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Radeon X800 XT, When?!?

Q: Radeon X800 XT, When?!?

Ive decided after reading dozens of reviews to go for the ATI chip, its smaller, lighter, draws less power, is cheaper, a LOT cheaper, and for only a little bit less powerful than the GeForce 6, i think its going to be more popular.

1 quick question, all of these companies are going to manufacture the X800 Pro/XT onto their own board.

MSI Computer Corp.
Sapphire Technology

I have preference towards the ASUS Model

But when will they be ready to buy? This week? Nexx Week? Next Month? 3 Months? I have this money burning a hole in my pocket, and it must be sent asap

Preferred Solution: Radeon X800 XT, When?!?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: Radeon X800 XT, When?!?

Here in the US, Best Buy has a estimated shipping date of 6/15-6/21/2004 on the X800XT Platinum Edition, and 5/24-6/2/2004, on the X800 Pro, $500 and $400. But you know how these things usually go.

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i am think of buying a radeon x800 in a little while and i was wondering what ppl here thought about it

A:Radeon x800

is that jus X800? no GT, GTO, XL?

get the 6800GS if not, the 7600GT which is dropping in price FAST.. those two are way better than the X800 and its prolly cheaper =P

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Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the new Powercolor Radeon X800GT 256mb PCI-Express card?
I currently own a X600 and don't rate it at all but this new one is supposed to be great and even better than its Nvidia 6600GT cousin.
Any advice would be great because if I had known about the X600 before I bought it I would have gone for a different card.

A:Radeon X800, To Buy Or Not To Buy?

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Hey I just have a quick question and maybe a dumb one. Anyway is an X800 CrossFire Edition the same as an X800XL?

A:Radeon X800 Question

Crossfire is ATI's equivalent to SLI. So, I think the crossfire edition is a little worse than the XL series


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First i want to say hi to everyone on these forums :wave: .
Im looking to buy the ati radeon x800 card, Like this one but im need to know if it will work on my computer and where the best place to buy it is in the uk.
I currently have a geforce fx 5200 which is pretty poor as i do alot of 3d rendering and play counterstrike:source regulary. What i need to know is how will i know if it is compatible with my current computer. I dont know the name of my motherboard but my processor is pentium 4 2.8 GHz and i have 512 MB of ram.
Also is there any recomendations of places to buy them online and which brand to go for. Ive seen some on ebay here but is there any site that sell them cheaper and are more reliable than ebay . All i do know is that this is the card i want

A:wanting to buy radeon x800

Most likely if you have a 5200, then you have agp(unless pci). If you have agp, then the card you list should work. No idea where to buy in the uk though.

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i have a "video in" on my radeon x800. could anyone tell me how you are supposed to use it? do i need some software installed? i'm actually trying put a nintendo 64 in so that i can play it on my monitor. thanks

A:vivo on radeon x800

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Hello guys, i just bought an ati radeon x800 xt and i was just wondering if there is a way to test to see its working to its full capacity, and if it is correctly takiing power from the psu.

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So yeah.. I have this computer which has Windows 98 SE and it has an old graphics card - Radeon 9600 Pro. And I have this other graphics card - Radeon x800 XL. And I'm wondering if x800 XL could work in 98 SE, though it says in the box that "Operating System Support: XP, 2000, Linux". But could the card still work? I mean, x800 XL would be so much better when compared to 9600 Pro. So can I still get the card to work, even though it doesn't officially support my OS? Or is there absolutely no way unless I change my OS? (which I don't want to do)

A:Radeon x800 XL - Windows 98

Without the drivers the card will actually be much worse, you'll be limited to 16 colors and a resolution of 640x480 and no DirectX acceleration or OpenGL support.

You could try the Catalyst 6.2 driver from ATI: http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/98me/radeonaiw-98me.html
It does have beta support for X800 series so it may work, its also the last and same driver package for the Radeon 9600 under Windows 98.

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Intel Pentium IV 2.67gHz
1024MB PC2100 RAM
Plug and Play Monitor - Maximum 75hz refresh rate

Radeon X800 XT 256MB GDDR3 AGP
Internal Ramdac Clock: 400mhz
Clock: 506mhz
AGP Enabled: 8X
Fast Writes: Enabled
Side Band Addressing: Enabled
Vertex Shaders: 8
Pixel Shaders: 1
Pixel Pipelines: 16
Resolutions of Desktop AND Games: 1024x768

Half Life 2
Far Cry
Doom 3
Latest Drivers: Yes (ATI Catalyst, not control panel)

Ok, here's the situation. When i bought the Radeon X800 XT I looked at a load of benchmark testing on various games (namely the three above) and I have all of them. Now, say for Half Life 2 on the canals level, I'm getting FPS of around 30-50 with 1024x768, 6XAA and 8XANSIO, Everything set to full except reflections, and no vertical sync. These are the settings the game reccomends for my PC. On Far Cry, it puts ansio onto 1x and everything on high/very high (as reccomended). Doom I have everything set to full, except for Ultra Graphics. Now, there isn't lag or anything, im not complaining that it wont run the games.... but on these benchmarks ive seen theyve has scores of like 60FPS average and like 120FPS max, 40 min e.t.c On HL2 and Far Cry especially, FPS can be around 30 in quite a few areas, even going to 25ish when there are a lot of enemies (i.e last stages of half life 2) Is my processor holding back the power, are the ... Read more

A:Is my Radeon X800 XT underperforming?

6XFSAA? Holly crapp! Might want to turn the FSAA down...to 4x or even 2x. Your FPS will increase...dramatically. Then you can increase resolution quite a bit. FSAA is a GPU Killer, very expensive to use. Using 6X on a state of the art game is proof of your GPU's power. AF can be espenive, if you force full-time tri-linnear filtering. Setting Aniso at 8x should be fine. Several algorithms allow AF to be applied alkmost everywhere at virtually no performance hit, but if you force tri-linnear, it gets expensive as well.

All benchmarks you're comparing are likely with NO FSAA and little, if any Aniso.
It's likely that the benching computers have considerably more powerfull CPU's, but a P42.6 is more than adequate

Be sure you're comparing apples to apples, in both GPU settings and cpu.

It sounds as though your X800XT is running STRONG.



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Hello everyone,

I recently acquiered a radeon x800 pro to upgrade my pc. When I finaly got the package I tried to install the card but the computer wouldn't boot up at all. Then I tried several combinations to give it its most needed power. My question is: is it possible to fry this card by pluggin in any 4pin cable that's in the pc? Say for example I unplugged the cd re writter and used the plug on the gaphic card. Could this damage it?
My next question is will a 350 w power supply be sufficient?

Thanks to you all

A:ati radeon X800 pro no boot

Post the details of your PSU, 3.3, 5 and 12V Amps. You can read this off the label on the the side of the PSU.

I didn't think the X800 Pro had a connector for extra power.

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I just replaced my Radeon 9600SE 128MB graphics card with a Radeon X800 GTO (AGP) 256MB card from Palit. With the old card I had no problems running FarCry or Half Life but problems running FEAR, hence the upgrade.

I am now having troubles running all games. They will all load to certain stage and then the screen goes black and I get the message ?entering sleep mode? and the machine locks. I did have some early success with getting FarCry and FEAR going but as soon as I use some of the weapons that cause a flash the screen goes black and I get the sleep message and the machine locks up.

Motherboard GA-7VT600 1394
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Processor
Philips LCD 170S4 monitor 1280X1024 60Mhz

PLease help

A:Problem Radeon X800 GTO


Yes I did this a couple of days ago, same result. I haven't updated the BIOS software and I'll do this today.

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ok i just bought a new AW8-MAX motherboard and a new radeon x800 XL and a new HDD well i put all my parts in and when i turn on the computer i get no video on the monitor and windows is not installed yet ive tried removing the memory and reseating everything ive reset the BIOS with the jumper and by removing the battery i get a POST code of 6Fon my MBD which is "1. initialize floppy controller 2. set up floppy related fields in 40:hardware" i have no clue what that means and i dont have a floppy drive in the system ive reseated the video card and checked the power going to the video card ive tried 2 monitors on the videocard and still nothing and both the monitors wotk on my other systems this is the first system ive had with PCIE my MBD has no AGP slots or onboard video so anyone with any help would be nice thanks

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Hi there,

I am in the process of upgrading my videocard (which is a 7500 Radeon AGP 64MB) to something good, at least like a 256MB video card.

My specs:
P4 @ 2.4Ghz
Asus P4S8X 4x AGP Motherboard ( i heard it supports 8x v-cardsas well)
512Ram memory

Well! I am on a really tight budget with limited options at hand. So I was wondering which one of these cards would be better and more suitable?

ATI Radeon X1300 Pro AGP 256MB Video Card


ATI All-In-Wonder 256MB AGP Graphics Card (X800XL)

The third and cheapest option which is still under speculation is to go with Asus Geforce 6600LE 256MB AGP video card.

I want to buy one of these specifically for some hard core video games such as the likes of GRWF and AOE3. Now I dont want to even spend more than 150....thats the max I can spend on video card. And I am being cornered by salesmen left and right into buying either the ATI radeon or GF6600LE.

Tell me which one to buy that would be the most economical and worthwhile.


A:X800 or X1300 Radeon???

The X800 being the best out the selection, then the x1300, then the 6600LE.

The All-in-Wonders aren't made for gaming. Are you sure you're power supply can handle a new powerfull card? Post the brand and and the amount of watts. The x800 is a power hungry card I think you should atleast have 400watts from the power supply.

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Alright so I preordered mine... and wow what a damn surprise its on back order cause best buy loves to falsify to get you to buy with them NOW. Anyone know anything about this... all the info on all the sites that were selling it have gone into hiding, I never got a confirmation e-mail on the back order... theres no date anywhere on my order staus then "backorder" ... what the hell, if you are given a date these days for a new product and you order a lot of time in advance there should be no excuse for back orders. I knwo this sounds whiny, but I just customized a computer and I can't even boot the damn thing til I get this card... Ugh I hope someone knows the deal... This day in age there shouldn;t be a backorder problem... the concept is so... pre communication barrier. They ****ing know when they are going to release the product and when they get some in, I just wish they weren;t all being s***less cowards and come out and and least give everyone who ordered the heads up...

Help me find peace with this, I have been looking forward to this card sinse I click the order button...

A:Ati Radeon X800 XT Plat. Ed.

This is all i could find for now..ill keep looking. http://techreport.com/reviews/2004q2/radeon-x800/index.x?pg=1

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Hello i recently bought a Saphire ATI Radeon X00 XT Platinum Edtion graphic card and installed it to my main computer:

Intel Pentium 4
CPU: 2.66Ghz
Hard Drive: 80GBs & 160GB second drive.
Power Supply: 200Watts total output
Windows XP Home Edition

I installed it and tested it and saw low fps so i went back and done some steps to see if it works. (While checking on each step.)

- Lowered all graphic detials on the game to the lowest to see if it raises it.
- Went to ATI and downloaded latest version of the graphic card drivers.

No improvements so i checked the graphic card manual and it said you needed a recommened power supply of 300Watts.

I then went out and bought a brand new system because my computer needed upgrading anyways.

I upgraded to:

Intel Pentium 4
CPU: 2.66Ghz
Hard Drive: 80GBs & 160GB second drive.
Power Supply: 400Watts total output
Windows XP Home Edition

I also bought a new motherboard to Asus P4P800-E Deluxe.

And out of all that no diffrence to the FPS ingame. The graphics are amazing it all works perfect but my frame rates that i should be getting to what everone says about the graphic card is double less then that.

The game is Counter Strike Source.

Someone please help i have run out of ideas.

A:Need help with low FPS on a Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edtion

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Well, I just got my xmas stuff done with, and i have a little left over, and I really want to buy a new video card. The 9800 pro runs for about 250, and the x800 I saw for 350. I'm trying to decide if spending the extra hundred dollars is really worth the buy, or if i buy the 9800 will be plenty good for games such as half life 2. doom 3 etc. Opinions welcome, and ATI is the only brand i've looked at, so again comments and opinions welcome. Thanks guys

A:Radeon 9800 Pro and x800 pro comparison?

From Newegg you can get the 9800Pro for 200. Ive heard its a great card, and benchmarks show it is. With the MSI one (and one of the saphires i believe?) has the XT core which can be overclocked well.

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well i just built my computer and got it finished and now i want to put in a very good cooling system. i tried looking for a good heatsink for my x800 pro but all the ones i found only support the x800 xt or xl. so could you guys help me find a good reliable heatsink for my x800 pro?

A:need good heatsink for ati radeon x800 pro

I suggest water cooling ,I have a x850pro and it works fine.But when you go water then I suggest everything water. :knock:

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I know this is a pretty old card but im trying to play games like farcry on it. Im trying to play it on high quality but i get color disfiguration and something that i can only describe as graphical glitches (the landscape is nothing but water). The game lags as well. When i go into options and try to autodetect the best settings for the game, everything is set to the lowest option possible. Same thing happens to me with quake 4 as well. What can I do to resolve this issue? Another question is if im looking forward to playing new games coming out...should i stick with the computer i have and try to add upgrades or just buy a new pc alltogether? If i go with a new pc, what graphics card and cpu processor should I get if i want to play games like prey, half-life 2, or other graphically stunning games at a high quality or the highest? Someone please help! I would really appreciate it

A:Need Help And Advice W/ Ati Radeon X800 256mb Agp!!!

Here are my pc specs:
HP Pavillion a475c
3.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor with Hyper Threading Technology
512 mb PC3200 DDR SDRAM memory
160 GB 7200 RPM Ultra DMA hard drive
8x DVD+RW/CD-RW combo drive
16x DVD-ROM drive
ATI Radeon X800 256 mb AGP

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What is a better card a PCI or an AGP I want to upgrade to a 256 MB Radeon X800 and was wondering which is the better buy.

current specs
3.00 Ghz Pentium 4
Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
120 GB Hard Drive

A:New Graphics card Radeon X800 PCI or AGP what's better?

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Does this grahpics card require a separate connection to the power supply?

A:Question about ATI Radeon X800 256MB PCI-e

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Hello, I'm new to the forum so I apologize in advance if this is in the incorrect forum.

I'm having major issues with running newer games, especially Team Fortress 2. This includes Day of Defeat: Source, Fortress Forever, and Civilization 4 to a lesser extent.

Here are some screenshots from TF2:

I have tried updating to the latest drivers, which is catalyst 7.9...when I did that the game will not even load. It will go to a black screen then totally disappear like I never even loaded the game. I tried several older versions of catalyst with no success.

I tried setting every video option to the lowest quality, no success.

I thought maybe the card was overheating, but I always keep the case open and today I even put a pretty powerful 12" fan pointed at the open case to see if it would help It didn't of course. I don't believe the card is overclocked...not too sure.

My specs are
Windows XP Home SP2
ATI Radeon x800 PRO using Catalyst 7.8 driver
AMD 2700+
2x Corsair 512MB sticks of ram

A:ATI Radeon x800 - Graphic Glitching

any input...help appreciated.

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Hey guys, I need some help. I just installed a Radeon X800 XT into my Gateway 700GR and everything seems to be fine once Windows boots up, but I've noticed that there are some artifacts during the boot-up process and when I get into the CMOS setup (the CMOS setup screen is fuzzy and I can't read it at all). But I don't seem to run into any problems once Windows boots. Does anyone know what my problem is? I checked the Gateway website for Bios updates and there doesn't seem to be any new ones. Can someone help me?

Gateway 700GR
3.4 ghz
1 gb RAM
Windows XP SP2

A:problems installing my Radeon X800 XT

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Hello all,

Let me start off with a picture to illustrate my problem far better than mere words can;
Here's my history:
-Removed my old working-fine MX 440, installed new X800 with no problems. Had to reconfigure the power scheme a bit until it worked, but otherwise went fine.
-Turned on machine, faced with what you see above (and what I see as I type this). I figure it's a driver thing that installing the new drivers will fix. Install all the drivers the CD comes with, no luck.
-Downloaded latest drivers from ATI.com. No luck. Tried older drivers. No luck. Try Windows-supplied ones. No luck.
-Screwed around with ATI Catalyst Settings and Display Settings. No luck.

-2.8 GHz Intel Celeron
-512 RAM (dual channel)
-GA-81848P775-G P4 Titan series mobo
-Aureal sound card
Any suggestions? I've tried googling this and it appears no one else has my problem. I assume it's a driver thing, but can't for the life of me find the new ones.

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Recently my video card keeps crashing when running graphics intensive games (such as Guild Wars as the game I've done the most testing with) and I can't figure out why. I've had this video card for years and this computer for years and never had any problems but recently whenever I try to play anything after about 10 minutes of playing a strange error message pops up on the desktop telling me that the graphics card stopped working but that catalyst restarted it, then about a minute later it happens again, and then seconds later it always happens a third time and the third time the whole screen goes black and though I can still hear that the computer or game is running and even interact with things via the keyboard/mouse, I can't see anything. I tryed updating the drivers to the latest catalyst ones, tried updating the .net framework, tryed lowering the games to their lowest visual settings, still the same thing always happens, about 10 minutes in I get the first error, minute or so later second, and then less then a minute later a third and video dies. A few months ago I replaced the power supply so I checked to make sure the power supply had enough watts for the video card, but its a 500 wat PSU and ATI's site says a 300 Wat or greater is all thats needed for their Radeon x800 series which is what I have. Anyone have any insight on what might be causing the issue or how I could figure out what the issue is? Any advice would be appreciated.

Computers... Read more

A:Solved: Radeon x800 issue

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<Cry of nV*****>

OMG! Nooooooooooooooooooo!

</Cry of nV*****>


A:Ati Radeon X800 Pro/XT Unofficial Benches

Gee that couldn't be faked.

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Hi i recently bought a Dell Dimension 8400 with the above graphics card, but upon booting the system i got an black screen with an error message similar to

"Extra power supply needed for graphics"

(something along those lines...i cant remember exactly because it has since seized to confront me)

the computer evenetually boots up but it is noticable that my graphics are not up to the standards they should be, and when playing a game like counter strike source it has minute hangs every now and again,

i was wondering if anyone could poiint me in the direction of a power supply (if necessary) and how to set it up!

thankyou very much and if any more info is needed just ask !

thanks alot


A:Radeon x800 XT needs power supply?

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I am figuring getting the 258 mb instead of the 128 cause its only 25$ difference but going to the 800 XL. Is a BIG price jump.

Also anyone know if this has 64 bit drivers?

I am upgrading to PCI-E from an AGP ATI 9700 will I notice a performance increase?

A:Is the Radeon X800 GT a decient card?

The X800XL is an amazing card thats leaps and bounds ahead of the 9700.
The X800GT is still a better but its aim to compete with the 6600GT. The 128MB version of the card is also slower then the 256MB version; the first uses DDR and latter uses DDR3 with respective speeds of 700Mhz and 900Mhz. Both card have are an 8 pipeline design versus 16 of the X800XL.

ATi currently has drivers for 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows, and even a new driver out for Vista(Longhorn beta).

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I am wondering which card I should get. Both cards are AGP. The x800 out preforms the 6800 in the benchmark tests on "Toms's hardware guide" site. It also out preforms the 6800 in hardware as well having GDDR3 memory while the 6800 has DDR. My question is how important is having SM3. The 6800 card has SM3 while the x800 card does not. I know that soon ATI will soon be coming out with a new line of cards that all have SM3 which makes me wonder how important the technology is.

Thanks for your time.

A:Radeon X800 Pro vs. geForce 6800

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Ok, new system with the following components:
Athlon 64 3700+
Asus MB A8v-e Deluxe
500 watt PS
CD-RW drive
Western Digital HD (that seem to now be a paper weight - more in a minute)
Win XP
Nothing else installed yet because...

The ATI card (or more appropriately the drivers) seems to be causing problems. After reformatting the drive, the system seemed to be working fine. Upon installing the drivers for the graphics card, the system crashed and subsequently I can no longer access the hard drive at all - no safe mode, no nothing. When attempting to boot up, the system gives the message "NTLDR cannot be found". I can't even reformat again, because the system won't recognize the drive (the 80 GB drive shows up as something like a 138 GB unpartitioned volume).

I understand numerous people have had this problem with the ATI software, but I'd like to know if there's any way to recover the drive. It's only a year old, so I don't believe it's actually a bad drive.

Also, will updating the drivers prior to actually installing them help? Am I doing something else wrong?


A:Install probelm ATI Radeon X800 XL, Win XP, New sys

Is the drive showing up in the BIOS? Make sure the hard drive power and data cables are on securely. This sounds more like a hard drive failure or corrupt system files.

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Which one?.the 6800 is a tad cheaper. But what would be best value for the money?Which would suit my current specs?.
My current specs:
Intel 2.66 p4
Ram 512mb ddr
GFX radeon 9200 pro 256mb
Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Motherboard


A:GeForce 6800 XT or Radeon X800 GT 256MB

i prefer the the geforce 6800 but i am not shure wich one will best suit your specs!

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Getting a new Dell....Made all decisions except one....which Video card is better.....128Mb ATI Radeon X800 SE or 256 Mb GeForce 6800.

A:128Mb ATI Radeon X800 SE VS. 256 Mb GeForce 6800

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my current video card has gone bad.
i am considering up grading to this

would like comments from those who have used this card??


A:RADEON X800 XT PLATINUM EDITION, need input from those who have used this

Great card, good performer.. it lacks SM3.0 and FP blends for the rare few HDR games, but overall it's a good performing card with LOTS of power.

What was your old card?

Also, what price range are you getting it at? X1800XL and XT's are dirt cheap now and often times, you can get one of these for same/similar price as the higher end X800 series if you're PCI-Express.

Example, X1800XT 256mb for $219 USD after rebate:

Compare this to how most PCI-E X800/X850 XT/PE's are right around $200 USD... it makes sense to consider for a few bucks more get a more powerful card with SM3.0/FP16 blends for hdr. PLUS the X1800's can do HDR + AA as well.

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Ok this time I am really blowing a fuse. Take a look at the letter I sent to the sales service of the company that sold me the card:


My name is RXXX LXXX. I purchased a graphic card from you about 2 months ago, and for no apparent reason this one stopped working.The computer just won't boot with it but it does with my old card. The card didn't come up in its original retail package and therefore I have no guaranty for it. It was a radeon x800 pro 256mb.
Is there any chance that I could send it back to you and get the guaranty working? I also checked the card and it didn't smell of burning or nothing seems to be fried on it. I also experienced quiet a few problems with it ever since I installed it crashes, blue screens, weird behaviors from my computer etc...
I am terribly upset because it already took me a month to finally get the card. There had been a mix up and the delivery company left it lying in their warehouse all that time.
Therefore the card had only been installed on my computer and running for less than a month.
Please do something.

Kind regards

Does anyone have a clue about what could have happened? It all happened after I tried to run a demo of Titan quest. The computer crashed a couple of times and after the third time Nothing would come up at all on the monitor. I then put my old card back and it works.

A:Problems with my brand new radeon x800 pro (no boot again)

it sounds like you have a defective card. the fact it did not come in the retail package does not bode well. it is probably not a new card but a refurbished one. or worse yet one that someone allready had a problem with a returned it, and they sold it to you without even fixing it.

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The card was quite a bit of money, and VGA coolers are relitively cheap, so I wouldn't mind buying one. The problem is that I have no idea which ones are good and also which ones are compatible with the X800 XL. I was looking at Iceberqs, but I don't know if those will fit my card. I'd prefer a fanless one, so as to completely eliminate noise and I've got enough room in my case, so I don't really care if the cooler is larger.

Also, would adding this type of product to my card void it's warranty?

PS What is the difference between the X800 XL and X800 XT? I keep seeing them and thinking they're the same.

A:Solved: Just got an Radeon X800 XL, should I invest in a VGA Cooler?

Yes, it would void the warranty. Why change it? The card already has a cooling system that the manufacturer has deemed to be sufficient for the card.

Here's a link to ATI's website where you can compare different cards: http://apps.ati.com/ATIcompare/

The difference is in the speeds of the Engine(GPU) and Memory speeds.

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This is my system

Dell Dimension 3000
Intel pentium 4
2.8 GHZ 512 RAM
windows XP (sp2)
Intel extreme graphics 2 onboard video

The video card im trying to install is a
Radeon X800 PCI series

When I try to disable the video card it seems to only reset my graphics settings to 8 bit and 800 x 600 resolution, I've looked at other posts here about the Intel extreme graphics 2 and I know that it will consistently try to reinstall its driver if uninstalled. My ATI Catalyst software will not install itself for some reason. I put in the disc and it goes through the installation process, aburptly stops but it doesn't install any ATI things onto the computer, when I look in my control panel afterwards there are no ATI things in there whatsoever.

I know this video card works and everything cause it was working in my other dimension 3000 even before I disabled the onboard video on that computer it allowed the ATI software to be on the computer. I tried getting the latest drivers from ATI but when trying to install them it pops up a message saying
"Setup was unable to find components that can be installed under your current hardware or software configurations. Please make sure you have the right required hardware or software"
what does that mean? Im not sure what hardware or software I may be missing...

any idea as to what I should do? Thanks in advance!

A:Intel extreme graphics 2 or radeon X800 problem?

You may need microsoft .net framework 1.1 which is on the ati site as well as microsoft's!!!!

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Well i just bought it took off the case to put it in. And it wont fit anywhere. Its PCI Express So i needs to go in the AGP Slot. But it wont fit in there i tried the PCI Slot anyway and it doesnt go in there. My AGP Slot Should be 1 continuous Slot but its not it looks Identical to a pci slot (With a break near the Right End). But its brown, and is to the right of the other slots

A:Problem Installing A Radeon x800 PRO 256MB PCI EXPRESS

You cannot put a PCI-Express video card into a PCI slot or an AGP slot. You have likely received the wrong card for that system.

You will need to return the card and get the AGP 4x/8x version.

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It was last night that I first noticed a problem. I was playing Warcraft (world of) and my computer suddenly rebooted, my current system has never had any such problems so I discarded it as a freak one-off occurance. Thirty minutes later the same thing happened, it was at this point I went to bed, slightly worried about the health of my computer (I even turned it off!).

Today I booted up my machine and noticed it faultered and failed to boot, rebooting itself once or twice before finally settling down and completing the boot sequence. Rather haphazardly I loaded up Warcraft... it seemed to be OK, and everything was running smoothly for about 30 minutes, but then came the familar sound of my monitor pinging off and back on, it had restarted again.

It should be noted none of these restarts were preceeded by any blue screens of death or other error messages of any kind (and I have the automatically reboot on system failure option turned off). It was because of this I think I began to fear the worst; some kind of hardware malfunction, and because this problem seemed to be exclusively associated with the running of computer games I feared for my graphics card.

It was at this point I decided to check the cooling fan on the card for dust or any obstructions that could be causing the card to overheat. I noticed that the card itself was quite hot, but I was unsure how to view the temperature exactly (I think most of the new cards come with thermometers...?).

I left the ... Read more

A:Radeon X800 Pro causing random restarts (and headaches)

my brother had a similer problem with his ati readion 9600pro, when he plaed battled field 2 it rebotted,

have you tried the ati Omega driveres loceated at www.omegadrivers.net, whitch is just a thoguht, when you reboot you get no "Device Faluere Error" sounds strange , try the omega drivers as they seme stabler then the catilist IMO

good luck with your problem

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I'm having a really bizarre problem. I'm not sure which forum to post in, because I'm not even sure where the root of the problem really is. But I guess I'll start here. I've been having problems with one of my computers for a couple of weeks now. I put it together out of some spare parts to be used for photography purposes (ie: scanning, editing). It works fine except for an extremely weird problem with the video card. For one thing, it appears exactly 8 times in the device manager and in system information; even after a fresh format and reinstall of Windows. But the worst part is this: if I attempt to install the manufacturer drivers (ATI Catalyst) the computer will blue screen on bootup until I do a system restore. As a result, I'm pretty much stuck with generic Windows display drivers, which are extremely slow. I'm at a loss as to what the problem is. I don't know if it's the video card, or the motherboard, or the drivers. All of them have worked fine in the past. Here are the specs:

Motherboard: Chaintech VNF3-250
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2600+
Memory: 1GB Corsair DDR400
Video: ATI Radeon X800 AGP
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

Anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

A:Extremely weird video card issue (ATI Radeon X800)

Tried updating the motherboard's chipset drivers? Download and install then from here. See if that fixes the problem.

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I have a radeon x800 crossfire edition in my PCI Express slot although windows cannot recognize it... I understand I need a driver for it and I have searched for one. I am now beginning to rely on getting a torrent of it, (due to all of my search results
for a driver on a search engine are completely unreliable) I have searched for hours yet found only but a few programs that demand I pay for a subscription to get their services. I have gone through the AMD website as well, and it appears there is so much
there and the search result for this particular device come back with nothing. I am at a loss. 
I hope you could give some support, because for now all I have is a loud fan in my computer.

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I just got my replacement Sapphire Radeon X800 Pro PCI-E (VIVO) from RMA because my other one had been messed up. Anyway, this, being a brand new card is definitely, from the outside an X800 Pro. The weird thing is...when i fired up the rig with the replaced card it shows up as an X800 SE. I said ok, lets check the clocks. The clocks were at GPU-500Mhz and Memory-500 Mhz! that's X800 XT clocks! and the chip is R423 which is only for x800XT?!! im extremely confused. My clocks are supposed to be at GPU-475 and Memory-450. I have not touched the clocks nor do i have any utility to overclock with so i cant say how this happened. It definitely happened before i recieved it though. Any suggestions on what's happened and/or how to get things straight?

Thanks in advance

A:X800 Pro shows up as X800 SE but runs x800XT clock??? :confused:

The only thing that I can say is that your video card Is some what defective. And my advice is to send It back and get a new one If I where you.

Good luck.


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What are the differances between the Radeon x800 XT and the Radeon x800 XT PLATINUM? I keep getting confused and cant decide which to buy...

A:x800 XT and the x800 XT PLATINUM

The Platinum card can capture video direct from camera,TV VCR ,etc.
ATI's web site does not seem to cover it well but the pdf manual explains the difference.

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would it work if i put on a heatsink that is for a x800 XL and put it on an x800 pro?

here's the site for it ThermalRight
just click on vga and then v-1

A:heatsink for x800 XL but want to use it for x800 pro

if you can get it to fit properly, i guess you could run it like that. just check the temps, as the XL model has a higher thermal output.

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hey guys, just wanted to see if anyone can help me. i recently got a AIW x800 xt card that my gf gave me. i installed it with all the drivers...i even updated the drivers on the ati website. the first thing i noticed when i was "testing" the card was that it gave a copper like smell. it kinda scared me so i turned it off and took it out. i called ati and they told me that it's not supposed to do that and to return it. well, i did and and i got the same one. it was just a replacement. now, i installed the card again and updated the drivers and the card still gave me the same smell. for all you AIW people out there....or anyone into hardcore gaming...is it normal to have that copper smell? it kinda smells like burning copper or something. thing is, i'm still kinda "testing" the card but it doesn't go over 70C so it's not over heating. just wanted to know what u guys think

A:help with All In Wonder x800 xt

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Can anyone tell me the difference between the PE and non PE versions of the ATI x800 XT? Can't seem to find this anywhere.


A:ATI x800 XT vs x800 XT PE


Go there, and compare the two. The Platinum Edition has a little bit faster & better of almost everything.

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does anyone know of a place where i can buy a x800 Pro?? i was an ***** and didn't pre-order it, and i haven't been able to find it anywhere: online or in stores. if someone does know, i would greatly appreciate you telling me. thanx

A:x800 pro??

NewEgg has a couple in stock however these seem to be going in and out everyday, you should be able to place an order now though...



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Where can I buy an X800Pro / X800XT for a good price that ships to South Africa? (preferably Asus or ATI Technologies)

Reason why I am asking is because SA's prices are crazy even at the suppliers and distributors

A:Where do I buy a X800?

Usually I'd just refer you to the PriceWatch link at the top of our forums, but unfortunately, they've removed their "only show shops that ship internationally".

But, as I'm in a good mood, I've gone through the list of shops which has the X800pro and found the following to support international shipping:
MonarchComputermight ship to SA (send a mail and ask for a quote)

I'm waiting for a reply from OnSale.com (as they had no information about anything on their site)
CompuPlus does support international shipping too.

So if you now click on the PriceWatch link on top, you can browse for the product you want, and then use one of the shops I've listed above.

But you have to remember that the shipping might be quite expensive, and that customs might add taxes to the final price when it arrives in SA.

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