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Is there a field called Album Artist available in some tag editors

Q: Is there a field called Album Artist available in some tag editors

I have Windows XP Pro, SP2, a Linux distribution and in that I use the desktop KDE.

The only reason I mention these two, is to let it be known that I have experience with more than one tag editor. And the three I'm familiar with have only the fields: Title, Artist, Album, Track, Genre and Comment.

But in Windows Media Player, (WMP), when you right click on a song, on the Context Menu that comes up, you can select Advanced Tag Editor. It's not a real tag editor, because it doesn't make a permanent change. It only changes the way the WMP library sees it. On that Advanced Tag Editor, under the Artist Info tab is a box called Album Artist. So far I've only seen it have the same artist as in the box above, called Artist.

One of the questions are that, sometimes that Album Artist box is empty. Sometimes it's not. If it has an Album Artist WMP will see it as a different album. Even though all the fields in regular tag editor are identical. One of my other questions is: where does it get that information? Can you get tag editors that have an editable Album Artist field?



Preferred Solution: Is there a field called Album Artist available in some tag editors

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Is there a field called Album Artist available in some tag editors

I looked through my tag editors and I found that TagScanner (freeware) will edit that field. WMP fills in that data when you do an internet lookup from whatever online database WMP uses. Some of those fields are not maintained that well so sometimes there's data in them, sometimes not. Composer is another such field.

The question is do you want use that field for anything? Does it provide any useful information?

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I used iTunes to rip all my cds onto an external hard drive a while ago. I then upgraded to the latest iTunes, and having done so, iTunes reimported my music from the relevant folder. However, a huge number of songs (and I'm talking in the thousands here) are missing their artist and album info. I don't understand why this has happened when I used a previous version of iTunes to rip the cds in the first place. I've tried looking at the tags for these songs, but I don't get an option relating to ID3 tags when I right-click, so I can't manipulate that.

The only way I can see me fixing this is to manually important each album and type in the artist/album info. With such a huge number of songs to fix, I really don't want to do this! Suffice it to say I am not going to update iTunes again, ever!

Many thanks for any help you can give.


A:iTunes: artist and album info missing

I would check the files again with a tag editor like Mp3Tag to see if the data is there or not. If the Artist and Album tags are still there then you should be able to rebuild the iTunes library.

If the tags are missing you might be able to update the tags from the filenames with Mp3Tag if you have a consistent file naming convention.

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Hi all,
I have no idea how to sort this one.
On a few of my MP3 files, I can not add the album, artist etc, there is just no option to add it! It was not in there in the first place. See below image. I am in the right place for it - Properties, Summary, Advanced.

Any help would be great.

A:RESOLVED MP3 file properties - not able to add artist, album etc

Hi Joe

That is strange. Can you use the advanced tag editor in Windows Media Player to add details?

Go into your library. Select 'Songs' from the sidebar. Then, right click on a song and select 'Advanced tag editor'. There, you can use the different tabs to add song and artist info.

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Hi, as 73 silver surfer my only pleasure is music,have a Toshiba Satellite C870 laptop m/s 10 64 bit and WMP/12. i bought Note 8 and 200gb mcsd card to add more music but now after i have ripped cd to comp using WMP/MUSICBEE/EXACT COPY all info ie cover art, Artist, Track titles etc is all there, however after i sync cd/tracks to card in phone or in caddy in Usb port the music turns up as "unknown" artist/year/title and no cover art, have spent weeks trying to solve asking loads of young people/wiki how/Google/M/S community etc, to no avail, suspect problem is with phone,not media players but am close to pulling out last, very little remaining hair, and would be most grateful for all tips/any assistance that anyone can offer to solve problem. Thanks in anticipation. mel.

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Ive sorted all my music into folders, but some don't have artist/album names, such as:
i've right clicked and clicked rename, but it comes up as:

i've also clicked properties etc, but no joy there:

has anyone any idea how to do this?
im on Windows Vista Basic.
and its just your average folder.
its really bugging me!

A:Changing Music file Artist/Album names?

Have you tried clicking the empty space inline with the track under Artist/Album etc.

Like So

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On my PC I have one directory for all my mp3s. However, on my portable mp3 player (Archos FM Recorder) I would like to have my mp3s organized into folders (i.e. /Artist/Album). I want to keep my PC single all-mp3 directory the same (because if I could have this structure on my archos I would but can't due to a 400 file per directory limit on the archos) but I would like to have Artist/Album directories on the Archos in order to stay under the 400 files per directory limit as well as make it easy to find the files
on the archos.

Is there a way or piece of software that will export my one huge directory of mp3s into smaller folders of artist and album on my Archos player so that I can deal with them easier on the player. I've heard that the program Visual MP3 can do this ( with its MP3 search wizard and batch catalog features), but it keeps crashing on my computer. Are there any other programs out there that can do this?

Also, say I do manage to have all my mp3s in one directory on my PC and get my desired Artist/Album directory structure on the Archos. Is there a program that will sync my PC mp3s and mp3 playlists with the Archos, given the Archos' different directory structure?
Thanks so much for your help!

A:1 big mp3 directory on PC to Artist/Album directories on portable mp3 player?

I have a .bat file that sorts my download folder.

contents of the file are below

move c:\downloads\a*.* c:\sort\a\*.* /y
move c:\downloads\b*.* c:\sort\b\*.* /y
move c:\downloads\c*.* c:\sort\c\*.* /y
move c:\downloads\d*.* d:\sort\d\*.* /y

and so on.

To do this just make a file in notepad and save it as a .bat file.
Then run it when you need to sort your files.
The /y at the end of the move command makes it so that the computer doesn't ask me for permission to overwrite, or move a read only file.

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When I click on "albums" on my iPhone, it brings up a list of albums separated by artist (i.e. if there are three different artists tagged in one compilation album, all three of them have their own folder). This is a problem for me because sometimes I want to listen to an entire album on shuffle, the same way I'd want to listen to a specific artist's songs on shuffle. Some compilation albums have works from several different artists so each folder has only one or two songs. Is it possible to make it sort only by album, or to just tell it to play several albums at once? I'm not talking about playlists; this is for a quick sort, shuffle, and play.

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How do you make it, so that when a Nero-burned Audio CD (a compilation, not a copied CD) is played in Windows Media Player, the Album name, Track name and Artist name appears. My MP3's have ID3 Tags, they don't show up when burned on a CD. I'm not talking about CD-Text, that's different.

Currently, all I get when I play the disc in Media Player is something like:

Unknown Artist

Track 1

I actually want the Artist name, Track names and Album name to show up in the player.

A:Making Burned Audio CDs display Artist/Track/Album name in WMP

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Screenshot of my situation: http://i31.tinypic.com/e8txr7.png

I am aware that most or all of these song files do actually contain information on them, since I had them in an old computer, and everything was just fine. On this machine all the columns show blank.

I got tons of song files from various sources and none of them show any information under folder explorer. When I add them to the Winamp playlist the tags show normally, however by hitting Properties > Summary on any file I don't see any information there as well.

Thank you for your time, in advance.

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Hi All,

Maybe I'm just bad at searching the internet, but I've spent 2 days looking for a solution to a pretty major problem, and I'm astounded I seem to be the only person in the world with it.

I just did a clean install of Windows 7 Pro. On my old box, I had one huge folder with all my thousands of MP3s, which I copied into "My Music" on my new Win7 box.

When I started up WMP for the first time, I set the options to automatically download info from the net, rename files based on tag info, etc, as I had never bothered to do anything like this before to organize my mp3s. Immediately WMP went to work updating my mp3s. Good stuff.

Now to illustrate the problem. Lets use the example of 5 Aerosmith songs I have from the album Get a Grip. When WMP was all done with scanning my mp3s and updating info, everything appeared fine in WMP. That is, I could scroll to artist "Aerosmith" and then to the album "Get a Grip" complete with cover art, and see the 5 songs. Again, good stuff. Then I clicked "Show file location" and noticed something weird...

WMP player had automatically created the folder My Music\Aerosmith\Get a Grip. Awesome. Problem is, the "Get a Grip" folder only had 4 songs, despite the fact that in WMP I could see FIVE songs in the album. I searched for the 5th song and noticed that it was still orphaned in the base My Music folder. Why the hell hadn't it been moved with the rest? When I did some pok... Read more

A:WMP 12 sorts file system by "Album Artist" ??!

The reason you couldn't fix the data with a tag editor is that Album Artist is a field that's only stored on the WMP database and isn't written to a tag, so the only way to edit that field is through WMP.

Whenever you update your music information with an internet lookup the results are mixed, something will always get screwed up whether you use WMP or other software and then to use that data to change folder locations compounds the problem. You should only lookup an album at a time so you can fix any errors manually. I personally never let any software move my files around, it's asking for trouble.

My best advice is to not use WMP to store your music, the only thing I use WMP for is for viewing video. Try MediaMonkey it does a much better job of organizing music. It's also a good idea to use a tag editor so for that try Mp3tag.

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I've just installed Windows 10 and experimented with the Groove music player. It finds all the songs but they are tagged Unknown Artist and Unknown Album. The songs appear fine in iTunes with the correct details and album art.

I reset Groove and made it scan the music directories again but the problem remains. Any solutions?

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I just purchased a Dell Precision 5510 with a Xeon CPU and the Quadro GPU: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291755935648 
I plan on promptly upgrading the SSD to a PCIe NVMe SSD if it does not have one, the 16GB RAM is fine for now but I like that I have the option to go up to 32GB when I choose to. 
I had some questions for anyone who is using this for more intense work in 3D or digital imaging, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information out there except that the Quadro 1000m is mostly better than a GTX 960-970m GeForce card because most 3D software is more compatible with it and it is more efficient in rendering which means better performance overall – is this true or just marketing for a lower powered GPU?  
I mainly use Maya, Cinema 4D, After Effects and Photoshop in my workflow, most of the work is performed by the CPU but a decent GPU helps to boost render times with certain software and plugins for said software.
I read that the Xeon CPU is built for 24/7 high load server work and enterprise solutions and that it is more effective at heat dissipation than a GeForce variant. I really liked the idea of the laptop handling heat and performace better in this workstation type of a laptop, I plan to keep it cooled with a pad because I know that rendering can be a huge task for most laptops. What I gathered from that info is that I could use this for rendering and not really worry about frying the mobo like might happen with an i7 and GTX combina... Read more

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yesterday I was browsing Orkut and clicked on a link that says:

In Portuguese: "Meu album completo est? nesse site: <http://www.freewebtown.com/fotos_orkut">
In English: "My complete album is on this site: <http://www.freewebtown.com/fotos_orkut">

An empty browser window appeared, and I realized I did something stupid.

Since then, my browser shows an error every 10 seconds, saying it's trying to connect to something. I managed to stop it by changing my Orkut password. But I can't acess some sites and browsing is extremely slow.

Can someone help me? Here's DDS log. Thanks a lot!!!
DDS (Ver_09-03-16.01) - NTFSx86
Run by user at 22:27:54,64 on ter 17/03/2009
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.13
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.2.1252.55.1046.18.1023.499 [GMT -3:00]

AV: AVG Anti-Virus Free *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated)

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k rpcss
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Arquivos de programas&#... Read more

A:Orkut "My full album.../Meu álbum completo..."


Sorry for delayed response. Forums have been really busy. If you still need help with this post a fresh dds log, please.

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I use due dates on my Outlook tasks. When I customize my Tasks list (in the Calendar view) to group by due date, I just get too many groupings (one for each due date!). I would like to know if I can create a custom field called 'Due Month' and/or 'Due Week', extracted from the 'Due Date', so I can view my tasks by what is due during a given week or month. If the answer is yes, any suggestions on the technique I would use would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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I have a table titled time_slips used to track the amount of time an attorney spends with a member. In the time_slips table there is a field titled reference_id which is a combo box pulling it's displayed information from another table titled references. Also in the time_slips table is a field named details which is native to this table.

My question is, can I have the details field auto-populate "no charge" when a certain reference id is selected (i.e. 300)?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

A:Solved: Access Auto-Populate a Field using a field from another table

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I support a software program that has a proprietary menu item when you right-click a calculated field. It has been this way for 10-15years and has worked in WinXP through Win10 with never an issue. This past week I had 3 different customers tell me that when they right-click one of these fields to access what is normally the Cut/Copy/Paste/ menu that also includes our menu item, they are now getting the Windows default cut/copy/paste/Right to Left Reading order/Show Unicode control characters/ etc menu. The only thing I can think of that they all have in common besides these are all Window 10 64bit pc's, is that they all have one update to Adobe Acrobat (17.012.20098).
I was able to resolve for a moment on two of these workstations by having the user go into Language/Advanced settings and actually selected "English (Unites States) from the "Override for Windows display language" even though that settings is implied by the "recommended". But after the pc was turned off over night and back to it the next day, the problem is back and that setting is still selected. All language and regional settings on all the pc's are defaulted to English/Unites States. I do not know what other avenue to go in. Could something hae been switched on or off in Windows (by this Adobe update perhaps?) that would make the context text menu switch to Windows text default right-click menu?

Any help is appreciated!

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I attached my database what i would like to do is create a form when an end user will enter a corresponding user ID from that I wish to populate textbox fields with Agent Name, Supervisor, Location, Dept *all seperate text boxes of course* I have attached the database if someone could help me do this it would be great. Let me know if you need any further details to help get me through this.

A:update field A in form based on entry in field b

Welcome to the forum, before answering you question can I suggest some improvements to your database.
Currently you do not have any "Key", "Indexed" fields in your tables and there are no relationships set up between the tables.
Also do you really need the Archive Table?
The data looks like it has been exported in from a spreadsheet, relational databases work quite differently to spreadsheets, so to make the most of their advantages you need to correctly relate your Tables.
Your UserID Roster also has some disconnect between the Field Names and the actual data in them, particularly the Name and Type feilds.
In the Supervisor Table the Birthdate does not seem to have Translated correctly.

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I am setting up kiosks that once in the field will be locked down and not accessible to anyone in the field nor do we want anyone else accessing them. However, I need the ability to remote into the system if there is an issue.

Is there anyway to set up the machine so that I can do this without someone being in the field at the machine?


A:Remote connect to a system in the field w/o user in field


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How do I get rid of the wrong album art displaying for an album in windows 7 windows media player?
There is no such "folder option" as "show hidden files", which is an answer I keep seeing. No answer given on the other thread is helpful at all.

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I am working on a database that stores genus, species, and variety I want to sort the data with genus, then species, then variety.

Now the tricky part. Sometimes there is no species. When this is the case, I want the database to sort that record off of variety.

I have though of a way to do this, but need help with the code.

If I make a species2 field, I could create an expression that would look at the species field. If the species field is empty, it could copy the data from variety. If it is not empty, then copy the data in the species field.

Once the species2 field has the updated data, I could then do a sort

genus, species2, variety

The report would have genus, species and variety showing and species2 would be checked off to not show in the report.

I am using Microsoft Access 2000.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

A:Access - if field is blank, copy field A, if not copy field B

You should not actually need another field to do this, just another column in your report's Query. Something like this as a Field header :-

dummySpecies: iif(isnull([species]), [genus], [species])

this should provide a column with the species in if it there and the genus if it is not, which you can use in place of your actual species field in the report for sorting.

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eTrust Antivirus detected a Trojan called VBS/Bugestore.A and a Trojan called win32/Bugnraw.IJ

Edited to add: Windows Defender is detecting TrojanDownloader: Win2/Renos... however when i ask it to remove it it reboots my computer and comes right back.

The background display has changed to tell me that I have been infected by spyware and I cannot access all of the tabs in my display properties to change the display.

The computer will freeze after a certain period of inactivity

Many websites will not display in Internet explorer or Firefox. I have been needing to use Google Chrome for most of my access to your site.

As far as the steps go-
Step 1
I did not have any of the listed Malware on my system nor and of the Rogue and Suspect programs listed

Step 2
I was unable to perform a Panda ActiveScan because both IE and Firefox has an error upon downloading ActiveScan 2.0

Step 3
I installed Spyware Blaster and IE-Spyad

Step 4
My system is installed with SP2

Step 5

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2:52:57 AM, on 9/6/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\WLTRYSVC.E... Read more

A:Antivirus detected Trojan called VBS/Bugestore.A and a Trojan called win32/Bugnraw.IJ

bump... also, computer will no longer boot all the way to windows, even in safe mode it won't completely load up. Please help! Thanks in advance!

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This is a repost, my original thread was closed. I'm sorry for the delay in response.

Here is the original thread LINK

As an update to the original post I have not been able to boot into windows.

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Antivirus detected Trojan called VBS/Bugestore.A and a Trojan called win32/Bugnraw.IJ

Hi skywisej,
Sorry for the delay in looking into your log, as we are extremely busy in this section of the forums. If you still require assistance and are not seeking help elsewhere, then please carry out my instructions.

Please subscribe to this thread so that you are notified when you receive a reply. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant Notification, then click Add Subscription.

Download RSIT by random/random and save it to your desktop.
Double click RSIT.exe to start the tool and click Continue at the disclaimer.
When the scan completes it will open a log named log.txt maximized, and a log named info.txt minimized.
Copy (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the contents of both here.

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I know the Include Field will include part of the text from an Include File if it is in a bookmark. The format is {IncludeText "File Path" Bookmark}. I have 2 files: Source and Target.

Source is a form template. I included a Text Form Field and gave it the bookmark AA. I also included other text in a "normal" bookmark, BB.

In Target I have 2 fields: {IncludeText "C:\\Source.dot" AA} and {IncludeText "C:\\Source.dot" BB}. The text from BB shows up, but the one for AA is blank.

If I go into Source and look under Bookmarks, both AA and BB are there.

BTW, I have tried it with the Source form both "Protected" and "Unprotected" and it didn't make any difference.

Any idea why this is happening, and more importantly, any idea on how to make this work? If not, it seems like a real bug in Word 2003 as they are both definitely considered to be bookmarks.

Thank you,


A:Word 2003 - Include Text Field - Not Including Bookmark Text if in Form Field

Thread reopened for user to post solution.

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Does anyone know of a good free MP3/WAV editor?

I used to have a program that let me edit out parts of songs (like silent parts, or even delete parts of songs that I didn't like).

It also let me change the playback bitrate (for example, reduce song from 192 kbs to 128 kbs).

I don't remember what program that was, and I lost it when my computer crashed last year.

If you know of a similar free program, please let me know!

Thank you in advance,

Thomas Lessman
Email: [email protected]

A:MP3 & WAV Editors?

Exact Audio Copy - http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/ features a Wav editor; freeware.

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I would like to remove parts of an mp3 file. My idea is to convert the mp3 to wav and then edit mp3 files. Does anyone know good Mp3 editors?

A:Mp3 Editors

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I've been searching (Google) all morning for a good review of the freeware pdf editors and haven't come up with any conclusive direction.
Anyone here have any input on pdf editors or know of a review to point to?
I'm not a power user, just need some simple features.

A:pdf editors

I use pdfescape to edit pdf documents online, and pdf24 to convert to pdf (works as a virtual printer).

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Q: Editors

So, I just go a new compy, everything works fine except one thing:

Whenever I rune something like an Editor, or Trainer, or certain types of Apps, (I.E. Cheatengine, A few EXEs, some SWFs) But not at the same time...

I get an error that says:

"This application has failed to initialize properly (0x0000135) Click OK to terminate."

Am I supposed to download some kinda reader or software, or something?

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I've been using the Windows 7 RC and having a great time, but after restoring or adding to the music library ("My Music" and what not), I've noticed that it is impossible for me to manage album art. For all the positive experiences with Windows 7, this one completely baffles me. When I try to drag album art over to an album in the library, it simply tells me "Album art can't be changed when a song from the album is in use. Please try again later." I've Googled this to death for over 6 hours and haven't found a solution. Obviously I wasn't playing the songs, but there is no obvious reason as to why they may be in use.

A:"Album art can't be changed when a song from the album is in use. Please try again later."

Yes, this is a bug in the RC.  The team is aware of it and will be addressing it post-RC.  Thanks for helping point it out.

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I added an album to my library in Windows Media Player.

For some reason the album art resolution got gimped.

I tried to drag the album art to the album, but it keeps saying "album art cannot be changed when a song from the album is in use"

The album is not in use. How do I fix this? I deleted it from the library and re-added, but got the same problem.

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Any ideas for free/shareware editors that can do layers and have a few effects? I have tried Paintshop pro and Artgem and both have caused problems with my WIN 98 HP w/HP printer and visioneer scanner. Problems include OSD errors on startup and various programs reporting page faults that seem to disappear when the editors are removed. I liked what I could see of Artgem, but I could not keep it. Thanks.

A:image editors

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I'm looking for a free photo editor I can download. I've used Picasa in the past but it seems to be a bit over encompassing. It picks out every face within every photo ever taken. I found face pictures of strangers only to find out they were way in the background of the pictures I have taken. I'm looking for something basic, user friendly and does a nice job in correcting sharpness, brightness/contrast, crops, etc., all the basics.

A:Photo Editors

Here's some Image Editor suggestions.

Most Image Viewers can perform the simple tasks you mentioned.

I use Irfanview as my default Image Viewer, then when I need more editing power, I switch to Photoshop
The freeware Gimp would be the Freeware Editor to closest to the power of Photoshop.
There's no sense in using a complicated and possibly slow Image editor to perform basic editing tasks

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Hi Folks,
I have been reading CryptoLocker Ransomware Information Guide and FAQ.
It shows how to access 'Local Policy' & 'Group Policy' Editors.
I can't access them on my 2 computers.

A:Policy Editors

Those editors are only available on the Pro and higher versions.
Have a good day.

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Can someone plz direct me to a very user-friendly free website editor?

A:Website editors

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I will soon be working on my website, and I was wondering if anyone knows of good HTML Editors to use.
I am mainly looking for something that I can set all the links up while offline. I was using Frontpage Express last time and the webpage worked fine on my PC but when I uploaded it I had lots of trouble getting all the links fixed up (The online pages were trying to link to files on my computer).
I would also like something that is very simple to use.


A:HTML Editors

I use Dreamweaver, and am happy with it. I have also used Frontpage Express, and you will like Dreamweaver much better. As there are many sites that offer tips and help with Dreamweaver, you should find all sorts of useful lthings to do.

[Edited by RandyG on 05-21-2001 at 08:57 AM]

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I have been advised elsewhere to leave all such software well alone, or at least treat with caution - particularly it seems if downloaded from CNET.  Would this forum's readers agree (or make any particular exceptions)?

A:Registry Editors

The official Bleeping Computer stance on Registry Cleaners which I assume is what you mean and not Registry Editors is as follows:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/407147/answers-to-common-security-questions-best-practices/?p=2853053

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Hi I'm doing some djing and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good audio editor - I'd like to cut up my songs (shorten them, loop them...) etc.
I'm not looking for a HugE program - something of decent size.

Gimme some Feedback.

A:AUDIO editors?

Sorry I didn't see your post till just now, technical1.If your just dealing with WAV, MP3, AIFF, IRCAM, or Ogg Vorbis files, a good, fast, easy to use program is, Audacity.And it's Free.

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Have tried just about everything recommended to improve performance and am at my wits end. Does anybody have good advice regarding reg editors? Don't want to start monkeying with the registry and really mess things up! I ran a scan with RegCure and it posted over 1200 errors but am not about to buy a product I am unsure of. Anything free out there?

A:Registry Editors

Most people here, including me, don't recommend using registry cleaners. They can delete things that can cripple your computer. I've done it to mine a few times. But, if you feel you need to do something there is THIS SITE which is Micro$oft's One Care that will go through your registry. Since it is their program, XP, it might be OK. But I'm not endorsing it. It too might do something wrong. I've used it a couple of times and so far nothing bad has happened.You can also click on Start, Run and do a sfc /scannow it will run a check on your system files and repair or replace them. You must have your XP disc in and sit there while it's running, because it won't always find the file it's looking for and you need to click on the "retry" button. It takes about 40 to 45 minutes on my computer...I'm sure someone else will come along with more advice soon and you can ponder all of it and decide what to do, or not do.Good Luck...

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Hello there.
I'm currently using HxD for...well, my Hex Editing needs. It's pretty great, but a big problem is that it can only compare 1 difference during each search. It's okay for when I'm expecting to find only 1 difference, but in most cases, I need to find the locations of tons and tons of differences.
What I'm looking for; A hex editor that can Compare between 2 files, and find all/multiple differences at the same time.

Thank you in advance

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I would like to purchase a registry editor, like "RegNow", but would like input as to which would be the most recommended before I commit. Any advice would be welcomed.

Thank You,
PJ Staley

A:registry editors

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In "My Music" I have two sorts of files. Those I have downloaded from KaZaAlite, and those I have got off CD's using XP Media Player.

All the audio editors I have tried (including one that was suggested on this forum) either won't save the results as an mp3 (illegal?) or won't open certain files.

I do belly dancing and the tracks I have are maybe 15min long but the dance is 3min in the middle of the song! I was successful in chopping a song I downloaded off Kazaa (before Power Audio Editor run out of free time) but with the new audio editors I have tried, they will not open songs I have got from CD (Copywrite??).

Since I am only using the demo versions I wonderd if the purchased software would do the trick, but ranging in price from $5 - $345 I am unwilling to pay the price until I know more (and you can double those US dollars to equal NZ dollars!).

A:Audio editors - which one?

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Return To Castle W.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

or Rayman 1 for that matter.

Do any editors exist for these games? Links please?

A:Do these Editors Exist?

For RTCW - Check their forums here :


I believe what you need is RTCW SDK - If nothing turns up at the above then use :


There are numerous mods and user missions so presumably the designers released an SDK.

I play Op Flashpoint and there are several gigs of d/ls for that.

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Hi everybody :
I'm thinking about switching to Windows 10. One question I have is.......what photo editor is compatible ? Currently....using Windows 7.....I'm using PhotoShop Elements 12 / 32-bit. But, it seems with Windows 10, the only version of PhotoShop Elements is "PhotoShop Elements 2020", which comes in 64-bit version. But, my System is 32-bit system. Advice ?

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are there any powerful 5.1 ch audio editors which are compliant with AC3?If not, are there any 5.1ch AC3 plugins for conventional editors?

A:Powerful 5.1 ch editors

5.1, for that one would think that you would need professional grade software. I've never done much audio editing, but i hear really good things about ACID and SoundForge from sony. Not cheap though. ther is also audacity, which is what i use, but i dont kniow about 5.1 on that.

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I was checking out this cleanup software and found on one screenshot some references to the Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Microsoft Pinyin Input Method Editors.

Do I need to keep those IME, or is it OK to remove them?

A:Do I need to keep these Input Method Editors?

Don't use "cleaners".By using cleaners you earn 000.1 in speed and sometimes they make the things worse.
Windows 7 is not xp,windows 7 is smart is cleaning up and tidy up up itself without the need of extra software.
Though if you like to "clean" your system use the windows 7 friendly free CCleaner.

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Let me start out by saying that, I didn't get the cyberlink video editor with my pc. I was wondering if anyone knows of some good free 64bit video editing software apps for Windows 10. I wanted to use Lightworks but it only goes up to Win8.1. I have tried Gopro Studio on my previous more powerful computer and it crashed several times, so I'm a little dubious to try it again to say the least. Any suggestion would be great, I haven't been having much luck with computers recently.

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What is the best registry editor, if there is one? I have been using Uniblue and ran it and corrected my registry. I then downloaded a trial copy of Registry Cure and ran it, It says I have over 600 errors in my registry. Anyway my subscription to Uniblue has expired, what should I get.


A:[SOLVED] Registry Editors

Hi Phil. . .

I would advise that you do not use any of these products. They are an absolute waste of money and they could end up corrupting your registry. Then you'll be back to see me when the BSOD epidemic begins.

The items it is flagging as "errors" are not errors at all - just entires in the registry that currently have no association to them. They hurt nothing, take up very little space and cause non-measurable time loss during boot-up when the registry is assembled from files found on your hard drive. We are talking about a fraction of a second.

600 items out of the Vista NT Registry which can easily contain 500,000 + entries represents just 0.12% of total.

To give you an example of how some of these "errors" occur - assume that you no longer have use for Microsoft Word and un-install it. A registry scanner/cleaner would then pick up anything associated with MS Word and its files, whose file extensions are .doc (≤ Word 2003) or .docx (Word 2007) files. The un-installed Word file extension relations found in the registry would still exist, but have no program to open should a doc/x file be clicked on.

I suggest that you leave the registry alone. There may be a time in the future after the installation/un-installation of hundreds of programs where this becomes necessary, but then should only be done so under the instructions of someone familiar with registry cleaners. Most important - back up the registry before using a re... Read more

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