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Help with file distribution

Q: Help with file distribution

This is my first post on this site so I hope this is the correct forum for this topic. I'm finally upgrading to a new PC which of course will have Windows 8. I'm coming off of an XP machine and will need to transfer my files and folders. Simple enough, however I've read both here and MS site about the libraries and file system that W8 uses and how they're different than older versions so I'm now a bit confused as to the proper way to distribute my files when I put them on the new machine. For example, in XP I simply had a single folder for each piece of machinery (CNC machine that is) which contained all the documents (.pdf, xls, etc.), pictures, and videos directly pertaining to that individual machine. If I understand the W8 library system correctly, for best results I should now start an individual folder for each machine in each of the Windows libraries. That is, a folder in Documents for machine X, a folder in Pictures for machine X, a folder in Videos for machine X, etc. and then continue the same way for machine Y and so on. Am I correct? I have no problem doing this I'm just looking for best procedures to follow whenever possible and use the OS as designed.
Sorry for the rookie question, but most of my experience using computers, besides the typical "home" use has been with PPCL programming and process control. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Help with file distribution

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Help with file distribution

You can set it up any way you want. There is no requirement to make the changes you mention. If you're comfortable with the structure you have now, stay with it. No need to even use Libraries unless you want to.

My recommendation would be to stay as you are initially, then as you get used to Windows 8, and it will take considerable getting used to, especially coming from XP, start making changes that add to the usability. Just my $.02 worth.

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More as an alternative to twiddling my thumbs than anything else, I tried to produce a batch file that would count up the number and size of files in a folder, as well as the number and size of files with each extension. Hence it would say how many word documents I have and how much space they're taking up, etc.

I've managed to get a vaguely working model, but the output formatting is terrible (I just wanted it to say X bytes in Y "Z" Files, none of that ugly dotted variable names) and I have failed to get it to equate .htm and .html, .jpg and .jpeg, etc.

IF EXIST FTypeDst.txt ERASE FTypeDst.txt
ECHO. >FTypeDst.txt
ATTRIB +A FTypeDst.txt

ECHO Please Wait Paitently. . .


REM cycle through the current directory and subs, Increment Allnumber, Allsize, define and increment Number of * files, size of * files.
FOR /R %%F in (*) DO (
IF NOT DEFINED Number.of.%%~XF.files (SET /A Number.of.%%~XF.files = 0)
IF NOT DEFINED Size.of.%%~XF.files (SET /A Size.of.%%~X... Read more

A:Solved: File Type Distribution analysis: Batch File.

Posted via Mobile Device
You would be better off using third party software that already does this. Plenty of them out there.
I personally would check the extension of each file using the cmd extensions of a for loop. then do an if statement for each file type you want to keep track of. then use a call statement to branch to a function that adds up the file sizes and number of files.

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Can someone tell me of a way a person can distribute a file to other people other than e-mail and are not connected to a network. I appreciate any help.

A:File distribution

You could try a free filesharing programme

Or a paid for web hosting service - there's lots out there, some with trial periods

Instant messaging - they allow you to send a file

Via a website if you have one

If they are photos - there's free pic hosting sites

Or you could mail them a floppy

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This is personal SCCM but I need some help.

When I have msi application and want to distribute the content to SCCM and DP as distribution pons, DP received it and SCCM did not failed got this message  (Distribution Manager failed to connect to the distribution point ["Display=\\SCCM-M3N.M3N.com\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=M3N"]\\SCCM-M3N.M3N.com\.
Check your network and firewall settings.)
Please help

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I have a business. I need some software to make my business simpler. But I don't know of such software. This is what my business does:

1. receive files from several customers at my central server
2. distribute those files from server to employees daily (with administrator control over who gets what)
3. employees return processed files to server
4. server sends processed files to the respective customers

how can I automate this process? What software is out there for this problem?

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I need to extract storport.sys from checked Windows 7 distribution. I load *.iso file and burned it. I don't want to install whole checked build version of Windows 7. I just need one file. In general, how could I extract a file from the distribution?
Thank you

A:Extracting a file from Windows 7 distribution

Quote: Originally Posted by sh20


I need to extract storport.sys from checked Windows 7 distribution. I load *.iso file and burned it. I don't want to install whole checked build version of Windows 7. I just need one file. In general, how could I extract a file from the distribution?
Thank you

take any good image burning software app or virtual iso mounter and drag the file from the ISO to the desktop. apps include imgburn, daemon tools, alcohol 120, etc.


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I need to hand out a file on a USB stick (or burn it onto a CD) but I do not want that file to be copied or distributed/forwarded (e.g. by attaching it to an email).

While I do not expect to find a bulletproof solution I want to make copy/distribution a bit harder (at least for a relatively unskilled PC user) than just leaving the file totally unprotected and in plain sight.

I thought to place my file inside a specifically created (Windows) system special folder "somefolder.{RESERVED-GUID}" then make a link pointing to it (relative path without drive letter to use on the CD/USB stick which might be assigned a different letter) which will keep the file easily viewable but not straightforwardly copyable.

I need some help to create this link, any suggestions?

Alternative approaches to address the same issue are most welcome.

NOTES: Originally the (sensitive) file is a .pdf*** but I made a (launcher) script that checks the existence of another (sort of validation) file in the same dir (only if that validation file is present, then a password prompt pops up to permit the .pdf's file execution). I then converted the (launcher) script to .exe file... Bottom line, the files to hide/protect are the (target) .pdf file and the (hidden and extensionless) validation file

*** I have already added all standard "pseudo-security" restrictions (prevent edit, copy, print etc.) to the .pdf file but I do not intend to rely only on that type of security since it can ... Read more

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I am operating with Windows Vista Home Basic and have had trouble updating my files after a clean reinstallation. Finally succeeded through many strategies, but in doing so (a jillion times) eventually noticed that failures occurred whenever the 'System Distribution' file in the windows folder had not been emptied of logs and previous downloads. Not sure what this means. Any ideas? Could there be a problem with hard disk, processor, motherboard, electrical shorts? (Do not have problems downloading to other computers in my home, so my overall connection is good.)


A:Can't install updates without deleting files from System Distribution File

Sounds to me like you have hardware issues as stated. Please perform the following, so that we can get the exact specs of your computer. This will better assist us in helping you more.Publish a Snapshot using SpeccyThe below is for those who cannot get onlinePlease take caution when attaching a text file to your post if you cannot copy/paste the link to your post, you will need to edit it to make sure that your Windows Key is not present.

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My older (third computer) needs a new operating system, and I don't want to pay . I will be giving this computer to someone who doesn't know much about computers, and the specs are as follows:

Intel Pentium III @ 866MHz
40GB Hard Drive (Not sure of brand nor speed)
128MB SD-Ram
(Model Sony VAIO #PCV-RX360DS)

I want to try to get a distribution of Linux on the computer, and since the computer is not currently running an operating system, and I'm not skilled with Linux (usually in the CPU or Vid Card section of this site so...) I need help. Thank you for any help.

A:Which Linux Distribution?

I've always found that the Ubuntu distribution is a good choice for this sort of computer. It's based on Debian . . . very stable and proven.
Try a "Live" copy first if you like.
Nothing is installed to the hard drive . . it runs completely from the DVD ROM.
To date I haven't had a problem getting it to find any hardware on laptops nor set-top boxes.
Good Luck

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I work at a small private school that occassionally sends school information home to parents. The school has tasked me with researching a way that we, the school, can send emails containing the school information to parents.

Our list of parents who want to receive these emails is about 300 - 350 parent email addresses. Our desire is to develop emails containing important school related info. and email everybody on the list as a BCC. Our desire is to transmit these emails but not allow anybody to "Reply" to the emails.

Does anybody know of an easy way we can email messages in mass?

We are hoping for a simple and economical way to simply send one-way emails to parents.

We do not want to use the current email engine that presently exists within our school system. (The reasons we don't want to use our current email system is a whole other story and is not for this forum.)

I am new to forums and hope I haven't over stated my self. I will appreciate any feedback from anybody.

A:Email Distribution

Create a distribution list. I don't understand what you mean when you say you can't use "the current e-mail engine". Are you referring to the client or the server?

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I am responsible for about 225 Windows XP PCs on a Novell network. If anyone has experience pushing updates or new applications to several hundred PCs, I am looking for the best (easiest) way to do this. I just finished an upgrade that I did using sneaker-net, and it was too much.

A:application distribution

LOL, Sneakernet, haven't heard that term in a while....

here's a couple places to start digging,
mostly the type of thing like running them from a network share on some server via batch file or script, plus Microsoft has quite a few options in the remote deployment arena



It may or may not be exactly what you're looking for, but at least it's a start.
edit: I dunno what's up with the domain on that last link, I didn't even notice it until after I posted it, I'm looking into it, that's just weird.
is the acrtual MS link to the same content.......still weird.

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Can someone give me a few good PDU(power distribution unit) options with around 30A input capacity for 19” rackmount system?

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I am interested in creating a website where people can go and sign up to receive a green newsletter. The only information I need for them to provide is there name, email address and age range. Is there a program that I can purchase and put on Windows XP Professional or Windows 2003 server. I prefer not to use an outside service like constant contacts. I would like the program to automatically save the information after the person enters it so that it does not have to be imputed manually. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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I have inherited a list of 57 email addresses that I will use frequently over the next months. Is there a way to create a distribution list in Outlook without having to enter each address as a new contact? Can I cut and past the whole list into a distribution list? Currently, I have savied as a word document and just cut and past into bcc field when I have to send, but I'd love to have this in an Outlook list if possible.

Does anyone know the maximum number of email addresses that one can include on a single message in Outlook? I have another list that has 194 names on it. What's the best way to send as a mass email? This is a neighborhood security patrol alert announcement email, not advertising.

A:Distribution list

Hi needhelp1950

Your ISP determines how many e-mail addresses you can send at one time. You might try a maximum of 25 addresses to see if that message is allowed through or not.
Otherwise, call your ISP to see what their limitations are.

Copy the e-mail addresses to a spreadsheet and Import them into Outlook.
First, Export your existing Contacts from Outlook as a .csv file to see the template that Outlook uses. Then copy the names into the .csv file and Import it back into Outlook.
Which version of Outlook are you using?

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I have just installed my new Sapphire HD 5770 1 Gig card. Now I am ruining Win7 Pro 32 bit and have 4 Gig on board memory. Now with the new card I would in affect have a total of 5 Gig. So as we know 32 bit only looks at 4 Gig so when playing games how is the memory now distributed or what effect does the additional 1 Gig on the ATI card have?

A:Memory Distribution

32bit is only read max 4GB of the memory. and you have VGA card 1Gb. what game that's u mean??

you can open the task manager when you run a game. and that's will show you how much memory used.

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My older (third computer) needs a new operating system, and I don't want to pay . I will be giving this computer to someone who doesn't know much about computers, and the specs are as follows:

Intel Pentium III @ 866MHz
40GB Hard Drive (Not sure of brand nor speed)
128MB SD-Ram
(Model Sony VAIO #PCV-RX360DS)

I want to try to get a distribution of Linux on the computer, and since the computer is not currently running an operating system, and I'm not skilled with Linux (usually in the CPU or Vid Card section of this site so...) I need help. Thank you for any help.

A:Which Linux Distribution?

I've always found that the Ubuntu distribution is a good choice for this sort of computer. It's based on Debian . . . very stable and proven.
Try a "Live" copy first if you like.
Nothing is installed to the hard drive . . it runs completely from the DVD ROM.
To date I haven't had a problem getting it to find any hardware on laptops nor set-top boxes.
Good Luck

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I want to distribute IE8 setup with my product. Do I need to buy any licence for it. It will be used intranet thats why I can't give a link to microsoft site.

Any suggestion.


A:IE Distribution licence

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Windows has IE built into the OS. Sorry I dont quite see why you need the setup for it?

In the EULA it mentions Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is illegal


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I went to System Restore this morning and I noticed that every day for about a week there has been this "System Distribution Service 2.0" on every date. What is this, because I didn't install or download it. Is it harmful?

A:Software Distribution Service

hi and welocme. Read this link below!

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Created a new distribution list in Outlook, however would like for the email addresses to stay unknown? Any help??

A:undisclosed Distribution Lists

Put it in the bcc instead of To

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There is a manager in my office that randomly looses his distribution list.

When he sends out an email, through Outlook web, using the distribution list, it disappears and there is no way to get it back. It does not go into the deleted folder or anywhere that I have been able to find. It does not seem to happen when he uses Outlook 2003.

This has happened 5 or 6 times now. As far as I know there are no other applications running at the time he sends out the email.

We are set up on an Exchange server.

Has anyone ever heard of this problem before? Any Ideas?

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Essentially, I have a "book" that I want to sell digital copies of. I do not want people to be able to just copy the file and share it with their friends. I have thought about pdf security (which I hear is a joke) and simple password access, but I realize that people then would simply just post their password and the file itself. No matter what, there is no way to completely secure a file. I know that with proper determination, a "hacker" could bypass the security. I am looking for a solution that will simply deter all but the most determined of thieves. The only thing I can think would be viable, if difficult, is to create a program that can view an online file. the program would require a user account and the user account would be issued registration codes for the books they purchase. This would enable them to only view, not download, the material they have paid for access to. Can anyone else think of a solution? it must follow these guidelines:

-must not download the files (to prevent copies being made)
-must allow only users who have purchased a title to view only the titles they have paid for
-must allow users to have multiple titles to pay for

Essentially, I just want to minimize copying so I can retain sales. what should/could I do to enforce this?

I do not posess any scripting/programming knowledge, but I realize that ready-made applications are a mere fantasy. Im not afraid to "get my hands dirty" to accomplish this, but I want to min... Read more

A:digital distribution dilemma

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Uh..not really sure if this belongs in this forum.

I was wondering if it was possible to distribute a file like a pdf such that it can only be read on one computer (much like a program can only be used on 1 computer)? And also if there is software that does this for me or something of that nature? I am looking to sell a pdf to some friends of mine but I don't want them just copying it for other people. Thanks.

A:Securing Files for Distribution

Just to give you an answer and bump your topic
Not that I'm aware of
Suffice it to say, if some one wants it bad enough they will get a copy of anything.

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I posted earlier today about a current situation and while awaiting some help, I went to system restore to see what has been done the last couple of months. Went back to December and each month, this "Software Distribution Service 2.0" has appeared. I cannot find out what this is about. It appeared in Dec, once in Jan, twice in February.

Anyone tell me what this is?
HP Pavilion 526X

If I have done something wrong that has caused the freezing of my computer, If I did a restore back to December, would I mess stuff up? Would it backlog all updates etc?
Please forgive me but I an a novice.

A:Software Distribution Service 2.0

I believe that "Software Distribution Service 2.0" is Windows updates creating a restore point. You should see them on the second Tuesday of the month or shortly after.

I would avoid going back all the way to December. When did the problems start?

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I have an Outlook distribution list problem. This seems to occur in many versions of outlook. I have a distribution list where I am the owner and it is shared across everyone on the team. I update the list periodically as people in the unit leave or are added.

What I've found is that often when people are using the distribution list, it's not the updated version. The people removed are still on it and new people are not being included. Is there some way to advise team members to clear out a cache or somewhere that this is being held onto by their computers so that the newest version of the list can be used?

A:Distribution list - not updating?

Assuming you use the Distribution List from your computer, and send it out to everyone for them to save your list as the New Distribution Group, they may be saving the new DL and not removing the old DL first.
Just a test, if you want to, Create a new DL and add just one person to it. Save it, and send it to yourself. Open your email and drag and drop the DL to your Contacts folder, now if you look in your contacts folder, you will see two identically named DLs.
Perhaps, when you next update the DL, include instructions How To go to Contacts and delete any and all DLs Named "Your DL Name", as step 1 before saving the new one.
If this is the cause, it is Business as Usual. Many Users will do the right thing, and save the new DL correctly, and never mention that they see 3 of the same DL in their contact folder, never knowing they are selecting the old one.

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I've got OE6

and I have several distribution lists.

I want to be able to send a mail out to people on my distribution list.
But I dont want the people on the list to be able to reply to any of the members on the list except for me.

Neither do I want them to see who is on the list for example.

From: Jaye
To: Jaye list
subject: list of info

I don't know if this is simply a matter of setting the people in the list as BCC ?
but then a reply to all will go out to the whole group

in advance


A:a bit of an urgent one on distribution lists

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Hi, how can i convert an Access Form into a webpage where i need users input using the webpage in our company intranet.

A:Outlook Distribution List

The title of your post is Outlook Distribution List.

I'm not sure what it has to do with Access.

Depending on the version of Access, you should have "Pages" available. Check out the help file on Data Access Pages.

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In outlook 2000

I imported a *.pst file with 4 distribution lists and 50 contacts

When I go to use that distribution list it says there are no recipients in that list to use. However when I open up the contacts folder I can see them.

No I know if you hit "update now" it repairs to the connection or something?!??!

Doing that works, however is this step neccessary. What does update now do?

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Is there a way to have Outlook-based contact groups that, if one staff member adds/deletes a contact, that it updates for everyone that has access to the contact group?

We are using a 2010 Exchange Server, 2010 Outlook and most of the computers are PC (I am the only one who also uses a Mac).

I'm having trouble finding a solution online -- because "auto updating contact group" generates different answers for me.

I know we have a Global Address List-- and I think that's kind of the way my boss wants it to function -- but instead of it being the global master list, it would be smaller lists that multiple people should have access to. For example, an "All Staff" list, a list of people who attend the weekly administrative meetings" ... "volunteers" ... and we would normally send these lists out to the people who need it. But if it changes, or people are added or whatever, then we have to send it out again, and most people don't understand how to remove the previous one, and then add the new one. We have a lot of non-computer friendly people, and I'm not the greatest myself...

Okay, any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Or if you could kindly point me in a better direction than googling "auto updating contact list".

Thank you!


A:Distribution List that updates for all

Welcome to TSG nhcsam. Hope you find answers to your problems and help others when you get the opportunity.

We us FIM (ForeFront Identity Management) This allows admins to assign owners of distrabution groups and security groups. The owners can then add and remove members as they please without requesting the services of an admin. Its been big time saver and freed the admins to do admin work instead of permission.

FIM probably cost money and requires and admin project to implement. There used to be a 'Public Distrabution List' that was stored/associated with an Outlook public folder (Been to long since I wore an Outlook hat). You might ask your IT folks about that or if they can give update permissions to an individual for a distrabution group.

If no cooperation from IT I would have them create a distrabution group and send them the updates each and every time. They can either do the work or find a solution.

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I am trying to download the 64 bit MS Office Home and Student 2010 and found a page with a questionable download which states , "32/64-bit, delivered via electronic distribution."
Does that mean the download can discern between the need for 32 and 64 and i do not have to go further to select.
32 bit does not work.
Does anyone know my best way to get this download either as a downoad to the pc or as an iso file. I have the product key and hope I can get the office I paid for when I migrate from Win 7 to 8 with a clean install. Office came preinstalled in my Dell who won't talk unless you pay. Should i be at dell or MS?
Thank you

A:32/64-bit, delivered via electronic distribution


I sent you the download link from the Dell site where we link for Windows 7 ISO downloads.


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Hi folks, I have a few questions about C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution.old. The folder is 456MB.What is this, and can it be deleted? I think it has something to do with Microsoft updates. I should clarify something: I have TWO Software Distribution folders. A few months ago, after the folks at the HiJackThis forum helped me clear up a malware infection, I started having some problems with some Windows functions. A Microsoft techie solved the problem, but in order to do so he had to create two "Software Distribution" folders. He named the one that already existed "Software Distribution.old" (this is the 456 MB folder), and created a new one: "C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution".After he created the ".old" folder, the problems I was having cleared up... so his solution seemed to work. So can I now delete the ".old" folder?Thanks a million, D.

A:Software Distribution Folder

Most likely you can delete it without any issues. But I'd recommend moving it to another location for a week or two to see if you need it. Then, if you still don't need it, delete to the Recycle Bin - where it'll remain until it's forced out (thereby providing a measure of extra protection).

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How do I print members' names in a distribution list from an address book in Outlook 2003?

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I know how to create a distribution list. I want to know how I can keep each individual private from each other on that distribution list.

It wouldn't look to professional to have a bunch of individuals see they are part of a marketing mailing.

Any suggestions??


A:Outlook distribution list

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I have a pair of JBL headphones and suddenly only one side stopped working so I deducted that there is a problem with the jack, because when I slightly move it I get sound in the other side, so I got it to a phone store to change the jack but now it sounds like it's always on mono audio, what can I do?

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Is there a way to undelete a distribution list I deleted by accident?

Thank You,

A:Undelete Distribution List

It should still be in your Deleted Items folder within Outlook. If not and you are trying to do it at work then try "Tools">>"Recover Deleted Items" from the menu bar.

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I've purchased my copy of the student Windows 7 Professional 64 bit through the Digital River provider. The purchase went through, I got the download link but I did not receive a product key from them. My room mate also purchased the software and got an identical email to one I got except her had a key in it. Does anyone know of a direct way to contact Digital River Customer Support? Sorry if this is in the wrong thread wasn't sure where to put this :/

A:Digital River distribution

Here ya go...Here

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i tried to use ubuntu 14.04 LTS as live USB from the boot i can choose LIVE USB after that it shows options like try ubuntu or install ubuntu but when i  choose any of the above option  a black screen is coming up and  nothing happen after that ...the same problem with all other linux distribution except ubuntu 12.02 LTS (it is possible to try or install so i think no issue with BIOS settings) as i am a python developer i need to try(install) latest 14.04 LTS of ubuntu . but HP shows Blank screen not even to use live Ubunts. i tried OS faild* Ubuntu 14.04 LTS*Elementary OS*Linux Mint*Fedora*Korora*lubuntu but Ubuntu 12.04 worked fine...but i want to use latest version of any of the above...!

A:Unable to try any linux distribution

Enter the BIOS and in system configuration-->Boot options,  enable legacy support 

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Using Outlook 2000 version is there a way, after having created distrubtion lists for sending group email, to find how many lists "bob smith" is on?
I have not been successful in setting up any kind of search using the advanced find... please help.

A:outlook distribution lists

I would like to clearify this first. You create a distribution list. in that list there is a user, bob smith. you want to find out if bob smith is in how many distribution list. Is that correct? if so, there is not a way to find out. Outlook is not smart enough to go through all the distribution list to find out who is or is not on that list.

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I want to remove this from my computer. Can this be done?

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Hello Everyone,

Could you please post the full macro which would help me in distributing office work?...Lets say there are four rows of work and two executives, so the work should be distributed equally as 2 each and that too on random order on a separate sheet.

I really don't know how to develop macros. Thanks for your help !!

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Is it possible to create a distribution list in firefox. I have Outlook on my desktop computer with distribution lists. I have tried to send the lists to an individual that has a laptop and thought that I could copy it in the contact lists. I don't seem to be able to do that.

Therefore, I tried to create a distribution list on the laptop and am having a hard time doing it. Can someone outline the steps to create a group or distribution list in foxfire. Maybe it is not possible?

Thank you,

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Hi all,

I am creating distribution lists in outlook for sending out e-mails to lots of customers but i want to keep the e-mails private so each customer does not see anyone else in my mailing list! is this possible? and if so how?

thx in advance,


A:Distribution lists in outlook

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The following link reports Emsisoft malware removal statistics by type (2015):

Antivirus, Anti-Malware, Anti-PUP? What is Emsisoft really?

Such data is important when crafting your security config. What it shows is that, at the time the data was collected and reported, the probability of a Trojan, Bot, Backdoor and Rootkit infection is 14 %, an exploit is only 1 % and a virus 0.2 %. On the other hand there is a 79 % chance of encountering a potentially unwanted application\program (PUA\PUP).

What the above statistics do not indicate is what proportion of the PUAs\PUPs are just mere annoyances versus the more sinister ones - those that will attempt to download and install a Trojan, Bot, Backdoor, Rootkit, VIrus, etc.

The incidence of ransomware is not specified, but more recent data suggests approximately 2 %.

It is important to understand the following:

If you do not download and install applications - or - only install applications from trusted publishers from their direct download links, use built-in system\browser protections, use safe computing habits, then the probability that your system will be infected is virtually 0 % !

For a significant portion of adult users, a security soft such as Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Emsisoft Internet Security is sufficient.

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I'm looking for some info if this is even possible with outlook.

We have a public e-mail for support that 10 users have access for a ticket system.
Users send in e-mails to get support.
i'm trying to find a way for outlook to automaticaly distribute e-mails to each agent.
- Agent 1
- Agent 2
- Agent 3
- Agent 4
- Agent 5
When the e-mail would get in the box it would go to agent 1, then the next e-mail would go to agent 2, etc.
Is there add on or a way to create rules for outlook to do this automatically?

A:Outlook 2003 distribution

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just loaded MS Office on new machine. everything works fine, except when I try to send a message to a distribution list. Then I get the message "unexpected error occured". happens in all the possible categories: to, cc, or bcc. no clue. updated all distribution lists.
made new test distribution list and it sent. have long distribution lists and don't want to have to remake all of them.

thanks for the help

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Microsoft admitted it had no choice but to suspend its mass distribution via its Windows Update site for XP SP3 and Vista SP1 while it attempts to fix the glitch in its specialist point-of-sale (POS) app – Dynamics RMS – which is used to manage about 38,000 different small to medium-sized retail businesses worldwide.

Full Story: MS misses restart button on desktop auto-updates | The Register
Original Statement: Release to Web (RTW) Delayed - TechNet Forums

Must be a huge bug forcing Microsoft to halt distribution of both Service Packs...

A:Vista-SP1 distribution Halted

Yep, i've readen it this morning but in the french press it is said that for Vista (SP1) the autoupdate is not suspended on the windows update web site though they suspended automatic updates, on the web site they just warn the RMS users.
For XP, the bug seems quite "important" said the Microsoft representative.


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I just got hired by a company and it is an accounting firm. They currently do not have any way of pushing updates out to there users. They make instruction for them and tell them were the exe is located. We all know how that works, people don't do the updates and then are behind 5 or 6 versions. They use WSUS for windows update. I am not familiar with any software distribution packages that are out there. Can someone help me out.


A:Software Distribution Program help please

We use Ignite

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