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Copying files from remote computer slows down local computer

Q: Copying files from remote computer slows down local computer

I have a shared folder on my server.
I copy files from a shared folder from another computer. The files total size is approximately ~120MB.
This takes ~ 30 seconds or so. Ihaven't measured the time. It is a bit slow, but that's not the main problem.
The server gets unresponsive while the files are copied. It looks like it has stopped completely.

Is there a way to lower the priority for the file transfer, on the server, so that remote computers doesn't affect it that much.

There are several (2 to 3) remote computers that will copy files from the server at random times. We do not want the server to "stop" when this happens.

It's not a windows server. It's a win 7 pro x64 (or similar).

Preferred Solution: Copying files from remote computer slows down local computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Copying files from remote computer slows down local computer

Can I set some kind of priority for a shared folder?
The priority should make sure that when other computers read from the shared folder, it should be done with a lower priority.

The remote computers are using a c# program with impersonation when fetching the files.

Do I have to change the whole architecture so that the remote computer connects to a software on the local computer. The software on the local computer could have a lower priority and fetch the files and send them to the remote computer.

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hello, i want to send files from my computer to the remote one but every time i try i open up windows explorer, click on my drive and it freezes up and goes to not responding, then it loads like 5 minutes later, and the process repeats every time i go to a folder, i am connecting to a windows server 2003 computer. can anyone tell me how i can transfer files faster or if there is another way than using windows explorer? thanks a lot!!

A:Problem Transferring Files from Local to Remote Computer in Remote Desktop

You are trying to do this over Remote Desktop?
I have used this with Windows 2000 Server and my XP computer. I would assume it will work with 2003 server.

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I'm using Remote Desktop Connection from a Windows XP SP2 machine to control a Windows 2000 Terminal machine. How can I share my local files in Windows XP SP2 machine so they can be copied or used for installation in the Windows 2000 Terminal machine?

I have tried by checking the Disk drives option in the Local Resources page of the Remote Desktop Connection and then connect but I cannot see my local drives in the Windows 2000 Terminal machine using Windows Explorer.

A:How to share local files with remote computer?

I don't know that RDC has file transfer capability, I use UltraVNC for remote console applications.

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I haI have been accessing one of my windows 7 remotely using RDC. For some reasons  I can’t access it any more with this message:  
"Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the remote computer because there is a time or date difference
between your computer and the remote computer. Make sure your computer's clock is set to the corr... Read more

A:Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the remote computer because there is a time or date difference between your computer and the remote computer

Ours was a DNS issue.  Someone put an entry in the wrong firewall.

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I just got a new 8tb external drive and this started happening.

2.5 gb file mkv

It'll have a burst of write speed completing 60-80% and then slow all the way to 0 and just trickle the rest, even though it fluctuates from as low as 5 up to 30-50mb until it's done.

Has anyone else experienced this?

A:Copying files goes really fast then slows to a crawl.

Just tried a 10gb file and it was a bit different. It would climb from 30-80 and down to 355kb and back up to 30-70 and now both my drives just disabled during transfer and re enabled. Tried it on my desktop with i5 2500k and Dell laptop with i7 6700hq both on usb with hub.

Could the hub be going bad?

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I have legitimate access to a remote computer.  When connected to the remote computer, I want to print on my local printer.  I have checked the Printer box on the "Local devices and resources" section in the Local Resources of the RDC window which I was told would connect my printer to the remote computer, but my local printer is not on the printer menu of the remote computer.
I'm running Windows 7 Pro and Kaspersky Internet Security

A:While in remote computer, I can't print on my local printer

This thread might shine some light on it for you.

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To start off, I absolutely love Windows 7 and this is the only problem I've had with it yet.

Any time I go to move or copy a large enough file, W7 slows down so much that it is unusable. The transfer rate starts off at about 40 MB/s, but eventually slows to about 9 MB/s. If I cancel the transfer, everything goes back to normal and W7 works flawlessly and very fast.

I already installed and tried TeraCopy (someone else had my same issue and installed it with successful results), but for me this did not change anything.

Can anyone please offer me some advice on how to fix this issue? The transfer rate/slowdown was bad enough on Vista, but this is just unmanageable. I really, really love Windows 7 and definitely do not want to switch back to Vista or even XP, so I'd love if someone can help me.

Thanks again, very much.

A:W7 slows to unusable crawl when moving/copying files

What are you transferring to? Could be a driver issue, or even an anti-virus issue...what anti-virus solution are you running?

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I've just bought a Win-10 PC, so I have only been using Win-10 for about a day.

I want to transfer Data from my Win-XP computer to my Win-10 computer. I've created Shared Drives on each computer, on the Win-10 the shared network drive is - win-c - and I created a shared drive on my Win-XP computer called - XP-E.

In my file browser under Network (W10) and under My Network Places (XP) I can see the drives I created.

BUT ... I can't see them on the other computer, the remote Network Computer. That is on Win-10 I can't find XP-E.

My old XP computer had THREE Partitions -

C: = OS and Ultilities
D: = CD Drive
E: = Programs and Data
F: = Long Term Data Storage

On the new computer (Win10) I created two new Folders simply call "E" and "F", I want to transfer all the DATA on drive E:\ on the XP computer to the C:\E\ folder on the Win10 computer.

I also Mapped a Network Drive in Win10, for the folder C:\E\ which I named Z:.

But, what I need is to see those drive letters (Win10) on the WinXP computer so I can transfer files to them over the Network.

I'm sure what I am missing is relatively simply, but so far I haven't found it.

I created what are suppose to be Shared Drives in both the Win-XP and Win-10, and I can see them on the computer I created them on, but I can't see them on the other network computer.

Did I explain that well enough? Does anyone have any thoughts.


A:Network Drives: Drive on the Local Computer, not the Remote

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When I do a large file transfer or multiple file transfers my computer gets extremely slow during the process. Slow meaning that to open the web browser it struggles and while typing search terms in google there is lag. That's just one example, other's being opening programs.

Last night I reformatted my computer because I thought maybe it had something to do with it. But no luck because after the clean install was complete I transferred about 600gb back on the computer and during this process tried to view the properties xpadder (Right click-> Properties) and the entire system froze. A hard reset and I started the process all over again, tried watching tv using windows media center and it worked but flipping through channels was extremely slow and it is not usually.

I'm trying to solve this problem and maybe see if others are experiencing the same.

I think my hardware is more than capable:

Windows 7 x64
8gb of Ram
1tb WD Caviar Black
ATI Radeon 4890
Gigabye P55-UD6 rev1.0
Enermax Modu 82+
Corsair H50

some background info:

I originally had my computer overclocked but after a Bios upgrade I couldn't get the same results so It is currently stock speed.

Computer is only a year old.

Running temps are around 40-45C

Harddrive temps are normal (40-48C)

I have completed a full check disk and monitor the harddrive with CrystalDisk Info (SMART Utility) and it seems 100%.


A:[Q] Computer slows down while transferring files

hi xmatrix, and welcome to sevenforums,

(you joined waaay back in oct 2009, but this is your first post? )

have you tried temporarily disabling your anti-virus software to see if that's the problem?

remember to turn it back on afterwards!

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It appears a computer with IP:A.b.c.d.
It was trying to reach a 192.168.*.*  inside the DMZ.
can I check windows log to find some detail? which log is useful?
thanks a lot!

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My parents bought a new computer today. My mom called me up today and asked me if I could help her transfer some stuff from the old computer to the new computer. I'm not computer illiterate, but compared to you guys, I'm an idiot. I do not have a flash drive or an external hard drive, or jump drive.etc.... So I was hoping I could just connect the two computers with an ethernet cable, and create a network. Is this possible, or do you need additional equipment. I do not have a router, so if I create a network it has to be done with wires.

So is it possible to create a network with nothing but an ethernet cable? Or is there another way I can get my moms i tunes trasferred over?

A:Copying files from old computer to new computer

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Whenever I open a video file, my computer gets incredibly slow. It takes minutes for the file to open using Divx Player, and when I use Windows Media Player the video can not catch up to the audio. After I shut-down those programs, my computer stays slow and I always have to restart. I've scanned my computer using Spybot and McAfee and haven't found any viruses. Can you give me any advice?

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 10:19:16 AM, on 2/12/2005
Platform: Windows XP (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_04\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Works Shared\wkcalrem.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.hotmail.com/
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings,ProxyOverride = *.r3.attbi.com;<local>
O2 - BHO: (no nam... Read more

A:Computer slows/freezes when playing video files

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I'm buying a new laptop. Is there an easy way to transfer the files from old one to the new one? I do have all files backed up on Carbonite. Thank you.

A:Copying Files to New Computer

Please do not start more than one thread for the same issue.

Closing duplicate.

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Not sure if this is a hardware or software question: I'm buying a new laptop. Is there an easy way to transfer files from the old one to the new one? I do have the files backed up on Carbonite. Thanks.

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I am having a rather annoying problem - I am trying to copy some files from 1 drive to another, and my computer freezes up in the middle of the whole thing, making me have to manually shut it off and restart. I have windows XP pro.

Any ideas?

A:Computer locks up when copying files

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my system is

ram: 8G

cpu: i3

system: windows 7

the files are small like 500mb

but the whole computer freezes when i m copying it to my harddrive
it's just too laggy that i couldnt even perform ctrl + alt + del.
is there anyone know what the problem is?

A:my computer freezes with i am copying some files from DVD to HD

What type of hard Drive is it? Single HD or multiple HDs?

It may just be the drive is really busy or the CD/DVD drive is having issues reading the disc causing some hangs.

Does everything return to normal after the copy? Also, is just that particular disc or from any disc.

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Now I know what your thinking: its probably the hard drive.
When the HD is running full out (i.e copying files or playing games) the computer randomly freezes. I mean, in the middle of a transfer that lasts longer than a few seconds there is a chance of the computer completely freezing on me.(no BSOD either...) I was lucky and managed to copy all my important pics and documents, but all my games and 2 years worth of bookmarks were lost.
First off, I tried copying the files from the supposed 'faulty' hard drive onto my secondary drives. Since the transfers were freezing halfway on Win 7, I went on to my Ubuntu installation on the same harddrive to try and copy my files only to find the computer freezing again. So having eliminated the Windows installlation stability, I determined it must be my HDD, and decided to run a spin write level four check only to have it run to a critical error about 2 days through the scan. (I think I have the error message codes if anyone can make sense out of them...)By this time Windows 7 was completely not booting, and was freezing on the windows logo loading screen.
So I decided to sacrifice my games and bookmarks and reinstalled Windows 7 to find the same error.
Being fed up with the same error again and again, I decided to replace the suspect of the problem ( I was sure it was the HD.)So i replaced it with a 750GB Segate Barracuda, and recently when I was copying a file again, the same freeze reappeared..

I cant return the HD (sinc... Read more

A:Computer freezing when copying files

Have you run memtest?

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Hi everyone,

I am running into an issue I have never seen. I had a friends laptop that i was upgrading from windows 7. I took out his hard drive and plugged it into my windows 8 machine and backed up the files to my pc and then formatted and installed windows 8.

Once I got it all back up i setup the user profile Matt and then took the hard drive back out the laptop and plugged it into my machine to copy the (my docs, my music, my photos, etc.) back to the laptop drive. So i sat and waited for 2 hours while it copied 100GB back to the laptop drive. Once it finished i plugged the drive back into the laptop and when i booted into windows 8, non of the files appear... Nothing!

The computer doesnt even register that i copied 100GB onto the hard drive. It shows only that i am using 30GB of the 500GB drive which is not the case. When i took the drive out and plugged it into my machine to test, everything showed up as it was. So I confirmed i did copy the 100GB to the laptop drive. But when i put it back into the laptop, nothing shows up...

What could be causing this to happen? Is is because when i had it hooked to my desktop (windows 8) it was using my profile and hid the files? I am stumped... any help would be great.

on a side note... when i goto the bottom left start square that pops up.. and i right click on it. None of the (computer management, device manager, event viewer, etc.) options don't appear. Could the profile be corrupt?


A:files missing after copying to computer

Hi there, i know this is frustrating but I have a few questions first..

Can you verify that his data is in your backup folder and is complete?

Where did you copy his backed up data to?

Did you use windows explorer or another program to copy the files?

Copying files to system folders like MY DOCUMENTS, MY PICTURES, etc.. can be tricky

Its possible you may have copied them to the shortcut of MY DOCUMENTS which will actually copy it to YOUR MY DOCUMENTS because the system sees those shortcuts as %USERPROFILE%\My Documents instead of D:\user\my documents for example.

The difference being one is on the system's drive and the other on a different drive.

Check your folders to see if they have been copied there instead.

To see his actual drive from your computer, the path will be (drive\Users\Matt\My Documents..... etc..

If you go to his drive from your computer and just click MY DOCUMENTS, you will be looking at yours..

Let us know what youve found, and well get his data back where it belongs..

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I have searched for a fix on these boards and have been unable to find one yet, so I figured I would just put my problem out there. I purchased a new WD SATA drive and hooked up to the onboard connector. I did not have any issues installing windows on this drive nor did I have any issues using the WD DataLifeguard tools to copy drive partitions from my old dying drive to new partitions on the SATA. Once I got XP up and running, I attempted to manually copy other files over from my other IDE drive to one of the new partitions and the computer froze up. I restarted, tried again, and froze up again. After trying this several times, I decided to move on and install programs/games (all to SATA partitions.) I can play games, surf the net, pretty much do anything I want without it freezing. But as soon as I go back to trying to copy files from the SATA to the IDE drive it freezes up again. Another note of interest is that I setup a FTP server and connected to it through an FTP client, and uploaded (copied) the files from the SATA to the IDE drive without issues. Went back and tried to manually copy files again and it froze up almost instantly. Any help would be appreciated.

mobo - Chaintech SPT800
graphics - ATI Radeon 9600
pcu - Pentium 4 3.2ghz
ram - 1.25gb (I think they are PNY)
hdd - WD SATA 300mb/s 250gb (jumpers are set to run at 150mb/s due to mobo limit)
- WD400BB (40gb IDE)

not sure what else to list.

A:computer freezes while copying files from sata to ide

Finney said:

...from my other IDE drive to one of the new partitions...
...copy files from the SATA to the IDE drive...Click to expand...

Which way is it? Or is it both?

Have you updated your motherboard drivers? That contains a southbridge (SATA) driver.

Pretty good 1st post, please read the link in my signature to ensure you continue to make decent posts.

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I'm currently writing a script to copy files from 3 Windows 2003 Server VM's, zipping them up and the off loading them to the host OS (another windows 2003 server).

I have the script all ready to go. Theres no issue copying files between the VM's but I cannot copy to the Host machine. It has to do with the fact that to copy to the host you need to login.

Is there a way to do this in a script form?

I've written the script in python and commands are being done by calling them directly to the os.

IE files are copied using the dos copy command.

*edit* just hadnt set up the permissions on the source directory properly.

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Hi folks,

I am running a freshly built Win7 x64 desktop. Bought a Netgear wnda3100v2 wireless adapter to connect to my router (asus rt-n56u). The connection runs fine most of the time - web access is OK, same with accessing a shared HDD connected directly to the router. But when i try copying files from another Home group machine (win7 ultimate DELL Inspiron laptop), network connection immediately dies altogether - i need to remove the adapter and plug it back in to resume network connection. There are no problems accessing the files, it's the copying that is broken.
I tried using both Netgear native drivers and these - same results.
Couple of questions:
- Why is there such a weird connection loss?
- I guess i will return the adapter to amazon.com. Any suggestion for a more reliable dual-band adapter?

Thanks, David

A:USB wireless adapter crashes while copying files from another computer

Quote: Originally Posted by buras12

Hi folks,

I am running a freshly built Win7 x64 desktop. Bought a Netgear wnda3100v2 wireless adapter to connect to my router (asus rt-n56u). The connection runs fine most of the time - web access is OK, same with accessing a shared HDD connected directly to the router. But when i try copying files from another Home group machine (win7 ultimate DELL Inspiron laptop), network connection immediately dies altogether - i need to remove the adapter and plug it back in to resume network connection. There are no problems accessing the files, it's the copying that is broken.
I tried using both Netgear native drivers and these - same results.
Couple of questions:
- Why is there such a weird connection loss?
- I guess i will return the adapter to amazon.com. Any suggestion for a more reliable dual-band adapter?

Thanks, David

HI David

It might not be the adapter. It might be Homegroup and IPv6. One way to check is to create a new network connection using "workgroup" (it uses IPv4).

If this workaround works you can disable IPv6 and kill homegroup.

IPv6 has connectiv ity issues on SOME systems (especially legacy systems)

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I was on my new hp pavilion( two weeks old. a $325 after tax) earlier today and I recieved pop ups with the same screen as the comand prompt screen. After the third one came up. Said that 3 files have been copied.I dont know what this means. Im in the process of doing a factory reset on the computer. Has windows 8.

A:computer system started copying files and I have no reason why.

what you could do is, go to event viewer and check what exactly happened so you will be aware of it.

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I have a home network with two computers. Both comps have Win7 64. The network permission settings that I can find are correct on both computers.

I followed the instructions on this link below even though it is for vista, as it was the closest thing I could find. All goes well but when I do the last step of dragging and dropping the folder or try to simply copy and paste the folder to the folder in the other computer, it simply puts a shortcut in the destination folder which does not even work. It does not copy the folder and I have no idea why. I am obviously missing something and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Copy files to another computer

A:Trouble copying files to another computer on home network

Are you trying to use the Homegroup folders for this?

Because they aren't really designed for copy and paste per say. You should be using the User folders for copy and pasting of files.

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Recently I am experiencing a strange issue... I consulted some of my IT trained friends and they were looking at me like "what?"

When I'm copying songs from my laptop to my mp3 player, it happens that some of the songs get mixed up. Literally mixed into each other. Like, you start playing a ballad and then the last 10-15 seconds belong to a completely different song (say, a rock song) that you haven't even copied into to your mp3 player! Like, I was listening to Cascada Because the night and suddenly the few seconds of a Muse song NOT physically present on my mp3 player started to play - and the Cascada song credits were running on the display screen. I was like, holy sheesh?? Did my computer just turn into a random DJ?

This happened a couple of times to other songs too. I copied the file back from the mp3 player to the hard drive of my laptop and played it: same result! The change seems to be permanent.

Anyone knows what this is?

Thanks :)

A:Computer mixes mp3 songs into each other when copying multiple files


I would lean towards the mp3 player, maybe check to see if theres a firmware update..

do you still have the original files on your laptop? are they ok? whats the make and model of mp3 player? (if you don't mind)

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Could someone please help me with this .dmp file? I was dj'ing outside with my laptop two days ago and a gust of wind launched it off the laptop stand and slammed it onto the paved sidewalk. I believe there is something wrong with the hd.

I've been trying to copy my music library onto an external hd but 2 or 3 minutes into the copying process the comp freezes and restarts.

Any help would be appreciated. I'll have to send it back to Dell but i'd like to know what's going on before I talk to them at customer service.


A:Computer freezes and restarts while copying files to an external HD

>Something wrong with the hd

Given the report of what happened it is likely.

It may be possible that the drive is okay.
I would use CrystalDiskInfo to do a quick-check on the the drive.
Then, unless you get a flag that your drive health is bad, I would follow that with ChkDsk.
ChkDsk may allow you to recover / repair at least part of your drive.

To use chkdsk,
using windows explorer, right click on your drive then, click properties.
Click the tab that says "tools" .
Under "error checking" click the button that says "check now".

In any case, given the "abuse" that has accidentally happened, I would suggest changing the hard drive, and reinstalling windows.
It may be possible to recover some of your data afterward, using a product like Apricorn's DriveWire.
Or perhaps even just a usb enclosure for your drive...
but read that as "maybe", not "should be possible".

You may have issues beyond the hard drive.
Let us know how these starting ideas go for you, and we'll go from there.


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I am facing an issue while attempting Remote Desktop Connection from Windows 7 Professional machine.
When trying to take an RDP of a Windows 2016 Server using "MSTSC - Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection" I get an error " This computer can't connect to the remote computer. Try connecting again. If the problem continues, contact the owner
of the remote computer or your network administrator."
However, when I select the "Connect and don't warn me" option in the advanced section of Server Authentication Tab (MSTSC), it connects.
Can anyone please guide me to resolve this problem ? Do I need to make changes at the server end or the Desktop level ?
The version of Remote Desktop Connection I am using is "Shell Version 6.2.9200, Remote Desktop Protocol 8.0 Supported"

Swapnil Malpani

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 from 8.0 and my MS Skydrive experience has taken a major nosedive. Where to begin... I can't upload new files to "the cloud" from my local computer. All previous 53GB of data is on my computer and SkyDrive are there - I just can't upload new files. Are my locals files in sync with MS SkyDrive? I don't know; the familiar green check mark on my file folders are gone. Does this mean the file folders on my computer and those on MS SkyDrive are not syncing? Also, I can create a folder on the SkyDrive app I have on my mobile phone and it will appear on my computer in about 10 - 15 seconds, but if I create a new folder on my home computer in the SkyDrive folder, it won't appear on my mobile phone's SkyDrive app. Frustrated!

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How can I get rid of this files/shortcuts showing in Network Locations located in My Computer?

This image might explain more

If I try deleting the files, it deletes the file in the C drive as well.

A:Local files showing in Network Locations in My Computer?

Option 2 method 1 in the link below is to unmap network locations, not so sure about network folders which have no drive letter but the tutorials should help.

Map Network Drive

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I want to log into and work on files located in a remote computer.
Please advise how to go about it. I am using Windows 98.

Thanks in advance to everybody for their good work !

A:Accessing Files by dialing into remote computer

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Scripting on local computer files (or LAN files) is disabled
after standard installation of IE 8.

How to enable scripting on them?

Any link to Microsoft documentation describing this security situation?

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Just bought new computer and need to copy address book AND many e-mails from old computer to new. Old O/S is Win 98, new O/S is Win XP. Can these be copied to floppy? Don't understand IMPORT/EXPORT. Also want to copy "Favorites" from old to new.

Any help appreciated.

A:copying e-mails & address book from old computer to new computer

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I have a Windowa XP laptop by Gateway, when I copy DVD's everything I do on my computer gets very slow. Is there anything that I can do to speed up my computer so that I can run other programs at the same time?


A:XP slows down when copying DVD's

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There is a remote computer/ server logging on and and controlling my computer.
I realized that it has changed around around my files
When I go into My computer, my profile windows logon is a folder under there along with the drives.
There is also another folder called Common Files. I think THIS remote computer has changed my log on TO BE A dependent on a service that is logged on. Its called IANMAN COMPUTER. This is a personal home computer and the only one. So its not part of a network

Commodo firewall REported/ detected that I was a new netwotk was dected that I was a part of

The Hijack this log is pretty uslewss and does not show much.

I found these lines using Regrun/ Unhackme:
Windows Core Components tab in Regrun/ Unhackme
Active Setup items
"%ProgramFiles%\Outlook Express\ setup50.exe" /APP:OE /CALLER:WINTT /user install
shows this target file in system
"%ProgramFiles%\Outlook Express\ setup50.exe" /APP:WAB /CALLER:WINTT /user install
shows this target file in system
%systemRoot%\system32\regsvr32.exe /s /n /i:UserInstall %SystemRoot%\system32themeui.dll
shows this target file in system
%systemroot%\system32\shmgrate.exe OCInstallUserConfigIE
points to
%system... Read more

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When i copy files from CD's my system slows down quite a bit.. and if i'm running winamp its like someone hit the slow motion button...

any suggestions on whats the problem and how to fix is greatly appreciated. =)


AMD 1.4g - 512mb RAM
Brand new install of win2k Pro, service pack 4, Dx9.0b, all other updates.

SBLive 5.1 Gamer, G4-4600128mb

A:system slows down when copying form cd

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Here's the command:
shutdown -r -t 1 -m \\computername
I can ping computername
Windows Firewall is disabled
3rd-party antivirus firewall is not installed
Any ideas how to fix this?

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I have a wireless router for my home desktop computer and a wireless capable laptop computer. I can access the laptop from my desktop and add or change files on it. I can see the files on my desktop from my laptop, but I can't open or change them. How do I "allow" access from my laptop to my desktop?

A:Allowing access to home computer from remote computer

first, UNSHARE whatever is currently being shared on the desktop.

Now find the folder(s) you wish to share, start the sharing setup and be sure to [x]
allow changes / modifications.

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I am having trouble establishing how to make a remote desktop connection using RDP from my home computer which is on a workgroup to my work laptop which is on a domain. I work from home occasionally and would like to be able to use RDP in order to use my keyboard mouse and monitor without buying a KVM switch. I am able to establish a remote desktop connection FROM my domain (work) laptop TO my workgroup (home) PC, but not vice versa, i.e. FROM workgroup TO domain computer.

I have searched online and found information about going from domain to workgroup, but not the other way around. Most online information was focused on IT professional server management that I am not completely familiar with such as active directory etc...

I have checked My Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > System Properties > Remote tab on both computers. Both computers are set to allow connections from any version of Remote Desktop. I ran network connection statistics cmd "netstat -a" and both computers show listening state for port 3389. I ran remote desktop query session cmd "qwinsta" which lists rdp-tcp.

After going to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > see full map > Network Map, I am able to see both computers on the network from either machine. Under Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Allowed Programs, for the workgroup computer Remote Desktop is allowed for home networks, and for the domain computer Remote... Read more

A:Remote Desktop from workgroup computer to domain computer

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Do you have either VPN or Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) setup? Your Network Admin should be able to assist you. We use RDS at work and works well for me and everybody.

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The title says it all! Basically I have a comp running XP pro and I want to be able to work locally on one user account, with some kind of remote access server running on another XP user account so that the remote account and the local account can be used simultaniously. I know that this cannot be done with XP Pro remote desktop and could be by Windows Server 2003 remote desktop, but i need an alternate solution to make this happen.



A:Alternate Remote Desktop application for Simultanious Local/Remote Access

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I have two systems, "desktop" and "laptop", peer-to-peer networked on my home LAN both running Vista Ultimate SP1. I routinely use Remote Desktop from desktop to laptop. I am accustomed to simply closing the RDP window on desktop (and perhaps reopening it one or more times) and then if I want to use laptop directly, logging back into it from the Windows login window.

Recently (I apologize, but I can't be more specific) I find that (1) I cannot log back into a session after I have closed the RDP window on desktop, (2) I cannot log back into laptop from its logon window. I also find logging out of the RDP session rather than merely closing the window makes no difference. In either case, when I look at the logon window on laptop I see the message saying a remote user is logged in, and if I try to log in anyway, it hangs indefinitely at the "Welcome" window and must be restarted.

I cannot identify any software change to this system that might be responsible. In fact with the exception of Windows Updates I don't think there have been any. The system is a Dell Latitude D830 and all its drivers are the most current.

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I have two computers running Windows XP. Let's call them Acquiring and Processing.

Processing has SP3. Acquiring has SP2 and is behind a hardware firewall/router. (cannot upgrade to SP3 due to some software it has to run that will crap out if the computer is upgraded, hence the firewall.)

I configured the firewall/router to give Acquiring a specific address, and to open the port for remote desktop, and to forward anything coming in on that port to the Acquiring computer, which is the only device on that router in any case.

When I go to the Processing computer and try to Remote Desktop to the Acquiring computer, the login window comes up without a hitch. Once I type in the username and password and try to login, however, the desktop of the remote computer won't load. I get the little bar at the top of the screen with the computer name and the option to minimize or close, I can see and move the mouse, but the rest of the screen is completely black. Eventually I just end up closing the remote session (without logging off though, since I am not given that option)

Over on the Acquiring computer, the screen hasn't been locked as per usual. I can still see the desktop, but the computer is frozen. I have no mouse, and I can't even get the keyboard to toggle the lights for numlock and capslock. I then have to do a hard reboot of the Acquiring computer to get it un-frozen.

Can anyone help me try and figure out why this connection isn't working, and what I ... Read more

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Hi! I have 2 hard drives in my system and the one that doesn't have Windows on it is really slow. Anything that I copy onto it or move to it makes everything go excessively slow. Even moving the mouse on screen shows up almost like a slideshow as opposed to its normal speed. The Hard Drive is mostly empty and has been defragged as of last night. The other hard drive operates normally and the speed of everything moves the way it should. Troubleshooting the drive shows that everything is working normally and it's already checked for optimized use. Does anybody have any ideas?

A:Hard Drive slows to a crawl when copying

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So, I had remote desktop working on my computer for about two years and now it doesn't work anymore. Every time I try to access it from another computer (I don't have and don't know how to get a domain name, so I just use my IP address, which I get from whatismyip.com), I get an error message saying I cannot connect to the remote computer.

As far as I know, I have done everything right. I enabled remote desktop in system properties, I created a static IP address in TCP/IP properties, and I configured my router to forward the default port (3389) to the correct local IP address I specified. I have disabled windows firewall and put mstsc on my list of exceptions for the firewall that I use (BitDefender). I also pinged my IP address and received all packets sent.

I am running windows xp professional with sp3.

Any suggestions?

A:remote desktop problem: cannot connect to remote computer

try using the computer name to connect right click on the my computer icon and select properties and then the computer name use the full computer name. while your in there check the remote tab make sure the allow user to connect remotely to this computer is checked. on both pc's. also make sure both machines have xp pro i know you can only go one way between pro and home edition can't remember which.

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Remote Desktop Connection wants the IP or name of the remote computer to connect to. But suppose the remote computer is behind a router. The router has one WAN IP, say, which will be the same for all the computers connected off of that router, (when you google "my ip" from any of them) and then each computer connected off of the router will have a LAN IP, something like So if I want to help the person connected to the computer (and not the person connected at off of this router what do I tell Remote Desktop Connection at my computer to reach them?


A:Identifying remote computer for Remote Desktop Connection

I would use teanviewer its a lot simpler to setup

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We have several remote systems that can all connect fine. I am having an issue with one box. It is a windows 7 home premium machine with netgear wireless nic. When I open mstsc to connect to a remote machine I put in the ip address and click on connect. I receive an immediate failure with the text "This computer can't connect to the remote computer. Try connecting again...blah blah"

I have a server 2008 r2 with Network level authentication enabled. I have 8 other systems that are hardwired, at different geographic locations and all connect fine.

I have not made any changes on the server side since this problem seems to be local to this client only.

On the client I have made the following changes/observations. I have disabled the firewall, cleared the remote desktop cache, remove the MRU entries from the registry, verified that port 3389 is open via telnet. I have been bashing my head for days trying to figure out why this one box is not working. The problem occurs for every user on the box including the admin.

I don't receive the box that prompts for warning if there is a server authentication issue but I think that is because I selected ignore at some point and said yes to continue. I'm not sure where that cache resides to delete that selection. I'm not sure if that is where my problem lies or not. Can anyone please assist?

A:Remote Desktop Client 6.1 Cannot connect to remote computer

Welcome to SF,

From the Remote computer please try this, if unsuccessful please post back.
Click on Start and type secpol.msc. Then go to Local Security Policy=> Local Policies=> User Rights Assigment=> Choose Allow Log on Locally and select the User or Group that needs to access this computer remotely. Also select Allow Logon to Remote Desktop Services (if you have RDS or Terminal Services configured in your Win08 Server). Try to remote connect after.

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can anyone help me out with this one. After the computer being on for a while (can be anywhere from an hour to two hours) the computer slows down. I have read something about Leaking RAM but don't know if this would be the cause. The problem is solved once I shut down & restart the PC but it often takes forever for the shut down to occur. Any ideas of things to try would be greatly helpful. The computer is AMD 400, 64 MB RAM & the O/S is Win98. Thanks.

A:Computer Slows

All the fans running? It could be caused by the power supply getting ready to go out. I've seen it happen a lot. They're easy to replace. How old is the computer?

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I have a new computer that has a raid 0 setup. Every so often the mouse will stick and release every half second and the sound will jutter when I play games or listen to music etc. When I switch off my wireless connection the problem goes away. I have been speaking to novatech and in the end I did a 4 hour mem test whihc found no errors and I flashed my bios as gigabyte release an update that improves win 7 compatibility. Im in college and the system admins noticed that in my processes my smss.exe is sitting at 4,295,002,215 and one of the sysem svchost.exe is sitting at 4,295,957,296. They gradually increase and never come down. There computers and my laptop are no where near these levels.

Novatech dont no what this is. Im waiting to see if the computer plays up again before I ask them to fix it(under guarntee. But I want to know why are these processes so high as this is over 8gb of constant I/O and could be part of the problem. I have ran multiple AVs with nothing found and the smss.exe is located in system32 so its not malware, I hope.

Any suggestions?

A:Computer slows down.

It is now passed 18gb amd increasing. Obviously this is what causing the lagging problem as eventually it will make the raid volume very active and everything else will suffer.

Could it be the actual os image thats bad?

Ive ran alot of spyware and avs with no joy

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