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Solved: Excel 2013 Contacts DB

Q: Solved: Excel 2013 Contacts DB

Im in the process to make an Excel (2013) contacts address workbook and have all my contacts in Excel now. I would also like to have some kind of a V-card to be able to input new contacts and view existing ones. A typical V-card could be like the one I downloaded from here


I can make my own V-card but the problem I have is how to integrate the V-card to interact with the contacts database I now have.

Anyone can give me some help or perhaps provide an existing template?

Preferred Solution: Solved: Excel 2013 Contacts DB

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Excel 2013 Contacts DB

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I want the "Display Name" column in my Address Book (Outlook 2013) to read alphabetized by last name. When I view my Contacts from the "People" option at bottom, they are correct. But the Address Book that appears when I address an email is alphabetical by FIRST name. Can anyone help?? Thanks!

A:Solved: Contacts Display in Outlook 2013

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I cannot search for data in excel 2013. This is new issue. I do notice that in the find window there is an entry for Preview* in the box next to format in the options window that I have never seen before. I get the message cannot find what you are looking for but I know it is there because I am looking at it.

This is new issue. Worked until last night when I was doing a sort and had to make all merged cells uniform in size. Now I can sort but cannot find.

Have closed and reopened excel, but it did not correct problem.

A:Solved: Excel search does not work Excel 2013

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I have been using Excel 2011 (Mac), but when I try to save or copy worksheets over to Excel 2013 onto my PC the sheet layout changes. Not only do I need to adjust the row height and column widths afterwards, but the zoom level too. All this I find time consuming when I have a number of worksheets.

I understand you can save to an older Excel version, but how do I save from 2011 to the latest 2013.


A:Solved: Saving from Excel 2011 to 2013

Hi, I'm not MAC man but besides the format and zoom issues maybe this link can help you along the way

Another link:


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I bought a new pc with Win7 pro, 64bit. It came with a intro version of Office which I added the full version mth ago.
All of sudden I can't run Excel or Word. I get a popup saying the file not compatible with the ver of Win I am running.

Anyone see this issue before ?? Could this be a virus ??
I was thinking of running system restore to back a few days ago. I started to have some redirect issues on Firefox as well after downloading a Media Player Codec Pak from CNET. I always say no to the add-ons - but I get them anyway. It's irritating.


A:[SOLVED] Excel 2013 doesn't open

Re-install Office; choose "repair" option.

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I am using Outlook & Excel 2007. Trying to import contacts from Excel.

I've imported several times with different results and finally figured out the "name the range" rule and to save the Excel worksheet in the 97-2003 format. I also selected 'Do not enter duplicates" and then mapped out the entries.

I tried this last time using a dummy list of 10 fictional entries which included columns for first name, last name, email, address1, address1, city, state and zip.

After importing, I had 10 contact with just the first names, an additional 10 contacts with just last names, another 10 with just email addresses, etc. I don't understand why it would think that each column was a different set of contacts.....

I would GREATLY appreciate your help.

Also - I am practicing on my system so I can help a client import a huge 500+ list into her email program. She is on Windows Vista with Windows Mail. Any suggestions on how the process will be different on those systems/programs??



A:Solved: Importing contacts into Outlook from Excel

I've played with it more and found out that I needed to save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. That has fixed my problem.

See I knew this site would help me!

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Can anyone please guide me on how to export my Contacts from my Blackberry Bold to an Excel spreadsheet? Thanks in advance.


A:Solved: Export Contacts from BlackBerry to Excel

You can use Blackberry Desktop Manager to help. http://us.blackberry.com/apps-software/desktop/desktop_pc.jsp

Hope it helps.

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Hopefully this can be done easily.

Column D is my bank balance and I don't want everyone seeing it. Especially my wife who tends to spend more at the store if she sees it while I check it
How can I keep only the last 4 digits visible?
549.67 would only show
549.67 until I highlight it with mouse.
My wife only has one allergy. Money !

A:Solved: Excel 2013 Help needed with Conditional Format

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Hi, I am looking for a macro to import contacts from excel. We are a team of 25 who all use the same contact list (which contains addresses, organisation name, tel numbers, emails, contact names etc for approx 600 organisations). We regularly have to bcc all these contacts in emails. We previously all held the distribution lists (sorted alphabetically by email) and had to let the rest of the team know when details changed. The problem with this was that the distribution lists do not hold all the information needed (e.g. addresses, organisation names) and contact information was not always updated as it should have been. I would like to create the macro for all the team so that they can periodicaly update their contacts. I trust this makes sense
Moved to Business Applications.

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I'm trying to import a contact list from Excell 2003 (11.80...) SP3 to Outlook 2007 (12.0) MSQ (12.0)
When I try to map the fields, I can only drag one "vlue" at a time, and when I I try to map another one, it seems to disapear. I went and maped all the fields, one at a time using the Map Custom Fields and it imported all the Excell fields into one Outlook field.
I'm useing Windows XP
I tried and tried all day, can somenoe help???

A:Solved: Can/t import contacts to Outlook 07 from Excel 2003

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I have an excel spreadsheet which has names ( first and surname in single column under NAMES ) and email addresses (under EMAIL) which I want to import into my Outlook Personal Address book. I have followed advice of previous post but still only get the email addresses, no names. Tried suggestion of inserting a userdefined name for the spreadsheet but I still only get the option of email address in the import-from column. I have tried renaming the columns, I have tried changing them around. Is it because I don't have addresses and phone numbers?

A:Solved: Import contacts from Excel into Outlook 2003

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I have a large number of graphs and charts that have been created which need to be updated every year (linked to five-years reporting). Is there anyway to do a global change of the legends so, for example, every legend entry for 2007-08 becomes 2008-09, 2008-09 becomes 2009-10 etc. rather than having to go into each chart, clicking select data and then edit each individual one? I'm using Excel 2013.

Many thanks in advance for any advice!

A:Solved: Global Change of Legend Entries in Excel 2013?

Well, if you're going to use the same template from now on, you could just create a cell with the name in and link to it as the chart label ...

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Here is part of my code where it errors out in 2013 for the sort .apply but not 2010 and can't figure out why. Help appreciated. I have recorded same in 2013 with same results.

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:\Temp Data\mydata.csv"
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
ActiveSheet.Range("$A:$AM").AutoFilter Field:=33, Criteria1:="<>"
Sheets.Add After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
ActiveSheet.Range("$A:$AM").AutoFilter Field:=33, Criteria1:="="
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Sheets.Add After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
Application.CutCopyMode = False
ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet2").Sort.SortFields.Add Key:=Range( _
"Q:Q"), SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlAscending, DataOption:= _
With ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet2").Sort
.SetRange Range("A:AM")
.Header = xlYes
.MatchCase = F... Read more

A:Solved: Excel 2013 Sort Macro errors out at .Apply but not in 2010

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I have a desktop Pc and a laptop Pc with Office 2013. I want to export the contacts fra from the desktop to the laptop and when I export to a csv file on the desktop the e-mail adresses is missing in the file. They are not in the csv file. When I import it on the laptop names, phonenumbers, adresses etc. is ok but no e-mail adresses.

I think it is strange and I have not experienced it with Outlook 2010??


I imported the backup.pst and it did the trick.

A:Export Contacts from Outlook 2013 to Outlook 2013 on another Pc?

when exporting as a csv file you have to map custom fields first and take the email 1 address and move it into the other side for the addresses to get in there (from left to right) or the email addresses will not go correctly into the computer you want to do it to. If you back it up with *.pst then everything goes in much easiwer

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My outlook 2013 automatically creates email contacts when I receive an email with multiple people in the recipients bar. The results are that I have 1800 contacts including people I have never heard of. I sync with Icloud through an Imap system. I have contacted Apple and Microsoft. Apple says the settings are in the Outlook and Microsoft said they couldn't assist me and that I should try the forums. Help!

A:suggested contacts in outlook 2013

ccisfc said:

My outlook 2013 automatically creates email contacts when I receive an email with multiple people in the recipients bar.Click to expand...

When you receive? Are you sure? IIRC, it only creates contacts using the email addresses you send email to. Of course that means if you forwarded an email that had 1,000 email addresses in it, all 1,000 of those email addresses would be added to your contacts.

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I want to transfer the contacts from a vista pc. the vista pc uses office 2007. I want to export or transfer the contacts from that pc to a windows 8.1 pc that has outlook 2013 installed. I tried WET, but that doesn't work with 8.1 from vista. advise please.

A:import contacts to outlook 2013

No good exporting default? (I dont have 2013) does 2013 not use .pst files?

Export to file:
Comma separated values
Tab seperated (dos/windows)?

I use Sync PST for Outlook. Allows me to load two pst files and copy (between the two either way) only what I want to e.x. contacts/email/calendar etc

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Have just installed windows 10 and forgot to export my Outlook contacts.
But i do have an Acronis full backup of my C: disc.

I have Googled for where to find my outlook contacts but in my contacts folder on the backup i just have an init file.
Have Microsoft placed my contacts somewhere else? Please help me before i go crazy!

I have tried exporting my gmail contacts and importing them into Outlook but i just get blank posts.

A:Where is my Oulook 2013 contacts saved?

Search Engines are really great tools. https://support.office.com/en-sg/art...b-0d1892e2aacc Always search first in this forum or tenforums.com. If you cannot find, use your favorite search engine.

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How can I remove duplicate contacts I have in Outlook 2013 ? Thank you.

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I can't believe I can't find the answer to this dilemma, which I've tried to solve for years. Hoping someone might have some insights. I have my own business, and keep a Contacts table in Access 2013. I also have a Contacts folder in Outlook 2013 that I want to keep in sync with my database. Sometimes changes are made in Outlook (or using GSyncit to sync with Google on my phone or tablet) and sometimes when entering service calls in Access. When I go to created a "linked table" from Outlook to Access, I get a separate table of contacts that will not sync with my existing table. Every week, I have to literally export Access data to an Excel CSV and import into Outlook, then go through name by name to choose the latest entry to keep. Ridiculous! I've googled and googled, and I have found no joy. Any ideas??

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I have been scratching my head and searching everywhere, but I seem to have only questions and no answers to this one. I have a business where I keep all my clients in an Access 2013 database. The tables and queries include all contact information, and I also enter dates when I have had appointments with each client along with details of our sessions. Each week (or whenever I get around to it) I must do several things:
update all contact info in Access and export the data to a folder in my Outlook Contacts
enter dates from my Outlook Calendar into the Services table (via a form) and fill in details
export updated Contacts from Access to Excel to upload into my Enewsletter program to email newsletters to clients
make sure my Outlook contact info is syncing correctly with my Samsung Galaxy (I use gsyncit, the best app I've found for this)
refer to my contacts on the phone to get addresses as I am on my way to each client's house or business

Quite a pain, right? If only I could set up a system where any new changes to contact info made EITHER from Outlook OR from Access automatically synchronize AND the address info is included in my Outlook Calendar entry for the person AND a service entry is entered in my Access database for that call, wouldn't my life be easier?! Isn't this why I have Office 365 in the first place? And most importantly, why can't I figure out how to get this done??

I am a computer consultant--and I am baffled. I need more brains o... Read more

A:Syncing Contacts and Calendar between Outlook and Access 2013

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Win 7 with Outlook 2013 installed. Working as client to MS server
We have a shared contacts file for everyone in the building (10 clients) called "AMAG Contacts"

My Contacts (now called People in O-2013)
Opens to my personal contacts (no prob). Not AMAG Contacts, but I can click on AMAG Contacts and open it OK. New emails default to the AMAG contacts OK. this Q is for whan I am opening the Contacts list.
When I click on AMAG Contacts it has a list of pictures and names.

When I open AMAG Contacts I can click >View>Change view>By Category (or whatever??)
BUT neither AMAG Contacts nor my view change is persistent. I want the changed view to be persistent across closing O2013 and reopening it

1. Is there a way to default to AMAG contacts when opening contacts?
2. Is there a way to make my view of choice persistent? I like the Category view.

I cannot find any dialog that allows me to do the above.
Several others in the building have asked the same question and I think the older versions are more straightforward and controllable.
Can this be done? I perused Outlook options and saw nothing there either.
Pls advise
Thank you

A:Outlook 2013 shared contacts off server view

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Before i could use google agenda on the agenda app, but since this update i'm no longer able to.
This pisses me off so much i really need it because off my autism.

Is their any other way to add it ?

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I have Outlook 2013 through Office 365 and liked it until I tried to import my contacts. It's a CSV file from Windows Live Mail. Unfortunately Outlook absolutely refuses to import my contacts properly. I get everyone's names but NO EMAIL ADDRESSES! Totally and completely useless. I have tried everything and Outlook just insists on ignoring the email field. I am beginning to hate that I pay $9 for this crap. It shouldn't be hard to import contacts!!! I tried to delete all the ones that had been imported since they are useless to me and of course Outlook refuses to let me do that too. I can't find the folder anywhere and it won't let me delete all. If I sound angry I am...I am frustrated and don't have time for this. I need my COMPLETE contacts. Why is it refusing to do something so simple? When I open the CSV file in Excel everything is there including emails, so it's not me messing up or the file. Help??

A:Outlook 2013 Refuses to Import Contacts Correctly

Here is a check-list for importing into Outlook 2013:
Import contacts - Outlook - Office.com

Hopefully something there will help.

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My contacts are in apps. windows 8 and in outlook 2013. I wish to use them on the computer of my friend working with windows vista. I can export my contacts in .pst folder or in common separated values but I don't know how to open and/or use the folder with the contacts in windows vista. Thanks for your reaction.

A:Export contacts from outlook 2013 to windows vista

Hi Jonnie camp,

Welcome to the forum.

What application are you trying to import your contact to on the windows Vista machine?



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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12239 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 720, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 940868 MB, Free - 708830 MB; E: Total - 217505 MB, Free - 194158 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0KWVT8
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A:Outlook 2013. How to delete extra Contacts folder

You will needto provide some detail
Outlook will setup a contacts for each account you add using imap,exchane,aes plus a main pst account
What accounts have you setup
Why are you deleting the contacts just ignore and do not use

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I am trying to pull a dashboard view from a "Tracker". Given below is the formula that I used:

=COUNTIFS('KT Tracker'!$T$2:$T$138,$C$2,'Tracker'!$U$2:$U$138,"<="&TODAY()+7,'Tracker'!$L$2:$L$138,'Monthly Dashboard'!$B17,'Tracker'!$AF$2:$AF$138,'Monthly Dashboard'!$A$13,'Tracker'!$AD$2:$AD$138,"<>Cancelled")

This perfectly works fine in my laptop that has excel 2013 but when I email this to my team who have Excel 2010, they only see zeros. We have checked all options like enabling Automatic Calulcation of Formula, removing all named ranges in the sheet etc., but it is just not working.

Can you please help ? This is a bit urgent and I need to present this for a meeting tomorrow.
Appreciate your help and thanks in advance !!!

A:COUNTIFS working in Excel 2013 but not in Excel 2010

It might be something to do with "<>cancelled"

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Hi together,

is there any way to have the default Win8 mail tile open Outllok 2013-Mail, the calendar tile open the Outllok calendar and so on?
Regards Stefan

A:How to have Outlook 2013 use the default tiles mail, calendar, contacts?

Hi, Creating a tile is not the Problem... The tile should Show updates like New Mails.

Regards Stefan

Only Windows 8 apps using WinRT can have live tiles.
Outlook 2013 isn't a WinRT apps. You should use the Mail apps (that can use any Exchange server) instead.

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I'm trying to create a group from an additionally opened mailbox, but outlook only opens my contact list and not the one of the additional mail box, It's the same with trying to export the contacts list.

Any ideas?

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I have a series of sequential dates in column A
In column B I have numerical data
In column C I would like to look at the previous year as determined by column A and the result would be the highest number in that range from column B.

The period in column A I'm looking at constantly changes as I move down the spreadsheet because the dates change. I think I may use the LOOKUP OR VLOOKUP function to get my result after defining the range.

Can you help me define the range for the lookup as a formula. (i.e A255:A255- one year)

Thanks! I hope this is clear.

A:Solved: excel 2013 "conditional range"

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I am having the exact same problem as in the post "Solved: Can't find Access Query when using Word mail merge." I am using Office 365 so I have the newest versions of both Word and Access.

When I try to mail merge starting with Access (right click the query and export to word merge), it tells me it "Could not find file 'C:\Users\Jeanne\Documents\My Data Sources.mdb'" I have a folder called My Data Sources. And yes, the database I want it to go to is in that folder. Of course the folder doesn't have a .mdb after it. What file is it looking for and why? The Access database ends in .accdb. I found some hint somewhere that that might be a problem, but I can't find how to fix it.

When I start the merge from Word, it finds the database fine, but only tables are listed. The link mentioned in the other post is broken, so I can't check that out.

I feel like I'm saying to my son "I'll see you at home" and he says "I can't find the dog." What dog? We don't have a dog, and I never said anything about a dog!!!

I am getting thoroughly fed up with Access! I am fairly tech savvy and can teach myself to do just about anything in excel just through trial and error or looking it up online, but every little thing I try to do in access gives me all sorts of problems!

A:Solved: Access 2013 Query to Word 2013 Mail Merge

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I searched for a topic similar to mine, but I found none. So, here goes...

I currently have a database that tracks my contacts in numerous ways. However, the place I'm building this database for often holds events that these contacts attend. I created an events database (using a template), and then exported it to my current database. Ultimately, I would like to be able to show which contacts were scheduled to attend the event and which contacts actually attended, both in the contacts area and in the events area.

Any thoughts on how to set that up?

A:Solved: Creating a database that tracks Contacts, Events, and Contacts that attended

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Need assistance on the below Excel issue.

When we open excel file, other minimised excel files get maximised, help me with the resolution.

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Is anyone good at using excel? I need help with making an input box that will allow me to enter numbers, And these numbers will automatically register with my other work sheets in my work book.

A:Excel 2013

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MS Exchange server with our own mailbox.
11 clients, all Win7, with mixture of Office 2013 and 365.
WE share calendar and directory (oops call it "People" now)
Issues with the Shared People list acting up:
Somehow the address book (?People?) Groups do not want to cooperate, AND the ?TO? dialog box on new emails. This is occurring on multiple computers.

Open new email
Click ?TO?
Scroll to B Group and add to email
Right click on group to open/expand
Failure message: = The name or contact group has been deleted and is no longer a valid address book entry. The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found.
I tried to delete the group and recreate under AMAG contacts
Opened up group and was able to add only one person. It did not find the others.
Add members Failure = the dialog box with email addresses does not find individuals requested
On a new email: the ?TO? dialog box fails to find names. I even went to People, resaved the contacts after opening them to try and fix a contact.
Using the ?TO? dialog box appears not to have names beginning with H,P,Q,R Also some random names. I am looking for Gloria Nnnn. She is on the People list, but does not appear in the ?TO? dialog box. Seems as if there are no names above GENE ... (names above GE..)

We can work around this but it is an issue with the software.
Any ideas?

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That?s new to me and can?t find any answers on the web. The attached snip is from a workbook I made a few months back and all was ok but now as you can see the first row looks like its missing because there are labels on that row which I can?t see.

In addition, the heavy vertical black lines are not mine (when I click on them it says ?Oval Object #...? and there are 2 vertical rectangles which are not mine either.

The only explanation I can give is perhaps an update from MS change all that

If I copy this workbook as an Excel.xls and view it on my other laptop which has Excel 2000 all is normal and copying this normal workbook and open it with my Excel 2013 the same strange things happen again

Any idea how I can recover my original

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I'm trying to open an add in in excel 2013 and I keep getting this message
Compile error
The code in this project must be updated for use on 64 bit systems
Please review and update Declare statements and then mark them with the PtrSafe attribute
I have no clue what to do

A:Excel 2013 error

Most likely you have Office 2013 64 bits installed and the add-in only works on Office 2013 32 bits!

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I just installed Windows 10 on everyone's laptop here and now I have a bunch of users that their Excel will ocassionally not save or will have graphics issues.  I have tried several suggestions, such as checking their .com add-ins, updating their DisplayLink, and trying to use it in safe mode.  Nothing has been able to fully fix it.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I have heard that Microsoft knows about the issue but has no fixes for it, but I have heard/read that so much that I just don't want to fully believe it.  If anyone has seen this and found a fix can you please help?  Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I have a desktop win7 32 bit OS and installed MS Office 2013. I can print from ms word and other word application accept for excel. Every time I press print a message pops up saying "no printer found". I also cannot set the brother mfc 8910 printer to default printer, it displays a message "operation terminated"

How can I get excel to print and have the printer set as default?
Also I want to know where I can go to see the details / specs of ms office suit that indicates 64 / 32 bit?

A:ms excel 2013 not printing.

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Hi Guys,

Let me start off by stating that I'm still trying to learn all the juicy functions you can do with Excel, and I've just gotten myself a little project where I think I can learn but I need some kind of help from you guys.

Basically what I'm trying to do is somehow automate a creation of a report via excel, first method I thought of was to use macros, but since the data that'll be included in the report will be on a different cell each time, macro might not work as I imagined it to be, then I thought of the IF function, I have not yet tried doing that, but would that work? Can you please share your thoughts? Ask me any additional info and i'll try to explain it as simple as I can.


A:[HELP] Programming in Excel 2013

Your description is entirely too vague in order for anyone to offer any kind of help. Can you be more specific as to what kind of a report you want to generate and what data you will be using?

Perhaps you could post a sample of the worksheet with the data and a sample of what you want the report to look like.

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Excel 2013 can't be opened on my Windows 8.1 laptop, can any Microsoft specialist help me?

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I am so confused about where outlook 2013 keeps things.

I have installed Outlook 2013 and would like to import my contacts from my outlook 2007 in another computer. I have already prepared the contacts.pst file from outlook 2007 and made it available in my public folders. I then imported the .pst file into Outlook 2013 via network. However the contacts shows up as a separate contact list rather than integrated into the outlook 2013 address book . How to correct it?

I must have got the process wrong.


A:outlook 2013 import contacts from outlook 2007

OK. I found the imported contacts in a separate list inside the address book. There are 2 lists one is "In This computer" the other is just "contacts" . How do I make the "contacts "list as the default so I get an address book when I click on 'To" ?

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I have defined several user-defined variables for Outlook Contacts. However, when I attempt to map fields in the Excel spreadsheet to Contact fields in preparation for the import, my user defined fields do not appear in the list of Contact fields to map to. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a limitation of the Outlook import function?

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Some of my .xlsx files denied to open. One of them showed an error message: File format not valid. Another file not so important how first one. Has somebody know Excel repair ways for my file? Many thanks for everyone?

A:Excel 2013 file issue

I have also had Excel issues in Windows 8 and 10 with Office 365 and know others have, too. An online repair has helped me. Go into the control panel click programs/uninstall and select Office 365...change...online repair. If you have another version of Office let us know. 

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Running Windows 8.1 and Office 2013. Have a Canon 4370dw Laser Printer connected to my desktop via USB. Have a Brother MFC-J475dw inkjet connected wirelessly to the network. Default printer is the Canon. Here's the problem:

Word - In print dialogue, I can choose to print from either the Brother or Canon with no issues
Notepad - Same. Can choose whichever printer I like
Excel - Can see the Brother printer and it's online. When I click the Brother printer to select it, the Canon stays selected. It simply won't switch to the Brother although the printer dialogue box appears exactly the same in Excel as it does in Word.

Have run printer troubleshooting. Have re-installed Brother drivers and software. Have searched the web for a solution or someone that has had same problem. No luck. Any suggestions on what I can try next or what the problem might be? I'm surprised since I'm assuming that Word and Excel use the same printing module / dll.


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Hi, the problem is like this, worked in the Excel spreadsheet before closing saved, turned off the computer. Resuming work in the program it turned out that was gone, all the formulas again, before exiting the program kept((( prompt please, whether probably to recover the data?

A:Failed to start MS Excel 2013

Hi , try to restore using the backup. if this does not help try .xls files repair, you will find him here

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I was wondering if anyone knows a cure all or a way to fix Office 2013 excel from freezing up.  MS is useless LOL, I have re installed and repaired several times.  I can do a simple cut and paste sometimes or even just want to add a coulmn and it locks up and reboots

A:Office 2013 Excel freezes up way too often

How much RAM do you have? I didn't see your system specs.

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