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Large peak commit charge at start up

Q: Large peak commit charge at start up

When I first log on after boot up and immediately open the windows Task Manager I always find a peak commit charge of around 427450 (see attachment) plus or minus 50.

Because my daily applications never use this much memory this peak charge does not increase during the day. But next morning at start up there it is again, very consistent.

Microsoft Bootvis shows only explorer.exe and Sygate Personal firewall running at start up.

HiJackThis shows nothing of concern (see attachment)

dxdiag shows no problems.

How can I determine what is using so much memory at start up?

XP Home SP2, ASUS A8V Deluxe, AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 1 GB (dual 512) Kingston, everything latest updates and versions.

Preferred Solution: Large peak commit charge at start up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Large peak commit charge at start up

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Greetings All,

Hope this is the correct forum. I just recently purchased an off lease HP NC6230 laptop pre-loaded with XP Pro SP 2. The laptop boots ridiculously fast and all programs operate flawlessly. My question is more out of curiosity than anything else as I don't have any issues...yet. I want to make sure I don't have a possible future issue that will cause me to have to reinstall XP or do something else and thereby lose all the programs I'm about to download/install.

Only because I recently added memory to my other HP laptop and my older Dell Dimension desktop am I now more familiar with Task Manager. So the first thing I did after booting up the NC6230 was check the task manager. I have 2 GB RAM and my concern is that the Peak Commit Charge right after startup is at 1.8 GB. My other HP laptop has 2 GB and, even after using programs all day, maybe hits 1.2GB. Same with the Dell.

It's not causing a problem but I can't figure out what's loading. There's barely anything running in the process list - the program totals don't come close to the peak charge. I did the usual cleanup in MSCONFIG startup but there's nothing there really. I then did a safe mode boot up and the peak was around 400K so there's definitely something loading or causing this "spike" during regular boot.

I've read tons of threads about similar issues but not where the safe mode is so much less. I wouldn't even sweat it but my oth... Read more

A:Large Peak Commit Charge at Startup

Commit charge is not limited to showing physical memory usage.
It includes pagefiles/virtual memory.
Take a look here for more....

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Hey friends,

Hello friends & guests this post aim at sharing information about "Commit charge" some of us must be aware of this term & many don't know what the Hell is this, so here is this article that will help you to understand another aspect of your wonderful Windows...

In computing, commit charge is a term used in Microsoft Windows operating systems to describe the total amount of virtual address space for which the backing store is the pagefile. It may be thought of as the maximum potential pagefile usage.
The Windows Task Manager utility, in its Performance tab, shows three counters related to commit charge:
? Total is the amount of pagefile-backed virtual address space in use, i.e., the current commit charge. The corresponding performance counter is called "Committed Bytes".

? Limit is the maximum possible value for Total; it is the sum of the current pagefile size plus the physical memory available for paging (this excludes RAM that is assigned to non-pageable areas). The corresponding performance counter is called "Commit Limit".

? Peak is the highest amount that the total commit charge has reached since the computer was last rebooted.

The program Process Explorer reports the same set of values with the slight variation that Total is called Current there and additionally provides percentages of Peak and Current towards the Limit value.

The commit charge increases when any program is opened and used,... Read more

A:Commit Charge

Deepak, I dont want to be rude and at least you've taken the trouble, but that kind of info (in formal, jargonized language) is available all over the internet. IMHO, you'll be doing the SF comunity much better service if you distill the concepts into simple language that even my granny can understand. As it is right now, noobies will have trouble grasping it and oldies already know it all. Again, no offense meant and think about it.

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I was wondering about the commit charge usage on my computer. I'm not sure what causes it to go up and down. Mine tends to go up, but the amount of processes I use stay the same. So I am wondering what possibly is make it go up, is there a way to figure that out? Sorry if this is an odd question, just slightly concerned about how the charge is being used.

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I'm a bit confused at how this works. Currently I'm running a very demanding game - ArmA 3. Physical Memory usage is at 60%, which is just over half of my 8GB of physical ram. I have a page file of 8192MB. That would come to a commit maximum of 16GB if I understand correctly.

I noticed however as I played, the commit charge was around 90%. How would this be possible if physical memory usage is at 60%?

A:Is this a normal commit charge?

Just going by your figures and not quite sure my logic is correct:

60% of 8GB = 4.8GB

Plus the 8GB pagefile = 12.8GB

90% of 16GB = 14.4GB

Difference of 1.6GB that could be attributed to machine overhead so it doesn't sound too serious. Though it is possible you may have a memory leak somewhere.

You yourself mentioned, "I'm running a very demanding game":

applications sometimes use a reservation to create a large block of virtual memory and then commit it as needed to ensure that the committed memory is contiguous

Scroll down to committed memory here: http://Pushing the Limits of Windows: Virtual Memory

This reservation could be why you're seeing the 90% commit rate.
Related Links:
https://memory leak detection | msdn.microsoft.com/


The Case of the Enormous Page File - Clint Huffman's Windows Troubleshooting in the Field Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

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When i start my computer i have a commit charge (i found this from the performance tab in the task maneger) of about 210 when i have my security, wireless internet, and AOL IM programs running. After my computer runs for a few hours (most of which are when im doing nothing on it and its idle) my commit charge goes up to about 297 and slowly keeps rising. I have scanned for spyware and there isnt any on my computer. Why is my computer doing this? Any ideas? Thanks for your help in advance.

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This might sound stupid but what is the commit charge (K) in task manager...Does it represent power supply usage??

A:Solved: commit charge (k) ???

Take a look at this:

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running win xp home - - computer boots up ok but kick off any application and the commit charge on the task manager is almost full immediately...cpu usage goes up and down quickly but basically cannot use the computer b/c of this virtual memory lock down even though nothing is running...also despite running spybot s/d and knocking out some spyware, etc...these performance problems are not going away...please advise...

A:commit charge blow out


It may not help, but you never know, this happened to me once. But it might be something different. I tried starting in safe mode. When i was in safe mode, everything was going at a good speed. Try that first.

Then after that i booted back into windows and went to start > Run > type msconfig

In this, i went to the startup tab and to my surprise, despite virus and spyware scans, there was a ton of rubbish that was starting up that i had no knowledge of. Some with the weirdest of names.

If you try this and untick everything that you don't need or if you don't know what it is then restart it. Then hopefully that might solve it partially.

After that, everything i managed to narrow down as spyware i took the name and searched for it in the registry and removed entires. This in turn removed it the startup list in msconfig. It also in some occassions allowed it to be picked up by spyware scans second time round. unsure why though. Hopefully it helps.

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Can some one help me? my problem is that i believe that commit charge is linked to mem usage in task manager and its just my commit charge seems to be roughly 3x what im actually using.

Screenshot here

thanks for any help in advance

A:Why is commit charge so high?

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When i start my computer i have a commit charge (i found this from the performance tab in the task maneger) of about 210 when i have my security, wireless internet, and AOL IM programs running. After my computer runs for a few hours (most of which are when im doing nothing on it and its idle) my commit charge goes up to about 297 and slowly keeps rising. I have scanned for spyware and there isnt any on my computer. Why is my computer doing this? Any ideas? Thanks for your help in advance.

A:Commit Charge slowly rises, HELP!

Google is your friend

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I'm having memory leaks, I think,  in Windows 8. 
After some time it accumulates commit charge to the max.
Right now, it is 150h of running (by the idle CPU) and it has 16G in commit charges. Physical stays at ~4-5G at all times. With time commit charge goes to ~32G and suystem starts to be sluggish more and more in the process. Here's the RAMMap:

and here's the top memory users.. 

I'm using Windows 8 on Samsung Series 7 Laptop
CPU: i7-3635QM
RAM: 8G + 16G Express cache 
Video: Nvidia GT640M + Intel HD 4000
I have tied to disable Express cache without effect
I updated the video drivers and it seemed to improve a bit, but still has similar effect.
Every time I reboot it starts almost normal with 3-4G of physical use and a bit more commit, and then grows. 

A:Memory leaks - high commit charge

the nonpaged pool is too high. Use poolmon.exe from the WDK to trace which pooltag is the cause. Now use findstr to see which driver uses the tag.

Microsoft explained this here in detail:
Troubleshooting Pool Leaks Part 2 ? Poolmon

I looked at some of those issues and new Samsung devices have a software Intellimem installed which uses the Pool tag ECMC in the driver intmsd.sys. Look if you also have this issue."A programmer is just a tool which converts caffeine into code"

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I have a laptop that runs XP home. When I go into task manager in the bottom right where 'commit charge' is displayed it has xxxk/49! . Now the xxxk is always changing but the 49!(exclamation point) stays the same. This laptop will freeze up if I attempt to do windows update or run a couple of other pgms. Any ideas?
Bill, Tx
I forgot to mention that I have already downloaded and run Malewarebytes and it found nothing.

A:Strange commit charge in task manager

Can you post a screen shot of the performance?
How much RAM do you have installed?
How large is your hdd, and how much free space do you have.
There are three figures for the commit charge, the total, limit, and peak.  What are the two figures you have posted.

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So, new to these forums, and I'm getting kind of desperate.

Starting this morning, whenever I am using my computer, my commit charge is sitting at over 3000. Right now, it's sitting at 3800.

This is what it was a few minutes ago. GBtray is Game Booster, something I use when I play World of Warcraft, but it's currently not on, just inactive in the tray.

I have ran spyware, adware, malware, and virus scans, as well as CCleaner.

None have shown anything, nor fixed this. I see nothing that would cause this massive of a commit charge.

Does anyone know what might be wrong?

A:Massively High Commit Charge/Pagefile?

It may not be the actual PF usage you are seeing.

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hi, i posted on the Viruses/Malware forum 3 days ago & haven't received a response, but after some further research, i'm pretty sure this isn't a virus or malware issue (hoping i'm not going to have to wait another few days on this forum). The problem essentially has to do with the svchost.exe process. Whenever i opened internet explorer or firefox, the system would gradually bog down, taking forever to do any simple task, and eventually freeze up. The CPU usage would also gradually climb to 100% and stay there, mostly used by svchost.

Now, i think i found a temporary solution to the CPU usage problem, by stopping "Automatic Updates" in the "Computer Management" window, and changing the startup type to "disabled." CPU usage is now low while using the internet and the computer hasn't gotten extremely slow or frozen since making the change. If I have to keep automatic updates off in order to avoid this problem, then i guess it's not a huge deal to just use the microsoft website for updates... but it'd be great if i could turn it back on.

However, I think that might've merely eliminated one symptom but not the real problem, because the commit charge is still very high (2250M/2900M), again mostly due to svchost (according to process explorer). From what i've read, this should be no more than 400-500M. There are a few other issues I'd like to tackle as well, but I'd like to fix this one firs... Read more

A:svchost.exe causing high CPU usage & commit charge

Have you tried disabling AVG or ZoneAlarm, one at the time?

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When I Open task manager on WinXP (SP2) the commit charge is significantly higher than the sum of the mem usage in the processes tab... anyone knows why? (and yes I do have show processes from all users checked). the delta increases the longer my computer is on...
I attached the processes list the commit charge is 1101/2455M at this time

IBM T43 1.86Mhz Pentium M, 1gb memory

A:Commit Charge inconsistency with process mem usage on task manager

They're two separate things,you'll notice that it matches the PF Usage,this is the paging file,but it's not the actual amount of memory used but what's been allocated just in case it's needed.

Because you've got so many processes running it's set to a high level,as an example I've got 38 processes running and a commit charge of 285mb,but my highest page file usage has only been 11mb.

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Hello everyone this is my first post here and I'm needy today...

My company has most access to the hardware/software locked down so I'm limited to the things I can do.

My problem is that my computer runs slow. I'm on XP and have several files for our customer base; email is huge but I keep most of them in archives in my Outlook 2007 I have 3 different inboxes one for my main corp email, one for voice mails through Call Pilot and the other for the department I run. I also have an ACCESS database that runs I open and store information in for purchases of our customers since 2009.

Not every day but several days throughout a month my computer will begin to lag similar to how your pc reacts when it's updating new files from Microsoft and along with this the computer begins to run loudly like a jet engine going to take off - it's really not that loud but it's noticeable.

I have given up on working with our IT team as it usually takes them quite a while sitting at my desk to complete a simple task (i'm really SOL if I need a pw to complete the task then I have to rely on them) so what I normally do is troubleshoot items through a Google search and fix it myself. For this I'm stumped.

I will open TaskManger but I really don't know what I'm looking for. I understand the Applications tab but the others that I can view are Processes, Performance and Networking. I will go to processes and begin ending items and hope that things will... Read more

A:Slow Comp - Task Manager - Commit Charge etc questions

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Hey guys, first off hats off to all you people who help others with computer issues in their spare time.

Ok firstly il give you the specs:

3.06 Ghz Pentium 4, 512 Ram, XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 3.

I use Bit Defender total security (which I have had problems with sometimes) and have scanned for malware, virus's etc and found nothing. I have also formatted my computer within the last 6 months. I also have plenty of space on C: and D: .

Here is a screen of Task Manager:

(note, I have just messed around with the page file usage, switching a lot of the memory onto my external hard drive, however this doesn't seem to make a difference and my computer still grinds to a sludge with little programmes running)

Here are the processes:

These screenshots are within 5 mins of startup, and I haven't opened any programmes up apart from Chrome and Hijack.

Most of the time the commit charge is like 1500000 with my physical memory being 512mb obv. But what I don't understand is why my computer thinks it needs to use up all the RAM and all the page file memory!!

For the past like year my computer has been spiking with the CPU and the page file usage is always near to full, I receive the "Virtual Memory too low" warning on a fair few occasions too.

Now at the moment, my computer seems to be working alright, but literally within 5 mins, or once I start 'working' on my computer the fans go crazy, websites takes a million years to load, t... Read more

A:Page file usage rediculous, commit charge high....And can't find solution!!!! :(

first of all, having a page file on an external drive is going to be slow. way slower than any internal drive. second of all nowadays you should let windows manage your page file. third of all, if you do set a custom page file, allow it to grow dynamically as it is needed.

remove windows desktop search, unless you use it and really need it.

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Taskmaster has a couple of items that I don't understand and I'd appreciate a simple, nerd at the keyboard, explanation

What does "Commit Charge: 850M/3432" mean and should I be doing some different?

I can figure out that the column CPU indicates how much of the CPU is being used but "Mem Usage" is over my head. What Memory is being used?



A:what is a "Commit Charge" etc.

This may be a bit more than the "simple, nerd" wishes.

But, have a look and if it does't help, post back.

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I have Windows XP Pro, SP2.

In Windows Task Manager under the Performance tab under the graphs they list some system resources. One of which is "Commit Charge". Can somebody please tell me what commit charge is?


A:What is "Commit Charge"?

This may help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commit_charge

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I have an A30p 2653-64u running winXP with 1 meg memory, that I installed after purchase.  I moved my Hard drive from my other A30p to it (same model). Upon arrival from the seller, it started up once, before I changed the RAM, HD and Battery.  Now it does not start up from the battery that has a good charge or AC brick (adapter).  It does not even show that it is charging from the AC brick.  Is there a fuse somewhere that I do not know about that could have blown to render this unit completely dead?  No LEDs come on when plugged in to the AC brick.  THe Brick does work, since it will charge the battery I installed in my other A30p.  I do note that it appears that the round plug that the AC brick plugs into seems to wobble and a small piece of plastic from the case is missing.  I assume that a previous owner banged the charging cord sideways to cause the damage... However, it started up the one time when I first got it. (PS-George, this is where I got the other screen for my other problem LOL -- I hope to get one good one out of the two!! )

A:A30p does not start up or charge

Let's try this: unplug the adapter and battery, remove the hard and media drives. Press the "power" button ten times in a row holding it down for ten seconds each time and thirty seconds the last time around.Plug the AC adapter (but nothing else) in and try to power on. If this fail, try powering it from a charged battery.Good luck and keep us posted.

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So I was using my laptop last night while it was plugged in. Although it said it was charging, the battery level kept going down to the point it was on 0%. But while there, the laptop still ran for at least 15 minutes, then it died. I tried another outlet but it wouldn't charge and now I can't get on my computer. I tried the battery draining method hoping it would work but it didn't. Is my computer done for or is it able to be saved?

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When the battery is in place and the charger is plugged in, I get 3 flashes of the charging LED.Help me please

A:My Laptop won't charge won't start

Hi Tumsa, and welcome to TSG. It sounds like a battery or charging problem. The exact nature of the problem and possible solutions would depend on your specific brand and exact model number of your laptop computer.

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Will not come on are charge

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Hi Folks, I was using my W540 when it stopped charging, and amidst all my efforts in trouble shooting to identify the problem, it got completely dicharged and stopped.I tried the options of removing the battery and cable and pressing the power button for 20 secs but nothing works.I am not sure if it is a power input problem or power button problem or motherboard problem.I have given it to the Lenovo autorised service center but they are saying it is motherboard problem, something I cannot easily digest, considering that the Laptop was working pefectly, except that, it was not charging the last occassion when it went dead. I have had W540 for 2 years, and it has held me good except for Keyboard keys not working issue around 6 months ago, for which I had been using a USB keyboard. Appreciate any help in diagonising the issue.Also, would like to know the compatible motherboard #, as most of the parts I search seems 'not available' Regards,Kevin

A:W540 does not charge or start- Help!!!

I assume your warranty has expired.  It is impossible to diagnose without seeing it.  I assume the service center tried a different AC adapter, so something is wrong in the machine.  There are 2 parts - the jack and the motherboard.  Again, I would expect the service center would diagnose a bad power jack.  On the motherboard, there is a main fuse and an array of power transistors. The service center does not do any kind of repair that involves soldering, so, for them, a fuse or a bad power transistor is the same.  You might find an independent shop that could change a fuse, but most don't do it.  If I were checking it, I would test the fuse with a meter and if it were bad, I would be sure to test the adapter before plugging it into anything. Fuses blow for some reason, and over-voltage input is one of those reasons.
The motherboard comes in many flavors.  There are 2 graphics chips.  Then they can be with or without TPM and/or AMT.  There are also different embedded windows licenses.  I would need to know what you have in order to know what you need,

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Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you

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My HP 14-r233TU showed blackscreen when powered on with caps lock blinking error light but after three days of not using it, it stopped powering on neither will it charge when connected to an AC charger. Pls i need your help.

A:My HP 14-r233TU won't start or charge

Remove the battery and connnect the power adapter. Does the power led light up? Can you press the power button and boot into Windows now?

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My laptop will not charge, nor will it boot up. I'm assuming it won't boot up because its battery is drained, but it won't charge nonetheless. The charging indicator does not engage when the charger is plugged in.  I don't think the charger is malfunctioning giving that I can still hear something when I stick it to my ear. I bought this laptop on Nov 2, 2016 - it is now Jan 13, 2017, and it has malfunctioned. Any help would be appreciated given that this laptop is $1.5K.  Thank you.

A:Laptop won't start/charge

Hi,Do a hard reset: http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c01684768If charging indicator doesn't light up on plugging in to AC outlet, then either AC adapter charger/power cord is gone or power connector/motherboard is at fault.I'll go for first one and try getting new adapter for checking this out.Since you're within warranty, HP would do repair or replacement free of cost.Contact HP in your region:https://support.hp.com/us-en/contact-hp/product/HP-Spectre-13-4100-x360-Convertible-PC/8499273/model...Warranty check:http://support.hp.com/us-en/checkwarranty/RegardsVisruth

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Hi, My T550 worked fine yesterday on battery. Then, today, it was dead. When connecting the power supply, both the on/off button and the red dot over the i on the back side of the screen makes a couple of blinks, but nothing more happens. The PC is dead. However, when connecting a phone through a USB port on the PC while the power supply is connected, the phone will charge - which means that the power supply must work. I have tried all kinds of procedures.... takeing battery out, pushing on/off button in for 20-30 secs, power cord in, pushing F2 button in sequence, battery in....in various orders - but the PS will not start nor start charging the battery. Does anyone have another good advice that might work? Thanks! 

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A while back I had a problem, where whenever a sound was played, even if the speakers were down and muted, I would hear a pop from my speakers. So I deleted the Realtek HD audio driver (supplied through Samsung SW update) and my problem was solved! I'm just using the standard Microsoft ones atm.
New problem has occurred now though (It didn't start straight after deleting the realtek driver and I tried a system restore to before the loud pop started but it makes no difference). Every time I start up my laptop even if my speakers are turned down, on silent or disabled there is a massive pop from the speakers just before windows starts. I'm really worried it's damaging the laptop or the speakers. I also tried reinstalling the Realtek driver and the problem was still there.
Windows 8.1
Samsung NP550P5C

Thanks in advance.

A:Large pop from speakers at start up

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I have too many programs in the start menu right now, so that rught now i have one program that is half off the screen in the start menu. i use the new start menu but if i use the classic start menu i can get to that last program. Besides deleting things or changeing the start menu style is there anything i can do?

A:Start menu too large

i moved alot into folders for similar programs but find it easier just to use the classic

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Think my table restarted on it's own earlier. Startup screen popped up randomly, signed it then didn't use it for a couple of hours. Now it will not turn on. Tried plugging it in to charge, will not charge at all. Tried holding down power button plugged in and not. Absolutely will not do anything. Don't understand what could be wrong, it's brand new, only had it a couple of weeks. Has been working okay I think, battery life seems short at times. Also yesterday it got very hot while being used. (update) Might be charging, indicator light is on but still wont go on.

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Hello everyone, After a routine maintenance run on my X201 Tablet where I cleaned the insides and reapplied thermal paste (I wondered why one core is 12C warmer than the other) my laptop will not boot, start or even acknowledge that an adapter has been plugged into it. When I finished with my cleaning, I went to start it up to see if the new thermal paste worked. The computer booted up right after I plugged the adapter in, but as I forgot to plug in the HDD, some self-diagnostic text started appearing on the screen. Quickly realizing my error, I didn't read what it said (none of it looked like error messages) and unplugged the laptop. After reassembly, it wouldn't react to anything (no LED indicators of anything), only static electricity keeps building up and kicks me. The only hardware that could have been damaged was the motherboard (cpu?) - this I know, because I had the old motherboard from X200 laying around and after I swapped it out, everything is working as it should. Question 1) Can anyone tell me, what process did I interrupt?Question 1a) Is there a way of restarting it?Question 2) As I did not hear/see any unusual flashes of light, or smells, or charred chips, I still think the hardware should be fine. Am I correct? Is this "just" a case of a bricked laptop?Question 3) How can I get my motherboard up and running again? Thank you for any pointers in my sad, dumb situation. 

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Hello,  I went to turn on my laptop today and it wouldnt start. I thought that maybe teh battery was dead so i plugged in.Typically when it is charging, a light will come on next to the charging port. No light.  I have tried performing a hard reset. Holding the power for 15 seconds. ( I also tried holding the power for 1 minute, read it somewhere on this foum that x360 has a different reset procedure, still no luck) 

A:HP Spectre x360 will not start or take a charge

Hello @bdal190,  You might want to take a look at this document: Battery Does not Power Notebook or Hold a Charge. It suggests troubleshooting steps to determine if the problem is the battery, the power supply, or the system board.You might find the answer to your battery/power issue as you work through the steps in that HP support article.   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employ

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My house spectre won't start any advice won't charge no power at all have tried to re boot only 18 months old

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My system is taking massive amounts of time to start up. It always hangs for about 5 min once it logs in. During this point the system is unusable. I check around and saw that my profile was 3+ GB's and thought that was the reason. I created a new profile logged into it and.... it was usable in a few seconds. But my old profile has quite a lot of stuff on it and it would be a pain to configure the new profile. Is there anyway I can shave off some from the old profile?

A:Slow Start Up and Large Profile

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This has happened twice so far. First time I had to do system restore. Today another update was performed and again a very large screen.
What can be done to stop this?

A:super large screen at start up

Without knowing what starts it, I wouldn't want to guess how to stop it.
Are your graphics drivers current? What was the update that caused the problem?
Are there any other 'unusual' things happening that might help in determining the problem?

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From one day working fine to dead (plugged in, no LED, no start, no charge... nothing) The charger cable is fine. Any ideas?!?

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My wife's Yoga just today stopped charging or turning on.  It was working seemingly fine before and would last several hours on battery (so don't think the battery was at the end of it's natural life).   The little blinky light on the over no longer blinks when plugged in.  There's 0 sign of life.  Here's what I've tried: 1) Hold power button for 20 seconds (both with and without power plugged in while holding before plugging back in after)2) Push the reset button with a pin for 10 seconds (again, with and without power plugged in)3) Used voltage meter to validate 20V from power supply. Also tried a second power supply.4) Removed cover and used voltage meter to validate 20V at board soldier points for the power jack (so power reaching board)5) Checked all chips, hard drives, connectors that were readily visible to make sure they were tight. Nothing when plugging back in. Questions:1) Anyone know of any common remedies or things I can look for?2) Any general guidance on getting something like this fixed? (ie, send to Lenovo, find a big name store like Best Buy, other?) Thanks!

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After shutdown my laptop doesn't boot up but battery light is on while charging and my charging USB port is also working.

A:Hp notebook wont start, but charge light on

Hi @Yadavrishabh1,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the computer not staring. I will be glad to help you. Please follow the steps from Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10). Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.

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I have a Dell XPS 13 (9350-4891) with BIOS version 1.2.3 installed.
Here's what I'd like to achieve: The battery should only start charging at 60% charge or lower. In case that it's charging, the maximum charge should be 90%. So for example if the current charge is 74% and I plug the AC in, the battery should NOT start charging (because it's over 60%). 
Here's what I already tried:
1) BIOS menu: Settings -> Power Management -> Primary Battery Charge Configuration. Then I selected "Custom" and entered the values from above. Result: No matter what the current charge is, the battery starts charging anyways when I plug the AC in. So for example if the current charge is 74% and I plug the AC in, the battery starts charging.
2) Dell Command Power Manager: I installed the software and set the settings like in the BIOS menu in 1). Same result as in 1). Charging starts, whatever the current charging level is.
3) Dell Command Power Manager: I also tried to use this software. Same result as in 1) and 2).

Thanks a lot for any helpful reply!

A:XPS 13 (9350): Custom Charge Start of Battery

I have exactly the same issue. Someone please help.

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Hey guys, as you can see on pic, my start menu on Win7 became so large and IDK why because my young brother was doing something. I didn't noticed anything. But you see. It's large and annoying. How can I fix it? BTW : It's large only on left and right side. When I put menu down or up, it's normal. Thanks for answer!

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 Start menu is so large :|

Right click on the superbar and unlock the bar. You can then resize it by hovering your mouse at the edge, similar to how you would resize a webpage.

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I just reinstalled windows xp professional on my notebook and the icons on the desktop are way too big. Also the start menu is huge. I have tried everything and I can't make them smaller. Thanks for any help

A:Solved: Start menu and Large icons

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Hi there, my problem is when I start up in the morning my icons and gadgets are extra large and I mean large, I solve this by right clicking on desktop, click screen resolution (which is also extra large) then click detect. This opens a normal size window and I am good to go. The display is set at (default) 100% and never changes so that isn't the problem. Also this only happens on a cold start up and not if I reboot
or restart while while I have been using the computer. I hope someone out there can help me with this small problem because it is very annoying, many thanks, Shibumi1.

A:Extra large icons & gadgets on start up.

What is the native resolution of your monitor and are you using it ?
Just read your specs, nice rig.

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I reinstalled XP on my friends Laptop and works fine,but Start page is small and has a very large boarder,how do I make the page fill the screen?

A:Start page small(Has large boarder)

By Start Page, do you mean your Windows Desktop where all the icons are? If so, right click anywhere in a blank space and select properties, then the Settings tab. You can adjust the screen resolution size.

But, If you just reinstalled Windows, I would update all your drivers first. Go the the manufacturer's website and download the most recent chipset drivers and install, then download the others.

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my laptop doesn't charge and it does not go on unles ist's not on the charger 

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So last night i had my laptop running with the charger pluggen in and before i went to bed i just locked it by pressing Windows + L. I dimmed the screen to lowest which is basically black. This morning i woke up and the laptop was completely off. There was no sign of it charging and it wasnt on. There were no lights on whatsoever. I unplugged the charger and put it back in. I took the battery out and put it back it. Still no sign of it turning on or being able to charge. Any suggestions? Thanks 

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