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New sata secondary hardrive not showing up in Windows

Q: New sata secondary hardrive not showing up in Windows

New member here, In the process of completing and setting up a new build. As recommended installed windows 7 prof on Samsung 830 256gb SSD with no problems. During installation was only hard drive hooked up.

Now I am trying to install a Seagate 320gb sata drive to use as a storage drive. The new drive shows up in the motherboard bios but I cannot figure out how to get to get the drive accessable in Windows.

This is a new drive that has never been used nor has it ever been formated. I am lost as to what I need to do to get the drive to a point that I can access and format it so I can impliment it into the system.

Windows installed smoothly on the SSD and all is working fine with the exception of my internet which after a call to my service provider it was determined that my router was to old to properly work with the new system and a new router is enroute at this point.

Can someone walk me through the correct procedure to get this drive online? Thanks in advance

Preferred Solution: New sata secondary hardrive not showing up in Windows

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: New sata secondary hardrive not showing up in Windows

In DIsk Management you'll see it on the drive map and may need to initialize it. Rightclick on the panel at left to see if Initialize Disk is available - if so select it.

If it's already listed in Disk Mgmt, you may need to only add a drive letter: Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums

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I just upgraded from WinXP to Win7 64 Bit on my other PC. I did some minor work and replaced the RAM. Everything went well except that I noticed that my secondary hard drive (a Maxtor 300) although it did show in the Device Manager and showed as working properly, when I click on Start/Computer, the drive icon did not appear. Only the primary (OS drive) a WD 400G appeared. Any ideas why this happened?

A:Secondary Hardrive icon not showing in "Computer".

is it SATA or IDE.

It might be the cable it self. i ran into this while working on two customers computers.
i replace the cables and boom it worked.

Assuming the drive a functioning drive, if its not visible under Disk Management, then your motherboard bios settings are incorrect, or internal connectors.

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I recently built my own desktop PC and installed windows 8.1. When I was setting up in the BIOS the system recognised both my 150gig SSD and my 2TB SATA drive. I installed windows 8.1 on the SSD. Now the computer is up and running windows 8.1 doesn't seem to recongise that there is a second hardrive. It's not a hardware or wiring problem as the system recongised it during the set up. Any advice on how to get windows 8.1 to recognise this drive?

In the device manager it recognises two drives. one is the SSD and the other is labed as this: WDC WD20EZRX - 00D8PBO. I'm not sure if this is my SATA or just another in built memory drive. Only the SSD is displayed in my computer.

I'm pretty sure this won't have had any effect on this issue but during the set up I created a partition on the SSD just in case in case of a complete disaster. Just thought this was worth a mention.

A:Windows 8.1 does not recognise SATA hardrive

The WDC is your 2TB hard drive.

If the drive has no partitions, it won't show in Windows.

To format the drive, use the Disk Management tool.

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Hello, I just bought a secondary internal 2TB SATA hard drive for my desktop to replace a previous faulty one. After connection, I tried to initialize it in disk management but it didn't show. I then restarted and looked into BIOS to see if it was recognised but it didn't show either. To make sure it is not a cable issue I tried other SATA slots, I tried also the CD/DVD SATA cable but the drive still don't show in BIOS nor in Disk Management.

Something which might be be unrelated draw my attention as I never saw it before. In device management/disk drives, i have one drive called Generic Ultra HS-SD/MMC USB Device. I wonder if windows 10 has not installed the wrong driver on my new drive.

I don't know what else to do, please advise.

Thanks for your help
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 7903 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 27823 MB, Free - 7959 MB; H: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 44979 MB;
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A:New hardrive not showing in BIOS Windows 10

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I have a gateway 838gm desktop computer that start having problems so I bought new hard drive for it and i poped in my windows xp cd into the dvd drive and it boot and i pressed any button to continue and it partitioned the new HD and started install windows xp but after a while after installation it just went to a blank black screen with no message. I've tried everything. What can I do to fix this problem?

A:New SATA Hardrive attempted windows xp install

That system is a media center PC, came with a SATA drive...so the fact that the drive is SATA should be a non-factor.User Manual Page 48 indicates that you have restore/recovery CDs and not MS Genuine XP install CDs. Same page also indicates that instructions for using said CDs is in hands of owner.Restore CDs are often dependent upon files which are stored on the hard drive...in order to work as planned. These files probably exist in a separate, possibly hidden partition which was created by your system manufacturer...to enable restore operations successfully.Since a new hard drive would not contain such files, attempting to restore the system...logically should fail (IMO).A search of the Gateway site...reveals little to me. Any of the links that appear to contain info re reinstalling XP...don't seem to work for me.If I had a system like this...I would just a. Install disk cloning software on old drive. b. Clone old drive to new. New drive would be exact copy of old. c. Remove old drive, replace with new.Louis

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is it possible to take a hardrive from a old computer and put in another computer and use it as a secondary hardrive?

A:secondary hardrive???

If you format and partition it, yes. Unless the specifications of the machines are identical, it's not just a simple case of removing and adding a drive.

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So i found an old sata hardrive that was stored for about 2 years.
While the computer was on, i tried to plugged the Hardrive in the SATA power connector cable, as soon as i plugged it in the power connector there was smoke coming from the connection and my computer immediately shutdown.

Can someone explain what happened? I though you could connect devices while the computer was on without any issues?

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Basically, a friend came to me asking for help. He has an Aspire one d260 netbook and it randomly stopped working. I took a look at it and whenever I try and turn it on it says No bootable device- insert boot disk and press any key.

I've tried installing windows from a USB, and it doesn't show up the hardrive when selecting where to install windows.

I've tried accessing the bios too, but it's password protected (and my fool friend can't remember the password).

Also under the boot order options it only shows the USB that I'm trying to install windows off and "Network Boot: Atheros Boot agent". No signs of it showing the hardrive.

Any ideas on what to do?

Atm, I'm thinking the hardrive is somehow damaged. I tried doing chkdsk from repair command prompt but no luck

A:Windows failing to start/install- no hardrive showing

You can try to reinstall the HD to see if you can get it to make contact to be detected in BIOS. Otherwise you'll need to replace it, found easily enough by googling the model+ hard drive replacement. There should even be a video showing how to disassemble it to get to the hard drive.

Why someone would establish the extremely rare BIOS password and then forget it is baffling. Surely if one would know enough to create a BIOS password they would know that the PC would be worthless if it was forgotten. It could also be a stolen PC locked down by a business. Either way it will have to be reflashed if there's no password.

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Hello everyone, just alittle hard drive question for everyone. I recently switched from a PATA Hard drive set up to a SATA hard drive set up. Now its a Maxtor hard drive that came with its own instillation software. BUT, when I run the software, there is a section that ask you to select which drive you wish to format. Now my hard drive shows up on that list, up I cannot select it. Does this have something to do with my Hard drive showing up as secondary master and not primary ? .. is there anyway to make it the primary, because it seems like no SATA hard drive can be allowed to be the primary master.

A:My hardrive must be Secondary Master?

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Okay guys... this ones got me stumped.

I have a 40GB hardrive that i had set up as a slave to my 60 GB hardrive. All of a sudden, i cant access the slave anymore! Now i know the data is still there, because oftwo reasons :

1) When i open my computer... it shows ALL of the drive, the primary AND the slaves and it shows the names of the drives... whenever i try to access ANY of the drives though my computer (including the drives on the primary HD) my computer hangs on me and i have to reboot (the entire pc is running slow as well).. when i disconnect the slave all of the problems disappear... speed comes back to normal and there are no system problems.

2).. when i access the hardrive through the command prompt... i can see all of the information on all of the drives... EXCEPT for ONE logical partition WITHIN the slave... now im a photographer.. and that ONE logical partition holds my ENTIRE portfolio on it.... so i NEED that partition.

I dont really care if the hardrive is trashed.. though if i could fix it that would be of great help.. what im MOST interested in is accessing the data and copying it off. and as God would have it ESPECIALLY the information on the ONE partition that not even the COMMAND line will let me see. Incedentally... when i go into computer management it doesnt show this one drive either... but my computer shows it... This isnt a problem with any of my other system components because iv run it off a friends computer as well and its causing the same pro... Read more

A:Secondary hardrive wont access!!!

Wow...this just happened to me. The situation very quickly deteriorated and I was unable to save anything. The drive was fine though after I reformatted it. Try the Hard Drive Mechanic demo download. I tried it and it wasn't of any help but I think I was too far gone by that point. It's worth a try anyway. Download the demo and when you run the file it will copy the necessary files to a floppy, then boot with the floppy. You access the commands by using the highlighted letters on your keyboard. Good luck and let us know what happens.


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Hi guys, I seem to be having issues with my secondary hardrive (to the best of my knowledge). If I am watching  a video/movie saved on it, occasionally the video wll hang for a few seconds.If I am downloading something to it, or copying a file to it, sometimes all progress will stop/downlod will stall. Then if I try and go to a folder saved on it, windows locks up and it can't load the folder or access the HDD. Today, I was watching a movie and downloading something at the same time. The download stalled, and the movie completely locked up. When I tried to fix it, WIndows crashed and I was foreced to restart.  I have changed my power settings to never put the HDD to sleep (although it occurred to me that maybe this is just controlling the HDD windows is installed on (which is the SSD)). However if I am actively downloading and watching a movie, surely it wouldn't put it to sleep. What else can I do here? Any ideas what the problem is? Is it a faulty HDD?

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One of my hard drives simply disappears from my computer when I am in the middle of using it. It tends to happen right after start up within around 2 minutes of booting up but there are times when it does not. When it does disconnect I completely lose track of the hard drive in the system. I check the system disk management and it does not even show up there. I was even in the disk management window and saw it disappear on me. I checked the power options to make sure that that was not turning it off. I used different cables to see if that was it and no. For a while the only solution that I found was rolling back the Intel(R) management Interface Engine driver to version This worked for a time until windows 10 updated and the problem started again regardless of the MIE version. This is also something that only started to happen when I upgraded to windows 10 and did not happen when I was in windows 7 or 8. I would also like to note as the title says that when the hard drive shuts down (or at least I think that is what is happening) the computer does not turn off properly. The OS quits and everything else shuts down but the computer itself stays with blinking lights and sounds. I also turned off fast start of option the power options. Nothing else seems to be affected by the dissapearing hard drive but the system not shutting down properly.

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One of my hard drives simply disappears from my computer when I am in the middle of using it. It tends to happen right after start up within around 2 minutes of booting up but there are times when it does not. When it does disconnect I completely lose track of the hard drive in the system. I check the system disk management and it does not even show up there. I was even in the disk management window and saw it disappear on me. I checked the power options to make sure that that was not turning it off. I used different cables to see if that was it and no. For a while the only solution that I found was rolling back the Intel(R) management Interface Engine driver to version This worked for a time until windows 10 updated and the problem started again regardless of the MIE version. This is also something that only started to happen when I upgraded to windows 10 and did not happen when I was in windows 7 or 8. I would also like to note as the title says that when the hard drive shuts down (or at least I think that is what is happening) the computer does not turn off properly. The OS quits and everything else shuts down but the computer itself stays with blinking lights and sounds. I also turned off fast start of option the power options. Nothing else seems to be affected by the dissapearing hard drive but the system not shutting down properly.

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Hello people,

I recently purchased a Samsung 500gb sata hard-drive and pci sata controller.

the hard drive is showing up in device manager but not 'my computer'

im sure its a simple issue to correct, but im not familiar with sata what so ever.

thanks in advance

A:SATA Hardrive

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Just built a new PC with an ASUS X99 Deluxe Mother board. I have installed a new SSD drive and two SATA drives from my old computer, along with one new SATA 2G HD. I plan to migrate data from the old drives to the new one. All the drives show up in the BIOS but when I boot to the OS the new drive and one of the old ones does not show up in Windows. I have installed all the ASUS drivers in windows, and I am now wondering if the OEM version of Windows 8.1 that I purchased has a limitation of how may drives it will support. Can someone please clarify?

A:SATA Drive Not Showing in Windows 8.1

I just checked the Device Manager, and it turns out that Windows does register the drives, however I still cannot see them in Windows Explorer, puzzling, any one have any suggestions?

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I just bought my Seagate barracuda 160 gb 100 ata 8 mb from comp usa. and i also bought the coolamx cd510u2 external case. i hooked it up and shows only 149 gigs... the external case supports more than 160 gigs. i dont have anything installed onto it. i already have two other drive a maxtor 60 and wd 80 gig. maybe my mobo cant support it im not sure. my mobo is asus p4pe-x. can u please help me solve the problem

A:Hardrive showing 149 when i should 160

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I have the above computer on order, and also have a SSD on the way to replace the OE hard Drive. In looking for instructions on the dissassembly of the laptop I have come across several places where its stated a second 2.5" sata drive can be added to the laptop, (I am not referring to the M.2 connector on the mother board), if i purchase the proper brackets and the sata connector to go with it.  I have found the sata connector and bracket and before i buy it i wanted to check to see if it was possible to utilize the two drives.  Any help would be apprecitaed. 

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I had to replace a power supply on a friends computer because it had fried. Anyways I replaced the power supply with a good working one I had lying around. The power supply I replaced had SATA power connectors for the hard drive. The new power supply I put in does not. I bought a 4 pin to SATA connector. I also put in a new 320GB Western Digital SATA hard dive in the computer. I hooked everything up and the BIOS did not recognize the drive. After many attempts of trying I took the controller card or circuit board off the hard drive and noticed a chip had burnt up. Is it possible this 4 pin to SATA connector I am using caused this to happen?

A:4 pin to SATA frying hardrive


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SATA hardrive detected in BIOS boot priority but not when win XP about to be installe

I installed a SATA hard drive ( to SATA port) and a CD ROM (to IDE port). When I go to the BIOS, Primary IDE is showing the CD ROM no where I could find the SATA hard drive. So when I inserted the Win XP installation CD and I get to the part to detect my HD, it shows not detected. Is there any special setting I miss in the BIOS? Please advise. Thank you.


A:SATA hardrive not detected

You must be using an OEM SATA drive. They have to be installed, and the easiest way is to go to the website of the manufacturer of the SATA drive.

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Please help.
I have just bought a Sata/Ide to usb converter, but when I plug my harddrive into the usb port of any computer (vista or xp) it beeps and installs the Drivers and even adds the little safely remove hardware icon down in the system tray. but I can't find the hardrive in my computer or in administrative tools. I have tried an IDE hardrive,a 2.5 inch sata hardrive and a cdrom drive, why is it not working.The Adapter is Brand New, I have only just opened it.

A:Sata/Ide to usb hardrive not recognised

Check for it in Device Manager?

I remember my friend had one of those and had to return it for the same reason.


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I bought a new system
Athlon 64 3000+

When I start the XP installation & dont use the F6 option it detects the HD fine & starts installing & after the first part it reboots like normal but then it it looks like it cant find the HD & then just start the installation over again from the begining. When I use the F6 option " I made a disk with my SATA drivers nvidia xp series wich I got from my motherboard CD " the installation just says " No HD dectected press F3 to exit"

Please help ive got my new system for almost a week now and havent had the joy of working on it.

A:SATA hardrive & XP installation

When you get to the F6 part and you inset your floppy does it appear that files are being copied from the floppy? On which of the SATA connectors do you have the hard drive hooked up?

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i have a verbatim 1tb hardrive have followed the set up guide, and windows is recongnising the hardrive but not showing on 'my computer'??? help it brand new so should work??!!!

A:hardrive not showing on my computer?

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I have an external USB Western Digital 500GB hdd that will not show up and read on this windows 7 home premium 64 bit generic machine. Reads just fine on another windows seven machine.

On this generic machine, light comes on the hdd indicating good power and the windows music jingle plays after a few seconds suggesting it acknowledged the new hardware. No show under computer drives or in disk management.

A:500GB hardrive not showing up

Is it possible it's there in Disk Mgmt but just not assigned a letter? Scroll down to see if there are any unlettered drives, right click to issue it a letter and it will show up in Computer.

If not then is it detected in BIOS setup?

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I have been trying to plug in a secondary HD using SATA cables. I have 4 SATA ports 1 has my current HD in the other has my DVD/RW in but wen plugin a second HD in to one of the other ports it did not respond in any way what so ever, does anyone know why that might be

A:secondary SATA HD

You may need to go to control panel>Administrative tools>Computer managment, then format the drive before you can use it.

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I reinstalled my Windows Xp Professional yesterday with Service Pack 1a.
However, my HDD still has the 137GB limit and I've tried everything! Does someone here know how to fix this problem?

A:HELP!!!Windows Xp Sp1a 320gb Sata HDD only showing 137GB!

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I have many undetected hardrive collecting from old laptop. Ive tried to format the HD using disk managment but it didnot reconized or the HD cannot be found or showing in the list. Any better idea? Or I just trough it out into bins.

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I just installed a brand-new WD HDD as second HDD in one of our Dell Optiplex 780m.
I am certain all cables are properly connected, power and data.
I connected everything back up and powered up the machine.
I followed directions found here:


and here:


The only disks showing up in disk management are the main drive and the CD-ROM.

No initialize disk dialogue appears.

Everything else seems to be working the same as before I installed the second HDD.

It is an absolute act of congress to get the machine free of the rat's nest of cables and out of the dark hole where it resides, or I would take the new HDD back out and test it with my Sabrent HDD/USB adapter thingie.

I know there are several possibles that could be causing this, defective HDD, defective SATA cable, defective SATA port on the MB, etc.

Hopefully this can be resolved without having to open the machine back up.

Please advise.

Thanks for reading.

A:New Secondary HDD Not Showing Up Anywhere ???

Check in bios, and dblcheck your SATA cables.

Have cursed more than a few times when they shifted a mm outta position in tightly fitting spaghetti cables confinement cases.

Check cabling with case apart, it's easier. Check bios.
Check back if still no joy.
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hello i have a Seagate 160G SATA HDD, but i would like install my WD 80G IDE HDD as secondary. how do i do that?

i have an ASUS P5GD1 motherboard

I already config my SATA hdd as fourth parimary, and IDE as secondary slave.
everytime i boot the system, it wont load my SATA as primary system source. (i have windows installed on that hdd)

A:SATA as Primary, and IDE as secondary

Are you doing a fresh load on the SATA or did you do a binary copy of your O/S from the IDE drive? The load needs to see the SATA drive, hence, if you're putting on a fresh load (I'm assuming XP), when you see the intro screen for the load, you need to push F6 to load the drivers that came with the drive (or that can be downloaded from their site). They should be on a floppy disk.

If you did a copy from your IDE, then you would've needed to load the drivers on that drive FIRST before making the copy.

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How do I set a IDE Drive as boot master, with a SATA Raid as secondary? I would like to run Win XP on a 40G Seagate IDE with 2 80G Seagate Sata's as a storage drive for my music and photo files. Any help would be great

A:IDE Master SATA as secondary

Put your SATA into their respective ports. Get a ribbon or rounded cable and put it into IDE slot.....

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I've searched for an answer, but just can't seem to find the solution.

My secondary HD, used for storage and backup, turns off at after about 5 minutes. This is a 1 TB drive used for storing all of my videos, music and photos. The problem is that I access this drive quite often; edit a photo or video, play music, etc.

Each time I to access a file, I have this delay, where I must wait for what seems like the system to mount the drive and allow access. The delay is about 7 seconds, but it's driving me nuts!

I've tried adjusting power management without success. Any ideas?

A:Secondary SATA HD Turns off

Could you please fill in your system specs? Also, what external HD are you using?

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Hi guys,
I have Dell dimension desktop with windows XP Home edition SP3 installed. I have one DVD-RW drive with ROXIO-My DVD LE. Recently, when I opened My DVD LE, I got the message that DMA is turned off and it should be turned on.I opened ' Device Manager-IDE ATA/ ATAPI controllers, I observed that no secondary IDE channel is displayed only primary
IDE channel is there.Till recently, I,m sure, Secondary IDE channel was also there.

My question is:-
Is it normal to have only primary TDE channel and no secondary IDE channel?

How it is going to effect the DVD-RW drive performance reg. read and burn function?

I have tried system restore but to no avail.How can I revert back to secondaty IDE channel.



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Hi there,

So I am here because I am having some hard drive problems. Firstly for my Primary drive i am still running my old 250gb Hard drive (with windows already installed on this drive). Secondly, for my slave drive i have a Samsung Spinpoint 1TB Hard drive that wont display in my bios or in disk management. The 1TB drive seems to spin up fine etc. but i just can get it to display so i was just wondering if someone here could help me get this to work so i can format this new disk. Also i must add that my motherboard is an ASUS p8z68-v-pro board.

Thanks in advance

A:second Hardrive not showing in bios/disk management

check the connections--make sure that the drive is connected to one of the BLUE sata3 ports (there should be 4) and NOT to the GRAY sata6 ports (should be 2 ports)

it is also possible that you 'might' need to update your BIOS (but this could be a bit extreme) or firmware--see:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS P8Z68-V PRO



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I have 2 drives hooked up to my computer. The main boot drive with Win XP on it is IDE. I have a second drive that is SATA. I want to use the SATA drive as extra storage space but my pc won't recognize it. During the boot sequence it appears that the SATA drive is recognized by the system but as soon as I get into windows and look in My Computer, there is no extra drive there. I looked in disc management too and the drive wasn't shown there either. Any ideas?

A:Secondary SATA drive not recognized

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I bought a Seagate 2Tb internal 3.5 inch drive intending to install it in my desktop as a secondary drive. The desktop currently has two 500Gb disks in a Raid 0 (striped) array. One SATA port is free and I connected the new disk to this. The system did not recognise the disk so I put it in a caddy to check it. The disk was recognised over the Caddy's USB connection and I took the opportunity to format it NTFS.

I put the newly formatted (and empty) disk back into the desktop for a second attempt.

Results as follows.

Disk Management does not show the new disk:

But Device Manager shows the new disk as ST2000M001-1CH164:

The ST2000M001-1CH164 entry disappears and reappears when I detach and reattach the SATA cable, proving the disk is powering up and the SATA connection is OK.

Although ST2000M001-1CH164 shows up in Device Manager all is not well. First, here is the detail for the (working) C drive:

And here are the details for the new drive:

- Notice one panel says no drivers are installed, another says the disk has the same drivers as the working disk. I tried clicking Update Drivers but it comes back and says they are already up to date. I tried Disable/Enable but that didn?t do anything.

I tried Seagate?s Seatools utility but couldn?t get anything meaningful from it:

I tried the BIOS next. The new disc shows under the Boot tab:

Hard Disk Drives
1st Drive [RAID: Intel Volume 0]
2nd Drive [RAID: ST2000DM001-1]

I don?t like the way it has ?RAID? against the ... Read more

A:Secondary SATA drive not recognised

It shows it as RAID because the whole contoller is in RAID mode, however non member disks are supported normally in this mode. Have you installed the latest ICH10R driver for your version of windows from the intel website? This may iron out compatibility issue with mixed mode drives on the controler. It's not quite the same as the F6 setup driver or the built in windows driver.

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I can see my secondary hd in the manage options under computer but it is not initialized... when I try to initialize it I get an I/O error.. any ideas on how to make this work?

A:Cannot get to work IDE master HD, SATA secondary HD

You probably need to use a partition manager to get that drive going, I've had a few drives that give me I/O errors no matter what unless I set up the partition entirely outside of Windows.

I use Acronis Disk Manager, but Gparted is free solution that does it just as well.

If that doesn't work, you might have one of the older motherboards that don't support simultaneous PATA/SATA (IDE=PATA) use. I had to change jumpers on mine to make it do both, so you might want to look into that as well.

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Ok so heres the deal. Reinstalling windows xp back from windows 7 (why I thought that was a good idea I will never know ).

Using the same hardware and install cd I have been using for a couple years now.

I have 4 SATA drives, and windows xp pro (32 bit).

I have a floppy drive and a floppy with my sata/ raid drivers installed on it from the motherboards driver cd. I just formatted the floppy and reinstalled the drivers on it in case they were bad.

Start the instalation and hit f6, load the drivers.. Then I get the:

Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your compute.

message as if I did not install the sata drivers. I am at a loss.. searched around and all I could find was posts about how to you needed the sata drivers bleh whatever bala..

Even went so far as to remove my raid array and unplug all but one of the sata drives and tryed installing it that way.

The hard drives are seen correctly in bios.

Out of ideas, please help!

Thank you!

AMD X2 4400+
Asus A8N32SLI- Deluxe
2 Gigs (4x512) OCZ 2-3-2-5 T1
BFG 8800GT

A:[SOLVED] XP will not see my Hardrive on a clean install - I have the sata drivers alr

Finnaly got windows to be able to see my hard drives.

Not see what excatly fixed the problem.

I changed the sata port I was using on the motherboard a few times.

I tried sevral sets of sata drivers.

Was doing both at once, among anything else I could think of to fix the problem.

It works now, and thats all I care about. Posting this because I searched and searched and could find no one with the excact problem I was having. So if someone else is having this problem there are some things to try.

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I have recently reformated my computer. I have 3 hard drives, two work and the 3rd wont its a Seagate Barracuda 120GB. It wont show up in the computer BIOS, my computer or disk managment. I really need this hard drive working because it has all my music files on it. Any help?

A:Recently Reformatted and SATA hardrive wont show up anywhere!

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Hello, I just installed windows 7 and its great except for one thing, my secondary hard drive (not partition) shows up nowhere. (not even device manager or disk management) If I boot back into Vista (Vista and Windows 7 are on same hard drive, different partitions) I can see my secondary hard drive and everything is fine. The secondary drive is just for data (pictures and documents). I have no clue as to why it will not work under windows 7. Both drives are SATA and work under Vista. Drive 2 does not work under windows 7.

A:Secondary hard drive not showing up

Issue solved!

When using a P5Q Pro motherboard, do not connect your secondary hard drive to the white SATA connector.

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Hello everyone! I'm Canas and after effortless googling for 2 days I seek your wisdom in a specific problem I'm having after updating to Windows 10.

My setup before the problem was:
- Windows 8.1 in a 250GB SSD with Linux dual boot
- Secondary 160GB HDD (fs: ntfs, type: primary)
- Secondary 3TB HDD (fs: ntfs, type: gpt)

The 3TB drive was working normally on windows 8.1 when I bought it. After some months I decided to upgrade to Windows 10. After that, I cannot access my drive and Disk Management shows just grey options for the drive.

Pic 1: http://i.imgur.com/TESkhTM.png

After that I did a clean Windows 8.1 install again just to see if it was an OS problem, but now the same is going on with the management system. I used MiniTool Partition Wizard to check what's going on and this is what it shows

Pic 2: http://i.imgur.com/Dc8kasL.png

What I tried doing is to force a label on this drive with MiniTool (in this case, D:, but then when I try to access the folders in Explorer it says '\D: is not accessible, access denied'. I already tried giving me all permissions/full control in the security tab in various ways but none worked, it still said 'Access Denied'.

Pic 3: http://i.imgur.com/o2dOfJ7.png

The only way I could finally access it is by killing explorer.exe and then starting it again with Admin rights, but once I reboot the system, the drive dissappears again and I have to do everything all over (assign label with MiniTool -> kill explorer -> open explorer with... Read more

A:Secondary 3TB HDD not showing in explorer after W10 Upgrade

From the screen shot, your disks layout is a mess. The reason you cannot see the 3TB disk is it was set to EFI system partition which is invisible while your Windows was installed using MBR type disk and you have 2 disks marked as "Active".

Open Admin command prompt and type:
diskpartselect disk 2list parexit
Copy and paste the text of the result then we can go from there.

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Hello Everyone.

I have a new laptop and was trying to transfer files over when I decided that using the old computer's internal Western Digital hardrive with an enclosure case would be a better idea because 1. I don't want to overload my laptop hardrive with my old "junk." and 2. I have more files on the old Western Digital than can fit on the laptop's hardrive. This will work only if I don't have to reformat the hardrive for Windows XP as the new laptop is a Windows XP system and the old tower is Windows 98 SE. Do I have to format the hardrive and delete all of the information on it to be able to use it with Windows XP?

If I do eventually go with the external hardrive enclosure plan, (which probably will not work as it is due to the different ways that Windows 98 SE and XP manage their files, right?), I still want the old tower to be able to work. For that I have an older Maxtor that was used with the tower until the Western Digital was installed. Now, however, the Maxtor will not show up within the Windows 98 SE device manager or within Partition Magic. In the Windows 98 device manager I see that under Hard disk controllers there is an exclamation point beside Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo). Sometimes the Maxtor will show up in the BIOS as strange symbols, then sometimes it refuses to show up at all. I am trying to start the old tower up as Primary: Western Digital Hard Drive, Secondary: Maxtor Hard Drive/Toshiba DVD-ROM. I... Read more

A:Slave Hardrive Showing Up As Strange Symbols In BIOS

That's a lot of questions you have there.
That W98 disk can be read/written to by XP without problems. XP is probably in NTFS format, and W98 is FAT32. W98 can NOT read NTFS, unless over a network.
So yes, you can put that W98 disk in an external USB/Firewire case, whatever your laptop has.

For the Maxtor to work in the tower (as Master on the first IDE-channel), you have to set its first partition to Primary and make it the Active partition as well (using FDisk or Partition Magic).

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Not sure if this is the proper forum or not, but I recently needed to increase the size of boot (C drive (from 80Gb to 300Gb). I originally had two SATA drives in my PC, an 80 GB (C drive that contained WinXP and a secondary 160 GB (G drive that I was using for data storage. So what I did was to remove the 160 GB drive and install the 300 GB drive in its place, then cloned (using Acronis Disk Image 8.0) my 80 GB drive to the 300 GB drive. Then I replaced the 80 GB drive with the 300 GB drive, and re-installed the 160 GB drive, booted up and everything was good until I went to look for the 160 GB drive in My Computer and it wasnt there. I looked into the Device Manager and both drives show up fine. All three drives are Seagate SATA, with nothing on the jumper pins (which I think means their using cable select?), and I believe when I was in Device Manager the 300 GB drive was showing up in Location 0, and the 160 GB drive was showing up in Location 1 and the status on both devices was This device is working properly. I then re-installed the original 80 GB drive and the 160 showed up again. Can someone please tell me what I need to do to be able to see the 160 drive when the 300 GB drive swapped in again? Thanks!

A:Can’t see secondary SATA drive in “My Computer”

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The primary HDD on here is an IDE, which comes with the computer, and is not removable as the computer is configured to boot only that HDD (for some reason).

I'm trying to get this computer to read a SATA HDD (160GB). I want it to be a secondary storage device. It's from another computer I have whose motherboard fried, and there is data on it that I need to access for my business. It has Windows XP installed as the OS.

So I hooked it up to the secondary HDD cable, which is of course attached to the main IDE HDD (no other option I think). I booted Windows XP as usual from the main HDD, but the SATA drive isn't showing up in "My Computer," nor is it registering in the Device Manager. The "Secondary Storage Device" slot in the BIOS doesn't show the SATA either.

I went to the BIOS to disable SCSI as recommended by another user on another forum, but there isn't an option for that in my BIOS.

All I need is to get the data off of that SATA HDD and onto the HDD already in the computer.

All help is appreciated.


OS: Windows XP
Manufacturer/Model: HP pavilion / a370n

A:IDE primary w/ OS, trying to get SATA w/ OS as secondary storage device

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I was capturing video using S video mode for the first time from my camcorder in my Pinnacle Studio 10 program. It locked up and when I tried to reboot I got the message "SATA secondary drive 0 not found" and it asked me to hit F2. When I do this my windows start up and my D drive is not shown in Explorer. Help. I have saved video and an edited video in Pinnacle I have been working on. They are all saved in my D drive. I have a Dell Dimension 8300.

A:My SATA secondary drive shows 0 found

Hitting F2 should have taken you into your bios setup, not windows. Restart your computer. At the blue dell logo screen hit F2. If it does not take you into bios, let the computer finishing booting into windows. Then restart. This time, at the dell logo, hit the del key instaed of F2.

You definitely need to enter bios setup. Different dells use different keys. If neither of the above works, also try F1, F3, F10, F12, Esc.

In bios, check that your drive is there and it's settings correct

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Im running a asus a8v deluxe motherboard with 2 sata raid slots, 2 regular sata slots, and 2 ide slots. I have my os installed on my sata raid which is made up of 2 40 gb raptor hard drives, i decided to add a larger ide drive for storage but it isnt recognized in windows. I purchased a western digital 80 gb ide drive and connected it to the secondary ide slot on the motherboard since my cd roms are taking up the primary. I left the hard drive jumper on the master setting and plugged it into the master spot on the ide cable. I kept my raid as primary boot and cd rom as secondary since the hard drive is empty, but recieve an error when booting about the hard drive not being detected properly but windows boots fine after bypassing the error. When i get into windows the new drive doesnt appear anywhere except in device manager which states its functioning properly. Ive tried changing jumper settings to cable select and slave but neither changed anything. Is it even possible to run a sata raid as primary and ide as secondary?

A:Primary sata raid secondary ide not detected

you are still going to have to label the partition on the new hdd as active and format it so that window can assign it a drive letter.. go to the my computer icon and right click it then left click manage.. a new window will appear on the left hand side find the option that says disk management then on the right side in the window find the drive that is new and chose to format it will ask you to assign a driver letter or manually assign one.. you should be good after that then reboot and check the bios setting and make sure that your options are set to combination boot for sata and ide so that it doesn't try to boot to the primary partition on an empty hadd with no os then go to the sata to boot..

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Hi everyone

I just put together a new build but am having a bit of weird problem.

When I boot into Windows, my secondary SATA drive does not get auto mounted so it shows up on "My computer". Every time I boot I need to go and designate a letter for it (via Disk management). Once I do, the drive shows up and everything is dandy until I boot again and have to repeat the steps.

The drives (both) are detected fine via the UEFI bios and Windows disk management itself.

The specs are:
Intel Core i7-3920K Sandy Bridge-E LGA 2011
ASUS Sabertooth X79 LGA 2011 Intel X79 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel with UEFI BIOS and latest BIOS
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (4x4GB)
Plextor SSD SATA III 128Gb
WD Caviar Black SATA III 1TB (3 partions)
CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 (which is getting replaced with a 850W version)
Windows 7 Professional x64 (clean install) with SP1

I have the system to boot via UEFI to the Plextor SSD drive, and have the WD HD has a backup drive.

I installed all the drivers included on the ASUS MB install CD (which includes SATA, etc).

Any ideas?

A:Win 7 New Install -> Secondary SATA HDD does not auto mount

Thanks everyone for the help, but I fixed it.

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Hello board, I seem to be in deep trouble. This is about my content repository PC that I only used to store all my important files I've been working on since last 5 years.

Config of this PC :
OS : XP Home
HD1 : IDE 40GB (Primary) - 3 partitions FAT32
HD2 : SATA 250 GB - 4 partitions - NTFS [in trouble right now]
HD3 : SATA 1 TB - 4 partitions - NTFS
RAM : 256 MBs SDRAM.

I have most of my highly critical stuff on this 250 GB Sata drive. Installed my new 1 TB drive some 3 months back and had to backup all my data from my 250 GB to 1 TB HD. Didn't get time to do that. Started with that 2 days back, and all was going fine, copied some 20 GB of data, and suddenly there was an error while reading from source disk. The system was becoming a bit jammed and overloaded for unknown reasons, and I thought to restart the system. After I restarted, I get to see that though it can detect all partitions of 1 TB, all partitions of my 250 GB drive becomes non-detected. I restarted several times, and noted that while booting, it was taking a bit more time, almost 1.5 minutes at the "Detecting IDE Drives..." stage to detect my SATA drives now, and both the drives get detected in that process... After the point that says "Verifying DMI Pool..." and then the windows load, later, the 250 GB drive is not detected by the loaded XP.

Now, neither the drive partitions are visible in My Computer, nor I can access them through command prompt. I'm deeply ... Read more

A:BIOS detects secondary SATA HD, but XP doesn't!

Update to my previous condition...

An update,

I ran AVG antivirus on that software while having the 250 GB drive plugged in. It scanned the primary disk and the 1TB drive, and then asked for reboot, I allowed, and on rebooting, it selected the 1st partition of 250GB drive for scandisk! It scanned it, marked several segments as bad, and then met with "an unexpected error" and terminated the scandisk... Booted into win xp, and here comes my 250 GB alive... I then checked the Event Logger, and found lots of system event alert logs specifying the issue related to bad sectors!

Anyway, as all 4 partitions were detected now, I jumped in to backup files to my 1TB drive... but as soon as I picked one software , did COPY and PASTE on my 1 TB drive, it said ... can't ready from source drive and the storage medium might have some errors... And with that, all four partitions of my 250 GB drive again become inaccessible!

Please help!
What should I do now?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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