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Dialup modem detected, but not detected, huh?

Q: Dialup modem detected, but not detected, huh?

I went to connect today and my dialup connection was gone.  I thought, well, I'll recreate it....but Windows would not let me and said (in the Connect to a Network box):  "Windows could not detect a dialup modem", "Is the modem connected?", "is the modem switched on?"
It is an internal modem.
I went to Device Manager, and there it is as usual, "This device is working properly".

Preferred Solution: Dialup modem detected, but not detected, huh?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dialup modem detected, but not detected, huh?

Doing some searching gave me this solution:
It is caused by certain services being shut off for unknown reasons.... definitely unknown in my case (??).
Delete or rename the following folder:
(the folder, rtbackup)
However, it has some kind of protection and doesn't allow itself to be so changed.  I did it from a DOS boot disk with NTFS4DOS.
Everything is working.

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I am Using Vista HP I have a Cable connection and a dialup account for emergencies I almost never use otherwise. I wanted to connect to my dialup account today and when I tried to setup the account the 'Connect to the internet' cannot find a dialup modem. I have a Toshiba software modem and when I ran its internal diagnostics it says it is fine. I do not know what else to do. Anyone still familiar enough with dialup to help? Thank You

Edit the connection wizard says;
Windows could not detect dialup modem
Is the modem connected?
Is the modem switched on?
I do not know how to find the answer those questions.

Second EDIT- Using the device Manager I checked for new modem drivers and it is up to date.
To attempt to connect I am clicking through Network & sharing center, Set up a connection or network, Connect to internet, Dialup, which gets me the message in the first edit at the top of the window and a choice to try again which does nothing or to continue setting up below that.

A:Solved: Dialup modem not detected by

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Win XP Home
Duron 600? (shouldn't matter)
ESS Modem

OK - When I look at Device Manager, the modem shows up. When I go to Properties / Diagnostic / Query Modem, it is fine.

When I run Juno, it is able to successfully retrieve e-mail (it just dials and connects).

I CANNOT connect to the web - Juno says that there is no modem installed. Upon further investigation, when I go to Connections and try to add a new connection, I am not allowed a choice of using a modem.

So - Device Manager and Juno E-mail both think that the modem works fine. Connection Wizard and Juno WWW both think that no modem exists.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the modem, to no avail. Oh, and yes, it used to work, and I can't get the user to remember a specific time when it stopped working.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

A:modem is detected....but not detected!

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I'm running 2 pc's on windos xp pro, I have a d-link wireless N router, and i just can't use my pc which is connected through the wireless part of the router.

It shows the signal Very strong strength, then it doesn't see anything at all, and it keeps happening over and over. I've tried changing the wireless channel, nothing.
The other PC has an USB wireless adapter.
PS: i've tried restarting the router/moden, to no avail.

Anyone got any ideas ?

A:wireless network detected, not detected, detected and so on.

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I know.. AOL sucks but it's all my friend has and i had to recently install Windows 2000 on her computer and now when i try to configure AOL to connect to the Internet via 56k modem it does not detect the modem whatsoever?... When i previously had windows xp home installed the modem worked perfectly fine? Would it be possible for me to update the drivers and use the windows xp home CD somehow? And if so.. can anybody tell me which file to choose? I have almost no 56k experience or AOL (cable user myself) and ANY help would be very appreciated. Thanks!

A:Modem not detected in AOL?!

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Hello to allI just bought HP EliteBook 2570p notebook and I what to use the 3g modem to connect to the internet.On the socket of the battery i can connect my 3g sim card but after that no software pops up where to make the connection. I use Windows 10 Pro 64bit and I didn't find any mobile data drivers for it. Can you help me fine the drivers or can you tell me how to use 3g connection Thanks

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My daughter is away at school. She uninstalled win98, (don't know why) and then reinstalled. Now it does not detect her modem. What can she do? Help please!

A:modem not detected

you'll probably have to go to control panel; add new hardware and find it manually

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I have hit a "brick wall" in installing a 56K flex modem in a pieced together system (AMD K2/400, 64M Ram, .5M HD, 2M video, on board sound; WIN98 o/s). The modem (MediaSurf -DSP)is good because I took it out of another computer. It is on COMM 1 because my serial mouse takes up COMM 2. During setup of Earthlink software, I get one of two intermittant messages when I click on "retrieve data" to connect a secondary computer account: "Modem not detected" or "No dialtone due to hardware failure". I've gone as far as far as changing modems (33.6K using Win 98 driver); still same problem! Going back to the 56K.
I'm seeking alternatives. Any suggestions?

A:Modem Not Detected

Try disabling com 2 in your bios settings. When you restart, the computer should put the mouse on com 1 and the modem as com2.

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i had a new harddrive installed on my older compaq. the person who did this had to install a pci serial controller so my older pc could run the new hard drive. after that i could never get my pc to detect my modem. i put anew harddrive in that my computer could run without the controller card and removed the card. my pc cannot still detect my modem which is a modem blaster di5630
. it keeps saying that it is detecting a serial controller. ive tried reinstalling modem but it still thinks its a controller card. what can i do

A:modem not detected

Hi daniel.

You will have to manually install the drivers for the modem.


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Once in a while when I try to connect to the internet I get a message saying that the modem isn't connected or working properly. I think I only get it when I turn on the modem (it's external) after windows has started. When this happens is there a way I can get it to work, or do I have to restart windows?

A:Modem not detected

try hitting refresh in the Device Manager

TheGorx http://www.geocities.com/thegorx/Windows/index.htm

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Hi. Just bought a new system today. I'm running win98 Se til they figure out all of XPs bugs.
Anyway, I loaded my video and sound drivers and thought I loaded my modem driver too but when I check it's not detected.
I have a FB PCTEL AMR. tried resetting it into the slot but still no detection.
Can anyone help me please?

A:modem not detected

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I use my computer at school where we have a LAN connection. Before that I was able to connect using a dial-up. While I was at school I switched from Windoes Me to 2000 for a more stable program. Now when I come back home and try to connect by dial-up, the computer says that it doesn't detect a modem, only a LAN. Is there anyway I could add the modem back onto it? Help please.

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About two months ago everything stopped working. I have up thought it was shot. Messin around with it I connected a modem wire and it worked with no sound. Trying to get the sound to work it did it again. Now its saying there is no modem connected. Everything on the screen is huge now I have no clue. THX.

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After partitioning, formating and installing win98se the computer does not recognize the 56k modem at all. It doesn't show up in device manager or restoration disc to add hardware. Could be that the modem is just shot but would like to check all possibilities.

A:modem not detected

Are there any unknown devices or PCI communication Device in Device Manager?

Also if its a hardware modem you may need to run the Add New Hardware Wizard and then the Modem Wizard - first one detects the COM Port and ther second should find the modem.

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I have a NEC Ready 9732 and earlier today the modem stopped working. (After I came in the room to find my 4 year old on the computer. I think she deleted something) I checked in device manager and there is no modem showing at all.

When I reboot, everytime I reboot, I should add I get a message saying it detects Sound 4 Windmodem and is installing as well as AZT3011PnP Sound device. but then if I try to dial out it says modem not installed. What should I do?

A:modem not detected

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I have a win 98 machine that wont detect a intel pci modem?
Any ideas??

A:Modem not detected

Hi stocker,

Check your email...


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A friend of mine has a computer that has windows xp professional installed on it. The computer was given to him the original problem showed a modem that had a yellow circle with a black mark inside the yellow circle next to the modem. I went to a forum I don't remember which one but someone replied that I was to uninstall the modem. With out taking the modem out, and reboot the computer I did that and now the computer does not detect any modem it makes me choose from a list how do I know the right one. The computer was built so it has no brand name on it what do I need to do to help my friend? I am using a public computer to post my question so I can not download anything and my friend does not want to take the modem out of the computer unless it is absolutely necessary we can not afford to buy a new modem. what can i do to get my friend connected to the internet? it is an internal modem any help would be appriciated i have to use a public computer to ask for help.

A:Modem not being detected

Install the drivers manually. Take the ID numbers off the modem chip, as well as the brand name off the card itself, and any model numbers.
Then download the drivers from the modem manufacturer's site, or from a site such as www.driverguide.com.
Install the drivers in a location you can find. Then go to the Windows->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager and tell the section on modems where to look for the drivers it needs to install.
Nearly all modem drivers are Operating System specific, so be sure you have downloaded the correct drivers for the OS you have on the computer.

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I just format my c drive and my win 98 works fine, but when i try to log on to AOL there is no modem detected it just says TCP/IP-LAN. HOw do i get my modem to be detected?

A:Modem not detected

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I am trying to get a PC to recognize a US Robotics Winmodem. By way of information, this modem is relatively new and had been working in this PC. Windows detects the modem properly (or so it seems); and you can run diagnostics from the Ctrl Panel Modems tab. But it will not show up in the dial-up networking properties. (says there is no modem detected).

A:No modem detected

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I have an HP computer with an Conexant
Modem. I bought a new 3Com and
Installed it. When I reboot it still tries to install
teh old modem. I have uninstalled
it several times and it stil does it.
Also I Replaced the Video card
with a VooDoo4 and it still tries to
install the old one that came
out? What is happening!!

A:Modem Keeps Being Detected

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I'm not even sure if I'm in the right forum or not, but our hard drive blew up on our computer. We have another old one that was given to us, one with 98 one with 2000. We put in the internet card/adapter thing in the computer. When we tried to get online, it says modem not detected. If it makes a difference, this is the computer that is actually set right up to the phone line, a black box and something else (we got two boxes from att, it's dsl). What do we need to do in order to get this up and running? Thanks

A:PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Modem not detected

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upgraded an old pc from win 3.1 to 95..it won't detect my us robotics 28.8 modem..tried downloading some drivers but when i try to install them it says they won't work w/ this version of windows.Niether windows or any other software such as AOL won't detect my modem...help

A:modem not detected

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Hi, I can't remember how to resolve this. A friends PC (win98se) shows the modem is functioning fine in the device manager, but when she tries to dial out she gets a message that there is no modem or its not connected. She tried reboot, checking phone plug. What else should we try? Should I have her uninstall the modem then try to reinstall? But the pc says its working fine!?

A:Modem not detected???

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Just went to DSL w/external modem, now I can't send faxes, comes up as no modem detected. Running XP Pro, printer fax is a Lexmark, X2600. I've emailed Lexmark with no response and my DSL service provider is no help either.

A:No Modem Detected?

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i purchased a new laptop dell n4010 and has windows 7 home edition 64 bit installed into it. i connected by pci soft v92 data fax modem into the ethernet port and it doesn't detect my modem. Also i checked out device manager the modem isn't listed there too. So am i probably doing anything wrong here? I hope to get a solution to my problem. Thanks to the reputation of this site which is why am here to hopefully solve my problem . any kind of help is appreciated. hope to get a reply soon . Thanking you all.


A:modem not detected - windows 7 64 bit

Your connecting a PCI type of modem? I don't think that Dell N4010 has a PCI slot where you can connect the modem. Could you attach a picture of your PCI fax modem.

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Modem not detected - Windows ME.
My friend has this problem - not knowing anything about Windows ME, could someone point me in the right direction. Is there still device manager and control panel?
I have Windows 98 still


A:Modem not detected - Windows ME

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Although Win98 detects my Lucent WinModem at COM 2, none of the 2 fax programs that I've tried to install detects any modem.

Is it hardware or software?

A:modem not detected by fax software

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Ok I've been pouring through recent posts to find my answer and I think I'm more confused than when I started, but anyway here goes.

I recently installed win 98 from 95...successfully i think.
the modem (Rockwell K56Flex I think) is not detected.
Other devices have the Xclamation point such as the
Multimedia and audio devices.

At first I only had 16 colors but somehow managed to find Daytona CD and that worked and fixed it...ugggh.

I haven't even tried to plug the speakers in, but I guess that would be the logical next step.

The modem worked fine before on win 95, but we needed win98 to install a new printer...

So, my question is, "Do I need a new driver for the modem?" or do I just have the sucker installed wrong?

Oh and when I click on modems from the control panel and diagnostics that is when it says,
No modem detected. Make sure you plugged the thing in.
(duh how insulting! LOL)

Ok thanks!

As you guessed it's not my computer or I wouldn't be posting right now, so if you need the config.sys or something I'll have to post it tommorrow.

A:Rockwell modem not detected

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The internal modem of my laptop (SONY PCG-SR5K) is not detected by Windows 2000 and cannot be installed. From the website of Sony support, it says:

' This is a known issue with the PCG SR5K SR7K notebooks. The internal modem is mounted on the underside of the motherboard and may have shaken or vibrated loose. The modem is not detected by the system, is not detected by Windows 2000, and is not displayed as an unknown or disabled device in Device Manager. '

Does anybody can teach me how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

A:The Internal Modem Is Not Detected

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I have a PC which has a PC-Chips M755-LMR Motherboard with a CNR modem. for some reason Windows does not detect the modem. I checked in BIOS to make sure it was turned on in there and there is no such setting. I then took out the CNR modem and tried a PCI modem, which XP also did not pick up. Does anybody have any idea why Windows wouldn't pick up either of these modems? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Modem not detected by WinXp

You might try downloading and installing drivers for that modem. http://www.ecsusa.com/downloads/drivers_modem.html
Look at the model number of the modem and choose the correct drivers for XP. If it's not listed here (I only had the CNR to go by) then try a search with the model number and you may also be able to get away with Windows 2000 drivers.

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I have a dlink dfm-560is internal 56k data/fax modem card .

I got WInMe and WInXp Sp1 , i had the cd with the drivers when I had WinMe and it runs fine , in the system properites the modem is named as Conexant soft56k data,fax,voice speakerphone pci modem , now I have lost the cd.

In WInXP , it is detected as best data fax voice modem , on COM3 but when install my autodialer program it says NO MODEM, same goes for a manual dialup , although this modem is there ....
any ideas ??

A:Internal modem not detected

I had this sort of problem with my mates PC u will need to unistall it and install again with the correct drivers from the website.

This where u can get the XP driver


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I'd like to share you my laptop config :

it's a fujitsu siemens V2020 model / Centrino CPU 1,7Ghz and 512 Mo RAM / LAN / WIFI / the undetected modem (i don't remember the model name) / with Windows XP SP2 installed inside.

Many times i clear completely the HDD contents and do again and again the operational system installation but it don't detect any modem each time. I returned the machine back to the seller and they successed to get anything wellworking. But when i'm at home and going to use the modem, the first time it work but after some windows restart it desappears again.

I don't want to go at every turn to the seller so i need help to find my way myself.

A:Modem not detected on my laptop

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I have a Thinkpad 600 that I bought from e-bay. Only thing is I can't
get the laptop to recognize the modem I have tried installing
different modems and downloaded dozens of drivers. And when I query
the modem I get that message about the modem not responding. It is an
internal modem with Windows 98Se OS. Thanks. I really would like to get
this working.

A:Thinkpad Modem Not detected

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Fact:ENF656-ESW-INPR MODEM; was working previously with win2k.
Fact: Reformatted harddrive with win2k,
Have let computer search for modem,(no luck); have searched and found it myself, loaded microsoft's driver(no luck). Went to manufacturer's site, downloaded their driver, installed it...(microsoft didn't like it, no signature, different brand---Intel versus Motorola, although the driver comes from Encore.) Load it anyway, still not detected upon restart.
I've run into this before and I believe it's a matter of the right driver.
When I run new hardware wizard nothing is detected

opening port
error 797: the connection failed because the modem(or some other connecting device) was not found. Please make sure that the modem or other connecting device is installed

A:Solved: Modem not detected

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I am trying to set up my old computer for my husband to email on. That is probably all he will ever do.

Acer Pentium I
80 mb ram
2 gig hard drive
Best Data - 56SX92 ACF External PnP V92 Data Fax Voice (MOH) Modem
Modem on Comm 2
dialup connection - AT&T

I was on Juno but they will only let you have one email address and my husband needed one. So I switched to AT&T because they give you a cut if you are their phone customer and you can have 6 email addresses. Anyway, the jacket on the CD I received from AT&T said in would work with Win95 which was what was on the old computer. Well when I got it I could not get it to load. I called tech support and they said it did not support Win95. So I got 98 upgrade and loaded. The external modem I had would not work then because it needed a 98 driver which I could not get because the company is out of business. So I bought the above modem. I could not get AT&T to connect to the computer but I could connect with Juno. I called tech support at AT&T again. They helped me connect one time. Then hung up. When I tryed to connect again it would not connect. I have tryed everything. Uninstall software and hardware for modem and AT&T and reinstall but it would not work. Finally last night the computer would not reinstall the modem with plug and play. I installed it manually. It shows to be there but when I go to diagnostics it says "Couldn't open port". The computer came with an MWave modem with soun... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Modem not detected

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i have 56k pci data fax modem and i recently refomatt my windows XP. Now windows doesnt detect the modem, i placed the disk with the driver in the dvd-rom and it says " hardware not found" how can i get it to detect my modem, it is the correct driver im sure.

i reformat before and never had this problem it usually just works.

A:trouble with my 56k modem being detected.

phob54 said:

i have 56k pci data fax modem and i recently refomatt my windows XP. Now windows doesnt detect the modem, i placed the disk with the driver in the dvd-rom and it says " hardware not found" how can i get it to detect my modem, it is the correct driver im sure.

i reformat before and never had this problem it usually just works.Click to expand...

If the modem shows up in device manager, you can use Control Panel> Add Hardware> to add the modem .

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Hi there, for some reason my system keeps detecting 2 dial-up modems yet I only have one installed. I've removed and did add/remove hardware and each time I get two modems detected. Both identical except one is #2.

Any ideas folks.

A:Double modem detected

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i purchased a new laptop dell n4010 and has windows 7 home edition 64 bit installed into it. i connected by pci soft v92 data fax modem into the ethernet port and it doesn't detect my modem. Also i checked out device manager the modem isn't listed there too. So am i probably doing anything wrong here? I hope to get a solution to my problem. Thanks to the reputation of this site which is why am here to hopefully solve my problem . any kind of help is appreciated. hope to get a reply soon . Thanking you all.

A:windows 7 64 bit - modem not detected

Hi -

You need a Windows 7 x64 device driver for the PCI SoftV92 Data Fax modem.

I am unable to locate one. How old is the fax modem?

Regards. . .



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Hi everyone
I am new to this forum stuff. My pc is a pentium 4 512 ram and contains a 128 vga. It's soundcard is an onboard one and is fixed to the motherboard. My pc had lost it's sound about 4 weeks ago. I restarted my computer and wola sounds are gone. I did a research about this issue for a while and I formatted my computer 2 times. No sounds. I have installed AC' 97 which gave me sounds. It worked perfectly throughout the years. Well the thing is I received sounds this week 2 times and every time I restarted my computer my sounds disappeared. I noticed that every time the sound came there came a small chatbox like thing which mentions "New hardware found - AC ' 97." When I don't have sound I get a question mark in the device manager ----> other devices - pci modem and in my sound, video and game controllers contained a thing named AC'97 which disappeared when I don't have sound. (pics are included [pics 1 and 2]) And the thing is I don't have a PCI Modem! So it's obvious that the pc is thinking that the sound device is the PCI modem or something like that . And to make sure that I have installed my sound device here's another pic (pic number 3). But the sound doesn't work. Any suggestions? Please help. I am needing some tracks to download for a school concert and I am in an urgent matter. Thanks for your help!

Here are the pics.

1.) http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/3180/pci.png
2.) http://i400.photob... Read more

A:Sound device detected as PCI Modem

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Hi. Few months ago I bought X1C6. I replaced Windows with Linux as it's my fav OS. Knowing that the mobile WAN controller that is attached to it (Fibocom L850-GL as from what all the sources say) is not supported in Linux out of the box, I disabled it in BIOS (Secutiry -> I/O Devices -> WAN Controller or something like that).For now I've found information that there actually is a way to use the modem on Linux so I decided to give it a shot. It's not must have for me, but it'd be cool thing to have. Unfortunately I cannot even detect the device in any way. It should appear on `lspci` output - regardless to the fact that it's usable on the platform or not. 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v6/7th Gen Core Processor Host Bridge/DRAM Registers (rev 08)
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620 (rev 07)
00:04.0 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v5/E3-1500 v5/6th Gen Core Processor Thermal Subsystem (rev 08)
00:08.0 System peripheral: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v5/v6 / E3-1500 v5 / 6th/7th/8th Gen Core Processor Gaussian Mixture Model
00:14.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-LP USB 3.0 xHCI Controller (rev 21)
00:14.2 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-LP Thermal subsystem (rev 21)
00:16.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-LP CSME HECI #1 (rev 21)
00:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-LP PCI Express Root Port #1... Read more

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I recently installed a new modem. Everything went perfect. The computer sees it and the drivers are already installed. But now, when I try to connect, it says that there is no dial tone detected. I checked the line and it's perfect. Is there anything else to try?

A:Modem is detected but it keeps saying no dial tone

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I'm setting up a Thinkpad 2647(T22 or 23?) with win98se for a technophobic neighbour.
Trying to set up a new dial up account, (the owner doesn't have broadband) the screen asks me to install a new modem.
Device manager doesn't show any icon for a modem in its window, but does show query marks against all the pci entries including the PCI serial controller.
Properties for these all show "No driver installed for this device", and Resources show "...do not match any known configuration".

I've run Everest (ver 1.51), and that tells me there is an AT&T/lucent winmodem present in the PCI devices list.

I've re-seated the mini pci card which is a combo modem/LAN(?) card but no change.
Am I on the right track in trying to locate the problem, or looking in the wrong direction ?
Is it a software problem of not having the pci drivers installed, or have I got a duff card ?

I've been into the bios settings, and the first thing I noticed was a mac address of the lan card, but no mention of a modem.
Went to config/network, where it showed lots of lan entries - "wake up on lan" etc but still no mention of modem anywhere I can see.
Am I looking in the wrong place ?
Do I need to go down all the .dll entries in Everest to see if there are drivers missing ?
If I identify the combo card, find the drivers on the net somewhere(?) then download them to this pc, where do I file them on the problem machine ?
Gra... Read more

A:Mini pci modem card not detected

You should be able to use the driver at www.lenovo.com support and download site. Just enter the full type number without the dashes, examin the listed modem for that unit, then download the driver that fits the description in the Thinkpad Matrix for that model.
The modem will not show up until you run the install of that download.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6500 @ 2.93GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2012 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset, 782 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 255996 MB, Free - 189358 MB; D: Total - 220932 MB, Free - 195587 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., G41MT-D3
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

Trying to configure new Dovado Pro router to set up home Ethernet network. Sierra 4G Wireless modem confirms connection signal (via router) OK, but local ISP (Bigpond) refuses to assist in detecting the modem on the network - "as router not supplied by Bigpond"..? Modem compatibility with router checked before purchasing, but no local (Australian) support available for Dovado either! Appreciate any assistance/advice to reduce current frustration levels..!

A:wireless modem not detected on Ethernet

Bigpond wont look at the modem to confirm connectivity?

What are the full model numbers of the modem and router?

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I installed a new hard drive in my computer and everything works except the modem and the colors are messed up. I have tried removing the modem and starting windows without it and restarting the computer with it...but still no modem. Any suggestions?

A:Modem not detected on new hard drive

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I am using Windows 10 Insider pre-views. Since november/december the LTE/WWAN modem have not been working. The device is detected by Windows and can bee seen in the Device Manager as see in this image:But even thopug the device is know by the device manager Windows can not see it. Windows simply does not detect the modem is available. I have removed power fromtthe battery, reset my BIOS settings etc. But still not working.   My BIOS is  SMBIOSBIOSVersion : N23ET62W (1.37 ) and my ThinkPad model is 20KH007BMX Anyone have any sugestions?  

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Hi, Everyone: I went to the XP PC Doctor and ran some test on this pc and I failed the detect Modem test even though i am on the internet and i tried to send the results to HP Instant Request and that runs another test before you can send it to them and that failed too, it said Please connect to your isp and try again,. your modem was not detected! What is wrong, Why is my pc not recognizing my Modem is connected to the internet when its on? I am on the internet while i am writting this letter but it still says no modem? Any Idea's from any one on how to correct this?

A:[Solved] Modem not detected by PC as on the internet?

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