own hand even if the warranty isn?t valid anymore.
Because the after a HDD or SSD replacement, RAID mode and IRST (Intel Rapid Start Technology) will not be available.

To rebuild the factory RAID mode and to enable the IRST, special tools are necessary and this can be done only by Toshiba authorized service provider.

So even if you would be able to remove the bottom cover and the hybrids HDD, the new inserted SSD drive would not be able to reach the best performance.

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Has anyone been able to find a suitable case/sleeve/cover for the Satellite U840W - it is an odd size of 14.4" x 8".......

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I 've bought my Toshiba in Dec.2014. It worked fine. I was very happy working with it.
Last month I had to sevice it because of HDD problem. It was needed to use Recovery, but there was no recovery on disc D. Serviceman said that laptop's HDD was formated some time before. Becasue I didn/t do that, I suspect that computer was in use before selling it to me. In addition, I have no CD/DVD/image utility.

I want the system as it was in the beginning: preinstalled system was Win 8 RTM 64Bit, language EA. Image No R17049.

How can I get it?
Help, please


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Hi Toshiba Community,
Laptop has been running for months without issue. Today both Wifi and Ethernet Adaptors have dreaded "!" mark in device manager.
Tried to replace with known working driver (not that it was updated in last 6 months) from C:\windows (Win8.1 64bit), Windows returns with "drivers up to date"!
Tried restore from last 2-3 weeks, made no difference. Anyone has any idea if these laptops meant to have "fits" without any reason. Or Toshiba sells them to last max 2 years only....? I do notice U840W is not in Win10 compatibility list, hence reverted back to Win8.1, 6 months ago.

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I purchased a U840W from eBay on August from a UK seller (while I live in France). After some months of working perfectly, it had some water damage and I sent it to Toshiba for a reparation. Apparently as my warranty was only valid in the UK, they gave it to ACIST for reparation (a company that sells PC's parts for Toshiba). They changed the motherboard (I think twice, because I had to send it back because the fan wasn't working and they said they changed the motherboard again).

So after getting it back finally with the fan working, I notice that boot is very slow (30 sec instead of 10), and also it was a bit slower. So I update all my drivers and notice that the SSD caching isn't working (while using Intel Rapid Storage Technology), at first it showed the SSD as unknown but then after wiping it completely with diskpart , it showed as avalaible (for storage but not for caching, that means no accelerate tab).

So after reading a lot I get into the BIOS and see that I had no RAID option for the SATA controller, only AHCI and compatibility (IDE).

Do you think they put the wrong motherboard with disabled RAID?
Also my BIOS version is 6.90, and I only find 6.80 BIOS for my computer, do you think they have access to the latest BIOS or just that they put another motherboard?

Is it possible to downgrade the BIOS to 6.80 (I'm not sure if it will solve it but maybe)?

I didn't want to contact Toshiba on phone because it's quite expensive, I preferred to ask here... Read more

A:Satellite U840W - No RAID option on BIOS after PC's reparation

> Do you think they put the wrong motherboard with disabled RAID?
No, I don?t think so.

As far as I know after a HDD or SSD replacement on Satellite U840W notebooks the RAID mode is configured and IRST (Intel Rapid Start Technology) is not available.

To rebuild the factory RAID mode, the RAID mode must be rebuild and IRST must be enabled using special tools.
But as far as I know this can be done only by Toshiba authorized service provider.

You should get in contact with the guys once again and should explain the notebook issue.
I guess they should know how to solve this problem.

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Im hoping for a solution to two issues.
The second I suspect is caused by the first.

Satellite U840W PSU5XA-001006

Started to receive BSOD with various faults.
Most persistant was IRQ LESS or not EQUAL- iaStorAV.sys

Many hours of searching and I cannot locate a solution nor post that actually has the "AV" extension on on iaStore.sys.....

So, i factory resetted, and various other issues (BSOD's) persisted.

So, I Clean installed Windows 8.1 straight over everything and deleted all previous files.

I noticed the system was not running any factory TOSHIBA Branded utilities etc. and seemed to be a lot slower. I suspected that this was caused due to the 32GB SSD used for Cache had now seemingly been bi-passed and everything was now strictly running off the 500GB HDD. I dont recall BSOD's but the system was significantly slower on boot and performance.

Sooooo, (SIGH), I again reset back to factory settings and this gave me back TOSHIBA branded utilities such as service station and the like.

HOWEVER, The BSOD's remained and once upgrading to windows 8.1 KEEPING files and settings, the iaStorAV.sys error has returned (specifically when closing lid into sleep mode) forcing CRITICAL error and forcing system into reboot instead of awakening from sleep.

Note: Windows is a legit MS copy so that isnt the issue either. Even stranger is that the 8.1 instal had been running at least 8 months no issue prior to sudden BSOD Page file and iaSt... Read more

A:Satellite U840W PSU5XA - Win 8.1 installation and effective SSD usage

iastorav.sys is part of Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver.
The BSOD seems to be related to this driver and therefore the first step which I would recommend you is: update the Intel rapid storage manager driver.
The latest version should be available on the Intel driver page.

If you use the Toshiba recovery disk or the HDD recovery procedure, you will get the same system and notebook state like at the first day of purchase. In such case the system should be configured properly.

But if you have removed or replaced the HDD / SSD in the past, then the RAID configuration is lost and must be rebuild using special tools / software and procedure.
This can be done ONLY by authorized service provider!

By the way: the upgrade from Win 8 to Win 8.1 was described very well in this Toshiba HowTo doc:

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I need support, I'm getting CRAZY!

I bought an screen 27" to connect via HDMI to my laptop, I tried in the store and the display worked straight ahead just connecting the HDMI.
They sent me a few days later a brand new one, and for my surprise it doesn't work.

I know that my laptop works perfectly fine, I connect it regularly to the TV, using the same cable, and the screen works with other computers.

I found in Toshiba's website an update for display drivers, Intel (R) HD Graphics.
Right after the installation of this drivers the screen works!

I can see the duplicate of the image, no issue, but then, I have to restart the computer to save the changes.

Upon the restart, the image isn't seen any more, Intel Graphics doesn't recognize any other output, the screen shows a clear message that there's not HDMI signal coming.

if I reinstall the drivers, the screen comes to life again, only delaying the restart action I get it to work for a while. In the last try I made it didn't last longer than 15' about.

I've also looked into the website of Phillips (brand of the screen), found a pack to update the screen drivers for Windows 8. But my system answers that is all up to date...


A:Satellite U840W-10R Problems connecting an extra display HDMI


What happens if you use the FN + F4 (or only F4) key combination?
Does it switches between the internal and external display?

The FN + F4 changes the active display device. To use a simultaneous mode, you must set the resolution of the internal display panel to match the resolution of the external display device.

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I have a Satellite U840W - the display doesn't have a lock on close, so would power on in a laptop bag. I was able to disable this in the Toshiba System Settings tool.

However, a recent update means that even though the setting is Disabled, it will still power on when the lid is opened.

Any suggestions on how to stop this happening, or how to revert to a previous version of the utility that actually worked?

A:Satellite U840W - Panel Open - Power On - unable to disable

The same happen on my notebook so before I put it in the notebook bag I perform complete shutdown.

Check also http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/FAQ2C03FA0001R01.htm

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Yesterday i tried to start my laptop Toshiba Satellite U840W (PSU5XA-001006) and it came it up with not bootable device - please restart

When i try to view the disk in disk part it can only see the usb drive i am using to try to reinstall Win 8. In the windows 8 installer i can't view the disks to install. I can't run recovery as i don't have a recovery disk and the repair won't work as it says the disk is locked.

Not sure what i can do now, would be appreciative for anyone who had any suggestions.

A:Satellite U840W - disk cannot be viewed in disk part os won't boot


Enter BIOS and set it to default settings. After restart enter BIOS settings again and check if HDD is recognized and listed properly.
Please send some feedback.

I don't understand why you didn?t create recovery media. This recovery media can be used if HDD option doesn?t work anymore or in case that HDD is defective. After HDD exchange using this media you can install original recovery image again.

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Hello all,

I am new here, although I did come here quite a few times and many times found the solution :-)

My problem is (I am on 1511) that some icons of removed (by powershell) apps reapeared, and there seem to be no way to get rid of them. Nothing I have found had worked (like going to start menu folder and deleting the shorcuts).

Namely it's MicrosoftWindowsAlarms, MicrosoftZuneMusic, MicrosoftWindowsPhotos, and in Apps the name looks like this: @{Microsoft.WindowsAlarms_10.1607.1991.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwems-resource--Microsoft.WindowsAlarms-Resources-AppName-Text}

Moreover, few days ago some "new" apps have materialized - that was a shock........no update, nothing, out of blue I had about 10 unwanted apps in my all apps...............crazy.

Any thoughts?

P.S. Normally I deffer updates by turning the service off and/or metered connection. Now I have left it on by mistake...........still should not install against my will some unwanted apps..........and as I said, no update.....

A:Icons of uninstalled apps showing in All apps

Those left-over icons may be a result of deleting programs instead of using Control Panel, Programs and Features to uninstall the programs. When a program is installed the install routine puts the program files in either C:\Program Files [32-bit] or C:\Program Files for 64-bit or C:\Program Files (x86) for 32-bit depending upon which version of the OS is in use. It will also create the icons, write support files to C:\Windows or other Folders and create Registry entries so Windows knows how to run the program. The uninstall routine is supposed to get rid of everything associated, don't know if PowerShell can do it as cleanly.

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Hi there

If you wish to create easily custom desktop Icons from images captured then you can use the LAST FREE VERSION of ICOFX (It Used to be freeware - everybody seems to be trying to Monetise every possible item now -but the last FREE version is still available and the paid version doesn't really have much to offer if you just want to create ICONS).

Last Freeware version: DiskDigger, Amic Email Backup, Mystic Thumbs, IcoFX, phpDesigner, Xinorbis

@Brink - I added a question in your tutorial about How to create the ICONS for Metro apps as you used Custom ZIP one in your example -- perhaps you could delete the remark or refer to the above program which does it easily

1) For Metro simply open the tile and press PRT SCREEN before the application starts
2) Paste to ms WORD / WORDPAD (Standard comes with Windows enter WORDPAD in the Start box)
3) Use Snipping tool to select a reasonable rectangle of the ICON and save as PNG file
4) Import into the ICOFX program - Will create Icon for you
5) Save as .ICO file
6) Now ready to use in Windows.

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I am finding a strange behaviour in my IE and actually other MS applications too (although I can't recall which one now). I use Firefox to compose this request, and will continue to use it, but in some cases I still need IE....

Do you understand this behaviour ?
Do you know what is wrong ?


A:No action when clicking in IE and several other MS apps

First of all is the location searching in the correct spot. what i mean by that is did you move IE and the not change the location name. If you did move it or want to check the location you can right-click on the shortcut and hit properties.Second of all is did you do a virus and spyware check. If you have and found nothing you may want to try the other two options. if you don't know where to find a free virus scan you can go to Lavasoft to get one. After the search if it found a virus or spyware delete it and then see if IE works.If it still dosn't work after that you can try to run HiJackThis and put what it came up with in the HijackThis forum and other members will be able to see if there is something wrong with your computer.I hope this can help you with your IE problems.

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The left side of the screen is the hub for apps and app-switching and all that nonsense, but I can't use the left side of my screen in games. I can't scroll in any RTS using my mouse on the left side and if I click, it switching to the home screen and takes the focus off my screen. In some first person shooters, if I look too far left and click the left mouse button, the same thing happens. I don't mind having the metro UI, but I want it disabled in certain apps. Anyone figure this out?

A:Clicking through apps to the left side of the screen?

Originally Posted by logicearth

Turning Metro UI off per-user:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RPEnabled set to 0
Then log off and back in.

Then for the rest of the system, login UI, etc:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RPEnabled set to 0

No changing DLLs needed...The registry (and Group Policy) is the supported way.

This Works

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computer was fine unitl this morning when the internet kept disconnecting and applications opening couple minutes after i click it...here is my hijackthis log

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 19:27, on 1/12/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\TGTSoft\StyleXP\StyleXPService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\DefWatch.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Symantec AntiVirus\Rtvscan.exe
C:\Program Files\Winamp\winampa.exe
C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\MsnMsgr.Exe
C:\Program Files\AIM\aim.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe
C:\Program Files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\WIND... Read more

A:Slow computer and Apps opening couple minutes after clicking

i know you guys are busy but just so you guys wont forget ill post this

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I have a Hp notebook with windows 10 bit 64 home everything is up to date. I have to click on any of the icons 4 times just for them to open on my Desktop screen icons. What could be causing this and how to fix it? Thank you
Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

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I have a computer with Windows 7 Enterprise - 64bit installed. Every time I want to install a third party app or program, or update already installed apps and programs, Windows will become unresponsive and very slow. This is an example of what's happening, 
* I download an app or program that I want to install, and I start installation by clicking the (appname)install.exe file. The expectation is that the installation will start and a small popup window normally show up, asking me if I want to install the program.
This popup window normally have options like "yes", "install", "abort", etc. This popup window never show up.
* The mouse pointer have a circle that start spinning indefinitly. When I open the task manager I can see the installation listed but I can't abort it. Other programs and applications that are open become very slow and unresponsive. The only way to abort
is to turn off the computer by a forced shut down
* When booting up the computer again I can choose "start in safe mode". In safe mode it's possible to run the installation of the third party app or program without any problems. 
I tried sfc /scannow but there are no errors listed once scan is completed. This installation problem happens every time I am trying to install any third party apps or programs. I been trying with many different programs / brands. 
I hope you can suggest things to try and/or check in order to solve this probl... Read more

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I find the clicking noise of the mouse left and right key irritates people near me when working in quiet environment. Is there a way yo silence it?

A:Satellite R - Disabling the clicking noise of mouse

Hi severad,

I don?t know what notebook model have but there is no way to silence the touchpad buttons but I?m wondering why you find them to loud.

But what you can do is the tapping function of touchpad instead touchpad buttons. Check control panel > Mouse > Advanced > Advanced features if it?s enabled and how to use it.

Here is also a thread that could be useful for you:

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-A (Windows 7 Home Premium). It was bought brand new around 3 weeks ago. I've noticed that, besides the fan noise, the bottom of the laptop makes a clicking or buzzing noise. The laptop has blue screened twice, something about memory dump or management. I don't really mind the noise, I just want to make sure there's nothing wrong with the laptop's hardware.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

A:Clicking noise from new Toshiba Satellite laptop?

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When i click on an icon nothing loads or even pops up. The windows button is the same way. My computer was telling me that the desktop was unavailable and the location was gone but i fixes that but now nothing will load.

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I would appreciate some help:When I right-click on any of the icons on the Quick Launch Toolbar, I get the usual menu:OpenExplorePFrankSearchWinMergeGeosetterScan with AVGSend toCutCopyCreate ShortcutDeleteRenamePropertiesLeft-Clicking on any of these options works as it is supposed to.However, if I right-click on any of the QL Toobar icons a second time, the Taskbar menu appears, preceded byOpen folder (this opens the Quick Launch Toolbar folder)ToolbarsCascade WindowsTile Windows HorizontallyTile Windows VerticallyShow the DesktopTask ManagerLock the TaskbarPropertiesand, crucially, left-clicking on any of the icons has no effect.(Broadly speaking, the same happens with the Desktop toolbar.) I have already established, with the help of Katana on http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=29717 that I do not have any malware. You can see that thread to look at the various logs produced.At her suggestion, I used http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/taskbarplus!.htm - the Taskbar / "Toolbars greyed out or missing" option restores icons' left click function by restarting the Windows Shell.I am running Windows XP Professional SP3 (but another laptop on the network running SP2 has the same problem.)

A:Right Clicking On Toolbar Icons

You have 2 computers doing the same thing? Very odd. The fixes you said you have done, did you do them on both. Have you recently added something to both systems?

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hello again. I have just got a new (secondhand) computer running windows 10 and I find I'm having to right click the icons to open them. double clicking them does nothing, the same with files in a folder I know there's a simple answer, but for the life of me I can't figure it out can you help?

A:right clicking icons on desktop

Mouse Properties>Buttons>Switch them and you'll be back to normal.

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This problem happens randomly the mouse still moves but clicking on icons or, trying to shutdown using mouse has no response I have to push the power button or push the reset button on the tower to shut down. When it boots back up it;s fine most of the time. Any suggestions are sure welcomed!

A:win 8.1 becomes unresponsive when clicking on icons

Originally Posted by p5200

This problem happens randomly the mouse still moves but clicking on icons or, trying to shutdown using mouse has no response I have to push the power button or push the reset button on the tower to shut down. When it boots back up it;s fine most of the time. Any suggestions are sure welcomed!

Likely you have some sort of file corruption. Start with this.

From Adm. Command Prompt run this Sfc /scannow
This could take a while to complete. If no file corruptions detected we'll try something different. If file corruptions detected run
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth from Adm. Command Prompt then run Sfc /scannow again. Report Findings.

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i recently downloaded some files ina rar. when i unpacked them and tried to click the exe file...the computer restarted. actually with one single click the screen went completely black and started booting up from bios. this cant be a windows error can it? it wasnt the file because i tried downloading some others and all the exes do it. has anyone heard of this? could it be my motherboard or hardrive or powersupply shutting off. please help me...because there is not log or info of anykind this is the only way i can get help. thanks...greg

A:HELP!! pc restarts imporoperly when clicking certain icons

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Running Windows XP Home edition.
As far as I know, my computer was running ok last night. This morning if I double click on a Desktop Icon, or an Icon in a folder, all I get is a box telling me that it is a short cut. No programmes or downloads have been added to this computer in over a week. I have transferred some photographs via my Network Connection.
I have tried to do a restore and cannot.
I have also found that if I right click on an Icon and Explore I can run a programme but it will not let me save any changes.
Using the right click method, I have managed to run Malwarebytes and CCleaner - nothing found.
Any help appreciated.
Thank you,

A:Cannot open anything by double clicking Icons

Before we start fixing anything you should print out these instructions or copy them to a NotePad file so they will be accessible. Some steps will require you to disconnect from the Internet or use Safe Mode and you will not have access to this page.Please download DrWeb-CureIt and save it to your desktop. DO NOT perform a scan yet.Reboot your computer in "Safe Mode" using the F8 method. To do this, restart your computer and after hearing your computer beep once during startup (but before the Windows icon appears) press the F8 key repeatedly. A menu will appear with several options. Use the arrow keys to navigate and select the option to run Windows in "Safe Mode".Scan with Dr.Web CureIt as follows:Double-click on drweb-cureit.exe to open the program and click Start. (There is no need to update if you just downloaded the most current versionRead the Virus check by DrWeb scanner prompt and click Ok where asked to Start scan now? Allow the setup.exe to load if asked by any of your security programs.The Express scan will automatically begin.
(This is a short scan of files currently running in memory, boot sectors, and targeted folders).If prompted to dowload the Full version Free Trial, ignore and click the X to close the window.If an infected object is found, you will be prompted to move anything that cannot be cured. Click Yes to All.When complete, click Select All, then choose Cure > Move incurable.
(This will move any detected files to the C:\Docu... Read more

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Sorry... Clicking on any blank icon (they do have names under them) gives an error about "No program associated with" or something very similar.. Have I completly hosed the system up, or is there a method to get the file associations back ? (is this a file, or is the data drawn from the registry?) Nothing executable on the desktop, except the shutdown/reboot/sleep command sequence. I have another user defined, that user also has the same problem. Thanks !

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I have windows 7 64 bit ultimate installed with SP1
I am not sure when this issue began, it used to work just fine at one point months back.

basically certain system based icon, for example My Computer, Network, or anything at the bottom near the clock, such as Windows Update, or the Network Access icon
I can right click on it them, and click properties, but nothing happens, with Windows Update, the icon doesn't start the program. On My computer i can do anything, with right click function, rename, map network drive, manage, etc. just no properties.

I also noticed this in the Control Panel, for example, I click on Display, then i click on Adjust Resolution, nada. Calibrate color works, but Change Display Settings doesnt.

I am thinking there is some permissions issue but not sure where to start looking.

I have tried to describe this issue as best i can hopefully you can understand me :-)

Thanks in advance to all that reach out to help me with my minor frustrations.

Best Regards,

A:Right Clicking Disabled on System Icons

what happens when you simply right click on an open area of your desktop? do you get a flyout menu with one of the choices being 'screen resolution'?

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I have been having this issue for months now. On a Windows XP system, whenever I right click on a MS Windows Excel, Word and most shortcuts, all of my icons disappear for a few seconds and then reappear. I never get the right click menu that I expect.
I've run virus and spyware software and the problem persists. I am sure it's related to registers, but I honestly don't know much about it or what to look for. I downloaded the ShellMenuView tool but cannot figure out what I am looking for.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

A:desktop icons disappear when right clicking

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I currently have installed UXThemePatcher, UXStyle, Start8 and
White Title Bar Text: Windows 8 default theme - White TitleBar Text v1.1 by maddada1 on deviantART

Could any of those effect why this happens, also on Windows 8.1 and have installed the Windows 8.1 compatible versions of the software. Any help would be appreciated

A:Error with right clicking icons on taskbar, how can I fix?

Shameful bump, any help would be appreciated

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How does one go about turning off a Windows login screen?
I want my PC to boot straight into Windows (no login).
I know it's an Windows update that did it, but how do you revert back to an instant login?

When I hit my power button, I want to come back to a fully booted PC.
I don't want to wait for all my app's to open after I click on my user icon.
What Windows 'Hotfix' do I need to delete?
Can any one please give me the regestry value to change, or a simple fix.

I've searched google, but I cannot seem to find the right links.
windows xp logon
windows xp login
change longin xp
instant login xp
bypass logon xp
blah blah blah blah blah

A:How to logon Windows without clicking icons?


How does one go about turning off a Windows login screen?
Click to expand...

It's in your control panel. I think it's under "Users" or "passwords". You can also do it via the registry

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Hey, everyone!

I'm a newcomer, and hope this will be a good experience - which I'm sure it will.

Anyway, I have a problem. I was trying to chnage the generic folder icon (which I failed miserably for some reason but that's not the problem this time...), and something went wrong. Now, when I doubleclick a drive or folder the default action is to open the "Search" window and not to open the folder.

What should I do? I'm not afraid to go into the Registry or similar things, if they are necessary and if they not suicidally difficult.


A:Solved: Action when clicking icons

dannek, That's an easy fix. Welcome to the forum.

Go to Start>Run and type in:

regsvr32 /i shell32

Click OK

Note that the spacing is important.


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i was trying to find a way to a hide my icons by double clicking with the mouse

im aware of that Fences program.

but doesnt windows 7 already come with a similar "Fence" program
i know that i have done it before when i first bought my computer, think it was called Gates?? but i could be wrong

idk but if anyone can shed some light on this subject it would be greatly appreciated

A:Hide icons by double clicking

What icons ? Where ?


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 I cannot open programs by left-clicking or double-clicking icons on the Windows desktop or within folder windows in File Explorer. My current work-around is to right click and scroll to the "Open" command. I own 2 HP Stream 11's. The problem started on both computers at the same time. I have the original Windows 10.0 ( Build 10240) on one computer and Windows 10 Version 1607 (OS Build 14391.693) on the other. Was there a recent update that caused this problem?

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I have reformated my HDD after it was infected by a malware and installed Windows XP Professional SP2. Then I pluged in my USB external drive and found out that when I click on the Drive icon/letter nothing happens. I have to right click the drive icon and choose "open" for me to access its contents. I checked the other drives and it showed the same problem as well. The only affected icons are the Drive icons...when i double click on the folders it opens.

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If I double click an icon (any icon) on my dekstop, it brings up the Properties box.
Just as if I were right clicking on it and selecting properties.

If I want to run something, I have to right click and 'open' or 'run'.

Do you know how I did that first of all, and how I fix it?
I am guessing it is a registry setting.

A:Double Clicking Icons brings up Properties

Most likely, you did screw up a registy setting. If you have a backup of the registy, restore it useing that.

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Hi all.

I wonder if anyone's come across this problem of a disappearing menu when right-clicking icons on taskbar. I see the menu then as soon as I navigate to it, it disappears. It's the same when I leftclick theshow hidden icons button.

It's hard to explain so I've taken a little video of the problem.

[ame=http://s67.photobucket.com/albums/h284/mpppen/?action=view&current=Taskbbarproblem-1.flv]Taskbbarproblem-1.flv video by mpppen - Photobucket[/ame]

TIA for any help


A:Disappearing menu when right-clicking icons on taskbar

Hello Pen, and welcome to Seven Forums.

That is strange. I have a couple of questions though.

What build number of Windows 7 are your using?

Did you do a clean install when you installed Windows 7?

If you create another account as a test, does it work properly in it?

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Hello all,

I hope this is in the right area.

I've been working on my grandfather's computer for a day or so now, trying to figure this problem out.
My sister's friends downloaded all sorts of games from obviously not very good sites. I don't live here, so I'm not sure exactly what she did, but it messed up the computer pretty good!

I've had several problems with it (some I've solved), but the biggest that NOTHING has seemed to fix is that the desktop icons will not open when double-clicked. Neither will the folders in Windows Explorer. I can right click on all of them, and they give me the option to "Open" and then they open just fine. (Last night, I could double click on My Documents, My Computer, and the Recycle bin and they would open (from the desktop), but now NONE of them work.)

I have looked for help all over, have tried several different things (including using this for .exe and short-cut behaviors: http://www.dougknox.com/xp/file_assoc.htm)
I ran Malwarebytes, three times now (the first time it picked up 108 items, the second them ~53, and the third time I ran it in Safe Mode and it picked up none.) I also ran SuperAntiSpyware in Safe Mode and it picked up on and got rid of 2 things.
I cannot do a system restore, as I've tried several times and none of the points want to work.
And I've also followed a few guides going through the CMD and regedit, to no avail.
I tried a different mouse, and that one didn'... Read more

A:Double-clicking not working on icons or folders

Download the windows repair tool and run it with all boxes checked just be sure and make a restore point prior to running it.

Reboot after running.

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I have been tolerating this issue for at least a couple of months now, but I'm starting to reach my wit's end.

Almost 99% of the time, when I right-click on certain tray icons, I get two context menus, one for the application and one for the system tray itself. Sometimes they overlap, sometimes they display side-by side. Half the time, the system tray menu won't go away unless I select one of the choices (clicking elsewhere doesn't close it, neither does pressing escape.)

It's not limited to any particular program, although it annoys me the most when I try to use Yahoo! Messenger's context menu (status changes, etc.). It also generally pops up both menus when clicking the Skype and the Gmail Notifier icons. It doesn't seem to happen when I right-click the icons for TiVo Desktop, the volume control, Avast, last.fm, etc.

Here's a couple of screenshots:

A google search for the problem led me to two "solutions" from support forums, one person suggested hold the mouse steadier (... not quite) and another suggested updating the video drivers (already up-to-date).

I'm using Windows XP with the default XP theme, no special theme editors or anything like that. My video card drivers are up to date, and my system is fully patched with the latest Microsoft updates.


A:Two context menus when right-clicking tray icons

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Computer was working perfectly and from one shot down to the next turn on it started to produce a clicking/popping noise and the screen was black for about 2 minutes before the log-in screen appeared. I have windows 10 to the latest upgrades.
Can you help with this issue? it seems that everytime it gets longer to have the log-in screen to come in.

Julio Gonzalez

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Don't know what you call the screen that shows up when you do a left click on the Windows icon on the main screen and a large box opens up with a bunch of little boxes of apps/programs that I have set up and use for quick access.
Anyway, the programs and the names are there that open the programs but the icons that used to be there associated with the programs are all gone.
How can I get them back?

A:most used apps icons

Try this: Icon Cache - Rebuild in Windows 10

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Was scrolling up and down through a document when the Very Large Icons appeared in a window behind the one I was working on!

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Whenever I right click icons on the desktop I get a huge blank space to the left of all the options. It does not do this to the recycle bin, just created icons or shortcuts. I am using Vista Ultimate 32. The basic functionality of the buttons is fine, but its just a huge blank space. It is like all of the options are tabbed over or something. Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix it? Here is a photo of it.

A:HUGE blank space when right clicking desktop icons.

Hi, notice the Norton logo, thats the answer.The solution is simple...

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