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IE9 can't restore default internet security. Keeps reverting to custom settings.

Q: IE9 can't restore default internet security. Keeps reverting to custom settings.

After I change the setting to default, when I close and reopen IE9 the settings are back to custom which I never changed to begin with. I know I have a virus because SUPERanti spyware catches and removes up to 30 at every scan and I am being redirected to google when I try to do searches of certain things to get answer's to this problem. Iam using windows 7.Thank you for helping.

Preferred Solution: IE9 can't restore default internet security. Keeps reverting to custom settings.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: IE9 can't restore default internet security. Keeps reverting to custom settings.

Is this occuring on one of the systems you mentioned in your Am I Infected topic?


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My computer suddenly stopped detecting my webcam, and in trying to solve the problem, I deleted the driver. I cannot find any place online where I can restore the driver (a Bison NB Pro built into an MSI laptop). I'm tempted to restore the computer to its default settings, but I'd like to know first if that will restore the camera's driver.

Does anyone know if this will work?

Thank you for your help

A:Will reverting to default settings restore deleted programs?

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Hello Forum Members!
I recently got a new computer with Windows 7, & I've noticed a problem.  I installed custom cursor sets, but whenever I shut down the computer, or wake it up from sleep mode, my custom cursors have reverted back to the ugly (not to mention tiny!) default ones.  Any idea what I should be doing to prevent this?  I tried saving a system theme while my custom cursors are activated, but that did not help.

A:Custom Cursors Reverting to Default?

Try this link:
the other thing that might be an issue is size

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How to restore security permissions to default settings?

Hello, I had problems sharing files on my network and I went to different support forums looking for answers. I changed user permissions on my (D/) drive and tried to add "Everyone" following instructions from other forum, I did something WRONG and I did not fix the problem and now I just create a new one because "SYSTEM" and "Authenticated Users" do not exist anymore. I need help to see if someone can tell me how to restore settings to default.


A:Restore security permissions to default settings??

type run command
secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose

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Hello, I had problems sharing files on my network and I went to different support forums looking for answers and I changed user permissions on my (c/) drive and tried to add "Everyone" following instructions from other forum, I did something WRONG and I did not fix the problem and now I just create a new one because "SYSTEM" and "Authenticated Users" do not exist anymore. I need help to see if someone can tell me how to restore settings to default.


A:How to restore security permissions to default settings

You can try a restore point previous to the time you made your changes. Any other changes you made, installations, etc since that restore point will be undone too.

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Hello all,

On my friend's Windows 7 x86 machine some registery apps were working and every so often some odd thing would occur. After uninstalling those registery apps which were doubtful to me, we restarted to use the machine. Now I think the registery has changed and is different to its default. How to revert those registery settings to their default state please?

My sig: There is a disaster occurring in "Kobane".

A:Reverting the registery to its default settings

Was the Registry backed up ? What programs where used ? ..

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I hope someone can help me work this out, it's driving me crazy!
I'll try to explain it in as few words as possible!
There is a website we need to access on which we're having trouble getting some of the buttons to display.  In short it works when the internet zone is set to "Medium" but not when it's "Medium-High" (I have added it to trusted sites
but in properties it shows as "Unknown Zone (Mixed)" so seems to use the "Internet Zone" settings.)
I am trying to track down which security setting is causing the issue.  To do this my plan was to make a note of all the settings that differ between Medium and Medium-High.  However if I set it to medium-high and manually change all the settings
to be identical to medium it still doesn't work... yet if I use the "Reset to: Medium" option at the bottom it does work!  This doesn't make any sense to me.
Are there other hidden stetting affected by the "Reset to" option that I can't change manually.
Any help would really be appreciated!  Thanks!

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How to reset the internet driver back to it's default settings?

Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64bit

A:Restore internet driver to default settings

Internet driver ???? no such animal, what you have there is "Network adapter". Best way would be to reload the driver for it, it should go back to defaults.

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I'm dappy.

For some reason when i change the cursor speed for my pointer in the 'dell touch pad settings' it reverts to default on start up (and i have been pressing apply, not just OK)

I have a feeling i ticked/unticked a box in a setting in my start menu, not control panel

any ideas why this is happening?

If you are a laptop guru and you know not why this occurs then could you let me know as it may be a dellism.

ta muchly

'el tard

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Not a huge problem but REALLY annoying!
Every so often, my Acer netbook (XP) just resets the display/sound settings back to the factory default at start-up. Not every time, and sometimes it'll go for ages without doing it but it's driving me nuts!

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HELLO MT members i am thinking of pairing comodo FW with ESET nod 32 or kav 2016. Is this combination is comparable to ESS 9 or KIS 16 ? i am thinking of keeping comodo at default level., i will not tweak it

A:How Internet Security Comodo firewall at default settings?

No softs should be left at default settings; they all are bypassable especially comodo.

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This isn't a serious problem, but it is annoying since it has never happened before and I'm used to having a Win XP custom desktop.

Anyway, I can't think of anything new that I've done to my computer as of late except install Spybot and other spyware detecting programs (Hijack This!, etc.) but now, whenever I restart or turn off my computer, my custom icons revert to default windows icons.

By this I mean:

My Computer
My Documents
My Network Places
Recycle Bin (full)
Recycle Bin (empty)

I can normally customize these by clicking right clicking on the desktop > Properties > Desktop > Customize Desktop > Change Icon

But, just as of this week, they have begun to revert back to the boring default windows icons.

I'm sure this is a simple problem but I can't for the love of God figure out how to fix it.

Any suggestions would be incredibly appreciated.

A:My Custom Desktop Icons Keep Reverting to Windows Default Icons

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Please refer photos.
I am using Internet Explorer 11 from Program Files folder which supposedly launches 64 bit applications. This Internet Explorer 11 settings from Tools Options of Custom Level and Advanced tabs Security features were if selected; Internet Explorer
11 64 bit simply refuses to load websites with host of other truly funny messages like US DOD official website found 'Not Secure' or Microsoft's own msftconnect.com 'This website is not secure' etc., with other websites like default Internet Explorer 11 webpage
doesn't loads fast enough even though all options favours fast loading with Advanced security features; WHY? this ultimately stops after all settings are set to default without single modification in Custom Settings or Advance Security features.
This coupled with Microsoft Edge's unpredictable website loading with frequent Network's internet connection disconnecting to the brink of unusability; nothing; even Microsoft Edge Reset won't resolve these scenarios.
And now Microsoft Edge DEV; with all above said problems and beta version errings uses 1.5 GB of 4G ISP full speed memory to send computer information to Microsoft within half day of 12 hrs. day, rest of day goes with crawling speed of ISP setted 64 Kbps
in short without internet connection; this happening on all days Microsoft Edge DEV use; now a days I use only Internet Explorer 11 64 bit strictly with Default Level & Advance Security features Resetted instead of selecting app... Read more

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I installed a custom icon pack (numix iPack), decided I didn't like it and uninstalled it however it left all of the icons still there. I have tried using sfc /scannow to repair them but it says I can't find anything to repair despite the installer even saying that it modifies system files (imageres.dll for a start).
How can I repair the system files and get the default icons back?

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hi, after applying a 3rd party theme, is there a way to restore default windows buttons while still retaining general application of that custom theme? i don't mean desktop/app icons, i mean like windows back/forward, minimize/maximize buttons. ThemeResourceChanger v10 is currently installed.

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I am running Microsoft Windows Vista Business Professional SP2 (OEM) on a Dell Inspirion.

I messed with the Vista Professional SP2 registry editor, trying to tweak my system for faster start up.

I downloaded Black Vipers Safe Reg File. I started hearing beeps that tell me I have errors.
I went to his site to find out how to get it back to Vista Default and his advice was to download the Default reg file and right click it and then click merge.
I still keep hearing beeps that tell me I have errors.

Is there any way to Restore the Registry to Default Settings, without using System Restore, as my last Restore contains the same errors.
Is there a file on Microsoft.com that has the Default Registry that I could download?

Any help would be truly appreciated. And yes, I've learned my lesson, will not use Registry Cleaners ever again! :-(


A:Is there a way to Restore the Registry to Default Settings, w/o using Sys.Restore?

Before editing the register, you should always back it up, but that doesn't help you now. Your best chance to get what you're calling default settings are to go back to the earliest restore point and see if it works.

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Hi all

New user here. I'm pretty good with Windows and computers in general, but can't figure out this new problem. I started worked from home recently, and find myself easily distracted by going online (facebook, etc) or going through my personal files on my computer.

I download an app called Cold Turkey which works well for blocking websites and programs I shouldn't be using during work hours. This is great.

To block myself from my personal files, I installed another hard drive to save my work files on. Then I created a standard user (my work account) and blocked it from accessing my personal hard drive. (My C: drive is separate SSD). I then made another standard user for my personal desktop, and used the parental settings to not allow me to login to that account during work hours. I let my wife create a password for the admin user, which I am not allowed to know, and I only change settings with her letting me into the admin user.

In summary, as it stands:
work user: standard, no access to personal drive
personal user: standard, restricted to login during non-work hours only
admin user: full rights, only my wife knows the password

Now, the problems. I can't install new software under my work user or my personal user without my wife being home to insert the password. This is annoying and unnecessary and sometimes I need to install something for work and I have to wait until later when she's home.

Second, there is one program in my personal user desktop that i... Read more

A:Custom security settings for users needed

The 3rd party program you need is YOU.
A married man should have the maturity to control their use of a computer.

noun: maturity
the state, fact, or period of being mature.
"their experience, maturity, and strong work ethic"
synonyms:adulthood, majority, coming-of-age, manhood, womanhood More

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Does anyone know how to go about restoring WMP 64-bit to default settings. One used to be able to roll back to WMP 10, then reinstall 11. But that is apparently not an option anymore. Also not an option, so please spare me the posts, is a system restore; the problem occurred too long ago.

Here's what is going on. I used to be able to click on any VOB file in a DVD folder, and WMP would play the DVD. Somehow I broke that ability, messing around with codecs or settings or who knows what. So I want to go back to square one as far as WMP goes without having to take all of Vista with me.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

A:Restore WMP to Default Settings

You could do a system repair with a Vista DVD

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Hello, I am having trouble with pop-ups to the extreme, and I have tried using AVG Antispyware to remove them. Every time I scan with AVG I get the exact same Adware and I remove it but it doesnt remove, in any case it has got so annoying that I had decided to use system restore, allthough this was Jan 1st, and I could not go back in the calender, so there was no way to restore. Now I have decided to just restore my computer to complete default settings, Ive done it before, but that was when my computer wouldnt fully start and it came up with the option to restore. I have to clue how to restore to defaults otherwise, could someone kindly walk me through these steps? (I did read other posts on this topic but I did not find any of them solving my problem, for they all required the use of 'System Restore')

A:How to Restore to Default settings?

Well pending on what kind of computer you have and how new it is, when you first turn on your computer there will be a Recovery option, press applicable key and it should start a recovery, remember this deletes all your personal files and programs

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I'm talking about: mssefullinstall-x86fre-en-us-xp.exe, which is in essential a few msi's (mp_ambits.msi, msse.msi and some other files).
I can do a silent install by using the switch /s /runwgacheck

I'd like to create a silent install with custom settings (Schedule Day/Time).

What is the best way to do that?

Regkey's: I find the custom regkey's (ScheduleDay.reg, ScheduleTime.reg) but I can't import them after the silent install (I think it's only possible by the system account?)
Can I use transformfiles?
Best regards,

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Hi everyone,
I have just installed Win7 RTM x64 on my main system, and I have run to a weird problem. When I was messing around, I found the new included ClearType text tuner, and decided to give it a try. But the results came out pretty bad...everything kind of fuzzy. Tried redoing the tuner, but whatever I would try, wouldn't work. So I deactivated Clear type, and thing got even worse: no fuziness but text with no smoothing at all.
So I want to know if there?s any way to just restore the default values/settings for Clear Type?
Thx everyone..

A:Restore default ClearType settings?

Hello X3m,

Since you trying different ClearType settings to no avail, you can use System Restore using a restore point dated before you first made these changes to restore them.

Hope this helps,

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If I Restore the Default Settings in Firefox will I lose my favorites I made ?
here is a link http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/internet/firefox/restore-the-default-settings-in-firefox-without-uninstalling-it/

A:Restore the Default Settings in Firefox?

To be safe, in FF, click Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks. In the window that opens, click on the "Import and Backup" drop down, then backup. You now have a backup file of your favorites.

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URGENT HELP, Please! Earlier today, I tried to open an exe file in my downloads. It was for a printable coupon. When I clicked on 'open', I was prompted to choose a programme in which to open this file. Windows recommended 'Media Player' ...? Foolishly, I clicked on this and, ever since then, every programme on my computer opens as Media Player! Even the icons in my task bar show as Media Player! I cannot imagine which programme was used to open this type of exe file previously. Nothing listed appears to be the right one. I have asked all over the internet, phoned my ISP, no one can help. I've even tried a couple of fixes on here but I don't really know what went wrong or exactly what I need to restore. PLEASE, can anyone help? I cannot even switch off my laptop because I'll never get back onto the internet - which now opens as Media Player!!!

A:How do I restore my default settings in Windows 7?

Hello Mozer, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you can download and merge the .reg file for the listed exe option in the tutorial below to restore the default associations for .exe files.

Default File Type Associations - Restore

If that doesn't help, then you could do a system restore at boot using a restore point dated before you made this change to undo it.

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Hi everyone,

One of our users' PC's has had it's theme settings changed, as in the font at the top of an Explorer window, the desktop icon font & the Internet Explorer font has all changed.

Basically I'm wanting to restore XP back to it's default theme settings but nothing I have tried has worked;

- I've tried saving a theme from another computer & applying it to this one
- Changing the settings in Display Properties > Appearance
- Changing the settings in Display Properties > Appearance > Effects to the same as another PC
- Delete the user profile & getting the user to log back to create a new profile

Does anyone have any idea how I can do this?



A:Restore XP Theme to Default Settings

Mysterious changes like that can be caused by malware so please post on the malware forum to get a clean bill of health for the affected PC before looking for other causes:
Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help - Tech Support Forum

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Is there a way to restore Vista back to it's factory network settings without restoring the entire laptop to it's factory settings? Thanks.

A:Restore Default Network Settings

Did you ever get an answer to this?

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I have hundreds and hundreds of fonts I have added to my Windows 7 OS 64 system font folder but it is really slowing things down. I tried 'restore default font settings' in the system fonts folder but the same fonts remain? How to I take it back to just the original fonts that came with Windows 7? Thank you.

A:Restore default font settings in Windows 7 64-bit

See if this helps.

Fonts - Delete

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Im not that computer literate and there is a 16year old ignoramus and a 33 year old dont-wannna-know-anything-unless-I-absolutely-have-to that want to use my PC.

I was in maximum paranoid mode and went for some extreme settings to protect my computer when I got it home from the shop. I dont know what I did. I would like to set it to default settings so I can start fixing stuff.

Problems I have had:

Trouble reinstalling devices including my on board sound after Team Speak 3 and the sound would not play nice. Lotta "Invalid Capture Device" crap that recurs
Patching the WoW client. My PC cant do it.

A:Restore Win 7 Home Premium Default Settings

Try system restore.

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I was messing around with my libraries today, and after removing and adding a few things, my pictures and music library both look different than they used to. I have provided examples to show exactly what I mean.

How it used to look:
How it looks now:

As you can see, there is now a useless dropdown menu that clutters the screen. I have tried checking the settings and restoring the library settings to default, but I can't get my libraries looking like regular folders again.

A:How do I restore library settings back to default?

Hi, i do not know if this will work but can try. left click My Music and hold a drag it to c:users\david folder.

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I had a prompt to say my computer security settings were putting me at risk so reset them to default. Now I can't access anything! Working on an old Windows 7 toshiba laptop. Help??

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Can anyone tell me how to restore the default security settings to my c and d drives? Or maybe just post theirs. I was messing with mine and can't seem to download from any sites.

I'm the sole owner and user of my pc so I would like to be logged in as administrator at all times. Running RC 7100.

Thank you

A:Default Security Settings

Quote: Originally Posted by polorsport

Can anyone tell me how to restore the default security settings to my c and d drives? Or maybe just post theirs. I was messing with mine and can't seem to download from any sites.

I'm the sole owner and user of my pc so I would like to be logged in as administrator at all times. Running RC 7100.

Thank you

Hi Polorsport, Welcome to the forum,

Maybe you shouldn't fiddle

Try doing a system restore System Restore

I hope this helps, otherwise my best advice is a reinstall


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Hi,  I am using Thinkpad X240 with Windows 7.After about 3 weeks of vacation i forgot my logon password.I tried with all words that i can remember but can't  able to remember my passowrd. I can i Restore to factory default settings either windows 7 or to windows 8.... I am not a too geeky,So please detail instructions would be gratly helpful Thanks in advance

A:Thinkpad X240 Restore to factory default settings

Did you forget the Windows logon password or laptop access password you have to type right after power on?Do you have Lenovo Factory Recovery Media?

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I have looked everywhere here and elsewhere...there are a lot of great tutorials and other posts...but I can only find one set of directions for my purpose and following them is NOT working.

The left hand side of my Windows 7 Premium Home 64 bit start menu is completely blank (why or how I am not sure)...I have repinned a couple of programs just to see if I could populate it again, which I can.

So far I have:
1) Control Panel - Start Up - Customize - Restore default settings - Apply - OK
This has consistently not worked.

2) ...Customize - check/uncheck options - ... store and display recently opened each checked - Apply - OK
Again, not worked.

...........restarted all times

3) I have seen a great number of interesting tutorials and posts, but nothing that captures this problem, the opposite of most queries.

I'm wondering if I have to set up a new user account? and switch settings for the accounts? i.e. account profile corrupted? (How does this even happen?)

Anyone with any other ideas how I might restore the start menu default settings besides the obvious (that should work!!) Customize option, I would be greatly appreciative.


A:Trying to restore start menu default settings - Not Working

The recently opened can be cleared everytime you reboot if you have it set to do so. Have you checked here, how to pin and unpin to start menu?

Just re-read your post with me glasses on, I see you have tried pinning,. Sorry, do they/ did they stick?

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I messed up my windows 8.1 pro theme and settings. Windows Title bar text is gone instead there's white blurry box as caption. And under folder option>view>always show menus, if the box checked or not menubar always stays visible.

The things i did to get in this position took few days and i don't know when the problem started but my guess is win7 transformation pack. Please check the steps below,

First i installed UltraUXThemePatcher_2.5.11, Aero Glass - Win8.1 - 1.3.1, and couple of custom themes, It was working perfectly for days.
Then i tried 7tsp_GUI_v0.4_B(2015) for icons but instead i used a transformation pack of windows 7, but restored it.
Title bar got messed up then i tried UXTheme Multi-Patcher 13.1, UxStyle to fix but ended up unistalling/reinstalling all of these multiple times from scratch, I also use OldNewExplorer v1.1.5.1, Shell32_Patch_Setup_v1.6 since windows installation but again reinstalled because of this mess. Then the menubar problem occured, stays always visible.

I was unable to find the solution online, tried couple of command in cmd > sfcscan, dism etc but no luck.
I tried opening local admin account and it's fine there, no messed up title bar and no menubar. Sure i can move to there but it feels a bit hassle to change every settings of windows and hundreds of softwares again.
I want to continue in my current user profile without reset everything.
So, is there any solution to reset just the theme portion of the window... Read more

A:How to restore default settings of Win8.1 title & menubar?

Finally i figured it on my own
For future reference the solution was,
OldNewExplorer v1.1.5.1 was responsible for frozen menubar now uninstalled &
Titlebar text may be the font was blank or removed by some theme,
used following registry code to revive the caption,

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics]

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Does it delete (or restore to default) my synced settings in Microsoft Account if i refresh my Windows 8? I need it because i will have problems (e.g. some metro applications are crashing) if i sync back from Microsoft Account to my PC. I can disable sync for all users from Group Policy and then switch to Microsoft Account. But i want change synced data, snyc my new PC settings to my account.

Will refreshing Windows help me or is there any way to delete Windows 8 sync data in Microsoft Account?

A:Will Refreshing Windows Restore Synced Settings to Their Default?

Unless you're signed into your Microsoft account, nothing will be lost though the syncing. You can change the sync data by simply changing whatever, it'll sync up. It doesn't save to your puter, it saves the data to a cloud.

I would say refreshing would help, but if you're having issues with metro app, I've had success running sfc /scannow in command prompt.

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My computer was acting up. I had a lot of files, and it was eating up almost permanently "30+%) of the physical memory, even with everything but required files closed.


I was hoping a system restore to factory defaults would fix it, but now I am getting some strange issues.

The Physical Memory usage is just as high.
There is one svchost.exe (netsvcs) that is eating up a lot of memory (113,000 KB working set).
DWM.exe is also ~113,000 KB commit but only 77,500 Working set.

It is running just as slow as it was before the restore. In fact it seems to be running a little slower.

What is strange is, in that image I showed you, it lists 3gigs of memory and a 32 bit system.

I have 4 gigs of memory (it showed that before the system restore) and 64 bit system. When I did the restore, it said it was installing the 64 bit system....

I am at a loss...

The computer is a little old (at least 2 (maybe 3) years).

Bad memory? Would investing in some new memory sticks be worth while?
I really don't want to buy a new computer...

Quick addendum
I have yet to install any of the microsoft updates.

I am going to uninstall the included programs that I will never use like Napster..., search and install the updates, then shut down the computer and pull out, 'clean' and reinsert the ram chips, to see if there is any effect.

I know for a fact there is a lot! of dust in the system.

Could that be a cause?

B... Read more

A:Restore to factory default settings. Strange issues

Hello Hadleyrandell123;

How did you do the system restore? Was it from a disk or a separate partition on your hard drive?

The dust is probably not the culprit, but is not a good thing either .



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I have a database which ive secured up and altered the Startup settings so that the menus and stuff arn't shown, only problem is i need to make some changes.

Now yes i did back it up, but i backed it up so much ive lost track of which is the final, so if possible i would prefere to edit the final version which ive locked up. How can i alter the startup settings now that i cant open the appropriote menu?

A:Solved: ACCESS: Alter the startup settings/restore to default

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Hello all,
I have a website that only works from 64 bits PCs when I click on "Default Level" in the IE settings under
Security tab.
My question is, how to know which settings have changed so that I can create a policy for them and the website works after that??

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I'm trying to reset this computer back to its default security settings due to the fact it got owned by a virus.

I've gotten the trojan off the computer, but it set a bunch of policies on the computer and now I can't run/install quite a few programs. It would be much easier if I could just edit the group policies via gpedit.msc but since its XP Home it doesn't have it built in.

I went through all the places in the registry I thought the policies would have been set but I couldn't find anything.

What I'm trying to do now is reset the computer back to its default security settings by going to Run and typing MMC. When the console pops up, I click File, then Add/Remove Snap-in and click Add, and your supposed to add Security Configuration and Analysis, but I don't have that option to select from the menu. If I could add this in I should be able to just load the setup security.inf and reset the computer back to its default settings.

I've tried quite a few other things today but I am starting to run out of options. Any help would be awesome thanks!

A:Help restoring default security settings for Windows XP Home.

You could try running SDFix. As a malware scanner I think it is quite out-of-date, however it will reset a lot of the registry items back to their default value as part of the scan.http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/131299/how-to-use-sdfix/

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(windows 7) I accidentally messed up the security settings in the "Default Folder" (a shortcut?) of the Users folder.
I removed administrators permissions , that caused my pc to be unable to restore to previous restore point correctly. However, I was able to re-add the admin permission and everything now is fine.
Yet I need help here.
1 could anyone post screenshots of the default "default folder" security settings? I need to set it back to the default one even though now it works fine.
2 why the hell does that folder NOT HIDDEN? Are yours not hidden as well? Of course the option to hide all system file is checked on my pc. The only reason I messed with that folder is because I thought it was just a normal folder and not a system folder. Anyway to get it back to be invisible?
Thanks for helps in advanced. And I don't want to go to Microsoft supports because they always give robotic replies with no helps at all.

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Now,much mixing or very touch
step by step, tell

1.temp,,Temporary Internet Files,,Content.IE5
change attributes and change security permissions

2,windows folder--temp, Temporary Internet Files,,Content.IE5 use and slow Internet

3.all registry permissions change
4. all document and settings folder, change attributes

5. admisitrator folder,,Not used and LocalService.NT AUTHORITY,,,NetworkService.NT AUTHORITY.000,,use

6 disk security permissions change

Now real problem,,, windows folder, Temp,Temporary Internet Files,,Content.IE5 use and slow pages

No system restore and cleaning system volume information folder

windows update components broken

A:how restore security settings and attributes?

You might need to look at doing a repair from you xp install disc [IT Services] 7. Windows XP Repair Installation - Fixing Windows XP System and Startup Problems

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I do not know how on Windows 10 laptop how to restore my Microsoft security settings. The message came as a pop up after my latest update last night. When I just logged on and I could get into the log in and start my Norton update, the pop up came on.
Please help me. Thank you.

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Hi Everyone

I am having trouble locating where the default settings for internet explorer 11 is stored.
By that I mean when you go to press the reset button in the advanced tab - where is it pulling the default settings from?

IE keeps enabling "Display intranet sites in compatibility View" when I press reset button.



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Hope someone can help.

I have a user that needs to download files on IE, however the security settings don't allow him and need to manually changed each time. Because the user is logging into a domain I think it resets back to the default settings.

Is there any way to change the default settings in IE to prevent this from happening.

It's on Windows 2000 Professional using IE 6.

Cheers in advance,


A:Change the default settings in Internet Explorer

Hiya and welcome

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As this sounds like a network issue, have you tried the System Administrator, as they may have set up the restrictions for a purpose.



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I just finished typing in all my IP and DNS settings in the TCP/IPv4 Properties and my port was forwarding fine. However, once I restart my computer, the TCP/IPv4 settings default back to 'Obtain an IP address automatically' and 'Obtain DNS Server address automatically'. Any ideas why that might be?
Many thanks.

A:Internet Protocols settings default on restart

Welcome to the forum vangoose,

If you search for TCP with the search function, higher up on this page, you may find a solution to your problem. This one appears similar but there may be other ones too.

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Can anyone help?

I have always used IE without any problems until a few days ago. I have a BTYahoo a/c & every couple of weeks have to sign in to verify my password.

Now every time I try, it briefly leaves the sign in page before immediately returning to it. It rests on the new page so briefly, merely a flicker that I don't have time to read what it says but I have seen ' browser settings' (I think).

My question is if I ask IE to return to default settings, will that solve the problem? Thanks.


A:[SOLVED] Internet Explorer Default Settings

Have you changed any IE settings lately? When entering your password, be sure the user account is correct and check the keep me signed in box. Make sure the sign in page is fully loaded and use the Yahoo "Enter" with a single mouse click. To see if the problem is in your box, try getting in from another computer.

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Hi there....I love my desktop to have pretty icons...I have a big file with many cool icons...Anyway when I do
a large task on my xp or it refreshes... my icons revert to the default. Would rebuilding the system cache help this problem??


A:icons reverting to default

Have a look here:http://support.microsoft.com/defaul...port/kb/articles/q185/2/17.asp&NoWebContent=1

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