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my laptop ideapad y570 doesn recognize nvidia graphics card

Q: my laptop ideapad y570 doesn recognize nvidia graphics card

hi I have a lenovo Y570 laptop with an nvidia 555m + intel 3000 graphics, and when i upgread to win 10 My games were only recognizing the intel integrated graphics card, the latest drivers also installed.pls help >>sorry for my english

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Preferred Solution: my laptop ideapad y570 doesn recognize nvidia graphics card

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have been looking for a Windows 7 driver for a NVIDIA Geforce Go 6800
for an Alienware Area-51 M7700 laptop. Every driver that I download from NVIDIA's website gives me the error message during the installation that it cannot find a
driver compatible with my hardware. Windows 7 has installed a generic "standard VGA adapter" which does not allow for aero functionality. Any suggestions as to how I could resolve this issue would be GREATLY appreciated!

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize NVIDIA Graphics Card

This driver is a 32bit only driver, for windows XP, and will not install on a 64bit OS ...

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I just installed Windows 7 Professional x64 yesterday, and It will not recognize my 512MB Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT hardware. Therefore I am unable to install any drivers, as it does not recognize the hardware at all. Is there a fix for this or will I have to wait until HP officially recognizes windows 7, and releases a guide?

A:Windows 7 Does Not Recognize my Nvidia Graphics Card

I did a search on the forums and found your solution -=> Here
Once you have downloaded the correct driver, go to the device manager, locate the display adapter, update driver and point to the new driver that you downloaded... Hope this helps..

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Hello everybody I'v just bought a lenovo z50-70 laptop today and installed windows 8.1 on it I installed all drivers on it's dvd include intel and nvidia graphics driver. Unfortunately my windows just recognize intel graphic but when I check nvidia control panel and device manager both graphics card installed completely right. so I can't play any game /and I did everything include:1- I downloaded latest graphic drivers from my model support lenovo webpage 2- I updated my bios to latest version 3- I downloaded latest driver from intel and nvidia too! 4- I selected discrete in graphic option in bios setting 5- in nvidia control panel I selected high performance nvidia processor and no difference. there are some pics that show my situation     and as you can see this program can show my 4 gig nvidia graphic. Pls help. Ty in advance

A:Z50-70 doesn't recognize my nvidia 840m graphic card with windows 8.1

p.s. Unfortunately same problem on windows 7 64bit.

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I have a Gateway P-172S FX. I was running Vista 32bit and just switched to 7 Ultimate 64bit. Everything seems to be working great, except it doesn't see my Nvidia GeForce 8800m GTS graphics card (I printed my hardware specs right before I moved to Win 7). When I go to my Device Manager, under display adapters, all it sees is "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter."
I went to the nvidia website and found the exact driver for my situation:
Product Type: GeForce
Product Series: GeForce 8M Series (Notebooks)
Product: GeForce 8800M GTS
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Language: English (US)
That brought me to here:

I downloaded this driver:

I ran the file (I also tried "run as administrator") and the files extracted and it began to try to install. The nvidia install window came up and the after about ten seconds an error message appeared saying:
"The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."

I don't know what to do! Any help would be much appreciated!

A:Windows 7 x64 Will Not Recognize My NVIDIA 8800M GTS Graphics Card

try this site. the very latest driver didnt work on my system,so if it doesnt work on yours, just try the next newest.

download from Guru3D.com

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I have just bought an Ideapad 510 with an Nvidia GeForce 940MX video card and installed Widows 10 on it.The problem is it does not recognize the card.I cannot see the card in Device manager, only the integrated one.Descrete video card is enabled in the BIOS.When i want to install the driver it says it cannot find compatible hardware.All the chipset drivers are up to date.I have also contacted the shop, but they could ot help (other than offering me to send it back).Can anyone please help?It seems that I would need some advanced settings in the BIOS, but there are no such tabs for me.

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A few weeks ago I reinstalled Vista because of some problems. I believe I updated all the drivers, service packs, and directx (I believe). I tried playing a game and an error message appeared, "unable to initialize direct 3D" I've searched around and tried to fix the problem but haven't found anything. Here's the dxdiag system tab:

And here is the display tab, my graphics card does not show up:

Here's a screenshot of the device manager, which gives me code 43:

Here's a screen of GPU-Z:

And Here's a screen of CPU-Z:
If there is anything else you need me to provide, just let me know. I'd really like to get this problem solved. I've reinstalled the video card drivers and it didn't help, I'm thinking it might be a BIOS problem. Any suggestions?

A:Dxdiag doesn't recognize graphics card

Hello, try Speccy, free program and see if it shows your hardware . Get free of it here : Speccy - Download

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First time post, so thanks in advance for any advice.

Here's the problem. My GeForce 9800 GTX is no longer recognized by my computer. As a result it doesn't recognize my monitor specifics either. When I look under Device Manager it doesn't have a listing for display adapters at all. There is a new entry under "Other devices" labeled "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)". When I reboot or "scan for new hardware" it trys to download drivers but fails. When I try to manually update the driver I get a message:

"Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+

The system cannot find the filed specified."

I've tried everything including updating my BIOS, updating my mainboard drivers, downloading current WQHL certified graphics drivers, uninstalling any and all drivers related to NVIDIA, etc with no luck. I have a feeling there is something simple that I'm not doing but I have no idea what it is. Any help? I can't play any games because the system "Failed to find a suitable display device. Exiting program."

A:System doesn't recognize graphics card

Hello Thunck,
Did it just stop suddenly or has it been playing up for a while ?, if you have another card can you try that or try re-seating your card, and also check to see if it is getting power, i had a problem like this and i removed the power lead from the PSU for about 5 min's, then re-connected it and it worked, dont ask me why but it did. Good luck and post your results.

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Hi All!

I have a nvidia graphics card (Not sure what kind, It's part of the problem) and windows 7 does not recognize it. It branded my computer with "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter."

I was wondering if there is anyway to check my graphics card in this state or fix this problem without knowing what kind of driver to update

Thanks in advance!

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Recognize My Graphics Card

Welcome to seven forums. We can try going to device manager>right click on display adpater>properties>details tab>drop down menu> hardware id(first in list) Copy and Paste the hardware id string. This should allow us to figure out your video card. Or try typing in the search box sys info click on system info>then components>display. however if it is'nt reconizing it I don't think it will show up, but might as well give it a try.Thanks. Fabe

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I got the y510p with 2 graphics cards with 4gb of memory and I think that it has not detected both cards. First of all air only comes out of the one card and it says I only have 2gb of dedicated graphics, Can anyone help me with this? 

A:Y510p doesn't recognize 2nd graphics card

still need help with this problem 

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I've searched around and cannot find an answer, so I'm asking here hoping someone has found one and just hasn't voiced it yet.My Ideapad Y570 has issues where the nVidia will crash and restart whenever I play games in windowed mode. I believe this is a conflict with my HD Graphics, but I'm not sure. Either way, the fastest way to find out is to disable completely the HD graphics but I can't seem to find a way. Lenovo's BIOS setup is the least functioning I've ever used (NO custimization), and I can't find a way in  windows to force it to utilize always the nVidia card.Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Mod edit:  Added Model to Subject for added visibility.

A:Y570 Completely disable Intel HD graphics and only use nVidia 555m

hi Giftig,
   Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I think that the Onboard Intel HD cannot be disable because the computer is mainly running on this Graphics,
What i would try is this
  this is to let Nvidia be assigned on running the game.
The switching to the NVIDIA graphics depends on application profiles. If an application has no such profile, you can assign the graphics card manually:

Click Start and then Control Panel. Select Classic View from the left side of the window.
Double-click NVIDIA Control Panel.
Click View and next Add "Run with graphics processor" Option to Context Menu. Close the NVIDIA Control Panel.
Right-click the application title and select Run with graphics processor. Then, click High-performance NVIDIA processor.

Hope this helps,

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My graphics card or driver is stopped by windows (code 43) after fall creators update and bios update from lenovo website (lenovo service bridge). It was perfectly fine before and now i have uninstalled my graphics driver and have tried to reinstall several times but it has always failed. I tried to install the driver i got from lenovo website and the nvidia website but neither worked. The bios update is this BIOS Update for Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit) - Notebook3JCN29WW2017/06/07I don't know what went wrong because both the fall creators update and bios went well. Anyone got any thoughts or suggestion how to get rid of this problem? Is it because the creators update or the bios update? It really is bothering for me because i can't run apps that need nvidia graphics card smoothly. Thanks in advance for your attention and reply.

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Hi all, Does anyone know where to purchase an upgrade WLAN card which has a Lenovo FRU for an Ideapad y570?  I have already tried sales only to have the agent hang up each time I tell him/her what I need.  Specifically looking for either of these... WLAN card, WiFi 2x2 AG (N) + WiMAX, Intel 6250NX MOW M PCIE NB HMCFRU - 20002321WLAN card,WiFi 2x2 AG (N) + WiMAX, Intel 6250GX MOW M PCIE NB HMCFRU - 20002388 WLAN card,WiFi 2x2 AGN, Intel 6205N MOW M PCIE NB HMCFRU - 20002533

A:Upgrade WLAN Card for Ideapad y570

check ebay.

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Hi, I have been thinking for a long time now, or I can upgrade my Ideapad Y570, so I would replace the 2630QM processor with a new 2860QM, so I ask you if it is possible or not, according to all the information available, this exchange should be compatible. Thank you for your answers.

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Hello, I recently performed a clean install of Windows 7 x64 Ultimate onto my computer. While doing so, I had to unplug my graphics card and use the onboard video, otherwise I'd get an error about unexpected restarts.

After installing, Windows 7 doesn't detect the graphics card (the card works, but it doesn't show up under the device manager and I can't install nVidia drivers). If I use the BIOS to switch to onboard video, then that shows up on the device manager and works fine, but I use this PC for gaming so I'd prefer to use the video card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Graphics Card - nVidia 9600 GT
Motherboard - ASUS M2NPV-VM
CPU - AMD 64 4800+

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Detect nVidia Graphics Card

Which drivers did you try, these?
Also, did you try running windows updates afterwards, specifically "optional" updates?

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Hi everyone, first of all i want to apologize for my english, but i tried to fix this problem in all the forums in my language and nothing.
Ok so here is my problem, i just re installed my windows in my 2 years old laptop, i installed windows 7 home premium 64 bits.
there were some drivers that my laptop did not installed so i did it manually, after all this i realized that my NVIDIA graphic card does not appear in the device manager, it only shows my intel HD graphics. i've tried a lot of possible solutions i found in forums but still nothing. i tried to install the driver of the nvidia graphic and it says something like this: this graphic driver couldn't find a compatible graphic hardware.
I hope anyone can help me with this problem i would be very grateful.
Here are my computer specs:
Samsung NP300E4A-S05CL
NVIDIA Geforce 315M (optimus)

A:Samsung laptop does not recognize my NVIDIA graphic card

That's really abnormal, the fact that a Graphics Card just "Dissappears" Is properly seated?

Apparently though, some laptops disable the NVidia Card on Optimus setups, when it is powered on battery. If it isn't already, plug in the cord and restart.

Also can you show us a screenshot of device manager?

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hello, i have a lenovo ideapad 500 laptop with intel hd graphics 520 and amd r7 m360 and every thing in the laptop like games and apps use only intel not amd i tried to do a clean uninstall with ddu in safe mode for both intel and amd and got the latest drivers for both and updated my windows but still amd isn't working and it's normally detected in the devise manager , i contacted amd and all i got from them is update your drivers and do the high performance stuff in amd switchable graphics settings but i already done all these steps and nothing solved it for me so they told me to contact the laptop manufacture because the laptop uses the customized hardware. The laptop manufacturer could customize its hardware and drivers to support the specific features and functions of the laptop, where the AMD driver could have the limited support for such product. so please someone help me with this, my amd is detected and lenovo solution cenetr passed the test for the amd graphics card and still, nothing works on amd 

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Hi there,

First time poster here , hope y'all are having a nice festive season ^^

I'm currently using the Lenovo Ideapad Z500 (Model Number 20202) which I bought over a year ago (so expired warranty). When I bought it, I was told that it would come with a NVIDIA? GeForce? GT 635M 1-2GB graphics card (or something similar) along with Intel 4000HD integrated graphics. However, I can see no trace of the card in the system apart from in the manuals provided.

In Device Manager, only Intel 4000HD is present and there are no errors (apart from in the Bluetooth Audio). Dxdiag and programs like Speccy say I've only got that as well. I can't run the Nvidia compatibility scanner as it's not compatible with Win8 or 8.1 and attempting to install a Lenovo specific Nvidia driver comes up with an error saying I have no compatible hardware. I've tried going into the insydeH20 BIOS thingy but I have no idea how to get into the advanced settings to check display settings.

Everything points to it not existing but the service center I've called and visited insists it's in there and working (which it clearly isn't as I can't even access the Nvidia control panel).

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to check if it's actually present (without opening it up) and how to switch it to the Nvidia card if it is indeed in there somewhere?

Many thanks!

A:Can't activate/locate Nvidia Graphics card in laptop

Welcome to the forum!

How about show hidden devices in Device Manager, anything show up there? Other than that, very hard to tell if you can't get into any advanced bios settings for graphics. Have updated BIOS to the latest?

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I have a Dell XPS 15 L502X Laptop which has an integrated graphics card and a nvidia geforce gt 540m. Is it possible to replace the nvidia graphics card and if so what cards would be able to fit in the slot?

A:Can i swap out my nvidia graphics card in my Dell XPS 15 L502X laptop?

Nothing you could buy on the open market. You should really contact Dell and see if a better replacement is available for that model.
From the NVidia forum on this exact subject:
"Some laptops are fitted with MXM modules, which are basically mini PCIe graphics cards. These modules are replaceable, yet rarely upgradeable. Normally the laptop will be designed to support a particular module, both in terms of power & cooling as well as well as form factor. Unfortunately despite the fact that 'MXM' is a standard, there are enough differences between module and laptop design that you are probably stuck with what you've got.

For laptops which are not fitted with MXM modules, the only option is to replace the motherboard as the graphics chipset will be built in.

Caveats for others:

- If the laptop you bought had faster graphics options at point of purchase - i.e. the 580M was offered but you only went for the 540M, then it is possible that a higher performance MXM module may be available. It might take quite some trial and error and time on Google to find this out.

- If the laptop was available with an NVIDIA graphics card, but you only opted for the Intel on-board at the time, then it is possible you could find a replacement motherboard which has the NVIDIA chip fitted."

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I recently upgraded my laptop to NVIDIA Graphics Driver Rev E and all the games below crashed on startup. World of Warcraft.RiftEverquest 2. I had to roll back NVIDIA Graphics Driver to older version Rev.C to get the games above to work again.Can kindly revised and test the NVIDIA Graphics Driver Rev E to work for the games above please?

A:Omen Laptop model 15-5007TX LATEST Nvidia Graphics card driv...

HP Engineers (who do not work here on the Forum) will update drivers in due time. Not much we can do to speed it up. 

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All right so I definitely need some help from the pros. I'm not a very big gamer, the only 3-D game I play is the Sims 2. I am having a laptop built for me with a Intel Pentium M 760 (2 GHz) processor and I need to choose between the standard Intel Extreme Graphics video card or the more expensive Nvidia PCI Express 6600 video card with 128 MB Video Memory. Which do you think would be better and more worth the money for my purposes?

Thanks so much!

-Molly Kay

A:Nvidia 6600 or standard Intel Extreme Graphics video card for my new laptop?


the 6600 is WAAYYY better ...but depends .for e.g if you dont play games at all than y spend money hmm

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Hello!  My recently purchased Ideapad 100S sees all other networks around me, but does not see my wifi network. It sees my slower wifi network but not the faster one. I've entered in the network as a "recognized network," but it still does not appear on the list of networks I can connect with. I have a different computer that does see and use the network, so I know it's a problem with the Lenovo. I have tried most of the troubleshooting stuff I could find, to no avail. What could be the solution????? Your help is very very appreciated

A:Ideapad doesn't recognize wireless network

Hello and welcome,
Is this an 11 inch or 14 inch 100s?  By "slower" and "faster"networks do you mean 2.4GHz and 5GHz?
It looks like the 11 inch 100s doesn't support 5GHz wifi, but the 14 inch does.

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Hi, not sure if this is supposed to go in this section, but I have a HP dv6615em laptop and it has a NVIDIA GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M graphics card. I recieved the laptop at christmas and ever since then I have been experiencing a reoccuring problem with the display/ driver/ hardware??? What happens is that the display will freeze, then the display will turn black, after some time a blue screen will appear with information regarding what has happened but this only stays for a couple of secinds, the computer will then re- start its self, the problem report and solution is the same everytime that it has been caused by the dispaly driver and to check either microsoft update and the Nvidia website. I have tried everything that I can think of!!!!
I am getting a bit despirate now as I am an A-Level student and have lost projecvt work thanks to this problem!
Has anyone ever had/ or still have this problem??????
All replies are welcome!
Thanks, Sian

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Hello everyone! I've got a big and weird issue: I set a BIOS password two months ago or so and I wrote it down.My password contained uppercase letters and some symbol.A few days ago I tried to enter the password and unlock the BIOS, but it didn't work... I checked the one I saved on a piece of paper, and it was correct! Tried again... Wrong password!Now, here's the weird thing: Lenovo BIOS does not allow me to enter uppercase letters and symbols. What the hell is going on? I haven't updated the BIOS or anything like that. Do you have any idea?I have two hypothesis:1. BIOS bug2. BIOS update through background process or windows update Thank you! 

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HiSo I wanted to run linux as well as windows in the same ssd, while saving my files in my hardrive.For that, I used 16gb of unnalocated space in my sdd, turning it in 25gb for the OS linux. After that I separated my hard drive in more or less half for windows, half for linux. All of it were not formated. Next I booted withmy usb, and installed linux in the SSD (EXT4 format) "/"format, put the /home in my hard drive space(EXT4), and created a swap area in my hdd matching my ram (8gb).The problem is, when I boot my laptop, it doesn't recognize that linux is installed and goes straight for Windows.  I changed the boot setting in bios to 1st one to boot is the SSD.In the image bellow is the information of my partitions. If you require some more information tell me and I will put it here.Thank you   

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Been looking for a good gaming card for 140-160$, these seem to be the 2 contendors, what do you guys think ?

A:Graphics Card Poll: Nvidia 6600GT vs. Nvidia 6800LE

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Hi for the last 4 months ive been trying to fix a problem that ive been having with my computer.
about 4 months ago I did a major pc upgrade where i replaced my motherboard, processor, ram, heat sink, power supply and case, the only things I used from the original computer where 2 HDD's, 1 SDD and my AMD radeon HD 6950 2gb.

Now ive have the most strange issue where i can be watching a video off the HDD or surfing the web on youtube etc and not long after I start the activity my computer will turn off like if I had flicked the switch on the back of the power supply and then it boots back up again and will run fine until i start up an activity again and then it does exactly the same thing and reboots, there is no BSOD shown nor Dumps Created.

Ive tried many things to sort this out and have RMA'ed the power supply and the motherboard (the motherboard wasn't a direct replacement as they didn't sell my original board anymore which was a gigabyte ga-x79-ud5, now i have an asus p9x79 deluxe). I have tried only plugging in one HDD/SSD and then tried a spare HDD when that failed, i have tried one ram stick at a time and still nothing.

now heres where it gets strange whilst trying to rule out differnt hardware i switched my AMD card out for a very old 512mb, pcie 1.0 x16 nvidia graphics and since then my computer has been running marvelously i can have it playing videos for hours, days even(although i havent properly tested for days) and not a single problem at all.

The ... Read more

A:Random restarts with AMD graphics card but not Nvidia graphics card

Quote: Originally Posted by cannotdisplay64

so i think ive narrowed it down to a driver error with amd and another driver with my new board, a damaged AMD card, a second dodgy power supply or something else that i haven't thought about or discovered yet.

Has anyone else had a similar problem or have any suggetions as im pretty much all out of ideas at this point and its starting to grind my gears that i cant use my expensive new computer as it should be. Any help is appreciated.


P.S. sorry about any spelling or punctuation mistakes made but Im very tired at the time of writing this and will be going to bed

The comparison you are making between GPU brands is pointless as a diagnostic. The MAIN difference I can see is that one card requires external power, and the other one does not. A proper diagnostic would be to test another GPU that requires external power.

I've heard that the specific PSU you bought will sometimes not power all the hardware it is supposed so.
People saying it could barely power a SSD, or even an extra fan.

My thoughts. Try using another PSU, try using a similar GPU. Use your old PSU and see if it still happens for starters.

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Hi all,I bought a T470s version upgraded with the WWAN card Sierra EM7455 card.My WWAN card does not recognize sim card (i've tried diffrent kind of sim cards). It always notifies that "Insert SIM" whenever i turn on my cellular.Can you pls support me on this, I've read some topics on this issue but still no hope. Below is my information as i think it may helpful. Thank you. There is 1 interface on the system:Name : CellularDescription : Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-AGUID : {0BEB5B15-F2F1-4E85-A76D-5AABEA253423}Physical Address : 90:89:86:55:56:42State : Not connectedDevice type : This is a remote deviceCellular class : GSMDevice Id : 014582007078067Manufacturer : Sierra Wireless, IncorporatedModel : Sierra Wireless EM7455 QualcommFirmware Version : SWI9X30C_02.24.05.06Provider Name :Roaming : Not roamingSignal : 0%RSSI / RSCP : 0 (-113 dBm) C:\Users\Admin>netsh mbn sh con int=*Connection information for interface Cellular:-------------------------------------Interface State : Not connectedRegister State : SearchingRegister Mode : AutomaticVoice call state : No voice call support / No voice call in progressC:\Users\Admin>netsh mbn sh rad int=*Radio state information for interface Cellular:-------------------------------------Hardware radio state : OnSoftware radio state : OnC:\Users\Admin>netsh mbn sh vis int=*Scanning for available networks. Device can take few minutes to complete this operationVisible providers list for interface... Read more

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Hello guys,i have ideapad Y570 with operating system Windows 7 (64 bit) and it was working correctly, but when i upgraded it to Windows 8 (64 bit) i found some issues and can't solve it even i mostly download all drivers needed .for example i can't control therma efficiency as it doesn't appear on my screen also all shortcuts like closing the touchpad wifi ...... etc and also can't control GPU wish you can help me guys 

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Hello, I?m trying to get my Ideapad to boot from USB to upgrade to Windows 10 and install a new SSD but there are no bios options to do this update. I am currently running InsydeH2O rev 3.5. Are there BIOS updates for the Y570 or any way around this please? Thanks 

A:Ideapad Y570 Boot from USB

Hi Rychlr,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I am not sure installing Windows 10 is a good idea for this model since it is not listed compatible for it. Challenges would generally be in the drivers as there were no certified ones made for it similar to the discussion here. 
Others did manage to install it similar to the steps here that you can try aside from considering the partition style.  
Take time to review the links and I hope you can decide on what works best for you.

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I would like to get some second opinions on this problem, so I can be sure there is nothing I am missing/haven't considered.  First off, this laptop is not too old -- it was purchased in late 2012 (August) from Lenovo's website. I had very few problems with it, except for a few minor issues like the Touchzone black screen on startup (fixed by disabling that program) and a bluescreen when using newer graphics drivers (fixed by using older drivers certified for this specific model). About six months from purchase, the hard drive began to fail, and it was sent in under warranty to be replaced. Again, this was annoying, but a faulty hard drive requiring replacement still isn't too out of the ordinary. Within the past month or so, I have begun having issues that again I suspect are hardware related. This laptop is frequently used for graphics-intensive tasks; I regularly run Photoshop with hardware acceleration enabled, and play several games on occasion (the bulk of which consists of League of Legends and Warframe). While doing anything using the Nvidia GPU, the laptop has begun completely shutting down within a half hour. This problem has started occurring sooner and more frequently than when it first showed up. Oddly, the issue seems to be most prevalent when running League of Legends, which is a fairly low-spec game to begin with and should not cause immense stress when running. Even so, after starting a match, the framerate will start at a stable 60 a... Read more

A:IdeaPad Y480 spontaneously powers off when using Nvidia graphics

dude ,warning!! do not use the nvidia graphics card on any video intensive games.as your default.... I used win7 software to changed the graphics card default from "integrated (intel)" to "Nvidia graphics "... after a week windows was displaying an error " your video setting seems to be slowing down your system do you want to set it to basic"..i chose "ignore" after the second week my screen turned white and my computer would not even boot to bios... I took my computer to lenovo service center and the tech said my mother board is fried it would take 1 to 3 months to get a replacement mother board. the tech recomended i buy a new computer since the cost of repair would be like buying a new computerthe best video card setting is set to auto "let the system decide" how it wants to use the nvdia graphics cardI am assuming here that the nvidia graphics card is only used to cover any over head work load from the intel integrated graphis and is not really supposed to be used as your default video card... to do so means overloading the system and frying the mother board..again I am assuming here....but I dont want you to have the same problem I have... my Y480 is junked

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Hi all, I just got an Ideapad 700 15ISK (80RU) laptop with nVidia GeForce GTX950M and I can't get it to work.So far I tried:Windows 7 x64 SP1: fresh install, installed all drivers before graphics.installed lenovo provided Intel graphics driver - installs fine, works fineinstalled lenovo provided nVidia driver - installs fine, BSOD after restart (nvlddmkm.sys)removed nVidia driver in Safe Modeinstalled latest Intel driver - installs fine, works fineinstalled latest nVidia driver - installs fine, BSOD after restart (nvlddmkm.sys)Windows 10 x64: fresh install, installed all drivers before graphicsinstalled lenovo provided Intel graphics driver - installs fine, works fineinstalled lenovo provided nVidia driver - installs stops, watchdog BSODused restore to get rid of driverinstalled latest nVidia driver - installs stops, watchdog BSODuse restore to get rid of driverupdate Windows, which installed some Intel and nVidia drivers - system starts but screen freezes the moment I'm trying to use something that I suppose needs graphics (e.g. Edge, Store), and I can only hard resetin nVidia Control Panel tried selecting Auto, nVidia only, Intel only - none of them worksthe system is only stable if I force integrated graphics in BIOSalso read about this supposed Optimus technology - there no mention aboout it in the BIOS, I can only select UMA only (integrated) or Discrete (auto)As a last resort I'll try to install some Linux as well, but I don't have much hope.Any suggestion is appri... Read more

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Help, i still beginner with RAM / Memory something like that, guys can help me what RAM Best for Gaming for my Notebook IdeaPad Y570 ?

i only found these :

4gb (2x2gb) ddr3sodimm
part number: khx1600c9s3p1k2/4g

8gb (2x4gb) ddr3sodimm
part number: khx1600c9s3p1k2/8g

there's something else ? maybe for Corsair, or other good brand ...

A:Can Help with Recommended RAM for Lenovo IdeaPad Y570?

Corsair is good and has postive overall satisfaction rating.

I recommend to go 8 GB since on some occassions (e.g. 20 - 30 tabs of web browsing + virtual machine running), I can actually exceed 4 GB of RAM usage. With 8 GB of RAM, you can also run 2 or more virtual machines without slowing down your Y570. IMO 8 is the sweet spot (enough for most tasks), but if you are doing something radical like using a RamDisk or Adobe After Effects with many layers, you can opt for 16 GB RAM which is the max for Y570.

For 8 GB, you can buy this "Corsair 8GB (2x 4GB) 1333mhz PC3-10666 204-pin DDR3 SODIMM Laptop Memory Kit CMSO8GX3M2A1333C9" which is completely compatible with Y570 for a reasonable price online.

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Hi, i just reinstalled Windows 7 and my thermal management isnt working. Other buttons for mute, volume and one key theatre are working but the last one for changing fan speed doesnt work. There is backlight and the button blinks every 2 seconds. I tried to install power management 6.0 and 8.0 but still no change. Do you guys have any ideas whats wrong ?

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Hello!I am new to this community, so if I post somewhere where I?m not supposed to, or do anything else, please forgive me.???????Here is my problem. One day I was just playing on my laptop (Minecraft), then I just turned off my laptop and turned it off. Next day start use my laptop start game and it was very laggy. I checked my graphics settings and at the bottom it said ?Intel HD Graphics?. So of course I closed Minecraft went to NVidia panel to put Minecraft as a program that needs to use NVidia GPU and the panel said to me:?NVidia panel could not start; No NVidia GPU detected? or something like that.I tried everything that I found online: reinstalling drivers for GPU (deleted drivers, when installing could not install because I have no NVidia GPU), holding down my power button for a minute with no battery and charger, and even tried OneKey Recovery (reinstalled Windows completely) nothing helped.Anyone who knows what?s going on with my laptop please help. I don?t want to play games with Intel HD Graphics By the way I have the model with 4GB of RAM (model 20091)Thank you to anyone who read this post.

A:Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 - GPU not working

Also, in the Device Manager there is no NVidia GPU. Optimus switch doesn?t work, the LED beside it doesn?t work too.

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An Ideapad y570 that needs to have work done in the repair environment, but only the SSD is visible. I have roamed around the website driver download section, can't find where the F6 driver is located.I went to intel, got their f6flpy-x64.zip for Rapid Storage Tech & tried that, made no difference.Does anyone know where the F6/repair/install driver is located?

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An Ideapad y570 that needs to have work done in the repair environment, but only the SSD is visible. I have roamed around the website driver download section, can't find where the F6 driver is located.I went to intel, got their f6flpy-x64.zip for Rapid Storage Tech & tried that, made no difference.Does anyone know where the F6/repair/install driver is located?

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I recently purchased a Y570 from Lenovo and have had it for about a month with it working great. I use my laptop for World of Warcraft and I've been very happy with its preformance so far. 2 days ago while searching a news website my computer crashed for no reason with a bsod titled "Bad pool header" upon restart I did the repair option, it went threw its thing for a bit told me to restart so I did then got hit with a bsod "memory manager" upon restart this time I started in safe mode and ran chkdsk.

It ran threw its whole thing had me restart I did and everything seemed ok. I put in a dvd watched about 2 hrs out it then it froze into a bsod which happened so fast I couldn't see the error message and restarted. Since then I have gotten tons of bsod's with either "memory manager" "bad pool header" or "page fault in nonpage area". Its gotten so bad if I start up normally it crashes. If I try the repair option it crashes. If I try safe mode i get to the login and it crashes. If I try safe mode sometimes it will do chkdsk which will either run all the way though restart and crash or crash upon chkdsk.

I've tried to find some help on the net and some people with similar errors have reported replacing the ram and its fixed the situation. Would this be possible for me to do? Id rather not send my laptop in if its something I can fix by replacing ram. Any thoughts? so far Lenovo has been 0 help, I tried postin... Read more

A:Lenovo Y570 ideapad Repeated Bsod's

Upon the one key restore feature trying to get back to default I got a bsod " irql not less or equal" as I tried it again I got an error message stopping at 3% the instruction at 0x771aab7f referenced memory at 0x732dc000 memory could not be read. As I clicked through the error message I got another bsod "memory manager".

Any got anything for me?

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Hello everyone. I recently got my Lenovo Ideapad y470 this Friday and I love it so far. http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/web/LenovoPortal/en_US/catalog.workflow:category.det...
I got the 085525U version. My problem is that whenever I'm watching Youtube or playing any games/audio I'll get a random stuttering that lasts for .5-2 seconds. Recently today, I did some more research on it and I tested that it only seems to happen with headphones. When I used the normal speakers, it was perfectly fine. This is a minor annoyance to me and I was wondering if there was any way to fix it. I read somewhere that getting rid of Lenovo Power Manager works, but I can't seem to find it under Control Panel. I also read that playing without the battery in fixes the audio, but I have yet to test that. I'm on a wired connection by the way.
Thank you for your time.
EDIT: Nevermind, it also stutters without the headphones in. Can anyone help me solve this? Again, I find it a minor annoyance and it is tolerable to an extent, but having it stutter every now and then can get annoying, especially during gameplay.
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A:Ideapad y470/y570 audio stuttering

Urgh. me too.. Will be very grateful for a speedy reply! it bugs me a lot!

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I have compiled a Clean Install Guide that will enable you to burn a Legal and genuine Windows 7 Edition + All the latest drivers / utilities that you need for your IdeaPad /Y570 to function properly at the max performance!
All the Intel Drivers are the latest ones and also downloading the latest nVIDIA Drivers v296.10 gave me an additional 150 3DMarks in 3DMark11
The guide is here
My Benchmarks:




ASUS G750JX-CV050H | i7-4700HQ @ 2.40 GHz. | 32 GB DDR3 1600 MHz. Hynix RAM | 256 GB LiteOn LCM-256M3S SSD + 1 TB Seagate Momentus ST1000LM024 5400 RPM HDD | GeForce GTX 770M 3 GB GDDR5 RAM | 17.3" Full HD 3D Glossy Screen


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A:Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 Clean Install Guide

@berryracer wrote:I have created a comprehensive Clean Install Guide ? From your link "I recommend formatting your drives, deleting the useless Asus recovery partition, repartitioning as needed and installing a clean copy of Windows. You can later make a backup of Windows to replace the functionality of the Asus recovery partition." Did you really create  this tutorial? 

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Hi All...As you might know, I was having trouble starting win98 and I recently was able to fix that. Now I am almost all the way done with fixing my laptop back up, but I have one thing left and I don't know what to do. I have a xircom pc card that I use to connect to the net and my laptop is NOT recognizing it...Is there any way I might be able to get this working again?

A:PC doesn't recognize xircom card

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Hey everyone, I'm in dire need of some help with my PC. The computer turns on fine, and boots up (can hear the windows start up tune) but I can't see anything on the monitor. Here's the details:

I was playing a computer game on friday, and during that it crashed. I have no idea if this is when things started or not, but I restarted and it was fine.

On sunday I had another crash, only the screen flickered once or twice and there were green pixel lines going from top to bottom of the monitor , about 2 inches apart in a perfect pattern. When I restarted, there were no graphics on the monitor. The light was flashing indicating it was on power saving mode.

I took the computer apart, unplugged everything, and put it all back together, and for whatever reason it worked fine for about 6 hours.

The next day I turned the computer on, and it loaded fine, but shortly after there was the return of the green pixel lines, with the added addition of the top left corner of the screen being filled with green pixelated triangles in a perfect pattern. These were flickering furiosly.

I tried restarting my computer, and again I got no graphics posted to the monitor. However the computer booted up fine, and I heard the start up tune, and 5 minutes later I shut it down by pressing the "Power Off" button on my keyboard.

I tried another monitor and again, got nothing. I then tried taking the computer apart and putting it back together again, only this time it didn'... Read more

A:Graphics card doesn't post any graphics to my monitor, computer boots up fine

Its usually just the graphics cards, they do fail especially if they overheat - then video card fan not speeding up might have been the problem - most are dynamic and should actually speed up under load. Depending on the manufacturer of your 8800GTX you might be able to get it replaced under warranty if they have a 3 year or greater warranty.

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Hello, and thank you for checking out my post.  My apologies for writing a book, but I'm hoping to give as much detail as needed the first go round. I just received my custom-built T420s (4170-CTO) and have a couple technical questions/concerns about it.  The details of my configuration are located at the bottom of this post. First off, one of the deciding factors of my purchase was the discrete graphics card.  On the T420s I chose NVIDIA NVS 4200M Optimus Graphics 1GB, Intel Core i7-2620M Processor?.  I was thrilled to have more than 256 MB of dedicated graphics memory for my games.  Upon receiving my laptop, though, I ran the Windows Experience Index and saw that the lowest score was the graphics card, which is identified as Intel HD Graphics Family and has 64 MB of dedicated graphics memory.  After my heart started beating again I checked Device Manager and found under Display both Intel HD Graphics Family and NVIDIA NVS 4200M listed as working with up-to-date drivers.  When I configured the laptop online there was no mention of hybrid graphics, so I'm not sure why I have an Intel Graphics card on the machine.  My current laptop that I was looking to replace is a T61p with a NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M graphics card, and only that NVIDIA card is shown under Device Manager and in the Windows Experience / Performance Information.  Thinking that perhaps disabling the Intel card would cause the NVIDIA card to take over, I disa... Read more

A:T420s Nvidia Graphics Card & Express Card Question...

The T420s with Nvidia GPU has two graphics card that can switch on the fly, if you only want the discrete gpu, just go into your bios menu under graphics there is an option to select discrete.With the Nvidia Optimus (which is what you have), it can switch between Nvidia and Intel GPU depending on your application needs. This will allow you to conserve battery or power. Expresscard slot 34 mm slot is occupied by the card reader that you ordered. What you are talking about within the ram slot cover, is the mPCIe slot, which can be occupied by a mSATA drive. http://forum.lenovo.com/t5/T400-T500-and-newer-T-series/T420s-T400s-T410s-removal-of-4-in-1-SD-card-...

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